Omaha's best trick-or-treating neighborhoods -
Published Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 1:00 am / Updated at 9:52 am
Omaha's best trick-or-treating neighborhoods
Halloween Tips
The kids are in costume, they have buckets and bags for their candy and they're ready to hit the trick-or-treating trail.

So, what are you gonna do?

Of course, you'll be following them through the neighborhood as they collect enough candy to fuel sugar highs for the next month. But while they're rushing up to every door, you'll be standing on the sidewalk.
We have some suggestions to help you pass the time and enjoy yourself while still watching the kids. (Of course, most of these work even if you're staying at home while the kids head out in a group.)

Place a bet. If you're with a group of other adults, make a wager (candy, cash or whatever) on how many of a certain costume you'll see. Good bets this year: The Avengers, “Twilight,” “Hunger Games,” Batman.

Enjoy a beverage. Whip up some kind of fun punch or drink. For those staying home, Fox Business suggested some pairings for certain candies: chardonnay with candy corn, whiskey with caramels and chiraz with Hershey Kisses. Fair warning: If your beverage choice is alcoholic, you may risk getting an open container ticket.

Bring snacks. This goes with the one above, but pack some trail mix, crackers, nuts or anything that's not sweet. The temptation to dip into the candy bag for a Butterfinger will only last until you give yourself a belly ache (which is precisely what you keep telling those kids not to do). Stick to something salty or crunchy.

Trick or treat for charity. Accompany the kids to the door and explain you'll take a donation or an unwanted item that you'll donate to a local nonprofit thrift shop.

Click here to see a list of area pumpkin patches, haunted houses and Halloween events.

* * *

The kids want some candy, and the last thing you want to do is walk up and down your block and wave at those neighbors you really should get to know. (It has been five years since you moved in ...)

If your neighborhood isn't well-lit or those pesky neighbors seem to shun children in costume, take a trip across town. A variety of neighborhoods offer something more than your average jaunt down a city street with young ghouls, superheroes, pirates and princesses in tow.

We asked readers and friends — and did some Web-trolling — to find some of the best (and most popular) neighborhoods in Omaha where you can take the kiddos.

Help them into their costumes, pile into the minivan and hit up one of these Halloween hot spots.

(Unless otherwise noted, trick-or-treating at these locations takes place on Halloween.)

Morton Meadows

Looking for a well-lit, family-friendly spot with lots of people from all over town? Morton Meadows, near 42nd and Woolworth Streets — occasionally known as the Holy Cross neighborhood — is full of lots of people with kids. It also draws folks from north and south Omaha.

Parking may be your biggest problem as lots of people drive in and wander the streets on foot. But is that a bad thing? We say it makes for a lot more entertainment when it comes to seeking out cool costumes.

Minne Lusa Boo-levard

Family fun will be found in North Omaha, too. The Minne Lusa neighborhood — just south of Florence — is offering a tame haunted house (safe for your little ones), free hot dogs (first come, first served) and Spook Island at the intersection of Minne Lusa Boulevard and Martin Avenue.

Spook Island is a spot where kids and their families can pick up treats and meet with their friends.

Costumed volunteers will patrol the streets to make sure everyone's having fun and being safe.

Dundee/Memorial Park Neighborhood

If you live in Dundee or anywhere near Memorial Park, go buy more candy. Like, a lot more. When we asked readers about the best places to trick-or-treat, we heard more about the Dundee and Memorial Park neighborhoods than anywhere else.

Its streets are well-lit and many are familiar with them because active neighborhood groups sponsor lots of events.

Plus, it can't hurt to hit up eCreamery for some pre-treating ice cream or Pitch for a Halloween pizza.

Country Club

When Matt Herzog and his wife, Dani, first moved to the neighborhood, a neighbor warned them to get extra candy for Halloween. They thought they had enough.

“By 6:10 p.m., we ran out of candy,” Herzog, the neighborhood community council president, said with a laugh.

The historic neighborhood, which has many houses dating from almost a century ago, gets filled with trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Expect a lot of scary masks and superheroes on all kinds of people. The neighborhood has lots of families with children, but also draws friendly faces from all over town.

“It's great during Halloween. It really makes it fun,” Herzog said. “I think the neighbors really enjoy it.”

West Omaha

Head west, young man (and lady) for a concentration of prime trick-or-treating neighborhoods. Take 192nd Street, which has plenty of good spots. If you turn south off of Center and drive down 192nd to Q Street, you can stop by several subdivisions that are teeming with pint-size goblins and ghouls on Halloween night (and the candy selection is pretty sweet). Several of the residents even set up small haunted houses in their garages for the braver trick-or-treaters.

Some of the neighborhoods along the route are: Oakmont at 192nd and C Streets, Whitehawk on the north and south sides of F Street west of 192nd, Woodlands with an entrance at 192nd Street and Orchard Avenue and Cattail Creek with an entrance at 192nd and L Streets.

Park your car near one of the main entrances, because the streets are hard to navigate with so many large groups of kids and parents roaming the streets for treats.

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