The Record: Nov. 15 -
Published Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 1:00 am / Updated at 11:57 pm
The Record: Nov. 15



Richard A. Wickert, 42, and Tina L. Smith, 41

Trevor J. Tegels, 26, and Catherine M. Barrett, 26

Kris J. Moulton, 25, and Kael M. Skaden, 28

Constant F. Percosky, 36, and Laura E. Capitano, 34

Mitchell R. Klein, 23, and Marilyn A. Steinberger, 23

Micah D. Bruce, 25, and Allison M. Nelson, 28

Michael A. Lee, 21, and Cherrell G. McCreary, 21

Kyle P. Hayes, 26, and Rheanna J. Tingle, 26

Patrick J. Duffield, 27, and Nicole L. Nichols, 26

Ryan J. Strong, 23, and Samantha J. Buehler, 21

Yan Carlo Campos, 33, and Kari J. Steiner, 34

Pedro Aguirre Ortiz, 19, and Aneli Rios Diaz, 17

Aaron J. Wolfson, 28, and Ashley M. McClure, 24

Ryan M. Ousey, 26, and Jessica L. Lavelle, 28

Moises Valadez, 21, and Alejandra Sanchez, 20

Jose Rosario Juarez Garcia, 37, and Michaela L. Fuquea, 22

Andrew J. Uhlenkamp, 26, and Abigail D. Skinner, 27

Carl L. Consolver, 48, and Noemi J. Robledo, 25

Eric J. Schwickerath, 40, and Lana F. Salberg, 34

Jon C. Riede, 24, and Kayla M. Rynders, 24

Michael D. Klegin, 29, and Jennifer A. Evans, 29

Ronald E. Rydberg, 36, and Jessica D. Whitacre, 39

Dehouea C. Houngbadji, 36, and Afiwa M. Tchoto, 50

Kenneth G. Hudelson, 41, and Liliana P. Vargas Sanchez, 38

Kenneth B. Jones, 27, and Laurice L. Box, 29

Theodore D. Gilliam, 51, and Terri L. Bush, 51

Adam J. Reeker, 25, and Ashleigh A. Winje, 25

Antonio Domingo Paiz, 28, and Cecilia M. Ramirez, 20

Joshua D. Saltz, 27, and Kelsey A. Grindle, 27

Damian E. Jackson, 32, and Elishia Matrea Allen, 24

Ryan D. Johnson, 31, and Allison L. Adams, 26

Ryan J. Pilypaitis, 21, and Madeleine A. Wakeman, 19

Justin S. Koehler, 31, and Julie M. Armitage, 32

Shannon M. Housh, 31, and Angela K. McQuinn, 25

Efrain Antonio Basilio, 24, and Shanae T. San Juan, 17

William M. Russell, 40, and Sarah J. Paschall, 30

Stephen P. Schmidt, 24, and Katelynn M. Boyd, 22

Hector Arriaga Guzman, 26, and Maria Isabel Alonso, 41

Fredy Mora Hernandez, 35, and Gabriela Ochoa Manzo, 29

Steven A. Hollmann, 32, and Shayla M. Blackwell, 22

David I. Shreffler, 31, and Anne M. Meysenburg, 33

John Aldo Lazarus, 26, and Rolande Deba Guelmabaye, 34

Michael S. Andahl, 29, and Elsa L. Fellows, 26

Chance A. Greenhagen, 34, and Samone K. Rector, 41

Isay Perez Hernandez, 22, and Fabiola Hernandez Alfaro, 20

Olvin Anibal Urrea Lopez, 29, and Lidia Margarita Sinohui Mireles, 23

Anacleto Garcia, 28, and Martha Elena Guzman, 29

Tal M. Givens, 19, and Caitlyn M. Tanner, 20

Alfredo Alexander Lang, 25, and Li Ko, 26

Michael S. Knecht, 44, and Andrea E. Serrano, 31

Arjun Thapa, 23, and Sumitra Rai, 23

Edward Howard, 51, and Sharon Saunsoci, 45

Jason T. Sterba, 30, and Angela R. Vigneri, 26

Patrick J. Blaylock, 49, and Lisa M. Samuelson, 48

Eduardo Franco, 29, and Gretchen Cameros Gonzales, 28

Monty J. Avilez, 20, and Maria Deysi Alfaro Cruz, 20

Rocky J. Patterson, 58, and Demetra Chezell James, 49

Sergio Parga Lira, 24, and Elizabeth Lopes, 26

Terry D. Underwood, 60, and Patricia A. Marrs, 56

Derek T. Lukken, 28, and Megan M. Struyk, 28

Julian Barajas Avalos, 18, and Stephanie Arriaga, 17

Herbert J. Harris, 31, and Tenneka N. Hyde, 34

Joseph R. Morrison, 38, and Heather N. Gardner, 33

Tin Oo, 23, and Ma La Aye, 20

Thomas D. Sears, 63, and Lori S. Cermak, 52

Bryan J. Stewart, 20, and Michelle B. Beaber, 20

David K. Speckmann, 51, and Juli A. Altman, 49

Joseph D. McGill, 25, and Laurenne R. Wilkie, 22

Jack M. Cohen, 66, and Ewa G. Tabin, 48

Garrett S. Herber, 34, and Jennifer A. Junk, 27

David G. King, 31, and Kathleen M. Whitby, 27

Talmadge D. Layne, 43, and Jennie A. Veldhouse, 44

Aaron W. Poteet, 32, and Mybinh Thi Tran, 25

Marcus T. Spivey, 30, and Tiffanie L. Toney, 31

Kangni Mawoena Milagnanwoe, 24, and Akpeyedje Akoua Fidegnon, 23

Christopher Francisco Maya Jimenez, 20, and Kailyn S. Davis, 18

Brent L. Wilcox, 31, and Cristine N. Ryan, 33

Anthony M. Watson, 27, and Cassie W. Kleinsmith, 26

Casey M. Gries, 27, and Tara M. Nordgren, 27

Mario Antonio Cruz Neyra, 52, and Valeria Gallardo Valencia, 50

Larry A. Spence, 49, and Kathleen M. Parish, 45

Timothy J. Cubrich, 26, and Joan M. Farmer, 31

Jonathan K. Bruckman, 25, and Katherine E. Garrett, 25

Rajesh Gurung, 19, and Nar Maya Chhetri, 21

Karna Bahadur Gurung, 25, and Rita Gurung, 24

Cameron D. Wallace, 28, and Erica A. Jenkins, 22

Robert J. Armes, 35, and Kristine A. Cimino, 35

Fletcher S. Sherwood, 23, and Laura E. Macwithey, 20

Kevin G. Schwartzer, 25, and Teresa C. Eubanks, 28

Nathaniel J. Long, 54, and Antisha L. Nichols, 38

Zachary J. Proano, 30, and Megan L. Kessen, 29

Aaron L. McBride, 27, and Megan M. Slane, 34

Joe A. Ferrin, 46, and Michelle M. Dolincheck, 46

Mridul Ghimire, 23, and Britni L. Christensen, 23

Kyle D. Brown, 25, and Courtney R. Clark, 25

Dewayne K. Long, 50, and Gina M. Wagner, 50

Andrew J. Zagurski, 37, and Dana L. Payer, 36

Cesar Octavio Luna Cardenas, 23, and Denae M. Wimpee, 21

Andrew M. Conzett, 25, and Malori M. Flanery, 25

Steven J. Sage, 43, and Rhonda R. Gundersen, 43

Samuel W. Spomer, 24, and Meagan E. Katelman, 25

Charles B. Wakefield, 34, and Rebecca A. Nielsen, 27

Daniel T. Moylan, 25, and Katie M. Walker, 24

Jan A. Ekkeren, 50, and Nicolle C. Hager, 44

Kory W. Anderson, 24, and JoBeth S. Wallace, 23

Adam D. Gerhardstein, 34, and Khayriniso Yarbabaeva, 27

Leandrow D. Pearse, 28, and Nykia W. Washington, 27

Frederick E. Lundgren, 35, and Sandra F. Elmore, 32

Deive M. Vargas, 29, and Ashley N. Tracy, 26

Scott W. Henry, 41, and Sherri A. Bloomquist, 49

Cutberto Perez Ruvalcaba, 24, and Dakota J. Boyer, 21

Joseph P. Boro, 29, and Kara L. Ronnfeldt, 33

Charles W. Whitten, 24, and Kari E. Zahm, 25

Stephane Balthazar, 28, and Janel F. Mitchell, 26

London S. Sampson, 23, and Mackenzie O. Schulz, 23

Seth H. Revord, 31, and Stephanie R. Lee, 24

James J. Linhart, 25, and Nicole M. Prusha, 23

Engels Arquimedes Luna Abreu, 28, and Eudis Pamela Valerio, 24

Luis Enrique Castaneda Gomez, 33, and Celina Neri, 41

Edward W. Powers-Smith, 27, and Micheline M. Bolarywa, 27

Justin J. Palladino, 26, and Erin D. Duensing, 27

Jeffrey S. Schreiner, 43, and Brandy L. Skoda, 37

Terry R. Pinneke, 58, and Charlotte J. Pinneke, 61

Justin M. Smith, 32, and Emilie J. Martin, 31

Bobby J. Fulks, 37, and Antoinette Gillen, 42

William G. Gansel, 36, and Teresa Salas Tellez, 39

James I. Heitz, 27, and Callie C. Marks, 25

Matthew L. Palmer, 21, and Melissa M. Frank, 21

La’Roderick J. Bullock, 26, and LaToya L. Sharp, 31

Terry T. Cogbill, 43, and Belinda M. Cogbill, 46

John E. Gallagher, 35, and Jackie A. Vaughn, 37

Justin J. Parish, 26, and April M. Day, 24

Shane M. Lowman, 28, and Kayla M. Edick, 27

Ignacio Dominguez-Ruiz, 24, and Alicia Munoz, 20

Casey W. Vohnout, 20, and Tiffany E. Griffith, 20

William Z. Denton, 35, and Hilda Chay-Citalan, 33

Juvenal Rebollar Benitez, 35, and Mauritania Salas Garcia, 33

Jose Ivan Contreras Gomez, 23, and Ariana Nicole Munoz, 21

Aaron J. Hinkle, 28, and Catherine F. Pokorny, 31

Tyree B. Fanning, 23, and Sarah Osei Appiah, 27

Chase M. McGrath, 27, and Rachel J. Harms, 26

Hsiang Wen Yao, 36, and Chao Zhang, 26

Christopher J. Suiter, 28, and Jennifer A. Osher, 28

Tin Huu Tran, 35, and Christine A. Di Masi, 34

Alex Penalis Valverde, 80, and Bessie E. Galloway, 71

Joseph P. Falcone, 56, and Vickie K. Hagen, 57

Brian J. Farmer, 33, and Jennifer J. Steadman, 40

Abdukahor Sharifov, 37, and Cynthia Beers, 46

Terry L. Inzauro, 34, and Wendy R. Liss, 35

Gregory M. Schatz, 65, and Kelly S. Ferrin, 46

Brian D. File, 26, and Jacquelyn A. Peterson, 25

Matthew M. Gatewood, 32, and Amanda J. Aronson, 32

Brian J. Leavitt, 31, and Lisa A. Thayer, 25

Richard A. Smith, 34, and Carrianne Rogers, 42

Thomas R. Hetrick, 66, and Anita L. Deschamps, 56

David E. Rawnsley, 51, and Shirley A. Hardiman, 51

Ramsey David, 35, and Claudia Phillip, 31

Scott V. Van Dyke, 30, and Rachel A. Janssen, 32

Keath N. Flott, 36, and Catreena R. Buerman, 39

Ryan A. Castle, 28, and Johnna S. Hospodka, 25

C. Larry Beaman, 53, and Rochelle M. Buhrman, 47

Daniel J. Seier, 28, and Nicole A. Clark, 27

Colby A. Woods, 27, and Jessica L. Pettinger, 26

Tyrone D. White, 40, and LaTosha N. Ridner, 38

Jason D. Gentry, 35, and Alisha D. Nutt, 27

Hail, strong winds, heavy rain hit south-central Nebraska
Agreement reached to end dog racing at Bluffs Run at end of 2015
Police ID. body found near 36th, Seward Streets
Video: Stothert says Crossroads project is 'full speed ahead,' but she won't support bond issue
'Fairly old' human skull found in Mills County
World champion Crawford's promoter working to have title defense at CenturyLink Center
Kelly: Started at a dining room table, Home Instead thriving at 20 with $1B in annual revenue
Omaha crash victim, 19, had touched many lives
Firefighters take on 'fully engulfed barn fire'
Council Bluffs school board approves new district headquarters
Officials announce effort to lure more veterans to Nebraska
SB 132nd Street lane closed
Shane Osborn grabs several endorsements
New public employee pay data: Douglas, Lancaster, Sarpy Counties, plus utilities
Database: How much did Medicare pay your doctor?
Omaha area may get 1 inch of rain tonight
Gov. Heineman vetoes bill to ease restrictions on nurse practitioners
Nebraska banking and finance director to retire
Waitress who served alcohol to teen before fatal crash gets jail time, probation
Owners of exotic dance bar deny prostitution allegations
More Nebraskans are electing to vote early
A day after Ricketts endorsement, Ted Cruz backs Sasse for Senate
Some city streets remain closed
Nebraska's U.S. Senate candidates stick to familiar topics at Omaha forum
19-year-old killed in one-vehicle crash at 72nd & Shirley
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Kelly: Started at a dining room table, Home Instead thriving at 20 with $1B in annual revenue
The idea that Paul Hogan had studied and then hatched at his mother's table was that older people, rather than moving in with relatives or to an assisted-living center, would much prefer to stay home instead.
Breaking Brad: Nebraska GOP candidates unified against naked squirrels
Some of these Nebraska campaigns are tilting pretty far right. At a recent forum, there was a consensus that we need to ban public dancing and clothe naked squirrels in public parks.
Breaking Brad: Inside the mind of a 99-year-old real estate agent
I saw an article about a 99-year-old real estate agent who's still working. “This house is extra special. It has indoor toilets!”
Breaking Brad: Into the claw machine! Florida kid follows Lincoln kid's lead
In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a child climbed inside a claw machine. Hey, Florida kid: Nobody likes a copycat.
Breaking Brad: Even Chuck Hassebrook's throwing mud!
The Nebraska campaigns have turned so ugly, Democrat Chuck Hassebrook lobbed unfounded accusations at an imaginary opponent.
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