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Run to Boston challenge: Dedicate your miles to the victims

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, we've made it to Boston ... with 110 miles to spare! A special thanks to all 214 runners who've participated thus far, especially the Millard North High School girls' track team, whose 248 miles landed us in Beantown.

Boston is 1,436 miles from Omaha.

Running that far alone would be tough. Together, it's easy.

Let's run to show Bostonians and the world that we will live our lives, we will gather, we will party, we will celebrate, we will mourn, we will run. Without fear. Together.

Here's the Run to Boston challenge: Dedicate your running miles to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Go for a run or a walk in your neighborhood, your city, your town, your farm, your mountainside, your beach. Run with friends or by yourself. Put a message to the people of Boston on a T-shirt or a banner. Then take a picture and tell us about it.

Fill out the form below to participate, then email your photos to (Be sure to include your name in the email so we can match up the miles with the pictures.)

We'll share pictures on and keep a running tally of miles.

We'll send a message. Together.

To track our progress, visit the Run To Boston home page.

Progress report

3 p.m., 04/17: One dark and stormy day after we started our Run to Boston, we've slogged out of Omaha and nearly crossed all of Iowa. Thirty-eight runners have logged a combined 265 miles. By mid-afternoon, we had jogged into West Branch, Iowa, with 1,171 miles left to go to Boston.

10 a.m., 04/18: With help from a track team in Verdigre, Neb., the Kolach Capital of The World, that combined to run 26.2 miles, we flew through Illinois overnight. We ran into Hammond, Ind., just in time for breakfast today. What's for breakfast? Hammond eggs, of course. And kolaches.

We're one-third of the way on our Run to Boston. Our hearts may be heavy, but our feet are light.

12 p.m., 04/19: At 902 miles, we're past halfway, and approaching that one-foot-in-front-of-the-other stage. Cleveland's behind us, and we've just hit Erie, Pa., ready for a lakefront jaunt into New York.

The collective Run to Boston has gone international -- runners in Hutschenhausen, Germany and at a junior high track meet in Omaha, and many points between, logged miles recently.

On we run to Boston.

12 p.m., 04/20: Greetings from Utica, N.Y. Did you know Dick Clark, then 16, got his start in a Utica radio station's mailroom?

We're 250 miles away from Boston; we'll shoot east toward Albany and into Massachusetts. Help us get home by dinner.

5 p.m., 04/20: We've made it to Boston! With 110 miles to spare!

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