6 pm
7 pm



Casino ‘TVG’

Funny Weather The Equalizer “Lifeline” McCall helps a
“Slip Happens” (N) journalist pursued by a hit squad. ‘TV14’
60 Days In “First Timers” ‘TV14’
60 Days In “Cell Shock” ‘TV14’


9 pm


10 pm


3 News Now Live at 10:00 p.m.
(N) ‘TVG’
60 Days In “Full Inmate” ‘TV14’

11 pm


MacGyver “Duct Tape + Jack”
MacGyver goes to Ecuador to help a
candidate. ‘TV14’
60 Days In “Pod Drama” ‘TV14’

WOWT 6 News The Wall “Annalee and Lily” ‘TVPG’
WOWT 6 News Saturday Night Live Simu Liu hosts with musical guest
Live at 6:30 (N)
Live at 10 (N)
Saweetie. (L) ‘TV14’
Black Sheep Squadron “Divine
Tour of Duty “Cloud Nine” ‘TVPG’
Tour of Duty “Thanks for the
Combat! “The First Day” ‘TVPG’
Combat! “S.I.W.” ‘TVPG’
The Rat Patrol The Rat Patrol
Memories” ‘TVPG’
H&I Wind” ‘PG’
Football NCAA Oregon at Utah Site: Rice-Eccles Stadium -- Salt Lake City, Utah (L) ‘TVG’
Newswatch 7 at Castle “The Late Shaft” A late-night talk Mom “Hepatitis
Scoreboard (L)
10 (N)
show host is found dead. ‘TVPG’
and Lemon Zest”
<+++ "King Kong vs. Godzilla" (1963, Sci-Fi) Kenji Sahara, Herry Holcombe, Newswatch 7 at Wheel of
Stooge ‘TVG’/:20 :40 The Three
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Kolchak: Night Stalk “They Have
Stooges ‘TVPG’ Michael Keith. King Kong takes on Godzilla for Mountain Fuji. ‘TVPG’
9 (N) ‘TVG’
Fortune ‘TVPG’ “A Dream of Jennifer” ‘TVPG’
Been, They Are, They Will Be” ‘TVG’
MeTV Stooge ‘TVG’
The Lawrence Welk Show “Do You Volleyball NCAA Rutgers at Nebraska Site: Devaney Coliseum -- Lincoln, Neb. Shakespeare “The Envious Court”
Beyond the Baton
Austin City Limit “Brittany Howard”
(12)(26) Remember?” Songs from the musical
(L) ‘TVG’
Frank and Lu investigate a death at a
Enjoy an hour with powerhouse vocalist
PBS ‘Carousel’ are performed. ‘TVG’
tennis club. ‘TVPG’
Brittany Howard. (N) ‘TVPG’
Raw Travel “Let’s Funny You
Whose Line
Whose Line Is World’s Funniest World’s Funniest Ring of Honor Wrestling Dragon Lee The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons The Simpsons
Go NY See!” (N)
Should Ask
“Keegan Michael It? “Kevin McHale Animals (N)
defends his title against Dalton Castle. “Das Bus” ‘TVPG’ “Dumbbell
“This Little Wiggy” “The Trouble With
Key 8” (N) ‘TVPG’ 2” ‘TV14’
Indemnity” ‘TVPG’ ‘TVPG’
Trillions” ‘TVPG’
5:30 Daniel O’Donnell and Special Country Pop Legends (My Music) A collection of the most memorable
This Land Is Your Land (My Music) The evolution of
Monty Python: Best Bits Celebrated The cultural
Guests Join the Irish crooner and
country and pop songs from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. ‘TVG’
modern American folk music. ‘TVG’
legacy & influence of the British comedy. ‘TVPG’
PBS special guests. ‘TVG’
3:00 Football
Fox College
Football NCAA Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Site: Jones AT&T Stadium -- Lubbock, Texas (L) ‘TVG’
I Can See Your Voice Contestants try The Goldbergs
Football Extra
to pick the good singers. ‘TVPG’
“Daddy Daughter
(L) ‘TVG’
Day” ‘TVPG’

Jeopardy! ‘TVG’

8 pm

NCIS: Los Angeles “A Tale of Two
48 Hours “A Killer In the Family Tree”
Igors” NCIS investigates the shooting of (N) ‘TVPG’
a military dolphin. ‘TV14’
60 Days In “Fight Face” ‘TV14’
60 Days In “Friends Without Benefits”
Dateline NBC “The Dead of Night”
Saturday Night Live ‘TV14’





< Movies

12 am


S.W.A.T. “Seizure” The team sweeps a
prison to find civilian hostages. ‘TV14’
60 Days In “Shakedown” ‘TV14’
1st Look ‘TVPG’

Open House

Twelve O’Clock High “The Albatross”
Chicago Fire “When Things Got
Rough” A civilian’s heroic action hits the
firehouse hard. ‘TV14’
:05 Lost in Space “Target: Earth”
Nova “Universe Revealed: Black Holes”
NOVA explores the universe’s strangest
objects. ‘TVPG’
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
Theory ‘TV14’
“The Veracity
Elasticity” ‘TV14’
Walk in the Park “Nature of the
Beasts” Examining the changes in Rocky
Mountain National Park. ‘TVG’
The Goldbergs Ring of Honor
“Mini Murry” ‘TVPG’ Wrestling ‘TV14’

4:30 <++ “Constantine” (‘05) Rachel

<+++ "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014, Sci-Fi) Emily Blunt, Noah Taylor, Tom Cruise. A soldier battling
:32 Court Cam :04 Court Cam :34 Court Cam :03 <+++ “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014, Sci-Fi) Emily Blunt, Noah Taylor, Tom
Weisz, Keanu Reeves. ‘TV14’
aliens is caught in a time loop. ‘TV14’
Cruise. A soldier battling aliens is caught in a time loop. ‘TV14’
<++ "Armageddon" (1998, Adventure) Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis. A drill rigger and his crew embark on a mission to blow up an asteroid <+++ "Twister" (1996, Action) Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Helen Hunt. Storm chasers pursue several
<++ "Robin Hood" (‘18) Jamie
heading for Earth. ‘TV14’
tornadoes. ‘TVPG’
Dornan, Taron Egerton. ‘TV14’
The Zoo “Giraffe Dance” ‘TVPG’
The Zoo: Bronx Tales “The Elephant The Zoo “Tiny Fox, Big Heart” (N)
The Zoo “Wild Dogs on the Move”
The Zoo “Tiger’s Day at the Dentist”
The Zoo “Tiny Fox, Big Heart” ‘TVPG’ The Zoo: Bronx Tales “The Elephant
Next Door” ‘TVPG’
Next Door” (N) ‘TVPG’
4:30 <+++ “The Wedding Ringer”
< "A Rich Christmas" (2021) Tyler Abron, Brandee Evans, Bill Bellamy. A spoiled <++ "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" (2000, Comedy) Janet Jackson, Larry Miller, Eddie Murphy. A :25 The Parkers :56 Parkers “It’s :27 The Parkers
(‘14) Josh Gad, Kevin Hart. ‘TVMA’
socialite works in a homeless shelter.
scientist inadvertently releases his alter ego. ‘TV14’
Showtime” ‘TVPG’ ‘TVPG’
5:30 B1G Live: Football PostWrestling NCAA Oklahoma State vs. Minnesota (L) ‘TVPG’
The Final Drive (L)
The Final Drive
The Final Drive
The Final Drive
game (L)
4:25 < “Back to
:50 <+++ “Back to the Future” (1985, Sci-Fi) Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox. A teenager roars back
:25 <+++ “Back to the Future II” (1989, Sci-Fi) Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox.
<+++ "Back to the Future III" (‘90)
the Future III”
through time to 1955, where he meets his parents at a young age. ‘TVPG’
Doc and Marty travel to the year 2015 and back to 1955. ‘TVPG’
Michael J. Fox. ‘TVPG’
Sporting KC
Soccer MLS Playoffs Vancouver Whitecaps at Sporting Kansas City Western
The Card Life
Mixed Martial Arts Shogun Fights Mixed Martial Arts Shogun Fights Poker WPT Borgata Classic ‘TVPG’
Poker WPT L.A. Classic ‘TVPG’
Post-game (L)
Conference Round 1 Site: Children’s Mercy Park -- Kansas City, Kan. ‘TVG’
XX ‘TV14’
XXI ‘TV14’
5:30 <+++ “Mean Girls” (‘04) Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan. ‘TVPG’
<+++ "Easy A" (‘10, Com) Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley, Emma Stone. ‘TV14’ <+++ "Mean Girls" (2004, Comedy/Drama) Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Lindsay Lohan. ‘TVPG’
<++ Movie
CNN Brown (N) ‘TVG’
Cuomo “Bill Maher Interview”
CNN Films “The Hunt for Planet B” (N)
The 2000s
Nineties “The One About TV” ‘TVPG’ Nineties “The One About TV” ‘TVPG’
Seinfeld “The
Seinfeld “The
Seinfeld “The
Seinfeld “The
Seinfeld “The
Seinfeld “The
South Park
South Park
South Park
:36 South Park :12 South Park :48 South Park :24 South Park “The Damned” ‘TV14’
Susie” ‘TVPG’
Airport” ‘TVPG’
Stranded” ‘TVPG’ Stall” ‘TVPG’
Pick” ‘TVPG’
Sponge” ‘TVPG’
Moonshiners: Master Distiller
Moonshiners “Oh Josh, Where Art
:01 Moonshiners “Backwoods Old
:02 Surviving Joe Exotic ‘TV14’
:04 Moonshiners: Smoke Ring
Moonshiners “Boom Time for
:01 Moonshiners “Search for
“American as Applejack” ‘TV14’
Thou?” ‘TV14’
Fashioned” ‘TV14’
“Southern Smoked Chicken” ‘TV14’
Moonshine” ‘TV14’
Popcorn’s Lost Site” ‘TV14’
5:50 Miraculous “Miraculous World:
Ghost & Molly Ghost & Molly Shortsgiving
Big City Greens Big City Greens Amphibia ‘TVY’ Amphibia ‘TVY’ Miraculous ‘TVY7’ Miraculous
Jessie ‘TVG’
Jessie “Toy Con”
New York, United Heroez” ‘TVY7’
McGee ‘TVY’
McGee ‘TVY’
“Reflekta” ‘TVY7’ “Pixelator” ‘TVY7’
5:00 <++ “Happy Gilmore” (‘96) Adam <++ "Happy Gilmore" (1996, Comedy) Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen,
<++ "Billy Madison" (1995, Comedy) Bradley Whitford, Bridgette Wilson, Adam Modern Family Modern Family Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Sandler. ‘TV14’
Adam Sandler. A hockey player plays golf on a pro tour. ‘TV14’
Sandler. An adult must repeat elementary and high school. ‘TV14’
“Pet Peeve” ‘TV14’
Football NCAA Auburn at South Carolina Site: Williams-Brice Stadium -- Columbia, S.C. (L) ‘TVG’
Football Score. Football NCAA Arizona State at Oregon State Site: Reser Stadium -- Corvallis, Ore. (L) ‘TVG’
SportsCenter (N)
(L) ‘TVG’
Boxing Card TBA Site: Michelob Ultra Arena -- Las Vegas, Nev. (L) ‘TV14’
Football NCAA Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana State University Site: Tiger Stadium -- Baton Rouge, La. (L) ‘TVG’
SportsCenter (N) ‘TVG’
SportsCenter (N) Football Final
(N) ‘TVG’
Watters World (N) ‘TVPG’
Justice JudgeJeanine (N) ‘TVG’
Unfiltered (N)
Watters World ‘TVPG’
Justice JudgeJeanine ‘TVG’
Holiday Wars “Santa to the Rescue!” Holiday Wars “The Great Turkey
Holiday Wars “When Toys Come Alive Holiday Wars “North Pole Wedding” Holiday Wars “Critter Christmas” ‘TVG’ Holiday Wars “When Toys Come Alive Holiday Wars “North Pole Wedding”
Escape” ‘TVG’
... And Go Wild” ‘TVG’
... And Go Wild” ‘TVG’
5:45 <+++ “Home Alone” (1990, Comedy) Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Macaulay :15 <+++ “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” (1992, Comedy) Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Macaulay Culkin. A boy finds
:55 <+++ “Shrek Forever After” (‘10, Ani) Voices of Eddie Murphy, Cameron
Culkin. A boy is mistakenly left home alone during Christmas. ‘TVPG’
himself all alone in New York City and sets out to foil two bumbling burglars. ‘TVPG’
Diaz, Mike Myers. Rumpelstiltskin is supreme ruler in an alternate world. ‘TVPG’
4:30 Football NCAA Baylor at Kansas State Site: Bill Snyder Family Football
Football NCAA New Mexico at Boise State Site: Albertsons Stadium -- Boise, Idaho (L) ‘TVG’
Football NCAA Iowa State at Oklahoma Site: Oklahoma
Stadium -- Manhattan, Kan. (L) ‘TVG’
Memorial Stadium -- Norman, Okla. ‘TVG’
4:30 <++ “Men in Black 3” (‘12)
<+++ "Ghostbusters" (1984, Comedy) Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray. Scientists open a
<+++ "Ghostbusters II" (1989, Comedy) Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray. Men save
<++ "Ghostbusters" (‘16) Kristen
Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith. ‘TV14’
ghost removal business in New York. ‘TVPG’
New York from a 16th century spirit. ‘TVPG’
Wiig, Melissa McCarthy. ‘TVPG’
Golf Central (L) ‘TVG’
Golf PGA The RSM Classic Round 3 Site: Sea Island Golf Club -- St. Simons Island, Ga. ‘TVG’
Golf LPGA Tour Championship Round 3 Site: Tiburon Golf Club -- Naples, Fla. ‘TVG’
5:00 < “Nantucket Noel” (‘21, Rom)

Trevor Donovan, Sarah Power. ‘TVG’
4:25 <++ “Wonder Woman 1984” (‘20)
Gal Gadot. A superhero must save the
world from destruction. ‘TVPG’
5:00 < “TINA” (2021, Biography) A
dynamic account of the life of icon Tina
Turner. ‘TVMA’
Love It or List It “Design Indecision”
Pawn Stars “Wreck It Rick” ‘TVPG’

< "A Christmas Together With You" (‘21, Rom) Niall Matter, Harry J. Lennix,
Laura Vandervoort. Megan and her father figure take a road trip together. ‘TVG’
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “2021 Induction Ceremony” (N) ‘TVG’

:01 < “On the 12th Date of Christmas” (2020, Romance) Tyler Hynes, Mallory

:01 < “A Christmas Detour” (2015, Romance) Paul Greene, Candace Cameron
Jansen. Co-workers are tasked with creating a scavenger hunt. ‘TVG’
Bure. Two travellers’ flights are waylaid to Buffalo. ‘TVG’
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “2021 Induction Ceremony” ‘TVG’

<++ "The Great Gatsby" (2013, Drama) Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Leonardo DiCaprio. A man
becomes obsessed and drawn into the world and happenings of his rich neighbor. ‘TVPG’

:25 Back on the Record with Bob :25 < “Broken City” (2013, Crime Story) Russell Crowe,

:15 Real Time With Bill Maher
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mark Wahlberg. An ex-cop seeks
revenge after being framed. ‘TV14’
Love It or List It “Room for One
:01 Love It or List It “Love It, List It, :01 Love It or List It “An Artful
:01 Love It or List It “House of
Love It or List It “Love It, List It, Love Love It or List It “An Artful Promise”
More” ‘TVG’
Love It?” ‘TVPG’
Promise” ‘TVG’
Heirlooms” ‘TVPG’
It?” ‘TVPG’
Pawn Stars “Pawns of Anarchy”
Pawn Stars “Rocket Man” (N) ‘TVPG’ :03 Pawn Stars “Don’t Judge a Pawn :05 Pawn Stars “Pawn V. Ferrari”
:03 Pawn Stars “Rocket Man” ‘TVPG’ :06 Pawn Stars “Don’t Judge a Pawn
By Its Cover” ‘TVPG’
By Its Cover” ‘TVPG’
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Unit “Girls Disappeared” ‘TV14’
Unit “American Disgrace” ‘TV14’
Unit “Producer’s Backend” ‘TV14’
Unit “Holden’s Manifesto” ‘TV14’
Unit “Pornstar’s Requiem” ‘TV14’
Unit “Glasgowman’s Wrath” ‘TV14’
Unit “Chicago Crossover” ‘TV14’
5:00 < “An Ice Wine Christmas” (‘21) < "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" (‘21, Romance) Stephanie Sy, Alex Poch- :03 < “A Christmas in Tennessee” (‘18) Andrew Walker, Patricia Richardson,
:01 < “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” (‘21, Rom) Stephanie Sy, Alex PochMaria Del Mar, Roselyn Sanchez. ‘TVG’ Goldin, Mary Antonini. A designer is too busy to go home for the holidays. ‘TVG’
Rachel Boston. A bakery owner must save her town from being bought. ‘TVPG’
Goldin, Mary Antonini. A designer is too busy to go home for the holidays. ‘TVG’
5:10 <++ “Admission” (‘13) Paul
<++ "Risky Business" (1983, Comedy) Rebecca De
:40 <+++ “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007, Comedy) Emily Mortimer, Paul
:29 <++ “How to Be Single” (2016, Comedy) Alison Brie, :19 <++ “At First Sight” (‘99) Val
Rudd, Tina Fey. A woman finds the child Mornay, Curtis Armstrong, Tom Cruise. A student has a wild Schneider, Ryan Gosling. Lars finds the girl of his dreams in a sex doll ordered from Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson. There’s a right and wrong way Kilmer. A blind man undergoes surgery to
regain his sight. ‘TV14’
she gave up for adoption. ‘TVPG’
weekend with a call girl. ‘TVMA’
the Internet. ‘TV14’
to be single. ‘TVMA’
American Voices (N) ‘TVG’
Ayman (N)
Ayman (N)
American Voices ‘TVG’
Dateline ‘TVPG’
5:00 <++ “Fist Fight” ‘TVMA’
<++ "Ride Along" (2014, Action/Comedy) Kevin Hart, John Leguizamo, Ice Cube. ‘TVPG’
<++ "White Chicks" (2004, Comedy) Marlon Wayans, Jaime King, Shawn Wayans. ‘TV14’
Ridiculousness Ridiculousness
Narco Wars “The Battle for the Border” Narco Wars “Rise of the Narco Army” Narco Wars “Escobar Goes to War” Narco Wars “Narco Cult” ‘TV14’
Narco Wars “After Pablo” ‘TV14’
Locked Up Abroad “Bad Bromance” Locked Up Abroad “Thai Meth Bust”
Danger F (N)
Side Hustle (N) Danger Force
:35 Friends
:10 Friends
:45 Friends
:20 Friends ‘TVPG’
4:30 <++ “The Equalizer” Denzel Washington. ‘TVMA’
<++ "The Magnificent Seven" (‘16) Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington. Seven gunslingers defend a town from an industrialist. ‘TV14’
<+++ "Pulp Fiction" (‘94) Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, John Travolta. ‘TVMA’
5:00 <+++ “The Intern” (2015, Comedy) Anne Hathaway, Adam DeVine, Robert NCIS: New Orleans “Darkest Hour” NCIS: New Orleans “Billy and the
NCIS: New Orleans “Blue Christmas” NCIS: New Orleans “Sister City” Pt. 2 Scorpion “Dork Day Afternoon” ‘TV14’
De Niro. A 70-year-old widower takes an internship. ‘TV14’
Kid” ‘TV14’
of 2 ‘TV14’
Caring Comm. TransformNow Majestic
Self Talk
Judy Talk
Family Plays
Vid I/O
Video Diversity O Comic Cast Local
The Merlin Gene Jubilee “Crying Marty Stuart
Opry “Stars of the The Daniel O’Donnell Show
Mollie B Polka Party
Larry’s Country Diner “Mo Pitney” Paid Program
Paid Program
Red Skelton “Rings On Her Fingers
My Heart Out” (N) Show ‘TVPG’
Fifties” ‘TVG’
“Shades Of Green - Vol. 2” ‘TVG’
Also Go Through Your Nose” ‘TVPG’
< "Zola" (2020, Drama) Riley Keough, Nicholas Braun,
Dexter: New Blood “Cold Snap”
Dexter: New Blood “Storm of F**k” <++ "Queenpins" (2021, Comedy) Kirby Howell-Baptiste, :50 Yellowjackets “Pilot” A girls’ soccer team’s plane
Taylour Paige. A stripper and her friends go on an epic
Dexter tries to suppress murderous
Dexter’s cabin is the base for a search Paul Walter Hauser, Kristen Bell. Two friends scam millions
crashes in Ontario. ‘TV14’
“Pilot” ‘TV14’
from mega-corporations. (P) ‘TVMA’
adventure. ‘TVPG’
urgings. ‘TVMA’
and rescue. ‘TVMA’
5:00 <++ “Journey 2: The Mysterious <++ "Gods of Egypt" (2016, Adventure) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites, Gerard Butler. A
<++ "Rambo: Last Blood" (2019, Action) Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta,
<++ "Freddy vs. Jason" (‘03) Robert Englund. Two killers
Island” ‘TVPG’
mortal man makes an alliance with the god Horus. ‘TV14’
Sylvester Stallone. Rambo wages war against a Mexican cartel. ‘TVPG’
return to terrorize local teenagers. ‘TVMA’
4:30 < “The Polar :27 How the
<++++ "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, Musical) Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Judy
:15 <++ “Spider-Man 2” (‘04) Kirsten
:57 Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch
:15 12 Dates of Christmas “12
:15 Go-Big Show “Danger, Danger
Garland. A tornado transports a young girl to a mystical land. ‘TVPG’
Dunst, Tobey Maguire. ‘TV14’
Grinch ‘TVG’
Stole Christmas ‘TVG’
Dates of Christmas: Unwrapped”
Everywhere” ‘TV14’
5:00 < “King of Cool” (2021,
<+++ "Niagara" (1953, Suspense) Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Marilyn Monroe. <+++ "Bus Stop" (1956, Comedy/Drama) Don Murray, Betty Field, Marilyn
<+++ "Johnny O’Clock" (1947, Crime Story) Evelyn Keyes, Lee J. Cobb, Dick
Documentary) Bob Newhart, Jerry Lewis, An unfaithful woman plots to have her husband killed, but her lover dies instead.
Monroe. A cowboy falls in love with a singer and forces her to board a bus to his
Powell. A high-class, emotionally distant gambler gets into trouble with the law.
Angie Dickinson.
home in Montana. ‘TV14’
I Am Jazz “Through the Years: Part 1” Addicted to Marriage “Lucky
90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise The 685-lb Teen ‘TVPG’
900 Pound Man: The Race
Addicted to Marriage “Lucky
90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise
Pt. 1 of 2 cont’d Nov 27 ‘TV14’
Number 12?” ‘TV14’
“Tropic Like It’s Hot” ‘TV14’
Against Time ‘TV14’
Number 12?” ‘TV14’
“Tropic Like It’s Hot” ‘TV14’
4:30 < “To Be Announced” ‘TVY’
<++ "Four Christmases" (2008, Comedy) Reese Witherspoon, Robert Duvall, <+++ "We’re the Millers" (2013, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis. A man ONE Championship MMA “ONE
<++ "Ted 2"
Vince Vaughn. A couple must spend Christmas with their families. ‘TVPG’
hires a fake family to help him smuggle drugs. ‘TV14’
Final Round: Best of October” (N)
Unexplained: Caught on Camera Unexplained: Caught on Camera Destination Fear “Phelps Dodge
The Dead Files “Violent Whispers” (N) The Dead Files “Ruptured” ‘TVPG’
Unexplained: Caught on Camera Destination Fear “Phelps Dodge
Hospital” (N) ‘TVPG’
Hospital” ‘TVPG’
Two and a Half :35 Two and a
:10 Two and a
:45 Two and a
:20 Two and a Half Men “Bite Me, :55 Two and a
Two and a Half 2½ Men “MMM, Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half
Men ‘TV14’
Half Men ‘TV14’ Half Men ‘TV14’ Half Men ‘TV14’ Supreme Court” ‘TV14’
Half Men ‘TV14’ Men ‘TV14’
Fish. Yum” ‘TV14’ Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
5:00 <+++ “The Proposal” (‘09) Sandra Bullock. A pushy <++ "A Bad Moms Christmas" (2017, Action) Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Mila Kunis. Three rebellious :55 <+++ “This Christmas” (2007, Comedy) Idris Elba, Loretta Devine, Delroy Lindo. A family gathers :35 < “It’s a
Wonderful Life”
woman forces her assistant to marry her. ‘TV14’
moms take on the stress of Christmas. ‘TV14’
for Christmas. ‘TV14’
4:30 <+++ “Tower Heist” ‘TVPG’
<++ "A Madea Family Funeral" (‘19, Comedy) Courtney Burrell, Patrice Lovely, Tyler Perry. ‘TVPG’
<++ "Big Momma’s House 2" (2006, Comedy) Nia Long, Martin Lawrence. ‘TVPG’
<++ "Big Momma’s House" ‘TVPG’
NewsNation Prime (N) ‘TVG’
NewsNation Prime (N) ‘TVG’
Dan Abrams Live ‘TVG’
Banfield ‘TVG’
On Balance with Leland Vittert NewsNation Prime ‘TVG’
NewsNation Prime ‘TVG’

Costas ‘TV14’


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