6 pm
7 pm
Right This

8 pm


9 pm


Weather “Wish NCIS: New Orleans “Leda and the NCIS: New Orleans “Leda and the 48 Hours “Scott Peterson: Case In
We Had Better
Swan, Part 1” A Navy therapist is
Swan, Part 2” NCIS zeroes in on a prime Question” (N) ‘TVPG’
News” ‘TVPG’
murdered. Pt. 1 of 2 cont’d next ‘TV14’ suspect. Pt. 2 of 2 ‘TV14’
It Takes a Killer It Takes a Killer F.Files “Sworded F.Files “Seedy
F.Files “The
Forensic Files Corrupt Crimes Corrupt “Snuff
Scheme” ‘TV14’
Intentions” ‘TV14’ Cheater” ‘TV14’
Film Killers” ‘TV14’
1:30 Horse
WOWT 6 News NBC News Special “Inspiring
Dateline NBC “Family Affair” ‘TVG’
Saturday Night Live Taraji P.
Racing Kentucky Live at 6:30
America: The 2021 Inspiration List” (N)
Henson hosts with guest Mumford &
NBC Derby (L) ‘TVPG’ p.m. (N) ‘TVG’
Sons. ‘TV14’
Black Sheep Squadron “Wolves in Tour of Duty “Nowhere to Run” ‘TVPG’ Combat! “Mountain Man” ‘TVPG’
The Rat Patrol The Rat Patrol
H&I the Sheep Pen” ‘PG’
Newswatch 7 at Wheel of
Shark Tank High heels that are sexy American Idol “Oscar Nominated Songs” The top 12 contestants perform Oscar(7)
6 (N)
Fortune “Bed & and comfortable. ‘TVPG’
nominated songs. ‘TVPG’
Breakfast” ‘TVPG’
<+++ "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (1966, Comedy) Don Knotts, Reta Shaw, Newswatch 7 at Batman ‘TVG’
:40 The Three
Stooges ‘TVPG’ Skip Homeier. A timid reporter covers a story in a haunted house. ‘TVPG’
9 (N) ‘TVG’
MeTV Stooge
The Lawrence Welk Show From
Midsomer Murders “The Christmas As Time Goes Appearances
Frankie Drake Mysteries “A Brother
(12)(26) polkas to waltzes, timeless music is
Haunting” Barnaby and Charlie Nelson By “The Bathroom” “The Boy Friend” in Arms” A man claiming to be family
PBS performed. ‘TVG’
investigate a stabbing. ‘TVPG’
asks Frankie for help. ‘TV14’
World of Waves Funny You
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
Ring of Honor Wrestling The
Should Ask
Theory ‘TV14’
“The Hot Troll
Theory ‘TV14’
Theory ‘TVPG’
hardest-hitting pro wrestling action on the
Deviation” ‘TV14’
planet. ‘TVPG’
The Lawrence Welk Show
As Time Goes Appearances
Shakespeare “Reputation, Reputation, Frankie Drake “School Ties ... School
“Backstage With Our Musical Family” A By “The Book
“Daddy’s Accident” Reputation!” Frank and Lu enter
Lies” Frankie searches for the murderer
PBS behind-the-scenes look. ‘TVG’
Launch” ‘TVPG’
competitive hairdressing. ‘TVPG’
of a beloved teacher. ‘TV14’
Boxing Premier Champions Erislandy Lara vs. Thomas LaManna Site: Dignity
Singer “The Sing-A-Long: The Maskie Access Hollywood Weekend (N)
Health Sports Park -- Carson, Calif. (L) ‘TV14’
Awards” Sing-a-long by celebrating the ‘TVPG’
‘best of’ the season. ‘TVPG’



10 pm


3 News Now Live at 10:00 p.m.
(N) ‘TVG’

11 pm



< Movies

12 am


:05 NCIS: New Orleans “Judgement :05 NCIS “No Vacancy” NCIS uncovers

Call” Hannah is suspended for breaking live-streaming spy cameras in a motel.
protocol. ‘TV14’
Corrupt Crimes Corrupt Crimes F.Files “Beaten by F.Files “Breaking The FBI Files “Robin the Hood” ‘TV14’
a Hair” ‘TV14’
News” ‘TV14’
WOWT 6 News Saturday Night Live A sketch comedy show with musical :05 1st Look
Open House
Live at 10:00
and celebrity guests. ‘TV14’
p.m. (N) ‘TVG’
Twelve O’Clock High “Fortress
Black Sheep Squadron “Presumed Renegade “The Two Renos” ‘TV14’
Wiesnaden” ‘TVPG’
Dead” ‘PG’
Newswatch 7 at Castle “The Way of the Ninja” A
Mom ‘TV14’
Nightwatch “We Give Thanks” Titus
10 (N)
Japanese ballet dancer is mysteriously
and Dan resuscitate an overdosing drug
murdered. ‘TVPG’
user. ‘TV14’
Buck Rogers “Journey to Oasis” Pt. 2 Kolchak: The Night Stalker “The Lost in Space “Junkyard of Space”
of 2 from April 24 ‘TVG’
Trevi Collection” ‘TVG’
Austin City Limits “Hall of Fame: The Austin City Limits “John Prine” The Extinction: The Facts David
First Six Years” The first six yrs. of Austin veteran musician performs songs from Attenborough explores extinction. ‘TV14’
City Limits’ Hall of Fame. ‘TVPG’
his catalog. ‘TVPG’
Simps. “Warrin’ The Simpsons Simpsons “The The Simpsons Intervention “Megan/ Maryanne”
Priests” Pt. 1 of 2 “Warrin’ Priests” Pt. Hateful Eight-Year- “The Way of the
Megan is now a drug addict who scares
cont’d next ‘TVPG’ 2 of 2 ‘TVPG’
Olds” ‘TVPG’
Dog” ‘TVPG’
her family. ‘TV14’
Heart Guy “When We Collide” Penny’s Doctor Who: Tom Baker Movies “The Face of Evil”
feelings for Hugh spill into the workplace. ‘TVPG’
AMW “Tamera Williams, Larry Chism
The Goldbergs The Goldbergs Ring of Honor Wrestling The
and Christopher Burns” Elizabeth Vargas ‘TVPG’
“Wingmom” ‘TVPG’ hardest-hitting pro wrestling action on the
asks for viewers’ help. ‘TV14’
planet. ‘TVPG’

5:00 Biography “’Stone Cold’ Steve

Biography “’Rowdy’ Roddy Piper” ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper is one of WWE’s great
:01 WWE Treasures “The Undertaker/ :04 Pawn Stars “That’s the Way the :03 Biography “’Rowdy’ Roddy Piper” ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper is one of WWE’s
Austin” ‘TVPG’
villains. ‘TV14’
Kane” ‘TVPG’
Cookie Crumbles” (N) ‘TVPG’
great villains. ‘TV14’
5:00 <++ “Halloween II” (‘81) Donald <+++ "Twister" (1996, Action) Bill Paxton, Jami Gertz, Helen Hunt. Storm chasers pursue several
<++++ "The Goonies" (1985, Adventure) Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin. Children attempt <+++ "Seabiscuit" (‘03) Jeff Bridges,
Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis. ‘TVMA’
tornadoes. ‘TVPG’
to recover a pirate’s treasure. ‘TVPG’
Tobey Maguire. ‘TV14’
Pit Bulls & Parolees “Evading Capture Part 1” The VRC crew is on a mission to Pit Bulls & Parolees “Life in a Cage” Veteran tenant Lil Rocky faces a cancer Pit Bulls & Parolees “Saved from the Pit Bulls & Parolees “Down, Not Out” Pit Bulls & Parolees “Life in a Cage”
catch a runaway dog. Pt. 1 of 2 (N) ‘TVPG’
scare. (N) ‘TVPG’
Fight” ‘TVPG’
5:00 <+++ “Friday” (‘95) Chris Tucker, Ice Cube. Friends <++ "Next Friday" (2000, Comedy) Mike Epps, Justin Pierce, Ice Cube. A man visits his family who
<++ "Friday After Next" (2002, Comedy) Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Ice Cube. Two cousins work The Parkers
try to come up with money for a drug dealer. ‘TV14’
recently won the lottery. ‘TVMA’
as nighttime security guards. ‘TV14’
5:00 Lacrosse NCAA Big-10
The B1G Show The B1G Show The B1G Show The B1G Show Football NCAA Nebraska Spring Game ‘TVG’
The B1G Show Football NCAA Minnesota Spring Game ‘TVG’
Tournament J.H./Penn.St. (L) ‘TVG’
(N) ‘TVG’
<+++ "Pretty Woman" (1990, Romance) Julia Roberts, Jason Alexander, Richard Gere. A wealthy
:37 <+++ “Bridesmaids” (2011, Comedy) Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Kristen Wiig. A broke woman tries to bluff her way :40 <+++ “The Vow” (‘12) Rachel McAdams. After an
businessman hires a free-spirited call girl. ‘TV14’
through her best friend’s bridesmaid rituals. ‘TV14’
accident, a woman wakes up with memory loss. ‘TV14’
Sports Stars of Poker WPT ‘TVPG’ Poker WPT ‘TVPG’
NDSQBU: Trey Lance
Mixed Martial Arts Shogun Fights Mixed Martial Arts Shogun Fights Poker WPT ‘TVPG’
Poker WPT ‘TVPG’
Tomorrow ‘TVG’
<+++ "Beetlejuice" (‘88) Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton. ‘TV14’
<+++ "Jumanji" (‘95) Bonnie Hunt, Robin Williams. ‘TV14’
<++ "My Cousin Vinny" (‘92) Marisa Tomei, Joe Pesci. A lawyer defends his cousin in a murder case. ‘TVMA’
4:00 < Movie
CNN Newsroom (N) ‘TVG’
CNN Newsroom (N) ‘TVG’
The Eighties “Raised on Television” ‘TVPG’
The Nineties “The One About TV” ‘TVPG’
CNN Newsroom (N) ‘TVG’
5:00 <+++ “Back to the Future” (‘85) Michael J. Fox. A
<+++ "Back to the Future II" (1989, Sci-Fi) Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox. Doc <+++ "Back to the Future III" (1990, Sci-Fi) Christopher Lloyd, Pat Buttram, Michael J. Fox. A time South Park
teenager travels back in time to 1955. ‘TVPG’
and Marty travel to the year 2015 and back to 1955. ‘TVPG’
traveler ventures to 1885. ‘TVPG’
Deadliest Catch: Bloodline “The Deadliest Catch “Out of the Ashes” Sig devises a plan to save the fishery. ‘TV14’ Deadliest Catch “Russian Dragger” Deadliest Catch: Bloodline “Return Deadliest Catch “Out of the Ashes” Sig devises a plan to save the fishery. ‘TV14’
Legacy Continues” ‘TV14’
to the Big Island” ‘TV14’
<++ "Halloweentown" (‘98) Debbie Reynolds. A girl helps :35 Jessie ‘TVG’ Jessie “Moby and Jessie “Basket
Big City Greens “Blood Moon” ‘TVY7’ Disney Special Raven’s Home Jessie “The
Jessie “Ghost
Jessie ‘TVG’
Jessie “Bye Bye
her family save her town from evil. ‘TVPG’
Whining” ‘TVG’
Bummers” ‘TVG’
Scoby” ‘TVG’
Case” ‘TVG’
Bertie” ‘TVG’
<++ "The Change-Up" (2011, Comedy) Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman. Two best
<++ "Couples Retreat" (2009, Comedy) Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn. Vacationing
Modern Family Modern Family Sex and the City Sex and the City
friends swap bodies after a wild night. ‘TVMA’
couples are forced into marriage therapy. ‘TV14’
NBA Countdwn NBA Courtside (L) /:45 Basketball NBA Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Site: Toyota
:05 Basketball NBA Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Clippers Site: Staples Center -- Los Angeles,
:35 SportsCenter (N) ‘TVG’
SportsCenter (N)
(L) ‘TVG’
Center -- Houston, Texas (L) ‘TVG’
Calif. (L) ‘TVG’
UFC Fight Night UFC Featuring UFC match-ups. Preliminaries Site: UFC Apex -- Las Vegas, Nev. (L) ‘TVG’
UFC Fight Night UFC Featuring UFC match-ups. Dominick Reyes vs. Jiri Prochazka Site: UFC Apex -- Las Vegas, Nev. (L) Hey Rookie,
Hey Rookie,
Life, Liberty & Levin
Watters World (N) ‘TVPG’
Justice JudgeJeanine (N) ‘TVG’
Watters World ‘TVPG’
Justice JudgeJeanine ‘TVG’
Diners, Drive-Ins Diners “Family
Diners “Chicken Diners, Drive-Ins Diners, Drive-Ins Diners, Drive-Ins Diners “Handy
Diners, Drive-Ins Diners “South of Diners “You Called Diners, Drive-Ins Diners, Drive-Ins Diners “Handy
Diners, Drive-Ins
Matters” ‘TVG’
Chowfest” ‘TVG’
Helpings” ‘TVG’
the Border” ‘TVG’ It” ‘TVG’
Helpings” ‘TVG’
3:30 <+++ “The Hunger Games:
:05 <++ “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1” (2014, Adventure) Donald Sutherland, Josh
:45 <+++ “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” (2015, Adventure) Donald Sutherland, Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss
Catching Fire” ‘TV14’
Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss prepares to save Peeta from President Snow. ‘TV14’
Everdeen and her friends prepare for an assassination attempt on President Snow. ‘TV14’
Truck Racing NASCAR Wise Power 200 Truck Series Site: Kansas Speedway -- Kansas City, Kan. (L) Soccer MFL Mazatlán at Monterrey Site: Estadio BBVA Bancomer -- Guadalupe, Baseball MLB Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox Site: Guaranteed Rate
“Kansas” (L)
Mexico (L) ‘TVG’
Field -- Chicago, Ill. ‘TVG’
4:00 <++ “Kingsman:The Golden
<++++ "Straight Outta Compton" (2015, True Story) Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, O’Shea Jackson Jr.. The backstory Mayans M.C. “A Mixed-Up and
:22 Breeders
:54 What We Do in the Shadows :26 Inbetween
Circle” (‘17) Taron Egerton. ‘TV14’
of N.W.A. and its members, who told the world about life in the hood. ‘TVMA’
Splendid Rescue” ‘TVMA’
“The Return” ‘TVMA’
“Monsters” ‘TVMA’
Golf PGA Valspar Championship Round 3 Site: Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club -- Palm Harbor, Fla. ‘TVG’
Golf LPGA World Championship Final Round Site: Sentosa Golf Club -- Sentosa, Singapore (L) ‘TVG’
< "Summer Villa" (2016, Romance) Victor Webster, Hilarie Burton. A novelist and <+++ "Love, Romance and Chocolate" (2019, Romance) Will Kemp, Lacey
< "Sun, Sand and Romance" (2017, Romance) Tricia Helfer, Scott Elrod, Paul
G. Girls “Zborn
The Golden
celebrity chef stay at same the villa. ‘TVG’
Chabert. A chocolatier looks for recognition and love in Bruges. ‘TVG’
Campbell. A woman vacations with her boyfriend’s snooty parents. ‘TVG’
Again” ‘TVPG’
Girls ‘TVPG’
4:15 <++ “The Dark Knight Rises”
<++ "Tenet" (2020, Sci-Fi) Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, John David Washington. An agent is The Nevers ‘TVMA’
<++ "Frida" (‘02)
Mare of Easttown A troubled
Mare of Easttown ‘TVMA’
(‘12) Anne Hathaway. Batman returns to recruited by an organization that is involved with time-inverting technology. ‘TV14’
Salma Hayek.
detective takes on a murder case. ‘TVMA’
protect Gotham. ‘TVPG’
5:30 < “Man Up” (‘15) Simon Pegg,
<++ "Up in the Air" (2009, Romance) Vera Farmiga, Anna :50 <++ “Downhill” (2020, Family) Will Ferrell, Zach
:20 <+++ “In and Out” (1997, Comedy) Matt Dillon, Joan Cusack, Kevin Kline. :55 Real Time With Bill Maher
Lake Bell. A woman finds the perfect
Kendrick, George Clooney. A businessman takes a new
Woods, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. A family on a ski holiday barely On the eve of his wedding, a teacher wrestles with the possibility that he might be ‘TVM’
boyfriend on a blind date. ‘TVMA’
employee across the country. ‘TVMA’
escape an avalanche. ‘TVPG’
gay. ‘TV14’
Farmhouse Fixer “A Bakeshop
Escape to the Chateau “A Golden :01 LifeRenovation “discovery+ 1st :02 Home Town “All in the Family”
:01 Home Town “Clean Lines, Open Life Under Renovation “discovery+ :01 Home Town “All in the Family”
Kitchen” ‘TVG’
Anniversary” (N) ‘TVPG’
Look: It’s All on the Line” (N) ‘TVG’
Spaces” ‘TVG’
1st Look: It’s All on the Line” ‘TVG’
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: Digging Deeper “Countdown to Season 2” Advanced testing shows evidence of strange anomalies under the ranch. (N)
:03 The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: Digging Deeper “Countdown to
“High Strangeness” ‘TVPG’
Season 2” Advanced testing shows evidence of strange anomalies. ‘TVPG’
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Law & Order: Special Victims
Unit “Closet” ‘TV14’
Unit “Authority” ‘TV14’
Unit “Trade” ‘TV14’
Unit “Cold” ‘TV14’
Unit ‘TV14’
Unit “Confession” ‘TV14’
Unit “Swing” ‘TV14’
5:00 < “My Husband’s Secret Wife”
< "Revenge Delivered" (2021, Thriller) Mary Antonini, Samantha Brown, Olunike :03 < “The Bad Seed” (2018, Drama) Mckenna Grace, Patty McCormack, Rob
:01 < “Revenge Delivered” (2021, Thriller) Mary Antonini, Samantha Brown,
(‘18) Josh Kelly, Helena Mattson. ‘TV14’ Adeliyi. An obstetrician is suspicious of one of her students. ‘TVPG’
Lowe. Single father faced with a terrible tragedy. ‘TV14’
Olunike Adeliyi. An obstetrician is suspicious of one of her students. ‘TVPG’
5:10 <++ “In Good Company” A father <++ "Blue Crush" (2002, Adventure) Matthew Davis,
:45 <++ “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!” (2004,
:22 <++ “The Warrior’s Way” (2010, Action) Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush,
:03 <++ “Deck the Halls” (‘06) Danny
works for the man who romances his
Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Bosworth. A surfer girl gets
Romance) Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, Josh Duhamel. A
Dong-gun Jang. After refusing a mission, an assassin is forced to hide out in a small de Vito. Neighbors try to prove who has
daughter. ‘TVPG’
distracted before a big competition. ‘TVPG’
girl wins a date with a bad-boy, heartthrob star. ‘TVPG’
town. ‘TVMA’
more holiday spirit. ‘TVPG’
American Voices (N) ‘TVG’
The Week (N) ‘TVG’
The Week (N) ‘TVG’
American Voices ‘TVG’
The Week ‘TVG’
The Week ‘TVG’
Dateline “Unraveled” ‘TV14’
5:00 <+++ “Old School” ‘TV14’
<++ "The Waterboy" (‘98) Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Adam Sandler. ‘TV14’
<+++ "We’re the Millers" (2013, Comedy) Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis. ‘TV14’ <+++ "Old School" (‘03) Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson. ‘TV14’
To Catch a Smuggler “Mobile Meth” To Catch a Smuggler “Endangered and Smuggled” CBP targets a wildlifeTo Catch a Smuggler “Cocaine Crackdown” CBP finds drugs concealed in
To Catch a Smuggler “Endangered To Catch a Smuggler “Stash House
smuggling ring in Miami. ‘TVPG’
clever ways. ‘TVPG’
and Smuggled” ‘TVPG’
Takedown” ‘TVPG’
<+++ "Kung Fu Panda" ‘TVPG’
Side Hustle (N) Drama Club (N) Friends
Friends 1/2
Friends 2/2
<++ "Bad Boys II" (‘03) Will Smith, Jordi Mollà, Martin Lawrence. Narcotics detectives pursue men selling ecstasy. ‘TVMA’ <+++ "Coming to America" (‘88) Eddie Murphy. An African prince travels to America to avoid marriage. ‘TV14’
4:00 < Movie
<++ Movie
NCIS: New Orleans “Knockout” ‘TV14’ NCIS: New Orleans “Down the Rabbit NCIS: New Orleans “Poetic Justice” NCIS: New Orleans “Rogue Nation” NCIS: New Orleans “#1 Fan”
NCIS: New Orleans “The Asset”
NCIS: New Orleans “Dead Man
Hole” ‘TV14’
Caring Comm. TransformNow Majestic
Self Talk
Judy Talk
Family Plays
Vid I/O
Video Diversity O Comic Cast Local
PresleysJubilee Marty Stuart
The Daniel O’Donnell Show “The Mollie B Polka Party
Larry’s Country Diner “Rory Feek” Paid Program
Paid Program
The Red Skelton Show “A Bum For
Brothers Show “Mamma Tried”
Show ‘TVPG’
Rock and Roll Show” ‘TVG’
All Seasons” ‘TVPG’
:55 <++++ “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012, Drama) Jennifer Lawrence,
<+++ "The Nest" (2020, Suspense) Carrie Coon, Oona Roche, Jude Law. A
City on a Hill “East of Eden” Karen
Desus & Mero VICE “Shadow War <+ "Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power" Jay
Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper. A former teacher moves back in with his parents family moves to the English countryside where life takes a twisted turn. ‘TV14’
Shimizu tries to get rid of her trouble
Julian Edelman
& God and Country” Hernandez. Carlito consolidates his
after spending time in a mental hospital. ‘TVMA’
power over the drug trade. ‘TVMA’
agent. ‘TVMA’
3< “Harry Potter & <+++ "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (2009, Adventure) Michael Gambon, Bonnie Wright, Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter and
Futurama ‘TV14’ Futur. “Space Pilot Futurama ‘TV14’ Futurama “I,
Futurama ‘TVPG’ Futur. “Fear of a
the Order of ...
Dumbledore embark on a dangerous set of tasks to defeat an evil enemy. ‘TVPG’
3000” ‘TVPG’
Roommate” ‘TV14’
Bot Planet” ‘TV14’
4:30 <++ “The Replacements” (‘00) The Big Bang
<++ "Joe Dirt" (‘01) Dennis Miller,
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
The Big Bang
Chad “K-POP”
Big Trick Energy Wipeout “Invasion of the Big Balls”
Gene Hackman, Keanu Reeves. ‘TV14’ “Pilot” ‘TV14’
Brittany Daniel, David Spade. ‘TV14’
Theory ‘TVPG’
Theory ‘TV14’
Theory ‘TV14’
Theory ‘TVPG’
Theory ‘TVPG’
5:00 <++++ “White Heat” (‘49) James <++++ "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, Musical) Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Judy
<++++ "Wuthering Heights" (1939, Classic) Merle Oberon, David Niven,
<+++ "The Year of Living Dangerously" (1982, Adventure) Sigourney Weaver,
Cagney. An agent seeks to bring down a Garland. A tornado carries a young girl to a magical land where she encounters
Laurence Olivier. A married noblewoman fights her lifelong attraction to a
Linda Hunt, Mel Gibson. An Australian journalist becomes intimately involved with a
mobster. ‘TVPG’
witches and wonders. ‘TVPG’
charismatic gypsy. ‘TVG’
British official in Indonesia. ‘TV14’
Return to Amish “Extra Chapter: The Return to Amish “Extra Chapter: The Return to Amish “Extra Chapter: The ReturnAmish “Extra Chapter: The
R.Amish “Extra Chapter: The Most
Return to Amish “Extra Chapter: The Return to Amish “Extra Chapter: The
Time Has Come” (N) ‘TV14’
Time Has Come” (N) ‘TV14’
DNA Test Request” (N) ‘TV14’
Truth About Jeremiah’s Dad” (N) ‘TV14’ Awkward First Kiss Ever” (N) ‘TV14’
Time Has Come” ‘TV14’
DNA Test Request” ‘TV14’
3:45 < “Wonder
:45 <+++ “Aquaman” (2018, Action) Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Jason Momoa. A man learns that he is the half-human, :45 <+++ “Man of Steel” (2013, Action) Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Henry Cavill. An alien raised as a human confronts < "Patriots Day"
Woman” ‘TVPG’
half-Atlantean heir to an undersea kingdom. ‘TVPG’
members of his race who have come to claim Earth. ‘TV14’
Ghost Nation “Stairway to Hell” ‘TVPG’ Ghost Nation “Antique Shop of
Ghost Nation “Tavern of Terror” (N) The Holzer Files “Don’t Send Them to The Holzer Files “Reopened: A Grave Ghost Nation “Antique Shop of
Ghost Nation “Tavern of Terror”
Horrors” ‘TVPG’
Heaven” (N) ‘TVPG’
Revenge” (N) ‘TVPG’
Horrors” ‘TVPG’
Two and a Half :35 Two and a
:10 Two and a
:45 Two and a
:20 Two and a Half Men “Lan Mao :55 Two and a
Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half King-Queens
Queens “Vocal
Men ‘TV14’
Half Men ‘TV14’ Half Men ‘TV14’ Half Men ‘TV14’ Shi Zai Wuding Shang” ‘TV14’
Half Men ‘TV14’ Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
Men ‘TV14’
“Pole Lox” ‘TV14’ Discord” ‘TVPG’
4:30 <++ “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (‘05) <++ "White House Down" (2013, Action) Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Channing Tatum. A man finds himself protecting :58 <++ “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005, Action) Angelina Jolie, Vince Vaughn, Brad Pitt. Married
Miz “Mizsteaks &
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt. ‘TV14’
the President after being denied the very same job. ‘TV14’
assassins become each other’s target. ‘TV14’
Weiners” ‘TV14’
4:00 <++++ “Forrest Gump” (‘94) Tom Hanks. ‘TV14’
<++++ "Casino" (1995, Crime Story) Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro. Mobster runs a Las Vegas casino during the 1970s. ‘TVMA’
<++ "New Jack City" (‘91) Ice-T, Wesley Snipes. ‘TVMA’
NewsNation Prime (L) (N) ‘TVG’
NewsNation Prime (L) (N) ‘TVG’
Banfield ‘TVG’
Banfield ‘TVG’
NewsNation Prime ‘TVG’
NewsNation Prime ‘TVG’
Person of Interest “The Cold War”


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