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Omaha World-Herald Subscribers
Print advertising is considered the most trustworthy and believable media for both consumers and retailers. Publishing every Wednesday, SAVOR is the prime jacket used for the distribution of inserts inside The World-Herald. A simple scan of newspaper inserts can save a person hours of time on the Internet looking for the same information. Plus, The World-Herald maintains a strong delivery base with circulation distribution in 67 counties in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. Readers of The World-Herald are well-educated, more affluent and more than 80% own their own home. Data from an independent market study indicates readership of The World-Herald is just shy of 400,000 each week. That is strong - really strong. In fact, that is almost half the number of residents in the Omaha metropolitan area.
Audience Bag of Savings
SAVOR (the non-subscribers' bag of savings)
Exciting new changes of the former Food Express, readers of SAVOR now enjoy more recipes, entertaining ideas and fun contests. This free publication is so popular, it is actually requested because of the advertised savings inside. Often referred to as the "bag of savings," total readership of The World-Herald and our non-subscriber distribution account for a reach of almost 650,000 individuals.
Audience Tablet
New to our non-subscriber product is a content driven website featuring entertainment ideas, recipes and other food related topics. Our flagship website, has one of the strongest organic SEOs in the midwest - certainly in Nebraska. Combined traffic for all digital platforms average more than 17.3 million page views per month. Given our growth history, our continual promotional efforts, successful contests and our ability to grow email databases, the online presence of SAVOR is guaranteed to become popular and frequented regularly by our online audience.
The Savor Rate
Standard Placements 1X 6X 12X 24X 52X
Full (6 col. x 20.75") $9,338 $8,840 $8,590 $8,342 $8,093
Half (6 col. x 10.5" or 3 col. x 20.75") $4,725 $4,473 $4,347 $4,221 $4,095
Quarter (3 col. x 10.25") $2,306 $2,183 $2,122 $2,060 $1,999
Eighth (3 col. X 5") $1,125 $1,065 $1,035 $1,005 $975
All rates include process color. Space reservation and materials are due on Tuesday, 8 days prior to publication date.
Premium Placements 1X 6X 12X 24X 52X
Spadea (two full pages) $20,000 $17,500 $15,000 $12,500 $10,000
Back Page (6 col. x 20.75") $10,738 $10,165 $9,879 $9,593 $9,306
Front Strip (6 col. x 5") $3,000 $2,750 $2,500 $2,250 $2,000
Front Page Teaser* (3" x 1.5") $300 $275 $250 $225 $200
*Must accompany min.1/8 page inside section.
The Savor Spadea Left


Front / Back
(two) 4.5" x 20.75"

Interior / Exterior
Full Pages
10.083" x 20.75"

The Savor Spadea Right
The Savor E-Newsletter

Target the individuals who have requested to receive information about food, spirits and entertaining (delivered to both desktop and mobile readers).

$500 / month

3 positions available

The Savor Takeover Banner
Sponsored Content
Sponsored Content
Your sponsored content will be showcased on the front page of SAVOR - the location with the greatest viewership. Your story will include up to 500 words and up to two photographs. You will be presented as an "expert" in the article which can feature quotes, testimonials and experiences. Production of your story will be collaborated with The World-Herald news team. In addition to the front page exposure, your story will be available on This includes...
  • Sponsored content link on home page of SAVOR for 7 days (Wed-Tues)
  • After 7 days, posted on sponsored content page of
  • Super leaderboard position on pages for 7 days (Wed-Tues)
  • Social media posting/boosting (OWH Facebook or Twitter)
  • Archival on
  • 150,000 ad impressions ROS on promoting your feature
Pricing (minimum 8 week buy)
$350K+ Contract, 52x Saturation Grocery Customer

$2,500 per week

Less than $350K Contract Customer

$4,000 per week

Inside Scoop Sponsor
  • Sponsored content featured on page 3 of SAVOR
  • Includes 500 words + and up to two photos
  • Sponsor will be featured as "expert" in the article along with quotes, testimonials and experiences
  • Article production collaborated with OWH news team
  • Story located on carousel on home page
  • Story posted on sponsored content page of
  • 3 x 1.5" Front Page Teaser ad directing readers to the story
  • Persistent 300x250 position on pages for 7 days (Wed-Tues)
  • Social posting/boosting on OWH Facebook and Twitter pages
Pricing (minimum 8 week buy)

1x – $4,000 per week

6x – $3,000 per week

Inside Scoop