General Information, Contract and Copy Regulations

  1. Retail advertising rates apply to businesses located within The World-Herald circulation area of Nebraska and southwest Iowa. The business must have a permanent location (12-month lease or own building) where the products or services are purchased from that location.
  2. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement.  The publisher’s liability for other errors or omissions in connection with an advertisement is strictly limited to the first published insertion and not to exceed the cost of the ad.
  3. The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify the publisher against any and all liability, loss or expenses arising from claims of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, trade names, patents or proprietary rights or violation of rights of privacy resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s advertisement.
  4. Any advertising agency establishing credit and placing advertising with the Omaha World-Herald shall be liable for payment of all media invoices. Any written or verbal agreement or statement policy pertaining to “sequential liability” contained on insertion orders from the agency shall be subject to conditions stated under the Omaha World-Herald Credit Policy, which will be provided upon request.  The terms of this Agreement may not be supplemented or revised by insertion order or other documents submitted by Agency or Advertiser to order or request advertising, it being expressly agreed that this Agreement shall govern the terms, rates, conditions and liabilities of and for all advertising hereunder.
  5. In the event of any direct tax or levy being applied to advertising, this tax or levy will become an additional charge to the advertiser, over and above the rates mentioned herein.
  6. Publisher reserves the right to revise rate or rates on any accepted contract or order at any time upon 30 days’ written notice. During a period of 14 days after receiving such written notice, the advertiser may cancel or alter the agreement without penalty. This option excludes contracts expiring concurrent with any revision in rates.
  7. The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustration and typography of all advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher.  No objectionable medical, personal, matrimonial, clairvoyant or palmistry advertising accepted; no oil, mining, stock promotions or financial advertising other than those of securities of known value will be accepted.
  8. Advertising set solid or in reading matter type, or advertising which simulates editorial content, or advertising that is deemed political, must carry the word “Advertisement” over every two columns in width.
  9. Key letters, numbers, codes and symbols inserted in coupons or text of advertisements are at the risk of the advertiser, unless when part of the mechanical or reproduction materials are furnished by the advertiser.
  10. Position requests - Advertisers can request specific sections or pages. We will make every effort to satisfy the advertisers' request, but we do not guarantee ad position and will not credit advertising as a result of ad placement.
  11. All advertising is payable in advance, unless credit has been established with the Credit Department.  It is agreed that where monthly credit is granted, payment terms are net 15 days from the date of the invoice.
  12. Retail rates are not commissionable, and there is no cash discount.
  13. Copy and indemnification. Advertiser shall indemnify and save The World-Herald harmless from any loss or expense resulting from claims or suits based on the contents of the copy submitted to The World-Herald. The World-Herald owns all right, title and interest (including copyright) to any article, content or creative work (including advertising or marketing materials) prepared or created by The World-Herald, its employees, contractors or representatives (collectively, the “Work Product”), The Work Product may not be used or published in any manner without The World-Herald’s prior written permission other than in a publication owned by The World-Herald.