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Residential & Commercial Real Estate Transfers

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Transfers

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Douglas County


Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 346 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 342 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 338 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 334 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 330 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 400 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Smart Development LLC to Seeing Double LLC, 350 N. Allen St., $39,900.

Schaefer, Sharon K. to Jeffres, Blake and Frauendorfer, Alyssa, 14450 Sunrise St., $232,000.

Vaughan, Sandra A. and Martin G. to Pollock, Donna M., 8126 N. 147th Ave., $326,100.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 17335 Potter St., $74,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 17177 Whitmore St., $71,750.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Scherer, Jared Joseph and Kristen Renee, 7805 N. 147th Ave., $215,724.

Renaissance Custom Homes Inc. to Williams, Shaun J., 7904 N. 167th Ave., $495,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Martinez, Jose A. Illescas and Olmedo, Beatriz, 7762 N. 149th St., $235,900.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Anchor Pointe Development LLC, 17114 Potter St., $62,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thapa, Pooja and Chhetri, Bishnu Bahadur Thapa, 7158 N. 164th St., $362,380.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schuur, Arianna C. and Brandon S., 7712 N. 147th Avenue Circle, $230,700.

Richland Homes LLC to Erps, Mary Beth and Billings, Drew, 7018 N. 162nd St., $341,897.

Cr Investments Inc. to Celebrity Homes Inc., 7325 N. 167th St., $31,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Slavik, Timothy and Denise, 7121 N. 164th St., $371,292.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ratcliff, Malinda L. and Heather A., 7774 N. 149th St., $236,106.

Charleston Homes LLC to Loosbrock, Benjamin and Becker, Haydn, 8202 N. 166th St., $374,595.

Kms-168 LLC to Trinity Living Trust and Kenney, Larissa A., trustee, 8103 N. 167th Ave., $79,950.

12015 North 179th Circle LLC to Carol A. Miller Revocable Trust and Miller, Carol A., trustee, 12015 N. 179th Circle, $895,000.

Mendicino, Matt and Jodi to Adams, Phillip and Deanne, 8006 N. 153rd St., $245,000.

Ewart, Gary D. and Chelsea A. to Turner, Melissa and Smith, Chad A., 12013 N. 159th St., $313,500.

Hartung, Jonathan R. and Emily E. to Gilmore, Kelly R. and Thomas Harry, 7842 N. 147th St., $236,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Lensch, Debra S. and Bradley J., 7139 N. 172nd St., $499,702.


Thompsen, Bruce and Oonagh to Gardels, Derek J. and Emily J., 21040 Timberlane Circle, $525,000.

Peters, John M. and Sarah K. to Perez, Rigoberto and Rodriguez, Sandy, 1218 N. 206th St., $310,000.

Ramm Holdings LLC to Kolli, Rama and Pedarla, Naga Sravana K., 2525 N. 188th St., $86,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Oleson, Patrick and Veronica, 3401 N. 207th St., $260,000.

McCloskey, Patrick and Granger-McCloskey, Debra S. to Malatek, Matthew J. and Jennifer J., 22131 Riverside Drive, $460,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Clark, James and Shaila, 18401 Burdette St., $564,900.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Held, Stephen and Felicia, 908 S. 185th St., $552,620.

Lanoha Pacific Inc. to Cano, Carlos and Amanda, 21404 Grover St., $85,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 20966 Polk St., $75,000.

Sandra Starks Revocable Trust and Starks, Sandra Clare, trustee, to Horton, Jakob, 641 S. 217th St., $285,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Winfrey, Gerald R. and Teresa K., 20914 Larimore Ave., $334,315.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Oatman, Jeffrey Russell and Emily, 4234 George Miller Parkway, $420,756.

Wish In One Hand Enterprises LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 3344 S. 212th Ave., $96,000.

Echelon Homes LLC to Morton, Benjamin and Keller, Brooke, 4536 S. 217th St., $555,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bernal, Celso Jr. and Deanna, 20508 Howe St., $358,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Goodsell, Joseph D. and Laura P., 20451 E St., $316,379.

Lanoha Pacific Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 21173 C St., $85,000.

Lanoha Pacific Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 3929 S. 213th Ave., $85,000.

Bisaillon, Gerald Edward and Phillips, Courtney Kay to King, Justin Clifford and Stephanie Ann, 20008 Marcy St., $465,000.

Klotz, Daniel J. and Tresa J. to Dudash, Robert Eric and Lacey, 1755 N. 207th St., $200,000.

Lanoha Pacific Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 21360 E Circle, $85,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builder Inc. to Fredlick, Mark, 2802 N. 191st Ave., $365,000.

Wish In One Hand Enterprises LLC to Cce Investments LLC, 3332 S. 212th Ave., $96,000.

Hansen, Steven R. and Joanne R. to Foster, Sean, 937 S. 201st St., $440,100.

Spruce 180 LLC to Echelon Homes LLC, 3013 N. 185th St., $74,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Azima, Cyrus and Stephanie, 4401 Big Elk Parkway, $484,900.

Juelfs, Trevor and Mikaela to Henningsen, Cory J. and Julie L., 21518 Old Coach Road, $205,000.

Deborah L. Bennett Revocable Trust and Bennett, Stephen L., trustee, to Hoffman, Rebecca L., 1022 N. 183rd Circle, $405,000.

Richard B. Smithpeter Living Trust and Smithpeter, Richard B., trustee, to Johnson, Christopher B. and Katie, 21501 B St., $661,800.

Silverstone Building Co LLC to Richard B. Smithpeter Living Trust and Smithpeter, Richard B., trustee, 3808 George B Lake Parkway, $467,500.

Lorence, Marc and Lauren to Linn, Carole A. and Clarke, David C., 20061 Water Lily St., $520,000.


Perkins, Chad M. and Lisa A. to Maides, Michael and Jaclyn, 347 Lakehurst Drive, $540,000.

Barber, Franklin I. and Carol Jo to Elsaesser, John and Lindsey, 22347 Southshore Drive, $408,075.

Rogert, Donald W. to Lake Aero Investments LLC, 26515 Blondo Court, $900,000.

Mogler, Timothy S. and Julia R. to Cooper, Weston F. and Amanda J., 204 Riverside Drive, $475,000.


Moravek, Douglas W. and Jill E. to Moravek, Genevieve, 626 S. 19th St. L3 8, $79,500.

Sexauer, Stephen B. to Weber, Timothy John and Rian Joseph, 312 S. 16th St. 25, $212,000.

Urban Chiral LLC to Michael E. Murphy Revocable Trust and Murphy, Michael E., trustee, 714 S. 15th St. 101, $162,000.


Moo, Morics and Podan, Francis to Aljad Investments LLC, 5806 Fowler Ave., $135,500.

Esposito, Ciro and Xochilt to Padilla, Elizabeth, 5531 N. 50th Ave., $205,000.

Copeland, William C. II and Valery L. to Copeland, Cynthia Mae and Lieb, Dakota James, 2051 N. 60th Ave., $120,000.

Konz Investments LLC to Duenas-Hidalgo, Claudia Adela and Zuluaga, Carlos, 4518 N. 64th St., $123,000.

McAndrew, Kyle R. and Erin M. to Dot Property Solutions LLC, 6665 Ohio St., $113,000.

Lej Enterprises LLC to Samira, Neema, 2915 N. 48th Ave., $155,000.

Tin, Nyount and Paw, October to Hteh, Po and Soe, Saw Kalay, 4903 N. 64th St., $110,000.

Nixon, Harold J. and Marie to Guzman, Johanna E., 6792 Bedford Ave., $91,000.

True Om2016-1 LLC to Vb Two LLC, 6460 Pratt St., $5,273,000.

Ds LLC to Hernandez, Marcelo Ambrosio, 6309 Boyd St., $160,000.

Dot Property Solutions LLC and Schamp, Brian D. to Dodds, Tannah Reeh and Kirk Mitchell, 3454 N. 60th St., $140,000.

Schochenmaier, Randy R. Jr. and Angela to Hughes, Timothy, 5608 Blondo St., $305,000.

Sp Acquisitions and Management LLC to Sabarro Company LLC, 6652 Decatur St., $100,000.

Bartlett, Benjamin A. to Allison, Scott D. and Emily K., 5019 Miami St., $115,000.


Smolsky, Paulette and David to Smolsky, Matthew, 2317 S. 35th Ave., $100,000.

Byrd, Brian L. and Gillespie, Katherine S. to Amanda C. Swisher Revocable Trust and Swisher, Amanda C., trustee, 3111 Ed Creighton Ave., $200,000.

Wave Investment Team Inc. to Nice Casas LLC, 2538 Rees St., $380,000.

Brigham, Andrew and Katelyn to Erton, Timothy Scott, 811 S. 31st St., $229,000.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust and Molnar, Steve, trustee, to Winter, Nolan and Herrera, Evelyn, 3128 S. 44th Ave., $203,500.

Alchemist Omaha LLC to Flores-Thuong Trust and Thuong, Jenny S., trustee, 1501 S. 25th Ave., $180,000.


O’Conner, Patrick and Joy to Seaver, Diane, 6017 Pacific St., $235,000.

Wicks, Benjamin L. and Anna G. to Hoffman, Alanna and Sisson, Megan, 5804 Cedar St., $213,000.

Merkel Properties LLC to Old Republic Exchange Co., 5162 Pierce St., $84,000.

Wood, Caleb and Neiman, Taylor to Dean, Anne M., 5227 Mason St., $331,850.

Anthony Jane Holdings LLC to Crites, Emily and Kelsey, 5535 Pine St., $151,500.

1811 Aksarben LLC and Project Home Base LLC to Schumacher Six LLC, 1811 Aksarben Drive, $7,484,233.

Young, Garrett M. and Erin F. to Schaefer, Edward, 6020 Walnut St., $255,500.

Carrera, Anthony and St Onge, Arriana to Carrera, Anthony, 6307 Pierce St., $63,400.


Moreno, Carita J. to Lehfrelis Homes LLC, 3525 Monroe St., $120,000.

Herbaugh, Robert R. to Klesitz Realty LLC, 4220 S. 20th St., $72,000.

H & S Partnership Llp to Seago, Connor and Kaylee L., 3931 S. 23rd St., $200,000.

627 Properties LLC to Koenig, Leslie and Robert, 3944 L St., $149,200.

Maravilla, Walter Vladimir to Taqueria El Rey Inc., 5006 S. 20th St., $70,000.

Nava, Reynel and Hernandez, Odilia to Maravilla, Walter Vladimir, 4017 S. 34th St., $165,000.

Cortes, Jose Rodriguez and Castro, Ines to Cortes, Ezequiel Rodriguez and Lopez, Maximina, 6202 S. 37th St., $30,000.

Dinges, Nikolas A. to Marek, Josephine E., 6031 S. 40th St., $120,000.

Prewitt, Leanne and Sorensen, Ryan to Stanek, Kyle, 6009 S. 41st St., $235,000.

Advantage Property Resources LLC to Palward LLC, 5037 S. 41st Ave., $774,797.

Kaiser Investment Properties LLC to Jhdr Investments LLC, 4413 S. 21st St., $120,000.

Vanis, Jason L. and Katie Ann to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4227 S. 39th St., $102,500.


Omaha Reia LLC to Kaasch Money Properties LLC, 3009 S. 24th St., $134,300.

Navarette, Emma L. to Estrada, Ivette, 2010 S. 8th St., $80,000.

Greco, Anthony Mark and Greco, Anthony Nino to Silver Bull Holdings LLC, 1319 S. 12th St., $150,000.

Greco, Salvatore J. to Silver Bull Holdings LLC, 1323 S. 12th St., $95,000.

Wheary, Ryan Scott to Sodoro, Michael A. II, 1201 S. 15th St., $235,000.

Cq Properties LLC to Scanes, Jonathon, 2018 Castelar St., $262,000.


Bear Homes PC to Lincoln, Mark, 5210 N. 9th St. E., $80,000.

Miller Way LLC to Amhed, Tonwir, 2223 N. 16th St., $23,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Starks, Wanda, 1463 Lothrop St., $128,500.

Basye, Joel to Chol, Daisy and Masika, Joel, 2224 Spencer St., $112,000.

Kaj Corp. to Dtb Investments LLC, 2007 Wirt St., $100,000.

Wave Investment Team Inc. to Lincoln, Mark A., 1720 Fowler Ave., $35,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Moe, Aung and Myint, Kyi, 3717 N. 19th St., $134,000.


HBI LLC to Talkington, Kathryn E., 6321 N. 32nd St., $140,000.

Johnson, Gavin and Sarah to Reyna-Salinas, Francisca, 4107 Grand Ave., $57,000.

Field, Alberta to Lamontia, John and Kristen, 4224 Laurel Ave., $52,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Luper, Erick and Mary, 1703 N. 38th St., $140,000.

Vanpelt, Marvin E. to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 4212 Laurel Ave., $18,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Bales Real Estate Solutions LLC, 6326 N. 32nd St., $70,000.

Klesitz Realty LLC to Transportation Management Group LLC, 4315 Seward St., $110,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Lux Mundi LLC, 4212 Laurel Ave., $48,000.

Randall, Joele A. and Rance to Orellana, Jose Rafael, 6330 N. 31st Ave., $35,000.

Gomez, Frank to Lyman, Wade R. and Dakota S., 4338 N. 31st Ave., $93,500.

Koesters Investment Company to Sabarro Company LLC, 3163 Fowler Ave., $70,000.

Refurbysh LLC to Yegger, Ariana, 3521 N. 29th St., $138,800.

Community Homes Investment LLC to Barnes, Richard and Richardson, Karyssa, 4538 N. 41st St., $97,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Eh, Paw and Bleh, Naw, 4517 N. 37th St., $145,000.

Bennett, Elizabeth E. to AMF Farming LLC, 1610 N. 38th St., $135,000.

Tabron, Rhea Joyce to Maly, James R., 3512 N. 38th St., $18,500.

Bellamy, Rett A. and Wein, Jennifeer R. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3159 Grand Ave., $44,000.

22520 Holdings LLC to Lopez-Cardona, Eduardo A. and Aguilar, Sandra P. Garrido, 5324 N. 35th St., $60,000.


Post Capital Innovations LLC and Pci to Dreamvesting Properties II LLC, 3318 Weber St., $115,000.

Hill, Pamela L. to Yellow Submarine Realty LLC, 2871 Titus Ave., $71,000.

Morton, Jesse and Wagner, Chelsea to Kruse, Aaron William and Rachel June, 7751 N. 37th St., $130,000.

Yellow Submarine Realty LLC to Kilday, John M., 2871 Titus Ave., $88,000.

Trotter, Darlene Y. and Michael to Stewart, Diamon and Perrin, 6526 N. 40th St., $20,426.

Cousins, Mamie M. and Herbert to Stewart, Diamon and Perrin, 6526 N. 40th St., $20,426.

Jones, Bennie Jr. and Linda to Stewart, Diamon and Perrin, 6526 N. 40th St., $20,426.

Wenninghoff, Benjamin M. and Hurt, Nicole to Urban, Jerod L. and Brooke K., 3920 N. Post Road, $310,000.

Leapley, Michael L. Jr. and Eadus, Tabitha J. to Rodriguez, Walter O. Garcia and Garcia, Maria Del Carmen, 3121 Mormon St., $160,000.

O’Malley, Hannah and Patrick to Raymond, Ronald and Kendra, 2558 Titus Ave., $175,000.


Burkhiser, Heather T. to Blackburn, Matthew, 7714 Western Ave., $215,000.

Pace, Ryan and Audra to Amb Realty LLC, 9958 Essex Drive, $360,000.

Scwendiman, Brad A. and Schwendiman, Lee S., personal representative, to Brezack, Trevor, 1223 Cole Creek Drive, $175,000.

Cimino, John and Holly to Drury Living Trust and Drury, Michael W., trustee, 330 S. 93rd St., $1,217,500.

Machian, Lois L. to Harvest Capital LLC, 8531 Underwood Ave., $55,000.

Kennedy, Barbara H. and Salerno, Deanne K., personal representative, to Dooley, Jess D. and Hailey, Malorie R., 1521 N. 94th St., $200,000.

Sambol, Michael D. to Likes, Steven, 10230 Fieldcrest Drive, $460,000.

Jacoba, Eric M. and Lisa to Gudino, Osvaldo and Emily Jane, 7633 Springfield Drive, $258,000.


Hall, Jason R. and Jolie M. to Kutsch, Timothy, 15014 Sprague St., $355,500.

Ladd, Kari E. to Ladd, Kari E. and Schneider, Kevin R., 16301 Miami St., $100,000.

Linn, Carole A. and Clarke, David C. to McBeth, Cory and Lisa, 6723 N. 150th St., $341,000.

Person, Austin and Elizabeth to Lanphier, Paul and Emily, 2423 N. 148th St., $385,000.

Tatem, Robert W. and Michelle L. to Moderhack, Bradley, 2912 N. 152nd Ave., $226,000.

Mohlman, Donald R. and Linda K. to Fetch, Debra and Marty, 4712 N. 170th St., $209,000.

Barnes, Joanne M. to Gark Homes Shv 3 M. LLC, 14812 Mary St., $215,000.

McGargill, Melissa to Smith, Katherine A., 5513 N. 155th St., $295,000.

Stoddard, Caroline G. Sedlacek to Pinkham, Theresa L., 14839 Camden Court, $222,000.

Daugherty, Brian K. to Early Bird LLC, 14487 Locust St., $155,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Kenedy, Linda A., 2907 N. 165th Ave., $496,887.

Kutler, Matthew and Callyce to Dews, Mark and Carolyn, 14859 Himebaugh Circle, $362,500.

Fitzgarrald, Jacob M. and Elizabeth A. to Brower, Kami Shantelle, 15249 Locust St., $249,000.

Finn, Gary D. and Richardson, Susan N. to Silvey, Kurt L. and Penney S., 6708 N. 160th St., $389,000.

Uptmor, Kyle to Allen, Dontae and Clover-Allen, Heather, 15954 Meredith Ave., $318,000.

Tuttle, Jake and Erin to Fegley, Bradley L. and Jodi L., 4208 N. Branch Drive, $353,000.


Cockrell, Jessica to Roberts, John Ethan, 4723 P St., $145,000.

Craft, Ean and Rye-Craft, Morgan to Aljad Investments LLC, 5423 S. 50th Ave., $120,000.

Delano, Samantha and Hoadley, Samantha to Pfeifer, Mark and Susan, 4165 S. 61st St., $150,000.

Yusifi, Ahmed Al and Al-Yusifi, Ahmed to Gonzalez, Ricardo C., 6042 Patterson St., $145,000.


Clark, James R. and Shaila J. to New-Aaron, Moses and Temitope, 16130 Parker St., $327,500.

Lehmer, Brian M. and Olga V. to Patterson, Jedd and Mackenzie, 15678 Fountain Hills Drive, $340,000.

McCracken, James D. and Gina M. to O’Connor, Thomas M. and Kerry L., 1913 N. 173rd Circle, $372,000.


Midstates Properties LLC to Akyeampong, Jaclyn Ann and Audrick K., 7505 N. 80th St., $198,000.

McDonald, John Robert to Volk, Claire, 8304 Wyoming St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hedrick, Debra J., 8009 N. 84th St., $240,263.

Thompson, Jeramie K. and Richelle N. to McCann, Kiara and Snyder, Ryan, 7737 Morris St., $195,000.

Francis, Wendy to Vencil Construction Inc., 12621 N. 72nd St., $45,000.

San, Aung and Nmaw, Jaw Htang to Devanaboyina, Rama Krishna and Dhana L., 9106 Summit St., $220,000.


Spanel, Lacritia C. to Blueside Properties LLC, 2621 S. 105th St., $187,500.

Doocy, Laura L. and Souza, Carole L. to Navis, Natalie A., 2532 S. 87th Ave., $330,000.

Sanwick, Tawnia to Sanwick, Tawnia and Sanders, Demetrius, 8714 Westridge Drive, $62,400.

Bystrom, Trudi A. to Watson Rei LLC, 7630 Nina St., $142,500.

Master Commissioner to 100 Year Homes Inc., 3309 S. 89th St., $159,200.


Eicher, Douglas A. and Sena Rae E. to Moline, Nicole, 6411 S. 75th Avenue Circle, $240,000.

Mfa Properties Inc. to Moreno, Traci R., 8217 Wildewood Drive, $180,000.

Perrin, Eugene to Miller, Ronald P. and Chris, 5322 S. 93rd St., $200,000.

Shannon, Patrick A. and Carmen L. to Davis, Tobias and Claire Morgana, 6723 S. 94th Circle, $295,000.

Ford, Craig E. to Clay, Tami E. and Dove, Julie Righter, 7618 Serum Ave., $181,000.


H&P Real Estate Inc. to Messerschmitt, Joshua and Amanda, 3525 S. 169th Circle, $125,000.

Garage At 204 LLC to Hunter, Gregory, 20121 Oak St. D12, $176,912.

Krause, Neal R. and Janice L. to Meredith, Steve, 17304 Hickory Place, $260,100.

H&P Real Estate Inc. to Phi LLC, 3537 S. 169th Circle, $131,000.

Simpson, Corey and Linda to Drazic, Michael, 3917 S. 191st Ave., $267,000.

Bowers, Lois I. and Bowers, Richard W., personal representative, to Brutout, Kevin G. and Sandra L., 2818 S. 161st Place, $225,000.

Mart, Anthony and Pospisil, Malynda to Schiele, Matthew J. and Kate, 16350 Poppleton Ave., $273,000.

Rush, Robin L. to Kenjaeva, Marjona and Odiljon, 3668 S. 191st Ave., $325,000.

Gaunt, Jay and Eileen to Schwarting, Tanner and Megan, 16517 Frederick Circle, $385,000.

Gardels, Derek and Emily to Meisinger, Erin and Ryan, 1309 S. 169th Ave., $285,000.


Johnson Sash & Door Co to Jacobe Properties LLC, 1412 Military Ave., $330,000.

1218 LLC to Przymus, Braden M., 3303 Lafayette Ave., $195,000.

Schon-Dishaw, Marlise M. and Schon, Marlise M. to Solem, Diane, 134 N. 34th St., $217,500.

Smith, Sherman Jermaine and Wesley, Marquita Marie to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 620 N. 41st St., $60,000.


Nathan G. Egger Revocable Trust and Egger, Nathan G., trustee, to Mammoth Capital LLC, 4623 Izard St., $100,000.

Bruck, Brian and Tenberge-Bruck, Julie to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 4808 Webster St., $175,000.

Shields, Elizabeth to Baumgartner, Shaylene M. and Adam S., 1031 Hillcrest Drive, $400,000.

Foster, Robert C. and Jacqueline A. to Foster, Nathaniel Ryan and Brooke Lynelle, 5018 Davenport St., $200,000.

Svehla Properties LLC to Anderson, Kyle, 6927 Hamilton St., $105,000.

Svehla Properties LLC to Anderson, Kyle, 6928 Hamilton St., $105,000.

Tabor, Carmen to Fuerstenau, Patrick and Johnson, Sara M., 325 S. 71st St., $268,950.


D Double J. LLC to Uribe, Sunday D., 8906 Miami St., $91,500.

Hanika, Steven P. to Jones, Kody L., 8143 Meredith Ave., $183,000.

Tyrrell, Michael Verne to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3415 Cottonwood Lane, $137,000.

Billings, Drew Wayne to Lazoritz, John and Welch-Lazoritz, Melissa, 9348 Miami St., $215,000.


Rakes, David G. and Felicia E. to Ttkm Holdings LLC, 16423 W St., $327,000.

Bush, Craig D. and Jennifer R. to Warden, Graham and Sayaka, 17225 V Circle, $455,000.

Rooney, William E. III and Joy A. to Russo, Dan, 19114 W St., $268,000.

Racker, Blair and Amy to Racker, Blair and Redd, Frank, 4804 S. 198th Circle, $186,500.

Roberts, Jeremy and Jodi to McMains, Ivan E. and Roberts, Sandra L., 5334 S. 189th St., $170,000.


Maverick Empires LLC to Craft, Ean and Rye-Craft, Morgan, 6416 S. 145th St., $255,000.

Grobeck, Thomas B. to Davis, Robert Louis, 14306 Madison St., $195,000.

Bywater, Brandon L. to Simpson, Sam, 4947 S. 129th St., $200,000.

Breeden, June E. P. to Leapley, Michael L. Jr. and Eadus, Tabitha, 14732 Orchard Circle, $165,000.

Kennedy-Metz, Jennifer S. and Kennedy-Smith, Jennifer S. to Young, Lauren, 6390 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $234,000.

Ocander, Myron R. to Wulf, Nicole R., 12772 Deauville Drive 210, $120,000.

Sacco, Samuel A. and Cheryl to Gann, Thomas and Connie, 12111 N St., $176,050.

Beers Team PC to Upton, Levi L. and Jessica K., 12436 Ohern St., $210,000.

Brittain, Roseann to Shanks Living Trust and Shanks, David, trustee, 14825 N St., $231,000.


Rcmd Inc. to Koch, Kelly Jc, 8111 N. 129th St., $595,000.

Jones, J. Richard and Judy to Jones, Tracy M., 11003 Potter St., $165,000.

Al-Sukhon, Kamel W. to Dyer, Alexander and Moats, Aimee, 14062 Whitmore Circle, $215,000.


Negrete, Joanne to Grap, Daniel E., 12025 Pierce Pa 124, $130,000.

Bintner, David R. to Bintner, Gayle L., 2223 S. 123rd Ave., $149,000.

Arnold, Kevin Michael and Maureen Ellin to Hagedorn, Trevor D. and Rachel M., 11661 Westwood Lane, $257,000.

Kathryn Danette Mulholland Revocable Trust and Mulholland, Kathryn Danette, trustee, to Chainski, Margaret, 1120 S. 113th Place, $710,000.

Murphy, Patrick to Loontjer, Pat, 12213 Westwood Lane, $125,000.

Curry, Elizabeth A. to Knowlton, Roger A. and Theresa A., 12211 Hascall St., $215,000.

Swinford, Christopher D. and Jessica A. to Harvey, Dalton and Schneider, Kaitlin, 12255 Bel Drive, $205,000.

Merrell, Jeffery and Erin to McDonald, Mark and Katelyn, 3368 S. 133rd St., $205,000.

Schwarting, Megan N. and Wickey, Megan N. to Pugno, Connor, 11905 Skylark Drive, $266,000.

Deleon, Jose Diaz and Irina Diaz to Hanneman, Kelly Holcombe, 13943 Arbor Circle, $270,000.


Stinson, Warren S. and William P. to Stinson, Warren Scott and William Patrick, 14541 Webster Circle, $197,900.

Wilson, Patrick N. to High Point Roofing Ne LLC, 12111 Jackson St., $255,000.

Vice, Karen T. and Murphy, Karen T. to Vice, Karen T. and Jordan A., 830 S. 121st St., $178,700.

Trident Properties LLC to Sanders, Stephanie, 11014 Westover Road, $202,500.

Lynne S. Prout Revocable Trust and Prout, Lynne S., trustee, to Kragelund, Joey A. and Sharon L., 10945 Marcy Place, $185,000.


Hawk, Camille R. Trust to KR Properties LLC, 4708 N. 108th Circle, $165,000.

Hephner, Judy L. to Gronenthal, Donald G. and Catherine A., 14013 Ogden St., $268,414.

Arndt, Richard R. and Hilary to Urwin, Camille J. and Khalif M., 4906 N. 114th St., $238,000.

Sebring, Brian C. and Erin C. to Wareh, Daizy A., 3322 N. 124th St., $250,000.

Kaufman, James and Jami to McCurley, Jeff, 11354 Raleigh Drive, $260,000.

Cunningham, Angie and Johnson, William to Hreig LLC, 2711 N. 112nd St., $110,000.

Walker, Allison and Bougger, Allison to Martin, John Richard and Darla Ann, 11919 Bauman Ave., $206,100.

Mendez, Oscar E. III to Sherry R. Carmichael Living Trust and Carmichael, Sherry R., trustee, 6422 N. 142nd Ave., $255,000.

Weeks, Jeffrey A. to Lee, Jordan and Weeks, Jarah, 11755 Himebaugh Circle, $240,000.

Ward, Susan L. to Holz, Lerie, 14246 Newport Ave., $205,000.

Allen, Dontae and Clover-Allen, Heather to Griffin, Christopher and Cydney, 4828 N. 113th St., $232,000.

Sarpy County


Browning, Brian K. and Amanda to Hoerman, Michael and Alicia, 902 W. 24th Ave., $175,000.

Meacham, Holly and Kyle to Banks, Drumaine, 907 W. 29th Ave., $169,000.

Haynes, Megan E. and Colby to Moffat, Paige, 2403 Jefferson St., $152,000.

Betts, Steven C. and Betty J. to Laura Lea LLC, 2010 Main St., $131,000.

Johnson, Brian C. and Windy L. to Johnson, Kurt W., co-trustee, and Johnson, Amie L., co-trustee, Kurt & Amie Johnson Revocable Trust, 2208 Annabel Drive, $130,000.

Bonestroo, Marjorie and Clifford to Hoshaw, Amy E., 2011 Twin Ridge Drive, $105,000.

Brinkman, Brian and Jody to Hoshaw, Amy E., 2011 Twin Ridge Drive, $105,000.

Wendl Properties LLC to Turco, Kayla K. and John Joseph, 2002 Lindyview Lane, $165,000.

Jackson, James Jr. to Gegzna, Jared M. and Jennifer E., 2107 Englewood Drive, $250,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Stewart, Travis M. and Tiffany R., 19722 Redwood St., $391,000.

Simmons, Matthew and Erin M. to Jackson, Donnell and Sarah, 11639 Willow Park Drive, $295,000.

Goodall, Thomas and Corrine to Goodall, Nicholas, 342 W. Glenmore Drive, $210,000.

Miles, Robert E. and Marcea L. to Miles, Cory Robert and Nancy, 21004 Hampton Drive, $285,000.

Mosher, Sean and Jennifer to Iske, James D., 11718 S. 216th St., $305,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Longbotham, Jeremy K. and Julia A., 11507 S. 168th Ave., $375,000.

Nore, Neal R. and Lois R. to Burbridge, Timothy J. and Ann Brigid, 21108 Shiloh Drive, $327,000.


Phelps, Marcus and Atheana to Gp Enterprises Inc., 16300 S. 75th St., $25,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Carda, Landon, 11263 Osprey Circle, $321,000.

Johnson, Phillip J. and Charlotte L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1209 Rogers Drive, $204,000.

Farson, John L. and Kristin L. to Bostwick, Alexander V. and Abigail, 2350 Broadwater Drive, $400,000.

Fa Properties LLC to Gaynor, Andrew Thomas and Lauren Alise, 7450 Castle St., $378,000.

Whyte, Chad A. and Michelle L. to Scates, Lee Allen and Ashanti Nichole, 10819 S. 113th Ave., $386,000.

Smith, Aaron and Sara to Conley, Kacy and Jennifer, 2008 Diane St., $290,000.

Loughran, James G. to Foster, Connor, 807 Buckboard Blvd., $227,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rieger, Kimberly L., 11754 S. 113th Ave., $326,000.


Williams, Daniel E. and Jennifer D. to Hansen, Tami and Arlan, 20850 S. Highway 50, $260,000.

Gdr LLC to Christiansen, Christopher A. and Debra L., 625 N. 10th Ave., $345,000.


Murphy, Wendy M. to Ortiz, Marissa, 11751 Anderson Grove, $260,000.

Martin, Farron and Risner, Nicholas to Halpain, Kristin, 1602 Old Gaelic St., $141,000.

Powers, Preston J. and Kendra R. to Furtado, Windy Rose, 14606 S. 23rd St., $365,000.

McConnell, Lindsey B. and Jordan to Johnson, Amber Elayne and Otis Robert, 3510 Comstock, $160,000.

Harrison, Jennifer J. to Porter, Garret K. and Julie A., 13707 S. 28th Circle, $290,000.

Koeller, Zachary B. and Christa A. to Catron, Emily and Lindsay, 13809 S. 42nd Ave., $276,000.

Riera, Gwendolyn T. to Lepak, Dustin A. and Cara J., 13704 S. 42nd Ave., $350,000.

Tadlock, Kevin G. and Michele L. to Williams, Jonathan A. and Wineman, Rachel S., 2004 Turtle Dove Drive, $360,000.

Patterson, Michael and Ashley to Geaghan, Jeffrey R. and Jennifer J., 14706 S. 23rd St., $350,000.

Holtmann, Stephen B. and Jean M. to Belcastro, Spencer, 2817 Nottingham Drive, $290,000.

Garrison, Joshua W. and Brittany E. to Zumstein, Heath R., 1509 Old Gaelic St., $274,000.

Teal, Samuel and Rebecca to Cooper, Darold L. and Elizabeth, 2914 Halifax Drive, $318,000.

Adrian, Ryan E. and Jessica L. to Valadez, Jesse Orozco and Rubio, Karina, 2904 Birchwood Drive, $320,000.

Kenneth W. Hurt Revocable Trust and Hurt, Kenneth W., trustee, to Robert & Jennifer Lapke Trust, 3509 Comstock Ave., $145,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Oswald, Jon A. and Elizabeth R., 4308 Barksdale Drive, $339,000.

Bailey, Jordon W. to O. & G. Horizon LLC, 10609 S. 17th St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Clary, Kenneth and Jodi, 14409 Tregaron Drive, $336,000.

Slade, Stephen E., trustee, and Slade, Robyn, trustee, Slade Living Trust to Cleveland, Clifton W., 2904 Kelly Drive, $250,000.

Fey, Connie L. to Fey, Connie L. and Stanley, Christina L. Newland Wayne, 2604 Kelly Drive, $158,000.

Luton, James J. Jr. and Kimberly J. to Haynes, Megan Elizabeth and Colby J., 10107 S. 11th St., $240,000.

Gross, Karl Hans and Mary Catherine to Bullard, Tevon Michael, 12701 Forestdale Drive, $267,000.

Dunn, Lynnette K. to Christensen, Ainslee, 15126 Normandy Blvd., $200,000.

Speakman, John R. and Chelsey Marie to Soriano, Eric and Jimenez, Froylan, 3110 Rahn Blvd., $300,000.

Mendez, Mario and Barbara to Nielson, Alexander and Gress, Ali, 3108 Mirror Circle, $218,000.

Podtburg, Sean D. and Melinda K. to Van Surksum, Roger W. and Cynthia R., 4104 Birchwood Drive, $425,000.

Wyer, Justin D. and Jessica L. to Huff, Harrison T., 3101 Lone Tree Road, $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Goble, Keith R., 14319 S. 19th Circle, $269,000.

Lucas, Terry R. and Ramona J. to Hunt, Zachary and Cassidy, 2910 Blackhawk Drive, $270,000.


VKB Properties LLC to Siebrecht, Clarissa, 7780 Greenleaf Drive, $185,000.

Bernady, Adam J. and Heather M. to Drahota, Alicia, 7305 Michelle Ave., $245,000.

Carlson, Bryan and Slater, Autumn to Lawrence, David A. and Jacqueline M., 7221 Valley Road, $170,000.

Wilcox, Richard and Lisa to Eggert, Andrew and Marissa, 7705 Edgewood Blvd., $195,000.

3D Self Storage La Vista LLC to Ps Mid West One LLC, 7016 104th St., $9,800,000.

Coonfield, Dale W. and Shannon M. to Kallhoff, Teresa A. and Cary L., 10239 Margo St., $400,000.

Tracy, Patrick M. and Katherine M. to Hanson, Allison and Kyle, 7909 S. 71st Ave., $285,000.

Nelson, Adam J. and Pappan, Nathan C. to Interstate Securities LLC, 7305 S. 70th St., $90,000.

Csg Properties LLC to Ceinc LLC, 12026 Roberts, $1,400,000.

Heimann, Nicholas J. and Lori L. to Randy J. Sump Trust and Sump, Randy J., trustee, 12234 Roberts Road, $1,650,000.

Dewitt, Christopher and Melisa to Dennis, Benjamin D. and Marypat A., 10232 Edna St., $386,000.

Willcoxon, Samuel and Henrietta to Thamm, Dieter David Samuel, 7620 Park View Blvd., $118,000.

Pickle, William E. and Ricki to Ahamo Rental LLC, 8027 S. 68th Ave. Circle, $260,000.


Weaver, Shawn M. and Weaver, Shawna D. to Litton, Thomas Brandon and Jacqueline Marie, 13816 S. 49th St., $405,000.

Guerin, Mark A. and Amber L. to Beaner, Christopher Alan and Jamie Lee, 219 Allison Ave., $350,000.

Crainer, Brandon and Stephanie to Young Stafford, Kayleen D. and Stafford, David, 112 Longwood Drive, $305,000.

Denhartog, Adam and Valerie L. to Mann, Ryan and Danielle, 4716 Sierra St., $362,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Powell, Kevin M. and Bridgette L., 13510 S. 51st St., $371,000.

Shanahan, Robert S. and Shanahan, Susan and Sinnott, William and Shanahan, Jon P. to Shanahan, Robert S., 2808 Dana Lane, $220,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Grant, Reuben E., 4922 Leawood Circle, $412,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wilburn, Troy and Patricia, 4904 Heartland Drive, $375,000.

Morris, Robert J., trustee, and Robert J. Morris Revocable Living Trust to Morris, Robert, co-trustee, and Shields, Charlotte, co-trustee, Robert Morris & Charlotte Shields Jt Rev, 11611 Ridgeview Circle, $113,000.

Riley, Michael J., personal representative, and James O. Riley Estate to Johnson, Stephen Glen and Janet Kay, 2112 Titan Springs Drive, $371,000.

Bedore, Michelle L. and Towne, Jayson E. to Anguiano, Froilan and Sierra, Maria Y. Ramos, 6619 Michael Circle, $283,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Parker, Billy G., 13010 S. 50th St., $251,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Arpin, Kevin Joseph, 13707 S. 54th St., $414,000.

Payne, Steven and Ana to Nye, Marshall and Celeste, 2130 Bear Circle Road, $312,000.

Brady, Michael P. and Leslie D. to McIntosh, Timothy M. and Kayla A., 12107 S. 51st St., $406,000.

Amthor, Justin Doerr and Michelle A. to Van Sciver, Matthew and Rachel, 12107 S. 48th St., $425,000.

McKenna, Patrick and Kristi to Burke, Patrick J. and Jourdan L., 6909 Beth Ave., $380,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Leyden, Kristina and Goodall, Russell, 5208 Heartland Drive, $355,000.

Williams, Logan W. and Raeann M. to Watson, Julia A., 4620 Brook St., $280,000.

Angell, Sara and Randon to Blessing, Kelvin L. and Kristin R., 4615 Clearwater Drive, $275,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Polston, Robert A. and Barbara J., 5021 Leawood Drive, $287,000.


Miller, Stephanie Marie to Tillotson, Linda, trustee, and Linda Tillotson 2006 Trust, 18811 Chandler St., $332,000.

Schmidt, Pamela J. to Svec, Duane Michael, 7206 S. 157th St., $270,000.

Pudenz, Taylor and Ashley to Young, Garrett and Erin, 16208 Heather St., $304,000.

Timmins, Jim D. to Fryant, Thomas S. and Renee L., 7701 S. 156th Ave., $225,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7407 S. 18th St., $31,000.

Weber, Brandon K. and Kari A. to Voigtman, Austin and Giles, Paige, 17219 Rampart St., $335,000.

Bral, Derek T. to Bral, Jenna P., 16127 Cherrywood St., $196,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Moore, Garrett M. and Olivia M., 9408 S. 177th St., $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bernard, William T., 9319 S. 178th St., $324,000.

Furtado, Windy R. to Ttkm Holdings LLC, 16126 Birch Ave., $180,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Brazeal, John Jr. and Arnold, Kayla, 7809 S. 184th St., $375,000.

Douglas, Judd M. to Darling, Ragene L. and Mary E., 8916 S. 163rd St., $293,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Corrigan, Katie, 8308 S. 169th St., $318,000.

Eymann, Nathan and Krystina to Libov, Dmitriy and Marina, 7918 S. 159th St., $239,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Thiele, Andrew Carl and Raeanna Christine, 10113 S. 187th St., $421,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Henderson, Bradley and Valeria, 9521 S. 183rd Ave., $349,000.

Mahoney, Amanda to Nuzum, Amber and Joel, 16135 Cottonwood Ave., $210,000.

Bridgeport Development LLC to Bridgeport Homeowners Assn Inc., 10004 S. 181st St., $89,000.

Kelley, Aaron Michael and Alycia Anne to Sheldon, Kyle, 7814 S. 161st Ter, $227,000.

Rahmanzai, Mansoor and Mozhda to Rose, Michael and Chelsey, 7833 S. 184th St., $404,000.

Phi LLC to Bednarz, Paul and Karin, 8116 S. 184th Ave., $441,000.

Nelsen, Mark W. and Carol L. to Ingram, Lori Beth, 7823 S. 156th Ave., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Felici, Anthony J. and Rankine, Danielle M., 9401 S. 178th St., $285,000.

Fools Inc. to Palaniappan, Mohan, 10306 S. 188th St., $391,000.

Walker, Jason A. and Rachel E. to Fryman, Matthew J. and Beth L., 7102 S. 174th St., $331,000.

Ganyo, Debora L., trustee, and Ganyo, Patrick D., trustee, Debora & Patrick Ganyo Living Trust to Lennon Properties LLC, 17004 Colony Drive, $306,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7504 S. 185th St., $29,000.

Hanusek, James S. and Julie A. to Muzafarzoda, Afzal and Avzalova, Muyassarkhon, 15708 Audrey St., $321,000.

Kalina, Gerald A. and Amy J. to Foster, Jodi L., 19101 Cottonwood St., $295,000.


Reitz, Darren J. and Marcia M. to Middleton, Todd Allen, 11204 Crippen Circle, $160,000.

Brincks, Joseph D. to Sunderman, Jacob William, 15417 Chalco Pointe Drive, $335,000.

Eakins, Cassidy N. and Buster, Bradley R. to Ha, Bao T., 14907 Margo St., $211,000.

Ferris, Randolph M., trustee, and Randolph M. Ferris Revocable Trust to Kerns, Brandi J., 7116 Highland Blvd., $240,000.

Emeka, Aniemeke to Franko, Scott A. and Cheryl J., 9017 David Circle, $118,000.

Baratta, Robert J. II and Jamie S. to Maycock, Emilia R. and Nicholas A., 12917 Margo St., $200,000.

Rickert, Matthew R. and Alexis L. to Jensen, Patrick and Stephanie, 7821 S. 154th Ave., $355,000.

Desoe, Cheryl and Steven to Lane, Marshall Douglas and Hellstrom, Brianne Nicole, 8113 S. 152nd Ave., $215,000.

Huff, Tyler N. and Sarah K. to Huff, Ethan and Grace, 14107 Rose Lane Road, $160,000.

Ragan, Brandie J. to Ragan, Trenton M., 14712 Gertrude St., $179,000.

Bighia, Christina to Martinez, Alberto Salvador Briseno and Garcia, Yaritza Estrada, 13426 Chandler St., $215,000.

Jackson, Sarah and Donnell to Bellido, Paola, 14516 Josephine St., $218,000.

Nelson, Rebecca J. and Matthew N. to Williams, Jeffrey A., 15310 Gertrude St., $247,000.

Krejci, Frank R., trustee, Frank R. Krejci Trust to Consolidated Investments LLC, 13240 Chandler Road, $393,000.

Tomanek, Laurie R. to Magallanes, Alberto, 14203 Greenfield Road, $221,000.

Kelly, Laura C. and Brian C. to Hetherington, Mitchell and Welchert, Kaleigh, 15517 Borman St., $286,000.

Guzman, Laura to Hibler, Doug, 7425 S. 155th St., $225,000.

Ressler, Roslyn K. to Capps, Christina, 8802 S. 143rd Ave., $189,000.

Milbourn, David and Caitlin to Merkley, David M. and Katherine B., 12831 Olive St., $227,000.

Conley, Jennifer and Kacy to Deleon, Edgar and Yolanda, 7503 S. 135th Streeet, $200,000.

Mir, Abdul Fatah to Bealer, Ray Anthony II and Luna, Yoselin Martin, 7415 S. 139 St., $240,000.

Monaghan, Brian R. and Capalite, Tracy to Faucher, Andrea and Coldanghise, Mark, 7013 S. 129th St., $222,000.

Cameron, Justin Michael and Shannon Marie to Bramblett, Samantha, 15308 Greene Ave., $220,000.

Lyons, Christopher M. and Danielle C. to Toledo, Raymond and Marianne, 15119 Borman St., $325,000.


Hanson, Allison C. and Kyle to Drinkard, Nancy and Wanda, 4004 Valley View Ave., $195,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Perez, Mark and Michelle, 9014 S. 21st St., $365,000.

Krajicek, Jeff and Quinn A. to Barker, Mary and Norton, Jack Sr., 3013 Albert St., $160,000.

Gagliano, Kathryn and Frank to Burden, Kyle M. and Kassandra K., 2501 Gindy Drive, $220,000.

Duckett, Jessica N. to Detter, Robin N. and Amanda J., 2210 Marlee Drive, $230,000.

Byorth, Jacob and Jordan to Banks, Anna and Keelan, 2030 Gindy Circle, $337,000.

Katz, Benjamin S. to Aguilar, Anthony Joseph Ramirez and Victoria Alexandria, 9303 S. 25th Ave., $295,000.

Reo Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2717 Margo St., $110,000.


Jkc Construction Inc. to Graves, Rebecca, 4714 Bernadette Ave., $240,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Bintner, Brent and Jackie, 6306 Kyla Circle, $372,000.

Mascarello, Lisa, personal representative, and Dorothy Stika Estate to Buettner, John and Buettner, Robert and Kelly, 4901 Copper Hill Drive, $255,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to McKenna, Patrick and Kristi, 6310 Kyla Circle, $434,000.

Glowen, Ann, personal representative, and Glowen, Brian M. to Pote Investments, 7402 S. 53rd St., $22,000.

Coufal, David E. to Williams, Kaitlyn and Coufal, Brenan, 4703 Greene Av, $125,000.

Hadley, Richard J., personal representative, and Eugene R. Hadley Estate to Luttig, Jerome A. and Suzanne M., 7302 S. 52nd St., $25,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Carroll, Sally and Walter, 6315 Kyla Circle, $439,000.

Taylor, Gary D. and Carol A. to Van Valkenburg, Scott D., 7801 S. 50th Circle, $210,000.

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