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Residential real estate transfers, Jan. 8

Residential real estate transfers, Jan. 8

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Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 9610 N. 151st St., $45,000.

Home Co. LLC to Boro, Anthony and Heather, 9108 N. 169th Ave., $333,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 9010 N. 171st St., $42,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 8827 N. 171st St., $43,600.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Lane Building Corp., 8611 N. 169th St., $42,950.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8211 N. 172nd St., $30,501.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8139 N. 172nd St., $331,250.

Glenn, Andrew and Ashley to Slater, Samuel, 8017 N. 146th St., $134,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8014 N. 173rd St., $27,583.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hansen, Dennis and Nicks, Becky, 7410 N. 155th Terrace, $338,976.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Aurora Homes LLC, 7367 N. 170th St., $57,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Marque Custom Builders LLC, 7351 N. 171st St., $60,000.

Klein, Barbara A. to O’Connell, Sasha and Thurin, Dan, 7115 N. 153rd Circle, $283,000.

Ratigan, Troy A. and Michelle M. to McKeever, Shann J. and Jaclyn K., 17840 Island Circle, $600,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Masat, Andrew and Victoria, 15113 Elmwood Drive, $261,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Barks, Brian A. and Eileen M., 14425 Vane St., $248,000.

Juilfs, Welton E. and Doreen M. to Bock, Shane C. and Kellie A., 12115 N. 158th St., $201,000.

Pilant, William M. Trust to Langfeldt, Tamara K. and Arvid G., 8706 N. 161st Court, $180,500.

Grassau, Elizabeth A. and Lenhart, Matthew R., co-personal representatives of Lenhart, Thomas J. Estate, to AC Lighting Protection Co. Inc., 214 S. Vermont St., $101,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Brown, Tracy and Kari, 8925 N. 169th Ave., $419,394.

Showcase Homes Inc. to LeClair, Wade A. and Jennifer E., 17122 Sunflower St., $365,000.

Feldhacker Custom Homes Inc. to Vollmer, Jeffrey, 17202 Clay St., $337,500.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Allgood, Eric E. and Jaime L., 14954 Wild Indigo St., $334,088.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hillen, Cody and Anne, 16108 Young St., $310,900.

Home Co. LLC to Vercoe, Zachary C. and Laura R., 17201 Clay St., $254,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Perkins, Michelle D., 8107 N. 173rd St., $246,000.

Real Growth LLC to Boulton, Steven J. and Lesley S., 16006 Mormon St., $213,000.

Cox, Taylor N. to Quandt, Justin F. and Gundrum, Kimberly R., 14953 Grebe St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Taylor, Joel L. and Michele L., 14501 Sunrise St., $170,500.

Huebner, Gary A. and Carla M. to Wampler, Shane T. and Kristi D., 15321 Davidson St., $163,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Hiatt, Kyle and Leslie, 17099 S. Reflection Circle, $93,500.

NS-Newhill LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 12803 N. 185th St., $68,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 7357 N. 169th St., $53,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 7421 N. 169th St., $53,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 15969 Reynolds St., $42,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 14815 Wild Indigo St., $40,000.


Sellers, Charles H. and Erika L. to Gorski, Denise M., 950 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $440,500.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Gerber, Andrew and Nina, 917 S. 185th St., $525,900.

204 F Street LLC to Fireside Construction Co. LLC, 3718 S. 205th St., $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. LLC, 3706 S. 205th St., $62,000.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. LLC, 3706 S. 205th St., $62,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Walsh, Michael P., 3108 N. 193rd Ave., $392,500.

Carr, Todd L. and Jill M. to Sarma, Vaibhav and Wan, Yiwen, 2706 N. 189th St., $279,900.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Weedon, Charles A. III and Lori H., 2344 S. 218th Ave., $573,706.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Heatherly, Ashley M. and Chard, Logan E., 2305 S. 219th St., $486,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hardisty, Susan I., 20801 Grand Ave., $270,150.

Frye, Lee E. and Barbara J. to Petersen, Jordan J. and Kristin, 20731 Hemlock Circle, $241,000.

Halbleib, Michael and Samantha to Hansen, Karmen S. and Kevin, 20509 Taylor St., $278,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jepsen, Aaron and Muriel, 20115 Stryker St., $271,000.

F & J Enterprises Inc. to Olson, Charles M., 20040 Manderson St., $647,955.

Gottsch Land Co. to Olson, Charles M., 20030 Manderson St., $624,000.

LMLC Northstar LLC to Hartman, Richard E. and 1986 Hartman Family Trust, 20020 Manderson St., $2,750,000.

Fleissner, Elizabeth A. and William J. to Gray, Teresa M. and Kelly E., 19868 Burke St., $292,000.

Home Co. LLC to Kroger, Kimberly J., 19314 Franklin Circle, $315,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Scholz, Paul J. and Stephanie H., 18956 Spaulding Circle, $449,725.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Spehn, John and Lindsey, 18920 Sahler St., $460,675.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Wieseler, Amy and Cory, 1606 S. 208th St., $478,500.

Holzworth, Bryan C. and Debra J. to Bosse, Richard J., 1531 N. 211th St., $285,000.

Logar Home Construction LLC to Burhan, Khalil and Kamyar, Roohila, 1011 Elk Ridge Drive, $687,677.

Thompson, Kevin T. and Darla J. Trust 2013 to Conaway, Clayton M. and Jeanna M., 21723 Greenlawn Road, $210,000.

Lowndes, Deborah L. and Timothy J. to Arnzen, Jeffrey K. and Amanda E., 11505 N. 211th Circle, $858,000.

Wampler, Craig A. and Kirsten M. to Peterson, Kurt L. and Christine A., 3007 N. 193rd St., $554,000.

Tru-Vision Custom Homes to Ziemkiewicz, Craig R. and Kellie, 1907 S. 220th Ave., $550,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Reeve, David C. and Doris K., 831 S. 185th St., $535,538.

Royal Development Inc. to Sturdivant, Gayle G. and Peter L., 1702 S. 208th St., $500,569.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Lang, Dave and Katie, 20623 Pine St., $483,435.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Vicente, Tomas and Hita, Rossana, 607 N. 189th St., $439,914.

Whalen, John K. and Linda F. to Stewart, Courtney and Chen-Stewart, Shewlyn, 614 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $425,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Ferguson, Melinda S. and Kurt D., 3905 N. 195th St., $358,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Halbleib, Michael and Samantha, 18501 Mason St., $345,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mowan, Ryan D. and Leah M., 4620 N. 205th Ave., $329,011.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Walters, Randall K. and Sharon R., 18315 Harney St., $322,650.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Rosenthal, Parker T., 20711 Fowler Ave., $263,000.

Levenhagen, Timothy and Tara to Goldstein, Janet, 2710 N. 189th St., $263,000.

Boen, Ryan to Mathison, Pamela, 1812 N. 209th St., $242,000.

Morse, Steven E. and M.S. to Dunlap, Bradley and Michelle, 18898 Mayberry Plaza, $239,900.

Ferguson, Kurt and Melinda S. to Kyriss, Pamela K., 20802 Charles St., $230,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 3764 N. 189th Ave., $139,700.

Barker, Ryan to Gardner, Ryan and Deann, 21306 Old Coach Road, $138,000.

Crown LTD to Moore, Jeremy and Tiffany, 2421 S. 219th St., $91,014.

204 F Street LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 3712 S. 205th St., $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Nathan Homes LLC, 3724 S. 205th St., $62,500.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Binks Construction Inc., 1703 S. 208th St., $60,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4913 N. 205th St., $54,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4909 N. 208th St., $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 4920 N. 205th St., $49,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 4213 N. 210th St., $44,900.

Smith, Sheryl A., trustee for Secord, Earl E. Trust, to Secord, Michael E., 6606 Pine Ridge Road, $195,000.


PBK Real Estate LLC to Reilly, Thomas J. and Patricia E., 5630 N. 279th St., $125,000.


Kinport, Roger to Petersen, Jessica A., 23706 Walnut Circle, $135,000.

Fraser, Deborah A. and John M. to Christensen, Terry and Carla, 24608 Jones Circle, $925,000.

Elliott, Teresa M. Trust to McCann, Peter J., 172 S. 243rd St., $850,000.


Dowd, Duane J. and Frances D. to Ag Properties LLC, 1605 Nicholas St., $250,000.


Hamilton, Bret C. and Allison C. to Anderson, Leann, 1831 N. 54th St., $240,000.

Foral, Imelda M. and Inglis, Virginia M. to Meyer, Veronica N., 1809 N. 49th Ave., $195,000.

Murphy, Eric M. and Nicole M. to Summerlin, Vollis E. III and Samantha, 2704 N. 65th St., $165,000.

Wendell, Joshua S. and Bentz, Jessalyn M. to Graham, Elizabeth and King, Zachury A., 2040 N. 50th Ave., $160,000.

Feelhaver, Kale L. and Velva to Williams, Brandon T., 2212 N. 48th St., $112,500.

Galde, Mary K. and Dentler, Brian P. to Galde, Josh J., 5410 N. 68th St., $105,000.

Colanino, Amanda to Meyer, Todd A., 2311 N. 65th Ave., $74,500.

Boughton, Bonnie M. to Saw, Jame, 6257 Sprague St., $80,000.

Trew, Andrea to Ptacek, Lisa, 6127 N. 66th St., $117,000.

Smidt, Caleb M. and Donna I. to Jackson, Melissa L., 6021 Pratt St., $108,000.

Thurman, Rhonda R. to Wessling, Andrew J., 3027 N. 50th St., $95,700.


Neneman, Matthew R. to Spracklin, Kevin and April, 1739 Park Ave., $176,000. Nelson, Theresa E. and Chad to Emery, Brianna and Justin, 2926 Castelar St., $142,000.

Tribulato, Christopher and Diana to Dolezal, Ashley L. and Scaturro, Michael C., 2314 S. 30th St., $110,000.

Miller, Gary L. and Juanita A. to Burns, Ian F., 3401 Martha St., $63,250.

Uptown Properties LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 811 S. 31st St., $35,600.

Milone, Anthony L., trustee for Milone Living Trust, to Morello, Thomas and Derry, Shannon, 601 S. 32nd Ave, $40,200.

Huber, Adrienne to Boyko, Thomas and Shawna M., 904 S. 38th Ave., $107,000.

Schenzel, Tyler A. and Theresa A. to Tasa LLC, 809 S. 36th St., $110,000.

Ehrlich, Donald to Kbl Investments LLC, 4332 Walnut St., $133,000.

Tallant, Robert L. Jr. and Michelle F. to Zapata, Adan D. and Delunazapata, Laura J., 3616 Vinton St., $130,000.

Evans, Elizabeth A. to Burke, James and Trisha, 3083 S. 32nd St., $136,000.

Marrero, Kathleen to Wiese, Cara C. and Ian, 3018 S. 34th St., $224,900.

Gold, Avram to Sexton, David, 2322 S. 31st St., $95,000.

Tripp, Barbara L. and Dominic P. Trust to Giambrone, Robb and Helen, 4317 Pine St., $240,000.

McDonald, Thomas F., trustee for Lillie, Michael Trust to BMT Investments I LLC, 1035 S. 30th Ave., $80,000.


Vissia, Tracy L. to Chavez, Juan N. and Cynthia D., 1602 S. 56th St., $220,000.

Rhoades, William L. and Carolyn A. to Hynek, Amy L. and Bradley J., 6109 Oak St., $135,000.

Winckler, Michael J. and Deborah L. to Mohlman, Donald R. and Linda K., 4507 Woolworth Ave., $127,000.

Brown, Kathleen W. and Gene A. to Mapes, Carolina Y., 4669 Pacific St., $91,000.

Kawa, John J. and Mary C. to Kawa, Sally K., 2105 S. 63rd St., $90,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Cohano Investments LLC, 4839 Hickory St., $89,000.

O & H Investments C LLC to King, Christine F., 6231 Pacific St., $115,000.

Stahl, Denise A. to Lackner, Rudy and Carol, 621 S. 67th Ave., $152,000.

Manning, David G. and Tosom-Manning, Lisa to Rau, Laura M. and Becker, Chase M., 5708 Rees St., $178,000.

Drickey, Mary E. to Crawford, Robert and Elsie, 2102 S. 61st St., $169,900.

Turco, Kathleen J., personal representative of Stoll, James H. Estate, to Johnson, Richard R., 3616 S. 55th St., $137,000.


REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5324 S. 36th St., $42,500.

Servey, Beverly M. to Cordoba, Juan B. and Arias, Mariela C., 4953 S. 42nd St., $88,000.

Harnden, Justin to Pancoast, Brian A., 4101 S. 13th St., $62,000.

McConnell, Amanda L. to Coleman, Ryan M. and Mindi S., 3628 S St., $66,000.

Nelson, Jaclyn L. to Miloni, Michael J., 3531 Madison St., $96,000.

Martinez, Tobias A. and Cecilia O. to Rivera, Sonia V. and Najera, Sara L., 3421 X St., $92,500.

Heckendorn, Rick and Ciaccio, Donna J. to Loza, Juan M., 3338 Polk St., $51,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Zetino, Lilian S., 3332 Madison St., $38,000.

Springer, Randy L. and Elizabeth A. to Swartz, Margaret S., 2816 Monroe St., $86,000.

Mark J., personal representative of Flores, Maria R. Estate, to Gurung, Rehk and Rai, Suk, 3940 Drexel St., $169,000.

Blankman, Marilyn, personal representative of Dean, Richard D. Estate, to Morales, Ana D., 3211 Monroe St., $110,000.

Harness, Vernon L. and Debra S. to Humphrey, Jon, 1025 Atlas St., $100,000.

200 Properties LLC to TPC Corp., 4503 S. 33rd St., $35,000.

Respeliers, John J., personal representative of Versiackas, Helen A. Estate, to Jones-Ranquillo, Ruth E., 3915 X St., $90,000.


Micek, Aris A. to Gruhn Properties LLC, 2711 S. 20th St., $65,000.

Gonzalez, Alejandro S. and Pelayo, Maria G. to Huizar, Clementia and Flores, Joaquin A., 3036 S. 19th St., $45,000.

Orsi, Bonnie L. to Bastillon Development LLC, 2527 S. 10th St., $40,000.

McKee, Carol J., trustee for Prokop, Dorothy C. Trust, to Taqueria El Rey Inc., 615 Martha St., $81,000.

Curro, Christy, personal representative of Curro, Connie J. Estate, to Bargenquast, Jordan J., 1809 Van Camp Ave., $51,600.

Griffith, Christopher J. and Colleen P. to Todalen, Ryan, 3011 S. Ninth St., $129,500.

Sinecio, Conchita and Echeveste, Carlos to Alvarez, Gloria and Perez, Ricardo R., 2415 S. 14th St., $102,000.

Semin, Joseph and Shelly to Garcia, Jesus L. and Estrada, Alejandra, 1932 S. 18th St., $83,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 3473 S. 14th St., $24,000.


Omaha Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Crawford, Patricia A. and Monroe, Cleveland, 2019 Fowler Ave., $55,000.

Inter City Properties LLC to Abram, Patty R., 1811 Lothrop St., $20,000.

Price, John and Karen to Wilburn Rentals LLC, 6227 Florence Blvd., $65,000.

Lanham, Lorrie L. to Peckham, Jodi A. and Gunter, Carey G., 5409 N. Ninth St., $25,000.

Tri Community United Methodist Church and Asbury Methodist Church to Iglesia Pentecostes Puerta Del Cielo, 5226 N. 15th St., $67,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3936 N. 22nd St., $20,000.


Omaha Habitat for Humanity to Espinoza, Christian L., 5704 N. 40th St., $110,000.

Wilson, Allen L. to Wilson, Allen L. Jr., 4312 N. 40th St., $68,000.

Wesely, Ronald D. Trust to Michanda 3 LLC, 4625 N. 37th St., $22,000.

EVH LLC to Moss, Rosalind R., 5908 N. 43rd Ave., $72,000.

McDowall LLC to Janovich, Daniel T., 4227 Vernon Ave., $22,000.

EVH LLC to Barrie, Susan, 3930 Crown Point Ave., $78,000.

Joachimsen, Joy E. to Daley, Shayleen A., 3840 Franklin St., $102,500.

U.S. Bank to Kean, James V. and Diane P., 3461 Sprague St., $32,223.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Dewey Properties LLC, 3309 Nebraska Circle, $50,000.

Gooden, Willie J. to Payton, Tina, 3032 Pratt St., $80,000.


HBI LLC to H & S Partnership LLP, 2869 Read St., $85,000.

Kaiser, Brian to Uecker, Bradley G., 7710 N. 29th St., $83,500.

City of Omaha to Jackson, Donna K., 6546 N. 35th St., $75,000.

Evans, Diana to Zaw, Myint M. and Doh, Kaw, 3971 Iowa St., $124,000.

Blake, Leslie C. to Mather Investments LLC, 2731 Martin Ave., $54,000.

Spittler, Robert and Linda to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 2437 Ida St., $55,000.

Guerrero, Michael H. and Jennifer L. to Parr, Jacquelyn M., 2421 Newport Ave., $89,000.


Catton, Robert D. and Patricia M. to Sandoval, Raymond J. and Jessica A., 9612 Parker St., $234,000.

Batt, Aaron and Jonas to Wyatt, Thomas D. and Hamernik, Paul J., 8707 Capitol Ave., $170,000.

Bird, Janice A., trustee for Bird, George Trust, to Bird, Travis J. and Bennett, Billie M., 923 N. 74th Ave, $116,000.

Asmussen, James, personal representative of Asmussen, S. Joan Estate, to No Equity Homes LLC, 1017 S. 92nd St., $184,000.

Mason, Robert III, personal representative of Mason, Karen L. Estate, to Kujawa, Paul F., 1481 N. 96th Ave., $105,000.

Dewan, Naresh A. and Meera N. to Miyamoto, Takanari and Kim, Taera, 9924 Westchester Drive, $400,000.

HBI Omaha LLC to Kizer, Gregory J., 8724 Harney St., $374,000.

Fiscus, Bobbi to Burkhiser, Heather T., 7714 Western Ave., $157,000.

Robb, Phyllis J. and Dale to Sturgeon, Dustin J., 706 N. 72nd St., $110,000.

Joyce, Andrew K., trustee for Joyce, Katherine K. Trust, to England, Bryant R. and Melissa J., 511 S. 94th Ave., $505,000.


Castle Brook Builders LLC to Khanna, Sameer and Sheveta, 2710 N. 178th St., $443,816.

Fools Inc. to Williams, Charles and Kristine, 15201 Jaynes St., $350,279.

Ogren, Dennis A. to Carlson, Mark and Pothuloori, Antara, 3104 N. 171st Ave., $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Price, Stephanie and Matt, 4719 N. 172nd St., $291,600.

Peterson, Joseph C. and Jane E. to Matthew, Paul and Eddy L., 6424 N. 157th St., $289,000.

McCoy, David M. to Seyler, Matthew A. and Ava W., 5513 N. 163rd St., $284,000.

Sutter, David and Amber to Spooner, Sarah M., 15653 Himebaugh Circle, $265,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Jensen, Carol A., 3220 N. 176th St., $249,643.

Hawkins, Terry and Cheryl to Carroll, Cassara J. and Brewer, Joseph C., 16415 Taylor St., $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Petrick, Nicholas R. and Amy J., 4820 N. 175th Ave., $244,000.

Seyler, Matthew A. and Ava W. to Washa, Eric and Chelsie, 16416 Manderson St., $230,000.

Morrison, Kristen to Breault, Eva L., 4239 N. 163rd Ave., $225,000.

Daniell, Brian F. and Stacey L. to Anderson, Troy D. and Leah A., 14939 Butler Ave., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rocha, Daniel J., 16314 Redman Ave., $206,900.

Peters, Benjamin M. to Muchiri, Josphat, 16449 Fowler Ave., $200,000.

Heise, Cory and Aja to Levenhagen, Tim and Tara, 4909 N. 168th Ave., $172,500.

Mueller, Joel and Megan to Koch, Kelsey B., 4101 N. 146th Court, $110,000.

Glenn C. Palmer Homes Inc. to Gufford, Justin and Brandi, 2712 N. 177th St., $68,000.

Osmera, Scott A. to Syverson, Paul K. and Lori A., 6202 N. 153rd St., $25,000.

Helton, Carissa M. and Eric S. to Breeding, Brenda K. and David E. Jr., 6115 N. 148th St., $205,000.

Lee, Marquita Y. to Jorgenson, Terry A. and Marion Trust, 5711 N. 158th St., $275,000.

Schleifer, Jared and Kara to Vo, Kelly, 4807 N. 148th Circle, $200,000.

McPadden, Sandra J. to Lile, Barbara J. and Stattler, Scott A., 4739 N. 167th Ave., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rezac, Brian T. and Tayna L., 4702 N. 175th St., $236,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tamayo, Anthony C., 4620 N. 175th St., $253,750.

McColgan, William R. and Michaela to Joerz, Scott, 3310 N. 147th Court, $129,900.

Aspegren, Jon and Merritt E. to Werner, Richard A. and Allison L., 16540 Bauman Circle, $310,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Barada, Landon T. and Sharla F., 16428 Redman Ave., $182,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Agarwal, Sumeet and Sonia, 16421 Redman Ave., $179,400.

Charleston Homes LLC to Viacrucis, Carl H. and Marianne J., 15204 Norwick Drive, $290,023.

Guinotte, Susan H. to Harrison, Christopher J. Sr. and Linda J., 15063 Bedford Ave., $149,000.

Che, My H. and Liet A. to Property Brothers Omaha LLC, 14665 Taylor Court, $108,000.


Sorensen, Lois M. to Stephens, Larry and Peggy, 4717 S. 60th St., $117,000.

Walter, Bernard A. to Joe and Steve Partnership LLC, 5203 P St., $48,000.

O’Boyle, Shirley A. to Kaiser Investment Properties LLC, 4541 P St., $58,000.

4169 South 62nd Street LLC to Mercado, Laura L., 4169 S. 62nd St., $104,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Tri State Ventures Inc., 5159 S. 46th Ave., $46,000.


Brown, Clarence E. and Sheila A. to Gadge, Chandra S. and Kamarthi, Silpa, 17517 Franklin Plaza, $158,555.

Hoffman, Bernard C., trustee for Hoffman-Myers, Johanna J. Family Trust, to Myers, Grant G. Trust, 1314 N. 162nd St., $130,000.

Boecker, Ronald F. and Beverly J. to Raw Carat LLC, 1116 N. 168th Ave., $27,000.

McKeever, Shann J. and Jaclyn K. to Minarick, Joseph and Rachel E., 16324 Wakeley Circle, $280,000.


Marisett, Frederick M. and Vanessa A. to Banks, Jonathan and Marisett-Banks, Cassaundra, 8877 N. 82nd Ave., $200,000.

Blumer, Diana K. to Hopgood, Dennis E. Sr. and Lois S., 7410 Ernst St., $165,900.

Cable, William R. Jr. and Mary C. to Dittman, Bradley J. and Kyle, Megan E., 7658 Howell St., $140,000.

Butts, June L. to Schram, Drew D. and Wysopal, Hannah, 8611 Potter St., $140,000.

Bayne, Tyler L. and Meghan M. to Rojo, Jesus I. and Arredondo, Brenda A., 8806 N. 81st Ave., $139,900.

Beckmann, Jacqueline L. and Joseph M. to Kallepalli, Rambabu and Sunitha, 6964 N. 89th St., $125,000.

Johnson, Ardean J. to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 8217 Read St., $89,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Magar, Bhadra A. and Manu M., 9182 Black St., $150,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hasanbegovic, Mirza and Jessica M., 9162 Black St., $156,400.

Triplett, Brianna K. to Lovett, Christopher S. and Brandi L., 8976 N. 79th St., $134,900.

Eberspacher, Pamela S. to Maduenyi, Cynthia, 8822 N. 81st St., $139,000.

Wensing, Jordan M. and Kiley M. to Carbajal, Nickolas C. and Malone, Hannah C., 8529 King St., $183,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wesson, Jeff O. Jr., 8518 Sheffield St., $184,000.

Almanza, Sylvia to Gutierrez, Roberto H., 8206 Bondesson St., $138,000.

Burbridge, Timothy J. and Anna B. to Swett, Kathleen and Frasch, Talon S., 6510 N. 104th St., $223,000.

Rasmussen, Daniel D. and Charlotte M. to Burbridge, Timothy J. and Ann B., 10313 N. 72nd St., $293,000.

Iseminger, Marci L., trustee, to BPM LLC, 8822 Quest St., $101,000.


Hallgren, John D. and Elizabeth F. to Kubat, Frank and Leslie, Edwin, 7815 Shirley St., $645,000.

TSW Properties LLC to Bucy, William L. and Kathryn L., 2117 S. 87th St., $405,000.

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance to Pipe Wrench Properties LLC, 7525 D St., $300,000.

Middleton, James A. Sr. to Paskach, Tyler J., 9903 Pasadena Ave., $157,000.

Raymond, Daniel S. and Orlena F. to Circo, Charles J. Jr. and Michelle R., 3759 S. 78th St., $120,000.

Conway, James and Rosemary to Miranda, Mayra L., 8616 C St., $135,000.

Wear, Robert E. and Margaret to Wear, Robert E. and Peters, David C., 8229 Hascall St., $48,000.

Barton, Douglas J. and Diane M. to Jennings, Chris R. and Kathleen L., 3514 S. 88th St., $132,500.

Giambrone, Robb B. and Helen F. to Plath, Randall E. and Elaine K., 3268 Westgate Road, $160,000.

Montoya, Charlene L. to S3H Properties LLC, 3021 S. 106th St., $121,000.

Sova, Ronald J., trustee for Sova, Claire A. Trust, to Goldstrom, Mark Trust, 7305 Oak St., $175,500.

Blodig, Gregory, trustee for Blodig, Margaret A. Trust, to Pizinger, Jane M., 2223 S. 85th Ave., $400,000.

Rohrberg, Harlan J., trustee for Rohrberg Living Trust, to Hallett, Molly and Wold, Chad, 1862 S. 93rd St., $290,000.

Timberlake, Van N., trustee for Timberlake, Juanita J. Trust, to Czerwinski, Mark and Sarah, 10223 Hansen Ave., $123,000.


Schoen, Gary L. and Kathy J. to Laskowski, Vanessa and Gustafson, Domonic A., 6020 S. 102nd St., $274,000.

Linhart LLC to Kopp, Nicholas and Corren, 7575 Polk St., $150,000.

Freberg, Gerald A. and Marian F. to Solorzano, Mario E. and Lanuza-Desolorzano, Zoila A., 10241 O St., $142,500.

Newman, Merlin R., trustee, to Lien, Wayne E. and Ronica R., 9131 Washington St., $193,800.

Novak, Robert J. Trust to Francisco-Juan, Cristobal, 10523 O St., $160,000.

Meints, Kenneth L. and Ruth A. to Meints, Skyler, 9279 Adams St., $215,000.

Staroscik, Adrian B. and Marie C. to Carabantes, Maryury V. and Caravantes, Jose, 8722 Lakeview Drive, $140,000.

Yaseer, Abdul R. to Prochaska, Alexandra, 8705 Lakeview Drive, $148,000.

Babcock Properties LLC to Negrete, David G. Jr., 8020 Maywood St., $110,000.

Keefover, Carol A. to 8222 Robin Hill LLC, 7788 Highland St., $90,000.

Security National Bank and Johnson, Ladonna R. Trust to Catlett, James E., 7609 Oakwood St., $241,000.

Hawhee, Steven J. to Rand, Jared, 6635 S. 107th Circle, $215,000.

Meier, Michael and Rene to Conboy, Matt, 5223 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Goodrich, Emily J. and Sempek, Zachary R., 5079 S. 107th St., $130,000.

Johnson, Darren R. and Hoffman, April to Bierman, Kiley L., 5056 S. 106th Ave., $171,000.

Arter, Kim R. and Valker, William S. to Draper, Dylan and Jacee, 5035 S. 80th St., $126,950.

Oakes, Samuel J. and Marisa L. to Starmer, Jeffrey E., 10542 Y St., $240,000.

Dieter, James J. to Linger, William K. and Ivy A. Trust, 10525 Adams Drive, $249,500.


Geer, Todd A. and Tracy L. to McCumbers, Michael J. and Amelia M., 19262 D St., $379,900.

Mead, Cheryl to Assad, Nabil and Juliette, 18511 Van Camp Drive, $373,000.

Kelley, Lawrence J. and Suzanne L. to Martin, Wendy L., 19015 Pierce Plaza Circle, $329,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Adams, Francine K. and John D., 1511 S. 189th Court, $299,000.

Norman, Eric L. and Betsy E. to Alloway, Kirk and Kristin, 19710 Pine St., $290,500.

Dyer, Andrew and Kimberly to Lopezrojas, Victor and Rachel, 1267 S. 163rd Ave., $206,000.

Miller, Jess J. and Anna M. to Bredenkamp, Shea R. and Pacana-Bredenkamp, Maria F., 15908 Marinda Circle, $165,625.

Hostelka, Tamara A., personal representative of Waller, George E. Estate, to Curington, Dale P. and Melinda R., 16717 Pine St., $200,000.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 3835 S. 192nd Ave., $40,000.

Copperfields LLC to Fools Inc., 3606 S. 203rd St., $55,000.

Bereisha, Arthur and Virginia to Vacanti, Charles J. and Lyndsie, 2108 S. 181st Circle, $358,000.

Felber, George W. to Rupp, Leland and Glynnis, 19015 Ontario St., $205,000.

Foust, Patrick G. and Constance J. to Foust, Megan E., 15943 Arbor Circle, $120,000.


Lents, Joan M. and Ralph to Linden, Jeffrey R., 105 N. 31st Ave., $92,000.

Tingwald, Robert W. and Christina L. to Franks, Terry and Laura, 632 N. 41st Ave., $85,000.

Korth, Michael G. to Korth, Cecilia, 608 N. 41st Ave., $140,000.

Katelman, Bret J. to Brunken, Jed, 112 S. 37th St., $152,000.


Caligirl LLC to Coppess, Michael and McCaslin, Anna, 5102 California St., $543,000.

Parker, Daniel B. and Brownrigg, Katharine T. to Carey, Carmen and Brian, 687 J E George Blvd., $360,000.

Jensen, William L. to Gustafson, Aleece and NeSmith, Jenessa, 801 N. 50th Ave., $206,000.

Swan, Bentley l. and Eryn D. to Wolfson, Aaron and McClure-Wolfson, Ashley, 4643 Farnam St., $202,500.

Heneberry, Joseph E. Jr. and Pauletta M. to Skyline Holdings LLC, 6939 Hamilton St., $70,000.

U.S. Bank and Residential Asset Securities Corp. to Mahannah Suiter Properties LLC, 6136 Lafayette Ave., $92,000.

Pursell, Angela D. to Garner-Gaxiola, Sarah L. and Gaxiola, Frank, 5416 Charles St., $190,000.

Rousseau, Mark O. and Pruss, Marion F. to Elken, Steve, 4914 Davenport St., $125,000.

Henley, William E. and Tricia to Bronte Companies LLC, 4744 Lafayette Ave., $29,000.

Varner, James M. and Jennifer L. to Wilson, Jakob L. and Ashley M., 302 S. 49th Ave., $217,000.


Wilderman, Joshua D. and Beth E. to Gerken, Kathryn E. and Krause, Matthew L., 5807 N. 97th St., $220,000.

Anderson, Darin and Anita to Lauenstein, Nathan and Stephanie, 10610 Nebraska Ave., $215,000.

Forrest. Eric A. and DeVries, Rachel E. to Simanek, Robert R. and Muriel M., 9805 Ellison Ave., $145,000.

Prellwitz, Nathan S. and Nicole to Sharpe, Jennifer, 8526 Evans St., $140,000.

Stuhr, Aaron J. and Valoree M. to Hoang, Van C., 10407 Laurel Ave., $138,000.

Bizzarri, Joseph D. to Joy, Derek and Rachel, 9127 Spaulding St., $135,000.

Cook, Edsel G. to C1CD LLC, 3124 N. 77th Circle, $125,000.

Doan, Deanna L. to Fosmer, Michael J. and Gaileen A., 8629 Pinkney St., $115,000.

C1CD LLC to Langendorfer Properties Management, 3124 N. 77th Circle, $105,000.

Mercado, Armando. and Carmen A. to Delatorre, David A. and Aida F., 9205 Sahler St., $100,000.

Steele, Cleo A. Trust to Steele, Lucas A. and Stephanie A., 9230 Tomahawk Blvd., $130,000.

Lundeen, Jack G. to Bavari, Sima, 9730 Fowler Ave., $116,000.

Jager, Luke P. and Cammi C. to Thiemann Investments LLC, 9466 Wirt St., $110,000.

Dennis, Cody R. and Kara R. to Blodgett, John and Green-Blodgett, Sara, 9421 Himebaugh Circle, $151,000.

Walton, Reid to Culbertson, William T., 5623 N. 93rd St., $159,900.

Shoemaker, Thomas K. and Elizabeth M. to Mittura, Melissa J., 5136 N. 93rd St., $122,000.

Hodge, Brian G. and Regina M. to Maglione, Taylor G., 4410 Terrace Drive, $150,000.

Werner, Richard A. and Allison L. to Anderson, Ashley R., 3818 N. 94th St., $158,000.

Nelsen, Ramona to Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC, 2903 N. 76th St., $687,110.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Poore, Ashish and Kaumudi, 6126 S. 195th St., $335,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Trowbridge, Margaret A. and Dustin J., 19958 Monroe St., $331,692.

Guyette, Jeffery M. and Shanon to Watts, Kevin C., 5409 S. 174th Ave., $315,000.

Fortner, Debbie K. and Wynn C. to Weddleton, Nicholas A., 5429 S. 160th St., $307,000.

Campagna, Bradford J. and Karen K. to Herrera, Myrna G. and Aaron J., 16285 Holmes St., $264,000.

Greisen, Shawn F. and Angela K. to Wensing, Jordan M. and Kiley M., 6603 S. 163rd St., $252,000.

Iverson, Colin S. and Reeve-Iverson, Brandi A. to Jones, Jeffrey and Jenelle, 4310 S. 174th Ave., $250,000.

Fools Inc. to Constantino, Mark R. and Patricia H., 4413 S. 193rd St., $229,000.

Martin, Wendy to Rischling, Christopher M. and Haldeman, Andrea E., 5104 S. 162nd Ave., $189,000.

Bender, Roger A. to Fernandez, Eathan and Bianca, 5044 S. 163rd Ave., $183,000.

Burdette, Matthew J. to Vaka, Koti R., 5972 S. 186th Ave., $182,900.

Moore, James R. and Mary J. to Schulte, Hannah, 4968 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $166,000.

Dewey, Andrew K. and Samantha J. to Vidyashankar, Nagamani, 5626 S. 193rd St., $166,000.

Blevins, William M. and Malissa A. to Bruner, Robert and Alisa, 16016 Ohern St., $153,000.

Richardson, Michayla Trust to Sadler, Linda L., 4713 S. 189th St., $146,000.

Armstrong, Josh E. and Sarah L. to Perkins, Adam D. and Amy R., 6209 S. 161st Ave., $236,000.

Peelz Real Estate LLC to Muhle, Patricia L., 4424 S. 178th St., $139,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bollig, Cody M. and Andrea, 19852 L St., $264,400.

Charleston Homes LLC to Krobot, Jeffrey J. and Lindsay M., 19704 L St., $315,000.

Lambrecht, Denton J. and Jessica A. to Raghavasugosh, Shubha, 19358 V St., $166,000.

Langholdt, Julie A. and Hart, Richard L. to DeSadier, Jared, 19128 U St., $165,000.

Kocer, Adam J. and Niki to Andersen, Edward C., 18738 Borman St., $162,500.

McQueen, Mark E. and Linda M. to Brenneman, Brian J. and Christina J., 17325 Sharp St., $325,000.

Banyay, Christopher J. and Melissa M. to Guo, Minglei and Cheng, Yan, 17309 Dayton Circle, $301,000.

Dietz, Mark D. and April L. to Pallat, Richard L., 17053 M St., $240,000.

Mulder, Lindsay M. to Carson, Aaron J., 16711 Jefferson St., $181,000.

Craig, Kevin L. and Jane M. to Koubsky, Larry and Terese, 16701 Rolling Ridge Road, $253,000.

Parrish, Todd A. and Debra L. to Benson, Matthew A. and Samantha J., 16255 Z St., $163,000.


Wicks, Jerry E. and Cherilyn R. to Kaup, Randy and Rachelle, 15205 Summerwood Drive, $235,000.

Gratopp, Ryan B. and Traci L. to Allocco, David D. and Seidler, Jennifer C., 6405 S. 150th St., $177,725.

Dittman, Daniel and Katherine to Banks, Ian D. and Sabrina M., 6430 S. 109th St., $167,000.

Ulrich, David J. and Heidi L. to Jones, Courtney N., 6505 S. 115th St., $157,500.

Flaxbeard, Paul M. to Clouse, Kenneth L. and Alexandra M., 6312 S. 139th St., $149,000.

Bauder, Helen J. to Fladby, Sandra F., 4936 S. 130th St., $143,000.

Reed, Lorene to Kazak Management LLC, 12436 Holmes Circle, $139,000.

K & B Associates to O Investments LLC, 6628 S. 151st St., $136,000.

LA Investment Group LLC to Duplechin, Jesse, 4957 S. 142nd St., $135,000.

Krigbaum, Nancy A. and George to Nelson, Heidi, 5140 S. 125th Court, $118,800.

Engles, Jo and Terry E. to Eggers, Michael, 5113 S. 126th Court, $100,000.

Gorges, Marcus A. to LaMalfa, Patricia, 12784 Deauville Drive, $72,000.

Porter, Marcy J., trustee for Petersen, Elmer Trust, to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 4865 S. 126th St., $96,010.

VanDam, Daniel J. and H.J. to Pickworth, Steven and Cheryl, 6605 S. 151st St., $146,500.

Wakefield, Lee R. and Davelene D. to Hogue, Jeffrey J. and Nikki A., 6424 S. 136th St., $168,000.

McCarthy, Alicia to Bain, Wesley H. and Constance L., 15188 T St., $138,500.

Mills, Lucas J. and Amanda R. to Rowland, Heather M., 15111 Y St., $160,000.

Ramirez, Nadia E. and Harp, Jeffrey T. to Steinauer, Josephine and Joshua, 14646 Weir Circle, $165,000.

Minarick, Joseph M. and Rachel to Miller, Douglas and Deborah A., 14222 Madison St., $128,000.

McCloud, Sandra K. to Nielson, Wesley M., 13568 V Circle, $160,000.

Hart, Gregory D. and Teri J. to Holman, Christopher J., 12749 Woodcrest Plaza, $68,000.

Haddix, Kristin R. to Shropshire, Darion S. and Bell, Karissa S., 12645 N St., $141,000.

Wacker, Julia A. to Tortorilla, Andrew, 12615 Anne St., $128,500.

Heavey, Daniel J. and Carlburg-Heavey, Melissa G. to O & O Investments LLC, 12121 P St., $127,000.

Eymann, Kathleen A. Trust to Harrig, David E. and Erica L., 15236 Madison St., $167,500.

Jansen, James S., trustee Jansen, Virgil C. Trust, to Lawrence, Scott A. and Diane M., 12784 Deauville Drive, $60,000.

Lohry, Bonita J., personal representative of Miller, Judith A. Estate, to Bruner, Robert and Altea, 6641 S. 110th St., $150,000.

Tasler, Michael E., personal representative of Tasler, Norma A. Estate, to Nelson, James M., 6216 Oak Hills Plaza, $185,000.


Pickrell, Brough and Sarah E. to Morrison, Kristen and Schmitz, Steven T., 12811 Scott St., $455,000.

Button, Kevin E. and Elizabeth A. to Vaughn, Leslie L. Jr., 13126 Potter St., $419,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Red, Michael J. and Madeline, 7509 N. 142nd St., $198,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mongar, Man B. and Subba, Birkha B., 13918 Weber St., $182,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vernier, Jennifer N., 7427 N. 139th Ave., $175,100.

Amouzou, Date K. and Assignon, Eya F. to Becker, Thaddeus, 7310 N. 108th St., $140,500.

Herzberg, Sharon L. Trust to Sessions, Richard B. and Sharon E., 11832 Deer Creek Drive, $385,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hayes, Mara and Douglas, 7951 N. 116th St., $213,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ellison, Erik, 7404 N. 139th Ave., $172,100.

Ward, Brendan and Erin to Skienar, Kirk and Lauren, 7209 N. 143rd St., $207,000.

Jass, Valerie J. to Pappas, Sarah L., 7006 N. 115th St., $291,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Farber, Jacquelyn S., 14268 Whitmore St., $171,900.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 13102 Craig St., $52,000.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 13010 Craig St., $52,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Yost, Jeffrey A., 11405 Reynolds St., $260,000.


Heller, Diane L. to Wickstrom, Steven J. and Katherine R., 10937 Poppleton Ave., $440,000.

Mountain Prairie Investments Inc. to Nicklen, Mary L. and Cassie, 11304 Frances St., $308,500.

Silvus, Steve A. to Jenson, Dylan E. and Michelle E., 11442 Castelar Circle, $208,000.

Frazier, Jason W. and Cathy to Wyscarver, Mark A. and Katherine L., 3389 S. 112th St., $188,000.

Wood, Martin and Brenda L. to Meis, Jason A., 13505 Frances St., $180,000.

Starmer, Jeff E. to Hayes, Steve and Jessica, 12413 Woolworth Ave., $159,000.

Rasmussen, Sandra K. to Vuorela, Matthew and Elizabeth, 3392 S. 129th St., $149,900.

Riedmann, Alfred A. to Hipolite, Alfredo and Lopez, Argelia, 3507 S. 120th St., $148,000.

Hefling, Heather L. to KBL Investments LLC, 10925 Valley St., $136,000.

JSL Enterprises LLC to Nelson, Patrick, 2320 S. 118th Court, $135,000.

Brink, Travis A. to Williams, Suzanne K., 3430 S. 127th St., $131,000.

Meehan, Thomas F. and Margo A. Trust to Nelson, Jaclyn L., 13310 Hascall St., $165,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 12425 Woolworth Ave., $110,300.

Ridgeland Homes Inc. to Struve, Carol A. and Roger L., 3143 S. 134th St., $288,000.

Schulz, Marilee S. to Herout, Debra J., 2227 S. 122nd Ave., $118,000.

Blakeman, Clete and Katie to Rotella, James L. and Jennifer M., 1876 S. 116th St., $485,000.

Spears, Donald W. and Mary J. to Vincent, Elizabeth A., 15216 Nina St., $167,000.

Kinnerk, James P. to Milone, John R. Trust, 1407 Pine Road, $500,000.

Thraen, Scott M. to Gay, Sean E. and Kelly, Mandy L., 13985 Woolworth Circle, $168,000.

Olsen, Lynette S. and Matthew R. to Walter, Douglas C., 13555 Shirley St., $178,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 12425 Woolworth Ave., $160,000.

Juhler, Jon M. to Joachimsen, Joy E., 12415 Lamont St., $132,500.

Herout, Debra J. to Lammers, Kurtis and Sarah L., 12265 Woolworth Ave., $198,000.

Baker, Bruce P. II and Karen B. to Rupe, Nathan and Tiffany, 11419 Castelar Circle, $180,000.

Kinnaird, Jamie C. to Meysenburg, Daniel L. and Peters, Joyce E. Trust, 11013 Spring St., $124,000.

McDonald, Thomas F., trustee for Lillie, Michael Trust, to DWM Holdings LLC, 12303 Bel Drive, $150,300.


Ramirez, Jessie and Judy to Santacruz, Gerardo R., 3320 Harrison St., $115,000.


Taylor, Howard Jr. to Taylor, Howard Jr. and Greenberg, Young O., 7014 N. 65th St., $56,000.

Chullino, Holly L. and Beau M. to Patrick, Edgar E. and Pamela Y., 6807 N. 52nd St., $155,000.

Edquist, Keith B. to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 6709 Plum St., $75,000.

Janda, Steven R. and Briana to Smidt, Caleb and Donna, 5209 Clay Circle, $275,000.

Poes Investment LLC to Endurable Investments LLC, 4503 Huntington Ave., $45,000.


Vuorela, Matthew W. and Elizabeth to Odeh, Hisham A. and Jessica A., 611 N. 148th St., $242,000.

Mauch, Seth E. and Anna L. to Perdue, Jane M., 417 S. 153rd Circle, $165,000.

Dittman, Lee and Erin to DFK Management LLC, 15112 Lincoln Circle, $139,000.

Lofshult, Joseph M., trustee for Lofshult, Carol L. Trust, to McCoy, David, 12120 Jackson St., $208,000.

Herron, Stanley J. Estate to Reynolds, Robyn and Amanda, 1712 N. 126th St., $185,000.

Burke, James and Trisha to Faylor, Jay J., 813 Grey Fawn Drive, $218,000.

S & M Realty LLC to Thiemann, Bobbie S. and Joseph R., 320 N. 154th St., $169,900.

Forbes, Sonia R. to Dakota Asset Management LLC, 255 N. 119th St., $140,000.

Sevrench LLC to Reichenberg, Darrel, 14824 Parker Plaza, $85,000.

Davis, Michelle to Buonafede LLC, 10921 Jones St., $123,000.

Davis, David H. Trust to Kutilek, Annette M. and Thomas J., 11308 Harney Plaza Circle, $255,000.


Thrive Homes LLC to Panowicz, David and Erin, 13629 Corby St., $231,892.

Smith, Deborah J. and Hall, Darrell B. to Altstadt, Steve C. Jr., 3321 N. 125th Ave., $223,000.

KR Properties LLC to Smith, Travis A. and Krieger, Kristina M., 2616 N. 125th Ave., $177,500.

Donohoe, Deborah L. to Hagglund, Donna L., 4047 N. 117th St., $157,950.

Glaser, Jodi E. and John M. to Zeitz, Frederick H. III and Cheryl A., 12730 Erskine St., $156,000.

Doan, Thinh and Faith L. to Nguyen, Gin V. and Che, Thao, 2729 N. 120th Ave., $150,000.

Engstrom, Nicholas J. and Kristen M. to Leatherwood, Laura, 13121 Boyd Circle, $149,000.

Stevens, Eric C. and Sofia to Hutchings, Chad D., 13012 Vernon Ave., $143,000.

Truelsen, Janet S. to Hrabanek, Mallory J. and Cercena, Christopher P., 5905 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $140,000.

Elsasser, Daniel W. and Emily to Guericke, Michael A. and Jennifer L., 13109 Himebaugh Ave., $138,000.

Rochholz, Brandon R. and Blehm, Traci D. to Wyatt, Claudia, 11417 Bauman Circle, $125,000.

Durkee, Patrick and Ashley N. to Leatherman, Timothy D. and Christy B., 13015 Nebraska Ave., $117,250.

Smith, Joan F. Trust to Overly, Shirley, 11674 Meredith Ave., $129,950.

Jorn, Gavin R. and Lori L. to Thorman, Kimberly, 6534 N. 142nd Circle, $195,000.

Keil, Kenly M. to Geppert, John M., 5112 N. 126th Ave., $159,900.

Matthew, Paul and Amanda to Ruether, Brent W., 4619 N. 126th Ave., $159,900.

McGuire, Thomas M. III and Elizabeth A. to Bostic, Brittney N. and Justin M., 3315 N. 128th Circle, $320,000.

Ellingson, Eric and Joan M. to Bruner, Robert and Alisa, 13143 Burdette Circle, $149,000.

Schavee, Bradley W. and Jennifer S. to Noren, Tyler E., 12717 Crown Point Ave., $147,500.

Mathis, Robert L., trustee for Mathis, Joann T. Trust, to Langemeier, Joseph P. and Kathleen A., 4707 N. 134th Ave., $212,000.



Van Voorhis, Mark M. to McCoy, John T. and Symone L., 102 Hillcrest Ave., $139,000.

Porter, Judith E. to Eaton, Rodney E. and Debra S., 1320 Camp Gifford Road, $190,000.

Silverthorne Partners LLC to Barrett, Mary K., 1913 Winnie Drive, $85,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Howry Pasonault, Deborah, trustee for Pasonault Trust, 2807 Clay St., $69,000.

O’Neill, Tessa and Benjamin to Mortensen, Heather J., 2809 Crawford St., $84,000.

Foray, Andrew J. Trust to Rosevear, Dylan L. and Nowicki, Amanda P., 404 Sullivan Circle, $150,000.

Delvalle, Kenny J. and Crystal R. to Smith, Russell D., 610 Kayleen Drive, $122,000.

Heckmann, Dorothy L. to Walahoski, Joel, 709 Sherman Drive, $124,000.

Niles, Ron S. and Michelle R. to Hall, James and Allen Hall, Kristina, 1008 Evergreen Ave., $125,000.

McCaslin, Cathy J. to Timms, Angelia M. and O’Flynn, Kevin M., 1103 W. Mission Ave., $139,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Sarpy County to Akakpo, Kokou and Davon, Amavi, 2012 Childs Road, $161,000.

Weiner, Marvin M. and Ruth L. to McDermott, Patrick, 503 Ridgewood Drive, $215,000.

Salinas, Donna F. to Malone, Brittany L., 607 Jewell Road, $130,000.

Semin, Frank J. Trust to Hike, Leo W. Jr. and Joanna K., 2612 Van Buren St., $100,000.


Meyer, John M. and Nicole S. to Rudd, Toris and Laquaecia B., 11328 S. 199th St., $229,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Rieck, James. and Brenda B., 12109 S. 210th St., $337,000.

Miller, Lonny R. and Elizabeth M. to Sweeney, David and Nicole, 13120 S. 223rd St., $490,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Svatos, Craig and Brenda W., 21133 Quarry Lane, $270,000.

Norvig, Benjamin H. to Norvig, Benjamin and Williams, Michele, 234 Glendale Circle, $55,000.

Ahrens, Paul J. to Lancaster, Richard L., 606 N. Park Drive, $130,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Michalski, Michael A. and Toni M., 7904 S. 193rd Ave., $320,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 8124 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.

Jarosik, Gregory J. and Andrea L. to Sweeney, Ryan S., 10906 S. 215th St., $250,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Sean L. and Julie A., 11509 S. 201st St., $295,000.

Watson, John W. to Zezulka, Thomas and Teena, 11730 S. 210th St., $210,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Jarosik, Gregory and Andrea, 19265 Greenleaf St., $309,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 19313 Greenleaf St., $45,000.

McCune Development LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 19911 Sherwood Circle, $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Steg, Brian and Jodi, 20013 Oak St., $296,000.

Lauck, Henry J. IV and Amanda R. to Moore, Jonathan D. and Alexandra A., 21417 Hancock Drive, $205,000.

Faris, Maudie K. to Vodicka, Dennis A. and Sandra S., 248 S. Scott St., $234,000.

McCune Development LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 521 Sherwood Drive, $50,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 8128 S. 193rd Ave., $55,000.


Grove, Donna S. to Lee Young, John K., 10709 S. 110th Ave., $245,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Casora, Thomas, 10806 Laramie St., $302,000.

Ingram, Donald S. and Sharon E. to Meiners, David and Samantha, 1126 Joy Circle, $293,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Sherman, Roger A. and Miranda E., 11707 S. 110th Ave., $305,000.

Home Co. LLC to Barrett, William R. Jr. and Majestic, Brittany K., 11712 S. 111th St., $291,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Davis, Courtney O. and Miranda J., 11730 S. 110th St., $317,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Home Co. LLC, 11745 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 11749 S. 111th St., $53,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Ducker, Molly M., 12008 Pintail Drive, $415,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Macholan, Terry C., 12211 Freeboard Drive, $418,000.

Richards, Patricia D. to Burden, Ryan D. and Lacey L., 1226 Cork Drive, $276,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Lindsay, Allan J. and Kathleen E., 12317 Cooper St., $545,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Loreto, Lester P. and Marcharina N., 12501 Longshore Circle, $410,000.

Patras, Wayne A. and Tracey B. to West, Adrial L. 1702 Hardwood Drive, $280,000.

Vanwinkle, Neal C. and Kyle E. to Mattheis, Brett A., 2011 Glenwood Ave., $179,000.

Dean, George and Joy A. to Baulisch, Joshua and Kelly, 2105 Lakewood Drive, $216,000.

Fay, Brent A. and Alissa C. to Torres, Joey, 2404 Crystal Drive, $234,000.

Schimke, Aaron P. to Rios, Matthew and Samantha, 2417 S. Mineral Drive, $195,000.

Chavez, Adrian and Alicia M. to Jonmoore, Melissa and Robinson, 709 Donegal Drive, $180,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Kriegler, Chris P. and Amy M., 7315 Leawood Circle, $473,000.

Caniglia, Mark A. and Pamela S. to Fago, Jon F. and Cindy J., 8413 Molokai Drive, $355,000.

Grubb, Charles and Petito Grubb, Catherine to Leisure, Aaron and Kresl, Crystal L., 906 Cody Circle, $181,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Jacobs, Michael H. and Juliet A., 10204 S. 123rd Ave., $475,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 11376 S. 117th St., $73,000.

Carson Custom Homes to Cupton, Carol, 12312 Freeboard Drive, $376,000.

Meyer, Matthew L. and Katie L. to Burns, Steven M. and Moore, Pickett, Patricia L., 1903 Ridgeview Drive, $210,000.

Miller, Baron and Kellye to Ramirez, Stephen and Ramsey, 504 S. Jackson St., $126,000.

Roshone-Pacha, Bernadine M. and Pacha, Lane to Alumbaugh, Jerry J. and Renate A., 650 Bailey Drive, $295,000.

Steckler, Tad J. and Loveland, Robyn R. to Davenport, Lorna F. and Moses G., 8014 Molokai Drive, $385,000.

Saroka, James J. Jr. and Christine to Miller, Steven M. Jr., 814 Lexington Lane, $244,000.

Sullivan, Brian D. to Edwardson, Kasey, 849 S Adams St., $148,000.

Harberman, Stephen C. and Amy M. to Novotne, Mary P., 909 Edgewood Blvd., $255,000.


Buland, Jeanne C., trustee for Spencer, William L. and Maralyn J. Trust, to Lorraine, Daniel and Julie A., 12909 Lake View Drive, $452,000.


Tuck, Nicholas R. and Amanda to Zambrano, Josue J. and Sabas Puerta, Lulsa F., 10413 S. 27th St., $170,000.

Madrigal, Gregory P. to Hernandez, Carlos and Melissa, 1103 Terry Drive, $185,000.

McAdams, Matthew to Reeves, Chelsea and Burton, 13308 S. 34th St., $174,000.

Leach, Travis to Cabanilla, Roldan and Maria, 13530 S. 32nd St., $150,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co. LLC, 13706 S. 49th St., $45,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Omolayo, Morfolorunso, 13806 S. 42nd Ave., $200,000.

Jones, Brenton G. and Darcie A. to Jobe, Stephen A. and Lindsey K., 14807 S. 23rd St., $285,000.

Coleman, Arthur B. and Stephanie L. to Rascon, Austin and Amber, 1919 Morrie Drive, $155,000.

Harter, Thomas J. and Barbara E. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 2001 Morrie Drive, $180,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Hollenbeck, Dennis, 2001 Morrie Drive, $180,000.

Norman, Tammy M. to Slaughter, Ray D., 2509 Yorktown St., $158,000.

Otis Sykes, Ellen to Schueler, Josef M., 3313 Jessie Marie Drive, $168,000.

Lewis, Mark A. and Tyna M. to Hallock, David G. and Bridgette, 3507 Daniell Circle, $190,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 5012 Waterford Ave., $58,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 5104 Waterford Ave., $58,000.

Zezulka, Thomas R. and Teena M. to Lavender, Daniel, 9904 S. Ninth Circle, $158,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Gillis, James E. Jr., 9911 S. 10th St., $191,000.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Shipley, Jessica and Seth, 11801 S. 33rd St., $136,000.

Raab, Warren D. and Kathryn to Kane, Timothy J. and Abel, Patricia A., 13802 S. 38th St., $325,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Vermeer, Troy E., 15108 Eureux St., $153,000.

Wills, Augustus O. and Ann J. to Chagollan, Jorge, 2110 Nottingham Drive, $144,000.

Martinez, Jerome W. and Kimberly A. to Carter, Annie R., 2503 Hogantown Drive, $178,000.

Kirchmann, Brenda L. to McDonald, Jason and Krystie R., 2509 Casey Circle, $239,000.

Kleymann, Elizabeth J. to Meyer, Matthew L. and Katie L., 3213 Chad Ave., $165,000.

Whitetail Properties LLC to Proline Ventures LLC, 3311 Castile Drive, $113,000.

Voycheske, Ray R. and Verna L. to Bryant, Matt and Chelsea, 4001 Birchwood Drive, $345,000.


Kar, Satyajit and Kalpana to Murillo, Rafael I., 7021 S. 131st Ave., $173,000.

Nguyen, Thuphong T. to Schuller, Jennifer L., 7114 S. 75th Ave., $143,000.

Stultz, Richard W. Jr. to Muth, Linda. and Steven A., 7201 S. 76th St., $42,000.

Troyer, Katharyn F. and Nicholas A. to Lambrecht, Denton J. and Jessica A., 7301 Michelle Ave., $180,000.

Geise, Gary L. and Sally L. Trust to Johnson, Thomas and Cannon, Elissa, 7305 Joseph Ave., $114,000.

Wragge, Keli L. to Eledge, Trenton L., 7306 Park View Blvd., $103,000.

Kirby, James L. to Bilek, Michael and Regina, 7406 S. 69th St., $58,000.

Kuehner, Christopher J. and Lynette J. Trust to Keating, Jami A., 7625 Teal St., $133,000.

U.S. Bank to Cerna, Omar, 7818 Terry Drive, $95,000.

Tex, Donald J., personal representative for Tex, John B. Estate, to Sarton, Donald R. and Beverly L., 9428 Park View Blvd., $310,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Marshall, Frances A., 9901 Olive St., $400,000.

Bertelsen, Melissa A. and Mark to Bertelsen, Matthew G. and Sarah, 7003 Josephine St., $92,000.

Rotella, James L. and Jennifer M. to Moon, Jed and Amanda, 9422 Granville Parkway, $307,000.

Brehm, Lyle D. and Polly K. to Sims-Derocha, Valerie M. and Shcieffer, John M., 9938 Olive St., $325,000.


Schuck, Cindy J. and Tyric J. to Hinze, James M. and Joanne E., 1228 Edgewood Blvd., $130,000.

Loveland, Jason E. to Kosturko, Amanda L. and Resendez, Nathaniel L., 1311 Beechwood Ave., $193,000.

Bryant, Matthew J. and Chelsea A. to Wendell, Joshua S. and Bentz, Jessalyn M., 1409 Beechwood Ave., $180,000.

Holmes, Tony D. and Christine to Gamon, Luis T. Jr and Heather, 1903 Ridgewood Drive, $323,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Swiniarski, Catherine N. and Joseph A., 2208 Kara Drive, $230,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Tuck, Nicholas R. and Amanda R., 4606 Brook Circle, $285,000.

Jacobson, Michael A. II to Aylward, Gavin and Kristen, 1402 Beaufort Drive, $164,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 2209 Park Crest Drive, $46,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Conway, James and Rosemary L., 611 Ruby Road, $254,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wheeler, Connie J., 6626 Michael Circle, $211,000.

Barr Home Inc. to Royster, William and Jessica, 6652 Park Crest Drive, $329,000.

Fuccio, Joseph, trustee, to R & B Properties LLC, 7927 S. 68th Avenue Circle, $180,000.


Stone Financing LLC to Anderson Jacob E. and Novotny, Marisol K., 15821 Timberlane Drive, $230,000.

Page, Jeffrey A. to Eichhorst, Nicole and Wicht, Karolyn, 16002 Greenleaf St., $158,000.

Laux, Jacob M. and Laux Daniels, Shannon R. to Isaacs, Lauren and Derik, 17011 Palisades Drive, $275,000.

Johnson, Carrie E. to Mehalingam, Dhanachezhiyan and Varadarajan, Nithya, 18104 Edna St., $136,000.

Wesson, Jeff O. Jr. to Saitov, Bakhodur and Mirkhodzhi, Parvinai, 18709 Lillian St., $313,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Roark, James F. and Clausen Kostal, Cathleen M., 18814 Briar St., $267,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnston, David J. Jr. and Brenda L., 18818 Briar St., $234,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7028 S. 184th St., $30,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7031 S. 184th St., $111,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7032 S. 184th St., $118,000.

Spackman, William and Emmaly to Lorusso, Robert, 7110 S. 158th St., $244,000.

Sewick, Michael W. and Wendy R. to Brasel, Connie M. Trust, 7113 S. 160th St., $200,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Brown, Jason and Marina Trust, 10008 S. 163rd Ave., $610,000.

Herrman, Joshua S. and Kellie to Diesing, Brian J. and Jennifer E., 10406 Spyglass Drive, $345,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 11018 S. 174th St., $72,000.

JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 11102 S. 174th St., $72,000.

Bowley, James J. Sr. and Barbara K. to Schulte, Michael and Kristi, 16117 Josephine St., $239,000.

Nienaber, Brian and Brooke to Woodle, Chase R., 17606 Pinehurst Circle, $590,000.

DeLeon, Jose C. and Elida R. to Yadav, Dipak and Nivba, 17752 Margo St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meyer, Shane R. and Dreama M., 18713 Briar St., $201,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stevens, Eric J. and Eryn E., 18922 Blackwalnut St., $290,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Miller, Donald F. and Nancy J., 19017 Redwood St., $271,000.

Thompson, Todd E. and Michelle A. to Edwards, Jerry and Linda, 7505 S. 166th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Smith, Jeffrey L. and Williamson, Heidi, 7855 S. 188th St., $254,000.

Burkhiser, Heather T. and Macklem, Shane B. to Wakefield, Lee R. and Davelene, 8514 S. 162nd St., $277,000.

Lammel, Glenda M. to Craig, Kevin L. and Jane M., 9520 S. 175th Circle, $355,000.


Gardner, Bill R. and Mary A. to Vlasnik, Gary D. and Theresa J., 13426 Olive St., $161,000.

Barker, Lois to Mariotti, Brian A. and Jenny, 13918 Edna St., $195,000.

Pane, Charles J. to Posey, Dana A. and Zimmerman, Carl E., 13929 Greenleaf Road, $150,000.

Lark, Shaun M. to Tierney, Christopher J., 14101 Lisa St., $118,000.

Carson, Aaron J. to Kankovsky, Joseph and Leslie E., 14606 Borman St., $150,000.

Parra, Troy E. and Kaylyn M. to White, Nicholas A., 14908 Margo St., $146,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Gittins, James D. and Jones, Nicolette A., 15542 Newell St., $169,000.

Brandyberry, Jeremy W. and Tera to Gardner, Chase A. and Dvorak, Emily M., 8811 S. 143rd St., $134,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Hagerty, Jeffrey P. and Keely J., 12357 Osprey Lane, $351,000.

Harris, Kerry B. and Rita to Jepsen, Susan K., 12807 Chandler St., $157,000.

Matney Investments LLC to Smith, Michael J., 13419 Carpenter St., $120,000.

Cunningham, Jamie R. and Katherine B. to Samuel, Finny and John, Kezia, 15414 Greenleaf St., $257,000.

Kautsch, Marjorie C. and John F. Trust and Kautsch, Timothy D. and Natalie J. Trust to Kautsch, Marcia L. and Smith, Nathan M., 8125 S. 152nd Ave., $133,000.


Pokorny, Helen A. and Anton L. to Osterbuhr, Christine and Thomas, 3105 Blue Ridge Drive, $125,000.

Chalifoux, Joseph R. and Sherri E. to Bueno, Albert, 7212 S. 21st Ave., $87,000.

Reafleng, Gary R. and Annette N. to O’Brien, John P. and Teresa K., 9402 S. 24th St., $255,000.

Gardner, Patrick J. and Nancy L. to Niles, Ronald S. and Michelle R., 2602 Rose Lane Roads, $241,000.


Passey, Edward J. Jr. and Allyson F. to Holman, Rebecca R. and Lindquist-Mopas, Sarah, 4957 Logan Lane, $198,000.

Rowell, Christopher W. to Shimerdla, Geri A., 7010 S. 50th St., $61,000.

R & B Properties LLC to De Nicola, Jared M. and Ashlie R., 7712 S. 45th Ave., $262,000.



Talida Land Holdings LLC to Lake City Investments LLC, 1402 Ave. F, $55,000.

Long, Brandon M. and Jennifer to Goldermann, Chrisopher L. and Thielen-Goldermann, Jan L., 1220 N. 21st St., $128,000.

Study, Charlotte A. and Danny R. to Parker, Constance, 5603 Merlin Lane, $169,000.

Schulte, Curtis H. and Pamela S. to Taylor, Barbara A. and Travis J., 5101 Council Pointe Road, $335,000.

Geier, Michael G. and Toni L. to Johnson, Preston E., 2318 S. 17th St., $125,500.

Leland Holdings LLC to Handsaker, Ron, 1305 Sixth Ave., $15,000.

Cody, Ruth M. to Powers, Jere A. and Timothy G., 2542 Ave. I, $21,000.

Anderson, Mark M. and Hamilton-Anderson, Jill M. to Gardner, Leroy and Terra, 523 36th St., $153,000.

Bancroft Holdings LLC to Handsaker, Ron, 1301 Sixth Ave., $15,000.

Boner, Lorraine M. to Bluffs Homes LLC, 3450 Second Ave., $67,500.

Sinclair, Robert W. and Tammera A. to Bothwell, Abbie L., 2808 Twin City Drive, $107,000.

Kibat, Dennis H. and Linda M. to Auten, Kristopher C. and Shelby M., 3218 10th Ave., $98,500.

DeYeager, Mary A. to Peacock Homes LLC, 3011 Ave. G, $65,000.

Beu, Shawn to Randolph, David A., 925 Ash St., $84,000.

Woosley, Michael T. and Sharon L. to Swisher, Jenna L. and Travis J., 5604 Redtail Road, $163,500.

Ace Realty LLC to Hein, Matthew J., 2507 Ave. B, $87,500.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Secretary of HUD, 2117 Sixth Ave., $44,500.

Kammrad, Nathan A. and Stefanie to Sales, Hector S., 3609 Ave. D, $80,000.

Watson, Bill to Jimenez Correa, Martin J. and Martinez De Jimenez, Eusebia, 3605 Katie Drive, $138,000.

Lear, Christian A. and Kristina H. to Kemmish, Michele J., 2225 Ave. C, $20,000.

Mac Investments Inc. and Old Lincoln Investments LLC to Norris, Rachel S., 2531 Ave. C, $76,000.

Kermoade, Cheryl D. and Ralph E. Jr. to Cisneros Aguilar, Bertha C. and Aguilar Martinez, Francisco, 3024 10th Ave., $96,000.

Ramsdell, Clayton and Marie to Martinez, Jose A., 3421 Sixth Ave., $85,000.

Schoening, Cale and Kaylyn to Todd, Jeffrey S., 1601 12th St., $145,000.


Boese, Cliford K. and Deanna D. to Infanger, Adriene A. and Rochleau, Chris R., 23867 Dogwood Road, $632,000.

Riche, Kelly L. and William D. to Skinner, Joseph and Karen Family Trust, 13909 192nd St., $249,000.

Drummond, Dorothy M. to Porter, Michael S., 133 Sylvan Drive, $90,500.

Perkins, Ione C. and Terry to Con Weihe, Jean M. and Randy S., 17741 Prescott Circle, $375,000.

Yochum, Jacqueline to Quandt, Lisa, 14185 Overland Trail, $168,000.

Eigenberg, Heath and Gerhard, Guy E. to Wellman, Shawn M., 20 Oak St., $100,000.

Romano, Annette and Michael to Gray, Dennis M. and Linda M., 117 Fawn Park Drive, $330,000.

Ebert, Carla and Michael to Tranmer, Whitney A., 114 Wildwood Road, $188,000.

Cozad, Linda R. and Travis L. to Martin, Theresa, 110 Fifth Ave., $135,000.

Tanous, Pam Trust to Wise, David and Mary, 303 Simms Ave., $333,500.

Tilley, Kristen J. to Heistand, Amanda J., 247 Linden Ave., $140,000.

Gustafson, Marla to Nielsen, Jeffrey R., 145 Kingsridge Drive, $210,000.

Choice Homes LLC to Burroughs, Elizabeth, 219 Journey Circle, $280,500.

Tangeman, Rebecca J. and Scott A. to Atchley, Crystal and Scott, 2 Hillsdale Drive, $118,000.

Birdsall, Gerald D. and Ling, Cindy K. to Fipps, Rebecca L. and Christopher A., 426 S. First St., $59,000.

O’Connor, Denise L. to Smith, Pauline, 314 Eighth St., $16,000.

Ziegenfuss, Janelle R. and Robin D. to Hector, David and Elizabeth, 51 Kingsridge Drive, $279,000.

Rucker, Connie J. to Ditmars, Deborah R., 920 Oak Park Road, $135,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Russ Hays Construction Inc., 1403 Ohm St., $42,000.

Countryside Homes Builders Inc. to Blackburn, Amanda and Jarod, 1453 Larchmont Drive, $541,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Curran, Alexander J., 116 Rosebud Lane, $175,000.

Meyer, David L. and Judith A. to Wymore, Marilyn and Steven E., 112 Glen Oaks Drive, $295,000.

Ordway, Kandyce J. to Jensen, Rene C. and Truman J., 22 Euclid Ave., $147,500.

Dotson, Lindsay D. and Manuel J. to Strong, Jodi R. and Todd R., 1518 Oran Circle, $265,000.

Machmuller, Diane M. and Robert D. to Machmuller, Christopher L. and Joann S., 307 Locust Lodge Ave., $125,000.

McElroy, Jennifer and Mark to Gibreal, Gilbert M. Residuary Trust, 392 Lincoln Ave., $75,000.

Cline, Jedidiah P. and Jessica to Lewis, Johanne C., 607 Bluff St., $92,500.

Robey, Jared A. and Lindsay A. to Pauley, Julia L. and Randy A., 3 Danbury Court, $220,000.

Red Surfer LLC to Fuller, Adam and Megan, 603 Delong Ave., $200,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Robey, Jared A. and Lindsay A., 1510 Abercorn Drive, $320,000.

The Welch Family Trust to Walters, Lynn M. and Robert D., 2515 Eagle Ridge Drive, $295,000.

Brandt, Kimberly A. and Michael G. to Stueve, Lynnette V., 2729 Twelve Oaks Drive, $187,500.


Wells, Lisa and Terry D. to Olson, Danielle, 1210 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $72,000.

Dubois, Sheila R. and Puentes, Jose M. to Devereaux, Jessie A., 1009 Willow Drive, Carter Lake, $110,000.

BGNF Group LLC to Tpc Corp., 1313 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $38,000.

Wells, Lisa S. and Terry D. to Olson, Danielle, 1210 Silver Lane, Carter Lake, $72,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 4329 N. Eighth St., Carter Lake, $136,000.


Hipnar, Carla D. and Debra S. and Michael J. to Denning, James, 512 N. Chestnut St., Avoca, $31,000.

Brunner, Fred M. and Judy A. and Lippold, Dale E. and Steven P. and Deborah A. and VonStein, Shawn E. and Cindy S. to Hilgenberg, Brooke and Tyler, 29515 410th St., Avoca, $150,000.

Rzemyk, Lindsay M. and Thomas J. to Hansen, Merle R., 205 Crocker St., Avoca, $75,000.

Denning, James J. to Hargens, Katrina and Russell, 512 N. Chestnut St., Avoca, $38,000.


Voltmer, Winifred K. to Young, Wendy, 536 Vine St., Carson, $20,000.


Skinner, Joseph and Karen Family Trust to Riche, Kelly L. and William D., 1412 Golden Hills Drive, Crescent, $264,000.


CitiFinancial Servicing LLC to Brouillard, Brenda K. and Edward E., 446 E. Kimball St., Hancock, $22,000.


Hadfield, Fred C. and Patricia to Leaders, Brent and Jamie, 34787 Whippoorwill Road, Minden, $145,000.


Rodenburg, Michael R. Estate to Rodenburg, Crystal J. and Jason L., 23599 310th St., Neola, $90,000.


Goodsell Family Living Trust to Bracker, Stephen, 500 Highway Ave., Underwood, $218,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Childs, Barbara J. and David E., 22487 Norman Drive, Underwood, $482,500.

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