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The Record: Real estate transfers, Nov. 3

The Record: Real estate transfers, Nov. 3

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Weikel, Gary B. and Jennifer to McCarthy, Rory N. and Olivia J., 15658 Rosewater Parkway, $310,000.

McCarty, Justin and Michaela to Boerma, Sarah A. and Jordan M., 8910 N. 169th Ave., $345,000.

Blomberg, Aaron to Blomberg, Aaron and Jaeger, Hannah, 7201 N. 160th Ave., $131,000.

Hicks, Julie A. and Kenton to Christine, Johnathon D. and Carico, Kaylea M., 8108 N. 154th Ave., $210,505.

Richland Homes LLC to Ivey, Kerrie, 7302 N. 162nd St., $281,420.

Baldassano, Susan R. and Joseph to Vincent, Tyler James and Jennifer M., 7955 N. 160th St., $330,000.

Vincent, Tyler J. and Jennifer M. to Yetter, Robert Frederick III and Candace Joy, 7826 N. 153rd St., $245,000.

Metschke, Chad H. and Bousquet-Metschke, Shelly to Kahn, Michael R. and Hollands, Sian M., 7803 N. 152nd Ave., $237,000.


Abbuhl, Bernard and Martha to Ethier, Vicki, 2614 N. 189th St., $253,000.

Gramercy Homes LLC to Cypress Group Inc., 22007 Kent Circle, $100,000.

Moore, Barry L. and Karla D. to Urban, Thomas J. and Risler, Danielle P., 3928 N. 209th St., $295,000.

Ulyatt, Jonathan and Tonirae to Fackler, Benjamin D. and Alyson J., 1202 Ranch View Lane, $587,900.

Ebert, Francine R. to Cullen, David L. and Cullen, Ashleena, 18634 Marcy St., $295,000.

Case, Garth J. and Grolly-Case, Denise L. to Gohr, Nicholas John and Kerry Lynn, 21702 Harney St., $285,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Gable Custom Homes LLC, 2321 S. 220th Ave., $89,000.

Allen, David L. to Case, Anthony Thomas, 2615 N. 191st Ave., $239,900.

Brandt, H. R. Lee, trustee of Brandt Living Trust to Gould, Jay Cory Jr., 4003 N. 190th St., $379,900.

Duren, Jack D. and Shelby S. to Bolt, Ryan, 1617 N. 208th St., $260,000.

Christenson, Dale E., trustee of Dale & Ann Christenson Revocable Trust to Brooks, Barbara and Thomas, 19018 Honeysuckle Drive, $740,000.

Ritter, Brett R. and Erin R. to Janke, Trevor and Carolyn, 3424 N. 207th Ave., $235,000.

Weides, Michael R. and Darcy A. to Duren, Jack and Shelby, 19919 Leavenworth St., $355,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Douglas, Sean S. and Shelby A., 3925 S. 207th St., $439,900.

Hill, Lauren W. to Reinhart, Derrick P. and Kaitlyn R., 2417 N. 188th St., $470,000.

Gleason, David and Williams, Karly to Briggs, Jimmy D. and Christine L., 19406 Manderson Circle, $340,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Mogenson, Michelle and Bruns, Matthew, 18414 Willis Ave., $493,000.

Engelbart, Nick and Morgan C. to Tanner, Matthew and Amber, 20222 Cleveland Circle, $215,000.

Kopecky, Marlee to Breci, Vincent L., 19610 Charles Circle, $525,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Walvoord, Jared and Nicole, 29118 Martin Circle, $235,000.

Walker, Tina to Biesterfeld, Rachael Lee and Jason Andrew, 316 S. Pine St., $169,000.


Growth Financial Services LLC to Hansen, Jeffery F., 6783 Franklin St., $78,000.

Thrall, Matthew A. and Audrey M. to Davis, Audrey L., 5606 Browne St., $154,000.

Schaffer, Linda D. to Henn, Sharon M., 3709 N. 55th St., $110,000.

Chapman, Jacob N. to Saunders, Steven C., 2528 N. 62nd St., $166,000.

McCants, Ricky C. and Kennetta C. to Kyew, Pue and Mya, Eh, 5017 N. 56th St., $160,000.

Lawson, Jean M., trustee of Edward & Marie Nemec Joint Revocable Trust to Ong, Duc Thanh and Nguyen, Chau, 4920 Corby St., $120,000.

First National Bank of Omaha Trust to Pedersen, Grant, 4650 Camden Ave., $62,000.

Roddy, Borace E. to Roddy, Darryl Craig, 6214 N. 49th St., $100,000.

Thomas, Tyson M. and Meggan M. to Griffin, Sam, 1902 N. 59th St., $235,000.

Flipping Flanagans LLC to Izon NE Properties LLC, 2316 N. 67th Ave., $100,000.

Precision Properties Group LLC to Glissman, Jason, 3548 N. 53rd St., $170,000.


Podjenski, Jay P., personal representative of Podjenski, Carol I. to Burright, Pamela K., 2527 S. 43rd St., $132,000.

Rowe, Mark J., personal representative of Rowe, Jacqueline E. to Bernabe, Andres P. Bernabe, 3942 Wright St., $11,000.

Flora, Tamara Kay to Hartman, Joseph and Ashley, 4405 Spring St., $165,000.

Greise, Barbara G., trustee of Doris E. Greise Trust to Copenharve, Bryanna, 2130 S. 39th St., $130,000.

Security National Bank, trustee of Clare L. Horning Trust to Jarrett, Philip A. and Tara A., 4448 Woolworth Ave., $250,000.

Matzke, Ann H. and Gerald E. Jr. to Dixon, Bob and Mary, 1520 S. 25th Ave., $132,500.


Ruma, Carmelo to Kanger, Cody and Blanke, Elizabeth, 3505 S. 46th Ave., $132,000.

Watson Rei LLC to Schied, Michael D., 4902 Poppleton Ave., $132,000.

Boaz, Emily to Kruse, Timothy P. and Nancy E., 4669 William St., $157,500.

Gernandt, Frederick C. and Helen J. to Miller, Robert A. and Jessica E., 5625 Frederick St., $132,500.

Kaufman, James and Jami to Munoz, Armando and Graciela M., 4528 Mayberry St., $247,000.

Lavey, Michael J. and Debra J. to Gomez, Rosario Adriana and Rubio, Oscar Gomez Sr., 5435 B St., $199,000.

Reding, Angela to Flores, Daniel and Zamora, Celeste, 4909 Woolworth Ave., $130,000.

Ro-Dan LLC to Emery, Shawn T. and Shelby N., 4531 Walnut St., $272,000.

Lloyd, Jerry J., trustee of Mildred K. Lloyd Revocable Trust to Red Ladder Inc., 4506 Poppleton Ave., $190,000.

Lubbers, Paul C. to Houghton, Gail Frances, 2715 S. 49th St., $170,000.


Guevara, Felix B. and Ana V. to Cruz, Jaime E., 6717 Railroad Ave., $170,000.

Lohman, Bradley T. to Stoneco Real Estate LLC, 4116 S. 29th St., $64,736.

Warner, Gary L. Jr. and Sarah to Yetongnon, Theodore, 4717 S. 14th St., $108,000.

Conrin, Matthew L. and Kimberly to Guevara, Felix B. and Ana V., 6717 Railroad Ave., $118,500.

AW Warner Management LLC to Warner, Gary L. Jr. and Sarah, 4717 S. 14th St., $70,000.

Beckwith, Heidi to Vukson, Cole and Vukson-Barajas, Jennifer, 3815 S. 35th St., $105,500.

Gaytan, Roberto and Trudy to Elston, Lauren N., 4517 S. 12th St., $104,000.

Double A. Homes LLC to Virgen, Luis Enrique Zamora, 3534 Drexel St., $118,800.


Greene-Walsh, Michael Riley and Diane Michelle Johansen to Jauch, Christopher D., 712 Pierce St., $246,000.

Suarez, Nelly and Villagomez, Antonio to Ceron, Ernesto Mozqueda and Castelan, Araceli Diaz, 2412 S. 11th St., $140,000.

Narduzzo, Oksana to Narduzzo, Paul, 401 Valley St., $29,850.


Ray, Patricia, personal representative of Nichols, Charles to Bar, Maung, 1339 Jaynes St., $83,000.

Thompson, Avesjha T. and Billy M. II to Jamison, Forrest J. and Jamie L., 1917 Wirt St., $113,900.


Hill, Lori Lee to Biswa, Ganga and Gazmer, Binita, 2509 Parker St., $160,000.

Riskowski, Patrick T., trustee of Maxine M. Riskowski Revocable Living Trust to Adavid Properties LLC, 2218 John A Creighton Blvd., $45,000.

Edison Street LLC to Palma, Breanda Mejia, 3540 N. 40th St., $23,000.

Harrison, Leslie and Leah M. to Second Of 11 LLC, 2818 Miami St., $25,000.

Hendrickson, Patrick A., personal representative of Hendrickson, Frances L. to Paquette, John D., 3743 Maple St., $29,000.

Gilreath, Nathaniel to Paquette, John D., 3743 Maple St., $28,000.


Western Financial LLC, trustee of Om6560N34 Trust to Janda, Steven, 6560 N. 34th St., $73,000.

Holder, David A. to Sparks, Garold E., 3417 Sheffield St., $110,000.


Kidd, April C. and Courtney M. to Kuhl, Lisa, 8309 Bowie Drive, $178,000.

Williams, Dale J. and Crinda M. to Zybert, Kimberly, 1428 Maenner Drive, $145,000.

Kevin E. Carper Revocable Trust and Janet E. Carper Revocable Trust to Rueth, Joshua, 7756 Western Ave., $160,000.

Shaul, Deborah K. to McAlister, Sharon, 721 N. 75th St., $145,000.

Ries, Gerald E. to North, Rick L. and Lathrop-North, Pamela J., 1238 N. 97th Place, $400,000.

Rawley, William R. and Chelsey L. to Wolpert, Maria, 7769 Charles St., $203,000.


Brablec, Linda S. to Tanner, Sharon L., 16118 Browne St., $220,000.

Sagherian, Jay Taniel and Lisa Marie to McCullick, Jason D. and Stephanie D., 15319 Locust St., $203,000.

Leise, Jeff J. and Jacquelyn M. to Dalton, Jeremy and Tanya, 2709 N. 157th St., $330,000.

Motzko, Adam and Deanna to Buffington, Ryan T. and Danielle M., 4222 N. 162nd Ave., $281,000.

Jones, Scott M. and Rebecca B. to Glair, Jacob and Abigail, 3002 N. 154th Ave., $201,502.

Roper, John and Kayla to Karolewski, Janusz and Dollie Fern, 14851 Ellison Circle, $282,000.

Ivy Properties Inc. to Eurek, Dale A. and Tonya D., 15112 Camden Ave., $172,900.

Rogers, John M., trustee of John & Marilyn Rogers Trust to Wessel, Erica, 2630 N. 157th St., $340,000.

Reddy, Arun Kanmantha and Buddam, Avanija to Hellbusch, Nicholas, 2534 N. 160th Ave., $362,500.

Shannon, Nickolaus L. and Lindsay S. to Hendrickson, Amy, 16162 Spencer St., $415,000.

Guerin, Kathryn R., trustee of 2005 Guerin Family Trust to Paswaters, Sheila, 17002 Grant St., $335,000.

Pothuloori, Antara and Carlson, Mark to Wang, Yan Xia, 3104 N. 171st Ave., $307,000.

Colburn, William Neal Jr. and Vicki to Berlin, Jeffrey Glen, 14722 Himebaugh Place, $241,000.

Seddon, Kevin T. and Salina R. to Koduru, Vijayasarathy and Subashree, 17525 Redman Ave., $290,000.

Yin, David S., trustee of David & Jane Yin Liv Revocable Trust to Billings, Robert and Brablec, Linda, 6814 N. 159th St., $385,000.

Le, Kiet to Coyle, Dale M. and Claudia J., 15022 Camden Ave., $172,000.

Woll, Mark S., trustee of Mark S. & Robynne C. Woll Trust to French, Jack and Jill, 3238 N. 159th St., $412,000.

Linkhart, Andrew and Angela to Acomb, Andrew and Earlene, 5804 N. 166th St., $519,900.

Jones, Shad E. to Moyes, Cynthia K., 15516 Saratoga St., $184,000.

Keffeler, Julie A. to Kellen, Michael L. and Kathleen, 15916 Curtis Ave., $385,000.

Fillbach, Jerry to Main, Barrett T. and Danielle L., 4652 N. 163rd St., $245,625.


Vision Properties LLC to Soto, Jossie, 5713 Orchard Ave., $80,096.

Sylvester, Christina and Arceneaux, Christopher to Saegebarth, Justin, 6166 Karen St., $89,000.

Saxon, Nicholas K. and Miller, Cassandra to Sotelo, J. Trinidad, 4855 Orchard Ave., $150,000.


Palmieri, Jessica and Ron J. to Clinch, Daniel J., 867 S. 156th Ave., $255,000.

Hopkins, Scott R. and Lindsay A. to Leons, Jake P. and Krista K., 1641 N. 173rd St., $288,500.

Bolmeier, Scott D. and Sheila F. to Urbanek, Bradley and Trisha, 1612 N. 162nd St., $255,000.

Higginson, Doris, trustee of Doris Higginson Living Trust to Thomes, Paul and Paul-Gideon, Felishia, 17125 Lafayette Circle, $220,000.

Grimes, William A. Jr. and Kathryn M. to Richt, Timothy P. and Julia A., 16605 Jones St., $475,000.


Lor, Tou F. to Dieujuste, Narius and Jolimise, 8814 Quest St., $178,000.

Peterson, Martha E. to Htaw, Tha, 8401 Sheffield St., $204,000.

Dalton, Jeremy D. and Tanya M. to Kotas, Gina M., 7306 N. 107th Ave., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Randazzo, Anthony C. and Renae A., 8514 King St., $185,915.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rozier-Epting, Antonio P. and Kornoski, Samantha J., 8502 King St., $198,970.

Masters, Christopher J. and Leah A. to Tyree, Grace L., 7313 N. 106th Ave., $235,000.

Romero, Jake A. and Troy A. to Reh, Nga and Meh, Thaw, 7718 N. 80th St., $169,000.


Dunn, John D. and Susannah to Rahaman, Rachel, 3518 S. 105th Ave., $225,000.

Magee, Martha L., trustee of Martha L. Magee Trust to Combs, Jessie Leigh, 2367 S. 80th Ave., $175,000.

Maldonado, Josephine M. to Richter, Jeffrey S., 9117 Nina St., $145,000.

Pease, Mark A. and Hively, Tracy R. to Polaris Properties LLC, 3603 S. 88th St., $142,000.

Dunn, John R. Jr., trustee of Dunn Living Trust to Charvat, Joshua M., 8169 Hascall St., $160,000.


Arehart, Loni M. to Chancellor, Miranda, 94 Country Club Road, $162,000.

Saunders, Martin D. and Diane E. to Hiffernan, John M. III, 5105 S. 84th St., $210,000.

Midwest Minor LLC to Holistic Health Holdings LLC, 5310 S. 84th St., $1,250,000.

Ehlers, Benjamin and Josie to Brewer, Trent T. and Brooke M., 10248 V St., $180,000.

Homan, Adam and Loretta to Diaz, Daniel and Bivieca, Matyelix, 10533 N St., $205,000.

Johnson, Craig A. and Christine C. to Li, Shuai and Ji, 10462 W St., $188,000.

McGuire, E. Ryan and Tarra K. to Foresman, Shannon M. and Boudreault, Jason P., 6106 S. 95th St., $239,950.


MacGillis, Emily and Steven to Vel, Raja and Gayathri K., 3447 S. 161st Circle, $445,000.

Driscoll, Chris W. and Angela M. to Shainholtz, Corey D. and Williams, Mary M., 16930 Pasadena Circle, $587,000.

Snyder, John F. and Loretta R. to Kane, Jeffrey A. and Melissa M., 19217 Ontario Circle, $365,000.

Durmaskin, Jay H. to O’Brien, John J. and Linda S., 17245 Woolworth Ave., $265,000.

Price, Gregory F. and Elizabeth N. to Wattier, Heather and Donovan, 19276 Poppleton Ave., $565,000.


Millard, Andrew J. and Rachel to McCormick, Scott Albert and Kimberly Kay, 105 N. 31st Ave., $88,500.

Kiewit Infrastructure Co. and Farnam 36 LLC to Blackstone Plaza LLC and Dansam II LLC, 327 S. 37th St., $1,279,000.

Knapp, Richard E. and Jewel L. to Woods, Aerial, 3000 Farnam St., $115,000.

Mirch, Larry to Begovic, Mirza, 105 N. 31st Ave., $120,000.

Miller Way LLC to Newman, Stuart, 1111 N. 42nd St., $49,000.

Tedla, Jay and Jaya Prakash to Rsun Group LLC, 3000 Farnam St., $140,000.

Franks, Terry and Laura to Carl, Andrew and Brianna, 632 N. 41st Ave., $120,000.


Skoge, Harriet to McFarland, Alexander James and Byron Keith, 410 S. 56th St., $265,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 6958 Cuming St., $181,000.


Gammel, Linda, personal representative of May, Clyde C. to Sas Properties LLC, 3423 Keystone Drive, $142,000.

Hultquist, Kirk B. to Harter, Jared, 8160 Browne St., $141,600.

Gau, Jerome, trustee of Gau Family Living Trust to Beveridge, Allan D. and Shirley A., 9212 Browne St., $163,000.

Hawkins, Jennifer and Holbrook, Hannah to Dowling, Joseph Larry and Hendricks, Kylee Kimberly, 4511 N. 91st St., $150,000.

Adams, Ashtin to Hipsher, Tyler J. and Bonnie K., 9323 Tomahawk Blvd., $150,000.

Merriman, Sally D. and Roger P. to Scjwartz, Megan and Smith, Wilber, 7533 Pinkney St., $159,000.

Tedesco, Thomas E. and Cheryl D. to Roberts, Brenda, 9248 Spaulding St., $184,500.

Godsey, Dan and Sheryl to Nawojski, Robert, 2530 N. 81st St., $155,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to B & F Properties LLC, 7605 Bedford Ave., $149,000.

Drum, Leland D. Jr. and Pamela R. to Gall, Michael Lee Jr., 9241 Grand Ave., $172,000.

Lewis, Shirley J. to Sheppard, Jeffery D. and Sheila, 9617 Maple Drive, $163,000.


Freeman, Daniel A. and Alicia J. to Kimmey, Kristopher T. and Sandy, 17503 Monroe St., $371,000.

Meyer, Christopher B. and Jeannette M. to Sauerbrunn, David and Jamie, 19606 Andresen St., $392,000.

Standish, Greg L. and Theresa J. to Kleinschmit, Nicholas Noel and Laura Kathryn, 17459 V St., $325,000.

Beltz, Yvonne, trustee of Yvonne Beltz Revocable Trust to Price, Gerald and Mary, 17018 I St., $285,000.

McGowen, Brandon and Telsie to Bradner, Tamara Marie, 16232 Holmes Circle, $218,000.

Dinan, James P. and Jodi A. to Rogers, David and Deborah, 5607 S. 163rd Ave., $306,000.

Hannor, Rodney L. and Tran H. to Gavini, Fanitha, 5916 S. 174th Ave., $304,500.

Whitmore, Matthew B. and Heather M. to Pfyl, Drew and Lapreze, Emily, 16214 Holmes Circle, $220,000.

Rudloff, Robyn A. and Conlon, Kevin to Roach, Brett C., 16604 Monroe St., $175,200.

Lacey, Matthew Stuart and Ashlee E. to Swett, William Mitchell, 20207 G St., $264,000.

Jones, Donald D. and Jane C. to Garnsey, James C. and Linda J., 5007 S. 190th Ave., $224,000.


Dickey, Andrew and Brittney to Sorensen, John C., 5634 S. 139th St., $190,000.

Diep, Sue and Le, Ngan to Nord, James and Jennifer, 12227 Weir St., $178,500.

Krzemien, Joshua Jon and Rachel Elise to Warneke, David C., 11212 Z St., $188,000.

Hawkins, Debra A. to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 13809 Washington Circle, $119,000.

Henderson, Jerad and Ashley to Krzeminski, Tammie M. and Carney, Mikki A., 4359 S. 148th St., $220,000.

Hiatt, Carol M. to Ernst, Cary and Wendi, 5168 S. 149th Court, $192,800.

Prichard, Roger E. to Mohan, Sujatha and Nagaraju, Mohan, 5011 S. 143rd St., $111,900.

Sprouse, Benjamin L. and Lisa to Pietro, James F., 4501 S. 145th St., $215,000.


Korte, Elise E. to Beam, Cindy L., 14221 Potter Parkway, $250,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Danielson, Robert, 11765 Deer Creek Drive, $60,900.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Waltermire, Robert C. and Ginger S., 11936 Whitmore St., $414,013.

HBC Homes Inc. to Mickeliunas, Joseph and Jenny, 7159 N. 122nd Ave., $480,671.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 7919 N. 131st Circle, $80,000.


Comine, Mindy K. to Cunningham, Joshua Andrew, 2023 S. 138th Avenue Circle, $228,000.

Chappelear, Ryan and Debra R. to Sorenson, John L., 13423 Shirley St., $225,000.

Gallegos, Ryan and Christina to Chavez, Pedro Jr. and Aguila, Maria Dolores Montiel, 12204 Crawford Circle, $170,500.

Hodgson, Ann B. to Bader Construction LLC, 1635 S. 113th Place, $294,500.

Bartunek, Susan L. to Candor Properties VI LLC, 13734 Shirley St., $190,000.

Carrington, Catherine U. to Hansen, Leslie A. and Fischer, Thomas L., 14905 Dorcas Circle, $210,000.

Stageman, Ellen Marie to Kingsley, Dwayne Thomas and Angela, 2047 S. 146th Circle, $210,000.


Wees, Paul S. and Shelby N. to Wees, Brooke L., 644 S. 124th St., $222,000.

Paskvan, Thomas J. and Bowen, Megan E. to Green, Scott and Jill, 12923 Harney St., $317,000.

Beacom, Aaron and Katie to Fox, Brian and Mackey, Richard, 12538 Leavenworth Road, $321,000.

Pierce, Sarah M. and Bradley J. to Moore, David and Lorenza, 11209 Leavenworth St., $175,000.

Curtis, Ryan B. and Lisa M. to Thielen, Andrew P. and Taylor A., 717 N. 155th Ave., $249,000.


Steele, Mark A. and Kristen to Duncan, Bobbie D., 5020 N. 134th St., $258,000.

Anderson, Jennifer and Bharadwaj, Manas to Clark, John P. and Barbara, 4820 N. 137th St., $300,228.

Sheard, Debra L. to Clanton, Dennis and Jill, 6343 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $149,000.

Gomez, Bruce A. and Debra A. to Maxwell, Monte B., 12114 Miami St., $175,000.

Lacey, Jessica to Phu, Tim, trustee of Tim and Sarah Phu Family Trust, 13107 Grand Ave., $146,500.



Spivack, John M. and Patricia A. to Correa, Richard and Gloria, 311 Martin Drive North, $420,000.

Norby, Charles R. and Rila J. to Braesch, Steven S., 2512 Jackson St., $139,000.

Regal Fireworks Co. Inc. to Slobodnik Tim, none provided, $31,000.

Cangelosi, Patricia E., trustee of Patricia E. Cangelosi Revocable Trust to Lawson, David E., trustee of David E. Lawson Revocable Trust, 2303 Power Drive, $150,000.

Scholz, Grete H. and Kathleen, Scholz, Raymond E. and Shirley, Allwein, Diane M. and Storey, Christina A. to Davis, Linda M., 809 W. 31st Ave., $135,000.

McGlothlin, Tyler C. to Roberts, Sara P., 2811 Washington St., $102,000.

Taylor, Shilo and Jeffrey E. to Brown, Amber Korinne and Andrea, 2808 Clay St., $110,000.

Siciliano, Pepin Jamie to Hagen, Andrew Alan, 903 Bluff St., $205,000.

Pretz, Jessica and Ryan to Custard, Ada and Carol, 2011 Hancock St., $165,000.

Evans, Joseph J. and Autumn Ashley to Nguyen, Khoi and Jennifer, 808 Bellevue Blvd. South, $167,000.


Brink, Edward E. Tr to Langendorfer Properties Five LLC, 21522 Amber Circle, $189,000.

D & E. Custom Building & Design Inc. to Brown, Daniel E. and Athilia, 529 Devonshire Drive, $410,000.

Braunger, Barbara Jean to Eaglewood Homes LLC, 11616 S. 206th St., $152,000.

Ernst, Cary D. and Wendi B. to Jacobson, Ashtin R., 11324 S. 199th St., $246,000.

Rogers, James S. and Sherry L. to Sauer, Adam and Megan, 21107 McClellan Drive, $310,000.

Hull, Christopher P. and Kelsey E. to Burns, Mark N. and Alyssa R., 8116 S. 190th Ave., $208,000.


Sacca, Teresa J. and Cory A. to Walenz, Mark C. and Hier, Teresa M., 808 Wilshire Lane, $276,000.

Novak, Sharon and Novak, Patty, personal representative of John C. Novak Estate and both of John & Mary Novak Estate to Schmid Farms Inc., 17002 S. 99th St. Unit 12N, $15,000.

Foley, Kenneth J., trustee, and Foley, Audrey M., trustee of Foley Trust to French, Elliott O., 1240 Cork Drive, $275,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Schwartz, Bryan and Sara, 910 Arlene Circle, $278,000.

Hagan, Kenneth P. and Joann to Countryman, Elizabeth M., 522 E. 2nd St., $122,000.

Vanness, Sherry to Allen, David and Christine, 1316 Edgewood Blvd., $185,000.

Douglas, Sean S. and Shelby A. to Turecek, Joseph F. IV and Heather A., 1710 Hardwood Drive, $279,000.

Rider, Michael S. and Stefanie Nichole to Myers, Brandi and Rocha, Contreras Roberto, 2304 S. Mineral Drive, $275,000.

Britt, Joshua Paul and Elizabeth Marie to Williams, Emmett III and Kimberly, 1120 Delmar St. Unit 4E, $105,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Haynes, Jeremy and Mandy, 10425 S. 111th Ave., $281,000.

Melito, John P. and Michele R. to Nguyen, Tien Hoang and Kim Chi, 10610 S. 111th St., $285,000.


Dewell, Matthew Martin and Molly Jo to Powers Carla, 9906 S. 9th Circle, $185,000.

Sauer Steven J., co-trustee, and Sauer, Julee R., co-trustee of Sauer Revocable Trust to Young, Sheryl P., 10402 Lewis & Clark Road, $232,000.

Drake, Kacey J. and Schubert, Richard L. to Druecke, Kipp Charles, 910 Avery Road, $197,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Billquist, Michael P. and Naomi E., 4310 Chennault St., $383,000.

Tam, Jeffrey Carl and Jayme M. to Sampson, Richelle, 2910 Jack Pine Circle, $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bales, Justin T. and Crawford, Beverly A. S., 1708 Mayflower Road, $292,000.

Svoboda, Mallory C. to Atchison, Shane Patrick, 14316 S. 25th Ave., $180,000.

Kimble, Paul M. and Cherie L. to Burke, Lenny L. and Marilyn R., 9705 Linden Ave., $210,000.

Banks, Wayne J. and Angela to Eskey, Leroy and Ashley, 2609 Nottingham Drive, $240,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meyer, Matthew L. and Katie L., 1712 Pilgrim Drive, $287,000.

Qualset, Michelle S. to Lemley, Gregory C. and Kalli E., 803 Cedar View Drive, $225,000.


Bolan, Morris John and Ellen Marie to Squeeks Garage LLC, 8812 Redwood Court, $175,000.

White, Russell E. III to Oiness, Torin, 7810 Elm Drive, $187,000.

Warfel, Penny Lyn to Ilsley, Andrea, 7406 Ivy Lane Drive, $161,000.

Pratt, Ricki A. and Shannon, Claire to Pretz, Jessica and Ryan, 8131 S. 103rd St., $329,000.


Hoffmann, Michael R. and Elizabeth A. to Kimmet, Michael Anthony and Erin E., 705 Fall Circle Road, $340,000.

Kimmet, Michael A. and Erin E. to Leighow, George Christopher and Carrie Jo, 704 Eagle View Drive, $204,000.

Schwartz, Bryan M. and Sara B. to Ludwikowski, Anthony and Megan, 4604 Springview, $210,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha to Sautter, Adam J. and Ann M., 13804 S. 51st St., $385,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Seevers, Tiffany, 11513 S. 110th Ave., $337,000.


Kroll, Jason M. and Elizabeth M. to Healion, Sean J. and Vamosi, Michelle E., 18618 Edna St., $365,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Newburn, Cory M. and Destini M., 18809 Birch Ave., $266,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Mostek, Brenda J. and Jamie L., 8004 S. 184th St., $334,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Miller, Thomas E. and Barbara J., 11012 S. 186th Ave., $340,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Courtney, Jerry Stacey and Kelly D., 8165 S. 188th St., $287,000.

Sutter, Todd and Sarah to Dorcey, Timothy P., 16504 Heather St., $315,000.

Malchow, Douglas H. and Karisa L. to Chokkara, Sundara M. and Geeta V., 7120 S. 178th St., $168,000.

Morrison, Tracy, successor trustee of Urbanek Family Trust to Throener, Andrew and Whitney, 17610 Colonial Ave., $372,000.

Stauffer, Betty J., trustee, and Anderson, Vicki J., trustee of Bob L. Andersen Trust Stauffer Living Trust to Bruno, Dianna L., 16330 Josephine St., $228,000.

Boyer, Craig W. and Jamie L. to Bybee, Daniel E. and Jessica L., 9601 S. 179th St., $335,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Roeber, Jena L. and Todd J., 18820 Greenleaf St., $252,000.

Streich, Charles C. to Streich, Charles C. and Thieman, Kayla, 15966 Virginia Circle, $160,000.

McAndrews, Jeremy D. and Amanda M. to Casto, Jonathan, 18713 Josephine St., $340,000.

Bohnenkamp, Eric A. and Toni M.A. to Peterson, Jacob, 9304 S. 168th Ave. Circle, $255,000.

Zodieru, Joshua and Mary to Cesh LLC, 16012 Virginia St., $253,000.

Dickey, Elizabeth A. and Bradley W. to Antoniak, Tabitha, 18059 Sunridge St., $255,000.

Husebo, Joel E. and Patricia L. to Espinoza, Carlos Compean, 7922 S. 157th Ave., $190,000.

Eisenreich, Michael K. and Meggie J. to Prendergast, Lori A. Douglas and Thomas Joseph, 19005 Margo St., $235,000.

Erickson, Jon L. and Amy A. to Potineni, Mrudula and Venugopala Rao, 16122 Cottonwood St., $174,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Frahm, Craig J. and Allen, Jennifer L., 18518 Hampton Drive, $441,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Herrig, Hilary J. and Ryan C., 8006 S. 184th Ave., $323,000.

Forster, Michael J. and Julie A. to Deeds, Garrett and Barnes, Emily, 18610 Gertrude St., $328,000.

Eickhoff, Imogene E. to Humphrey, Constance Jean, 17151 Oakmont St., $216,000.

Carter, Robert J. and Megan T. to Chmelka, Gary J. and Gloria J., 7309 S. 170th St., $375,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bosnjak, Mevludin and Aisa, 18622 Willow St., $282,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sutton, Zane C. and Hylen, Kelsey K., 18904 Greenfleaf St., $266,000.

Johnson, Nicole T. to Bounds, Lisa, 18808 Rosewood St., $259,000.


Rahmanzai, Mohamad F. and Alia K. to Jepsen, Christopher T., 8615 Meadows Parkway, $138,000.

Schleifer, Jonathan R. and Leigh to Hiatt, Carol M., 14807 Willow Circle Drive, $171,000.

Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC to Good, Daniel and Kathleen, 14208 Rose Lane Road, $174,000.

Lovings, Thomas E. and Brandi to Nguyen, Brandon Vu, 13962 Olive Circle, $249,000.

Block, Scott Lee to Bell, Denise A., 13915 Virginia St., $164,000.

Schoonover, Kyle to Ceballos, Fernando, 14813 Borman St., $178,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Liddell, Gay D. and Richard T., 11508 Grissom St., $362,000.


Billquist, Michael P. and Naomi to Duckett, Jessica N., 2210 Marlee Drive, $206,000.

Normandin, Anna R. to Glassman, Sean, 2560 Holly St., $90,000.

Jackson, Kurt E. and Tatia L. to Rivera, Cesar Jovani, 7660 S. 40th St., $145,000.

Haas, Jeremy to Camp, Dylan and Dara Ashley, 2207 Barbara Ave., $341,000.

Meyer, Matthew and Katherine to Johnson, Diane M. and James M., 9404 S. 28th Ave., $286,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Vander Zanden, Joseph Michael and Schaaf Vander Zanden, Megan Marie, 6406 Peters Parkway, $370,000.

Vavra, Patty J. and Kay to Jourdan, Kelsey Janelle, 4818 Borman St., $188,000.

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