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The Record: Residential real estate transfers, March 22

The Record: Residential real estate transfers, March 22

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Legacy Homes Omaha to Tibke, Cole and Jenna, 17240 Bondesson St., $282,767.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Rago, James L. and Rebecca L., 16010 Potter St., $269,000.

Bear Homes to WL Investments, 16221 Young St., $255,000.

Sheen, Gwyn E. and David R. to Sukraw, Angela N. and Mark D., 16110 Willow Circle, $240,000.

Roth, Heather M. to Walter, Jayne M. and Epp, Jeremy, 16012 Bruning St., $234,900.

Christen, Benjamin W. and Rebecca L. to Marquiss, Amber L., 15908 Rosewater Parkway, $218,000.

Wallingford, Don and Kristina to Cole, Richard A. Jr. and Elizabeth F., 7941 N. 152nd St., $212,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Pickinpaugh, Christopher, 8115 N. 158th St., $192,766.

Gerbec, Steve H. and Lexi J. to Wollberg, Karen K. and Bennie R. Trust, 8056 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $149,250.

Kock, Trisha L. and Price, Bernard J. II to O’Connell, Taylor, 8032 N. 147th St., $136,000.

Wulff, Sara E. to Carlson, Jaclyn, 14467 Reynolds St., $120,000.

Sukraw, Mark D. and Barnhard, Angela N. to Sukraw, Kenneth and Miriam, 309 N. Stark St., $110,000.


Bittles, Michael and Patricia to Thompson, Michael L. and Eva S., 4605 N. 192nd Circle, $430,000.

Barnes, Stephen C. and Traci A. to Antonucci, Anthony III and Kristyn, 19511 Marcy St., $413,000.

Capstone Construction to Scott, Nathan and Gretchen L., 1409 S. 208th St., $400,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Scott, Nathan and Gretchen L., 1504 S. 210th St., $368,000.

Cambridge Homes to McTaggart, Mark and Andrea, 19639 Mason St., $318,000.

Gatts, Mason and Hannah to Diepram, Jarrod R. and Brandy D., 18404 Farnam St., $280,000.

Piennett, Melissa B., trustee for Piennett Family Trust to Hansen, Michael H. and Kristi L., 4015 S. 224th Circle, $275,000.

Home Co. to Nekonchuk, Mark and Ruth, 19324 Franklin Circle, $272,000.

Simon, Josef and Zena to O’Connor, John C., 555 S. 182nd St., $225,000.

Fischer, Mary K. to Benzel, Monica M. and Richard L., 3906 N. 207th St., $219,900.

Celebrity Homes to Petersen, Edward J. and Lundgren, Stacie L., 1804 N. 209th St., $201,450.

Roemer, Amanda to Kilgore, Jonathan and Tylene, 1402 N. 209th Ave., $180,000.

West Coast Properties to Hesinger, Brenda R., 20119 Gateway Road, $168,000.

Phillips, Dominic L. and Kassandra R. to Molacek, Cody and Ashley, 1714 N. 206th St., $168,000.

Benzel, Richard L. and Monica M. to Jones, Scott R., 21421 Shamrock Circle, $165,000.

Kavan, Amber D. and Droescher, Amber D. to Engelbart, Nick and Morgan C., 20222 Cleveland Circle, $145,000.

Heller, Daniel D. and Lori L. to Lerette, Paul M. and Alicia, 20206 Gateway Road, $141,000.

Quest Construction Co. to Chander, Gulshan K. and Ajay, 1708 S. 212th St., $125,000.

Gillen, Kristine K. and Robert M. to Ostrander, Rachel, 20487 Poplar St., $70,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Advantage Development, 1515 S. 208th St., $60,000.

ER-North Development to Kronaizl Investments, 1805 N. 196th St., $59,000.

FRK Development to Hildy Construction, 18824 Sahler St., $49,900.

ER-North Development to Kronaizl Investments, 1810 N. 197th St., $49,000.

FRK Development to Ramm Construction, 18954 Manderson St., $44,900.

FRK Development to Ramm Construction, 18871 Manderson Circle, $44,900.

Trademark Homes to Gottsch Land Co., 4213 N. 210th St., $42,884.

FRK Development to Vencil Construction, 4003 N. 190th St., $39,900.


Bal, Jacob R. and Maddelyn R. to McMorris, Sharon A., 2331 N. 50th Ave., $175,000.

Luna, Jennifer L. to Thomas, Tyson M. and Meggan M., 1902 N. 59th St., $168,000.

Bergquist, Joan F. Trust to Doherty, Vickie L., 5422 Seward St., $127,000.

Merry, Dane M. and Megan E. to Krasneck, Laura A., 2028 N. 48th Ave., $121,000.

Gustin, Joelle E. to Reh, Tee and Meh, Plee, 6052 Jaynes St., $103,000.

Cernik, Jeffrey J. and Amanda R. to Andsager, Chris R., 5801 Larimore Ave., $84,000.

Slane, Ryan T. to Nichols, Courtney, 2008 N. 68th St., $76,000.

Bowie-Buggs Properties to Tha, La and Way, Moe, 5346 N. 47th St., $75,450.

Love, Curtis A. and Sheila A. to Gates-Colbert, Symidahl S., 6317 N. 47th St., $72,500.

Three T Investments to Friesen, Jenna R., 3732 N. 53rd St., $53,500.

Reckmeyer, Daniel A. and Shaune F. to RKCK LLC, 3501 N. 59th St., $42,500.

Gerhardt, Vicki L. to Bogart, Nancy and Greg, 6424 Fowler Ave., $36,000.

Sutton, Miriam to Sieler, John, 2820 N. 66th Ave., $32,250.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group, 5012 N. 64th St., $32,000.

Sharples, Paul D. and Rettenmaier, Carol A. to Aspect Homes, 3533 N. 59th St., $24,000.


Otivich, Jennifer A. to Mandl, Drew M., 4385 Mason St., $140,655.

Vandelay Investments to Harvest Development II, 902 S. 41st St., $136,250.

Beck, Julie A. to Renze, Philip E. and Amanda J., 3311 Pine St., $109,000.

Miles, Dinah S. to Peterson, Lisa M., 3125 S. 42nd St., $81,500.

Culbertson, Helen J. to Haffke, Carolyn V., 2142 S. 33rd St., $80,000.


Maas, Marjorie M. and Preston F. to Turner, Walter J. and Kathleen M., 512 S. 50th Ave., $163,787.

Peterson, Lisa M. to Rife, Clyde M., 1020 S. 52nd St., $140,000.

Sorenson, Dennis V. and Strubinger, Ronald J. to Skarda, James, 3504 S. 51st Ave., $135,000.

Stang, Daniel T. and Deborah L. to Filimban, Mahasen H., 6161 Pine St., $120,000.

Haskins, Matthew to Munson, Michael and Michelle, 4522 Vinton St., $117,225.

Slama, Carol A. and Wolff, Gerald W. to Vogler, Evelyn J., 2613 S. 50th St., $110,000.

Petersen, Jeanne to Franksen, Miles A. and Alicia L., 951 S. 50th St., $33,000.


Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, See Trust to Soto, Beatriz A., 3465 Washington St., $55,000.

Lemp, Eric, trustee, to Joe Real Estate Ventures, 5116 S. 22nd St., $43,000.


Kalasky, Mark R. and Diana L. to Mejia, Norma B., 2522 S. Sixth St., $90,000.


Martin, Tiffany to Taylor Investments, 3952 N. 40th Ave., $25,000.


Dierks, Matt R. and Catherine E. to Linstrom, Gary L. Jr., 8118 N. Ridge Drive, $102,000.

Abide Network to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2874 Bauman Ave., $43,000.


First National Bank to Sweet, Travis J. and Genovese, Kristine R., 518 N. 74th St., $175,000.

Siebrandt, Kristine and Steven to Hornbaker, Christopher J., 1025 N. 76th St., $151,000.

Fresh State Real Estate Options to Osborne, Linda and Patrick S., 9405 Meadow Drive, $130,000.

Tobin, Michael and Lorri to Pierce, Justin C., 1469 N. 91st St., $129,900.

Deutsche Bank National to Kangas, Matt, 927 N. 74th St., $125,500.

Patry, Jeffrey J. to Boyle, Patrick J. and Ellen J., 8304 Seward St., $116,000.

Billingsley, Richard A. to CW Ventures Property Management, 8301 California St., $74,000.


Henderson, Yvonne M. Trust to Ludwig, Cameron T. and Stephanie R., 5603 N. 162nd St., $380,000.

Herman, Richard and Sherry to Hadley, Steven L. and Shari A., 17015 Burdette St., $328,900.

Knapp, Bryan and Dannell to Sjuts, Jake and Tara, 3925 N. 161st Ave., $270,000.

Rago, Rebecca L. to Olsen, Jane A. Trust, 5809 N. 159th St., $267,700.

Celebrity Homes to Kharel, Samira and Tiwari, Sanjib, 17403 Tibbles St., $239,000.

Goodsell, Darwin L. and Carla to Smith, Dustin E. and Laura M., 6422 N. 150th St., $237,000.

Scott, Nathan and Lindsay to Bates, Michael G. and Jeannen K., 16360 Taylor St., $215,000.

Charleston Homes to Kottke, Paul E. and Mary M., 5405 N. 150th St., $204,000.

Kahler, Robert S. and Sarah J. to Johnson, Jeremy L. and Lisa A., 4212 N. 149th St., $191,000.

Sanchez, Andrea T. and Raymond A. Jr. to Pottebaum, Heather and Adam, 14742 Sprague St., $170,900.

Blondo Street Development to Thomas David Builders, 2710 N. 179th St., $165,000.

Foster, John M. and Currier, Lauren to Holthaus, Ross R., 17101 Camden Circle, $151,500.

Meyer, Daniel J. and Megan A. to Armstrong, Clayton, 6616 N. 149th Ave., $150,000.

Spokowski, Ashley L. to Rech, Nicole E., 16029 Browne St., $147,000.

Akan, Eren and Michelle to Janucik, Shawn M., 17023 Yort Ave., $144,000.

Bath, Rajbir and Kaur, Navdeep to Labandz, Vincent H., 4003 N. 172nd Ave., $142,000.

Fuchs, Rachel to Moore, Nicole D. and Hartman, Matthew, 16504 Patrick Ave., $134,000.

Blondo Street Development to Glenn C. Palmer Homes, 2328 N. 177th St., $100,000.

Blondo Street Development to Belt Construction Co., 2402 N. 179th St., $65,000.

Blondo Street Development to Castle Brook Builders, 2710 N. 178th St., $50,000.

Blondo Street Development to Advantage Development, 2415 N. 179th St., $50,000.

Blondo Street Development to Timberline Homes, 2411 N. 179th St., $45,000.

Blondo Street Development to Nilius Builders Inc., 2327 N. 178th St., $45,000.

Blondo Street Development to Castle Brook Builders, 17711 Erskine St., $45,000.

Gottsch Land Co. to Fools Inc., 6140 N. 165th St., $43,900.


Bober, Julia J., personal representative, to Adkins, Susan E., 5109 S. 51st St., $130,000.

Sobczyk, Joseph D. and Vesta L. to Beck, Lisa A. and Pesek, Matthew, 4619 S. 47th St., $105,000.

SAS Properties to Sanderhoff, John J., 4452 S. 60th Ave., $101,000.

Susnjar, Jacob E. to Lindzy, Daniel, 5240 S. 49th Ave., $82,500.


Reininger, Maureen E. to Campbell, Sean P. and Stacy F., 175 S. 166th St., $327,000.

Schlessinger, Bernard S. Trust to Husk, Josh and Samantha, 15707 Hamilton St., $200,000.

Kadavy, Gary J. to Ortmeier, Vernon A., trustee for Ortmeier, Rita R. Trust, 1721 N. 176th Plaza, $130,500.

Bornohft, Jeffrey R. to Ortmeier, Vernon A., trustee for Ortmeier, Rita R. Trust, 1738 N. 175th Plaza, $130,000.


Knight, Jason T. and Julie M. to Nero, Gabrielle M. and Daniel R., 7503 N. 107th Ave., $195,000.

Heck, Sharon L. to Smith, Albert T. and Joleen R., 10329 Huntington Ave., $175,000.

ASP Model Holdings to Noveski, Lynn M., 7761 N. 86th Ave., $159,200.

Griffin, Darnell C. and Auriel to Holscher, Brent J. and Tessa J., 7376 N. 87th St., $140,000.

Jundt, Scott R. and Glennay V. to Marks, Albert and Meshah L., 8726 Wyoming St., $135,000.

Nelson, Jason R. and Danielle M. to Subba, Nar and Khin, 7407 N. 82nd Ave., $135,000.

Papstein, Alex J. and Karlee A. to Payton, Jennifer, 8328 Read St., $130,000.

Beister, John L. to Headen, Adrian and Nicole, 7002 N. 87th Ave., $130,000.

Braun, Brandon S. and Connie to Cattano, Steve and Gina, 8022 Bauman Ave., $125,000.

Conners, Korrie A. and Fowles, John to OMA 4 Rent LLC, 7427 Wyoming St., $107,000.


Gish, Gregory T. to Sullivan, Dana A. and Joseph T., 1321 S. 78th Ave., $365,000.

Gilmore, Marcia S. Trust to Keffler, Mark, 1520 S. 88th St., $255,000.

Sieler, Rebecca F. and John S. to Aspect Homes, 7801 Woolworth Ave., $210,000.

Rowe, Michael D. and Linda M. to Anderson, Kenneth R. and Ashley S., 3303 S. 107th Ave., $185,000.

Hosman, Susan J. and Jewel E. to Maier, Sarah L., 7674 Shirley St., $178,000.

Rempe, Lewis P. and Evelyn L. to Graham, Austin L., 7533 Valley St., $162,000.

Goodwater, Richard A. and Marla A. to Moe, Michael A. and Linda J., 8005 Barbara St., $126,000.

Kershner-Saedi, Mary J. to Hutfless, Justin A., 7337 Grover St., $125,000.


Hickey, Scott M. and Lisa M. to Bostic, Everett C. and Tomek, Amy L., 7352 Jefferson St., $185,000.

Lewis, Michael P. to Minnis, Paul E. Jr. and Polly B., 9905 Orchard Circle, $160,000.

Labens, Lawrence E. and Julie A. to Hyde, Renee Y., 10711 Berry Plaza, $155,000.

Foley, William to Davis, Cedric J. and Jamie R., 6745 Woodbine Circle, $147,500.

Kroupa, Sandra A. to Kroupa, Edward J., 7418 Washington St., $140,000.

Brown, Dennis W. and Donna J. to Ramos-Gonzalez, Marco A. and Rodriguez, Silvia, 10716 Laci St., $137,000.

Jordan, Terry L. and Geri L. to Gregory, Freddie L. and Cassandra C., 8464 Monroe St., $135,000.

Hezel, Thomas E. Trust Share to Cabrera, Espiridion, 7764 Park Drive, $72,000.


Falcone Enterprises to Boyer, Marcia C. and Thomas G. Jr., 3311 S. 188th Ave., $665,900.

Thompson, Michael L. and Eva to Marinovic, Mark and Katherine, 19258 Woolworth Ave., $520,000.

Bennett, Margie A. Trust to Krieser, Gregory A. and Brenda L. Trust, 3552 S. 193rd St., $390,000.

Soulliere, Beth and Mark to Horner, Ronald P. and Toni N., 2011 S. 186th St., $372,000.

Boatright, Colin J. and Anne C. to Zimmerman, Chad R., 1913 S. 198th St., $255,000.

Wallquist, Eric to Mathre, Dale R. and Judith R., 3031 S. 163rd St., $235,000.

Schroeder, Sarah E. to Lostaglia, Jayme J. and Patrick A., 18910 Grover St., $200,000.

Nekonchuk, Mark T. and Ruth S. Trust to Brady, James T., 3111 S. 159th St., $161,000.

Gray, Rhonda, personal representative, to Bergh, Nathan and Erin, 16217 Valley Circle, $136,500.

Holloway, Margaret A. and Michael E. to Hansen, Melinda A. and James P., 16517 Castelar St., $122,000.

Epperson, Patricia A. to Roorda, Jilene L. and Craig J., 1319 S. 165th St., $105,000.

Naumann, James D. and Devereus-Naumann, Allison A. to Byers, Kathryn R., 3406 S. 162nd Circle, $71,000.


McMorris, Sharon to Kmiecik, Sandra and Richard Jr., 5404 Nicholas St., $400,000.

Holmes, William W. and Judith C. to Kelly, Steven M., 5614 Western Ave., $152,500.

Morrisey, J.D. and Colleen D. to Berryman, Kevin B., 5821 Charles St., $127,000.

Gerald Christensen IRA to Turner, Alexander J., 5817 Charles St., $110,725.

HBI LLC to H & S Partnership, 6902 Charles St., $89,250.

Lee, Patti L., trustee for Anderson, Dorothy M. Trust to Basye Real Estate Concepts, 4613 California St., $70,000.


Neely, Darrel H. and Susan to Treetum Group, 9634 Ohio St., $158,000.

Spier, Michelle R. and Douglas A. to Dierking, Andrew M. and Meredith E., 3714 N. 95th St., $150,105.

Meyer, Kyle L. and Michelle to Hawley, Benjamin W. and Jessica L., 9442 Laurel Circle, $149,500.

Porter, Randy R. and Andrea K. to Knight, Jason T., 4626 N. 81st St., $129,900.

Bosselman, Marvin E. and Paulette F. Trust to Gonzalez, Rufino E., 9607 Wirt St., $120,000.

Okita, Richard D., trustee for Okita-Englund Living Trust to Mokrycki, Joseph M. and Emily A., 8104 Burdette St., $107,000.


McIntosh, Darin S. and Limpach, Jennifer L. to Hinrichs, Thomas F. and Barbara L., 17521 Riggs St., $377,000.

Silverstone Building Co. to Farwell, Mandy L. and Jason A., 4214 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $348,527.

Granillo, Antonio M. and Tiffany L. to Stanley, Donald W. and Jessica L., 17538 K St., $283,000.

Swanson, Mark A. and Jeremy to Guyette, Jeffery M., 5409 S. 174th Ave., $271,456.

Ullman, Paul E. and Christina S. to Braun, Brandon S. and Connie J., 17224 Patterson Drive, $243,000.

Yim, Christine H. and Cho, John S. to Kastler, Devon E. and Samantha S., 19302 K Circle, $232,500.

Celebrity Homes to Stock, David A., 4439 S. 198th Ave., $206,000.

Carroll, Ronald L. and Ann E. to Manzitto, Paul J. and Jamie M., 6116 S. 160th St., $198,500.

Hanzek, David A. and Linda M. to Alldredge, Douglas K., 16134 W St., $190,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hickman, Amanda L. and John D., 19465 S St., $160,150.

Walter, Jayne and Epp, Jeremy to Smith, Jeremy D. and Brittney M., 4955 S. 167th St., $160,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jorgensen, Ashley and Shawn, 5326 S. 196th St., $157,450.

Kelly, Kristin M. to Romsdal, Monica, 19603 Weir St., $141,000.

Pharr, Jennifer M. and Joshua N. to Fischer, Mary K., 6725 S. 191st Ave., $136,250.

Snyder, David A. to Beedle, Barry W., 16527 Ehlers St., $125,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 19513 Adams St., $39,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 19507 Adams St., $39,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp., 6013 S. 193rd Ave., $36,000.

BSR-FW LLC to, 6009 S. 193rd Ave., $36,000.


Snyder, Daniel E. and Sara to Pacesetter Homes, 15335 V St., $187,500.

Beutler, John E. and Dorothy M. to Darling, Jakub D. and Amy J., 12455 Woodcrest Drive, $175,000.

Ostrand, Colleen B. to Moore, Brian and Emily, 6044 Oakcrest Plaza, $160,800.

Spitznagle, Andrew M. to Harding, Catherine J. and Aaron J., 5741 S. 137th St., $150,000.

Cecetka, Jill to Potter, Harlin J., 14630 M St., $145,000.

Pierce, Eric D. and Minako I. to Farivari, Mohammad and Momenghalibaf, Zahra, 11615 Jefferson Circle, $123,500.

Safarik, Jacob M. to Allen, Melissa J., 13827 W Circle, $118,100.

Cooper, Douglas S. and Jennifer A. to Steinke, Susan C., 12627 Weir St., $99,000.

Western Financial LLC and OM 13312 Z Trust to KPC Investors, 13312 Z St., $90,000.

U.S. Bank to McNeill, Kathy and Mike, 12215 Signal Drive, $70,000.


Serrano, Amber R. and Wiley, Kevin J. to Follmer, Andrew M. and Schwarting, Jill N., 7151 N. 126th Ave., $289,900.

Celebrity Homes to Novak, Kathryn A. and Anita I., 14232 Wood Valley Drive, $200,800.

Celebrity Homes to Doctoroff, Geoffrey M. and Ariel N., 13958 Potter Parkway, $179,100.

Celebrity Homes to Reisner, Tracy L., 14213 Iowa St., $158,150.

Moody, Molly K. and Christopher M. to Thornton, Laura, 11163 Girard St., $125,000.

Stevens, Elly and Allen R. to Ekdahl, David, 8106 N. 127th Ave., $54,000.


Hansen, Jon T. and Beth A. to Moore, Richard S. and Amy L., 2315 S. 154th Circle, $217,800.

Monohon, Mary J. to Merical, Patrick W., 1218 S. 137th Ave., $213,000.

Rector, Margaret L. to Frost, Mary E., 14616 Frances Circle, $175,000.

Beckham, Barry S. and Cleo M. to Folk, Kimberly and Pieper, Timothy, 3852 S. 152nd St., $160,000.

Purcell, Josh and Cassandra L. to Deck, Samantha L., 12506 B St., $120,000.

Markes, David E. to Meyer, William J. and Nancy, 2323 S. 122nd Ave., $105,000.


Dempsey, Robert and Linda to Lonowksi, Jeffrey L. and D’Ann K., 6850 Willow St., $360,000.

Kruk, Brian E. to Gries, Tara M. and Casey M., 8321 N. 46th St., $185,000.

Montoya, Lisa L. and David A. to Beisheim, Marc, 8225 N. 47th St., $138,000.

Eggum, Brenda, trustee for Stewart, Bernard Residence Trust to De Graff, Nathaniel M., 6817 N. 65th St., $97,900.


Meehan, Margo A. and Thomas F. to Wees, Kori L. and Joshua H., 1307 N. 127th Ave., $340,000.

Steier, Daniel J. and Carole A. to NAT LLC, 1805 N. 130th Circle, $312,500.

Regan, Mary S. and James J. to Roberts, Jennifer A. and Justin A., 1519 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $310,000.

Issaka, Saluhu and Jordan, Josephine to Hall, Michael C. and Andrea L., 1510 N. 131st Ave., $307,000.

Menghini, Alfred G., trustee for Menghini Living Trust to Rempe, Evelyn L. and Lewis P., 841 S. 113th Avenue Circle, $195,000.

Neilsen, Jennifer L. and Michael C. to Langin, Kerry and Nicky J., 833 Meadow Road, $195,000.

Brown, Sarah M. and Jacob K. to Knutson-Kill, Lori A., 710 S. 130th St., $171,000.

Mayberry, Lori A. to Ullman, Christina, 730 N. 155th Ave., $170,000.


Ludwig, Cameron T. and Stephanie R. to Collins, Katie L., 13406 Erskine St., $284,000.

Irish, Everard and Caldeira-Irish, Kicha to Tine, Jose L. and Carolina, 3139 N. 126th St., $269,000.

Ross, Edward J. and Karina J. to Hegge, Tyler, 13514 Boyd St., $208,500.

Eckhoff, Anna and Brad to Struck, Giles R. and Janice L., 6811 N. 122nd Court, $187,000.

Kuhl, Dana W. and Chandra J. to Linthicum, Derrick J. and Kimberly J., 11468 Nebraska Court, $166,000.

Haas, William M. and Susan M. to Forbes, Kari A. and Michael D., 2717 N. 125th Ave., $164,000.

Lowry, Walter B. to Holt, Douglas Jr. and Valerie, 2239 N. 128th Circle, $134,900.

Lemmon, Kimberly J. and Scott T. to Payne, Kate, 12943 Cady Ave., $134,000.

Haugen, Melissa K. to Gammel, Lisa M., 12926 Vernon Ave., $125,000.



Dobash, Leo J. to Ricci, Kristen M. and Anthony R., 206 Merwood St., $180,000.

Value Install LLC to Judevine, James D. and Emily N., 2101 Fairview St., $120,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Tri State Ventures, 213 Lois Lane, $70,000.

U.S. Bank Trust, trustee for LSF8 Master Participation Trust to R&B Properties, 902 Evergreen Ave., $75,000.

Catlin, Timothy and Ashley M. to NEI Global Relocation, 903 Evergreen Ave., $125,000.

NEI Global Relocation to Williamson, Nathan L., 903 Evergreen Ave., $125,000.

Heiden, Jonathan D. and Laura A. to Dyck, Rosemary, 908 W. 32nd Ave., $90,000.


Reichert, Hubble V. and Mockelman, Melissa C. to Wilcox, Jordan M. and Karryn D., 11327 S. 203rd St., $198,000.

Paitz, Bruce E. to White, Michelle L. and Svehla, Alex, 12427 S. 218th Ave., $166,000.

Charleston Homes to Kreifels, Joshua E. and Holley K., 17312 Jessica Lane, $268,000.

Hildy Homes to Linderman, Michelle E. and Gideon and Robb, Kathleen A., 19838 Emiline St., $355,000.

McCune Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 20116 Maple St., $34,000.

Necas, Phyllis J. to Penny, Sandra A., 225 Michael Drive, $138,000.

Streck, Thomas M. to Keiser, Jenifer L. and Darren R. Trust, 23408 Cheyenne Circle, $35,000.

Streck, Thomas M. to Keiser, Jenifer L. and Darren R. Trust, 23408 Cheyenne Circle, $795,000.


Maupin, Thomas H. and Andrea to Brooks, Robert and Nicki, 1005 Shady Tree Lane, $280,000.

Belt Construction Co. to Paradise, Mark R. and Debra C., 10209 S. 125th St., $304,000.

Zych Construction to DeMaria, John M. and Anderson, Tina L., 10502 S. 125th Ave., $367,000.

Richland Homes to Schlecht, Daniel and Randi, 10613 S. 112th St., $245,000.

OneWest Bank to Bank of America, 1120 Delmar St., $71,000.

Showacase Homes to Thoman, Marty and Beth, 12512 S. 81st Ave., $401,000.

Godek, Jennifer and Michael to Seretta, Timothy A. and Erin B., 601 Joseph Drive, $180,000.

O’Donnell, Michelle A. to O’Donnell, Michelle A. and Goodman, Peter J., 604 S. Harrison St., $44,000.

Capes, Stacey M. and Richard to Cernik, Jeffrey J. and Amanda R., 708 Matthies Drive, $185,000.

Love, W. Kenneth and Lela A. to Conklin, Jeffrey D. and Janet G., 812 Claudine Ave., $155,000.


Faustman, Barbara C. to Hebert, Matthew and Gabriella, 10610 S. 26th St., $170,000.

Horizon Realty to Bond, Todd V. and Michelle A., 13504 S. 44th St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hunter, John M. and Sarah J. 14807 S. 20th St., $234,000.

Thong, John M. and Van to Wineinger, Jamee L., 1603 Halifax St., $210,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Dowe, Gregory S., 2314 Pilgrim Drive, $124,000.

Baker, Brent B. and Evelyn D. to Cloutier, John K. and Nicole M., 2717 Joann Ave., $198,000.

Annis, Bradley C. and Jill A. to Christopherson, Robert J., 2910 Birchwood Drive, $185,000.

Schlecht, Daniel T. and Randi R. to Lopez, Ricardo, 4315 Longview St., $170,000.

Millsap, Larry K. and Bonnie J. and Winfrey, Renne to Millsap, Bonnie J., 9801 Briarwood Lane, $64,000.


Phelan, Michael E. to Phelan, Michael E. and Chappell, Darlene M., 7501 Diane Court, $42,000.

Gregory, Freddie L. and Cassandra to Mather, Andrew and Samantha, 7529 S. 76th St., $112,000.

Spaccarotella Lawson, Pamela J., trustee for Lawson Family Trust to Jeffrey, Eric J. and Colleen M., 8534 S. 98th Circle, $275,000.

Dawson, Steven O. and Margo L. to Hansler, Edward J. and Diane F., 9725 Val Verde Drive, $310,000.


Horizon Realty to Capes, Richard J. and Stacey M., 1905 Apollo Lane, $264,000.

Stockman, Troy P. and Kim L. to Janovich, Nick, 2115 Eagle Crest Drive, $250,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Hawthorne, Rick L. and Julie C., 2125 Alexandria Road, $189,000.

Christiansen, Rosalie and Espinosa, Rene L. to Christiansen, Rosalie A., 215 Charleston Drive, $71,000.

Tresslar, Bruce A. and Kimberly M. to Knudsen, Timothy D. and Elizabeth R., 6733 Platteview Road, $895,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gurung, Amit and Leela W., 8609 S. 69th St., $212,000.


Dice, David and Tracy L. to Scott, Caitlynn and Eric J., 16026 Cary St., $221,000.

Savich, Bridgett L. to McMillen, Andrew M., 16145 Blackwalnut St., $134,000.

Bousema, Kevin L. and Lauri L. to Reichert, Hubble and Mockelman, Melissa, 16308 Woodland Drive, $520,000.

Celebrity Homes to Milam, Joseph R. and Ashley E., 16423 Cary St., $190,000.

JMF LLC to Beach, Greg and Katherine, 17512 Summit Drive, $65,000.

Brown, William J. and Lorena E. to Conyers, Brett and Becker, Jennifer, 17850 Olive St., $137,000.

Venteicher, Christopher to Bruner, Scott, 19002 Josephine St., $190,000.

Vail, Steve, trustee for Vail Family Trust to Hershey, Syd T., 6937 S. 163rd St., $153,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sedlacek, Megan, 7120 S. 183rd Terrace, $192,000.

Beutler, John P. and Ashley C. and James M. to Cisneros, Erik and Estela, 7315 S. 180th Ave., $173,000.

Maciorowski, Edward W. and Edda I. to Bryan, Keith and Rebecca, 7411 S. 170th St., $319,000.

Wilcox, Jordan M. and Karyn D. to Zechmann, Michael and Kristina, 8712 S. 164th St., $190,000.


Schroer, Amy to Flavell, Kathy A., 14802 Margo St., $125,000.

Webber, Brian M. and Tonya R. to Brock, Adam, 7808 S. 154th Ave., $255,000.

Leichtenberg, James H. and Brenda J. to Cushing, Ceaser and Mirma, 8002 S. 155th Ave., $235,000.

Legacy Ventures to Stawniak, Michael and Jacki, 8104 S. 153rd St., $130,000.


Rule, Charles M. and Rule Fuksa, Vicki and Fuksa, Susan M. to Zvezdich, John W., 4210 Olive St., $90,000.

More Sun Investments to Ontiveros, Adan, 7010 Chandler Acres Drive, $119,000.

Short, Dane and Ellen C. to Mohr, Jacob and Jennifer, 7111 S. 139th Circle, $147,000.


Rapaich, Milka to Frost, Julie M., 4603 Margo St., $155,000.



Snyder, Jason D. and Nicole to Lamp, Bradley A. and Julie C., 2649 Ave. L, $95,500.

Vixen Construction to Nolan, Ashly, 3902 Twin City Drive, $114,000.

Kjelgaard, Duane to Guest, Heath A., 2547 Fifth Ave., $73,500.

MAC Investments and Old Lincoln Investments to Elgert, Erich and Sandra, 22 Osprey Circle, $143,000.

Woods, John S. and Penny S. to Childers, Matthew and Victoria, 1812 S. Ninth St., $70,000.


Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Welcome Homes, 1401 Ohm St., $38,000.

Petsche, Laura L. and Steven D. to Gish, Cynthia and Dan, 210 Bennett Ave., $225,000.

Roth, Beverly A. and John M. to Ullrich, Arlen and Barbara J. Trust, 816 Mckenzie Ave., $215,000.

Great Western Bank to Vixen Construction, 347 Hyde Ave., $18,500.


Mikel USA to Roseland, Amy and Christopher, 150 Marina Court, Carter Lake, $89,000.


Adams, Timothy E. to Adams, Jonathan B., 23355 205th St., Crescent, $75,000.


Lustgraaf, Gehard and Marilyn to Anderson, Lindsay L. and David N., 28 Main St., Treynor, $89,000.

Anderson, Lindsay L. and David N. to Klahn, Derrick, 28 Main St., Treynor, $115,000.

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