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Katy Perry performs on Tuesday at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha. 

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* Council Bluffs will file a lawsuit over a proposed casino in Carter Lake. Sure, if there’s one thing Council Bluffs won’t stand for it’s a little gambling.

* The case will be heard in Hypocrite Court.

* A quick note to newcomers to Nebraska: If you’ve been walking around in 60- to 75-degree weather lately going, “Winter here isn’t so bad” you may be in for the rudest of awakenings.

* Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts unveiled the controversial “Choose Life” license plates. Then he had to rush off because an aide got a Taiwanese death penalty drug dealer on the phone.

* Katy Perry’s Tuesday night concert at Omaha’s CenturyLink Center featured a light-up bra flashing her lyrics, a concept that was of course pioneered by Mozart.

* Katy Perry’s concert featured giant pink flamingos, pole dancing, a light-up bra flashing her lyrics, an enormous basketball hoop and a massive set of lips. Then, it was on to song two.

* I wouldn’t say that Perry’s concert was over the top, but the life-size Mount Rushmore was one of the more subtle aspects.

* The City of Omaha is taking input from the public on riverfront revitalization concepts. Note: A 90-foot statue of Scott Frost is unacceptable.

* There was a Bigfoot sighting Saturday evening on Interstate 80 outside of North Platte. A group of Nebraskans immediately ran up to Bigfoot to ask if he’s seen Scott Frost.

* A new development: On top of the $5 million to $10 million the University of Nebraska offers Scott Frost, to sweeten the deal I will throw in a new toaster oven.

* Has anyone heard whether The World-Herald is going to cover the search for a new Husker football coach?

* Frost’s wife, Ashley, is from Arizona. In a desperate attempt to win over the couple, Lincoln officials are putting up a faux mountain backscape so downtown looks like Sedona.

* Now Mike Riley is getting paid for doing nothing. Members of the Nebraska Legislature have the same deal.

* A new outdoor ice skating rink is in Omaha’s Capitol District. Because it’s the Capitol District, of course there’s a “falling-on-your-butt tax.” Everything’s expensive there.

* In a weeklong campaign, Omaha police issued 344 tickets. I believe this was called Operation Grinch.

* In a weeklong Click It or Ticket campaign, Omaha police issued 344 tickets. I’m pretty sure the normal ticket quota for Omaha police is 350 tickets.

* A section of Northwest Radial Highway in Omaha is closed for three days for some MUD work. It may take longer. MUD halts work once per hour to raise rates.

* The coverage is getting ridiculous. KETV interrupted the fifth country music awards show of the past month during the Best Fiddler acceptance speech to announced that Nebraska has yet to hire a new head football coach.

* NASA has released a close-up photo of a giant iceberg in Antarctica. This image looks like something Omaha TV weathercasters would stand in front of while delivering their long-range winter forecasts.

* 24/7 Wall Street released its list of most miserable states and Nebraska is not on it. Clearly this was compiled before the 2017 college football season began.

* If the GOP tax cut passes, I’m pretty sure the most miserable states will be California, New York and New Jersey.

* In Omaha, instead of milk and cookies for Santa, children leave him directions to the nearest food truck.

* This is interesting: An advocacy group in Omaha is trying to get Santa to ditch his sleigh and travel through Omaha by streetcar.

* We have Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How about a new thing: Keep Your Wallet In Your Pocket Thursday?

* How about “Save for Retirement Wednesday.”

* In Sarpy County, a turn-of-the-century barn has been towed to a new location. It was delayed when the entire barn fell into a median-sized metro-area pothole.

* The barn was moved three miles away. It may be time to tow the entire Crossroads out of town.

* Can we just tow away the Omaha City Council chambers?

* It took four hours to move the barn three miles. That sounds like normal Sarpy County traffic to me.

* The Omaha City Council recently voted to allow citizens to keep two mini pigs, up from one. This will be the current City Council’s greatest accomplishment until the day it votes to allow us to keep three mini pigs.

* Twitter is allowing users 280 characters, up from 140. Because the president didn’t quite have enough room before to start World War III; now that won’t be a problem.

* A porn star is considering running for president with Coolio as vice president. OK, if Abraham Lincoln wasn’t already spinning ...

* A porn star is absolutely a poor fit for the presidency. I say let her run for Congress.

* A new school in Hudson, Colorado, was partially funded by marijuana taxes. I believe it’s the Willie Nelson Middle School.

* Imagine having a “don’t do dope” talk with these kids? “Why not? If nobody did dope we couldn’t fund the school.”

* Right now the University of Nebraska is basically the Island of Misfit Toys of college football.

* NFL players are now getting fined for something called “thrusting,” a move that until recently was only seen publicly at your local Spearmint Rhino.

* Jacksonville Jaguars fans discovered a new tailgate tradition: diving into a pool of mayonnaise.

* You know what you call a half-naked NFL tailgater diving into a pool of mayonnaise? “Subtle.”

* There’s a push to allow medical marijuana in the NBA. After hearing this, 200 NBA players said, “Wait, what? You mean marijuana isn’t allowed now?”

* A man proposed to his girlfriend at “Monday Night Raw.” Now when the proposals at NFL and Major League Baseball games mostly turn out to be fake, what are the odds ...?

* A guy proposed at “Monday Night Raw.” Who says romance is dead?

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