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UNL awards scholarships to Bellevue-area high school students

UNL awards scholarships to Bellevue-area high school students

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has set a record in offering more than 6,100 university-wide scholarships to the 2021 graduating class from Nebraska high schools.

About four out of five admitted resident students have been offered an academic scholarship.

Here’s a description of the scholarships awarded:

Chancellor’s Tuition Scholarships: full tuition for full-time students, with the potential for renewal at a value of nearly $30,000 over four years, for finalists in nationally recognized scholar competitions.

Chancellor’s Leadership Class Scholarships: one-year awards of $1,000, for students who have excelled academically and in leadership roles in school and community activities.

David Distinguished Tuition Scholarships: $3,500, with the potential for renewal for up to four years, to recognize students for academic merit.

Davis-Chambers Scholarship: minimum of $2,000 (up to full direct cost of attendance) renewable award for talented students with knowledge and experience in diverse communities or backgrounds.

The Husker Study and Stay Scholarship: one-year, $1,200 tuition award plus a four-year, $500 housing credit for students who demonstrate academic promise.

Husker Traditions Scholarship: $2,000 renewable scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who demonstrate high academic potential.

Husker Power Scholarship: one-year, $1,500 scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who demonstrate high academic promise.

Native American Heritage Tuition Scholarship: minimum of $2,000 a year, up to the full direct cost of attendance, for students with knowledge and experience in the Native American community or backgrounds.

Nebraska Achievement Tuition Scholarship: Based on academic achievement, admission scores, GPA and information in the student’s personal statement.

Nebraska Career Scholarship program, funded directly by the state of Nebraska: supports students pursuing degrees in high-demand fields such as engineering, mathematics, health care and information technology.

Nebraska Emerging Leaders Tuition Scholarships: receive $2,000, with potential for renewal, and participate in a leadership curriculum.

Pepsi Service Scholarships: awarded to those who have a passion for leadership and service. The scholarship is a one-year, $1,000 award.

Regents Scholar Tuition Commitment: pays full tuition for full-time students, with the potential for renewal at a value of nearly $30,000 over four years, awarded to Nebraska students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Following is a list of Omaha-area scholarship earners by high school:

Bellevue East

Kaylee Adzafui, Husker Traditions.

Yolvin Aguirre-Duran, Husker Study and Stay.

Jocelyn Alexander, Husker Power.

Caylee Anderson, Husker Study and Stay.

Laynee Benne, Nebraska Achievement.

Ella Benson, Husker Traditions.

Taylor Bloom, Husker Power.

Chloe Brockhaus, Regents.

Elijah Bullie, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Amaira Chamberlin, Husker Power.

Mariana Chavez, Husker Traditions.

Kailey Conley, David and Nebraska Achievement.

Marissa Danauskas, Regents.

Elias Ervin, Regents.

Sarah Felten, Husker Traditions.

Jasmine Forbes, Regents.

Hailey Gomeringer, Regents.

Brandon Howard, Regents.

Greta Jacobson, Husker Power.

Juan Jimenez, Husker Power.

Lauren Klone, Regents.

Isaac Letchworth-Scott, Husker Power.

Caesar Ian Manongas, Regents.

Hannah McArthur, Regents.

Isabella Medrano, David.

Leonard Meredith, Husker Power.

Collin Mutzenberger, Husker Power.

Aden Perry, Husker Traditions.

Matia Schmulbach, Husker Traditions.

Samuel Semanko, Husker Power.

Olivia Silva, Husker Power.

Nathan Sittel, Regents.

Selah Smith, Husker Power.

Dublin Smyth, Regents.

Alexis Stacey, Husker Power.

Caleb Stithem, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ciara Stueve, Pepsi and Regents.

Jessica Sunclades, Regents.

Skyler Svajgl, Husker Power.

Marianne Timmins, Regents.

Yasmin Urzua-Gutierrez, Husker Traditions.

Sara Vance, Regents.

Mary Watson, Husker Traditions.

Georgia West, Husker Traditions.

Xavier Younger, Regents.

Bellevue West

Joseph Allen, Husker Traditions.

Mackenzie Arias, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

David Berger, Chancellor’s.

Isaiah Bochtler, Husker Power.

Jason Bonner, Regents.

Baden Brumbaugh, Regents.

Quintin Brumbaugh, Husker Traditions.

Olivia Carlson, David.

Jessica Carrier, Husker Power.

Brandon Chan, Husker Traditions.

Callie Christian, Husker Power.

Baylee Clang, Husker Traditions.

Kira Clark, Husker Traditions.

Emma Crews, Husker Traditions.

Tiffany Crow, Husker Traditions.

Jazmine Cunningham, Nebraska Achievement.

William Duralia, Regents.

Isabella Duron, Husker Power.

Xavior Ervin, Regents.

Xander Faltin, Husker Traditions.

Tyson Forbes, Regents.

Michael Garza, Husker Power.

Nolan Glenn, Husker Power.

Shelby Glenn, Regents.

Olivia Hamby, Husker Study and Stay.

Kristin Hansen, Regents.

Cami Harris, Husker Power.

Alexis Hennings, Husker Traditions.

Wesley Hill, Regents.

Brooke Hosick, Husker Power.

Troy Hunsicker, Husker Power.

Mariama Jarjou, Husker Power.

Adam Johnson, Regents.

Brooke Jones, Husker Power.

Kristin Kennedy, Husker Power.

Ty Kiviniemi, David.

Grace Kolesik, Regents.

Bailey Koski, Husker Traditions.

Alex Liberty, Husker Power.

Christian Lilienkamp, Husker Power.

Edward Lotz, Husker Power.

Olivia McAleer, Husker Traditions.

Springfield McCauley, Husker Power.

Dillon McClure, Husker Power.

Brooke McDonald, Husker Power.

Emily Mettlen, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Holli Mietz-Schwager, Husker Traditions.

Madison Moraski, David and Nebraska Career.

Abby Morton, Regents.

Elizabeth Nelson, David.

Caleb Ollis, Regents.

Garret Peterson, Husker Power.

Payton Pruett, Husker Power.

Emmerson Putnam, Nebraska Achievement.

Noah Rachwitz, Regents.

Ashleigh Ragone, Regents.

Isaac Rasmussen, Husker Traditions.

Cole Rausch, Regents.

Wesley Reed, Husker Power.

Karlee Reyome, Regents.

Allyson Riley, Husker Traditions.

Tyler Robert, Pepsi and Regents.

Elijah Rush, Nebraska Achievement.

Raina Salazar, Regents.

Huja Sange, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alysia Stubblefield, Husker Power.

Quintin Stueve, David.

Jaclyn Taggart, Regents.

Elise Thompson-Wheeler, David.

Elissa Treu, Husker Traditions.

Jadyn Turnipseed, Husker Power.

Shaun Vann, Regents.

Hannah Walker, Husker Power.

Logan Walker, Husker Power.

Amber Warak, Regents.

Jakob Wedel, Husker Power.

Kyle Wessling, Regents.

Logan Wilkinson, Husker Power.

Talia Williams, Husker Power.

Alexia Woodall, Regents.

Ellie Woodard, Husker Power.

Carson Wright, Husker Power.

Omaha Bryan

Katheryn Alvarez-Padilla, Husker Power.

Stephanie Angel, Husker Power.

Andrew Baber, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ruby Bugarin-Arce, David.

Keyana Burries, Regents.

Lizbeth Campuzano, Husker Traditions.

Brenda Carrillo-Olvera, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Joanna Castillo, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Maria Chaidez-Rodriguez, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Marvin Chaparro Mendez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Leonel Chinchilla, Husker Power.

Nancy Estrada-Gomez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jessica Fernandez-Erazo, Regents.

Angel Garcia, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Bianca Gonzalez-Zamora, Regents.

Julian Hollis, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Vanessa Keithley-Gordon, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Say Ket, Husker Study and Stay.

Katalina King, Husker Power.

Ninette Marquez, Regents.

Meleny Mejia, Husker Power.

Brayam Mendez-Perez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jasmine Menjivar-Diaz, Regents.

Elisha Mufungizi, Husker Traditions.

Jovanie Najar, Husker Power.

Raymond Nguyen, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Richard Oconnor, Husker Traditions.

Odol Odol, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Stefany Olguin, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Laureline Orr, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Zachary Ostrander, Husker Power.

Diego Paniagua, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Roxana Perez, David.

Su Poe, Husker Power.

Alexis Poledna, Regents.

Brooke Powers, Regents.

Uriel Quintana, Husker Power.

David Ramirez, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Manuel Rodriguez Corral, Regents.

Sabino Rodriguez-Cabeza, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Vianney Rodriguez-Marquez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Sophia Rubenstein, Regents.

Mitzy Salinas Gomez, Husker Power.

Rodrigo Serrano-Angeles, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alondra Soltero Bravo, Husker Power.

Mackenzie Sullivan, Husker Study and Stay.

Isabella Tellez, Husker Power.

Fatima Valadez-Campos, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Manuel Valenzuela-Gamez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Gabriela Valladares, Husker Power.

Priscila Vazquez Avila, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Bryan Vizcaya, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jordan Wattles, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alyssa Williams, David.

Mariam Zahid, Regents.

Karla Zuniga, Husker Study and Stay.

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