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Creative Captions

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Most snacks are bite-sized for this bird. Bill Van Haaften of Bellevue said, “I’m not seeing light at the end of THIS tunnel ...” More offerings:

Early Bird Special

Jan Anderson, Bellevue

Come on in, it’s dinner time.

Kay Klevemann,

Fremont, Neb.

Mr. Bill, Oh NOOOooo!

Vicki Burns, Omaha

Dinner on the fly!

Arlyn Montgomery, Papillion

Keep an open mind and an open mouth so opportunity won’t pass you by.

Dawna Pitts Nelson, Omaha

Come into my beak said the bird to the fish.

Ms. Taylor’s Classroom, King Science and Technology Magnet Center, Omaha

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Yum!

Gerelda Lipp, Wayne, Neb.

“Sometimes it pays to have a big mouth.”

Richard Thies, Omaha

“Down the hatch with just one snatch!”

Fred Veleba, Bellevue

“Who said ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’?”

Marilyn Urwin, Blair, Neb.

I wish it was this easy everyday.

Gayle Dahlkoetter,

Homer, Neb.

May Day! May Day! Reverse course!

Muriel Docker,

Essex, Iowa

“ ‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the spider to the fly.” Different creatures — same result!

Connee Willis, Omaha

Just grabbing lunch on the “fly” today ...

Jim Walla, Omaha

Incoming or outgoing?

Lorraine Feind,

Kearney, Neb.

I picked a good day to not to keep my mouth shut!

Doug Burns, Omaha

That’s OK for the appetizer, but where’s the real fish!

Marlene Talmon, Omaha

“Easy in, not so easy ‘out’ “

Jo Lynne Veleba, Bellevue

Well hello there. Come right on in. I’ve been waiting for you!

Beth Lindblade,

Osceola, Neb.

You made my day little fish: yum yum

Beverly Bippes,

Norfolk, Neb.

To be or not to be is not a question for lunch for me

Lucille A. Reynolds, Omaha

Come fly with me, let’s fly away

Theresa Bishoff, Omaha

The stork takes a quick lunch break before delivering a baby.

James Swanson,

Kearney, Neb.

Waitress! Could I please have some fries with this?

Gary Brehmer,

Pender, Neb.

The payoff for saying ahh

Bob Kort, Fremont, Neb.

No, really! Come a little closer and I promise you can hear the ocean.

Don Wells Jr., Omaha

Hop right in, this is a perfect spot for landing.

Patsy Schmidt, Bennington

A little extra dessert doesn’t hurt.

Ada Maul, Kearney, Neb.

Of course I can take you to Wherspann Lake. Just hop in.

Larry Finigan, Omaha

Good, but just an appetizer!

Vance Taylor, Omaha

“Nice Catch — Down the Hatch & Latch!”

Coleen Bockelmann, Omaha

“Just what the doctor ordered”! You can bill me later.

Denny Campbell, Plattsmouth

Lunch on the fly.

Al Anderson, Bellevue

“Inches to go and lunch will land right on target.”

Carol Roth, Kearney, Neb.

WHAT’S FOR DINNER ... in the Everglades!

Steve Buller, Blair, Neb.

Incoming! (looks tasty)

Wally Loeb, Laurel, Neb.

My dinner has arrived!

Connie McKown, Bennington

Wow you have bad breath.

Marian Freberg, Papillion

Who said: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

Hal Capps, Omaha

You are clear for a landing on runway 1.

Patricia Brinkman, Omaha


Gunthor Holmberg, Omaha

“This is going to be delicious.”

Dale Brincks, Omaha

No, you don’t have strep throat, but I am sending you a long bill.

Elaine DeWell, Omaha

Grubhub really delivers.

Linda Finigan, Omaha

“Your tonsils look okay to me”

Dick Browns, Omaha

After getting off the vegan diet, BIG BIRD has really gone downhill.

Ed Volpi, Fremont, Neb.

“Lucky me! Flying fish to start my meal!!”

Connie Buller, Blair, Neb.

Trust me. It tastes better than it looks!

Stephanie McClure, Plattsmouth, Neb.

You want me to look at your tonsils? Wait, birds don’t have tonsils!!

Rex Quadhamer, Omaha

I’ll provide the landing strip. You’ll provide my dinner.

Pam Janzen, Aurora, Neb.


Joanie Hoffart, Omaha

You definitely need to see a Dentist, my fine-feathered Friend.

Gary L. Hylen, Omaha

Aha! Just in time for lunch.

Therese Lenhart, Omaha

This is just the first course. My favorite appetizer!

Gloria Ball,

Columbus, Neb.

Oh no, I thought this was a landing strip.

Jody Williford, Omaha

“Must be the daily special”

Dick Schell, Omaha

“I’ll bet the beak of this PELICAN holds about as much food as it’s BELLYCAN.”

Tony Schieffer,

Columbus, Neb.

Dinner time!

Angie Wells, Omaha

I will take one fish sandwich; hold the bread.

Paul Christiani, Omaha

Wow! Cool Landing Strip, I wonder If There’s A Snack Bar Inside?

Chuck Wilsey,

Fremont, Neb.

“Well, just pop-in here. I can fly you anywhere you want to go much quicker than you can!”

Judy Blaker, Schuyler, Neb.

Mankind is evolving to be lazier plus more advanced, and so are we! Instant dinner delivery.

Robbie Lizdas, Omaha

Obviously, a Birds Eye View of DINNER!

Paul Gagliardi, Omaha

Well I just think your tonsils look fine.

Steve Anderson, Columbus, Neb.

Door Dash DELIVERS!!!

Rick Carroll, Omaha

Oh boy, it’s lunchtime.

Joan Benson, Papillion

And then the dentist said, you have a huge cavity.

Kay Theiss, Florissant, Mo.

Open wide and say yummy!!!

Lorie Miller, Omaha

“This new GPS app is going haywire!”

Will Fenton, Omaha

In spite of being a bird’s eye view, the food is sure a long ways away.

Chuck Fredrick, Bellevue

Take-out delivery arriving.

Leola Bonge, Bennington

Lunch will be served shortly

Dale Kaven, Lincoln

Boy am I hungry and here comes breakfast now.

Judy Hays, Valley, Neb.

“Beak Attack!”

Nancy Ermer, York, Neb.

“No, I’m not a Toucan!”

Kraig Debban, Omaha

“It looks SO GOOD, I can’t resist, hope it tastes as good as it looks”

Dave Dowling, Hartington, Neb.

“Getting some protein in his diet!”

JoAnn Hoffer, Columbus, Neb.

Official taste tester.

Connie Seals, Wahoo, Neb.

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