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Cats should be in the cradle. Don Wells Jr. of Omaha said, “These two have gone from ‘slow’ to ‘catatonic.’” More offerings:

So — where do the fast cats cross?

Mary Grimes, Pacific Junction, Iowa

You cats better have nine lives, because you’re going to get stepped on.

Chuck Fredrick, Bellevue

Ain’t that the truth.

Gayle Dahlkoetter, Homer, Neb.

Time for a cat nap.

Dick Gdowski, Columbus, Neb.

They may LOOK slow, but along comes a foe, see them go!

Muriel I. Docker, Essex, Iowa

I guess this makes sense. Fast cats wouldn’t need a special crossing.

Dawna Pitts Nelson, Omaha

We like “fat” cats, not “flat” cats!

Marilyn Urwin, Blair, Neb.

Slow? They’re not moving at all!

Richard Kujath, Omaha

I don’t care how slow they are, that one is black, I’m making a U-turn!

Wally Loeb, Laurel, Neb.

Apparently, those cats can read as they knew exactly where to cross the road.

Stephanie McClure, Plattsmouth, Neb.

“Looks like they are trying to prevent a cat-astrophe!”

Dick Schell, Omaha

“Slow is ONE thing, but this is crazy!”

Connie Buller, Blair, Neb.

So is it slow-cat crossing or slow cat-crossing?

Dale Kaven, Lincoln

Who you calling slow?

Randy Maly, Wahoo, Neb.

“We’re not slow, we just choose not to be fast!”

Richard Thies, Omaha

I’ll finish crossing when I am good and ready. Me too!

Angie Wells, Omaha

“Hey, Kit, do you believe that sign will keep us safe?” “Well, Kat, I’m betting one of my nine lives on it.”

Carol Roth, Kearney, Neb.

“The sign says to go slow so let’s take our time and rest for a bit.”

Sharon Zadina, Omaha

What are you looking at? We’ll get across PURR-dy soon.

Rick Carroll, Omaha

Hopefully, all will abide by the sign and avoid a CATastrophe.

Tony Schieffer, Columbus, Neb.

“Those cats are so slow, you can hardly tell if they are moving.”

Dale Brincks, Omaha

Sign should read cat napping.

Patsy Schmidt, Bennington

“There are fast cats and slow cats but slow cats can no longer ‘high tail’ it!”

Fred Veleba, Bellevue

Claiming their territory!!

Coleen Bockelmann, Omaha

5-yard penalty for disconcerting location of cats!

Blanche Swanson, Kearney, Neb.

These cats aren’t slow, they’re just not moving.

Therese Lenhart, Omaha

I wish these cats could read. They’re supposed to cross the road, not lay in the middle of the road!!

Gary L. Hansen, Wakefield, Neb.

Waiting for the annual Mouse Parade to arrive ...

Steve Buller, Blair, Neb.

“Changing sign alert! STOP! CATS NAPPING!”

JoAnn Hoffer, Columbus, Neb.

We tried speed bumps, but the cats just jump over them.

Ed Volpi, Fremont, Neb.

Slow cats should not sit in the middle of the road! Traffic is fast!

Beth Lindblade, Osceola, Neb.

These guys give new meaning to “slow cat” crossing.

Dick Gorton, Omaha

“We’ll have to take our cat naps somewhere else!”

Kraig Debban, Omaha

Slow, Cat Crossing or Slow Cats?

Rolly Hoffart, Omaha

“We’re in no hurry. After all, the sign DOES say we’re SLOW!”

Larry Griffiths, David City, Neb.

Which one is the slow cat? Neither appears very speedy.

Larry Finigan, Omaha

The cats need to cross faster to avoid being road kill.

James Swanson, Kearney, Neb.

Mice beware of this crossing!

Al Anderson, Bellevue

When the chicken that crossed the road took Tuesday off, he called his friends in the Catskills to cover for him ...

Jim Walla, Omaha

Show them a mouse and it will not be a “Slow Cat Crossing.”

Connie McKown, Bennington

Don’t rush us we’ll cross when we’re ready.

Guy Urban, Bennington

It is Incredible! Resting while we wait to see Dr. Pol.

Eric Hansen, Omaha

The sign says slow ... not sloth.

Elaine DeWell, Omaha

Hey, can you tell me where the fast cats go to cross?

Joan Benson, Papillion

“These cats are at the Wrong Sign, Cat Lounging Area is a Block South”

Dave Dowling, Hartington, Neb.

Moving at the speed of a Purr-ari

Sara Olson, Omaha

No pictures, please. This is a private drive.

Marlene Talmon, Omaha

The sign is correct. Those are slow cats.

Hal Capps, Omaha

Speed bumps

Ken Brian Gooch, Omaha

Cat Crossing Only. No Deer or Dogs allowed!

Joanie Hoffart, Omaha

“FAT CATS” taking a break before crossing to the other side SLOWLY!

Gary Brehmer, Pender, Neb.

All fast cats use another route.

Leola Bonge, Bennington

Okay, Felix, you can have the first field mouse that come out of the grass!

Vance Taylor, Omaha

We are so special because we have our own “cat crossing sign!”

Beverly Bippes, Norfolk, Neb.

Around the corner, is the FAST CAT CROSSING.

James A. White, Omaha


Red Timmerman, Beatrice, Neb.

Sorry this is our rest stop. So don’t push us to get across this road.

Judy Hays, Valley

What makes them think we are Slow Cats?

Vicki Burns, Omaha

They’ve got their own crossing guards but watch out for that black one — they call him Ninja Kitty!

Pam Janzen, Aurora, Neb.

Let’s wait & see if our friends cross.

Kay Klevemann, Fremont, Neb.

Lazy cats!

Gene Selk, Elkhorn

“What???? You don’t think we deserve our own sign?”

Marilyn Gustafson, Kearney, Neb.

Welcome to our back yard. You have to be PurrrFect to visit here.

Ada Maul, Kearney, Neb.

Talk about slow, thought they were right behind us.

Doug Burns, Omaha

Obviously no dogs live here.

Linda Finigan, Omaha

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