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President Trump is the real leader

The Omaha World Herald's endorsement of Joe Biden for president is probably the lamest ever written. According to the OWH, it all boils down to whose personality you like better, not to whose policies would better benefit the nation. The best the OWH could say about Joe Biden's record is that he has been an insider who has "witnessed and participated in Washington's national policy debates for decades" and " has seen statesmen and stateswomen achieve great accomplishments."

The problem is there is nothing in Joe Biden"s record to show he himself has been a leader or a statesman. All I can see he has accomplished in 47 years of public office is to pander to others in the Democratic Party in order to keep or advance his office and then to use his government position to extort money to enrich himself and his family members. Hardly what I would call "simply a decent straightforward American."

Biden is portrayed as a moderate Democrat, but is far from being a strongly principled leader. He has flip-flopped his position on so many issues that nobody, possibly not even he, knows what he stands for. Biden is a weak candidate who has been and will continue to be manipulated by the amoral radical left currently controlling his party, President Trump, on the other hand, has shown courageous leadership despite the constant attacks and divisiveness created by the left. He strongly upholds and defends the U.S. Constitution. Among many things his policies have improved our economy (best in the world despite COVID-19), strengthened our military and provided for our veterans, defended our police and justice system, upheld our national sovereignty and protected our religious freedoms.

He believes in the past and future greatness of America, and so do I. I will be voting for the real leader in this upcoming election, Donald J. Trump.

Paul Salansky, Nebraska City, Neb.

Biden is a terrible choice

I read the Omaha World-Herald editorial endorsing Biden in the Oct. 11 Sunday edition. That endorsement is disgusting and disturbing to this subscriber. The reasons given in the endorsement read much like the diatribe spread around by the Biden campaign, the Washington, D.C., liberal establishment and their liberal media supporters, which includes the Associated Press.

The list of Biden achievements is as grossly subjective and contextually lacking as describing Biden as "simply a decent, straightforward American." I've subscribed to the OWH for years for its balanced reporting of local news, some entertainment benefits and its use as a fire starter in my basement wood burner. The balance is disappearing fast.

Anthony Schieffer, Columbus, Neb.

State GOP wrong to smear Palmtag

As a registered Republican and a longtime resident of Legislative District 1, I am appalled at the mudslinging the Republican Party of Nebraska has resorted to in this election cycle. The Republican Party of Nebraska has spent untold thousands of dollars on an ad campaign, primarily targeted at smearing candidate Janet Palmtag. The ads began last spring prior to the primary election, and it is difficult for me to understand why the party resorted to these tactics when all three candidates running in the nonpartisan race were Republicans.

Investigation and inquiries attempting to follow the money seem to indicate that Gov. Ricketts has been behind spending tens of thousands of dollars on this negative advertising. Many of these ads have been misleading, and some have contained outright lies. I feel voters deserve better than all these smear tactics and negative ads.

If the governor and the Republican Party of Nebraska feel so strongly about getting Julie Slama elected, I feel the district's citizens would be better served by directing efforts to positive ads for Miss Slama rather than all of the negativity and innuendo targeted at a fellow party member.

It seems to me that the citizens of the first district would be better served by Janet Palmtag, who, like the governor, is a conservative Republican and whose viewpoints will most likely line up with those of the governor the majority of the time but will actually put the best interests of the citizens of the 1st District ahead of simply following the "party line" when necessary.

Mark Caspers, Auburn, Neb.

These virus responses are legal

I am somewhat puzzled by the comments of Dominic Bazer in Sunday's Public Pulse titled "Key reason why virus is on upswing." None of the activities witnessed by the author are illegal nor are included in the directed health measures. Masks are not required outdoors, and sports bars don't have any occupancy restrictions. There are no laws that have been violated, hence no punishment.

Bill Petersen, Omaha

Kleine missed an opportunity

The Nebraska Democratic Party gave Don Kleine a gift. His inability to recognize that gift hurts a lot of people, including him. As a white man who teaches on diversity and inclusion at UNO, I know how Don Kleine feels. He and I have both spent our careers attempting to serve communities of color, me through research and education, and him by zealously pursuing justice against people who committed crimes against everyone, including Black people, Indigenous people and other people of color.

But we all make mistakes. When we are told that we inadvertently hurt people we serve, it stings. When the Nebraska Democratic Party stated that Kleine's statements about James Scurlock were evidence of racism in the system, Mr. Kleine had an opportunity to struggle with his conscience to emerge a better person. He rejected that opportunity when he switched parties to join the GOP.

As a white man who has sometimes been confronted for inadvertently hurting students and peers, I can confidently tell you that accusations of racist actions are not insults. They are gifts! When people of color and other groups let us know that our actions and words have hurt them, they are trusting that we are well-intentioned people who want to do better in a world that often does not make it easy.

Don Kleine has decided that he does not want to be better. That is a tragedy for our county, for our state and for Mr. Kleine.

Nuri Heckler, Omaha

Joe Schultz and Omaha baseball history

Joe Schultz is remembered as the Omaha manager for Bob Gibson's minor league windup. Schultz managed the Omaha Cardinals in 1959 as Gibson went 9-9 before leaving to fashion a Hall of Fame career with the St. Louis Cardinals. Schultz needed only a half-season to earn the praise of World-Herald sports editor Wally Provost. In his column of July 5 that year, Provost wrote:

"Joe Schultz should be remembered as the man who didn't panic. The new Omaha manager opened the season with what appeared to be a hopeless mixture of good talent, mediocre talent and no talent. When the Cardinals plunged into the American Association basement, there was reason to believe they might never see daylight again. Schultz could have flung himself against the wailing wall. Or he could have settled back to await the mercy of closing day. He did neither.

"The ex-major leaguer — and son of a major leaguer — hitched up his britches, stuck out his jaw and whip-cracked his crew all the way from the dungeon into the West Division championship battle. Schultz has waged his fight in the name of Omaha and deserves Omaha's congratulations."

Omaha would go on to win that division championship battle. Schultz would manage the Seattle Pilots in 1969, the first year in franchise history. The next year, the club moved to Milwaukee as the Brewers. Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" chronicled the 1969 Pilots and lampooned Schultz mercilessly.

Bob Williams, Omaha


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