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Obama's predictable decision

Of course President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline ("Obama vetoes Keystone pipeline: Move disappoints Republicans, oil industry, labor leaders," Nov. 6 World-Herald).

It would have been good for Nebraska, good for America, created construction jobs and moved us closer to energy independence.

Ron Cronkhite, Omaha

Keystone facts worth remembering

Citizens need to remember a few things about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Trans-Canada is not a U.S. company and was initially given eminent domain authority in Nebraska and Texas over the property rights of U.S. citizens.

Temporary jobs would have been created, but after completion most of them would vanish.

The company's environmental and current pipeline maintenance record is spotty and, rather than reroute the pipeline, it insisted on going through the Ogallala Aquifer when other, safer routes were available.

The oil, after being processed in Texas, would have been sold on the world market. This would do nothing to help American producers.

Jeff Johnston, Elmwood, Neb.

A victory for Nebraskans

As a former Omahan, I say kudos to Jane Kleeb, head of Bold Nebraska for her relentless efforts in opposing the Keystone XL pipeline's proposed route through Nebraska. Now rural Nebraskans won't have to worry about dirty tar sands oil destroying their precious land through a pipeline spill.

This is a major, hard-earned victory for those of us who care about the quality of land we live on and the air we breathe.

Herb Vermaas, Salem, Illinois

Spend the $10 million more wisely

I hope that Mayor Jean Stothert and the City of Omaha's $10 million offer to buy three properties and give them to Omaha Performing Arts, which operates the Holland Center, isn't a knee-jerk reaction to losing ConAgra ("Mayor's $10 million flip of old buildings would seal HDR move," Nov. 6 World-Herald). But that's how I see it.

There are many other worthy things on which the city could spend $10 million. The city is backlogged on tearing down condemned properties because it doesn't have the funds to do the job, and the streets are still an abomination.

Jane Wilson, Omaha

Let the argument over Obama birth end

Remember all that fuss about President Barack Obama's birth certificate and whether he was born in the United States? Turns out it never should have mattered.

In investigating how Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz could be president, given the fact that he was born in Canada, I was told by a staff member in a Nebraska U.S. senator's office that since Cruz's mother was a natural-born American citizen, her child took her citizenship.

Since Obama's mother was a natural-born citizen, having been born in Kansas, he would have taken his mother's citizenship and been an American, regardless of where he had been born.

Republicans who made such a big deal of this issue certainly had to know this. So why all the fuss?

Marjorie Rabe, Fremont, Neb.

GOP candidates must define great

Republican candidates have used slogans like "Make America great again." What do they mean by "again"?

Maybe they mean to go back to 1932 - before Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, fair labor laws, civil rights legislation, government insurance of bank accounts (FDIC) and rural electrification (REA).

Or, maybe they mean to go back still another 12 years, when women couldn't vote in many of our states.

Edgar Pearlstein, Lincoln

A program that helps the homeless

In response to Nov. 5 Public Pulse writer Jerry Briardy's praise for a Winnipeg, Manitoba, program that pays the homeless to clean the streets: Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc., and the Siena Francis House have partnered, for many years, in paying the homeless minimum wage for cleaning litter in downtown Omaha.

We have this opportunity because of a generous grant from the William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation.

Cindy Smilley, Omaha Director, Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc.

The Kites vs. the Geldings?

Our society is really going overboard on political correctness. I suspect in a few years even the NFL will be changing their names to satisfy this crowd.

The Patriots will become the Pats because their former name signified our rich white Founding Fathers.

The Cowboys signify chauvinistic gun-toting males. Can't call them the Cows — too gender specific. The new name is the Bovine Caretakers.

Broncos are wild horses ridden by cruel men, so their new name would be the Denver Geldings.

The Vikings will alternate ViQueens and ViKings each week to be gender equal.

Jets use fossil fuels that contribute to global warming, so a kinder, eco-friendly name would be the New York Kites.

Pete Menks, Omaha

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