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Should have hired locally

I am baffled why the City of Omaha would hire an Illinois company that is facing several lawsuits to demolish the Civic Auditorium ("Illinois firm's financial woes halt demolition of Civic," March 5 World-Herald). Especially one that is being sued by its surety company.

I wonder why the city didn't hire one of the local companies who bid on the project? I guess you get what you pay for.

Eli Hoke,Omaha

Real effects of casino gaming

Same song, same verse: Why doesn't Nebraska have casinos? Problem gamblers already live here. Yadda, yadda.

Let's get one thing straight — they're not problem gamblers. They are addicts who cause tremendous problems. Instead of conforming or trying to talk others into gambling, why not stand up for values, principles and pride in Nebraska?

If you must, take the short trip to Council Bluffs and expose yourself to what casino gambling can mean.

I am proud my native state hasn't brought in casinos. Here's for taking the high road.

Charlene Trout,Omaha

McCoy's attendance record

It is a good thing Omaha State Sen. Beau McCoy did not win his 2014 race for governor. I would not want a part-time governor ("McCoy racks up legislative absences," March 6 WORLD-HERALD).

I guess if you're term-limited, you don't have to please your constituents.

Rod Marshall,Omaha

Sasse's questions come too late

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse's questions to Immigration and Customs Enforcement come too late in this reader's opinion ("Sasse presses ICE for answers on Mejia case," March 4 World-Herald). He states, "Nebraskans deserve to know what (the Department of Homeland Security) is doing to right this wrong." What I want to know is what has Sasse been doing to keep illegal immigrants off our city streets?

Why was Mejia already not deported for driving with a suspended license? This is not the first time this has happened in our city with innocent, law-abiding citizens being killed.

Todd Pickering,Omaha

We need grownups on the ballot

This election is so important to America. Are we going to support someone with bad character, someone who won't help people in need and acts like a bully?

We need issues addressed and candidates who act like adults, not children.

It is bad when you cannot have children watch TV at election time.

Connie McMillan,Omaha

Trump preys on our fears

I respect the disenchantment of voters with gridlock in Washington, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's popularity is based on fear-mongering and hatemongering.

He panders to our worst instincts. He belittles and insults all who stand up to or disagree with him: fellow Republicans, journalists, Hispanics, Muslims, women — even the pope.

This country was built on a foundation of laws and morality — neither of which Trump respects.

Washington may be broken, but electing a narcissistic demagogue is not the answer.

Birte Gerlings,Omaha

A contrast in couples

I can't help but compare the loving, respectful and classy era of Ronald and Nancy Reagan with the farce we are presented with today — Donald and Melania Trump.

Louise Douglas,Omaha

We need all three branches working

Charles Krauthammer expressed a very interesting point of view in his Feb. 21 More Commentary ("Obama leaves Senate no choice"). But his solution over the impasse on who gets to appoint the next Supreme Court justice would result in two Supreme Court sessions — the current one and the 2016-17 session — with an evenly split court that might struggle to reach decisions.

One-third of America's federal government would be disabled for two years just because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., doesn't believe that President Obama should be able to name Antonin Scalia's successor.

The Republicans and those running as Republicans for the presidency have this all wrong. America needs a Supreme Court that can function as the writers of the Constitution intended.

George Parkerson,Omaha

What about Vatican City borders?

Pope Francis is urging that the United States and other countries open their borders to immigrants.

I wonder how open the borders of the Vatican City are to immigrants.

Jay S. Purdy,Omaha

Sasse chasing headlines

Sen. Ben Sasse thinks Donald Trump supports David Duke ("Sasse: 'I'm out' of GOP if it adopts Trump's views," March 2 WORLD-HERALD)?

Give me a break. The senator seems to be looking for headlines, and he picked a poor way to get them.

Trump may not be the choice of Sasse, but he is the choice of a great many more Republicans than Sasse ever was.

Jim Kruger,Omaha

Teddy wouldn't be Republican today

In reading Van Argyrakis' March 7 Public Pulse letter ("Romney should stay on sideline"), I detected the chronic problem with some voters — allegiance in absence of facts.

He stated he was proud to register as a Republican because he admired Teddy Roosevelt. Granted, Teddy sported the (R) behind his name, but the facts defy that label.

Roosevelt was the "Trust Buster" who challenged the billionaire class and addressed income inequality. He was an avid environmentalist, as opposed to the climate change deniers and critics of any environmental controls who make up the current Republican Party. Today's Republicans would label him a Democrat.

Abraham Lincoln favored expanding the public infrastructure (canals and railroads) as compared to the continued "no action" on infrastructure by today's Republican Congress. Lincoln abolished slavery and championed the little guy through the Homestead Act and creation of the land-grant university system.

Compared to today's Republican attitudes on civil rights and corporations and billionaires, Lincoln, too, would be considered a Democrat.

George J. Lippert,Papillion

Changing, and not for the better

Public Pulse writer Van Argyrakis rightly observes that Mitt Romney's renouncement of Republican front-runner Donald Trump constitutes a Republican Party travesty. It also stirs the bizarre memory of how I was eager to register as Republican upon my graduation from high school.

With the rise of political voices like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and all of those zany evangelicals, the word "travesty" has lost all impact, and I, for one, lament what has happened to the (once) Grand Old Party.

Steve Paschang,Omaha

We've survived worse

It appears that Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton will be our country's next president. What a choice.

What a horrible, horrible choice. Oh, well, we were already foolish enough to elect and re-elect Barack Obama. I guess nothing can be worse than that ... we better hope. Heaven help us all.

Roger Anderson,Omaha

The monster they created

To Republicans Kay Orr, Ben Sasse, Pete Ricketts, et al.: You and your party stopped being conservative quite a while ago. You sold out the Republican Party to bigots, religious fanatics and the gun lobby. You then fostered an atmosphere of fear and stifled any useful legislation, even things you agreed with.

Having sowed the wind for votes, you are reaping the whirlwind.

Robert G. Davis,Omaha

Saying farewell to a talented lady

I wish to acknowledge Patricia Allender, who died recently. She was a dedicated pianist and one of the best accompanists we have had in Nebraska. She was the piano accompanist at Central High School for many years. I am sure there are many students who remember her.

She played for music clubs and for my daughters' concerts and recitals as she has done for many musicians in the Omaha area.

She was a friend and a gracious lady and will be missed.

Vinn Stephens,Omaha

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