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Sour Patch Kids cereal is surprisingly good — until you add milk

Sour Patch Kids cereal is surprisingly good — until you add milk


Last week, a couple of my colleagues and I tried a handful of weird cereals based on already existing products.

Most of them were edible. Some were pretty good (get some Eggo cereal while you still can). Some were terrible (looking at you, Twinkies). But there were a handful of cereals that we wanted to try, but couldn’t find in Omaha.

Fortunately, one of my co-workers, perhaps believing I hadn’t suffered enough already, hooked me up with two of those cereals: Sour Patch Kids cereal — based on the sour-then-sweet candy — and Donettes cereal — based on the Hostess powdered doughnuts. How were they? Let’s take them one at a time.


Donettes cereal, left, and Sour Patch Kids cereal.

Sour Patch Kids cereal

I expected this to be awful, but eaten dry, it’s actually pretty good. It’s sort of like Froot Loops, but with that sour-sugar coating that actual Sour Patch Kids have. You lose that sour flavor part way through eating them, so you’re left with an after-taste that really just tastes like Froot Loops, but it’s hardly the worst thing.

That being said, please, please don’t eat this cereal with milk. You know what two words don’t go together? “Sour” and “milk.” Just vile. I had to throw out my bowl two bites in.

Final verdict: Just eat this dry as a snack. Pretend it’s a crunchy version of Sour Patch Kids candy.

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Donettes cereal

These were disappointing. Like the snack food they’re based on, the cereal is absolutely coated in powdered sugar. It’s all you can taste. It doesn’t help that the cereal itself is pretty dense. It’s a lot of effort to eat these.

Adding milk doesn’t really solve any problems. That powdered sugar coating comes right off, leaving you with bland, dense cereal. And all that sugar just sinks to the bottom of bowl — there was a visible mound of it after I finished eating.

Final verdict: Skip it. Instead, go get more of that Eggo cereal before they stop making it.

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