Kith & Kin, which took over the Paragon Dundee space in December, takes a handful of cues from the Southern-inspired menu that initially worked at its predecessor. Namely, a great burger, staples of the South like skillet cornbread and old-fashioned favorites like green bean casserole. Read more

The pizza at this new fast-casual spot is serviceable and mostly better than the pizza from big delivery chains, like Domino’s or Pizza Hut. But each time, I wished for more of what’s pictured on the restaurant’s website — deeply browned crust with lots of bubbles — and I did not always get it. Read more

Owner Juan Magana has played soccer his whole life, he said, but it’s been hard for him and his friends to find an Omaha spot outside of their homes to watch matches. He took over The Corner Kick space with plans to change that, and to offer something other than the burger you can “get anywhere else,” he said. Read more

Noli’s Pizzeria, in the Blackstone District, didn’t just upgrade its space (more seats) and it’s oven (bigger and hotter) when it moved two doors to the east in mid-March. It’s upgraded its pizza, and to be honest, I’d say those big, crispy New York-style pies — pies that didn’t have the same problems I wrote about in my original review — are now among my favorites in midtown. Read more

While you may have visited the space now occupied by Roma Italian Restaurant in the past, it’s safe to say the building’s latest form will give you a new experience. The space itself, with dusty orange walls, commercial art, magenta chairs and recessed lighting, isn’t remarkable. But the food at Roma — homestyle, made-from-scratch Italian dishes served in generous portions at reasonable prices — has made it a new neighborhood hot spot. Read more

There’s good and bad parts about pan-Asian style restaurants. The good part is that if you’re in the mood for Thai and your spouse wants Chinese and your friend wants Vietnamese, you’re in business. The bad part? It’s unlikely that any of the dishes you’re served will be as good as they’d be at a restaurant that simply specialized in one Asian cuisine. Read more