“When there is an openness to fear, where can it be found? What a strange creature fear is. It exists only when there is resistance to its existence! When you stop and open to what you have resisted throughout time, you find that fear is not fear. Fear is energy. Fear is space. Fear is the Buddha. It is Christ’s heart knocking at your door.”– Gangaji

In some ways we are immensely strong and enduring. When I think of some of the tribulations — and triumphs — I have experienced in my life I am amazed at what I have come through, the unconquerable spirit that was present.

And yet paradoxically, in some ways each of us inhabits a human self that is also extraordinarily fragile and vulnerable.

For example, in these latter years of my life, though I love the stillness and peace of my own being with ever increasing passion — and find in my being the meaning and joy for which I longed my whole life — fear still arises.

Perhaps it is because I was a child in the Blitz in London. Perhaps it is because my father was given to sudden bouts of unpredictable rage. Perhaps it’s simply because I was born, like you, into this human condition.

But sometimes something quite trivial — a small health problem perhaps –begins to magnify in me and I begin to worry.

What do we do when fear knocks?

I have learned that what is truly important in life is not that worry or fear come knocking at our door. It is what we do when this happens.

Do I try to ignore my fear? Do I get in a funk because fear or worry has shown up in my life? Do I think to myself, “I can’t be a very spiritual person if I feel fear?”

Or do I realize that fear is actually a door to wholeness and love — an opportunity to experience more fully the gifts of a loving universe?

It is a little bit of us wanting to come home, as Gangaji says in her beautiful quote. It is a piece of frozen energy someone labelled as “evil” that has been wandering the world long enough and yearns to be met with an attitude of acceptance.

What to do with fear? Be willing to accept it. Be willing to feel it and ultimately to forgive it as you stay true to the beautiful Love of your own true character. Fear is transformed when you and I let this mysterious, supposedly hostile entity be blessed and set free in our Love.

Fear has been an outcast long enough

Fear has been an outcast long enough. Of course, I’m not speaking here about “biological” fear, the response to physical danger that is hardwired into our body for its survival. I’m speaking about the psychological fears, big or small, often imaginary, that can sap our creative purpose and spirit.

Ultimately, fear is not a challenge to our true strength or peace or well-being. As I say, it is a call for help — a part of ourselves desperate to come home.

It wants to find peace in me. It wants to find peace in you. And it wants to make us whole, because we are here not only to experience joy and bliss. We are here to grow, and evolve – and transform through our own true presence of love the fear that has dominated human existence – the Happy Seeker Blog

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