Geometric shapes have meaning beyond math class: Circles represent harmony, triangles indicate power, squares are about stability and order. Keep these meanings in mind when you decorate — or feel free to forget about them if you just happen to like a certain hexagon-patterned pillow and couldn’t care less about the shape’s symbolism. Your home will still have an up-to-the-minute look, which is the point.

It’s a vesper concert with a bit of a twist. At least for the Presbyterian Church of the Cross. The church will be holding the concert to celebrate 30 years of events on the grounds of a home instead of in its usual sanctuary space.

These yummy desserts on a stick will be the talk of your next barbecue. The warm grilled strawberry kebabs with the chilled whipped cream? Heavenly. The fruit version? Tastes just like pie but with no forks needed. The recipes are easily customized, so don't be afraid to mix it up and throw in a few more interesting flavors or family favorites. The Momaha taste testers' verdict? Fast, fresh and fantastic

Your front porch serves as more than a practical portal into your home. It also makes a statement about your style, sense of design and hospitality — especially during warmer months when more guests are likely to ring the bell. Overlook this key exterior area and you’ll miss out on an opportunity to improve your abode’s curb appeal and enthuse visitors.

Few things on a residential property are as offensive to the eyes — as well as the nose — as a bunch of dirty, smelly garbage cans and lids strewn across the yard. Within close proximity of your backyard barbecue, swimming pool soirée or other outdoor gathering, unsightly rubbish receptacles can ruin the mood and create a bad first impression on guests.

Interior designer Joan Craig sees many clients who give the decorating of their living room or kitchen a lot of thought. Yet while “people have become much more attuned to developing personality inside a house,” she said, “the outside becomes something that often can be much more generic.”

Every garden needs periodic fertilization. “Designer” fertilizers are available for some kinds of plants, and so are fertilizers that you’re directed to apply at specified times throughout the season. So roses get their rose food, tomatoes get their tomato food, and so on, on schedule.

When it comes to decorating the walls in their home, most people’s go-to is a painting, print or photograph. But there’s a whole world of other good-looking wall hangings you might like. If you want to mix it up a bit, consider some of these non-artwork wall accents.

While trying to establish a new garden on a steep slope, I’ve developed new respect for dayliles. Their dense roots effectively slow down runoff and stop erosion. And these tough perennials are perfect for planting in the sometimes soggy soil where downspouts empty.

You can show your family and friends that you truly care about them by giving them your own homemade candy bars. Just as a side note, of course, the happy recipients are certain to be impressed — stunned, actually — and grateful.

An average of 290 children under the age of five drown in pools and spas every year. In 69 percent of those drownings, a parent was responsible for supervising the child and most occurred when a child was thought to be in the house but slipped outside without anyone knowing.

Even the simplest window treatments have an important role to play in the look of a room. “They really soften and furnish a space much more than most people imagine,” says interior designer Betsy Burnham of Los Angeles. Yet she often has to reassure people that drapes, curtains or other window treatments don’t have to be fussy. “It can be tailored, simple panels done in great fabrics and the simplest of hardware,” she says.

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