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You still have time to tackle those New Year's resolutions

You still have time to tackle those New Year's resolutions

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Remember when it was cold and dark outside and you committed to those New Year’s resolutions you wanted to achieve?

Since summer is busy, days are longer and kids are home from school, the set routines you made when you were stuck inside may have been lost in the summer shuffle. Midsummer is a great time of year to reassess your goals. With five months still to go before the New Year, it is not too late to get back to work and accomplish what you want for yourself.

First, analyze your progress. This is not a time to feel bad about what you have not accomplished. Instead, take an objective look at your progress by answering the following questions:

  • What did you commit to in January?
  • What progress have you made on that commitment up to this point?
  • What have you excelled at and what did you fall short on?
  • What processes worked to help you excel?
  • What processes have hindered your progress or were not effective?

Second, apply what you have learned. After analyzing what approaches have worked best for you in the past, consider how you can apply those types of approaches elsewhere for continued success. Consider outside resources if a specific goal has been extra challenging to achieve, such as:

  • Hiring a personal trainer or signing up for a boot camp to build the intensity and accountability you require to get back into an exercise routine.
  • Working with a registered dietitian to learn more about nutrition and what your specific dietary needs are.
  • Taking cooking classes to develop a meal list you feel confident in preparing so you can eat at home more often.
  • Seeking out a business or life coach for outside perspectives and advice on achieving what has been slightly out of reach.
  • Sitting down with a personal accountant to create a system to pay off your debt.

Third, implement the changes. Making a small change every one to three weeks means you could still take seven to 20 steps toward completing your goal this year. You still have plenty of time to accomplish those resolutions if you make a plan.

If your goals are stressing you out, they are too big. Simplify your plan into smaller steps to reduce the stress and effort required. It may take you longer to reach your goal, but that is better than not reaching it at all.

Fourth, maintain your progress. The changing seasons in the Midwest can bring new challenges that can disrupt your progress. Anticipating the changes in your schedule and routines can make for a much smoother adjustment, helping you stay on track and focused without losing momentum.

Do not waste the next five months waiting to reset your goals. Part of succeeding is learning to adjust your goals around the many obstacles life throws your way. As the old saying goes, “There is no better time than the present.”

Niki Kubiak is a sports-certified registered dietitian, competitive runner and owner of Niki Kubiak Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss.

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