Anytime a babysitter puts our kids to bed and stays late, I feel like I need to prepare her for the chronic sleep disturbances that ravage our house.

It was great to have my husband home on vacation last week. I'm sad Vacation Mommy can't exist year-round. But I'm realizing Balanced Mommy might be less high-strung and easier to live with.

Grant, my sweet 8-month-old, is loudly protesting his morning nap as I type this. I’m sipping my coffee and intensely concentrating in an effort to tune out the cacophony of cries, but my heart is breaking.

I saw a video of a mom who walked into her living room to find her two young boys playing in a flour explosion. White flour was everywhere- on couches, the lamps, the floor, picture frames on the walls, every ledge was covered in flour. They emptied an entire five pound bag and were elated w…

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