Fools Inc. to McNamara, Katherine A., 17103 Bondesson St., $368,435.

Fools Inc. to Ziska, Nicholas A. and Rikki S., 17124 Bondesson St., $286,037.

Richland Homes to Kelderman, Andrea D. and Chad A., 16396 Mormon St., $265,975.

Pitts, Jon C. to Swain, Christine, 14612 Read Circle, $242,000.

Kelderman, Chad A. and Andrea D. to Wickwire, Thomas W. and Lori A., 15538 Knudsen Circle, $190,000.

Kean, Adam W. and Nicole M. to Lane, Tyler and Morrow, Danielle, 15915 Fillmore Circle, $185,000.

Tesar, John E. and Nicole to Carroll, Shannon, 8461 N. 153rd St., $137,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Bourke, Jeffrey T., 11905 N. 157th St., $88,200.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage to Pacesetter Homes, 14954 Wild Indigo St., $48,000.

State Street Investments to Sherwood Homes, 15931 Mormon St., $27,750.


Smetter Custom Homes to Mayfield, Katie and Dustin, 5731 S. 239th St., $472,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling to Kutz, Niki C. and Amy K., 20820 Woolworth Ave., $446,803.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Deveney, Daniel and Marni, 4315 N. 191st St., $434,070.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes to Jensen, Lisa and Napp, Brian, 2701 N. 190th St., $314,520.

Childers, Stacey J. to Eckstein, Ryan C., 18892 Leavenworth St., $306,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Tabbert, Patrick, 2702 N. 190th St., $255,867.

Home Co. to North, Sheila J., 19313 Franklin Circle, $246,000.

Reeg, Angela G. to Stapp, Randy and Karen, 2621 N. 191st Ave., $192,000.

Santanasto, Anthony J. and Sara B. to Barry, Elizabeth A. and Jacob M., 3120 N. 205th St., $180,000.

Dempsey, Robert M. and Linda R. to Goodhart, Patrick and Deborah, 20108 Gateway Road, $149,000.

Boese, Angela J. and Michael D. to Erickson, Kenneth V. and Patricia D., 4006 N. 211th St., $146,000.

Walla, Jeremy and Mariana D. to Ribeiro, Deanna and Francisco, 3206 N. 202nd St., $132,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Anthony Company Builders LLC, 719 N. 189th St., $85,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Ramm Holdings, 5820 S. 239th St., $80,000.

Five Fountains LLC to Anthony Company Builders LLC, 18932 Nicholas St., $78,000.

South Hamptons Land Development to Home Co., 5901 S. 238th St., $70,000.

Hamptons Land Development to Melvin Sudbeck Homes, 5115 S. 235th St., $60,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 20626 Pine St., $60,000.

Boyer Young Development Co. to Home Co., 1411 N. 194th Circle, $52,000.

Fireside Construction Co. to Kronaizl Investments, 20073 Water Lily St., $50,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Belt Construction Co., 1724 S. 207th Ave., $50,000.

Charleston Homes to Cambridge Homes, 4514 N. 205th Ave., $44,000.

Fire Ridge Real Estate to Bluestone Custom Builders, 19609 Mason St., $33,500.


Nathan Homes to Cronin, Keith and Emily, 201 S. 243rd St., $723,320.


Bacome, Adam and Mary to Weed, Brian, 6808 Ohio St., $141,000.

Frederick, Francis L., personal representative, to Woebbecke, Rodney D., 2034 N. 67th Ave., $103,000.

JLR Properties to Brownell, Corine E., 2005 N. 68th St., $99,000.

Hurley Rentals LLC to Orsi, Linda M., 3706 N. 59th St., $82,000.

Bear Homes to Page, Jason E. and Kathryn M., 6305 Franklin St., $80,000.

Schmid, Marsha and Nelson, David H. to FW Real Estate Investments, 4110 N. 53rd St., $77,000.

S & B Investments to Friesen, Jenna R., 5019 N. 60th Ave., $55,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 5805 Manderson St., $50,800.

Webster, James W. and Donna Trust to Wilson, Albert E., 4749 Meredith Ave., $26,000.


Richards, Blake T. and Sarah E. to Docken, Marvin O., 4538 Poppleton Ave., $145,000.

Caldwell, John J. Jr. and Kathleen A. to May, Patrick T., 4908 Vinton St., $132,000.

Arnold, Christopher P. and Lavigne, Paula M. to 3910 Harney St Bldg LLC, 2517 S. 49th Ave., $126,500.


REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 6218 S. 39th St., $113,050.

South O Joe LLC to Andrade, Maria L., 6814 S. 21st St., $65,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Joe Real Estate Ventures, 6218 S. 30th St., $48,000.

Engardt, Carol J., personal representative, to Nunez, Obdulia, 3715 S. 17th St., $47,000.


Daneff, Rose M. Trust to Beam, Steven C., 3441 S. 14th St., $92,500.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Htoo, Knyaw and Aye, San, 3806 N. 17th St., $132,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha to Mabil, Mangar M. and Agok, Ajok M., 4105 N. 23rd St., $115,000.

Four CS Properties to Miranda, Oscar A., 1907 Wirt St., $28,500.

Owens, Jessie, personal representative, to Fuertes, Jose, 3902 Florence Blvd., $24,000.


Newell, David R. and Arlene to Mahoney, John and Darcy, 3336 Redman Ave., $70,500.

JDV LLC to Ornelas, Sari G. and Paz, Maribel O., 3348 N. 36th Ave., $36,000.

Hart, Derek and Jennifer to Newport LLC, 3464 Spaulding St., $30,000.


Shimokawa, David A. to Havens, Christy and Josh, 429 S. 82nd St., $495,000.

White, Michael J. and Vicky L. to Hejkal, John P. and Katherine A., 505 S. 89th St., $218,000.


Advantage Investment Properties to Pietkowski, Sarah and Troy, 2304 N. 177th St., $406,000.

Smith, James H. and Connie L. to Vlcek, William R. and Jane M., 5754 N. 157th St., $278,000.

Richland Homes to Abe, Lindee J. and Tadashi A., 15307 Kansas Ave., $265,000.

Tesmer, Jeffrey L. and Justyna S. to Beck, Samuel P. and Robyne L., 4102 N. 176th St., $255,000.

Wagner, George T. and Tenia V. to Formanek, Thomas G. and Lanphier, Deidra A., 15655 Taylor St., $244,000.

Celebrity Homes to Canelli, Justin P., 4719 N. 175th Ave., $212,450.

Wiebelhaus, Kristi L. to Hwaira, Lovejoy and Exhibit, 16041 Manderson St., $208,500.

Reynolds, Donald R. and Karen K. to Leiderbrand, Ryan, 15462 Corby St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Thielen, Robert C. and Sara M., 16310 Redman Ave., $181,600.

Advantage Investment Properties to Advantage Development, 17710 Erskine St., $29,300.


Haffke, Robert to McConnell, Stephen A., 5114 Q St., $163,000.

Hurley, Roy E. and June K. to Morgan, Matthew and Kristen, 6109 Buckingham Ave., $98,000.

SROF 2013-S3 REO LLC to Molnar Investments, 5839 S. 51st St., $97,493.


Moyer, Matthew S. and Karen to Jia, Yuanyuan and Zhang, Chi, 686 N. 164th St., $590,000.

Silverman, Michael I. and Mimi J. to Gredys, Patrick D. and Ann M., 15835 California St., $500,000.

Clark, William J. and Pamela S. to Owens, Brenda L. and Grantham, Kimberly M., 15662 Western Ave., $185,000.


Dumstroff, Brian A. and Jocelyn L. to Sillman, Ryan S. and Anderson, Taylor M., 10652 Potter St., $158,000.

Winckowski, Robert J. to Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K., 9021 Quest St., $135,000.

Jorge, Arlene to Smith, Roderick A. and Melinda, 8810 N. 75th Ave., $134,500.

Hohn, Stephanie R. to Xiong, Simon S. and Song, Ying, 7001 N. 89th St., $119,000.


Giese, Matthew and Kelly to Poupard, Gregory W. and Margaret A., 10010 Frederick St., $390,000.

Huo, Nighat and Ziaul to Salahshurian, David and Erin, 3628 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $210,000.

Walsh, Thomas J. and Shari to Mitchell, Bradley J., 8937 Laurie Circle, $129,500.


Felt, Debra L. to Lowther, Ethan, 4721 S. 79th St., $147,750.

Gaa, John M. and Karen J. Trust to Davis, Sean R., 7634 Highland St., $120,000.


Fireside Construction Co. to Wang, Yan and Gao, Peng, 18615 Barbara St., $422,500.

Loewenstein, Russell H. and Olmsted-Loewenstein, Roxanne to Stuenzi, Daniel P. and Michele T., 2304 S. 177th St., $285,000.

Stuenzi, Daniel P. and Michele T. to B & F Properties, 2304 S. 177th St., $270,000.

Wang, Yan and Gao, Peng to Rana, Sandeep and Shankhar, Rashmi, 18906 Ontario St., $207,000.

Kafka, Deborah J. to Lowe, Mitchell D. and Marilyn K., 1914 S. 197th St., $200,000.

Growth Equity Group to Hood, James R. and Darla R., 16006 Wood Drive, $168,000.

REO Asset Management Co. to HBI LLC, 16228 Wright Plaza, $91,800.


Roy, Rob to Huggins, Shukura Z., 3000 Farnam St., $53,000.

Bank of New York to S & P Development, 4005 Nicholas St., $21,500.


Miller, James D. and Smith-Miller, Judy to Worthington, Angela, 6527 Lafayette Ave., $164,000.

Reestman, Peggy L. and Cutshall, Lynn to Alvarez, Griselda G., 4528 Lafayette Ave., $51,500.

Deutsche Bank to Paskar, Yuri, 1020 N. 47th Ave., $26,560.


Elder, Robert S. and Kelly Trust to Lane, Mark R. and Buescher, Jennifer, 7710 Lake St., $314,000.

Tyrakoski, Richard J. and Stacey M. to Bell, Brent O. and Tara A., 4005 N. 95th St., $160,000.

Dean Properties to O’Rourke, Seanan D., 4803 Parkview Drive, $141,000.

Growth Equity Group to Arnulfo, Paz IRA and Quest IRA, 3705 N. 101st St., $140,000.


Iteffa, Banti and Nicole J. to Jones, Christopher M. and Cella-Jones, Amanda, 6214 S. 195th St., $280,000.

Call, Thaddeus A. and Sharon C. to Semanisin, Scott W. and Mandy K., 6709 S. 184th St., $272,500.

Montoya, Paul M. and Celeste M. to Dewitt, Daniel R. and Amber R., 5525 S. 160th St., $272,000.

Ryckman, Kirk A. and Deborah L. to Busby, Bolin J., 17527 V St., $243,900.

Russell, John C. and Suarez-Russell, Clarissa to Roth, Jay L. III and Madison E., 5438 S. 159th Ave., $197,500.

Young, Fat G. and Liao, Hui Y. to Sullivan, Shawn M. and Katie E., 16510 Washington St., $180,000.

Semanisin, Scott W. and Mandy K. to Ward, Allison M. and Austin W., 16205 Riggs St., $173,000.

Celebrity Homes to Smith, Jonathan D., 19460 R St., $165,400.

Jones, Christopher M. and Cella-Jones, Amanda to Anderson, Gayle, 18725 Allan St., $162,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wilcox, Monica and Michael, 19502 R St., $161,900.

Roth, Jay L. III and Madison E. to Koster, Blake A., 6111 S. 190th Terrace, $160,000.

Cao, Alping and Prine, Lyle C. to Wallace, Eric J. and Kendra J., 19615 V St., $149,900.

Dewitt, Amber and Dan to Polinko, Robert W. and Patricia J., 19466 U St., $139,500.


Suverkrubbe, Lanora I. to Schaer, Paul R. Jr. and Cynthia L., 6115 S. 116th St., $168,700.

Rock, Teresa R. to Fry, Mark T. and Karen E., 11111 Z St., $152,000.

Badura, Trace to DeJongh, Joel , 12424 Ohern St., $149,933.

Cuyler, Linda to Slobodnik, Katie A., 5616 S. 139th St., $132,000.

Hyman, Samuel A. and Barbara M. to Olsen, Jason M. and Julie K., 15106 Madison St., $131,000.

Freudenburg, Sherill A. to Orellana, Alex and Candy, 12114 Orchard Ave., $128,500.

Grant, Stephanie R. and Jeffery T. to Coppertree LLC, 6624 S. 151st St., $121,500.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Parker, Andrew N. Jr. and Alycia M., 7702 N. 116th St., $274,533.

Celebrity Homes to Gulizia, Joseph J. III and Erin M., 14225 Vane St., $168,500.

Deer Creek Holding LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 8219 N. 123rd St., $52,000.

Deer Creek Holding LLC to Fools Inc., 8308 N. 123rd Circle, $35,000.

Deer Creek Holding LLC to J Henry Homes, 12502 Deer Creek Drive, $34,500.


Remmereid, Deborah L. and Paul to Yelinek, Leon V. and Janet M., 1601 S. 113th Plaza, $302,500.

Hearron, Pamela A. and Pascale, Cynthia A. to Peterson, Sherie and Loren, 14223 Frances St., $227,250.

Findley, James E. and Sarah E. Trust to Iteffa, Nicole J., 3321 S. 115th St., $210,000.

Sullivan, David L. to Reznicek, Todd, 1506 Pinewood Circle, $165,000.

Smith, Charles and Turk-Smith, Mildred A. to McLaughlin, Matthew S. and Taylor, 3018 Pedersen Drive, $122,500.


Williams, Marion J. to Kennedy, Vicky L., 12830 Burt Court, $154,900.


Brugmann, Jamie M. and Melissa to C Street LLC, 12523 Patrick Circle, $168,000.

Gibb, Sean B. to McNeal, Cameron J., 2618 N. 125th Circle, $158,500.

Strain, Amy to Gordon, James M. and Sautter, Danielle C., 6520 N. 111th St., $134,500.



HBI LLC to Elm Home Services LLC, 1006 Willow Ave., $71,000.

Strongin, William and Marla J. to Peterson, Fred and Stacy, 124 Hillside Drive, $38,000.

Sinclair, Tricia L. to MCS Rentals LLC, 2533 Jackson St., $65,000.

Wolfe, Lorriene F. to Irwin, Amy M. and Bryan K., 306 Westridge Ave., $75,000.

Persiani, Dana to Tellez, Darius I. and Chelsy R., 701 Martin Drive, $220,000.

Aspect Homes to Wright, Andrew and Dorothy E., 709 W. 32nd Ave., $118,000.

HBI LLC to LeClair, Francis J. and Kristen D., 909 Jewell Road, $159,000.


Silverstone Building to Kissock, Cody P., 10614 S. 188th St., $355,000.

Charleston Homes to Davis, Kyle D. and Karen M., 17221 Christensen Road, $268,000.

Hildy Homes to Priefert, Brandon and Jennifer, 19909 Birch St., $350,000.

Reynoldson, Chad D. and Tiana L. to Schmeits, Chad A. and Kristin M., 21106 Hampton Drive, $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Parent, Bryan S. and Michelle R., 21327 Quarry Lane, $249,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Leonard, Megan M., 8113 S. 913rd Ave., $284,000.


Charles Thomas Homes to Circo, David R. and Thea C., 10518 S. 125th St., $351,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11008 Edward St., $60,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Co., 11054 Edward St., $60,000.

Southbrook Development to Home Building Consultants, 11614 S. 111th St., $49,000.

Henderson, Michael D. and Suchy, Katherine M. to Baker, Steven J. and Michelle L., 2110 Sand Hills Drive, $300,000.

Schulz, Eric S. and Rachel M. to Peralta-Gandarilla, Isai and Trisha, 502 Pioneer Road, $134,000.

Linderman, Timothy W. and Jamison A. to Pinegar, Todd E. and Michelle A., 623 Osage Drive, $132,000.

Garrett, James S. and Rashelle L. to Cheleen, Daniel A., 806 Fenwick St., $169,000.

Bikakis, James E. and Eugenia M. to Gebhart, Thomas J. and Susan E., 8102 Legacy St., $514,000.

Lieber, Phillip A. and Sheryl to Mazur, Randy and Renae M., 901 Roland Drive, $290,000.

Weale, Kevin and Melani to Wright, Harold J. and Karen A., 908 Rogers Drive, $220,000.

Anderson, Kyle W. and Mary C. to Jones, Corey, 910 Michael Drive, $195,000.


Yoesel, Denise M. to Larson, Adam and Brooke, 497 Elm St., $150,000.


Tellez, Darius I. and Chelsy R. to Niedefeldt, Austin D. and Headley, Katelin M., 10002 S. Ninth Circle, $155,000.

Smith, Chauncey D. and Marla D. to Miller, Joshua P. and Daniela E., 10711 S. 26th St., $158,000.

Avery, Joseph A. and Kimberly H. to Hybarger, Andrew W., 11928 S. 33rd St., $134,000.

Randall, Lois J. to LaJoie, Walter V. III 13604 S. 26th St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Ritonya, Garrett M. and Jordahl, Chadalee L., 14805 S. 22nd St., $253,000.

Maloney, Edward J. and Margaret T. Trust to Sanchez Alvarez, Jesus C. and Herrera, Claudia, 2105 Morrie Drive, $125,000.

Lind, Gary A. and Beverly G. to Trujillo, Eugene and Natalie, 2307 Mayflower Road, $220,000.

Baldwin, Michael C. and Janet L. to McCutcheon, Connor and Jessica, 2308 Brighton Drive, $129,000.

Stephens, Vincent J. and Kimberly A. to Lake, Marcus M. and Haydee, 2803 Hunter Drive, $210,000.

Clearwater Falls to Home Co., 5167 Waterford Circle, $44,000.


Daniels, Stacey M. and Josh A. to McMullin, George L. II and Deborah K., 10305 Cary St., $320,000.

CLR Development to Waschinek, Terry E., 11741 Centennial Drive, $338,000.

James, Claude R. and Ogata-James, Trudy to Lackovic, Robert L. Jr., 7407 S. 102nd Ave., $345,000.

Michele Enterprises to Megan Enterprises, 8235 S. 107th St., $140,000.

Cantu, Sonia and Maria to Schulz, Randall, 8729 S. 100th St., $60,000.


Sherwood Homes to Wheeler, Angela D. and David S., 13606 S. 45th St., $313,000.

Stearnes, Jeffrey D. and Lisa M. to Parker, Diane, 1811 Ridgewood Drive, $287,000.

Beaudry, Christopher B. and Jennifer L. to Middlebrook, Justin L. and Danica L., 4507 Hansen Ave., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes to Henry, Robbie A. and Debra S., 8529 S. 68th Circle, $237,000.


Advantage Development to Nelson Builders, 10626 S. 188th St., $56,000.


Legacy Homes to Sahu, Syama S., 11002 S. 172nd St., $240,000.

Dupree, Edwin W. Jr. and Kennelly, Kristen M. to Tablante, Angelo M. and Arghie A., 15725 Cottonwood St., $145,000.

Celebrity Homes to Rich, Kevin P. and Vicki L., 16408 Cary St., $229,000.

Celebrity Homes to Garcia De La Barrera, Francisco and Tapia Herrera, Susana L., 18801 Blackwalnut St., $231,000.

Celebrity Homes to Vavra, Hope A., 7816 S. 190th St., $266,000.


Osborn, Ronald and Myma D. to Moore, Kathy G., 7513 Ira Circle, $103,000.


Thiele, Diane, personal representative for Bode, Kathryn M. Estate to Wiebelhaus, Kristi L., 4946 Copper Hill Drive, $69,000.



Idlewood Construction to Kahler, Natalie A., 2129 Ave. G, $125,000.

Thomason, Michelle R. to Brown, Peggy A., 5214 Hardings Landing Road, $180,000.

Jacobsen, Barbara J. and Chris N. to Faga, Terri L., 37 Lakeshore Court, $111,000.

Surpassets LLC to Merksick, Pete, 1020 N. 26th St., $87,000.

Nelson, Bradley J. and Kathy to Mass, Carolyn M. and Robert R., 5313 Hardings Landing Road, $158,000.

Baxter, Roxanne M. to Baxter, Adam J., 3014 Ave. A, $64,000.

Blocker, Barbara and Lonnie to Bolton, Patricia A. and Schmielau, Curtis J., 1313 Ave. D, $20,000.

Jolliff, David R. to Knott, Jacob B., 2123 Ave. H, $95,000.

Deutsche Bank to Soria, Andres and Manuel, 3021 Ave. H, $36,000.

RD Homes to Andersen, Carolyn M. and Michael E., 217 Kestrel Court, $172,000.

U.S. Bank to Sell, Jennifer and Matthew, 3310 Seventh Ave., $64,000.

Devine, Annette M. and Dennis Jr. to Loess Hills Properties, 2126 S. Eighth St., $45,000.

Edwards, Brett to ACE Realty LLC, 1825 Seventh Ave., $70,000.


Smith, Edwin and Sharon to Whigham, Erick and Sarah, 19792 Beverly Manor Lane, $191,000.

Josselyn, Joseph D. and Nicole M. to Hock, Verlane E., 162 Glen Ave., $127,000.

Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R to Schlater, Emily, 613 Perrin Ave., $70,000.

Sealock, Rita D. and Ronald F. to Knoell, Mary K. and Timothy L., 1011 Simms Ave., $230,000.

Rossbund, Jacqueline K. and Michael B. to Barker, Brian J. and Laurie A., 6 Cottner Drive, $182,000.

Woebke, Kimberly and Wayne to O’Neal, Amanda J. and Douglas R., 24214 Dogwood Road, $250,000.


Nash, Brenda J. and Jonathan Jr. to Ferguson, Natasha K. and Wagner, Daniel, 1814 Sand Point Road, Carter Lake, $180,000.

Lane, Vickie to Levell, Jack L. II, 1422 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $37,500.


Mocha, Connie J. and Kay E. and Robert W. and Roy E. to Mocha, Nicholas E., 29798 170th St., Honey Creek, $154,000.


Farmers & Merchants State Bank to McKee, Shawn W., 107 Third St., Neola, $120,000.

Kay, Austin and Michelle K. to Vacha, Michael J., 1121 Military Ave., $85,000.


Andersen, Carolyn M. and Michael E. to Hudnall, James P. and Veronica L., 704 Park Lane, Oakland, $106,500.

Scofield, Gerald G. and Joan E. to Bald, David G. and Fritz-Bald, Sheryl A., 406 Glass St., Oakland, $147,000.

Smith, Jason and Sammarra to Cleaveland, Chaz, 209 S. Main St., Oakland, $60,000.

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