Home Co. LLC to Flynn, Michael R. and Pamela K., 7664 N. 154th St., $359,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Barton, John N. and Erin R., 14958 Sage Circle, $324,026.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Carson, Nolan G. and Amy L., 16122 Reynolds St., $310,827.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ndosi, Mercy O. and Shoo, Laetare A., 8125 N. 173rd St., $284,000.

Strasburg, Arin R. to Hill, Hyla, 15514 Potter St., $256,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Perchal, Kara E. and Joshua F., 8214 N. 162nd St., $250,834.

Skoumal, Todd F. and Cathryn R. to Frederick, Aaron J. and Kambrala, 10302 Rosewater Parkway, $225,000.

Jackson, Jeremy M. to Herrmann, Jonathan L. and Portofee, Chelsea N., 8230 N. 154th Ave., $159,995.

Island Development LLC to Crosston, Matthew and Bruzzano, Karen, 12516 N. 177th Circle, $123,450.

NS-Newhill LLC to Deaver, Matthew R. and Allison M., 18435 Northern Hills Drive, $105,000.

NS-Newhill LLC to Martinez, Joe D. Jr., 12801 N. 182nd St., $51,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes LLC, 16215 Young St., $42,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes LLC, 16018 Craig Ave., $42,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes LLC, 15975 Reynolds St., $42,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC and Marc David Custom Homes, 9002 N. 169th Ave., $40,500.

Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Charleston Homes LLC, 7420 N. 161st St., $37,450.

Waterford Development LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 7225 N. 154th St., $34,945.


Choice Homes LLC to Gillman, Jason P., 1528 S. 218th St., $880,000.

Wiese, Monte C. and Denise to Vonk, Mary H. Trust, 1501 N. 190th St., $659,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Ahounou, Maurice and Eugenie B., 939 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $484,125.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Spangenberg, Brock and Kristina, 3107 N. 194th St., $435,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Cotton, Randy and Dickson, Julie, 914 S. 185th St., $406,050.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Cabrera, Courtney N. and Marisela, 1417 S. 208th St., $365,249.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Carson, Adam, 20601 Ames Ave., $356,900.

Charleston Homes LLC to Suing, Blake and Amy, 4702 N. 208th St., $356,526.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Larsen, Alexandria and Casey, 18933 Ruggles St., $353,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Kamireddi, Satya K. and Karakkayala, Swathi P., 4101 N. 191st St., $333,859.

Cunningham, Benjamin and Kimberly to Berg, Scott F. and Geri K., 4408 N. 208th St., $307,500.

Sleddens, Matthew D. and Jacqueline D. to Davis, Shawn C., 19540 Farnam St., $270,000.

Absolute Contracting LLC to Foral, Brian and Ferguson-Foral, Laura, 1607 S. 218th St., $173,000.

Clifton, Scott E. to Perpetual Financial Solutions LLC, 21306 Clydesdale Circle, $147,000.

Gottsch, Rene and Christensen, Erik A. to Sass, Kathleen K., 3312 N. Main St., $135,000.

Reeves, Bradley and Samlee to Agbaglo, Koffi A., 21528 Old Coach Road, $127,500.

Choice Homes LLC to Obamwonyi, Andrew O. and Omo V., 1605 S. 219th Ave., $124,855.

Five Fountains LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 18652 California St., $83,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 2307 S. 220th Circle, $81,600.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Birchwood Homes Inc., 4815 S. 235th St., $80,000.

SNGF Development LLC to Gaver Construction Inc., 18733 Indiana St., $80,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to LPC Properties LLC, 2310 S. 220th Ave., $78,750.


PBK Real Estate LLC to Frost, Dwight M. Jr. and Kelly A., 5740 N. 279th St., $125,000.


Corritore, Joseph B. and Lori A. to Monro, Milton W., 739 Riverside Drive, $389,900.


Benson, Katie L. to McDermott, Sean R., 300 S. 16th St., $116,500.


Adams, Hilary to White, Stuart F. and Kimberly M., 5023 Seward St., $200,000.

Czerwinski, Dana and Sarah to Marshall, Chris P. and Redwing, Carol E., 2507 N. 60th Ave., $149,000.

Edds, Gregory and Brittani M. to Wethor, Jacqueline M., 5420 Parker St., $145,000.

James, Tara L. and Rodney E. to Hunter, Bryan, 5515 N. 69th St., $125,000.

Williams, Joel and Doty, Jessica to Peterson, Erin M., 6310 Parker St., $124,950.

McBrien, Sarah B. to Wagner, Brett J., 2044 N. 65th St., $115,000.

Scoville Hofts Investments LLC to Sack, Sasha, 2323 N. 67th St., $107,000.

Partusch, Ami R. and Matthew J. to Marchio, Peter L., 4710 Parker St., $100,000.

Fisk, Thomas M. and Roselyn A. to Hemingway, Matthew G. and Jessica L., 4866 Maple St., $90,000.

Thorson, Eleanor B. Trust to Kuhns, Jeremiah and Sarah, 5630 N. 69th Ave., $80,000.

Reed, Betty J. to La, Maung and Htoo, Ler, 4679 Kansas Ave., $80,000.

Shipley, Rebekah J. to 6026 Manderson Street Property LLC, 6026 Manderson St., $75,500.

Arends, Carolyn K. and Jack C. to TRI LLC, 6318 Spaulding St., $74,000.

Ei, Vaw and Lae, Day to Saw, Joseph, 4003 N. 63rd St., $65,000.

Green, Norman L. to S3H Properties LLC, 2331 N. 61th St., $65,000.

Chace Rentals LLC to Grauman Investment Group LLC, 6566 Lake St., $57,500.

Work, Candace J., trustee for Cooperrider Trust to Rodgers, Gloria J., 2820 N. 66th Ave., $54,900.

Robinson, Joy C. to Liekhus, Russell A., 2314 N. 62nd St., $49,000.

Household Finance Corp. III to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 4313 N. 56th St., $41,000.


Prem, Clyde and Rebecca to Korth, Lucas and Rebecca, 4420 William St., $215,000.

O’Brien, Michael E., trustee for Brittenham, Elizabeth A. Trust, to Bannister, Sharon A., trustee for Bannister Family Trust, 3401 Martha St., $130,000.

Miles, Linda M. to Bonder, Ian J. and Krutilek, Rachael L., 2742 S. 41st St., $120,000.


Lingenfelter, Joshua A. and Ashley B. to Hogan, August, 1924 S. 62nd St., $167,000.

Shubert, Kris A. and Bernasek, Nicole to Seaton, Janet W., trustee for Wetherbee, Robert H. Trust, 650 S. 68th Ave., $116,000.

Ryan, Ronald R. and Julie A. to Shriver, Kenneth J., 5528 Hickory St., $108,000.

Schlegelmilch, Cheri, trustee for Jensen, Gwendolyn M. Trust to Plascencia, Gonzalo I. and Elvia E., 5623 Oak St., $105,000.


Deines, Danielle R. and Jon to Robertson, Kelsey and David, 4489 Dayton St., $128,000.

PWC LLC to Clausen, Matthew and Harrison, Rebecca, 3820 Polk St., $109,900.

Zuk, Myron P. and Worobec, Irene M. to Bristol, Peter V., 6510 S. 36th St., $75,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Grigaitis, Renny Trust, 4241 Dayton St., $75,000.

Carroll, Jonathan L. to Richards, Katherine R., 4322 J St., $67,000.


Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Semin, Dee Trust, 2787 S. Ninth St., $26,000.


Stephens, Deboraha J. to Stephens, Deboraha and Bazer, Sandra, 4530 N. 16th St., $32,000.

Bazer, Sandra to Bazer, Sandra and Stephens, Deboraha J., 4539 N. 16th St., $31,000.


Park Investments LLC to 2nd Kings Rental Properties LLC, 4115 Binney St., $45,000.

RELM Investors LLC to Heidt, Kevin, 2590 Evans St., $45,000.

RLT LLC to Merazreyna, Maria T., 4323 N. 40th St., $40,000.

U.S. Bank to Wojtalewicz, Jerry, 6321 N. 33rd St., $36,500.

Miji, Abdikadir and Haji, Naima to Swansonvested Homes LLC, 4020 Binney St., $30,050.

EBH LLC to DKA Designs LLC, 4218 Emmet St., $30,000.

Aguilar, Juan C. and Zeferina S. to Perez, Rodolfo G., 4311 N. 39th St., $20,000.


Bowery, Muriel to Minturn, Gerard J. and Laurel K., 6716 Minne Lusa Blvd., $115,000.

Faison, Joanna F. to Greene, Latonya and Kilgore, Carlos, 7911 North Ridge Drive, $110,000.

Brown, Wendy to Faurot, Andrew J., 2887 Iowa St., $103,000.


Celebrity Homes LLC to Darling, Kyle A. and Melissa D., 17214 Meredith Ave., $305,700.

Berck, Allen D. and Jean to Reese, Milana L., 5904 N. 145th St., $295,000.

Sampson, Richard L. and Pamela to Tesoro, Alexis and Tiffany, 16957 Locust St., $295,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wullschleger, Ryan J., 6523 N. 157th St., $264,129.

Meyer, Raymond L. and Julie A. to Korgho, Maria G. and Sawadogo, Jean P., 14896 Ogden St., $259,000.

Gates, Kevin and Theresa D. to Nayak, Anurag and Garima J., 3216 N. 169th Ave., $232,000.

Wright, Tracy A. and Susan L. to Mortensen, Kent W. and Jean M., 15023 Binney St., $222,500.

Rosal, Sharon F. and Flaviano V. Jr. to James, Tara L. and Rodney E., 6113 N. 146th St., $219,900.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Miller, Constance A., 4614 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $210,650.

Carson, Nolan G. and Amy L. to Carey, Laura and Politovich, Sharon E., 14707 Ruggles St., $182,000.

Korte, Elise E. to Alter, Judy K. Trust, 14520 Locust St., $178,000.

Ruskamp, Mark G. to Fangmeier, Mya C., 4551 N. 168th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Inman, Elizabeth and Christopher to Johnson, Janica J. and Bryan R., 4202 N. 172nd St., $169,900.

Frazer, James and Colleen to Schmitt, John M., 4914 N. 170th St., $165,000.

Salisbury, Renae F. to Salisbury, Sean P., 16867 Fowler Ave., $163,000.

Condon, Jennie M. Trust to Weaver, Melvin D. and Lynn, 4613 N. 144th Ave., $160,000.

Edmonds, Amy A. to Owens, Pamela A., 2915 N. 145th Ave., $155,000.

Umthun, Thomas and Stacy to Bacon, Mark and Charlene, 14462 Tibbles St., $135,000.

Blondo Street Development LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 2723 N. 178th St., $30,000.

Blondo Street Development LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 2337 N. 177th St., $30,000.


Willis, Evelyn B. Estate to Pankowski, Veronica and Jacob M., 5512 Fay Blvd., $116,000.

Ourada, Thomas A. and Merrilee A. to Gallegos, Jose B., 6736 S. 51st St., $101,000.


Niemeyer, Larry C. and Donna A. to Kramer, Douglas L. and Brenda L., 17111 Seward St., $301,000.

Lamski, Aaron and Julie C. to Ripp, Andrew D. and Stephanie L., 1919 N. 173rd Circle, $287,500.

Ottoson, Belinda T. to Han, Bo and Xue, Yanmin, 16311 Franklin St., $243,000.

Aakre, Joel E. and Darcy J. to Ellwanger, Jerald A. and Kathleen T., 15705 Parker St., $177,000.

Carlisle, David J. to Babbitt, Gregory P., 17614 Parker Plaza, $153,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tamang, Harka B. and Sange D., 7913 N. 85th St., $229,000.

HBI LLC to Stoll, Alyssa K., 7764 N. 107th St., $180,000.

United Equity Omaha LLC to Roberts, Robert M. and Marlene M., 8317 Sheffield St., $178,000.

Grandbois, Gerald H. to Sundermeier, Christopher and DiDonato, Karen, 7174 N. 81st Plaza, $157,000.

Edwards, Jane A. to Hollingsworth, Karen H., 6967 N. 88th Ave., $155,600.

Glenn, Melissa A. to Ramold, James M., 7363 N. 77th St., $155,000.

Matson, Kathelene M. to Yebe, Seraphin M., 7428 Hanover St., $149,000.

Lockhorn, Ryan M. and Jenna L. to Myers, John E. and Jamie J., 8010 Bauman Ave., $137,500.

Hansen, Scott E. and Carmer-Hansen, Angela D. to Lor, Tou F., 8814 Quest St., $137,000.

Fuller, Lamare E. and Nastassja F. to Shipley, Rebekah, 8503 Potter St., $136,000.

Langan, Matthew A. and Cassandra J. to Moberg, Johnna R., 7909 Bauman Ave., $133,500.

Schik, Julie E. and Anthony J. to Estrada, Brandi N. and Giovanni A., 7919 Newport Ave., $129,900.

Jones, Morris A. to Brian, John P., 7672 Potter St., $129,000.

Li, Sarah to Li, Sarah and Gonzalez, Antonio, 7360 N. 76th St., $63,000.


McCafferty, Patrick J. and Kandis L. to Meints, Ruth and Kenneth, 2921 S. 104th St., $257,000.

Buttery, Gary A. and Malon, Jonathan J. to Lutmer, Adam R., 3309 S. 90th St., $100,000.


HBI LLC to Cox, Cassie M. and Story, Wyatt J., 5067 S. 106th St., $159,500.

Sanchez, Patrick J. to Linehan, Kevin B., 5021 Sunset Drive, $150,000.

Hultberg, Richard L. and Joann I. to Possinger, Deborah A. and Portrey, Alyssa L., 8803 Holmes St., $132,000.

McKee, Eric A. to Marasco, Joyce V., 4740 S. 80th St., $110,000.

Marasco, Joyce V. to Kabourek, Jamie L., 4740 S. 80th St., $110,000.

Whitehill, Patricia K., personal representative, to Miller, William L. and Sheila J., 5056 S. 106th Ave., $95,000.


Shramek, John R. and Tammy S. to Thielen, Pinar and Michael, 3229 S. 187th St., $700,000.

Rappa, Anthony and Nora to Weaver, Michael D. and Stephanie M., 3219 S. 188th St., $526,500.

Becker, James W. to Chanlatte, Jacqueline O., 18459 Van Camp Drive, $455,000.

Heartwell, Stephen F. and Paulette C. to Morton, Gracia G. and James A., 17736 Frances St., $303,000.

Cooper, Charles A. and Sandra J. to French, Michael S., 17636 Pine St., $295,000.

Browder, John C. Jr. and Kay E. to Pollard, Kenneth A., 1514 S. 190th Plaza, $275,000.

Oxenrider, Jacky P. and Glenda W. to Arispe, Rick A. and Karen E., 1256 S. 165th Ave., $177,000.

Glandt, Ross W. and Teresa M. to Holtslander, Scott D. and Audrey G., 3128 S. 162nd Circle, $175,000.

Harris, Robert R. to 200 Properties LLC, 17217 Poppleton Ave., $170,000.

Tripp, Patrick L. and Kathy H. to Huston, David C. and Nancy L., 15919 Arbor Circle, $153,500.

Larsen, Jonathan L. and Mary M. to Salinas, Jessica and Alan, 1316 S. 165th Ave., $139,900.


Hennco Enterprises Inc. to Beny, Alan W. and Kristie C., 4187 Wakeley St., $174,300.

Argiolas, Giuseppe and Christina M. to Yates, Nancy, 4331 Chicago St., $97,000.


Vlcan, Jeremy L. and Herman, Anne E. to Koch, Thomas E. and Olinger, Kristina M., 4916 Webster St., $208,000.

Aarnio, Eric and Kristina to Angel, Sylvia G., 7064 Nicholas Circle, $175,000.


Farrens, Douglas B. and Carol J. to Ferree, Donald R. Jr. and Marybeth L., 10604 Yort Circle, $180,000.

Malik, Donald D. Jr. and Lori J. to Alfred, Alissa L., 9418 Ames Ave., $170,000.

Crosswalk Ministries and First Free Methodist Church Omaha to Kurtzuba, Raymond F., 9354 Corby St., $169,000.

Hurt, Elizabeth A. to Trouba, Joseph M. and Rochelle C., 8035 Spaulding Circle, $167,000.

Hudelson, Kenneth G. and Liliana P. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 8114 Browne St., $155,925.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Mahaffey, Sherri A., 8114 Browne St., $155,925.

Burnett, Mary, trustee for Burnett, James R. Trust Agreement, to Dai, Huaiying, 9641 Taylor St., $143,500.

Younker, Christopher and Boryca, Laura to Wright, Haywood Jr. and Vickie A., 10426 Browne St., $139,000.

Nissen, Kirk H. to Woodhouse, Christopher M. and Nicole J., 3837 N. 99th Circle, $133,000.

Martin, Jon C. and Lori E. to Dodson, Tyler M., 3824 N. 101st St., $132,000.

Rentschler, Kyle V. and Jessica to Guerrero, Marco A., 9466 Bedford Ave., $130,000.

O’Connor, Mary K., trustee for Pryor, Lois J. Amended Trust to Taylor, Amy, 3935 N. 94th St., $130,000.

Mitchell, Robert F. Jr. to Shirk, Tobias A., 4116 N. 101st St., $123,000.

Flores, Katy M. to Schuchard, Melinda S., 4404 N. 91st St., $122,500.

Bank of New York to Adams, Todd W., 8810 Spaulding Circle, $114,500.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Homer, Zachary C. and Stephanie M., 4210 S. 198th St., $438,665.

Nielsen, Brandi L. and Christopher to Rani, Sangeeta and Singh, Jarnail, 19319 K Circle, $315,000.

Mishra, Bhupendra K. and Anu to Kumar, Ashutosh and Meenakshi, 6320 S. 171st St., $310,000.

Duhon, Jason M. and Robin L. to Cardin, Greg and Heather, 17211 S St., $275,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Aliano, Michael A., 16426 R St., $254,049.

Stovie, Jerald M. and Kim M. to Dittman, Bruce L. and Brenda, 17087 Weir St., $250,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Sullivan, Michael C. and Heather M., 16420 R St., $239,038.

Chen, Baojiang and Xiong, Junqun to Kelley, Derrick and Miriam A., 16025 S St., $239,000.

Schmitz, Madeline L. Trust to Smith, Keith and Kimberly, 15726 Berry St., $215,000.

Schaap, Deborah C. Trust to Richmond, Kenneth and Beverly, 4969 S. 190th Ave., $205,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6111 S. 193rd St., $198,000.

Norman, Scott E. and Cynthia J. to Dulaney, Katy L. and Bradley A., 18707 Washington St., $189,000.

Schomer, Justin M. and Gianna to Fox, Amy M., 5817 S. 190th Terrace, $187,500.

Fahnholz, Kristy K. to Earle, Nicholas A. and Stacie R., 4969 S. 162nd St., $177,000.

Beanum, Victor C. and Rhodes-Beanum, Cassandra to Tomlin, Michael T. and Ellie M., 16618 Adams St., $175,000.

Danielson, Cory and Kara to Vaughn, Stephanie and Brian, 16303 Jefferson St., $165,000.

Rangarajan, Muthukumar and Veeravalli, Sripriya R. to Senthivel, Esakkiappan and Chidambaram, Shanmugavadivu, 16270 Adams St., $165,000.

Watts, Catherine L. and Harold to Bortolini, Joseph J., 18716 V St., $157,000.


Heck, Kaylene M. and Jeffrey R. to Baker, Patty L. and Wesley, 5625 S. 126th Circle, $300,000.

Nash, A. Janelle Trust to Heck, Kaylene M. and Jeffrey R., 6225 Oak Hills Plaza, $222,000.

Beiting, Mark A. and Kathleen to Al-Hili, Haider M. and Ali, Mafaz H., 4673 S. 152nd Circle, $220,000.

Seitz, Gary J. to Sartin, Milburn M. and Judith M., 6044 Oakcrest Plaza, $183,925.

Brueggemann, David W. and Napora-Brueggemann, Linda J. to Gonazalez, Rafael Jr., 10815 X St., $164,900.

Schmidt, Sara R. to Detavernier, Scott and Mitchell, Amy, 4353 S. 147th St., $158,000.

Devere, Julie K. and Brian to Morris, Douglas D., 11615 Tyler St., $157,000.

Phillips, Matthew E. to Thomas, Rebecca S., 13581 W Circle, $153,000.

Kelly, Steven V. and Ryan, Carolyn J. to Schueth, Tara M. and Nathan D., 15406 Blackwell Drive, $148,000.

Mindermann, Linda, trustee for Thies, Katherine M. Trust, to Jameson, Gregory M., 6406 S. 109th St., $145,225.

Young, Michael J. and Judy K. to Moyers, Christopher T. and Marie F., 14108 Ohern St., $142,000.

Butts, Stacy L. to Tennell, Amber and Kudrna, Adam, 6719 S. 135th Ave., $137,500.

Janke, Tonya J. to O’Donnell, Robert and Susan, 5131 S. 126th Court, $125,000.

Krumrey, Nick A. to Standeven, Michael J. and Christine E., 5117 S. 126th Court, $119,950.

Griffith, Robert M. and Elizabeth A. to McQuinn, Rodney L., 13922 Washington Circle, $68,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Mollner, Patricia, 15423 Stevens Plaza, $39,900.


Celebrity Homes LLC to Peterson, Daniel and Debra, 7203 N. 139th St., $240,600.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Robertson, Christopher and Nancy, 7301 N. 139th St., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Magar, Chandra B. and Tila M., 14214 Weber St., $204,800.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Krzyzanowski, Emilee J., 7407 N. 139th Ave., $175,050.

Gentry, Denise E. to Zognrah, Malcolm M. and Wiese, Megan, 7429 N. 126th Ave., $37,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Cambridge Homes LLC, 7307 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $34,900.


Sweetbriar IV LLC to Cutchall Property Management LLC, 12715 Woolworth Ave., $384,000.

Cutchall Property Management LLC to Sweetbriar IV LLC, 1417 S. 127th St., $368,000.

Maskil, Richard L. and Joyce Trust to Berck, Allen D. and Jean, 1680 S. 153rd St., $312,500.

Lee, April J., trustee for Lee Trust to Quinn, Joshua J. and Abby L., 1730 S. 116th St., $260,000.

Holloway, Joan to Ratekin, William A. and Angela K., 11914 William St., $215,000.

Micek, Jeffrey A. and Jacqueline K. to Brehm, Kimberly J., 3707 S. 116th Ave., $199,000.

Larsen, Casey and Alexandria to Schomers, Matthew G., 1301 Holling Drive, $198,000.

Toler, Chandra B. to Cooper, Jason C. and Tara B., 15519 Arbor St., $191,000.

Baker, Wesley and Patricia L. to Anderson, Ryan and Carmen, 12629 Shirley St., $185,000.

Lumpkin, Erik L. and Sherisa R. to McKernan, Mary M., 2136 S. 113th Ave., $183,000.


Bos, Dwight L. and Helen F. to Corcoran, Justin and Ashley, 8425 N. 47th St., $206,000.

Kramer, Melissa J. and Pongratz, Daniel M. to Gilmer, Wade, 7135 N. 65th Ave., $127,500.


Charleston, Robert D. and Kimberly A. to Stott, Roger D. and Bonnie L., 1825 N. 129th Circle, $395,000.

Gauron, Michael R. and Mary K. to Olsen, Anthony M. and Marla M., 13026 Hamilton Circle, $329,500.

Kuehl, H. Frederick and Janet to Trebbien, James E. and Patricia Trust, 12623 Harney Circle, $303,000.

Kaspar, Alan J. and Renee K. to Asaad, Michael A. and Demian, Miray F., 15438 Harney St., $219,000.

Barrett, Diane to Kelly, Steven V. and Carolyn, 12326 Nicholas St., $219,000.

Cheng, Ke and Zhou, Yaqi to Bickford, Jason L. and Kelli L., 1412 N. 153rd Circle, $205,000.

Lutz, Linda C. and Dwayne S. to Clemens, Janet, 905 Leawood Drive, $155,000.

Tapp, Jared R., trustee for Gillaspie, Alice I. Trust, to Sidwell, Rae L., 11945 Miracle Hills Drive, $113,000.

Gillespie, Marjorie L. to Heinrich, Roberta, 12727 West Dodge Road, $65,000.


Wright, James N. and Suzanne S. to Newman, Daniel J. and Aaron C., 4621 N. 139th Ave., $274,000.

DeBoer, John and Alice to Hartsell, Jarrod L. and Wang-Hartsell, Angelyn, 4726 N. 136th St., $250,000.

MCS Rental LLC to Magnuson, Melissa and Herbel, Brandon, 10931 Hilltop Ave., $215,000.

Grove, Jerry L. to Heer, David J. and Ruth M., 12659 Meredith Ave., $202,500.

Patel, Jiten and Wright, Alene J. to Kugler, Becky J., 12252 Mary Plaza, $200,000.

Wedgewood, Jay H. and Susan A. to Limbach, Paula L. and Shane M., 13043 Laurel Ave., $175,000.

Ingram, Shawn B. to Poppleton, William S. Sr., 2611 N. 112th Ave., $160,000.

Gakou, Hannah to Pham, Alexandria P. and Viet H., 11605 Spaulding St., $146,000.

Snyder, Cynthia S. to Abstrakt, Wilhelm and Fernald, Chessna, 12622 Miami St., $145,000.

Beller, Clarke A. and Kayla R. to Altman, Susan, 6412 N. 131st St., $142,000.

Dombrowsky, Robert E. and Tamara L. to Richter, Briana R., 14202 Newport Ave., $140,000.

SEVRENCH LLC to Helle, Gary, 12962 Corby St., $115,100.

Weaver, Melvin D. and Lynn M. to Stickney, Caleb and Heather, 12741 Fowler Circle, $115,000.



Moeller, Nathan P. to Sheffield, Michael D. and Benak, Amber N., 1704 Farrell Drive, $178,000.

Marks, Robert D. and Erica D. to Roland, Michael J. and Courtney, 1706 Sherry Drive, $171,000.

Lewis, Harlan and Maria to Alves, Michael A. and Birgit, 1910 Wayne St., $113,000.

Forrestor, Richard F. to Schuster, Scott, 201 Mildred Court, $155,000.

Frehse, Dawn M. to Weber, Jane M., 319 E. 17th Ave., $101,000.


Home Building Consultants Inc. to Biga, Blase D. and Sandra J., 18860 Ridgemont St., $453,000.

Stewart, Brandon L. to Wadell, Eric J. and Carlee A. 19638 Chandler St., $310,000.

Stillman, Jane E. and Jon to Graham, Aaron G. and Kimberlie, 20012 Oak St., $465,000.

Kile, Dennis D., personal representative of Kile, Cleo P. Estate to 200 Properties LLC, 209 Shamrock Road, $40,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Alley, Shane, 20903 McClellan Circle, $249,000.

Ruff, Mary to Lade, Zachariah C. and McClusky, Katlyn D., 21881 Bobwhite Ave., $202,000.

Wiegert, Leroy and Norma J. to JWH Enterprises LLC, 422 Sherwood Drive, $150,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 8003 S. 194th St., $53,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 8105 S. 194th St., $53,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Dynasty Homes LLC, 8132 S. 194th St., $55,000.


Walker, Michael A. and Joan E. to Russell, Rodney E., 1006 Port Royal Drive, $220,000.

Southbrook Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 11720 S. 110th St., $48,000.

Polomsky, Stephen A. and Allison D. to Monroe, Kristin L. and Andrew R., 12092 S. 78th St., $335,000.

Shonka, Michael D. and Michele A. to Ulven, Bradley D., 308 Fort St., $134,000.

Watts, Andre D. and McCarthy, Brooke to Goodman, Tonni L., 418 W. Grant St., $105,000.

Brooks, Pamela S. to Williams, Jacob D. and Amy M., 708 Michael Drive, $218,000.

McConaughey, Ora T. and Bette L. to Boritzki, Raymond M. and Elizabeth C., 7912 Kona Circle, $425,000.

Flor, Michael N. and Sue K. to King, Thomas L. Jr. and Melissa L., 8022 Swallowtail St., $395,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 916 Crest Drive, $20,000.


Lowe, William E. to Richmond, Karla R., 10605 S. 26th St., $132,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ojeda, Timothy J. and Jasmine, 13808 S. 42nd Ave., $209,000.

Gomez, Joni L. to Schulze, Kaitlyn and Kevin, 13906 S. 42nd Ave., $185,000.

Jalbert, Jennifer M. and King, Andrea to Bruner, Scott A. and Marita A., 14806 S. 24th St., $255,000.

Gentry, Timothy E. to Hrabik, Samantha R., 2106 Morrie Drive, $162,000.

Brazda, Dawn M. to Estrada, Kyrie M., 3307 Looking Glass Drive, $170,000.

Payton, Tyson A. to Plichta, Lucas and Kristina, 3455 Rahn Blvd., $171,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Povich, Kelli, 4405 Brook Drive, $230,000.


Bowes, Shari L. and Hamm, Norman H. to McMillin, Dale E. and Linda A., 15114 Rose Creek Drive, $125,000.


Horizon Realty Inc. to Aune, Jason T. and Rachel, 1304 Lydia Circle, $310,000.

Sierra Homes to Clark, Brandon, 13711 S. 49th St., $391,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to Wilson, Kyle and Miranda L., 13817 S. 49th St., $333,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Chilbert, Justen D. and Michelle D., 1805 Atlas Drive, $309,000.

Skerven, Becky A. to Aaron, Roger L. and Sandra K., 1808 Aberdeen Drive, $300,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Nathaniels, Michele and John K., 2126 Alexander Road, $286,000.

McIntire, Kolin P. and Janet A. to Simms, Jerry L. and Suzanne K., 304 Oakwood Drive, $179,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hurst, Randall J. and Sandra L., 6635 Michael Circle, $220,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Samuelson, Christopher and Karli, 9417 S. 69th St., $356,000.


Richland Homes to Hartley, Daniel and Tracey Trust, 17026 Aurora St., $265,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Beiting, Mark A. and Kathleen A., 18719 Alder Drive, $331,000.

Peak, Monica and Michael to Eastin, Elli and Cory, 18915 Josephine St., $233,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pargett, Thomas R. and Kelly K., 19063 Greenleaf St., $179,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Willeford, Brandon L. and Meagan E., 19064 Robin Drive, $186,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Tomasek, Scott L. and Teressa L., 19116 Ridgemont St., $351,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rohwer, Jennifer and Kyle, 6950 S. 185th Circle, $259,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kloppenburg, Kristin L., 7018 S. 185th Circle, $234,000.

Boozikee, Christopher R. and Heather L. to Schneiderwind, Kyle and Ashley, 7214 S. 169th St., $315,000.

Desoe, Cheryl M. and Steven D. to Beachler, Brent T., 7402 S. 173rd St., $255,000.

Monroe, Kristin L. and Andrew R. to Schuster, Mark, 7686 S. 159th St., $150,000.

Burchard, Thomas E. Jr. and Ashley R. to Chillara, Saisrikanth and Kailasanathan, Subhalakshmi, 7734 S. 161st Terrace, $170,000.

Moyers, Christopher T. and Marie F. to Suehl, Brandon and Kush, Shannon, 8709 S. 163rd St., $215,000.


Wells Fargo Bank to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 12803 Edna St., $106,000.

Cooper, Pamela A. to Dinsmoor, Ann M., 13404 Emiline St., $132,000.

Morris, Daniel D. and Meagan R. to Najarro-Alfaro, Rigoberto M. and Najarro, Chelsea A., 14615 Emiline St., $128,000.

Wehmeier, John R. Trust to Lamb, Joshua C., 15021 Chalco Pointe Drive, $143,000.

Hagelstein, Dean L. and Crystal A. and Brett D. and Melissa R. to Lenner, Patricia A., 7017 S. 129th St., $140,000.

Klabunde, Tracy to Hughes, Natasha L., 7118 S. 154th St., $147,000.

Hagelstien, Warren L. and Christina to Klug, Thomas W., 8205 S. 152nd St., $147,000.


Balaun, Isaac T. to Richards, Benjamin M., 2812 Gindy Drive, $160,000.

Thacker, Brian L. and Karissa A. to Lightfoot, Perry S., 2812 Irene St., $120,000.

R & A Builders Inc. to Gillis, Eddie J. and Partlow, Duewa L., 2826 Gertrude St., $170,000.

Conger, Roger C. and Alice R. to Gonzalez Romero, Alejandro, 4011 Giles Road, $78,000.

Wasser Properties LLC to Gottsch, A.I., 7124 S. 38th St., $115,000.



Surpasset LLC to Clark, Alexander W. and Nichole L., 2621 Ave. G, $85,000.

Wittwer, James E. and Susan M. to Foje, Meghan N. and Simpson, Jason A., 3607 Fifth Ave., $92,000.

Ruby, Theresa M. and Troy to Falkenhainer, Sara and Reinders, Joshua, 302 S. 31st St., $136,000.

Schubert, Donald L. Trust to Thomas, Tricia M., 2002 Fourth Ave., $31,000.

Pruett, Carol M. to Fick, Daniel A. and Sarah J., 2327 Ave. K, $116,000.

Anderson, Thomas J. to Narveson, Alyson and Joel, 1405 Ave. D, $87,000.

Atherton, Frances M. Trust to Novich, Joan E., 2622 Ave. B, $48,000.

BP Quality Homes LLC to Collins, Denise M., 205 Kestrel Court, $185,000.

Graybill, Adam and Monica K. to Zarate, Francisco and Ayala De Zarate, Catalina A., 1417 Ave. K, $127,000.

Nawrocki, Robert C. to Dewaele, Ceil K., 3230 10th Ave., $103,000.

Bates, Eddie R. and Julie A. to Rodenburg Properties LLC, 2723 S. Seventh St., $39,500.

Kerkman, Rodney A. and Stacy A. to Gruber, Cheryl, 3316 Ave. I, $55,000.

Stech, Jamie to Hiffernan, Ronnie, 1134 14th Ave., $155,000.

Olsen, James O. and Janice K. to Klotz, Daniel and Tresa, 4624 Navajo St., $210,000.

Hatch, Amanda M. and Nicholas S. to Reed, Charles D., 2119 Fifth Ave., $70,000.

Surpasset LLC to McMillan, Michael S., 2654 Ave. B, $78,000.

Raus, Leonard R. Jr. to Raus, Tonya J., 3511 Ave. A, $45,000.

Raus, Tonya J. to Hotz, Patrick R., 3511 Ave. A, $89,000.

Gutierrez, Gabino I. and Katie N. to Eledge, Jayme, 3520 11th Ave., $96,500.

Fleming, Christian L. and Nicholas A. to Graybill, Tyler S., 3129 Ave. F, $120,000.

Higgins, Heide and Patrick A. to Kjeldgaard Properties LLC, 5 Aztec St., $93,500.

Remmers, Robert W. to Nichols, Karen R., 2029 Ave. L, $80,000.

Key Development LLC to Navarrete, Jasmin, 2723 S. 16th St., $138,000.

Hume, Mary F. Trust to Hansen, Luann L., 3201 Seventh Ave., $64,500.

Lochland Holdings LTD to Justesen, Joshua and Loralee, 4034 Ramelle Drive, $116,500.

BC Homes LLC to Olsen, James O. and Janice K., 3111 Middle Ferry Road, $209,500.

MBI Inc. to Dennis, Michael A. and Vickie R., 2839 Poplar Drive, $42,500.

Fleharty, Maureen K. to Conaway, Shane K., 1021 S. 28th St., $76,000.

Madsen, Kyle and Kathrine N. to Lopez, Monica R., 3511 Ave. B, $95,000.

Bisson, Alexandra and John to Madsen, Kyle and Katharine, 5416 Hardings Landing Road, $210,000.

Conaway, Shane K. to Jensen, Jeri L. and Roger D., 3411 Middle Ferry Road, $261,000.


Jenson, Joseph H. and Mindi M. to Helle, Elizabeth, 441 S. First St., $78,000.

Buman, Jerald and Jennifer to Whitt, Amy R. and William, 15248 Pine Terrace Drive, $174,500.

Stuart, Tammy S. to Johnson, Alexander M. and Cassandra J., 337 Ferndale Drive, $187,500.

Fuller, Lori A. to Leichner, Jason W., 836 Timbercrest Drive, $207,500.

Heine, Amanda and Timothy J. to Woosley, Michael T. and Sharon L., 2849 Birdsley Road, $335,000.

Reisz, Suzanne to Whalen, James and Jane, 195 Crestmont Drive, $127,500.

R & R Equities LLC to Fuller, Lori A., 700 Grace St., $140,000.

Lacson, Filipina and Wilfredo to Miller, Kimberly M., 11 Windsor Ave., $149,000.

Widtfeldt, Heidi L. and Timothy J. to Sharp, David H. and Holly K., 260 Kingsridge Drive, $229,500.

Pettit, Angela D. and William L. Jr. to Craig, Elizabeth A., 411 Lori Lane, $187,000.

Bruun, Jens C. and Phyllis L. to Tweedt Engineering and Construction Inc., 1415 Tanglewood Drive, $285,000.

Jenson, Tami J. and Sondag, Patrick A. to Scott, Joshua J., 195 Woodbury Circle, $215,000.

Jadlot, Dennis A. to Pettit, Angela D., 202 Pickardy Lane, $110,000.

Haas, Kermit L. to Klawitter, April L., 1114 Washington Ave., $137,000.

French, John M. and Shelly to Diener, Carrie A. and Gordon R., 23302 Sunshine Lane, $420,000.

Doyle, Laurie, trustee for Handke, Melanie J. Trust, to Davis, Angelia and Franklin, 511 Frank St., $149,000.

Arp, Phillip D. to Kennedy, Jerry L., 1520 McPherson Ave., $75,000.

Kolar, Hillary and Seth to Kelly, Daniel D. and Kellie, 200 Cloverdale Drive, $219,000.

Carberry, Barbara J. and Harley D. to Moore, Annaleah F. and Michael B., 1309 High St., $84,500.

Dewaele, Ceil K. to Nielsen, Goldie A. and James E., 1117 College Road, $203,000.

Hodges, John D. III and Katie M. to Howe, Shannon L., 109 Wildwood Road, $178,000.

Justesen, Joshua and Loralee to Fischer, Lacey D. and Powers, Steven R., 407 McGee Ave., $85,000.

Wight, Angela R. and Devin to Edgell, Melissa J., 218 Logan St., $87,000.

McCabe-Clarke, Patricia N. to Cadwallader, Brian L. and Jayme, 206 Millard St., $310,000.

Hamling, Duaine L. and Inge to Campbell, Glen T. and Jennifer M., 1716 Fairoaks, $280,000.

Jensen, Jeri L. and Roger D. to Hodges, John D. II and Katie M., 255 Parkwood Drive, $175,000.

Connolly, Cynthia A. and Joseph to Jobes, Heather D., 16795 248th St., $292,000.

Morris, Cheryl R. and Daniel J. to Hutzell, Christine R. and Neal T., 2038 Rolling Hills Loop, $245,000.

Hitchcock, John W. and Julie T. to Hitchcock, Travis, 100 Highland Acres Loop, $175,000.

Hodge, Miriam to Voie, Dena R. and Gerald R., 362 Kenmore Ave., $210,000.

Elliott, Brenda M. and Timothy J. to Claussen, Mary C., 22 Grenville Court, $183,000.

Watson, James and Suzanne M. to Shepley, Corey D. and Dustie J., 132 Charles Park Drive, $260,000.

Ranney, Drew G. and Kris A. to Wahab, Misty, 109 Zenith Drive, $186,500.

Butterbaugh, Gary and Kathleen Trust to Mundt, Lori J. and Michael R., 134 Bonham St., $285,000.

Miller, Jolene M. and Nyle M. to Holcombe, Christina and Trevor, 1415 Oran Drive, $243,000.

Frazee, Krista to Ream, Birgit M. and Scott E., 100 Arnold Ave., $149,000.


Whitney, Gretchen B. to Sapienza, Richard F., 4314 N. 15th St., Carter Lake, $115,000. Blue Sky Inc. to Patel, Bhavisha, 3005 Nakoma Lane, Carter Lake, $138,000.


Denning, Kathryn K. and Michael A. and Sturm, Amy and Russell to Komischuk, Nicholas A., 110 N. Walnut St., Avoca, $79,000.


Martz, Heath A. and Kelly A. to Calhoon, Jordyn to Hackett, Kyle, 34499 Settler Ave., Minden, $155,000.


Sall, Dwight R. and Fayne to Delgado, Michelle B. and Nicholas R., 16562 Whippoorwill Road, Missouri Valley, $310,000.


Putnam, Adria P. and Troy G. to Larsen, Lindy L. and Paul M., 102 Mulberry Circle, Neola, $187,000.


Kaspar, Linda G. to Emmanuel, Angelo, 321 Park St., Oakland, $70,000.


Snyder, Nicholas to Sales, Cody, 22424 Weston Ave., Underwood, $106,000.


Peters, Berneice to Akers, Dennis D. and Larsen-Akers, Betty, 502 Antique City Drive, Walnut, $54,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email