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UNL awards scholarships to Omaha-area high school students

UNL awards scholarships to Omaha-area high school students

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The trees were in bloom on Monday, April 12, 2021, on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. At left is the Love Library, and the building on the right is Pound Hall. 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has set a record in offering more than 6,100 universitywide scholarships to the 2021 graduating class from Nebraska high schools.

About four out of five admitted resident students have been offered an academic scholarship. 

Here's a description of the scholarships awarded:

Chancellor's Tuition Scholarships: full tuition for full-time students, with the potential for renewal at a value of nearly $30,000 over four years, for finalists in nationally recognized scholar competitions.

Chancellor's Leadership Class Scholarships: one-year awards of $1,000, for students who have excelled  academically and in leadership roles in school and community activities.

David Distinguished Tuition Scholarships: $3,500, with the potential for renewal for up to four years, to recognize students for academic merit.

Davis-Chambers Scholarship: minimum of $2,000 (up to full direct cost of attendance) renewable award for talented students with knowledge and experience in diverse communities or backgrounds.

The Husker Study and Stay Scholarship: one-year, $1,200 tuition award plus a four-year, $500 housing credit for students who demonstrate academic promise.

Husker Traditions Scholarship: $2,000 renewable scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who  demonstrate high academic potential.

Husker Power Scholarship: one-year, $1,500 scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who demonstrate high academic promise.

Native American Heritage Tuition Scholarship: minimum of $2,000 a year, up to the full direct cost of attendance, for  students with knowledge and experience in the Native American community or backgrounds.

Nebraska Achievement Tuition Scholarship: Based on academic achievement, admission scores, GPA and information in the student's personal statement.

Nebraska Career Scholarship program, funded directly by the state of Nebraska: supports students pursuing degrees in high-demand fields such as engineering, mathematics, health care and information technology. 

Nebraska Emerging Leaders Tuition Scholarships: receive $2,000, with potential for renewal, and participate in a leadership curriculum.

Pepsi Service Scholarships: awarded to those who have a passion for leadership and service. The scholarship is a one-year, $1,000 award.

Regents Scholar Tuition Commitment: pays full tuition for full-time students, with the potential for renewal at a value of nearly $30,000 over four years, awarded to Nebraska students who have demonstrated academic excellence.

Following is a list of Omaha-area scholarship earners by high school:

Bellevue East

Kaylee Adzafui, Husker Traditions.

Yolvin Aguirre-Duran, Husker Study and Stay.

Jocelyn Alexander, Husker Power.

Caylee Anderson, Husker Study and Stay.

Laynee Benne, Nebraska Achievement.

Ella Benson, Husker Traditions.

Taylor Bloom, Husker Power.

Chloe Brockhaus, Regents.

Elijah Bullie, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Amaira Chamberlin, Husker Power.

Mariana Chavez, Husker Traditions.

Kailey Conley, David and Nebraska Achievement.

Marissa Danauskas, Regents.

Elias Ervin, Regents.

Sarah Felten, Husker Traditions.

Jasmine Forbes, Regents.

Hailey Gomeringer, Regents.

Brandon Howard, Regents.

Greta Jacobson, Husker Power.

Juan Jimenez, Husker Power.

Lauren Klone, Regents.

Isaac Letchworth-Scott, Husker Power.

Caesar Ian Manongas, Regents.

Hannah McArthur, Regents.

Isabella Medrano, David.

Leonard Meredith, Husker Power.

Collin Mutzenberger, Husker Power.

Aden Perry, Husker Traditions.

Matia Schmulbach, Husker Traditions.

Samuel Semanko, Husker Power.

Olivia Silva, Husker Power.

Nathan Sittel, Regents.

Selah Smith, Husker Power.

Dublin Smyth, Regents.

Alexis Stacey, Husker Power.

Caleb Stithem, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ciara Stueve, Pepsi and Regents.

Jessica Sunclades, Regents.

Skyler Svajgl, Husker Power.

Marianne Timmins, Regents.

Yasmin Urzua-Gutierrez, Husker Traditions.

Sara Vance, Regents.

Mary Watson, Husker Traditions.

Georgia West, Husker Traditions.

Xavier Younger, Regents.

Bellevue West

Joseph Allen, Husker Traditions.

Mackenzie Arias, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

David Berger, Chancellor's.

Isaiah Bochtler, Husker Power.

Jason Bonner, Regents.

Baden Brumbaugh, Regents.

Quintin Brumbaugh, Husker Traditions.

Olivia Carlson, David.

Jessica Carrier, Husker Power.

Brandon Chan, Husker Traditions.

Callie Christian, Husker Power.

Baylee Clang, Husker Traditions.

Kira Clark, Husker Traditions.

Emma Crews, Husker Traditions.

Tiffany Crow, Husker Traditions.

Jazmine Cunningham, Nebraska Achievement.

William Duralia, Regents.

Isabella Duron, Husker Power.

Xavior Ervin, Regents.

Xander Faltin, Husker Traditions.

Tyson Forbes, Regents.

Michael Garza, Husker Power.

Nolan Glenn, Husker Power.

Shelby Glenn, Regents.

Olivia Hamby, Husker Study and Stay.

Kristin Hansen, Regents.

Cami Harris, Husker Power.

Alexis Hennings, Husker Traditions.

Wesley Hill, Regents.

Brooke Hosick, Husker Power.

Troy Hunsicker, Husker Power.

Mariama Jarjou, Husker Power.

Adam Johnson, Regents.

Brooke Jones, Husker Power.

Kristin Kennedy, Husker Power.

Ty Kiviniemi, David.

Grace Kolesik, Regents.

Bailey Koski, Husker Traditions.

Alex Liberty, Husker Power.

Christian Lilienkamp, Husker Power.

Edward Lotz, Husker Power.

Olivia McAleer, Husker Traditions.

Springfield McCauley, Husker Power.

Dillon McClure, Husker Power.

Brooke McDonald, Husker Power.

Emily Mettlen, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Holli Mietz-Schwager, Husker Traditions.

Madison Moraski, David and Nebraska Career.

Abby Morton, Regents.

Elizabeth Nelson, David.

Caleb Ollis, Regents.

Garret Peterson, Husker Power.

Payton Pruett, Husker Power.

Emmerson Putnam, Nebraska Achievement.

Noah Rachwitz, Regents.

Ashleigh Ragone, Regents.

Isaac Rasmussen, Husker Traditions.

Cole Rausch, Regents.

Wesley Reed, Husker Power.

Karlee Reyome, Regents.

Allyson Riley, Husker Traditions.

Tyler Robert, Pepsi and Regents.

Elijah Rush, Nebraska Achievement.

Raina Salazar, Regents.

Huja Sange, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alysia Stubblefield, Husker Power.

Quintin Stueve, David.

Jaclyn Taggart, Regents.

Elise Thompson-Wheeler, David.

Elissa Treu, Husker Traditions.

Jadyn Turnipseed, Husker Power.

Shaun Vann, Regents.

Hannah Walker, Husker Power.

Logan Walker, Husker Power.

Amber Warak, Regents.

Jakob Wedel, Husker Power.

Kyle Wessling, Regents.

Logan Wilkinson, Husker Power.

Talia Williams, Husker Power.

Alexia Woodall, Regents.

Ellie Woodard, Husker Power.

Carson Wright, Husker Power.


Haeley Alberts, Husker Power.

Tyson Baumert, Husker Study and Stay.

Kale Bird, David.

McKenna Blake, Husker Power.

Jessica Brown, Husker Traditions, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Cullen Buscher, Husker Traditions.

Macy Byars, David.

Taylor Colvert, Husker Traditions.

Nathan Dugan, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Brendan Falkinburg, Husker Traditions.

Serena Formanek, Husker Power.

Samantha Freudenburg, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Amber Goertz, Husker Power.

Ethan Heinemann, David.

Nia Kaufmann, Regents.

Lindsey Krejci, Husker Traditions.

Nolan Larson, Husker Power.

Gavin Martin, Nebraska Career.

Nathan Meyer, Husker Traditions.

Keaton Miller, Husker Power.

Jordyn Oliver, Regents.

Olivia Pearson, Husker Traditions.

Joiner Pfister, Regents.

Kadin Prathan, Husker Power.

Nicholas Saltz, Regents.

Mackenzie Schmidt, Husker Study and Stay.

Emma Schumacher, Husker Power.

McKenzie Sharp, Husker Traditions.

Rachel Taylor, Husker Power.

Brooke Thoendel, Husker Power.

Grace Thomsen, David.

Grant Volk, Regents.

Jack Volk, Regents.

Joseph Wells, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Career.

Allison Whitmire, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Traditions.

Lauren Wise, Husker Traditions.


Crystal Huang, Regents.

Hanna Kober, Husker Power.

Josie Petrulis, Husker Power.

Thomas Pugsley, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Mia Shipley, Husker Power.

Trishna Srikumar, Regents.

Lily Teunissen, Husker Study and Stay.

Olivia Vovk, Regents.

Boyi Zhang, David.

Daniel J. Gross:

Thomas Anderson, Husker Traditions.

McKenzie Balis, Regents.

Savanah Battreall, Husker Traditions.

Rosemary Brokke, Husker Power.

Owen Clark, Husker Power.

Amy Conner, Regents.

Grant Harvat, Husker Study and Stay.

Trevor Harvat, Husker Traditions.

John Paul Jansen, Regents.

Nicholas Kleinsasser, Husker Study and Stay.

Theodosia Mba, Husker Traditions.

Emma McCoy, Husker Traditions.

Arnoldo Perez, Husker Traditions.

Emma Peters, Husker Traditions.

Nadia Podkovich, David.

Luke Rice, Regents.

Sophia Riera, Husker Power.

Grace Rowe, Regents.

Lauren Schmitz, Husker Study and Stay.

Arianna Serow, Regents.

Elena Simpson, Regents.

Camille Streit, David.

Ty Thrasher, Husker Power.

Douglas County West:

Abaigeal Aydt, Regents.

Greyson Bents, David and Nebraska Achievement.

Jessica Exstrom, Husker Power.

Garrett Hoffman, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kelsey Hutton, David.

Noah Keith, Husker Power.

Ethan Maline, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Ryan McArdle, Husker Power.

Charles Roubicek, Nebraska Achievement.

Sydney Troudt, David.


Ryan Akey, Regents.

Zain Alchommali, Husker Power.

Emily Arnold, Regents.

Brayden Ballard, Husker Power.

Kari Bart, Husker Traditions.

Chloe Biddle, Regents.

Trevor Bills, Husker Traditions.

Crew Bischof, David and Nebraska Career.

Chase Borchers, David.

Megan Bruner, Husker Power.

Jack Buddecke, Husker Traditions.

Jacob Carbee, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Trey Carlson, Regents.

Hailey Cheek, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Drew Christo, Regents.

Carson Clarys, Regents.

Nathan Cole, Regents.

Eli Cook, Husker Power.

Joseph Cusumano, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Ava DeLaGarza, David and Nebraska Career.

Mya Eckstrom, Husker Power.

Grant Eicher, Husker Traditions.

Lindsey Ellison, Husker Traditions.

David English, Regents.

Matthew Esser, Husker Power.

Steven Faltas, Regents.

William Ford, Regents.

Jaylon Freymann, Husker Power.

Anna Froscheiser, Husker Power.

Kaitlyn Gallis, Husker Traditions.

Parker Gamerl, Husker Power.

Makaela Gebeke, Husker Power.

Sophia Grace, Husker Traditions.

Gannon Gragert, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Maya Groenjes, Husker Power.

Emma Grubbe, Regents.

Cooper Hanson, Husker Power.

William Hartnett, Husker Power.

Benjamin Hastreiter, Husker Traditions.

Trevor Haugen, Husker Study and Stay.

Mika Hawkins, Husker Power.

Sada Hazelton, Husker Power.

Marissa Henthorn, Husker Power.

Faith Herbers, Husker Power.

Ella Hoegh, Husker Study and Stay.

Jaisa Hoffart, Husker Power.

Hallie Horner, Husker Traditions.

Amy Jacob, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Hailee Janousek, Regents.

Emma Jarzynka, David and Nebraska Career.

Kalli Jensen, Husker Traditions.

Leah Jesske, Husker Power.

Alyssa Jordahl, Regents.

Nicole Kallio, Regents.

Addison Karre, Husker Traditions.

Kiley Keith, Husker Power.

Josie Kenkel, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Lucas Kenkel, David and Nebraska Career.

Blake Kidder, David.

Taylor Kimnach, Husker Power.

Dawson Kline, David.

Allison Limley, David.

Anna Love, Regents.

Kristin Maddux, Husker Power.

Megan Mahloch, Husker Power.

Benjamin McElhose, Regents.

Sydney Mencke, David.

Isaac Merkley, Husker Power.

Abigail Metschke, David and Nebraska Career.

Amanda Miller, Husker Power.

Franklin Miller, Regents.

Jocelyn Mulherin, Husker Power.

Abigail Nadgwick, Husker Study and Stay.

Kyah Neal, Husker Power.

Sean Nguyen, Regents.

Torin O'Rourke, Chancellor's.

Jackson Otterberg, Husker Study and Stay.

Kayli Pham, Chancellor's.

Conor Pillard, Husker Power.

Joshua Pillard, Husker Power.

Madelynn Preister, Husker Study and Stay.

Jacob Rankin, Regents.

Natasha Ratnapradipa, Regents.

Erin Rease, Husker Power.

Joanna Revers, Regents.

Caden Reynolds, Husker Power.

Samantha Rockwell, Husker Traditions.

Veronica Rohlfing, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Caden Rohrig, Husker Study and Stay.

Hailey Sant, Husker Study and Stay.

Laurel Schultz, Husker Power.

Logan Schultz, Regents.

Ian Sexton, Husker Traditions.

Gavin Shea, Husker Traditions.

Morgan Sila, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

David Suarez-Guzman, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Avery Sufficool, David.

Sophie Swartzendruber, Husker Study and Stay.

Aidan Thomas, Husker Power.

Haley Thompson, Husker Traditions.

Samantha Trautman, Husker Power.

Aiden Trumble, David and Nebraska Career.

Angela Truong, David and Nebraska Career.

Rebecca Vala, Husker Traditions.

Abigail Van Blarcom, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Natalie Webster, Husker Traditions.

Samantha Weidler, Regents.

Alexis Welker, Husker Traditions.

Cole Wieseman, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Bailey Wilson, Husker Power.

Campbell Windrum, Regents.

Hudson Windrum, Chancellor's.

Aiden Young, Chancellor's Leadership, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alexander Young, Husker Traditions.

Zoe Zimmerman, Regents.

Abigail Zymola, Husker Traditions.

Elkhorn Mount Michael:

Kaleb Brink, Regents.

Dylan Brown, David.

William Byrnes, Husker Study and Stay.

Joseph Chouinard, David and Nebraska Career.

Colin Christo, Husker Study and Stay.

Matthew Collins, Regents.

Samuel Corey, Regents.

Elijah Crnkovich, David.

Nicholas Davis, Husker Study and Stay.

Phoenix Fletcher, Regents.

Matthew Geary, Regents.

Gavin Gloeb, Regents.

Henry Gnann, Regents.

Samuel Gustafson, Regents.

Parker Hottovy, Regents.

Benjamin Keller, Regents.

Airan Lopez, Husker Traditions.

Peter McAndrews, Husker Power.

Quinn McMahon, Regents.

Ryan McMahon, Husker Power.

Jacob Moore, Pepsi and Regents.

Michael Oehler, Husker Study and Stay.

Kyle Pelan, Husker Traditions.

Zachary Rapoza, Regents.

Grant Schneider, Husker Power.

Jack Sorensen, Regents.

Dane Storch, Regents.

William Stringer, David.

Harrison Tarr, Husker Power.

Daniel Thomas, Husker Power.

Benjamin Tucker, Husker Power.

Liam West, Regents.

Logan Whitcomb, Husker Traditions.

Elkhorn South

Ashton Abdul, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jude Almquist, Regents.

Marie Alukonis-Pfannenstiel, Regents.

Helen Anderson, David.

Bradley Antholz, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Auch Moedy, Husker Power.

John Aurit, Regents.

Zachary Axiotes, Husker Power.

Zameer Azimi, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Vincent Barger, Chancellor's.

Noah Bartel, Husker Traditions.

Anna Bazata, Husker Study and Stay.

Caleb Bennett, Husker Power.

Cole Berrett, Husker Power.

Maeve Botos, Regents.

Riley Brown, Regents.

Max Bunde, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Bunz, Husker Study and Stay.

Kedrin Burg, Husker Study and Stay.

Morgan Chochon, Regents.

Michael Clover, Husker Power.

Caden Connealy, Regents.

Cole Courtney, Husker Traditions.

Colton Dean, Husker Power.

Megan Dervin, Husker Power.

Samuel Devereaux, Husker Power.

Greyson Diers, Husker Power.

Josh Donahue, David and Nebraska Career.

Grace Dondlinger, Husker Study and Stay.

Alexis Downs, Husker Traditions.

Drew Dunham, Husker Power.

Lauren Dvorak, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Falk, Husker Power.

Delanie Ferzely, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Power.

Alyssa Finch, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Tessa Fiore, Regents.

Gavin Fisher, Husker Traditions.

Kennedy Fisher, Husker Traditions.

Robert Foster, Husker Traditions.

Ashley Franzen, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Dylan Frazier, Husker Traditions.

Sydney Fulton, Regents.

Kyra Garlock, Husker Traditions.

Enrique Garzon Puente, Husker Traditions.

Olivia Gernhart, Husker Traditions.

Ellie Goble, Husker Traditions.

Rylee Gray, David.

McKenna Haney, Husker Power.

Katelyn Hansen, Husker Power.

Sarah Haughawout, David.

Charles Hayden, Husker Power.

Noah Henry, Regents.

Carter Herchenbach, David.

Nathan Hoesing, Husker Traditions.

Summer Hoffman, Husker Traditions.

Samuel Hoskinson, Husker Power.

Lillian Hulsey, Husker Traditions.

Guy Hunt, Regents.

Luke Irwin, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Luke Jessen, Regents.

Mia Jewett, David.

Glenn Johnson, Husker Power.

Caitlin Judkins, David.

Alexis Kaffenberger, David.

Brian Kardell, Regents.

Madison Kathol, Husker Traditions.

Ashton Kay, Husker Power.

Madison Kent, Regents.

Elizabeth Klassen, David.

Elli Klein, Husker Power.

Quinn Knispel, Husker Power.

Conrad Knust, Husker Power.

Kelsie Konen, Husker Traditions.

Ella Kraudy, Regents.

Caleb Langewisch, Husker Power.

Marvin Larweh, Regents.

Ryan Lewis, Husker Traditions.

Logan Lloyd, David.

Elijah Lubberstedt, Regents.

Kathryn Lytle, Regents.

Sydney Mack, Regents.

Jackson McNeill, Husker Power.

Luke Meisgeier, Regents.

Olivia Minderman, Regents.

Benjamin Morrow, Regents.

Colin Mullen, Regents.

Nolan Navin, Husker Power.

Grace Nelson, Husker Power.

Nathan Nelson, Husker Power.

Alaina Newman, Husker Traditions.

Emily Newman, Husker Traditions.

Leah Nordstrom, Husker Power.

Grace O'Neel, Husker Power.

Zoe Obamwonyi, Husker Power.

Blake Paben, Husker Study and Stay.

Nolan Parks, Husker Traditions and Pepsi.

Tyler Parks, Husker Traditions.

Madeline Payne, Regents.

Olivia Pereira, Regents.

Eli Perkins, Husker Traditions.

Maiah Phillips, David.

Jaedyn Powers, Husker Power.

Tai Prauner, Regents.

Chad Preble, Regents.

Katherine Raymond, Husker Power.

Matthew Raymond, David.

Ashley Reniker, David.

Cambri Rolfes, Husker Traditions.

Olivia Saitta, Husker Power.

Trygve Santelman, Regents.

Joseph Schafer, Husker Power.

Jackson Sears, Husker Power.

Jack Shaver, Regents.

Hailey Shotbolt, Husker Study and Stay.

Beau Simone, Husker Traditions.

Karsten Simonsen, Husker Power.

Jack Smiley, Regents.

Jake Stave, Regents.

Ryan Swanson, Regents.

Cooper Taylor, Husker Power.

Isabel Tewes, Husker Power.

Megan Thiebauth, Husker Traditions.

Henry Thomsen, Regents.

Andrew Tighe, Husker Study and Stay.

Cole Trisler, Husker Traditions.

Benjamin Uhl, Husker Power.

Spencer VanDenBroeke, David.

Paige Vose, Regents.

Elizabeth Watzke, Regents.

Samuel Webster, Regents.

Charles Whalen, Husker Traditions.

MacKenzie Wheatley, Husker Traditions.

Nolan Williams, Chancellor's.

Matthew Wilson, Regents.

Isabella Woolfolk, Husker Traditions.

Lauren Wright, Husker Study and Stay.

Journey Wunch, David.

Glenna Wyscarver, David.

Anja Ziegler, Regents.

Anna Zingler, Husker Traditions.

Katharine Zweedyk, David.

Girls and Boys Town

Ashantay Holloway, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Niles Pedersen, Husker Study and Stay.

Gavin Smith, Husker Power.

Travon Smith, Husker Power.

Chloe Sorensen, Husker Power.


Christopher Atkinson, Husker Power.

Connor Beck, Husker Power.

Emma Bitterman, Regents.

Makayla Bossman, Husker Power.

Roan Brandon, Husker Power.

Isaiah Bray, Husker Power.

Kobe Bray-Johnson, Husker Power.

Lily Brown, Husker Power.

Connor Bulgrin, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Nicholas Burns, Husker Power.

Jayden Carper, Regents.

Samantha Chase, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kaden Conrad, Husker Power.

Margaret Cook, Regents.

Paul Cornett, Regents.

Tagg Crnkovich, Regents.

Ellis Deal, Husker Power.

Shea Dolezal, Husker Study and Stay.

Margaret Driewer, David.

Hannah Dudrey, Husker Study and Stay.

Devin Durnal, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Trent Fechtmeister, Regents.

Erin Frank, Husker Power.

Alexander Goff, Husker Power.

Trevor Gurbacki, Husker Power.

Abigail Hahn, Husker Power.

Tanner Hall, Husker Power.

Addison Hartman, Husker Power.

Jace Haynie, Husker Power.

Makenna Herdzina, Husker Power.

James Herrold, Husker Traditions.

Austin Horst, Husker Power.

Alexis Jansen, Husker Power.

Ryley Johnson, Husker Power.

Rylie Johnson, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kaj Keith, Husker Power.

Katelin Kersten, Regents.

Liliana Kinnan, Regents.

Kailee Klostermeyer, Husker Power.

Timothy Kula, Husker Power.

Lily Larsen, Husker Power.

Sophie Larson, Husker Traditions.

Morgan MacKay, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Camryn Makovicka, David.

William Mankhey, Husker Power.

Josie Mason, Husker Power.

Matthew McKinney, Nebraska Career and Regents.

Gabriel Melton, Husker Traditions.

Aidan Muhle, Husker Study and Stay.

Macie Nichols, Husker Power.

Kailey North, Husker Traditions.

Kolton O'Neal, Chancellor's.

Zachariah Peters, Husker Power.

Sofia Peterson, David and Nebraska Career.

Liam Pohlmann, Regents.

Faith Polivanov, Husker Traditions.

Natalie Pond, Husker Power.

Emma Prentice, Husker Traditions.

Paige Pulte, Husker Traditions.

Anna Real, Husker Traditions.

Blake Rose, Regents.

Hannah Rush, Husker Power.

Kate Sallee, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jacob Sauer, Regents.

Colby Scholl, Husker Power.

Zoey Schultz, Nebraska Achievement.

Zachary Sherman, Husker Study and Stay.

Johnathan Smith, Husker Power.

Lilly Smyser, Husker Traditions.

Mark Staley, David and Nebraska Career.

Kailee Stones, Husker Power.

Cade Suing, David.

Jaiden Taylor, Husker Power.

Sarah Turpen, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Addison Ubele, Husker Power.

Skylar Ueding, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alyssa Waller, Regents.

Sarah Weber, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Mason Whitehill, Regents.

Rusty Wortman, Husker Power.

Neleah Wozniak, Husker Traditions.

Russell Yuan, Husker Power.

Home school, or high school not listed:

Christopher Ahrens, Husker Traditions. (Omaha)

Shelby Baker, Regents. (Gretna)

Peyton Brooking, Regents. (Omaha)

Megan Cary, Regents. (Omaha)

Anastasia Cervantes, David. (Gretna)

Heidi Dillow, Regents. (Papillion)

Benjamin Ferguson, Husker Traditions. (Bennington)

Leah Grauman, Husker Traditions. (Omaha)

Braden Humann, Husker Traditions. (Omaha)

Caroline Maloley, David. (Omaha)

Frederic Penney, Regents. (Omaha)

Roman Penney, Regents. (Omaha)

Abigail Powers, Regents. (Papillion)

Clare Safranek, Regents. (Omaha)

Kara Van Schooneveld, Regents. (Omaha)

Frederick Wood, Regents. (Omaha)

Millard North

Gavin Abels, Husker Power.

Grace Abrahams, David and Nebraska Career.

Bishesh Adhikari, Regents.

Ishani Adidam, Husker Traditions.

Keshava Adidam, Regents.

Reagan Allen, Regents.

Kierin Andrews, Nebraska Career and Regents.

Andrew Anzalone, Husker Study and Stay.

Ashley Avila, Husker Traditions.

Nicholas Baesler, Husker Power.

John Behrens, David.

Ella Bellinghausen, Husker Power.

Alena Bennett, Husker Power.

Eleanor Benson, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Paul Bierman, Husker Traditions.

Abby Brown, Husker Traditions.

Jillian Bunjer, Chancellor's Leadership and David.

Payton Burch, Pepsi and Regents.

Dylan Carpenter, Husker Power.

Sushmitha Chandrasekaran, Husker Study and Stay, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Charles Chase, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Neerav Chenga Reddy, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Rhyan Crall, Husker Power.

Theresa Crowell, Husker Study and Stay.

Richard Cui, David.

Lillyan Cullinane, Husker Traditions.

Allison Dang, Husker Traditions.

Owen Decker, Husker Power.

Chethana Deeduvanu, Regents.

Zachary DelSenno, Husker Traditions.

Rebecca Denenberg, Regents.

Ryann Deplanty, Husker Power.

Anusha Deshpande, Regents.

Murali Devanaboyina, Regents.

Maya Elting, David and Nebraska Career.

Gavin Esch, Husker Study and Stay.

Ava Fagan, Husker Power.

Vanessa Fenton, Husker Power.

Alyssa Fleck, Husker Traditions.

Drew Fridrich, Husker Traditions.

Kathryn Fulkerson, Regents.

Seryna Gadbois, Regents.

Nicholas Garlock, Husker Power.

Jared Gerhardt, Regents.

Samuel Gittelman, Regents.

Taylor Goodrich, Husker Traditions.

Addison Haas, Husker Power.

Ella Halanski, Husker Power.

Paul Harlow, Regents.

Grace Henderson, Regents.

Emerson Henry, Husker Power.

Davis Hill, Regents.

Wayne Hudson, David.

Rebecca Humphus, Husker Power.

Rileigh Hunt, Husker Study and Stay.

Kamil Ikramullah, David.

Ava Infante, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Aditya Jain, Regents.

Emily Jamal, Husker Power.

Ashton Jensen, Husker Power.

Morgan Jirovsky, Regents.

Rianna Johnsen, Husker Power.

Kennedy Kadlec, Husker Traditions.

Helena Kegley, Husker Power.

Navya Khandavalli, Husker Power.

Rylan Kim, Husker Power.

Emma Klein, Husker Power.

Chase Kling, Chancellor's.

Emaleigh Knobbe, Husker Power.

Sree Kolli, Regents.

Lindsey Koster, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Traditions.

Alayna Kuhn, Husker Traditions.

Delaney Langabeer, Husker Power.

Zayn Larsen, Husker Study and Stay.

Tiersa Leifsen, Husker Traditions.

Jessica Li, Regents.

Joshua Lickteig, Husker Power.

Blake Lienemann, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Christian Lund, Husker Traditions.

Isabella Luzarraga, Regents.

Kate Machal, Husker Power.

Madison Mandachi, Husker Traditions.

Clara Mardesen, Regents.

Isaac Marsh, David and Nebraska Career.

Joshua Mason, Husker Traditions.

Maria Matache, Regents.

Manav Mathur, Regents.

Pranay Mathur, Husker Traditions.

Sebastian Mazzini, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Nathan McCoy, Regents.

Delaynie McDonough, Husker Power.

Cartney McGuigan, Husker Power.

Bridget McKinney, Husker Study and Stay.

Grant Meacham, David.

Shane Melcher, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Mackenzie Meloccaro, Husker Power.

Mathieson Melton, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Allison Minturn, Husker Traditions.

Max Monahan, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Traditions.

Colin Monie, Husker Power.

Jessica Mumm, David.

Zaina Nasser, Husker Traditions.

Delanie Ness, Husker Study and Stay.

Bridget Neville, Husker Power.

Sydney Olson, David and Nebraska Career.

Josephine Parker, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Caleb Passo, Husker Power.

Michael Pearce, Husker Study and Stay.

Jayadeep Peddyreddy, Regents.

McKenna Phillips, David.

Caitlin Piatt, Nebraska Career and Regents.

Chaitra Pirisingula, Pepsi and Regents.

Gabriella Powell, David.

Shruti Pradeep, Chancellor's.

Kylee Preuss, David.

Nolan Preuss, David.

Muhib Qadeer, Husker Power.

James Quaintance, Husker Power.

Casey Queen, Regents.

Laila Qureishi, Regents.

Amba Raghavan, Regents.

John Rankin, Regents.

Karmen Reimer, Husker Power.

Hailey Revord, Husker Traditions.

Anna Revoy, Husker Power.

Tiffany Reznicek, Husker Traditions.

Calista Rittershaus, Husker Power.

Arjun Sakthi, Regents.

Anya Salter, Husker Traditions.

Allison Sanchez, Regents.

Bryan Schuetz, Regents.

Emmie Seefeld, Husker Power.

Daksh Sharma, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Natalie Siahpush, David.

Varun Sivakumar, David.

Jake Sivilla, Husker Power.

Hunter Skogerboe, David.

Tristin Sledge, Husker Power.

Katelyn Smith, Regents.

Maija Sobania, Husker Power.

Olivia Sousley, Husker Power.

Ashvin Tadiparthi, Regents.

Lilianne Taylor, David.

Payton Therkelsen, Regents.

Kaelynn Thomas, Husker Traditions.

Victor Thoms, Husker Power.

Joshua Torrez, Husker Power.

Kailyn Townsend, David.

Eliese Ueding, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Achievement.

Mary Ulrich, Regents.

Sloane Vanarsdall, Husker Traditions.

Ellee VanBuskirk, Husker Power.

Peyton Walsh, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Nicole Wandrey, Regents.

Austin Ward, Husker Power.

Eleanor Ward, David.

Hannah Westenburg, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Olivia Wharton-Hunt, Husker Traditions.

Caitlin Williams, Husker Traditions.

Lauren Woodard, Regents.

Shreshta Yadav, Regents.

Michael Zastrow, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Zhong, Regents.

Kenny Zhu, Regents.

Jeffrey Zimmerly, Husker Power.

Millard South

Alan Acosta Varela, Husker Traditions.

Ashleigh Albers, Husker Power.

Paige Alexander, Husker Traditions.

Emily Bare, Husker Traditions.

Miranda Barna, Husker Traditions.

Elizabeth Becker, Husker Traditions.

Hudson Becker, Husker Study and Stay.

Halle Benson, Husker Study and Stay.

Ian Bernard, Husker Power.

Isabella Beshlian, Regents.

Dominic Bianchette, Husker Power.

Alaria Bode, Husker Power.

Sydney Braley, David.

David Braun, Husker Power.

Maggie Breeling, Husker Power.

Grayson Brummer, Husker Study and Stay.

Sydney Carroll, Husker Study and Stay.

Tana Cooney, Husker Power.

Emily Cordle, Husker Study and Stay.

Logan Dean, Husker Power.

Kara DeHaven, Husker Power.

Nicholas Dill, Husker Study and Stay.

Kylee Ellison, Husker Traditions.

Roslyn Forsberg, Husker Power.

Kara Garfield, Husker Power.

Haley Gosch, Husker Power.

Dylan Greer, Husker Traditions.

Paige Gregalunas, Husker Power.

Lane Howard, Regents.

Andrew Howe, Husker Traditions.

Matthew James, Regents.

Michael James, Husker Traditions.

Jonathan Janecek, Regents.

Zoe Jensen-Pickett, Regents.

Carah Jones, Regents.

Nicole Kalhorn, Husker Traditions.

Mya Keetle, Regents.

Nathan Keitges, Husker Study and Stay.

Mikenna Kerkman, Husker Traditions.

Hale Kilcoin, Husker Traditions.

Abigail Langseth, Regents.

Shayna Larson, Husker Power.

Bernice Lawson, Husker Traditions.

Eli Lehtinen, Husker Power.

Madelyn Lichti, Husker Power.

Kinser Lundt, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Emma Mahoney, David.

Sydney McDermott, Husker Traditions.

Aurora McGinnis, Regents.

Zachary Mitera, Husker Study and Stay.

Moussa Ndiaye, Husker Traditions.

Jackson Nickolisen, Husker Power.

Cole Oban, Regents.

Olivia Palmer, Husker Traditions.

Allen Phillips, Husker Power.

Sanjay Giri Prakash, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Rachel Reynolds-East, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Jennifer Riedl, Husker Traditions.

Scott Robertson, David.

William Roddy, Husker Traditions.

Mariaelena Roman, Husker Traditions.

Skyler Roy, Husker Power.

Cadence Russell, Regents.

Evan Scholl, Husker Power.

Lindsey Scholz, Husker Traditions.

Kylie Seeger, Regents.

Kinzie Sipp, Husker Traditions.

Jasmine Smith, Husker Power.

Kallie Smith, Husker Traditions.

Kaylee Snowardt, David.

Jared Swartwood, Husker Power.

Max Thompson, Husker Study and Stay.

Eleora Timberlake, Husker Traditions.

Alexander Tippets, Regents.

Destiny Tobar, Husker Power.

Hailey Van Winkle, Husker Traditions.

Erin Weidenhamer, Regents.

Margaret Williams, Husker Traditions.

Zoey Woll, Nebraska Achievement.

Lyla Zornic, Husker Power.

Millard West

Chelsea Abels, Regents.

Amy Aguilar Portillo, Husker Power.

Sophia Allgood, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Power.

Casmira Alukonis, Husker Traditions.

Edrees Amani, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Career.

Derek Andersen, Regents.

Charles Aniello, David and Nebraska Career.

Kelsey Baier, Husker Power.

Jordan Bakar, Nebraska Achievement.

Emma Baker, Chancellor's Leadership, David and Nebraska Achievement.

Taylor Barnes, David.

Daniel Baron, Husker Power.

William Bauer, David.

Gabriel Bennett, Husker Power.

Isabelle Berlin, Husker Traditions.

Camden Berry, Husker Power.

Carter Betts, Husker Power.

Thomas Bigler, Regents.

Dylan Bonner, Husker Traditions.

Daniel Bragg, Husker Power.

Hayley Briganti, Regents.

Nickolas Brokaw, Chancellor's Leadership, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Amara Bryant, Regents.

Grace Buckland, Husker Traditions.

Karsyn Cahill, David.

Devyn Carmichael, Husker Power.

Dazmy Castrejon, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Emma Cavalier, Husker Power.

James Chamberlain, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Career.

Gavin Christensen, Husker Study and Stay.

Madelyn Christiansen, Husker Power.

Joshua Churchill, Husker Traditions.

Jael Clark, Husker Power.

Savannah Clites, Regents.

John Cole, Regents.

Tyler Craft, Husker Traditions.

Nathan Cramer, Husker Power.

Delaney Cutler, Husker Power.

Emma Decker, Husker Power.

Matthew DeLong, Husker Study and Stay.

Julia Dugger, Husker Study and Stay.

William Ekborg, Husker Study and Stay.

Uoseph Elaraky, Nebraska Achievement.

Brock Evans, Regents.

Joshua Feng, Regents.

Makaela Foley, Husker Power.

Colby Frazier, Husker Power.

Tommie Frazier, Husker Power.

Vivien Gaines, Husker Traditions.

Himanshu Gandhi, Regents.

Josephine Geiger-Lee, Regents.

Eva Gilbreath, Husker Power.

Genevieve Graner, Husker Power.

Colin Green, Husker Power.

Jackson Hagan, Husker Traditions.

Avery Hall, Husker Traditions.

Kira Hall, Regents.

Ethaniel Halsey, Husker Power.

Lillian Harrold, Husker Traditions.

Connor Hart, Regents.

Payton Hatten, Husker Power.

Jillian Haver, Husker Power.

Jessica Heckart, Husker Power.

Matthew Heftie, Regents.

Drew Heller, Husker Power.

Madeline Hertzler, Regents.

Drew Hinton, Regents.

Caeden Hoge, Husker Power.

Dakota Horrocks, Husker Power.

Keeley Hourigan, David.

Andrew Hukill, Husker Power.

Dominic-DeAngelo Humm, Husker Traditions.

Natalie Jaworski, Regents.

Molly Jenkin, Regents.

Kelly Judson, Husker Power.

Tyler Kalb, Husker Study and Stay.

Arya Kandi, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Career.

Grace Karloff, Husker Traditions.

Kaitlin Keleher, David and Nebraska Career.

Benjamin Kelley, Husker Power.

Andrew Kenny, Regents.

Omar Khayati, Regents.

Mae Killeen, Husker Study and Stay.

Brayden Kimball, Husker Study and Stay.

Hailey Kinkaid, Husker Traditions.

Hannah Kinkaid, David.

Emily Kirk, Husker Power.

Jayden Kistaitis, Husker Power.

Tanner Klahn, Regents.

Meghan Knudson, Regents.

Tanner Kramolisch, Husker Traditions.

Cassidy Kugler, Regents.

Jackson Lagemann, David.

Brandon Le, Husker Power.

Braeden Lhamon, Husker Power.

Alaina Mally, Husker Power.

Lilianna Manthey, Husker Power.

Maggie Massey, Husker Traditions.

Madeleine Maw, Regents.

Laynee McAlpin, Husker Power.

William McCann, Pepsi and Regents.

Miles McDonald, David.

Tyler Merkel, Husker Power.

Madelyn Meyer, Husker Power.

Evan Meyersick, Husker Traditions.

Erica Michel, Regents.

Brooklyn Miller, Husker Traditions.

McKenzie Miller, Husker Power.

Shreeya Mishra, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Achievement.

Jackson Mulligan, Husker Power.

Jack Murphy, Regents.

Nasser Nabulsi, Husker Power.

Allison Neuman, Husker Power.

Michael Nigrila, Regents.

Isabella Nilsson, Husker Power.

Daniel Nixon, Husker Power.

Madyson Overman, Husker Power.

Chloe Parker, Husker Traditions.

Zane Petersen, Husker Power.

Olivia Peterson, David.

Kyra Petrik, Husker Power.

Sarah Quinn, Husker Traditions.

Despina Quintana Sanchez, Husker Power.

Valentina Quintana Sanchez, Husker Traditions.

Phoebe Rackliffe, Husker Power.

Madison Reid, Husker Study and Stay.

Isabella Reilly, Regents.

Jenna Reynolds, Husker Power.

Shelby Rinehart, Husker Power.

Alexander Rodenbiker, Husker Power.

Noah Rookstool, Regents.

Madison Ruhga, Husker Traditions.

Cole Salton, Nebraska Achievement.

Nicole Sandquist, Husker Traditions.

Dylan Sash, Husker Traditions.

Mark Schaffer, Husker Traditions.

Emma Schertz, Husker Power.

Evan Schmer, Husker Traditions.

Jackson Schmidt, Husker Power.

Aiden Schollmeyer, Regents.

Reagan Shannon, Husker Power.

Samy Sharif, Husker Traditions.

Luke Skrabal, Regents.

Alexis Sofio, Husker Study and Stay.

Samantha Spencer, Husker Power.

Paige Stobbe, Husker Power.

Hunter Strong, Husker Power.

Dana Summers, Husker Traditions.

Madelynn Szemplenski, Regents.

Samuel Taylor, Husker Traditions.

Michael Timm, Regents.

Brian Tran, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Madeline Unger, Husker Traditions.

Jacob Urban, Husker Power.

Madison VanderWal, Husker Traditions.

Macey Wahl, Husker Power.

Jackson Ward, Regents.

Madelyn Willburn, Regents.

Anna Williams, Husker Power.

Seth Witkowski, Regents.

Samantha Wong, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Hogan Wright, Husker Study and Stay.

Palmer Wright, Regents.

Tenley Wright, Husker Power.

Eric Wu, Regents.

Rachel Yang, Regents.

Derek Zamora, David and Nebraska Career.

Michelle Zhang, Husker Power.

Emily Zieg, Husker Traditions.

Omaha Benson

Azia Allen, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ye Aye, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Amya Buhrow, Regents.

Amelia Clark, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Eh Dah, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Si Di, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Isabelle Faulk-Rodriguez, Husker Study and Stay, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Cortney Gardner, Regents.

Dah Htoo, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Eh Htoo, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Moo Htoo, Regents.

Isabelle Kripps, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Nevaeh Lofton, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Lorena Loza, Regents.

Myonna McWilliams, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Say Meh, Husker Traditions, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jennifer Morales Hernandez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Saleem Muhammad, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Dominic Nath, Regents.

Tkaw Paw, Husker Power.

Jade Reed, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Naomi Reynoso-Perez, Husker Study and Stay.

Edwin Rosales Alvarez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Cori Sillik, Regents.

Ruth Tha, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kennedy Touali, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Annette Tun Torres Ordonez, Nebraska Achievement.

Paw Thlay Wah, Regents.

Jabari Williams, Davis and Nebraska Achievement.

Sah Win, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Omaha Bryan

Katheryn Alvarez-Padilla, Husker Power.

Stephanie Angel, Husker Power.

Andrew Baber, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ruby Bugarin-Arce, David.

Keyana Burries, Regents.

Lizbeth Campuzano, Husker Traditions.

Brenda Carrillo-Olvera, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Joanna Castillo, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Maria Chaidez-Rodriguez, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Marvin Chaparro Mendez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Leonel Chinchilla, Husker Power.

Nancy Estrada-Gomez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jessica Fernandez-Erazo, Regents.

Angel Garcia, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Bianca Gonzalez-Zamora, Regents.

Julian Hollis, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Vanessa Keithley-Gordon, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Say Ket, Husker Study and Stay.

Katalina King, Husker Power.

Ninette Marquez, Regents.

Meleny Mejia, Husker Power.

Brayam Mendez-Perez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jasmine Menjivar-Diaz, Regents.

Elisha Mufungizi, Husker Traditions.

Jovanie Najar, Husker Power.

Raymond Nguyen, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Richard Oconnor, Husker Traditions.

Odol Odol, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Stefany Olguin, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Laureline Orr, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Zachary Ostrander, Husker Power.

Diego Paniagua, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Roxana Perez, David.

Su Poe, Husker Power.

Alexis Poledna, Regents.

Brooke Powers, Regents.

Uriel Quintana, Husker Power.

David Ramirez, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Manuel Rodriguez Corral, Regents.

Sabino Rodriguez-Cabeza, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Vianney Rodriguez-Marquez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Sophia Rubenstein, Regents.

Mitzy Salinas Gomez, Husker Power.

Rodrigo Serrano-Angeles, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alondra Soltero Bravo, Husker Power.

Mackenzie Sullivan, Husker Study and Stay.

Isabella Tellez, Husker Power.

Fatima Valadez-Campos, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Manuel Valenzuela-Gamez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Gabriela Valladares, Husker Power.

Priscila Vazquez Avila, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Bryan Vizcaya, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jordan Wattles, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alyssa Williams, David.

Mariam Zahid, Regents.

Karla Zuniga, Husker Study and Stay.

Omaha Burke

Claire Anderson, David and Nebraska Career.

Kylie Bahnsen, Husker Study and Stay.

Zach Bare, Husker Traditions.

Hanna Bassett, Regents.

Glenn Blumer, Husker Power.

Lauren Burris, Regents.

Caila Carlson, Regents.

Sam Christensen, Regents.

Anna Conti, David.

Isabella Coonfare, Husker Study and Stay.

Kayla Cull, Regents.

Paige Davison, Regents.

Emily Drake, Regents.

Ethan English, Husker Power.

Josh Ferguson, David.

Jake Fox, Regents.

Jacob Friesz, Husker Power.

Eleanor Frisbie, Regents.

Christopher Fryzek, Husker Power.

Aylana Goodwin, Husker Study and Stay.

Elizabeth Grams, Regents.

Lauren Grasmick, Husker Study and Stay.

Riley Griffith, Husker Traditions.

Grace Gundersen, Regents.

Emma Haith, Regents.

Evan Hammans, Regents.

Nicholas Hammans, Regents.

Imaya Harper, Husker Power.

Jonathan Hart, Husker Power.

Karli Helms-Rathman, Husker Power.

Molly Huber, Regents.

Dylan Hudkins, Husker Power.

Joshua Jacobson, Husker Traditions.

Faith Jaixen, Husker Power.

Rahn Johnson, Regents.

Kyren Jones, Husker Power.

Bailey Kaisershot, Regents.

Leah Keith, Husker Power.

Ashley Kelly, Regents.

Laura Kirshenbaum, Regents.

Ethan Kleveter, Regents.

Lukas Kocher, Regents.

Leslie Lee, Regents.

Elliott Lenz, Regents.

Abigail Logeman, Regents.

Daniela Lopez-Susano, Husker Traditions.

Nathaniel Lueders, Husker Power.

Nia Lyons, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Natalie Martin, Husker Power.

Natalie McFadden, Husker Traditions.

Theresa Nguyen, Regents.

Ovie Omadevuae, Husker Power.

Mayle Owen, Regents.

Brynna Oxley, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Achievement.

Jack Poitras, Husker Power.

Amaya Prchal, Regents.

Lauren Proctor, Husker Power.

Aidan Queen, Husker Power.

Pacey Queen, Husker Power.

Jackson Riha, Regents.

Surakchya Risal, Regents.

Mason Ryan, Regents.

Renzo Benedict Sarreal, Regents.

Leo Schumacher, Regents.

Ashton Schwindt, Husker Power.

Alexander Seagren, David.

Samuel Sorensen, Regents.

Raeana Spech, Regents.

Tanner Stern, David.

Megan Streiff, Regents.

Brandon Stutheit, Regents.

Jocelyn Sudds, Regents.

Danielle Sutton, Regents.

Natalia Trejo, Regents.

Ellison Vavra, Regents.

Valerie Wiebelhaus, Husker Power.

Faith Worden, Regents.

Lexie Worden, Husker Traditions, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Michael Worden, Regents.

Omaha Central

Edajah Aden, Nebraska Achievement.

Taylor Ahmed-Baker, Husker Power.

Neva Allgood, Regents.

Britney Angeles-Ayala, Regents.

Emerson Badje, Husker Power.

Kallie Baker, Husker Power.

Amal Bari, Husker Power.

Leilani Beaudoin, Husker Power.

Thomas Beemer, Husker Power.

David Boyer, David.

Alexander Castillo, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

James Class, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ella Cleaver, Husker Power.

Dylan Clute, Husker Study and Stay.

Maria Constancio, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Daniel Denenberg, Regents.

Mac DePriest, Regents.

Jordan Diaz, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Carolyn Dillman, Chancellor's.

Maeve Dineen, Husker Traditions.

Zaria Dunbar, Regents.

Edward Easton, Regents.

Hailey Edwards, Husker Power.

Thomas Eilers, Regents.

Emily Engel, Regents.

Tianna Evans, Nebraska Achievement.

Jacob Ewing, Husker Power.

Jackson Farho, Regents.

Anna Festersen, Regents.

Daisy Friedman, Husker Power.

Benjamin Fuerstenau, Husker Power.

Jaxson Fullerton, Husker Power.

Harrison George, Husker Power.

Olivia Gilbreath, Regents.

Devon Gill, Nebraska Achievement.

Jennifer Giron, Nebraska Achievement.

Frances Gray, Regents.

Jaden Green, Regents.

Killian Green, Regents.

Joshua Gryzen, Regents.

Jawad Haider, Regents.

Jailyn Haros Monrroy, David.

Emma Helt, Regents.

Mila Herszbaum-Harding, Regents.

Adna Hilowle, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Noor Himdan, Regents.

Hannah Hough, Husker Study and Stay.

Abigial Huff, Husker Power.

Jalyn Ignowski, Husker Power.

Anisa Ismail, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kai James, David and Nebraska Career.

Sierra Jesus, Nebraska Achievement.

Ben Jezewski, Husker Study and Stay.

Bryan Jimenez-Adan, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kwade Kelley, Husker Power.

Angeer Kiir, Husker Power.

Laila Klare, David.

Milla Krainak, Regents.

Cole Kreber, Regents.

Samuel Levy, Husker Study and Stay.

Genevieve Lewis, Husker Power.

Isabella Lone Hill, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Dahly Long, Husker Power.

Shay Macafee, Husker Study and Stay.

Rachel Manlangit, Husker Traditions.

Jordan Martin, Regents.

Lillian McEvoy, Regents.

Adjele Mensah, Husker Power.

Benjamin Messbarger, Regents.

Jason Miller, Regents.

Megan Moy, Regents.

August Nelson, Husker Traditions.

Samuel Nodes, Regents.

Fathi Osman, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jerad Peck, Husker Traditions.

Eleonora Petersen, Husker Traditions.

Logan Petersen, Husker Power.

Nicholas Pfeffer, Husker Study and Stay.

Asa Pospisil, Husker Power.

Safiyyah Rab, David.

Leo Ray, Regents.

Isabel Reutzel, Husker Power.

Jamari Richards, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Eva Richter, Regents.

Paulina Salzman, Regents.

Ryley Sanden, Regents.

Jordan Saxton, Regents.

Avery Schlote, Husker Power.

Sophia Sgourakis, Regents.

Drew Shafer, Regents.

Cassandra Sorenson, Regents.

Gabriel Spiess, Husker Study and Stay.

Owen Strazdas, Regents.

Kelly Sweigard, Regents.

Hanaa Tatby, Husker Power.

Bryn Tautfest-Hansen, Husker Traditions.

Jaden Tchalassi, Chancellor's Leadership, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement.

Olivia Theophilus, Regents.

Connor Tiedtke, Husker Power.

Ryan Turner, Regents.

Jaquelin Vega-Bustamante, Husker Power.

Alexis Walker, Regents.

Naomi Weak, David.

Aleah Welton, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Adham Westbrook, Regents.

Kylie Westphal, Husker Power.

Avenlea White, Regents.

Vanessa Wise, Regents.

Nawal Zahid, Nebraska Achievement.

Omaha Central Christian

Israel Bryant, Husker Traditions.

Oscar Henery, Husker Traditions.

Bethany Irvine, Husker Power.

Emily Thomas, Regents.

Omaha Christian Academy

Colton Houts, Husker Power.

Omaha Creighton Prep

Oscar Ahumada, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Andersen, Husker Traditions.

Ugochukwu Anyaegbunam, Husker Traditions.

Will Apayo, Husker Power, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Tony Ayoub, Husker Power.

Murad Bah-Traore, Husker Power.

Francisco Becerra, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jacob Beisch, Husker Power.

Aidan Boone, David.

Jacob Boor, David.

Jeffrey Braun, Husker Power.

Alessandro Bressani, Regents.

Ethan Britt, Husker Traditions.

Stanley Brueske, Husker Power.

Brendan Buckley, Husker Traditions.

Conor Buckley, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Buckley, Husker Traditions.

Alexander Bullock, Husker Traditions.

Christopher Burke, Husker Power.

Ethan Buso, Husker Power.

Andrew Butler, Regents.

Vincent Cacioppo, Regents.

Corey Callahan, Husker Power.

Jack Cavlovic, Husker Traditions.

Aidan Chapman, Regents.

Joshua Corey, Husker Power.

Stephen Costello, Husker Power.

Alex Davis, Regents.

Jackson Dencklau, Regents.

Trey Dethlefs, David.

Gabriel DeWeese, Husker Power.

John Dickas, Regents.

Henry Egan, Regents.

Elezai Elezai, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

William Ernatt, Regents.

William Fitzgerald, Husker Power.

Edgar Flores Dominguez, Husker Study and Stay.

John Francl, David.

Caden Glogowski, Regents.

Joseph Glogowski, Husker Power.

Nolan Gosch, Husker Traditions.

Amariyon Green, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Isaiah Griffith, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Andrew Guinan, Husker Study and Stay.

Hayden Hanneman, Regents.

William Harper, Husker Study and Stay.

Joshua Hauser, Husker Traditions.

John Heine, Regents.

Joseph Hertzel, Chancellor's Leadership and David.

Brayden Hill, Husker Power.

Andrew Hood, Regents.

Benjamin Humpal, Husker Study and Stay.

Benjamin Jones, Husker Power.

Drew Kaelin, Husker Power.

Isaac Kenney, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Daniel Kleinsmith, Regents.

William Klingemann, Husker Traditions.

James Knudsen, Regents.

Thomas Knudsen, Husker Study and Stay.

Aidan Krakowski, Regents.

Joseph Krawczyk, Regents.

Ian Krenzer, Husker Power.

Joseph Kubat, Husker Traditions.

Brok Laney, Regents.

Adam Liebentritt, Husker Power.

Benjamin Lyons, Regents.

Marc Marin-Perez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Matthew McCaslin, Regents.

Ethan McCoy, Husker Power.

Dominic Mendlik, Regents.

Samuel Meysenburg, Husker Traditions.

Anthony Militti, Husker Power.

Nicholas Montemarano, Regents.

Mena Morcous, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Juan Mosqueda Barron, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Matthew Nanfito, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Declan Nelson, Husker Traditions.

Louis Nipp, Regents.

Carl Nussrallah, Regents.

Samuel O'Loughlin, David.

Eric Olsen, Regents.

Luke Papa, Regents.

Samuel Parys, Husker Power.

Samuel Perkinson, Husker Power.

Kalen Piechota, Husker Power.

Simon Podliska, Husker Traditions.

Kevin Prososki, Regents.

Benjamin Ravnsborg, Regents.

Joseph Reefe, David.

Patrick Rogers, Regents.

Daniel Roland, Regents.

John Ronayne, David.

Leonardo Ruiz-Juvera, Regents.

William Sengstock, Husker Power.

Maxwell Sladovnik, Regents.

Henry Slagle, Regents.

Matthew Stone, Husker Power.

Andrew Sutej, Husker Traditions.

Cal Tietjen, Regents.

Nicholas Tomasello, Husker Traditions.

Anthony Tripp, Regents.

Jacob Tyrcha, Regents.

Christopher Ugarte, Regents.

Cian Weekly, Regents.

Abram Wulf, Husker Traditions.

Gage Zabawa, Husker Power.

Omaha Duchesne

Jacqueline Barnes, Regents.

Mary Margaret Bausch, Regents.

Sofia Bressani, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Abigail Brewster, Regents.

Sydney Christo, David.

Hannah Coldiron, Chancellor's.

Katherine Cordes, Regents.

Mary Countryman, Husker Traditions.

Faye Cunningham, Husker Traditions.

Sophia Dervin, Regents.

Sophia Drickey, Husker Power.

Megan Erspamer, Husker Study and Stay.

Anna Ervin, Husker Power.

Grace Francl, Husker Power.

Sarah Gilner, Husker Power.

Renee Johnson, Husker Power.

Elizabeth Klein, Husker Power.

Jessica Kozol, Husker Study and Stay.

Clare Lisec, Regents.

Eleanor Mangan, Husker Traditions.

Greta Manhart, Husker Traditions.

Jessica Meiers, Husker Traditions.

Jayna Petty, Husker Power.

Lauren Peyton, Chancellor's Leadership and David.

Cara Pisasale, Husker Power.

Marie Rohling, Regents.

Olivia Rowe, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Meena Satpathy, Regents.

Elsa Sewell, Husker Power.

Megan Sloup, Regents.

Gianna Smith, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Olivia Soukup, Regents.

Shyenne Starks, Husker Traditions.

Elizabeth Stratman, Husker Traditions.

Sabrina Sulaymonova, Pepsi and Regents.

Mary Elizabeth Testa, Husker Power.

Anna Thibodeau, Regents.

Shaelynn Vaughan, Husker Traditions.

Grace Youngblood, Husker Traditions.

Ana Zulkoski, Husker Traditions.

Omaha Marian

Amanda Allbery, Regents.

Anna Ambrose, Husker Traditions.

Kate Asselin, Husker Traditions.

Sydnee Baysa, Regents.

McKenna Blaine, Husker Power.

Isabella Bortolotti, Husker Power.

Casey Brattain, Husker Traditions.

Callaghan Cavanaugh, David.

Grace Clark, Regents.

Katherine Corpuz, Husker Power.

Ashlee Czyz, Husker Traditions.

Anna Dailey, Husker Study and Stay.

Emilie Dankert, David.

Naomi Delkamiller, David.

Lily Dugan, Husker Power.

Mia Dunker, Husker Traditions.

Sadie Eggerling, Husker Power.

Grace Ellis, Regents.

Margaret Else, Husker Study and Stay.

Tahmina Gafurova, David.

Madison Genoways, Husker Traditions.

Bridget Gerards, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Elana Glassman, Husker Traditions.

Clara Glock, Regents.

Rylee Gregg, Regents.

Molly Griffin, Regents.

Emma Gunn, Regents.

Cecilia Hall, Regents.

Lauren Harris, Husker Traditions.

Alexandra Hezel, Husker Traditions.

Amanda Hingorani, Husker Traditions.

Megan Hoppe, David.

Samantha Jaeke, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ava Jarecki, Husker Study and Stay.

Abigail Kellen, David and Nebraska Career.

Grace Kerr, Chancellor's.

Alexis Ketcham, Husker Power.

Ava Kleinschmit, Husker Power.

Kelly Kozol, Husker Power.

Ellie Kripal, David.

Omaima Lado, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Elizabeth Lampert, Husker Traditions.

Katie Liske, Regents.

Faith Lodes, Husker Traditions.

Nicole Loeffler, Regents.

Avery Marquis, David and Nebraska Career.

Catherine Mashanic, Husker Power.

Katherine McGill, Regents.

Bridget McKay, Husker Traditions.

Kayleigh Menard, Husker Power.

Lauren Mendlik, David.

Murphy Mertz, Husker Power.

Daphne Militti, Husker Study and Stay.

Molly Monahan, Husker Power.

Siobhan O'Keefe, Husker Power.

Olivia Ost, Husker Power.

Jackline Paul, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Regan Peake, Husker Power.

Samantha Pelan, David.

Alexis Perlman, Husker Power.

Alexa Pulliam, David.

Jocelyn Randby, Regents.

Madeline Randby, Husker Power.

Alexa Richter, Husker Power.

Sarah Ritterling, Regents.

Katherine Rodis, Husker Power.

Rebecca Roh, David.

Victoria Roubidoux, Husker Power.

Arianna Saettele, Regents.

Sarah Schmit, David.

Sophia Simmons, Husker Power.

Sidney Sledge, Regents.

Molly Smith, Chancellor's Leadership and David.

Mia Suter, Husker Traditions.

Claire Thiele, Husker Power.

Courtney Thompson, Husker Traditions.

Ashley Tran, Husker Traditions.

Anna Ulferts, Husker Study and Stay.

Grace Virgillito, Husker Power.

Sophia Virgillito, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Anna Voelker, Husker Traditions.

Grace Walsh, Husker Power.

Eva Watson, Regents.

Cleota Wear, Chancellor's Leadership and Husker Traditions.

Mattighan Zielie, Regents.

Omaha Mercy

Anou Akot, Husker Power, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Samantha Burns, David.

Baylin Davis, Regents.

Katie Erlbacher, Husker Power.

Clare Euteneuer, Regents.

Clare Gonka, Husker Power.

Grace Gonka, Husker Power.

Carolyn Hire, Regents.

Ellee Houghtaling, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Carolyn Klein, Nebraska Achievement.

Bridget Koley, Husker Traditions.

Carlee Lee, Husker Power.

Rita Leuck, Husker Power.

Olivia Miller, Husker Power.

McKenzie Moore, Husker Power.

Kateri Pantoja, Husker Traditions.

Erin Schartz, Husker Study and Stay.

Megan Streff, Regents.

Lily Svoboda, Husker Study and Stay.

Molly Vankat, Husker Power.

Marissa Vargas, David.

Elizabeth Walsh, Husker Power.

Anna Youell, Regents.

Skylar Zoucha, Husker Power.

Omaha North

Torri Almond, Regents.

Johnnah Bailey, Regents.

Macrina Barber-Holmes, Husker Traditions.

Megan Bechtolt, Husker Power.

Kianu Benigno, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jarrell Bennett, Husker Study and Stay.

Sapphire Bennett, Husker Traditions.

Alfredo Bruguera, Husker Power.

Seamus Cavanaugh, Regents.

Jordyn Chandler, Husker Power.

Jayme Cox, Husker Power.

Zane Cox, Husker Power.

Joshua Crawford, Husker Traditions.

John Dawes, Husker Power.

Vanessa Denton, David.

Dimitri Dorsey, Husker Traditions, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Zane Duggs, Regents.

Henry Emmer, Regents.

Caleb Esquibel, Regents.

Teresa Gibbons, Regents.

Micah Gilbert, Regents.

Chancellor Glass, Nebraska Achievement and Pepsi.

Eliza Glass, Husker Power.

Jacob Hester, Husker Power.

Karen Hickey, Regents.

Henry High, Husker Power.

Nathaniel Hipsher, Husker Power.

David Hoang, David and Nebraska Career.

Caleb Howe, Regents.

Alexander Hunter, Husker Study and Stay.

Kaitlin Hutson, Nebraska Achievement and Pepsi.

Kendra Karnish, Husker Power.

Julienne Kemper, Husker Traditions.

Vienne Kemper, Regents.

Isabel Kolb, Regents.

Hannah Kriegler, Regents.

Jaxson Krohn, Husker Power.

Jackson Laurent, Regents.

Sophia Leach, Regents.

Jackson Long, Regents.

LaVaughn Luellen, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Lauren Marshall, David.

Gabriela Maya, Husker Power.

Marcus McCaskill, David, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Corie McCowin, Regents.

Kiya Miller, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Nylah Neal, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Curtis Ogba, Husker Power.

Carlos Pineda, Husker Traditions.

Juandiego Plascencia, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Ethan Preheim, Husker Power.

Emily Quackenbush, Regents.

Yasmin Ramirez, Regents.

Matthew Reida, Husker Power.

Jimeace Riley, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Said Rodriguez Zarazua, Regents.

Benjamin Rolles, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kaylee Samland, Regents.

Quinton Schievelbein, Husker Traditions.

Nathaniel Schlader, Husker Traditions.

Samantha Stuart, Regents.

Karson Swartzbaugh, Regents.

Mandy Tran, David.

Isaiah Tucker, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Marcus Vazquez, David.

Alexander Ventura, Regents.

Jackson Walls, Regents.

Zhenntifer Wheeler, Husker Traditions.

Andra Williams, Regents.

Lawrence Wilson, Husker Study and Stay.

Jackson Wynn, Regents.

Omaha Northwest

Precious Akoh, Regents.

Paris Alexander, Husker Power.

Paige Anthony, Regents.

Ana Bautista-Paz, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kali Bowers, Husker Study and Stay.

Nicholas Davenport, Regents.

Vanessa Denanyo, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Haunnah Depew, Husker Power.

Aramis Elias, Husker Study and Stay.

Crystal Garcia Madrid, Husker Study and Stay.

Morgan Gardner, Regents.

Nasra Hassan, Husker Traditions.

Htee Htaw, Husker Power.

Wawa Kpru, Husker Power.

Doi San Lahkang, Husker Power.

Thi Le, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Biak Mawi, Regents.

Marcel McCroy, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Annastasia Nelson, Regents.

Htoo Paw, Husker Power.

Tristan Rainey, Husker Power.

Htoo Say, Regents.

Callie Sokoll, Regents.

Manal Suliman, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jennifer Toniz Velazquez, Husker Study and Stay.

Paw De Wah, Husker Traditions.

Cameron Walker, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Justice Walker, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Morgan Wiseman, Husker Traditions.

Omaha Roncalli

Jenna Andersen, Regents.

Kaylee Bergstrom, David.

Natalie Blumenkemper, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Syionna Conner-Wilder, Husker Power.

Erykah Drummer, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Zoe Durr, David.

Ty Evangelisti, Husker Power.

Robert Howell, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Claire Kastl, David.

Caitlin Keating, Husker Traditions.

James Kraft, Regents.

Chloe Lanphier, Husker Power.

Kathryn Little, David.

Thomas Maxwell, Regents.

Leo McNeil, Husker Power.

Carlos Rangel, Husker Power.

Damian Richter, Husker Power.

Benjamin Schott, David.

Abigail Schwarz, Regents.

Jason Willis, Regents.

Ryan Witt, Husker Power.

Omaha Skutt

Jenna Abbott, Regents.

Megan Andersen, David.

Kennedy Appell, Husker Power.

Grace Augustine, Husker Study and Stay.

Connor Barrett, Husker Traditions.

Claire Baumert, Husker Traditions.

Sean Bean, Pepsi and Regents.

Gage Bertucci, David.

Cadence Betsworth, Regents.

Samuel Borsh, Regents.

Faith Bossert, Husker Power.

Michael Camenzind, Husker Traditions.

Cael Carlson, Regents.

Cameron Cartwright, Husker Power.

Brooklyn Cerny, Husker Power.

Andrew Chlebinski, Regents.

Jack Connealy, Husker Study and Stay.

Bridget Connor, David.

Nolan Connor, Regents.

Alexander DePooter, Regents.

Gabrielle Dougherty, Husker Power.

Elizabeth Farrell, Husker Traditions.

Charles Fletcher, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Ford, David.

Colin Fuelberth, David and Nebraska Career.

Micah Fullinfaw, Regents.

Macy Gordon, Husker Power.

Sarah Gregory, Regents.

Madison Greisen, Husker Study and Stay.

Gabriella Gries, Husker Power.

Ethan Grossjung, David and Nebraska Career.

Xavier Hackenberg, Regents.

Emma Hall, Regents.

Kyle Hansen, Husker Power.

Matthew Hansen, Husker Traditions.

William Harr, Regents.

Samuel Hayes, Husker Power.

Sarah Heskin, Husker Traditions.

Sophia Hoffmann, Regents.

Theresa Howard, Regents.

Lauren Hubert, Regents.

Burke Keane, Regents.

Morgan King, Husker Traditions.

Sydney Kirkwood, Husker Power.

Bridget Koenig, Husker Traditions.

Lindsay Krause, David.

Mitchell Krupa, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Samuel Kudron, Husker Traditions.

Benjamin Letak, Regents.

Jacob Leu, Regents.

Adam Lierz, David.

Allison Lierz, Regents.

Nick Lilleskov, Husker Study and Stay.

Giulianna Lonie, Regents.

Claire Lynch, Regents.

Abigail Mann, Regents.

Delaney Martin, Regents.

Quinn Martin, Regents.

Allison Matukewicz, Husker Power.

Cruz McConnell, Regents.

Gwyneth Medlock, Husker Traditions.

Olivia Mendez, Husker Power.

John Meyers, Husker Power.

Wyatt Meylan, David.

Morgan Mihm, Husker Power.

John Millar, Regents.

Katlyn Nelson, David.

Nicholas Neumann, David.

Brenna Norris, Husker Traditions.

Christian Norris, Husker Traditions.

Grant O'Doherty, Regents.

Mary Orr, Regents.

Rachel Osantowski, David.

Lucy Parr, Husker Power.

Jackson Petrzilka, Regents.

Carter Plum, David.

Atticus Poling, Husker Traditions.

Rylee Quinn, Husker Power.

Isaac Richards, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Rivera, David.

Jacob Rockow, David.

Olivia Rouw, Husker Power.

Alyssa Rutten, Husker Power.

Alexander Schumacher, Regents.

Amanda Smolsky, David.

Alex Stodden, Regents.

Katherine Thomas, Husker Power.

Jackson Turman, Regents.

Cendle Vacanti, Husker Power.

Tyler Valgora, Husker Traditions.

Joseph Vanderheiden, Husker Study and Stay.

Caleb Vos, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Career.

Sara Wallace, Regents.

Zachary Weis, Regents.

Ella Wieczorek, Husker Traditions.

Nicholas Wiepen, Husker Power.

Omaha South

Veronica Abrego Gutierrez, David.

Montserrat Andrade, David.

Jason Au, Regents.

Robert Baca, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Emma Bailey, Husker Power.

Shane Baratta, Regents.

Natalie Barrera-Mendoza, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Josselyn Becerra, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jovian Wyzen Bolivar, Husker Power.

Derrick Bravo, Regents.

Jerry Brito-Mendoza, Regents.

Bryan Cabrera, Husker Power.

Iris Castro-Velasquez, Husker Power.

Danilla Centeno Zamora, Husker Power.

Jocelyn Cervantes-Fraire, Husker Power.

Lesli Chaparro-Gonzalez, Regents.

Felix Cruz-Tapia, Regents.

Juan Delgado Rosales, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Maria Dondiego- Torres, Husker Power.

Michelle Durbin, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Aaron Estrada-Escalera, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jessica Fuertes-De Arcos, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Michelle Garcia, Regents.

Mia Garcia- Amador, Regents.

Carmela Gazy, David.

Bryan Gomez, Regents.

Jacqueline Gomez, Davis and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Angie Gomez-Job, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Aaliyah Gonzalez, Nebraska Achievement.

Nancy Gonzalez, Husker Power.

Isabel Gott, Regents.

Miguel Gutierrez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Neomi Guzman, Regents.

Madison Harris, Regents.

Ana Hernandez, Regents.

Dennis Hernandez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Melany Hernandez, Husker Power.

Esmeralda Hernandez-Galeana, Regents.

Phoenix Hernandez-Rodriguez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Melina Herrera, Regents.

Ximena Herrera-Baro, Regents.

Emily Herrera-Franco, Husker Power.

Augustine Hodoly, Regents.

Elisabeth Huffman, Husker Power.

Jose Iniguez, Regents.

Alexander Kiihne, Nebraska Achievement.

Alondra Loza Guzman, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Belen Madera Rodriguez, Regents.

Ezequiel Martinez, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Fernanda Martinez-Alvarez, Husker Power.

Jenly Mazariegos, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Monserrat Medina Hernandez, Husker Traditions.

Brandon Monarrez Granillo, Regents.

Glen Morgan, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Eliud Navas-Lopez, Regents.

Vanessa Neri Lara, Husker Study and Stay.

Tom Nguyen, Regents.

Beatriz Orozco-Munoz, Husker Study and Stay.

Gabriela Ortega, Regents.

Siboney Parra-Chairez, Regents.

Emmanuel Penaloza, Husker Power.

Brenda Perez Lopez, Husker Power.

Lendsey Perez-Degante, Husker Power.

Samuel Pineda, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Jared Ponce, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Keilly Ponce-Merida, Regents.

Shelsey Portillo, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Erlinda Ramirez, Regents.

Valerie Ramirez, Regents.

Ashley Ramirez-Gonzalez, Regents.

Aden Rewolinski, Husker Power.

Wendy Reyes Giles, Husker Power.

Karen Rodriguez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

David Rojas Hammond, Nebraska Achievement.

Margarita Romero-Romero, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Rosalia Ruiz, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Joseph Sabutis, Husker Power.

Rebeka Sahagun, Regents.

Vanessa Sanchez, Regents.

Adan Sanchez-Barrera, Regents.

Areli Sanchez-Garibay, Regents.

Jaquelin Serrano Rivas, Regents.

Ericka Silva-Lopez, Regents.

Yoana Tamayo, Husker Power.

Donovan Thompson-Grimm, Husker Traditions.

Xander Tilk, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Alejandra Tinoco, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Charlotte Turner, Husker Study and Stay.

Autumn Twohig, Regents.

Emma Utterback, David.

Juan Vargas-Flores, David.

Jocelyn Vazquez, Regents.

Fernando Villanueva, Husker Traditions.

Belem Zapata-Ramirez, Husker Study and Stay.

Jacqueline Zubiate-Arballo, Husker Power.

Omaha Westside

Mohamed Adam, Nebraska Career.

Emma Barnhart, David and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Katherine Beckman, Husker Traditions.

Avery Carl, Husker Traditions.

Gwen Carl, Husker Power.

Abigail Carlson, Husker Power.

Brianna Carter, Husker Traditions.

Victoria Chin, Regents.

Audrey Christensen, Husker Power.

Amir Coubadja-Toure, Nebraska Achievement.

Shayla Criddle, Husker Power.

Nevaeh Dahr, Husker Power.

Kennady Dembowski, Husker Power.

Peyton Dilly, Regents.

Madalyn DiPrima, Husker Power.

David Dirks, Husker Power.

Jack Dobson, Husker Traditions.

John Dodge, Regents.

Emma Dunlap, Husker Power.

Will Eikenbary, Husker Traditions.

Isabelle Empson, Husker Power.

Elliot Evans, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Andrew Falk, Husker Power and Nebraska Career.

Emily Fast, Husker Power.

London Forsberg, Husker Power.

Elizabeth Fox, David.

Kyleigh Freeman, Husker Power.

Luca Gailloux, Husker Power.

Kendel Gifford, Husker Power.

Lily Goc, Husker Traditions.

Zachary Goldner, Husker Traditions.

John Goodwin, Husker Power.

Eliot Gray, Regents.

Brayden Gregurich, Husker Power.

Braeden Haptonstall, Regents.

Elizabeth Harding, Husker Study and Stay.

Alexis Henderson, Husker Power.

William Henningsen, Regents.

Brooke Hester, Husker Traditions.

Julian Hinrichs, Husker Power.

Noel Hoig, Regents.

Nafeesah Ihtesham, Husker Study and Stay.

Ramya Iyer, Regents.

Case Jankovich, Husker Power.

Virginia Jansen, Regents.

Taylor Johnson, Regents.

Faith Jolkowski, Husker Power.

Aiden Karpf, Regents.

Whitney Kelley, Husker Traditions.

Lauren Kugler, Husker Traditions.

Cassidy Lang, Husker Study and Stay.

Emily Langford, Husker Traditions.

Naristean Le, Husker Traditions.

Vivian Le, Husker Traditions.

Jordan Lovely, Husker Power.

Thomas Mann, Husker Power.

Christina Manna, David.

Dayzee Mayfield, Husker Traditions.

Owen Micek, Husker Power.

Elliott Mitchell, Husker Power.

Rachael Mitteis, Husker Power.

Lauren Mogensen, Husker Power.

Barrett Mooney, Regents.

Edward Morrissette, Regents.

Olivea Nieto, Husker Power.

Emma Oquendo, Husker Study and Stay.

Michael Palacio, Husker Power.

Kyron Palermo-Harris, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Augustus Parsonage, Regents.

Angelina Pattavina, Nebraska Achievement.

Riley Perez, Husker Power.

Isabella Persky, Husker Traditions.

Connor Radde, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Grace Roberts, Husker Power.

Grace Sagert, Husker Power.

Matthew Salfity, Regents.

Raeanne Sando, Husker Power.

Ruby Secora, Husker Traditions.

David Simon, Husker Power.

Cassidy Smith, Regents.

Jillian Snow, Husker Study and Stay.

Kennedy Sommerer, Husker Power.

Cole Stanek, Husker Traditions.

Ava Steele, Regents.

Lilly Storm, Husker Power.

Paul Suder, Regents.

Cooper Svoboda, Regents.

AnnaLeesa Telford, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Brett Thorell, Husker Traditions.

Lindsay Tierra, Husker Power.

Rachel Tonniges, Husker Power.

Sikon Toure, Husker Power.

Elijah Wagner, Husker Traditions.

Faith Ward, Husker Study and Stay.

Isaac Wiles, Regents.

Kadin Williams, Husker Power.

Ava Williamson, David.

Griffin Wolf, Husker Traditions.

Brianna Yoo, Husker Traditions.

Max Zweiback, Regents.

Papillion-La Vista

Olivia Adamek, Husker Traditions.

Zach Adamson, David and Nebraska Career.

Parker Allen, Regents.

Scout Allen, Husker Power.

Brenna Armstrong, Husker Power.

Jaya Bellamy, Husker Traditions.

Jayda Boyer, David.

Grace Brown, Husker Traditions.

Eva Burklund, Regents.

Gabriel Cahill, Nebraska Achievement.

Aqua Chung, Husker Power.

Ashton Cook, Husker Traditions.

Owen Craft, Husker Power.

Alexandra Crane, Husker Power.

Haley Demman, Husker Study and Stay.

Rachel Diehm, Regents.

Laura Diemer, David.

Sophia Dietz, Husker Power.

Isaac Elzey, Husker Power.

Cali Engel, Regents.

Katie Ertz, David.

Ethan Fey, Husker Power.

Isabella Fonfara Drewel, Regents.

Emma Frazee, David.

Gabrielle Fuqua, Regents.

Lauren Gabriel, Regents.

Katelyn Galgerud, Husker Power.

Cristian Gonzalez, Regents.

Kylie Gruver-Munoz, David.

Lance Hall, Husker Power.

Erik Hansen, Husker Power.

Nathan Harding, Husker Traditions.

Chloe Harker, Husker Power.

Hannah Harvey, Husker Power.

Audrey Haworth, Husker Traditions.

Jocelyn Heldt, David.

Nathan Heldt, Husker Traditions.

Nicole Helmberger, Regents.

Elinor Henderson, Husker Power.

Morgan Hickey, Regents.

Alexandria Hinman, David.

Jacob Hirschfeld, Husker Study and Stay.

David Ho, Regents.

Sebastian Holtmeier, Regents.

Jacoby Hurst, Husker Power.

Arianna Hyczko, Regents.

Cole Johnson, Husker Power.

Grant Kaluza, David.

Katherine Kastens, Husker Power.

Amani Khayati, Regents.

Kira Kratzsch, Regents.

Brooke Lee, Regents.

McKenzie Linke, Husker Traditions.

Brianna Loza, Husker Power.

Thao Luc, Husker Traditions.

Sebastian MacNabb, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Jacob Malotte, Regents.

Jacob Masek, Husker Power.

Makenzi Miller, Husker Power.

Hayley Moree, Regents.

Gage Morrell, Husker Traditions.

Ethan Neil, Regents.

Jessica Nguyen, Husker Power.

Ethan Nissen, Husker Power.

Nicholas Olson, Regents.

Caleb Ortman, Regents.

Jackson Ossenfort, Husker Power.

Jayme Parsons, Regents.

Samuel Pribyl, Husker Traditions.

Audi Rairdin, Husker Traditions.

Myia Rodriguez, Husker Power.

Alexia Salamanca, Regents.

Sahreena Sanchez, Husker Study and Stay.

Megan Schildhauer, Regents.

Kaleb Shadley, Husker Power.

Abigail Shih, Regents.

Hannah Shin, Regents.

Nathan Sinnett, Husker Power.

Sean Snider, Husker Traditions.

Devin Sparks, Husker Traditions.

Amaya Staehlin, Husker Power.

Jonathan Stafford, Husker Power.

Abigail Starlin, Husker Power.

Darren Stevenson, Husker Power.

Mikaela Stock, Husker Study and Stay.

Makayla Stroede, Husker Power.

Anna Stultz, David.

Ian Sutton, Regents.

Jakob Tadlock, Husker Power.

Jenna Targy, Husker Traditions.

Austin Tejral, Regents.

Michael Theede, Regents.

Nicholas Todd, Regents.

Bailee Trimble, Husker Power.

Lauryn Vacek, Husker Traditions, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Madeline Vanderbur, Regents.

Samuel Vu, Regents.

Mackenzie Welsh, Regents.

Delaney Whitney, Husker Power.

Carmin Widdowson, Husker Traditions.

Madeline Williams, Husker Study and Stay.

James Wills, Regents.

Claudia Wilson, David.

Papillion-La Vista South:

Keaton Allis, Husker Power.

Rachael Atwood, Husker Traditions.

Casey Becker, Regents.

Sydney Bode, Husker Traditions.

Joshua Bodine, David.

Alyssa Boquet, Husker Traditions.

Carter Brehm, Regents.

Trenton Brehm, Regents.

Amy Bremer, Husker Power.

Jasmine Briscoe, David.

Richard Butler, Regents.

Chelsea Casart, Husker Traditions.

Grace Charlesworth, Regents.

Aliah Clarke, Husker Study and Stay, Nebraska Career and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Margaret Coffin, Husker Power.

Mary Connot, Regents.

Lindzy Cortes, Husker Traditions.

Sophie Davis, Husker Study and Stay.

McKayla DeBonis, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Quinn Desjardins, Husker Power.

Ellenna Divingnzzo, Chancellor's.

Sydney Dyball, Husker Power.

Alexander Eby, Regents.

Isabelle Farias, Husker Power.

Annie Feden, Regents.

Matthew Feldmann, Regents.

Desiree Glidewell, Husker Power.

Ashlie Glynn, Husker Power.

Taelynn Grady, Husker Study and Stay.

Samantha Graham, Husker Power.

Blake Gross, Regents.

Skyler Grunder, Husker Power.

Hannah Hart, Husker Power.

Reid Hayden, Regents.

Ciera Haynes, Husker Power.

Lily Hovey, Husker Power.

Madeline Huebert, Regents.

Nikki Hutfless, Regents.

Heidi Johnson, Regents.

Sarah Johnson, Husker Traditions.

Mia Jungman, Husker Traditions.

Collin Keating, Regents.

Abigail Kelly, Regents.

Elizabeth Kerber, Husker Power.

Isabella Kessinger, Regents.

McKenzie King, Regents.

William Kuhfahl, David.

Alayna Kustka, Husker Power.

Owen Larson, Regents.

Katie Lenz, Husker Traditions.

Jacob Leuck, Regents.

John Lindsay, Husker Power.

Tessa Magner, Husker Traditions.

Lindsay Marks, Husker Power.

Darby Mathiesen, Regents.

Jillyan McAdams, David.

Nathan McLain, Regents.

Kylee Miller, Regents.

Sydney Miller, Regents.

Breckyn Moore, Regents.

Xander Muniz, Regents.

Claire Nalty, Regents.

Kiera Nelson, Husker Power.

Maxwell Nelson, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Phu Nguyen, Regents.

Stephen North, Husker Traditions.

Grace Oseka, Husker Study and Stay.

Kaelyn Panko, Regents.

Christopher Param, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Brodee Paul, Husker Power.

Julia Pedersen, Regents.

Andjelija Petrovic, Husker Study and Stay.

Riley Peyrot, Husker Power.

Bailey Pham, Regents.

Paul Porter, Regents.

Abbigail Potratz, Husker Power.

Mark Prauner, Chancellor's Leadership, Nebraska Achievement and Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Olivia Price, Husker Power.

Alisse Quick, Regents.

Ashley Rau, Husker Power.

Emma Remley, Husker Traditions.

Lillianna Reynolds, Husker Traditions.

Logan Reynolds, Regents.

Hannah Rush, Husker Power.

Luke Schmiesing, Regents.

Austin Sides, Regents.

Kynley Sis, David.

Lucas Sitler, Husker Study and Stay.

Owen Smith, Husker Study and Stay.

Reghan Smith, Husker Power.

Thomas Stanek, Husker Traditions.

Hannah Stenger, Husker Power.

Daisy Sudderth, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Kaia Sullivan, Regents.

Gracie Sunde, Regents.

Cade Swanson, Regents.

Jaisa Thomas, Husker Power.

Mallorie Thompson, Husker Power.

Ethan Tomlinson, Regents.

Pierce Tomlinson, Regents.

Julia Vanderloo, Husker Power.

Autumn Walker, Husker Study and Stay.

Madeline Waszgis, Husker Power.

Ryan Wellman, Husker Study and Stay.

Fiona Wiberg, Regents.

Braden Wiese, Husker Study and Stay.

Adam Williamson, Regents.

Andrew Williss, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Career.

Cambree Witt, Husker Traditions.

Alexander Wood, Regents.


Madison Allgire, Husker Power.

Grace Belter, David.

Saodat Bobodzhanova, Regents.

Roy Buettenback, Husker Traditions.

Emmanuel Burtin, Husker Power.

Tiana Cornist, Husker Power.

Nevaeh Cox, Husker Power.

Benjamin Devorss, Husker Traditions.

Carmen Dudley, Husker Power.

Natalie Dudley, David.

Le Duong, Regents.

Nada Fadhil, Regents.

Louis Gilmore, Regents.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Regents.

Jonathan Grant, Regents.

Abigail Heig, Regents.

Lindsey Johnston, Regents.

Aleczander Kelsey, Husker Traditions.

Bailee Kirkner, Husker Power.

Jozlyn Luckett, Husker Study and Stay.

Sarah Madison, David.

Akemi Martinez Gutarra, Husker Study and Stay.

Kylee Matousek, Regents.

Drew McAleer, David.

Joseph McEvoy, Husker Traditions.

Monica Nguyenduy, Regents.

Ilahi Pearson, Regents.

Joseph Ramirez, Husker Traditions.

Natalie Ryan, Regents.

Sydney Safarik, Regents.

Ana Sanchez-Martinez, Nebraska Emerging Leader.

Alejandra Soria, Husker Study and Stay.

Alex Strittmatter, Husker Traditions.

Alyssa Strode, Regents.

Noah Talmadge, David.

Megan Uhing, Husker Power.

Zachary Wheatley, David.

Edgar Wisniewski, Regents.


Blair Beecham, Nebraska Career and Regents.

Connor Cargile, Husker Study and Stay.

Jacob Cargile, Husker Study and Stay, and Nebraska Career.

Dylan Conover, Husker Power.

Rafe Davenport, Husker Study and Stay.

Jackson Ewen, David, Nebraska Career and Pepsi.

Colin Falkinburg, Regents.

Veronica Guenther, Husker Traditions.

Justice Irvin, Husker Power.

Colton Johnson, Husker Power.

Allison Kuhl, Husker Traditions.

Emma Mathias, Husker Traditions.

Logan Nelson, Husker Traditions.

Henry Nguyen, Regents.

Paityn Porter, Husker Power.

Carson Ross, Husker Traditions.

Claire Snodgrass, Regents.

Ashley Stehlik, David.

Ryan Tolliver, Regents.

Madison Tyler, David.

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