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Real estate transfers, Sept. 8

Real estate transfers, Sept. 8

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Nguyen, Thang and Tran, Nam Phuong to Nyamedi, Cherita, 8104 N. 153rd St., $204,000.

Kelly, Eric M. to Schrum, David John, 14466 Knudsen St., $197,000.

Amundsen, William G. and Margaret A. to Welchert, Brody R. and Alyssa N., 14608 Sunrise St., $205,000.

Reimers, Kyle K. and Hanson, Lexi L. to Carlson, Mary T., 15807 Jardine Circle, $259,900.

Gallagher, Shane M. and Amy G. to Peeler, Corbin and Abigail, 7804 N. 152nd Ave., $275,000.

Hadan, Roger C. to Johnson, Evan C. and Carissa E., 12307 N. 161st St., $290,000.

Totten, Stacy and to Davis, Devin Joseph and Knerr, Sabrina Marie, 8006 N. 146th St., $185,000.

Peters, Craig and O’Brien, Caitlin to Quakenbush, Chris and Nikki, 16164 Sunflower St., $260,000.


Hilscher, Andrew W. and Jayme L. to Benash, Stacey R., 3803 N. 212th St., $168,000.

Korenchen, Steven J., trustee of Korenchen Living Trust to Graham, Gary P. and Denise M., 9424 N. 225th St., $190,000.

Haddad, Joseph K. and Elsa A. to Haddad, Joseph K. and Haddad, Charles J., 2713 N. 189th St., $174,000.

Lonetree Holdings LLC to Oelco LLC, 2827 N. 202nd St., $41,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Howard, Nicholas and Emily, 2523 N. 187th Ave., $520,000.

Rodriguez-Hild, Celia S. to Newman, Justin and Courtney, 19808 Rees St., $392,500.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Bensley, David and Bartholomew, Marsha, 18414 Corby St., $440,000.

Sanitary Improvement District 517 to Pooley, Michael and Candace, 5121 S. 235th St., $50,000.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Allen, Carla J., 4215 N. 187th St., $459,900.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Jarosik, Kevin W. and Deborah J., 18765 Spaulding St., $424,000.

Gaver Construction Inc. to Srinivasan, Suresh and Hema, 1409 N. 196th St., $601,933.

Advance Design & Construction Inc. to Weideman, Gregory A. and Debora M., 1302 S. 211th St., $115,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Tierney, John E. and Jean M., 3910 S. 208th St., $95,000.

Shaw, Adam and Tricia to Jeter, Marlene K., 1414 N. 180th Ave., $329,000.

Valker, William S. and Arter, Kim R. to Carraher, Eric J., 19838 Chicago St., $465,000.

Reichwein, Robin M. to Beachler, Henry, 218 S. 201st St., $270,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Erb, Jeffrey D. and Nancy C., 2011 S. 208th St., $75,000.

Walters, Sharon R., trustee of Sharon R. Walters Living Trust to Haffner, Kevin S. and Lisa M., 18315 Harney St., $318,937.

Ruffalo, Barry, trustee of Barry A. Ruffalo Trust to Coda, Christopher and Erin, 18425 Farnam St., $440,000.

Eden, Jon A. and Courtney F. to Kuehl, Joseph and Lucy, 805 S. 197th St., $415,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Weis, Jamie S. and Tracy Michele, 5012 N. 208th St., $315,397.

Oelco LLC to Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A., 2657 N. 202nd Ave., $281,850.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Vermaas, Derrick and Andrea, 6201 N. 293rd Circle, $300,000.

Vering, Robert J., personal representative of Thierolf, Thomas R. to Engelmeyer, Kenneth V. and Helen A., 140 Ginger Cove Road, $499,000.

Sullivan, David J. and Luanne K. to Limley, Bryan M. and Darcy J., 28420 State St., $385,000.


Reider, Clay to Smock Properties LLC, 505 S. Front St., $95,000.

Christensen, Wesley A. and Michele D. to Husmann, Justin D. and Baily J., 825 S. 262nd St., $380,000.

Engstrom, Lois M., trustee of Lois M. Engstrom Trust to Parsons, William A. and Diane, 439 Waterloo Drive, $275,000.


Sadok, Adam and Newman, Lisha to Pellecchia, Michael and Hughes, Anthony, 312 S. 16th St., $189,500.


Gosselin, Jill A. to Forsythe, Danielle Marie, 5132 Evans St., $185,000.

Green, Tomie L. and Janalea D. to Montalvo, Marcus, 6059 Sprague St., $145,000.

Bradt, John and Whitaker, Melinda to Ramey, Robyn and Joel, 2204 N. 48th St., $181,000.

Schwartz, Travis and Margaret to Cruz, Jose Luis Hernandez De La and Panfilo, Raquel Avila, 4156 N. 60th Ave., $75,000.

Wheeler, Barbara S. to McKeever, Matthew D. and McKeever-Baker, Laurel, 1817 N. 59th St., $185,000.

Montgomery-Ray, Johnie to Davis, Brooklyn, 4128 N. 60th St., $82,000.

Gunn, Brandon Michael to McWilliams, Tawny M., 5708 Browne St., $132,000.

Juilfs, Matthew A. and Rochelle R. to Red Ladder LLC, 3343 N. 53rd St., $60,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 5132 Grant St., $151,000.

Nielsen, Phillip C. to Lu, Pah and Moo, Pi, 5312 Boyd St., $125,000.

Aung, Aung and Naing, Ei E. to Rai, Chandra and Suraj, 4533 Burdette St., $155,900.

Hbi LLC to Stauffer, Matthew Peyton, 2414 N. 60th St., $145,000.

Merrigan, Kevin L. to Royce, Mike, 6134 Spencer St., $50,500.

Johnson, Eric L. to Bah, Kyaw and Htoo, Doh, 5127 N. 54th St., $136,000.


Tracy, Brian Christopher and Daniel B. to Schwartz, Travis E. and Margaret E., 1309 S. 32nd St., $175,000.

Rains, Sandra K. to Klesitz Realty LLC, 2154 S. 35th St., $128,500.

A & L. Remodeling LLC to Olvera, Irma Jessica Trejo, 3929 Arbor St., $170,000.

Hawks, Kenneth G. and Amy L. to Wilmers, John P. II, 3802 Castelar St., $129,900.

Coleman, Janet to Bellamini Properties LLC, 2917 Mason St., $70,500.


Gutshall, Penny L. to Rinaldi, Vanessa, 4678 William St., $155,000.

Duggin, Thomas J. to Husker Drywall Inc., 1095 S. 51st St., $160,000.

Hultquist, Thomas J., trustee of Thomas & Caryl Hultquist Revocable Trust to Infinity Excel LLC, 4922 Bancroft St., $215,000.

Vanmoorleghem, Mary E.m trustee of Elizabeth C. Clavin Revocable Trust to O’Brien, Benjamin W. and Bonny S., 4523 Grover St., $170,000.

Miljavac, Steven and Rebecca to Scupien, Jordan, 4699 Pacific St., $150,000.

Sagert, Eric to Heaton, Sue M., 4507 Pacific St., $175,000.

Nguyen, Jonathan L. and Emily F. to Young, Richard E., 4851 Robin Hill Drive, $160,500.

Prchal, Sandra L. and James D. to Luu, Michael Huu, 1901 S. 61st St., $225,000.

Henkel, Amber to Sallenbach, Ben and Sarah, 1932 S. 50th Ave., $175,500.

Brooks, Alison to Wood, Phillip M., 5828 Cedar St., $173,000.

Miles, Christopher S. to Kaase, Tyson and Malik, Samantha, 1822 S. 58th St., $172,000.


Perez, Daniel Lopez and Sanchez, Nicolasa I. Francia to Tfi LLC, 4410 S. 19th St., $107,500.

Slauter, William A. and Renee S. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4124 S. 36th St., $60,000.

Lit Real Estate Investments LLC to Cabreras LLC, 2111 W St., $58,650.

Marang, William and Donna to Banul, Edward, 6119 S. 33rd Ave., $77,300.

Hernandez, Catalina R. to Bujarski, Anthony and Maria Del Rocio, 3326 Monroe St., $91,000.

Centris Federal Credit Union Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 5034 S. 18th St., $66,134.


Ciochon, Mark A. and Trina to Howard, Benjamin J., 1947 S. 11th St., $119,900.

Palacios, Juan Carlos to McCurdy, Kile, 411 Hickory St., $95,000.

Regalado, Arturo Lopez to Calzada, Irma Regalado, 2417 S. 12th St., $70,000.

Cupak, Grace to Powers, Michael A., 2722 S. 16th St., $141,300.

Barrera, Carmela and Garrido, Humberto A. Dominguez to Candor Properties Bnb LLC, 1920 S. 12th

St., $75,000.

Powers, Michael A. to Mounga, Shnaiah, 2722 S. 16th St., $210,000.

Bocanegra-Lozano, Carmelo and Salas-Bocanegra, Maria L. to Gomez-Ameca, Yamila I., 1530 S. 24th St., $100,000.


Gillespie, George and Elizabeth to Kcn Group LLC, 4720 N. 17th St., $15,000.

Coffey, Barbara J. to Martin, Joseph and Marisett, Frederick, 2615 N. 22nd St., $45,000.

Furgison, Peggy S. to Royce, Mike, 1344 Fort St., $19,000.

Flowers, Sheila M. to Cha Properties LLC, 2110 Evans St., $35,000.


Stier, Phillip Michael and Pamela Roye to Nebraskas Number One Choice for Roofing and Siding LLC, 5909 N. 35th St., $14,000.

Trudell, Elizabeth to Varela, Sandra Karina Franco, 3631 Crown Point Ave., $24,000.

Lira-Ortiz, Eusebio and Karri to Vazquez, Ricardo Menchaca, 3822 N. 40th Ave., $117,000.

3702 North 44 Street LLC to Reyes, Gabriela Cruz, 3702 N. 44th Ave., $134,000.

Cortez, Ruben to Martinez, Isabel Daymi Martinez, 3611 N. 42nd St., $94,000.

Pruitt, Alma M. and Kevin S. to Yang, Joseph F. and Huang, Lucy H., 3169 Ames Ave., $72,500.

Dn Enterprises Inc. to Yellow Door LLC, 4260 Wirt St., $55,000.

Witcher, Cornelius S. Jr. to Kuhn, Sara, 4211 Ohio St., $75,000.

Lit Real Estate Investments LLC to Gonzalez, Evangelina Gonzalez, 3488 Ruggles St., $52,500.

Hays, Richard H., trustee of Richard H. Hays Revocable Trust to New Vision Trust, custodian of Scott Bergmann Ira, 4308 Parker St., $36,500.

Wight, Timothy L., trustee of Timothy L. Wight Living Trust to Brown, Benjamin L., 3335 Camden Ave., $65,500.

Johnson, Troy D. and Kim Y. to Amp Enterprises LLC, 2026 N. 40th St., $21,000.


Keen, Laura M. to White, Jania L., 2748 Iowa St., $79,500.

Marvin, Sonja R. to Dierks, Daysen, 3660 Summit St., $130,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 3048 Ida St., $51,100.


Deren, James Brody and Nichole J. to Carpenter, Jason and Molly, 417 S. 96th St., $495,500.

Brown, Nicholas Paul and Kelly K. to Kaasch, Michael and Phoebe, 1718 N. 105th St., $185,000.

Perez, James M. and Darri Ann to Carnazzo, Matthew D., 1410 Maenner Drive, $145,000.

Sindelar, Carrie and Beatus, Carrie A. to Flores, Michelle, 1618 N. 107th St., $178,000.

Smith, James, trustee of James & Mary Kay Smith Family Trust to Gallardo, Aaron J. Jr. and Katelyn K., 10714 Decatur St., $200,000.

Flowers, Stafford A., trustee of Stafford & Jo Ann Flowers Joint Revocable Trust to Filipi, David H., trustee of Filipi Revocable Family Trust, 1223 N. 98th Court, $299,000.

Addy, Jane C. Okeefe, trustee of Jane C. Okeefe Addy Revocable Trust to Donner, Heidi, 221 N. 97th Court, $628,000.

Hammel, Lana R. to Wolski, Michael T. and Anne M., 8421 Brentwood Road, $50,000.


Wortman, Laura M. and Poppe, Laura M. to Herbig, Kelsey D., 4615 N. 176th St., $239,000.

Conner, Kelsey to Tejral, Jessica Ashley, 6313 N. 148th St., $193,000.

Hardin, Shawn E. and Amy M. to Cox, Christina and Caleb, 14751 Boyd St., $210,000.

Yeh, Mei Ru to Heck-Jenders, Russell J. and Brett W., 16611 Dora Hamann Parkway, $282,000.

Ebbesmier, Nicole D. to Ostransky, Kara, 16393 Butler Ave., $220,000.

Leesley, Devon M. and Christy L. to Shald, Brett Daniel and Cailyn Larie, 3112 N. 169th St., $270,000.

Wulf, Donald J. and Nicole to Hanson, Jay and Susan, 14723 Ruggles St., $257,365.

Sunwar, Sarita and Adhikari, Rajendra to Edwards, Mark R. and Shayla S., 16525 Yort Ave., $268,500.

Ishmael, Matthew S. and Laura K. to Wulf, Donnie and Nicole, 17804 Corby St., $485,000.

Dao, Chi K. and Le, Dat M. to Nguyen, Vinh and Le, Trinh, 6086 N. 146th St., $185,000.

Barnhard, Amy M. to Vu, Van and Tran, Thi, 14733 Sprague St., $229,950.

Gosmire, Terry L., trustee of Terry L. Gosmire Revocable Trust to Robison, Titus P. and Angela R., 4210 N. 163rd Ave., $222,000.

Hennings, Daniel and Amy to Hansen, Carol A., 6435 N. 149th St., $213,000.

Lewis, Zachary and Kaylee to Jizba, Peter D. and Becky, 4721 N. 173rd Circle, $304,900.

Knight, Emily R. and Jordan to Fickel, Joel A. and Talia B., 15353 Locust St., $221,500.

Ettleman, James W. and Teri L. to Saadat, Saied E. and Stacey R., 14871 Himebaugh Circle, $296,000.


Sempek, Thomas and Jessica to Szczepaniak, Annie Therese, 5813 Holmes St., $164,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee of Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Quest Trust 2005-X1 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005-X1 to Falk, Travis, 6170 Buckingham Ave., $71,996.

Louka, Ekram and Moussa, Narges S. to Moscato, Jessie, 4421 S. 48th St., $125,000.

Edwards, David D. and Burke, Betty L. to Sullivan, Cody John, 5034 S. 53rd St., $115,000.


Hunter, Timothy and Blair, Rebecca to Smith, Adam T. and Rene M., 1935 N. 174th St., $300,500.

Krasco, Cristin S., personal representative of Ryan, Ronald M. to Borchers, Elizabeth Stuht, 17515 Farnam St., $300,000.

Hansen, Audrey S. to Engelmann, Beverly Jean, 1828 N. 175th Place, $150,000.


Maduenyi, Cynthia to Westbrook, Lloyd, 8822 N. 81st St., $182,560.

Parr, Kenneth II and McKenzie to Ramirez, Leonardo and Gonzalez, Nidia N., 9115 Hanover St., $183,000.

Miller, Sarah J. to Grant, Colleen D. and Elwood T. III, 7368 N. 89th Ave., $219,900.

Terry, Susan to Davis, Larry C., 8609 N. 83rd Ave., $175,000.

Huffman, Timothy P. and Lori A. to Patman, Stephanie and Cori, 6623 N. 78th Ave., $165,000.

Thang, Ar H. and Hnem, Can to Lyons, Jason D. and Kiara L., 8051 Bauman Ave., $170,000.


Oneill, Michael J. and Frances M. to Czerwinski, Mark L. and Ulrich, Benjamin Dewain, 10315 Hansen Ave., $100,000.

Stanley, Kyle I. and Mollner, Anne E. to Johnson, Corey and Marisa, 8003 Grover St., $185,000.

Efliq Design & Restoration LLC to Walla, James and Olson, Sara, 8102 Dorcas St., $399,000.

Graham, Austin L. and Taylor to Perez, James and Darri Ann, 7533 Valley St., $217,000.

Duey, David and Ann to Duey, Sarah D., 1514 S. 95th St., $407,500.

Frisbie, Sarah and James V. to Sizemore, Jason, 3426 S. 78th St., $174,000.

Heaps, Martha D., personal representative of Heaps, Marvin D. to Tripp Flip LLC, 3418 S. 102nd St., $245,000.

Binhammer, Robert T. to Efliq Design & Restoration LLC, 3608 S. 101st St., $250,000.

Lane, Ralph A. to Lane, Ralph A. and Tuccitto, Richard V., 9825 Ontario St., $162,000.


Noble, Robert J. and Denise G. to Schoon, Alicia A., 10306 Weir St., $175,000.

Coffey, Timothy James and Leah Maureen to Davis, Nolan W. and Monica L., 5033 S. 95th Circle, $200,000.

123 N. 37 Street LLC to Rtla Property Management LLC, 8452 Monroe St., $525,000.


Adams, Timothy and Debra J. to Guzman, Santiago and McKnight, Claudia Lucia, 2374 S. 183rd Circle, $455,000.

Hoffman, Adam R. and Alehia J. to Arekew, Miniyahil, 19027 Grover St., $235,000.

Andersen, Jody M. and Jerald to McDonald, Robert Lee and Ann Gredys, 16951 Pierce St., $237,500.

Kadavy, Roger A. and Jeffrey, Christine M. to Powell, Eric A. and Diana M.L., 1607 S. 179th St., $321,000.

Haver, Jeffrey L. and Michelle to Otten, Julie A. and Severa, James Dennis, 2009 S. 165th Ave., $272,000.

Simon, Frederick II and Steigelman-Simon, Jana to Wolfe, Thomas D. Jr., trustee of Thomas D. Wolfe Jr. Revocable Trust, 17160 Walnut Place, $219,000.

Syers, Harry A., trustee of Harry A. and Carol L. Syers Trust of 2011 to Abbott, James D. and Katherine C., 16312 Valley St., $337,500.

Soe, Tara to Soe, Brandon and Troy N., 2028 S. 197th St., $250,000.


Lit Real Estate Investments LLC to Rojas, Javier, 3209 Lafayette Ave., $90,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 3721 Hamilton St., $35,101.


Brescia, Thomas A. and Heather N. to Wichita, John, 7014 Western Ave., $138,000.

Skyridge Properties Ltd to Watson Properties LLC, 4621 Wakeley St., $1,135,000.

Sullivan, Katie and Michael to Summers, Britni and Brett, 6933 Cuming St., $281,500.

Anderson, D. Robert to Kadrow Investments LLC, 6615 Hamilton St., $47,000.

Spiess, David J. to Wilberger, Trey A. and Morgan B., 5704 Harney St., $280,000.

Mrp Acquisitions LLC to Gurung Brothers Real Estate LLC, 4535 Hamilton St., $451,000.

Aksamit, Todd A. to Sst Enterprises LLC, 6619 Hamilton St., $70,000.

Moore, Annette Jo to Hanish, Michael John and Alyson Elizabeth, 748 N. 57th Ave., $460,000.


Gre LLC to A Place To Live LLC, 9330 Miami St., $126,200.

Tipton, Gabriel T. and Tamara L. to Amento, D. Scott, 8635 Keystone Drive, $146,500.

McAtee, Bryan M. and Colene Bushon to Blue Steel Investments LLC, 4123 N. 100th St., $155,000.

Palos, Martin Hernandez and Silva, Agueda to Sidener, Christian and Hannah, 7617 Sherman Drive, $145,000.

Petersen, Cory R. and Dearing, Amy to Ostdiek, Wade Thomas and Katherine Eileen, 6422 N. 105th St., $275,000.

Roberson, Larry and Leticia to Reh, Pha and Meh, Lee, 5824 N. Oaks Blvd., $169,500.

Powell, Jane A. to Meyer, Jennifer, 8068 Grand Ave., $129,700.

Escamilla, Arthur Dean and Linda to Vanderworth, Jason T. and Sonia R., 2027 N. 81st St., $252,000.


Konopik Real Estate Investment to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 17673 H St., $152,000.

Albert, David E. and Susan J. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5085 S. 159 Circle, $145,000.

Rauf, Abdul and Halima to Khalil, Anees Ahmad, 18563 Polk St., $140,400.

Price, Sherell D. and Stephen P. Jr. to Keitel, Charles Herbert and Kimberly Ruth, 5112 S. 194th Ave., $253,000.

Wilson, Timothy Del and Joanna Kay to Kountze, Carrie and Michael, 16418 Y St., $325,000.

Smith, Samuel C., trustee of Patricia A. Smith Living Trust to McNeil, Terrence G. and Samantha J., 17463 Y St., $334,500.

Tighe, Michael A. and Mitchell-Tighe, Deborah to Broers, Janyce R., 4952 S. 170th St., $292,500.

Foster, Anne L. to Alic, Sulfeta, 19631 Laci St., $170,000.

Cole, Katja Koehler to Anderson, Jeffrey J. and Ashton, 4557 S. 176th Ave., $225,000.


Martinez, Leontina Senida to Front Range Real Properties LLC, 11726 Polk Circle, $200,000.

Feldmann, Jay and Lindsey to Kenkel, Andy, 6813 S. 142nd St., $205,000.

McDaniel, Matthew and Marlene to Price, Patrick W. and Katherine A., 11035 Z St., $210,000.

Annin, Caleb and Heather to Frans-Griess, Megan, 5818 S. 140th Ave., $181,500.

Briese, Elizabeth to McKeown, Heidi and Barnes, Helen, 6019 S. 116th St., $205,000.

Rundquist, Shirley A. to Ryan, Robert W. Jr., 14711 Z Circle, $190,000.


Blue Ridge Builders LLC to Ellis, Matthew, 12926 Reynolds St., $382,235.

Adf Properties Inc. to Jasa, Matthew D., 12660 Read St., $385,000.

Carlson, Mary T. to Morey, John T. and Nancy, 11538 Scott St., $390,000.

Pagel, Robert and Pattie to Christensen, Cody P. and Paige M., 14202 Wyoming St., $208,320.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Skg Properties LLC, 14203 Wyoming St., $177,000.


Peeler, Corbin P. and Peeler, Abigail to Hurlbutt, Stephanie, 3273 S. 130 Circle, $185,000.

Green, Amanda to Sperry, Holly K., 14711 Elm St., $203,500.

Vokoun, Brian J. and Ashley E. to Garcia, Stephanie, 12112 Pedersen Drive, $165,000.

Hinze, Eric and Engdahl, Kristyna to Sledge, Rebeca and Joseph Theodore, 11831 Shirley St., $315,000.

Adams, John Dean, trustee of Robert Dean Adams Trust to Rollag, Blake M. and Wilson, Tiffany M., 2105 S. 130th St., $232,500.

Eller, Amy to Heng, Kaleigh R., 13967 Arbor Circle, $195,000.

Steamfitters L. U. 464 Building Corporation and Steamfitters Local Union #464 Bldg Corp to Midwest Laboratories Inc., 13505 B St., $3,000,000.


Gramps, Dennis, personal representative of Gramps, Jeanette L. to Dukes, John Patrick and Christina Gramps, 7929 Raven Oaks Drive, $145,000.

Huyck, Molly J. and Janousek, Charles F. Jr. to Swanson, Jamie John and Hemmingsen, Trent Lee, 6020 Country Club Oaks Pl, $600,000.

Oak Point Properties Inc. to Sean Negus Construction LLC, 6415 Girard St., $35,000.

Oak Point Properties Inc. to Sean Negus Construction LLC, 6333 Girard St., $35,000.


Hattan, Aaron M. and Megan H. to Hilscher, Andrew and Jayme, 778 N. 155th Ave., $236,000.

Cecil, Loren D. and Beth L. to Lust, Mark and Orstad, Amy, 11306 Westover Road, $161,316.

Yelinek, James L. to Caven, Jo Ann, 912 S. 153rd Court, $195,000.

Gasnick, Joseph M. and Grewe-Gasnick, Jody to Enenbach, Jacob and Catherine, 1012 N. 129th Circle, $420,000.

Galpin, Gina L., trustee of Daniel & Barbara Henkelman Irr Trust to Price, Stephen P. Jr. and Sherell D., 12347 Izard St., $340,000.

Hbi LLC to Folda, David V. and Maureen A., 12727 West Dodge Road, $120,000.

Mahogany Custom Homes LLC to Pratt, Janet Nell, 15224 Charles St., $285,000.

Brooks, Elinor E., trustee of Elinor E. Brooks Revocable Trust to Salak, Daniel G., 11622 Farnam St., $178,000.

Duncan, William C. and Robin to Strathman, James and Ledawna, 1227 N. 150th St., $240,000.

Lathrop, Sidney R. and Linda K. to Ervin, Brian L. and Stefanie C., 616 N. 151st Circle, $249,000.



Rundlett, Lawrence C., trustee of Betty & Lawrence Rundlett Joint Revocable Trust to Carlson, Justin William Reed and Regan Renee, 11418 Queens Drive, $180,000.

Limley, Bryan M. and Darcy J. to Nelson, Steven, 12822 Laurel Ave., $200,000.

Anderson, Noel W. and Tina E. to Taylor, Mallory, 11058 Martin Ave., $170,000.

Holman Properties LLC to Roberson, Larry and Leticia O., 11577 Rambleridge Road, $187,000.

Cihunka, Peter J. and Stacy to Rivera, Jessica L. and Mendez, Cesar Rivera, 11436 Queens Drive, $170,000.

Henningsen, Brian to Craun, Peter J., 5716 N. 117th Circle, $169,000.



Syndicate Properties LLC to Antunez, Francisco David, 718 Willow Ave., $135,000.

Cottonwood Investments LLC to Mascarello, Steven and Allyson, 1406 Wilshire Drive, $152,000.

Stachler, Drake and Jones, Desiree to Z. & L. 88 LLC, 611 Garden Ave., $140,000.

Pipkins, Christopher E. and Melanie S. to Lehmann, Stacy L., 2405 Jackson St., $140,000.

Liebenthal, Erik and Jennifer to Foster, Keith and Phyllis, 406 Foster Drive, $167,000.

Plisek, Rodney R. and Michelle A. to Placek, Amanda, 2402 Jackson St., $160,000.

Burkhart, Patricia A. and Michael E. to Selby, William and Jennifer, 1305 Kay Lynn Drive, $166,000.

Lorence, Richard P. to Schmokel, Daniel W. and Lisa J., 1407 Gregg Road, $240,000.

Held, Richard, trustee of Fred John and Frances Joan Held Living Trust to Nakai, Richard B. and Briana L., 2206 Victoria Ave., $175,000.

McMillion, James E. and Leslie A. to Liebenthal, Jennifer M. and Erik P., 1015 Bellevue Blvd. North, $315,000.

Wagner, Stephen T. II and Erika P. to Bieker Investments LLC, 1411 Imperial Drive, $145,000.

Richardson, Abbe L. to Gonzalez, Reyes Jose M. and Morales, Noemi Gonzalez, 101 Caldor Drive, $145,000.

Capello, Manuel Jr. and Margaret M. to Strese, Joseph and Jessica, 905 W. 31st Ave., $99,000.

Reicks, Jeffrey R., co-trustee, and Reicks, Monte B., co-trustee of M. L. Voss Family Trust to Krajicek, Michael A. and Christine L., 1012 Normandy Drive, $120,000.

Cameron, Stella M. to Cutchall, Cory C., 3211 Reed Drive, $106,000.

Carter, Johnnie M. to Hunthrop, Christopher L., 1112 Offutt Blvd, $150,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to McIntosh, Travis T., 2910 Columbus Ave., $119,000.


Smith, Dakotah and Whitney Caroline to Gosselin, Nathaniel and Jill, 21422 Hampton Drive, $305,000.

Froistad, Daniel and Andrea to Carsley, Craig and Mackenzie, 20925 Oak St., $235,000.

Jeseritz, Bart A. and Anna E. to Lange, Barbara L., 11802 S. 211th St., $240,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Roth, Bryan D., 11356 S. 169th St., $289,000.

Johnson, Karisa D., personal representative of Leise, Michael F. estate to Hege, Ndorodzinashe N. and Kathrin A., 21318 Buchanan Parkway, $255,000.

Vida Enterprises LLC to Hoelting. Riley and Jennifer M., 12424 S. 217th St., $210,000.

Nelson, Craig and Amy J. to Orso, Virgil R. Jr., 7606 S. 195th St., $375,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Tackett, Gary Scott, 16868 Samantha Road, $282,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Harper, Benjamin C., 21013 Castlerock Lane, $333,000.

Dyas, Charles R. and Brandi M. to Robinson, Raymond III and Louise, 213 E. Glenmore Drive, $175,000.

Hoyer, Leroy J. and Carolyn to Williams, Tammy Annette, 12431 S. 217th St., $205,000.

Minarick, Michael J. and Sarah J., Minarick, John F., Minarick, Debra S. to Koenig, Jacob W., na, $320,000.

Hildebrand, Kyle and Shannon to Steenblock, Robert and Kimberly, 10611 S. 232nd St., $144,000.

Rolfs, Michael Vernon to Treat, James C. III, 613 Chestnut Drive, $156,000.

Dahlheim, Roxanne M. to Schmid, Hanna M., 11819 S. 211th St., $195,000.

Kudlacek, Chad and Kristin to Buck, Corey, 7414 S. 198th Circle, $415,000.


Ligon, Derek L. and Ginamarie to Stroup, Brittney L. and Robert S., 7615 Overview St., $390,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 915 Crest Drive, $20,000.

Talmon, Matthew A. and Amanda K. to Gardner, David M. and Lisa A., 10719 Cimarron St., $320,000.

Cary, Ryan and Felicia and Cary, Tyler and Koth-Cary, Aimee to Bradley, Spencer and Courtney, 318 N. Osage St., $165,000.

Hansen, Joshua J. to Pic Capital LLC, 1919 Southview Drive, $235,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to McKain, Matthew R. and Raymond, Vickie L., 10011 S. 105th Ave., $428,000.

Ihry, Timothy C. and Diane R. to Michel, Jeff and Jessica, 8312 Molokai Drive, $367,000.

Tufano, Leo P. and Virginia E. to Boosalis, Nicholas J. and Carrie M., 814 Valentine Lane, $260,000.

Austin, Matthew and Lindsay to Nelsen, Brian J. and Cristina B., 804 Oak Ridge Road, $241,000.

Adams, Max G. and Lisa M. to Hollman, Rebecca L., 608 N. Beadle St., $177,000.

Wand, David W. and Donna R. to Zotoglo, Kossi M. and Jill M., 1306 Phoenix Circle, $315,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Talmon, Matthew A. and Amanda K., 10552 S. 111th St., $311,000.

Wagner, Tiffany M. and Jerue, Michael L. to Leaders, Matthew and Kristina, 11719 S. 109th St., $382,000.

Zaner, Gina M. to Tafoya, Michelle, 310 Frontier Drive, $197,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Bell, Mark and Sheryl, 11462 Cooper St., $429,000.

Mandolfo, Yvonne A., substitute trustee of Harry J. and Connie G. Cadotte Living Trust to Vadovski, Paul, 1013 Bryn Mawr Drive, $249,000.

Rendel, Kenneth D. Jr. and Jasmine M. to Fritz, Brian P., 1115 Parc Drive, $210,000.

Little, Jonathan M. and Velma L. to O’Connor, Timothy Jerome and Tara Katherine, 7716 Reed St., $415,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 912 Crest Drive, $20,000.

Bird, Carolyn D. and Greg A. to Cordts, Ryan A. and Katrina M., 7521 Overview St., $389,000.

Goss, Randall J. and Jennifer D. to Morland, Kasey C. and Cara M., 1711 Lakewood Drive, $290,000.

Chappelear, James W. III and Michele A. to Macias, Sonia G., 1002 Valleyview Drive, $260,000.

Montgomery, Brian G. and Colleen M. to Seery, Shureen D., 12507 S. 78th St., $350,000.

Hruska, Kristine K. and Ryan S. Sr to Garton, Bryan P. and Young S., 902 Summit Ridge Drive, $260,000.

Voorhees, Keli E. to Dooling, Kristina M., 2312 S. River Rock Drive, $192,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Butterfield, Marc C. and Jennifer L., 12615 S. 74th St., $444,000.

Peterson, Russell D. and Susan C. to Struble, Brian and Karina, 1004 Sterling Drive, $270,000.

Clark, Carol R. to Graziano, Andrew, 808 Crest Drive, $150,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Sanders, Michael and Susannah, 11021 Cove Hollow Drive, $332,000.

Butterfield, Marc C. and Jennifer L. to Slater, Reginald D. Jr., 2104 S. River Rock Drive, $260,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Belt Construction Co Inc., 11756 S. 107th St., $90,000.

Waechter, Kristopher and Susanne to Long, Cody J. and Mann, Emlyn E., 1910 Ridgeview Drive, $241,000.

Vesper, Julie A., trustee, and Vesper, Dennis G., trustee of Julie A. Vesper Living Trust to Thompson, Wilbur and Simone, 805 Valentine Lane, $290,000.

Epperson, Daniel L. and Emma D. to Davis, Eric S. and Jill A., 16009 Audrey St., $304,000.


Kildow Construction Inc. to Cicha, Christopher A. and Kristin R., 230 Locust St., $265,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Cornish, Justin and Ann, 645 N. 10th Ave., $320,000.

Hawkins, Terry and Cheryl to Taylor, Christopher M. and Marissa, 1125 N. 2nd St., $179,000.

Datz, Jeffrey A. and Cheryl L. to Mahoney, Lori A., 485 Chestnut St., $190,000.


Yamashiro, Jared Y. and April A. to Szymanski, Tyler and Maria, 13710 Rahn Blvd., $235,000.

Selby, William A. and Jennifer Lynn to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 2308 Circletown Place, $108,000.

Drapela, Rachel and Jason to Volker, Chase Russell and Deanna Marie, 11705 Amos Gates Circle, $190,000.

Beaulieu, Christopher A. and Rani L. to Benjamin, Steven and Jaymee, 13608 S. 14th St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Claycamp, Sheryl A., 14416 S. 20th St., $245,000.

Hare, France L. and Jenifer to Pepin, Mark Peter and Resilyn, 3312 Schuemann Drive, $190,000.

Welbes, Earl John and Kathleen M. to Unick, Joseph Lee, 13009 S. 31st St., $208,000.

Flaschner, Donna C. to Dangilan, William B. and Brady Diane, 11710 Amos Gates Circle, $284,000.

Elbert, Adam J. and Samantha M. to Kohl, Stephen and Deanna, 4706 Sheridan Road, $304,000.

Truong, Truong P. to Allen, Kurt M., 14311 S. 21st St., $284,000.

Wilburn, Troy W. and Patricia A. to Joiner, John W. and Teresa L., 9210 S. 17th St., $302,000.

McCartney, Elizabeth D. and Bigham, Christopher to Steed, Jason and Lawson, Olivia, 9701 S. 26th Ave., $275,000.

Schuldt, Dana Elizabeth to Yancey, Robert D. and Suzanne B., 3305 Lynnwood Drive, $215,000.

Staab, John W. and Susanne Brixler to Moses, Garrett and Chelsea, 9710 S. 23rd St., $219,000.

Boelman, Jestin and Arana, Sharon to Locke, Gary D. and Carla, 13406 S. 42nd Ave., $305,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Stover, James W. and Stover, Kathleen A., co-trustees of Kathleen A. Stover Trust, 12509 Quail Drive, $350,000.

Villasenor, John E. and Diaz, Yuliana Bravo to Meinholz, Meredith and Luke, 12749 Forestdale Drive, $225,000.

Toppi, Joseph J. Jr. and Balkovec, Kimberly R. to Double A. Homes LLC, 10002 S. 10th St., $120,000.

Weeks, Lori A. to Timm, Donald J. and Beverly D., 3504 Lynnwood Drive, $147,000.

Clauson, David J. and Susan K. to Jeffries, Matthew and Ellen, 13604 S. 18th St., $301,000.

Palatas, Douglas and Joann to Pipkins, Christopher E. and Melanie S., 11811 S. 27th St., $200,000.

Smith, David L. and Kali L. to Westmark, Jason and Drummond, Danielle, 2502 Georgia Ave., $180,000.

Thompson, David D. to Bowen, Skylar and Gue, Charli, 2611 Coffey Ave., $223,000.

True North Properties LLC to Deroy, Anthony and Lauren, 2906 Bar Harbor Drive, $220,000.

Clark, Troy N. and Maria E. to Brown, Kala and Jared, 3304 Jason Drive, $186,000.

Shewchuk, Christopher M. and Jennifer L. to Gish, Matthew, 2808 Century Road, $217,000.

Becklund, Mark S., personal representative of Anderson, Carole R. estate to Viles, Ronald David Jr. and Angel Vesta, 2006 Pleasantview Lane, $173,000.

Kloch, Janice L. to Wendl Properties LLC, 111 Missouri River Road, $100,000.

Davidson, Darrell A. and Jessica C. to Walden, John and Pamala, 2713 Rahn Blvd., $243,000.

Howard, Mark C. and Brittany L. to Brun, Michael and Belkey, Shawn, 3405 Redwing Drive, $182,000.

Delaney, Steven M. and Gerri to Rotramel, Todd A. and Teresa M., 14902 S. 20th St., $350,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Kessinger, Alvin C. and Christina D., 16111 S. 29th Plaza Circle, $152,000.

Smith, Charles R. and Barbara G., Smith, Crystal R. to Douma, Brent J., 10307 S. 26th St., $172,000.

Calhoun, Tyler Alec Gene Miller and Amaro, Monica B. to Beland, Kevin M., 10709 S. 25th Ave., $205,000.

Jones, Grinnell III, trustee, and Jones, Dianna Maxine, trustee of Grinnell & Dianna Jones Living Trust to Curry, Damian Q. and Cathy, 13007 S. 30th St., $190,000.

Kantor, Dimitry and Julia to Stella Realty LLC, 13522 S. 31st St., $130,000.

Hofreiter, Philip J. and Holly to Shepard, Gary L. and Patricia K., 10504 S. 25th Ave., $225,000.

Kophamer, Eric W. and Ashley to Murray, Kristin Marie and Greenwood, James Michael, 3102 Lone Tree Road, $210,000.

Boyd, Kevin R. and Keri L. to McPherson, Matthew and Katherine, 11708 S. 28th St., $250,000.

Shaffer, Stefan and Tiffany M. to Maldonado, Morgan and Moises G., 2408 Hogantown Drive, $208,000.

Hubbell Homes Of Omaha LLC to Hill, Brant C. and Aimee R., 13405 Spencer Circle, $330,000.

Krahulec, Mary Ann to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3716 Lookingglass Drive, $133,000.


Moore, Shannon E. and Jennifer to Hovorka, Nicholas J. and Richardson, Stephanie M., 9803 Melissa St., $265,000.

Kraemer, Steven and Joni to Hruska, Kevin G. and Hruska, Teresa L., trustees of Kevin G. Hruska Revocable Trust and Teresa L. Hruska Revocable Trust, 7175 Ivy Lane Drive, $277,000.

Horstman, Eric L. and Sara to Davis, William W. and Davis, Maureen K., trustees of Davis Family Trust, 8123 S. 107th St., $240,000.

McCool, Lisa M. and Thomas R. to Demyan, David L. and Michelle M., 8129 S. 104th St., $355,000.

Thorpe, Richard A. and Lynda K. to Ballmer, Michael Dale, trustee of Roger D. & Tracie R. Ballmer Family Irrev Trust, 9407 Bayberry Court, $315,000.

Lloyd, Ellen L., trustee of Ellen L. Living Trust Agreement to Knoblauch, Devin R. and Mitera, Kelsey M., 7550 Joseph Ave., $155,000.

Jones, Jeremy D. and Melissa E. to Hoy, Richard and Rebecca, 10101 Gary Circle, $255,000.

Baughman, Danielle J. Ward and Karry S. to Wermuth, Brett and Lucas, Lauren, 7728 La Vista Drive, $244,000.

Danahy, Cynthia L. and Thomas to Bruckner, Steven D., 7726 Cottonwood Ave., $185,000.


Ristow, Richard Roland and Dianne M. to Barta, John M. and Theresa M., 11923 Timberridge Drive, $302,000.

Tangeman, Travis R. and Jade E. to Garrett, Charles L. and Anna L., 8709 S. 67th St., $272,000.

Schrack, Kimberly J., trustee of Kimberly J. Schrack Trust to Harris, Leslie Jr. and Danelle A., 5204 Woodlane Drive, $377,000.

McCarthy, Michael Kelly and Carillo-McCarthy, Griselda Soledad to Huston, Stacey L., 12111 S. 49th Ave., $305,000.

Cooper, Timothy and Patricia to Kimble, Paul and Cherie, 313 Fall Circle Road, $225,000.

Bettin, William J. to Watson, Nathan D. and Devon L., 2806 Leigh Lane, $256,000.

Lewis, Troy W. and Lewis, Mary Lynn M., trustees of Troy W. & Mary Lynn M. Lewis Trust to Craig, David and Barb, 6808 Ridgewood Drive, $359,000.

Oles, Adam B. and Kelly N. to Leal, Guillermo and Ketema, Jodie, 4508 Waterford Ave., $244,000.

Jentzen, Michael S. and Sarah J. to Castro, Tamika Marie and Michael L., 4606 Waterford Ave., $240,000.

Popken, Derek E. and Stephanie O. to Lucas, Matt P. and Karen, 2217 Kara Circle, $273,000.

Mamula, Peter and Bonnie to Moore, Ryan and Mimi, 6634 Michael Circle, $255,000.

Wendell, Joshua S. and Bentz, Jessalyn M. to Kjar, Devin J., 1409 Beechwood Ave., $210,000.


Adams, Robert M. and Jolene K. to Metoyer, Anthony T., 10323 S. 177th St., $425,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Lanz, Peggy M., 10904 S. 187th St., $302,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schneider, James R., 18625 Willow St., $313,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Black, John F. and Alena K., 7706 S. 187th St., $285,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wood, Dean M., 7916 S. 184th Terrace, $243,000.

Campbell, Jason and Christyn to Nielsen, Jordon W. and Mariah D., 17709 Lillian St., $185,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McDaniel, Matt and Marlene, 8002 S. 184th Ave., $258,000.

Sapp, Lee A., personal representative of Sapp, Lee H. estate to Ehlers, Donald L. and Kay B., 10029 S. 177th St., $368,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Tims, Mark and Kathleen, 18758 Cypress Drive, $425,000.

Jahnke, Alison K. and Matthew P., Frick. Sally M. to Callaway, Steven and Sarah, 18060 Lillian St., $193,000.

Selvaraj, Arunkumar and Sattanathan, Mythili to Kuhl, Daniel J. Sr and Nancy A., 8516 S. 159th St., $295,000.

Cheleen, David E. and Brooke L. to Durland, Robert C. and Michelle L., 9205 S. 170th St., $250,000.

Gaines, Jennifer M. and Blackburn, Jeffrey J. to Ronspies, Arens Linda, 9208 S. 171st St., $280,000.

Schmid, Patrick A. and Albertha C. to Cheleen, David and Brooke, 16110 Cornhusker Road, $310,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Bowlin, Gary W. and Connie S., 8017 S. 184th Terrace, $396,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Castillo, Ricardo Jr. and Adriana, 8404 S. 169th St., $320,000.

Speichert, Timothy L. and Sarah M. to Annin, Caleb and Heather, 7680 S. 161st Terrace, $210,000.

Fagg, Patience E. Paulson and James Robert to Minton, Sean, 16432 Cary St., $235,000.

Kanellis, Robert E. and Kimberly L. to Greenfield, Jeremy James, 16136 Redwood St., $215,000.

Bridwell, Sheryl to Shannon, Terry and Suzanne, 10024 S. 170th St., $277,000.


Parker, Allison and Noyes, Anthony W. to Clifton, William G. and Patricia A., 8614 S. 164th St., $220,000.

Neesen, Lois to Traue, Scott M. and Chelsea J., 15427 Karloff Circle, $214,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bengtson, Jeremiah and Traci, 11459 Glenn St., $283,000.

Kafonek, Tina and Thomas to Mcgee, Tyler and Amanda, 7022 Audrey St., $184,000.

Brodersen, Sandra S. and Goodman, Barry L. and Cheryl A. to Dowding, John and Besse, Wendy, 13952 Margo St., $216,000.

Bowers, Adam J. M. and Brittany E. to Carlberg, Taylor K., 15117 Robin Circle, $160,000.

Hbi LLC to Shelton, Divine William, 13807 Meadow Ridge Road, $132,000.

Larson, Amy and Mitch to Plouzek, Paul M., 7111 Audrey St., $210,000.

Liss, Joseph A. and Allyssa C. to Davison, Laynee Ann, 12835 Josephine St., $175,000.

Holt, David E. and Lynne M. to Real Vest 123 LLC, 14605 Gertrude St., $140,000.

Skrdla Properties LLC to Miller, Patricia A., 9018 David Circle, $123,000.

Brannen, James and Lynette to Kasel, Robert Joseph, 13403 Emiline St., $172,000.

Beaudette, Sheila D. to Waible, Judith D. and Roger, 13915 Josephine St., $202,000.

Stevens, Shawn and Bailey to Forest Top Holdings LLC, 13518 Grissom St., $152,000.

Brandenburg, Joshua D. and Skye A. to Bailey, Akonya and Kristen, 12944 Chandler St., $175,000.

Howard, Lisa C. to Etheredge, Kristin and Hayes, Christopher, 14517 Willow Circle Drive, $180,000.

Kowalke, Tyler and Brooke to Sullivan, Michael Joseph IV and Katie Ann, 10635 S. 189th St., $395,000.

Rothe, Dustin L. and Amanda to Valadez, Alberto and Aldaco, Celia R., 13451 Margo St., $185,000.

Gandha, Jyoti to Moore, Julia M., 13528 Edna St., $187,000.

Schmidt, Dolores A., personal representative of Susan L. Johnston Estate to Labens, Lawrence E. and Julie A., 7828 S. 155th Ave., $160,000.

Reifert, Michael J. to Taft, Wesley and Miranda, Mikaela, 7324 S. 155th Ave., $207,000.

Best Year Yet International LLC to Florom, Chase Michael and Kayla, 8015 S. 154th St., $179,000.

Klingemann, Tyler Martin and Emily to Harrison, Karla Kay, 7107 S. 146th St., $169,000.

Dockter, Stacey Lee and Daryl David to Lloyd, Ellen, 9027 Gary Circle, $126,000.

Coleman, McClure Theresa A. and Tom to Rogers, Katie, 14801 Olive St., $180,000.

Rosenquist, Benjamin C. and Julie M., Rosenquist, Terry L. to Dennis, Brett and Sam, 15026 Chalco Pointe Circle, $165,000.

Woodard, Gerald E. and Olson Woodard, Victoria M. to Whipple, Kennedy and Wagaman, Emily, 13801 Meadow Ridge Road, $140,000.

Pflughaupt, Dana and Kari to Sleight, Alan Michael, 15511 Edna St., $196,000.

Brink Edward E. Trust to Nvestco LLC, 14603 Edna St., $137,000.

McCall, Eric and Megan to Dowling, Elizabeth, 14619 Willow Circle Drive, $161,000.

Koci, Cory James and Samantha Elizabeth to Hendrickson, Scott Eugene, 15347 Papio St., $170,000.


Slocum, Angelina K., personal representative of John R. Buzzello estate to Weber, Cynthia A., 7810 S. 22nd Ave., $188,000.

Eisenreich, Linda and Joe C. and McCracken, Jessica L. and McCracken, Michael and Sharon R. to Brueckner, Dustin, 901 Childs Road West, $115,000.

Finley, Christopher M. and Becky S. to Hansen, Michael J., 9003 Lee Circle, $166,000.

Lee, Patricia, personal representative of Morales, Mauricio A. estate to Lee, Patricia, 7410 S. 33rd St., $123,000.

McQuillen, Jodi L. to Smith, David L. and Kali L., 9404 S. 27th Ave., $285,000.

Kozicki, Joan to Makousky, Leonard, 3114 Evelyn St., $40,000.

Wyke, Ramel C. and Apryl E. to Sempek, Thomas, 2616 Tulip Lane, $213,000.

Trocha, Zachary M. and Jordan to Walters, Jerold W. D. and Nancy C., 2517 Gindy Drive, $189,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builder Inc. to Schneider, Samuel and Sandra, 2023 Geri Circle, $297,000.

Hurlbutt, Michael A. and Kayla M. to Cruz, Rodriguez Ana Rosalba and Mendoza, Gustavo Adolfo, 2118 Lillian St., $125,000.

Foutch, Richard H. Sr. and Cynthia A. to Hoover, Allyson Nicole and Martinez, Argenis Arauz, 9602 S. 10th St., $189,000.

Rickel, Lila to J&B Resources LLC, 2511 Mose Ave., $91,000.

Simpson, Jimmy M. and Carla J. to Mendoza, Oracio Pineda, 6901 S. 32nd Ave., $160,000.


Wright, Thomas T. Jr. and Terral N. to Schrier, Patricia L., trustee, and Schrier, James J., trustee of Patricia L. Schrier Trust and James J. Schrier Trust, 8311 S. 49th Ave., $139,000.

Bernhagen, Elizabeth and Randall to Travis, Marjorie A., trustee of Marjorie A. Travis Revocable Trust, 5029 White Cloud Drive, $170,000.

Dulik, Michael J. and Virginia M. to Gonzalez, Macario and Burkett, Heather, 7504 S. 47th St., $208,000.

Abistado, Allan L. and Dawn R. to Barnett, Ashlee M. and Albers, Cody D., 8609 S. 68th St., $245,000.

Buwalda, Kelcie Lee and Lane Thomas to Pohlmeier, Alexandra L., 7209 S. 53rd St., $188,000.

Eckel, Gregory D. and Pamela J. to Gonzalez, Bruno De La Cruz, 7113 S. 52nd, $155,000.

Shadley, Timothy C. and Hall, Joy to Scott, Kaysee J., 4902 Copper Circle Road, $157,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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