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Residential real estate transfers, April 7

Residential real estate transfers, April 7

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Douglas County


Luneke, Aaron T. and Emily M. to Rybin, Jacob and Pierce, Kalista, 8514 N. 171st St., $297,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schlautman, Jason and Shelby, 8029 N. 172nd St., $310,263.

Sink or Swim PC to Hanish, Dean W. and Daneze S., 12715 N. 182nd Circle, $82,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to River Stone Custom Homes LLC, 8821 N. 171st St., $47,350.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Petersen, Leslie, 7657 N. 144th Ave., $197,157.

Wiesen, Lucas C. and Kyle B. to Chasteen, Robert J. and Jaclyn L., 8819 N. 161st St., $275,000.

Graeve, Debra L. to Berlin, Janet and Glen J., 14605 Vane St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McCann, Mitchell J. and Meisinger, Erin C., 7185 N. 163rd St., $296,057.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Blakeslee, John K. and Kristin L., 7665 N. 144th Ave., $202,851.


Steven M. Kucirek Living Trust to Thayer, Freddie J. and Connie L., 4506 N. 207th Circle, $325,000.

Slater, Christopher S. and Tacy L. to Schmader, Michael and Nicola, 18208 Harney St., $300,000.

Breisch, Elizabeth and Korinek, Jacob to Bishop, Dennis and Dana, 1703 N. 207th St., $190,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 18419 Willis Ave., $50,000.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Eckmann, Travis and Amanda, 2014 S. 212th St., $87,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 18314 Patrick Ave., $50,000.

Ancona, Michaela Ali to Mills, Stephen, 950 S. 184th St., $260,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Huntington Homes LLC, 1420 N. 195th St., $70,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Slater, Christopher S. and Tacy L., 19329 Spencer St., $405,000.

Peyton, Keith J. and Gina R. to Anderson, Eric D. and Susan M., 1416 N. 208th St., $240,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Single Am Barrell Living Trust and Castagnoli, Daniel Jason, trustee, 1210 Elk Ridge Drive, $669,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to M & A Property Holdings LLC, 20531 Howe St., $312,723.

Yudelson, David A. and Stephanie J. to Worner, Kyle P. and Amanda Jane, 19520 Leavenworth St., $475,000.


Schomer, Gerald to Mandulis LLC, 626 S. 19th St., $90,000.

Zyskind, Jason and Laurie to Vazquez, Maria, 1502 Jones St., $308,000.


Bana Investments LLC to Two Suns Investments LLC, 3219 N. 60th St., $59,500.

Ida Inc. to Jameson, Tabitha, 2618 N. 69th St., $210,000.

Weller, Jody James to Shee, Htee Moo and Tun, Naw P., 5512 N. 60th Ave., $105,000.

Hospodka, John D. and Theresa M. to Christie, Emma T. and Benjamin N., 4966 Corby St., $127,000.

Galvan, Aaron and Clarissa to Anderson, Dianne M., 2939 N. 47th Ave., $138,000.

Kohl, Jason A. and Erin to McCleery, James B. and Love, Jennifer, 5647 Grant St., $265,000.

O’Connor, James Sean and Quinn, Sherry L. to Quinn, Sherry L. and Quinn, Gregory R., 4105 N. 55th St., $38,700.

Ewing, Tory and Jean Elizabeth to Frans, Brandon L. and Tracy L., 6616 Spencer St., $76,000.

Fast Property Solutions LLC to Togbey, Selawosse Wonderful and Edem Kodjo, 4848 Boyd St., $67,000.

Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K. and Donna to Gloden, Miranda, 6831 Parkview Lane, $142,000.

Sommerer, Kody to Ramirez, Roberto Quiroz and Jurado, Keren H. Saenz, 5324 N. 64th St., $144,900.

Logue, Jessica and Jared to Western Wave Realty LLC, 6792 Wirt St., $91,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Sladky, Lane R., 3808 Vinton St., $104,000.

Hales, Nathan J. and Wei, Wei to Gomez, Ruben D. and Taylor, 3903 Martha St., $130,000.

Dieteman, Patrick C. and Catherine A. to Bankhead, James E. and Dieteman, Annette M., 4432 B St., $136,000.

Private Market Investments LLC to Heer, David J., 918 S. 25th Ave., $133,900.

Gregory Wolfe IRA and Gregory Wolfe Roth IRA to Arch, Michael and Kathryn, 3712 Mason St., $175,000.

Baker, Beverly A. and Tim to A&L Remodeling LLC, 3929 Arbor St., $100,000.


Keim, Jonathan and Beth to Dirks, Michaela, 2702 S. 50th St., $140,000.

Daffer, Barbara J. to Daffer, Joseph Eugene, 2621 S. 60th St., $80,000.

Laura Lee Nutsch Revocable Trust and Nutsch, David, trustee, to CMS Mowing Service Inc., 5159 Pacific St., $105,250.

Koch, Justin L. to Montgomery, Madison G. and Ross, Destany J., 2509 S. 50th St., $142,000.

Stolpe, Jordan J. and Eli to Vollbracht, Carrie J., 5219 Rees St., $135,000.


TSV A LLC to Villagomez, David Ladislao Arriaga, 1310 Madison St., $136,000.

Pedroza, Trinidad and Torres, Maria A. to Torres, Morena G. Trinidad, 1909 Q St., $98,000.

Palermo, Vincent J. and Aubrey to Zapata, David G. and Brenda, 4520 S. 41st St., $220,000.

Lange, Carlene A. to Neos Property Management LLC, 2615 E St., $55,000.

Spaustat, Matt to Motion Auto Sales Inc., 4427 S. 42nd Ave., $145,000.

Rivera, Francisco Acosta and Trejo-Martinez, Maria De La Luz to Reath, Elizabeth N., 5018 S. 41st Ave., $142,000.

Black, Brien R. and Cynthia F. to Strese, Joseph Bernard and Jessica Maria, 5009 S. 36th Ave., $93,500.

Suris Construction & Remodeling LLC to Santoyo, Maria G. Cortes, 4510 S. 21st St., $87,500.

Mulholland, David L., personal representative of Mulholland, Daniel J. estate, to TFI LLC, 6809 S. 26th St., $55,000.


Stuart, Kenny W. to Jorgensen, Dane, 3012 S. 15th St., $115,000.

Villagomez, Alex and Jarina to Salzman, Anthony L., 905 Castelar St., $128,000.

Ezmoney 2 Living Trust and Rodriguez, Rick L., trustee, to Slonsky, Yury, 2333 S. 24th St., $98,000.

Seran, Gungor and Erika to GTM Properties LLC, 1907 S. 17th St., $64,000.


Gipson, Omie L. to Dorsey, Jamar L., 3427 Seward St., $45,000.

Bana Investments LLC to Flying Horse LLC, 3348 N. 40th St., $34,460.

Bana Investments LLC to Golden Realty Investments LLC, 4239 Redman Ave., $94,000.

Jameson, Tabitha Nicole to Thompson, Dana and Sheri, 4341 Seward St., $175,000.

Jesus, Roberto Elizondo De and Dominguez, Rosalda Ruiz to Surprise, Jennifer, 5516 N. 36th St., $72,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Belgrave-Austin, Cynethia, 3221 Pinkney St., $135,000.

Miller Way LLC to Cortez, Ruben, 3611 N. 42nd St., $40,000.

Kelly, James Jr. to Sterling, Jaime A., 2563 Sahler St., $22,600.

Mitchell, Glenn E. and Carol to Ninkovic, Bojan, 5712 N. 42nd St., $150,000.

Rivas, Juan Andrade and Andrade, Xiomara to Linson, Kaylan, 3023 Franklin St., $89,000.


Pettid, James and Jessica to Fuller, Robert M. and Mizzell, Bethay Faye, 2861 Titus Ave., $138,000.

Vandelay Investments LLC to Cesh LLC, 7624 N. 28th St., $55,000.

HBI LLC to Salek, Allison M., 2566 Bauman Ave., $120,000.


England, Cynthia L. and Daniel to Kalal, Kevin D. and Miskimins, Nikolas A., 827 N. 76th St., $115,300.

Kumwenda, Kim, personal representative of Kortje, Thomas K. estate, to Skradski, Corey and Andrea, 1622 Post Drive, $132,500.


Prewitt, Casey R. and Marissa B. to Berkey, Ryan Michael and Johanna Elizabeth, 16313 Sherwood Ave., $265,000.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Lahooti, Jahmee and Luna, 14503 Patrick Ave., $194,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to David E. & Mary J. Wilson Revocable Trust, 3369 N. 164th St., $385,526.

JHBF LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3310 N. 177th St., $80,000.

Young, Linda K. to Angle, David N. and Vicki L., 5731 N. 167th Circle, $209,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Smith, Wayne and Carmen, 14661 Ames Court, $128,500.

Albert E. Cooper Trust to Crader, Clarence and Ella, 5203 N. 150th St., $199,000.

Still, Kelley F. and Steven to Peery, Jason and Elyssa, 17201 Ruggles St., $174,000.

Udvare, James M. and Debra J. to Glisan, Rebecca and Hester, Jayme, 17521 Browne St., $282,000.

Steiner, Ronald J. and Kristine K. to Carlin, Marcy, 2706 N. 154th Ave., $250,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3125 N. 177th St., $80,000.

Castle Brook Land Development to Bartholomew, Carl E. and Jennifer A., 3125 N. 177th St., $87,000.

Shapland, Taylor and Caycee to Juhl, Ryan W., 6220 N. 148th St., $191,000.


Salas, Eleuterio Valadez and Espinoza, Olga to Biz Enterprises LLC, 4521 Madison St., $155,000.

O&H Properties Inc. to Fitzgibbons, Logan M., 5805 T St., $180,000.

Yost, William J. Sr. and Pamela K. to Blue, Michael Christopher and Alexandra, 5023 Madison St., $175,000.

Sempek, Eugene J., personal representative of Sempek, Geraldine F. estate, to Joe & Steve Partnership LLC, 5223 Southern Manor Drive, $85,000.

Zapata, Brenda and David G. to Fonseca, Alberto Santos and Claudia, 4872 S. 50th Ave., $161,000.


Kucera Heard, Jessica Margaret to Sik, Derek R. and Sarah E., 16016 Nottingham Drive, $282,000.

Hoffman, Timothy J. and Pamella to GST Trust and Creative Planning Trust Company LLC Trust, 709 S. 178th St., $250,900.

Phillips, Patricia K. and John to Eastman, Jason R. and Julia D., 1510 N. 157th St., $240,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rodriguez, Juan R. and McClain, Adlena Cody Elaine, 8329 Sheffield St., $197,740.


O & H Investments A LLC to Jorgensen, Matthew, 8941 Laurie Circle, $144,500.

Choi, Young-Mi and Kim, Kyung-Soo to Kane, Steven J. and Tina M., 1134 S. 96th St., $204,100.

Novak, Mark T. and Karen M. to Weiland, Nicholas and Linnemeyer, Hannah, 2106 S. 87th St., $360,000.

Arlene L. Pantano Trust and Pantano, Ross A., trustee, to Woodward Joint Revocable Trust and Woodward, Chase C., trustee, 1721 S. 86th Circle, $680,000.

Pace & Lee LLC to Knihnisky, Nicholas J., 7915 Barbara St., $195,000.

Maven Avenue LLC and Forest Top Hildings LLC to Folsom, Trisha, 7618 Ridge Ave., $179,900.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Maverick Property Group LLC, 7905 Barbara St., $140,500.

Miloni, Anthony L. to Efliq Design & Restoration LLC, 8102 Dorcas St., $275,000.


HBI LLC to JLD Laird LLC, 8523 Polk St., $125,000.

Hudson, Calvin B. and Iliana to Housak, Ali, 9812 P Circle, $174,000.

Harris, Jessica Rosario and Cazares, Victor Hugo to Blayney, Jordan and Jessica, 7268 Drexel St., $190,000.

Pecha, Patricia N. and Fred J. to Maly, Kathy and Brandt, Darwin, 8617 Orchard Ave., $193,000.

Stamm, Larry L. and Patricia J. to Hynek, Bradley J. and Amy L., 4812 S. 101st Circle, $210,000.

Wright, Douglas and Lori to Tupper, Thomas P., 7412 Drexel St., $161,200.


Quest Construction Co. to Ark Navis LLC, 1605 S. 198th Ave., $425,000.

Freedom Five LLC to Heinz, Nichole, 20210 B St., $184,800.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Eisele, James E. and Traci E., 3064 S. 160th Place, $130,000.

Willms, Clark A. and Cristie A. to Vore, Owen, 18919 Hansen St., $255,000.

Miller, Fred F. and Alice J. to Sauser, Judith A. and Robert L., 1608 S. 179th Ave., $272,000.


Penke Properties LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 122 N. 34th St., $155,000.

Penke Properties LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 131 N. 35th St., $155,000.

Penke Properties LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 130 N. 34th St., $155,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Transformation Realty LLC, 914 N. 41st St., $73,600.


Brisco Investments LLC to Trewhitt, Pamela S., 4625 Davenport St., $203,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Martin, Matthew and Toomer Martin, Tsui Ling, 5120 Capitol Ave., $280,000.

Jay Allyn Real Estate LLC to Schweitzer, David M. and Catherine A., 5022 Lafayette Ave., $280,000.

Holland, Timothy F. and Jonna L. to Design Development LLC, 209 S. 49th St., $250,000.

Fish, Erica to Crabb, Michael H., 315 S. 52nd St., $405,000.

George, Alexander and Jeanie to Dworak, Kyle J. and Yong, Amanda, 5147 Davenport St., $299,000.


David E. Mary J. Wilson Revocable Trust to Johnson, Eric G. and Brooke A., 7717 Pratt St., $148,000.

Rosenthal, Lawrence A. and Judy K. to Rhodes, Casey and Jacqueline, 9210 Meredith Ave., $145,000.

Drake, Ann T., personal representative of Schultz, Mark R. estate, to Mach, Jane Langan and Jeff, 3614 N. 104th Ave., $141,500.

Jacobson, Maureen Staley and Reid to Baker, Michael S. and Brewer, Theresa M., 4623 N. 83rd Avenue Circle, $163,000.


Provident Trust Group LLC and William J. McClusky Traditional IRA to Gao, Bin, 5608 S. 193rd St., $178,000.

Langer, Nicholas R. and Beard, Jennifer M. to Gao, Bin, 19711 X St., $182,000.

Lemmers, Kevin and Amy to Uhle, Ross A., 4568 S. 179th St., $213,550.

Bernal, Ulises and Courtney A. to Wilke, Steven E. and Jeanne S., 6118 S. 190th Terrace, $202,000.

Bailey, Guy O. and Jennifer to Unrau, Justin T. and Gretchen, 4510 S. 167th Ave., $397,000.

Unrau, Justin T. and Gretchen J. to McCann, Dean and Kate, 16215 Polk Circle, $275,000.

Hooker, Clinton and Katherine J. to Scollard, Brett D. and Michelle L., 17017 K St., $287,100.

Reese, Kimberly A. and Justin J. to Banas, Brent L. and Dawn M., 5910 S. 174th Ave., $295,000.

Bruckner, Daniel J. and Lori M. to Hill, Todd M. and Angela N., 5009 S. 173rd Circle, $385,000.

Bayly, Andrew M. and Emma L. to Witthaus, Andrew and Taylor, 5314 S. 186th Ave., $188,000.

Borcherding, Constance A. and Elrod, Mary Constance to Estee, Kenny and Sandy, 6103 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $240,000.

Vance, Laurel S. to Tripp, Samuel T. and Kali N., 15638 Polk Circle, $215,000.

Anderson, Tracy D. and Kendra K. to Ponnerassery, Sudheesh and Sudheesh, Asha, 5002 S. 169th Avenue Circle, $332,000.

Bellamy, Russell and Alexandra to Neneman, Ashly L., 16541 L St., $390,000.

Douglas D. & Linda K. O’Brien Trust to Hays, Bill and Arietta, 15606 Orchard Ave., $245,000.

Pollick, George A. and Sharon L. to Ramamurthy, Mahadevan and Jayaram, Divyashree, 16017 R St., $254,900.

Lewis, Brian Arthur and Kim Dee to Frohardt, Christopher Thomas and Sara Lynn, 5616 S. 173rd Ave., $315,000.

Frohardt, Christopher T. and Sara L. to Sharp, McKenzie N. and Spencer E., 18656 Berry St., $187,500.

Whitaker, Michael J. and Michele A. to Willms, Clark A. and Cristie A., 6024 S. 166th Circle, $365,000.

Hunt, Edward L. and Pamela J. to Tiffany, David E. and Bonnie Jo, 15975 Adams St., $285,000.

Mason, Holly G. to Bergdolt, Brett and Koan-Bergdolt, Stephanie, 19888 K St., $305,000.

Kingham, Henry G. II and Nikki A. to Leonard, Daniel R. and Blair M., 4914 S. 188th Ave., $277,000.


Melgoza, Anton C. and Marla Jo to Liermann, Kody and Amanda, 4524 S. 146th St., $215,000.

Wisnieski, Timothy and Brenda to Wright, Robert P. and Hagberg, Ingrid C., 12141 N St., $162,000.

Shekleton, Kimberly J. and Daniel E. to Anderson, Mike J. and Helen I., 13065 Jefferson Circle, $209,000.

Wills, Shawn P. to Locum, Kristin, 6323 S. 145th St., $210,000.

Andersen, Steven G. and Kathryn L. to Matson, Joshua D., 6430 S. 149th Ave., $224,000.


Anderson, Russell L. and Brenda F. to Bahle, Tracy M. and Theresa M., 12389 Potter Circle, $445,000.

Sneed, Andrew J. and Amber D. to Andrus, Joshua C. and Margaret R., 7324 N. 142nd Ave., $249,800.

Wheat, Zachary and Kathryn to Oldaker, Joseph, 11025 Girard St., $169,000.

Nelson, Bailey A. to Casavant, Jeffrey L. and Carrie L., 13918 Wyoming St., $223,750.

Gracie Properties LLC to Woods, Martha A. and William H. III, 7228 N. 125th St., $399,500.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Steiner, Joseph W., 12365 Potter Circle, $472,269.

Washington County Bank to Moreno, Matthew and Melissa, 12329 Scott Circle, $615,000.


Valerie Carlson Trust to Brown, Robert T. and Krista P., 11318 Martha Circle, $259,000.

Raymond Lonowski Trust and Lonowski, C. Maxine, trustee, to Haus, Gregory J. and Elizabeth R., 3625 S. 116th Ave., $245,000.

Murphy, Peggy Joan to Buell, Michael S. and Mandi J., 1816 S. 133rd St., $236,000.

Christenham, Stacie J. to WLR Properties LLC, 3128 S. 123rd St., $145,000.

Kastrup, Judy Lee to Whitaker, Michael J. and Michele A., 11905 Woolworth Ave., $250,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Goolsby, Michael R. and Noltner, Jamie L., 12330 Pinewood Drive, $235,000.

Benda, William J. and Sabine E. to Kesler, Nathan R. and Tennyson-Kesler, Lynndi A., 13730 Grover St., $198,000.


Saddoris, Carla J. to PRN Properties LLC, 7124 N. 65th Ave., $65,000.


Miltenberger, Lauren, personal representative of Steier, M. David estate, to Martin, John E. and Stacy, 13712 Parker Circle, $525,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Berten, Michael W., 625 N. 155th Ave., $215,000.

Treskunova, Larisa to Freeland, Natasha, 10813 Franklin St., $116,500.

Weber, Jeffrey Oakwood and Amy to Shainholtz, Barrett and Alicia, 15006 Cuming St., $210,000.

Diane C. Lundell Revocable Trust to Moody, David A. and Valee R., 718 N. 155th Ave., $240,000.

Mark Antill Revocable Trust and Antill, Gregory A., trustee, to Green, Rodger and Michelle, 11671 Douglas St., $209,700.


Bolin, Michael P. to Foy, Shannon V., 13036 Himebaugh Ave., $80,000.

Dowling, Travis William and Hartman, Trinity R. to Gormley, Sara C., 11664 Mary St., $169,900.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, to David Robert Lawrence Badley Irrevocable Trust and Badley, Janis A., trustee, 12723 Larimore Ave., $125,000.

Sebastian, Catherine A. to Meyers, William F. and Virginia M., 13324 Ellison Ave., $205,000.

McCormack, Maxine E. and McCormack-Carolson, Karen to Porter, Edward E. II and Lisa, 5117 N. 134th St., $195,000.

Sarpy County


Gilchrist, Robert C., personal representative of Gilchrist, Ronald C. estate, to Belek, Brian and Lamkins, Jesica E., 1501 Mildred Ave., $152,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Pane, Charles J., 1210 Hillcrest Drive, $117,000.

Schechinger, Duane P. to Rodriguez, Ricky Lee, 606 Nob Hill Terrace, $100,000.

Noble, Harold W. to Frank, Aaron M., 2504 Sidney St., $125,000.

Thornton, Matthew H. and Amber to Smith, Connor Mark and Kylie Jo, 215 Douglas Drive, $195,000.

Longacre, Ronald L. and Shirley L. to Safarik, Duane J. Sr., 203 Bellevue Blvd. South, $270,000.

Cristobal, Anthony S. Jr. and Kimberly R. to Michels, Rebecca Marie and Nathan Richard, 1802 Warren St., $160,000.

Erickson, Elaine, personal representative of May, Donald J. estate, to Ridgway, Leland Jr., 2301 Warren St., $98,000.

Sigmund, Julie L. and Josh to Rodriguez, Cynthia Y., 1008 Kauii Drive, $165,000.


Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Beck, Robert Andrew and Hanna Jo, 513 Devonshire Drive, $315,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Shapland, Taylor and Caycee, 7823 S. 194th Ave., $354,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Carden, Trevor and Jacque, 7908 S. 196th St., $342,000.


Parks, LaVerne L. and Marilyn A., co-trustees of Parks Family Trust, to Thornton, Matthew and Amber, 322 Pheasant Run Lane, $290,000.

Shannon, Frank J. and Christian A. to Shelton, Guy L. and Beverly, 811 Lake Tahoe Drive, $223,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hendricks, Bryce and Jennifer, 10592 S. 112th St., $319,000.


Powles, Cynthia Mae to Molly Amick LLC, 485 Cedar St., $110,000.

Kildow Construction Inc. to Ryan, Jake, 325 S. 1st St., $153,000.

Kay L. & Charles H. Gerdes Living Trust to Weideman, Heather L., 155 Chestnut St., $200,000.


Wood, James L. and Lynn to N2J LLC, 9804 S. 24th St., $117,000.

Judith A. Morss Living Trust to Cook, Robert II and Jhomahara, 13605 Liam Circle, $290,000.

Cook, Robert Lee II and Jhomahara L. to Benitez, Selena and Sanchez, Samuel, 3711 Looking Glass Drive, $190,000.

Austin, Brian Joseph and Ashley Marie to George, Michael Jr. and Chelcie, 2607 Hogantown Drive, $197,000.

Prodywus, Alexander M., personal representative of Prodywus Oleksa estate, to Cunningham, Christopher and Juliana, 908 Avery Road, $180,000.

McDaniel, Chrissie Elaine to Schulte, Christina J., 10713 Winding River Drive, $250,000.

Logan, Michael and Lisa to Jones, Gregory, 14302 S. 31st St., $233,000.

Anthony, Robert D. and Erin R. to Cristobal, Anthony S. Jr. and Kimberly R., 2901 Birchwood Drive, $225,000.

Horner, Michael S. and Georgia K. to Willoughby, Kyle Bradley and Pope, Alexander Thomas, 3110 Meghan Drive, $218,000.


Hartzell Real Estate to Trask, Donna M. and Duane H., 7107 S. 71st Ave., $132,000.


Home Company LLC to Edwards, Patricia, 13501 S. 47th St., $300,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Deloa, Thomas Samuel Joseph and Kostszewa, Nicole Ann, 2009 Titan Springs Drive, $346,000.


Matson, Joshua D. and Brittany to Bartels, Blake and Samantha, 17834 Olive St., $192,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nabity, Graham and Allison, 7860 S. 190th St., $311,000.

Sumners, John Q. and Crystal A. to Davey, Robert A. II, 18062 Margo St., $192,000.

Beckman, Eugene C. and Marlene K. to Benda, William J. and Sabine, 10323 Spyglass Drive, $320,000.

Brunberg, Gary L., personal representative of Brunberg, Cecelia estate, to Larma, John L. and Nancy L., 7509 S. 170th St., $316,000.

Smith, Judith A. to Headen, Adrian and Nicole, 7502 S. 191st St., $256,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Homawoo, Martin D. and Akouavi Atohoun, 8159 S. 186th St., $237,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Jensen, Sean and Jillian, 18366 Marion Drive, $357,000.

Gillespie, Zachary S. to Sedlacek, Nicholas S. and Weyer, Ashton D., 7505 S. 178th Circle, $183,000.

Haas, Alan R. and Christa to Gelber, Judith, 18114 Josephine St., $196,000.

Walsh, Nancy J. to Pompa, John R. and Susan K., 18611 Robin Drive, $266,000.

Beeson, Curtis L. and Lorie E. to Krumme, Bradley and Kristina, 7508 S. 189th St., $313,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Western, Kyle and Yang, Sara, 18805 Merion Drive, $409,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Camarillo, Christopher and Jose, 10902 S. 186th Ave., $310,000.

Theas, Shane M. and Allison R. to Tracy, Wade W. and Emily P., 9318 S. 173rd St., $303,000.


Ruckman, Wesley D. and Olan, Elizabeth to Ruckman, Wesley D., 13512 Olive St., $90,000.

Higley, Stephanie N. to Kurmel, Jacob Robert and Tlustos, Abbie Nicole, 7011 S. 130th St., $174,000.


Barber, Connie F., personal representative of Pochop Stanley R. estate, to Barber, Corey T. and Lacy A., 8421 S. 17th St., $100,000.


Rafferty, Nicholas B. and Alison M. to Wofford, Scott and Whitney, 4925 Lillian St., $185,000.

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