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Residential real estate transfers, Aug. 11

Residential real estate transfers, Aug. 11

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Douglas County


Wildermuth, Ryan T. and Dawn M. to Christensen, Douglas D. and Kellie J., 11728 N. 173rd Circle, $90,000.

Wajda, Dale E. and Brenda S. to Rapp, Jeffrey R. Jr. and Kathleen M., 14802 Summit Circle, $460,000.

Sandvik, Michael T. and Kirsten M. S. to Donnelly, Patrick S. and Kristine J., 7652 N. 154th St., $359,900.

Hertz, Kary and Jamey to Mixan, Daniel Ray and Melissa Marie, 8904 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $255,000.

Remmick, Michael and Kimberly to McQueen, Dalton and Martha, 15520 Knudsen Circle, $222,700.

Campbell, Ian T. and Taylor C. to Uehling, Jim J. and Gina L., 8812 N. 161st Ave., $260,000.

Petersen, Molly A. and Timothy J. to Richard N. & Jayme M. Anderson Living Trust, 12077 Elmwood Drive, $310,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wilberding, Brent and Kelly, Nakia, 8047 N. 173rd St., $336,074.

Kurtz, Erin to Putney, Katie and Derek, 11631 N. 156th St., $205,000.

Wallingford, Jacob S. and Ashley A. to Mizar, Padam Bahadur and Ranu Gurung, 8204 N. 147th St., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ross, Thomas M. II and Stacey L., 16314 Girard St., $308,594.

Wilberding, Brent and Kelly, Nakia to Mitchell, Adam and Larae D., 8116 N. 147th St., $231,500.

Annis, Mika and Larry to Smith, Jo A., 8809 N. 157th St., $300,000.

Assman, Daniel M. and Leslie W. to Byrkit, Scott, 14616 Craig St., $198,000.


Paradise Homes Inc. to Steinauer, Nick and Amy, 2316 N. 188th St., $454,950.

Langendorfer Properties Inc. to Fleischmann, Amanda and John Ryan, 19014 Nicholas Circle, $600,000.

LPC Properties LLC to Savant, Ameet and Sheetal, 2378 S. 220th Ave., $90,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Grant, Novel, 2432 N. 187th St., $412,287.

Bluestone Custom Builders Inc. to Glass, Garrett and Angie, 20935 Drexel St., $390,846.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Greek, Chase and Jordan, 4323 N. 191st St., $430,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 3913 S. 207th St., $66,000.

Nemecek, Jeffrey M. and Michael J. to Suurvarik, Peter, 948 S. 183rd St., $315,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Flodine, Brett and Jairren, 2520 N. 187th Ave., $375,687.

Owen, Garrett to Owen, Garrett and Krohn, Traci D., 18708 California St., $228,750.

Gitt Homes Inc. to Keomysay, Kirby, 20902 Monroe Circle, $380,000.

Grabbe, Timothy L. and Amy M. to Wilt, Jay W. and Michelle J., 3809 N. 210th St., $295,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Schuman, Eric J. and Joanna L., 18408 Sherwood Ave., $448,106.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Walters, Bradley A. and Jessica R., 828 S. 185th St., $434,950.

Hayes, Taylor K. to Carlson, Erik C., 1402 N. 180th Ave., $116,500.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridges Homes LLC, 1609 N. 185th St., $62,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Chandler, Scott T. and Rebecca G., 2220 N. 188th Terrace, $375,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Bennett, Russell W. and Sara L., 20418 Saratoga Circle, $327,650.

Wamsley, Matthew and Cheris to Marsh, Shawn, 2711 N. 191st Ave., $255,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Kientzel, Scott and Jaymee, 20702 Ames Ave., $397,000.

Harms, Richard L. and Buchanan, Lynne M. to Taylor, Robert J. Jr. and Nancy C., 19007 Cuming Circle, $420,000.

McWilliams, Christopher M. to Gosmire, Terry L., 19936 Chicago St., $395,000.

Robert & Eleanor Holcombe Trust to Markmann, Paula A., 4515 N. 205th Ave., $315,000.

Dostal, Mary Pauline to Ishmael, Matthew and Laura, 232 S. 197th St., $319,000.

Anderson, Caleb P. and Jessica to Dorius, Timothy H. and Maria C., 21102 Shiloh Circle, $360,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 2524 N. 187th St., $45,000.

Jackson, Daniel and Wanda A. to Maeser, Anthony L. and Kelly A., 1310 N. 181st Ave., $389,000.

Worley, Michael and Anna to Johnson, James W. and Sylvia J., 23807 P St., $28,400.


Stephen M. Shive Revocable Trust to Ostlund Joint Revocable Trust and Ostlund, Michael, trustee, 24359 Douglas Circle, $1,000,000.


Dansam II LLC to Gawronska, Robin and Tomasz, 555 Riverfront Place, $518,500.

Earleywine, Michael and Deborah to McKenny, Thomas and Carmen, 105 S. 9th St., $333,000.


Chairez, Gonzalo and Salazar, Silvia to Dominguez, Yesenia Dominguez, 4528 Larimore Ave., $37,100.

Blackburn, Jackie L. to Podan, Francis, 5004 N. 48th St., $83,000.

Gatzke, Ronald Warren to Van Trump Family Trust and Van Trump, William E., trustee, 2519 Country Club Ave., $330,000.

McGill, Timothy P. and Ann M. to Musavyimana, Jacques, 6635 Kansas Ave., $130,000.

Wildrick, Adam J. and Marisa K. to Hatch-Bates, Audrey and Bates, Jesse, 2474 N. 45th Ave., $165,000.

McAvin, Charles and Robin K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2712 N. 62nd St., $60,000.

Johnson, Christopher J. and Kathryn M. to Osborn Freudenburg, Christine Lee and Freudenburg, Kevin Michael, 2011 N. 53rd St., $342,500.

Dorcey, Adam and Laura to Warrington, Mark A., 5842 Grant St., $175,000.

Baumeister, Kevin D. and Rebecca A. to Htee, Eh and May, 6329 Ellison Ave., $152,500.


Mahlberg, Kimberly J. to Fast Property Solutions LLC, 1111 S. 31st St., $67,500.

Simring, Erica to Fast Property Solutions LLC, 1111 S. 31st St., $67,500.

Miller, Marian A., personal representative of Kinsella, Ann M. estate, to Belinsky, Andrew M., 2521 Hanscom Blvd., $107,500.

Heyen, Kyle K. and Comstock, Traci to Siert, Colin S. and Rebecca A., 4415 Mayberry St., $156,300.

Yepez, Gabriel A. and Martinez, Evelia to Yepez Martinez, Jessica L., 4015 Vinton St., $46,300.

ZV Management LLC to KCKB Properties LLC, 4005 Spring Circle, $92,500.

Isaacson, Luke J. and Rebecca A. to Papesh, Stephen M. IV, 3009 Poppleton Ave., $148,000.


Kaminski, Molly M. and Kenneth M. to Delacastro, Patty, 4553 Pierce St., $192,000.

McElravy, Emily Z. and Larry Jr. to Heacock, Julie, 5724 Mason St., $265,000.

Patrick C. Krell Revocable Trust and Krell, Timothy G., trustee, to Toy, Sarah, 602 S. 57th St., $255,000.

Utterback, Randall James and Kristin Marie to Old Towne Enterprises LLC, 4519 Marcy St., $155,000.

Bullock, Joshua D. to Tieken, Kelsey and Petersen, Spencer, 2134 S. 47th St., $177,500.

Rose, Kevin and Trew, Andrea to Lococo, Frank S., 5660 Marcy St., $425,000.

Watkins, Patrick to Garlock, Cory, 634 S. 51st St., $293,500.


Kubli, Franklin D. to Valenzuela, Oscar and Edith, 2613 J St., $42,500.

Gilbert, Dennis J., personal representative of Jones, Lawrence E. estate, to Versch, Mark X., 4824 S. 13rd St., $160,000.

Garcia, Joseph and Sophia to Blue Jay Investments LLC, 4310 G St., $115,000.

Benavides-Vaca, Gilbert J. and Guzman, Beneranda Gonzalez to Lopez, Noe and Jura, Candy, 1306 Jefferson St., $140,500.


Housing Authority of Omaha to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3457 S. 16th St., $76,000.

Garretson, Jacquelinn to Stuart, Charles M., 1811 Ontario St., $14,580.


Kuhn, Toni and Edward to Gurrola, Fernando Longoria, 5144 N. 17th St., $120,000.


Webster, Shandirhia to Mendez Hernandez, Francisco Gabriel, 2417 Hartman Ave., $31,050.

Johnson, Yvonne R. to Poe, Hset, 3734 Himebaugh Ave., $125,000.

McDaniel, Scott to Brown, Nathaniel and Robert D., 3802 Ames Ave., $67,000.

L and O Enterprises LLC to Relford, Theodore III, 3325 Larimore Ave., $43,500.

Ngo, Thien D. and Nguyen, Nga T. M. to Rash, Andre J., 4003 N. 30th St., $40,000.

Clarence T. Tooles Revocable Trust to Top King Real Estate LLC, 3931 N. 37th St., $36,500.

Main, Jeri L. to Escobar-Soto, Maynor A. and Gonzalez-Barraza, Dalia I., 4245 Lake St., $20,000.


Erdei, Joseph R. to Dosen, Brittany E., 2719 Vane St., $120,000.

Harris, Keith Lorin and Latricia D. to Joseph, Leslie, 6548 N. 33rd St., $75,000.

Acker, Judith L., personal representative of Acker, Jeffrey M. estate, to Clement, Jacob A., 3132 Clay St., $25,000.


Rowland, Brevan and Barbara to Jurek, Allyson, 7710 Charles St., $191,000.

RLT LLC to Mendoza Gonzalez, Wilfred O. and Mendoza, Vilma E., 7719 Hamilton St., $182,000.

Hardin, Richard A. and Klein, Deana D., conservator, to Harvest Capital LLC, 7583 Charles St., $90,000.

Rittenhouse, Sarah A. to Monson, William, 8418 Hamilton St., $150,000.


Elting, Nicholas B. and Lindsay Lea to Bonar, Bradley D. III and Rachel M., 17134 Sprague St., $195,000.

Carranza, Christopher C. and Jessica C. to Simons, Gavin L. and Amy L.J., 4705 N. 163rd St., $223,000.

Marasco, Ralph D. to Heldridge, Steven Thomas and Sheila F., 3214 N. 162nd Avenue Circle, $550,000.

Stopak, Cody Jon and Memory Terilee to Mintken, Melissa K. and Reno, Philip, 2223 N. 155th St., $272,500.

Jensen, Robert L. and Linda M. to Pusek, Allen and Heather, 17167 Ruggles St., $197,500.

Jenkins, Jacob Robin and Angela to Fontaine, Michael David Jr. and Dana Marie, 14660 Meredith Ave., $212,000.

Branden T. & Amber A. Weyhrich Living Trust to Murray, Richard E. Jr. and Barry, Lynn M., 16327 Sherwood Ave., $240,000.

Klanderud, Barry D. and Kelli L. to Stahlecker, Jay and Danielle, 5743 N. 166th St., $415,000.

Holle, Jeffrey S. to Barker, Syndee J., 15105 Meredith Ave., $203,500.

Feltz, Todd and Amy to McIntosh, Leonard E. Jr. and Zabawa, Rachel S., 2106 N. 166th St., $158,000.

McWilliams, Melissa H. to Jasmine Enterprises LLC, 15217 Camden Circle, $168,000.

Coburn, William to Thomas, Richard H. and Patricia G., 15417 Curtis Ave., $20,000.

Weinand, Tyler J. and Kristin R. to Maddux, William V., 16877 Browne St., $195,000.

Sisson, Nicholas P. to Teten, Stephanie, 16931 Browne St., $199,500.

Politovich, Sharon and Carey, Laura to Mayar, Mujtaba and Lida, 14707 Ruggles St., $216,000.

Shafer, Joanna to DeLange, David, 2203 N. 151st St., $200,000.

Moody, Eric E. and Morgan to Albin, Eric P. and Kristen J., 16058 Redman Ave., $225,000.


Machacek, Erinn Lynn to Casimiro, Rene Interiano and Guardado, Maria Martha, 4866 S. 48th St., $170,000.

Campagna, Deborah L. to Redlinger, Steve and Andrea, 4741 S. 52nd St., $120,000.

Urlaub, Mark to Reavis, Devlin S., 6175 Karen St., $107,000.

Exley, Edwin III to Smith, Matthew, 4602 S. 61st Ave., $75,000.

Johnson, Joyce A. and Gus C. to Guzman, Martin A. and Munoz, Fatima Del Carmen, 4517 Q St., $100,000.

Phipps, David L. to Moss, Raymond W. Jr. and Brenda M., 5175 Q St., $106,000.


Kill, Robert L. and Tracy to Morrison, Anthony, 17009 Clark St., $305,500.

Gross-Rhode, Myron W. and Ellen S. to Fehr, Rob and Abby, 1406 N. 160th Ave., $280,000.

Ro-Dan LLC to Spence, Dan, 17570 Parker Place, $158,000.


Roh, Vincent P. and Mary A. to Sizemore, Stephen P. and Kathryn J., 10276 Huntington Ave., $270,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Trotty, Elroy, 8414 Baker St., $203,226.

Rabideau, Eren Marie to Heng, Dylan A., 9219 Summit St., $189,000.

Morine, Joseph F. and Becky L. to Cutchall Property Management LLC, 7712 N. 78th St., $200,000.

Mertz, Dustin and Molly to Mescher, David and Ashley, 7218 N. 90th St., $200,000.


Blodgett, Shirley J. to Kavan Homes Incorporated, 2601 S. 99th Ave., $310,000.

Southby Common Homeowners Association Inc. to SJJ Holdings LLC, 9710 Southby Place, $50,000.

Hague, Debra K., personal representative of Piccolo, Louis N. estate, to Lucey, Scott D. and Robin L., 7271 Grover St., $165,000.

Breyfogle, Kevin W. and Joy to Judson, William and Svehla, Anne, 2714 S. 107th St., $235,000.


Cherrington, David J. and Traci G. to Brannen, James P. and Lynette M., 9312 Adams St., $212,000.

Anderson, Aaron R. and Megan N. to Fanning, Larry and Diane, 8511 Polk St., $180,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to True North Properties LLC, 5017 S. 81st St., $147,600.

Duvall, Benjamin and Cox, Nicole to Simon, David and Margaret, 10006 P St., $201,500.

Taylor, James F. and Mary C. to Hoffmann, Brian J., 10418 M St., $235,000.

Miller, Michael C. and Ellen T. to Schlautman, Trent J. and Amanda R., 10292 Z St., $279,000.


Kotil, Ashley and Darin to Cerny, Andrew J. and Amy M., 3304 S. 186th St., $685,000.

Sestak Trust and Sestak, Jerry D., trustee, to Gardner, Paul J. Jr., 1309 S. 181st Place, $415,000.

Pfannenstiel, Terry M. and Crystal to Magosh, James A. and Martine G., 2030 S. 164th Ave., $186,632.

Gurnon, Deborah A. and Thomas J. to Decker, Nicholas and Cara, 20197 Nina St., $392,500.

Inness, Larry D. and Lilli V. to Larry & Irene Johnson Revocable Trust, 1707 S. 189th St., $549,500.


Gregory, Zane, personal representative of Gregory, Evelyn M. estate, to Sullivan, Peggy Kathleen, 105 N. 31st Ave., $54,000.

Gregory, Zane and Menarim, Sandra to Sullivan, Peggy Kathleen, 105 N. 31st Ave., $54,000.

Chicoine, Daniel J. to Burnett Tarasiewicz, Megan and Tarasiewicz, Ben, 4304 California St., $127,500.

P&G Investors Inc. to E520 LLC, 821 N. 42nd St., $90,000.

Connor, Mary K. to O’Brien, Jerome and Oelke, Cynthia, 220 S. 31st Ave., $249,000.

Tsatsos, Charles and Ann Marie to Cardinal Real Estate Group LLC, 438 N. 38th Ave., $180,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to B and M Nelson Real Estate Investments LLC, 3302 Lincoln Blvd., $165,000.

Poma, Michael A. to Dale Wall Revocable Trust, 3000 Farnam St., $137,500.

HSH Properties Management Inc. to Afong, Adriana and Isabel Gayle, 3321 Charles St., $129,900.

Black, Lynette and Kelley, Curtisa to Chica, Daisy, 3415 Hamilton St., $115,000.


Raymond Evans Real Estate PC to Chingren, Cody J., 6542 Western Ave., $137,000.

Sullivan, Michael L. and Fiona to Brandsen, Benjamin and Christa, 663 J.E. George Blvd., $397,500.

Boucher, Craig M. and Amanda L. M. to Schaefer-Dunne Living Trust and Schaefer, Susan C., trustee, 5816 Webster St., $395,000.

Jespersen, Pamela R. to Swartz, Stephen M. and Karen A., 840 N. 68th St., $227,000.

Bauer, Leann R. to Houlton Investments LLC, 6775 Charles St., $85,000.

L&B Lamay Properties LLC to Cahil, Edmund J., 4824 Capitol Ave., $260,000.

L&B Lamay Properties LLC to Cahill, Edmund J., 4822 Capitol Ave., $135,000.

Arrell, David and Shoemake, Jennifer to Elixson, Patricia and Joel, 4921 Cass St., $310,000.

Alansco Ltd. to MJC Properties LLC, 4917 Davenport St., $200,000.

Zan Properties LLC to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 609 N. 50th St., $210,000.

Meysenburg, Jason L. and Joanna K. to Rault, Patrick X., 5105 Cuming St., $285,000.

Red Spruce Properties LLC to Rodriguez, Chris, 1415 N. 58th St., $242,000.

Sloan, Rita R. to Casey, Joe and Nancy K., 684 J.E. George Blvd., $270,000.

4924Four LLC to Logan Properties Inc., 4924 Capitol Ave., $200,000.

HBI LLC to Jackson, Kevin and Tracie, 7060 Charles St., $85,000.

Hibner, Barbara to CT & Son LLC, 308 S. 50th Ave., $140,000.

Flanagan, Bradley and Jamie to White, Kenneth, 811 N. 50th St., $187,500.

Rehmert, Seth and Nicole to Slachetka, Jarrod and Lynsie, 6331 Hamilton St., $134,000.

Clarke, Laura A. to MCB Properties LLC, 5013 Lafayette Ave., $176,000.

HEMJ LLC to Blatchford, Michael and Anna, 5020 Chicago St., $245,000.

Mixan, Jacob D. and Leedom, Nicholle A. to Nambo, Victor and Eva, 6106 Hamilton St., $164,000.


McCollum, Charles Edward Jr. and Loretta L. to Skillett, Wesley and Wright, Kathryn, 4122 Terrace Drive, $173,500.

Blanchard, Claudia to Wyant, David Matthew and Kelli, 5618 N. 93rd Ave., $167,500.

Day, Susan D. to Day, Charles and Katherine, 8766 Fowler Ave., $120,000.

Stillmock, Michael A. and Patricia H. to Biben, Anthony and Sarah, 2006 N. 100th St., $248,200.

Blair, Maria-Teresa and Melissa to Ludi, Lashae, 9816 Camden Ave., $178,000.

Bailey, Phillip L. and Jennifer L. to Costello, Michael B. and Kirsten, 9623 Burdette Circle, $175,000.

Helen S. Payne Marital Trust to Dimmitt, Jake D., 7325 Lawndale Drive, $139,900.

Stuelke, Dustin B. to Thang, Biak C., 9138 Boyd St., $160,000.

Mitchell, William C. and Nora Jeaneth to Wilson, Brent D., 2305 N. 81st St., $116,500.

Smith, Ethan and Freeman, Heather to Thang, Van and Hlei, Rem, 9146 Ames Ave., $170,000.

Lindahl, Alyssa and Palacios, Carlos E. Ramirez to Anderson, Nathan and Abby, 3810 N. 75th St., $210,000.

Brashear, Kermit A. III to Bauer, Grant A., 7517 Graceland Drive, $155,000.

Schueth, Roland C. and Joyce R. to Hofsommer, Brian A. and Jennifer J., 2317 N. 102nd St., $255,000.

Lehman, Julie A. to Primrose, William David and Gayle Ellen, 9323 Miami St., $167,000.

Piper, Chase B. and Schoepf, Justin C. to Swan, Jeffrey A. and Julie A., 3524 Parkview Drive, $208,000.

Vazquez, Pedro to Bach, Matthew Leroy, 4921 Eastridge Drive, $229,900.

Mink Resources LLC to Bischof, Ryder and Hansen, Hailey, 4806 N. 82nd St., $165,000.

Youngblood, Candis D. to Riley, Thellena J., 4304 Sunny Slope Ave., $212,000.


Terrance & Grace Stanz Revocable Trust to Moore, Richard Arlan and Judith A., 19107 K St., $235,000.

Ghanshyambhai, R. Patel and Patel, Lilaben G. to Tahiri, Zalmai and Speer, Rebecca, 5821 S. 193rd Ave., $182,000.

Beardall, Evangelos and Taylor to Remmes, Ryan and Tisha, 19872 L St., $322,500.

Snellman-Alexander, Lisabet S. to White, Kellie M. and Brian M., 17514 Renfro St., $330,000.

White, Brian and Kellie to Schaulis, Rachel, 5812 S. 158th St., $259,500.

Tripp, Samuel T. and Kali N. to Versaw, Ryan Curtis and Jessica R., 15638 Polk Circle, $337,500.

Dauner, Mark and Kari to Bodnar, Davyd, 18178 Southdale Place, $124,000.

Estee, Kenny and Sandy to Stuart, Susan and Andrew John, 6103 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $366,000.

McLemore, Cassandra to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 5405 S. 190th Terrace, $175,000.

Cordell, Michael Lee and Jacqueline Dawn to Mattus, Joshua and Molly, 16820 L Circle, $249,500.

Grassmeyer, Christine Ann to Grassmeyer, Christine Ann and Athen, Shannon L., 15909 O Circle, $83,200.

Nelson, Georgia E. to Cook, Catherine S., 6518 S. 167th Ave., $175,000.

Kramar, Melissa to Scott, Alan and Rebecca, 5003 S. 165th St., $225,000.

Brummer, Michael R. and Anna M. to Sorenson, Whitney N. and Tracy, Aaron R., 17820 Jacobs Circle, $238,000.

Butler, Ann M. and Randolph W. to Masilko, Hannah J. and Colin M., 6406 S. 167th Ave., $199,000.

Speer, Troy M. and Heidi L. to Lyle, Andrew, 16223 N Circle, $215,000.

Babe, James Travis and Victoria Lyn to Tjards, Courtney, 19512 Laci St., $197,500.

Kiphart, Steven R. and Charlene M. to Poulicek, Lauren, 16319 Jefferson St., $215,000.


Crnic, C. Anthony, trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 6727 S. 117th St., $40,078.

E. Michael & Linda C. McGuire Living Trust to Smith, Kristen, 12142 N St., $175,000.

Mixan, Daniel R. and Melissa M. to Stamey, Austin M., 14141 Orchard Ave., $154,000.

Soar, Steven E. to Orent, Teresa M., 12659 O St., $179,510.

Larson, Curt L. and Kathie N. to Reeder, Miranda L., 15286 U St., $200,000.

Kent, Charles L. and Cindy L. to Sinnett, John E. and Laura A., 5137 S. 121st St., $156,000.

White, Jean M. to Marr, Warren C., 15423 Y St., $190,000.

Cunningham, Paul R. and Colleen R. to Schooling, Ronald D. III and Carolina J., 11124 Madison St., $194,000.

Cunningham, Gwendolynn, personal representative of Cunningham, Bennie J. estate, to E. Michael & Linda McGuire Living Trust, 13805 Y Circle, $110,000.

Herring, Scott K. and Joanne L. to Campagna, Sara R., 4980 Magnolia St., $146,000.

Goeden, Joseph and Melissa to Holmes, Nathan G., 15229 Washington St., $200,000.


Splittgerber, Aaron B. and Tiffany to Rader, Zachary and Kendra, 7415 N. 108th Ave., $170,000.

Baki, Mina to Friha, Mustapha, 12417 Read St., $197,500.


Fehr, Robert D. and Abigail L. to Oden, Derek, 15233 Nina St., $211,000.

Merrell, David James and Janet Leann to Stearns, Derek J. and Kline-Stearns, Alexis L., 13612 Montclair Drive, $240,000.

Grubesic, Christine H. and Thomas W. to Kudma, Alec David and Katrina Marie Burchett, 2531 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $208,000.

Custard, Kyle and Michaela M. to Petrick, Matthew and Kristin, 12768 Grover St., $180,500.

Lynch, Thomas L. and Mary Lynn to Haney, Julie Ann and Richard Patrick, 3710 S. 116th St., $280,000.

Inman, Jeffrey C. to Inman, Hannah, 3521 S. 154th St., $200,000.

Beideck, Joleen A. and John R. to Henke, Alex and Kristine, 2824 S. 136th St., $180,000.


Meyer, Sarah J. and Brice D. to Hansen, Melissa L. and Jason X., 6921 Mormon Bridge Road, $170,000.


Cook, Catherine S. to Lemons, Susan L., 12143 Franklin Circle, $165,000.

Bruning, Philip D. and Mary V. to Bauer, Levi and Ann, 12723 Capitol Place, $460,000.

Ortman, Kevin C. and Naomi to Kaminski, Kenneth and Molly, 1405 N. 150th St., $255,000.

Faber, Jon C. and Erin M. to Scholer, Frank D. and How, Elizabeth A., 1701 N. 127th St., $405,000.

Lessman, Jeffrey R. and Karla G. to Lessman, Joshua and Heather, 807 N. 148th St., $211,000.

Gloria R. Jorgensen Trust and Burger, Michelle R., trustee, to Aumann, Robert J. and O’Connor, Brenna M., 14812 Izard St., $290,000.

Nygren, Gayard E. and D. Coreen to Anderson, Steven E. and Tammy L., 12727 West Dodge Road, $136,000.

Strandberg, Bradley G. and Lori L. to Schulz, Marc A. and Joy E., 421 S. 154th St., $230,000.

Phillips, Michael L. and Wanda L. to Nocita, John G., 11105 Seward St., $161,000.

Davitt, Jacqueline and Bret, Mary Kay to Bendlin, Emily and Parker, Alexander, 12135 Farnam St., $350,000.

David A. Sterns Trust to Boehler, Janice K., 934 N. 131st Court, $329,000.

Thiemann, Bobbie Sue and Joseph R. to Perlberg, Connor and Schoenig, Emily, 320 N. 154th St., $184,000.

Harris, Charles M. and Lisa J. to Ausman, Jason and O’Brien-Ausman, Kathleen, 13650 Hamilton St., $1,200,000.


Sizemore, Kathryn J. and Stephen P. to Wheat, Zachery K. and Mottl, Larae, 12573 Yates St., $180,000.

Finke, Debra A. and David W. to Azizian, Sasan and Rastegari, Elham, 3321 N. 128th Circle, $373,000.

Etier, David A. to Ives, Andrew, 11273 Martin Ave., $170,000.

August, David A. and Rebecca to Malik, James J. III and Jerrilyne K., 12901 Curtis Ave., $166,500.

Buurman, Christopher to Jacobsen, Zachary L. and Bakey, Rachael E., 2513 N. 112nd St., $175,000.

Sharp, Jason P. and Leslie to Dubbeld, Judith, 5608 N. 131st St., $187,500.

Schlautman, Trent J. and Amanda R. to Lesch-Adangnihoude, Amanda L., 2733 N. 129th Circle, $180,000.

Salmon, Brian Neil and Judith S. to Needelman, Joshua L. and Laura L., 4911 N. 139th Ave., $295,000.

Leonard, Nathan and Madison T. to Hernandez, Anthony Michael III, 13330 Lake St., $305,000.

Glenn, John C. and Sonya L. to Spors, Shannon L., 11605 Taylor St., $190,000.

Evans, Ernest James Jr. and Stacy Leann to Pierce, Chad W. and Andrea R., 14268 Sprague Circle, $285,000.

Sarpy County


Heartland Holdings B LLC to Scheffel, Mikael Scott and Garcia, Ruby, 2036 Calhoun St., $136,000.

Pane, Charles J. to Myers, Jonas and Elyse, 1210 Hillcrest Drive, $189,000.

Reed, Brian C. and Shannon M. to Tatum, Justin Deane and Shelley Ann, 909 Kohl Circle, $225,000.

Capapia Delgado, Rebecca A. and Delgado, Clemente to Guardado, Nicolas, 2301 Victoria Ave., $179,000.

Busboom, Dain R. and Callie to Stuart, Timothy J. and Denise M., 2714 Calhoun St., $135,000.

Cahoe, Elizabeth A. and James W. to Trost, Daniel D. and Tasha S. and David L., 2105 Randall Drive, $107,000.

Skillman, Rodney L. and Brenda Kay to Pedersen, April L., 705 W. 31st St., $150,000.

Hanafan, Lisa L. to Wright, Clinton and Michelle, 126 Cedar Circle, $167,000.

Franklin, Robert E. and Stephanie to Langham, Mary, 2101 Dagmar Ave., $178,000.

Frieze, Michael D. and Sarah J. to Gaston, Melissa Dawn, 2801 Nebraska Drive, $166,000.

Byous, Christine and Mark and Burns, Rhonda to Lloyd, Hearld J. Jr., 1414 Fairfax Road, $171,000.


Jones, Kevin M. and Christie L. to Reynolds, Merle R. III and Shelly S., 19827 E. West Plains Road, $243,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moquin, Jeffery A. and Stephanie D., 16904 Samantha Road, $349,000.

Hopkins, Lane H. and Megan J. to Crisman, Joshua J. and Ladonna M., 21402 Lincoln Blvd., $295,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Mahenderkar, Anoop and Bagade, Sonia, 8112 S. 192nd Ave., $339,000.

Noonan, Daniel P. and Amanda to Parsons, Justin and Jennifer, 21414 Parkview Drive, $228,000.


Silbernick, Kenneth J. to Burch, Mitchell Hunter, 806 S. Osage St., $180,000.

Wilkerson, Wallace and Maria L. to Zeigler, Justin and Chris, 2307 Lakewood Drive, $239,000.

Vacanti, Christopher J. to Luyando, Jessica M. and Alejandro III, 1005 Norton Drive, $325,000.

Milz, Bradley J. and Sally K. to Polifka, Tiffany, 302 Pierce St., $150,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to LPC Properties LLC, Various, $159,000.

Watts, Ja Lana to Browning, Billy and Kayla, 2208 Marilyn Drive, $211,000.

Hussey, Brian and Stacey to Becker, Michael and Kaitlin, 1302 Cedarwoods Drive, $212,000.

Meyer, Michael J. and Courtney M. to Brown, David C. and Jeanna C., 10601 S. 112th St., $300,000.

Groff, Timothy L. and Rebecca to Froning, Brent and Saladee, Shea, 2402 Lakewood Drive, $268,000.

Chizek, Franklin J. Jr., personal representative of Chizek, Marilyn E. estate, to Chizek, Jeffrey D., trustee of Steven M. Chizek Special Needs Trust, 502 Hogan Drive, $125,000.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to Franco, Limon Leticia I. and Marvin, Luis A. Ramirez, 508 S. Polk St., $180,000.

Hewitt, Candace V. to Miller, Donald R. II and Kerri A., 813 Juniper Circle, $201,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Wilkerson, Wallace and Maria L., 9964 S. 105th Ave., $382,000.

Nvestco LLC to Lupercio, Maria, 14505 S. 28th St., $183,000.

Sundell, Jared T. and Anne K. to Clemenger, Timothy and Corina, 906 Leprechaun Lane, $250,000.

Carty, Christopher S. and Mallori W. to Ewerth, Johnhenri A. and Sheila C., 2205 S. Mineral Drive, $250,000.

Schumacher, Brent A. and Megan A. to Kenney, Peter and Michelle, 8109 Reed Circle, $350,000.

Maroney, Christopher M. and Dusti to Chambers, Demetria and Miller, Bobby, 1505 Ridgeview Drive, $232,000.

Wheeler, Robert G. and Lynette K. to Acklie, Allen D. and Acklie Lee, Andra K., 427 E. 4th St., $113,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hughes, Eric J. and Nicole M., 11611 S. 109th St., $370,000.


Nancy J. Stokes Living Trust to Kudlacek, Tyler James, 105 N. 8th St., $160,000.

Urban Spark Construction LLC to Brown, Susan P., 820 N. 10th Ave., $373,000.


Louviere, Daniel A. and Kimberly F. to Nelson, Eric, 3904 Heartland Drive, $243,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Madrid, Cristian and Marilyn Joann, 16119 S. 29th Plaza Circle, $154,000.

Giles, Sean M. and Angelina M. to Brady, Marjorie, 13610 S. 39th Circle, $239,000.

Klungseth, Corliss J. to Gorka, Kyle and Bridget, 2210 Derby Drive, $170,000.

Phillips, Benjamin Jay to Lyons, Luke and Schmidt, Jordan, 3421 Wilhelminia Drive, $192,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tesch, Chad A., 1925 Plymouth Rock Road, $217,000.

Dingman, Reggie J. and Chandra D. to Martensen, Jenna and Deanna, 1610 Leona Circle, $275,000.

Thomas, Allen and Paula R. to Bushon, Rick G. and Julie R., 13006 S. 29th Ave., $235,000.

Marley, Daniel J. and Angela C. to Sule, Haruna Isola and Bolatito Bamidele, 13208 S. 26th Ave., $240,000.

Silva, Filiberto Hernandez and Perez, Yanelly Ugarte to Rodningen, Jon and Laura, 3306 Granada Parkway, $167,000.

Graydobbs, Bryan to Wacha, Brandon and Hicks, Alexis, 14905 Chateau St., $166,000.

Patino, Mario Antonio and Maria C. to Engbretson, Zachary and Meghan, 11008 S. 25th Ave., $206,000.

Shoning, Kenneth B. and Stephanie A. to Marsh, Mary Clare and Melvin A., 2811 Arrowhead Lane, $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sabutis, Timothy J. and Janet T., 14306 S. 17th St., $260,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Gilbert, Edward F. and Ellen K., 12415 Quail Drive, $341,000.

Choate, Mary Jo Ann to Mendoza, Melvin Vasquez and Bolanos, Karina L., 1209 Terry Drive, $192,000.

Garcia, Danny and Leslie Naomi to Skarzynski, Jordan and Georgina, 3221 Chad Ave., $183,000.


Wagner, Gregory James and Natalie Gail to Lewis, William C. and Hanaa M., 7903 Heather Ave., $210,000.

Jensen, Charlotte E. to Walter & Yvonne Fisher Revocable Trust, 10213 Cimarron Woods Drive, $352,000.

Longe, Brian A. and Simonds Longe, Angela L. to Luczynski, Andy, 7706 Lillian Ave., $145,000.

K&B Associates to Quinata, Dylan and Joanie, 7540 Lillian Ave., $100,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Miller, Michael C. and Ellen T., 9909 Emiline St., $412,000.

Allen, Dennis and Joni to Larson, Mitchell E. and Amy L., 8236 S. 105 St., $306,000.


Reid, Dennis J. and Patricia A. to Searls, Nathaniel James and Bridgett, 11821 S. 53rd St., $313,000.

Babcock, Lisle H. and Jessica C. to Redler, William and Jennifer, 12014 S. 49th Ave., $370,000.

Preston, Jeffrey A. and Michelle L. to Subedi, Kul Prasad and Subedi, Bhagawati Sapkota, 8814 S. 68th St., $239,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Snelling, Anthony and Emily, 1802 Apollo Lane, $291,000.

Schnurr, Shaaron R. to Stephen, Pamela J. and Welch, Brian T., 701 Ruby Road, $269,000.

Harriman, Richard H. to Cornwell, Kathryn Marie, 1504 Durham Drive, $195,000.

Tucker, Ryan K. and Meghann E. to Duhacek, Daniel G., 6642 Elmhurst Drive, $251,000.

Guyott, James D. and Brenda L. to Meyer, Lisa M. and Kohler, Billie R., 312 Longwood Drive, $295,000.

Hill, Kevin D. and Natascha Y. to Mai, Khoi and Nguyen, Kayla, 6707 Greyson Drive, $384,000.

Huebert, Randy D. and Joni L. to Paseka, Jenna M. and Wuebker, Eric J., 8702 S. 68th St., $259,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Brummer, Michael and Anna, 16866 Rose Lane Road, $315,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cleveland, Kyle and Jessica C., 18802 Greenleaf St., $239,000.

Boyd, Alexander D. and Michelle M. to Johnson, Alex R. and Kaitlyn M., 9204 S. 171st St., $285,000.

Noecker, Donavon L. and Carla M. to Ourada, Karen J. and Smithers, John W., 17475 Riviera Drive Condo, $285,000.

Daganaar, Megan K. and Travis to Wilson, Susan S., 16105 Blackwalnut St., $185,000.

Mahenderkar, Anoop and Bagade, Sonia to Giebler, Stacy M., 7518 S. 191st St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lueras, Cassandra T. and Bjerk, Tyler R., 7813 S. 191st St., $290,000.

Lewis, Steven L. and Angela A. to Young, Steven A. and Deborah L., 10311 S. 177th St., $443,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Beaumont, Cynthia D., 8009 S. 184th St., $324,000.

Johnson, Alex Robert and Kaitlyn Marie to Geppert, Andrew, 18057 Lillian St., $230,000.


Stratton, Andrew and Matisha to Klesitz Realty LLC, 13719 Margo St., $162,000.

Darnall, Brett T. and Angie N. to Kruger, Aaron and Tabitha, 15517 Newell St., $188,000.

Thieman, Theodore A. and Kelly B. and Young, Daniel F. and Marianne F. to Novak, Clarence John, 15120 Green Ave., $138,000.

CML Properties LLC to Hevelone, Nikole A., 14729 Emiline St., $175,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Snyder, Scott D., 18513 Summit Drive, $383,000.

Delcid, Carlos H. and Elsie to Karimi, Majid, 14908 Josephine St., $117,000.

Peters, Jeffrey M. and Von Dollen Peters, Kathleen to Steven Molnar Trust and Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 12908 Emiline St., $115,000.

Houston, Eileen G. to Hangman, Robert Arden and Mari Marie, 15315 Gertrude St., $234,000.

Thomas, Travis and Alyssa to Jadue, George M., 9608 S. 173rd St., $300,000.

Urlaub, Mark to Mowrey, Timothy, 9031 Gary Circle, $114,000.


Redler, Jennifer and William to Mullins, Daniel L. and Cayla F., 7642 S. 41st Ave., $135,000.

Wills, Melvin J. II to Cazares, Samahara Olmedo, 2620 Geri Drive, $143,000.

Bulduc, Paul M. Jr. and Sandra K. to Zoucha, Elizabeth A. and Gregory S., 8015 Sarpy Ave., $147,000.

Halliday, Jake A. to Sherman, Jasmine, 1005 Virginia St., $170,000.

Skarzynski, Jordan S. and Georgina M. to Warren, Erin R., 7705 S. 39th Ave., $139,000.


Zoucha, Gregory S. and Elizabeth A. to Wade, Blake and Chaya, 4811 Glasgow Ave., $220,000.

Cernik, Denise M. to Meneses, Maria, 8416 S. 49th Terrace, $135,000.

Crow, Patrick and Coleen and Samuel and Kaitlin to Sweet, Paul M. and Julie R., 4909 Lillian St., $115,000.

Gurung, Ganesh and Mon and Grung, Rekh and Rai, Suk to Frieze, Michael and Sarah, 4910 Red Rock Ave., $186,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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