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Residential real estate transfers, Aug. 18

Residential real estate transfers, Aug. 18

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Douglas County


Reshetar, Jennifer N. to Marietta, Matt and Lara, 14513 Leeman St., $188,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Huntington Homes LLC, 10417 Rosewater Parkway, $39,950.

Leslie A. Guzinski Living Trust to Kurtz, Erin J. and Jacob D., 16368 Young Circle, $395,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Wood, Renee M. and Leahy, Callie L., 8503 Kilpatrick Parkway, $417,136.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carranza, Christopher C. and Jessica C., 7170 N. 164th St., $362,736.

Meyer, Luke J. to Chislov, Igor, 14859 Eagle St., $227,000.

Elliott, Brian and Caelan to McCluskey, Coby R. and Melanie S., 14876 Young St., $250,000.

Hanson, Tylee A. to Kohtz, Kaelyn B. and Kelly A., 8921 N. 161st St., $312,000.

CRL Enterprises LLC to Highland Builders LLC, 7420 N. 169th St., $62,000.

Samson, Clete P. and Theresa Marie to Banaszak, Kevin and Jill M., 16373 Mormon St., $330,000.

Toelle, Mark A. and R. Brooke to Scherer, Brent J. and Lara R., 16258 Craig Ave., $388,000.

Martens, Aaron J. and Sarah E. to Williams, Mark A. and Jennifer J., 17808 Island Circle, $590,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McCarthy, Devin and Katelyn, 4213 N. 210th St., $335,000.

Kleckner, Andrew D. and Megan to Maxwell, Elizabeth Lorraine, 1808 N. 206th St., $188,000.

Scott, Michael D. and Tricia to Scheer, Martin and Judy, 18726 Nicholas St., $545,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Moody, Eric E. and Morgan D., 2420 N. 188th St., $444,636.

Mattox, Mark W. and Jill C. to Sun, Yaming, 19913 Leavenworth St., $390,000.

Lippold, Kathryn A. to Sproat, Geoff, 20216 Amelia Ave., $185,000.

Easy Space USA LLC to J. Henry Homes LLC, 18408 Willis Ave., $125,000.

Davis, Shawn C. to Stauffer, Seth and Katherine, 19540 Farnam St., $325,000.

Wilson, Nancy J. to Porta, Derek and Emily, 20480 Poplar St., $173,000.

Byrnes, Jeff Scott and Carlyn Patricia to Weaklend, Thomas J. and Crystal R., 19851 Chicago St., $335,000.

Milan, Charles J. and Rosalyn A. to Patricia J. Kuehl Revocable Trust, 1403 N. 194th Circle, $410,000.

Celis, Maggie and Christopher R. to Myron, Christopher P. and Snow-Myron, Stephanie M., 3332 N. 210th St., $250,000.

Peterson, Kurt L. and Christine A. to Bryant, Diana, 3007 N. 193rd St., $586,180.

McArdle, Kevin G. and Janine J. to Revers Property II LLC, 20466 Ohio St., $167,000.

Weishapl, Amy J. to Kriha, Barry Joseph, 1019 Skyline Drive, $234,500.

Ziemkiewicz, Craig R. and Kellie to Brinker Revocable Trust and Brinker, Corbett W., trustee, 1907 S. 220th Ave., $560,000.


Hays, Eric R. and Corissa A. to Jones, Matthew R. and Courtney M., 229 E. Condron St., $255,000.

Tradewinds Development Group LLC to RRM Holdings LLC, 5902 N. 246th St., $25,693.

Bluewater Builders LLC to Prusa-Flores, Jessica E. and Flores, Nelson C., 29207 Mary St., $867,898.

Tierney, Jean M. and John E. to Pachman, Louis J. and Latenser, Allison A., 3827 N. 269th Ave., $725,000.

Lerdahl, Donald Lee and Susan Ann to Stanton, Jennifer L., 214 W. Alexander St., $148,500.

Voss, Joshua J. and Hanna to Boucher, James, 130 W. Vass St., $205,000.

Exstrom, Debra L., personal representative of Exstrom, Ralph estate, to Bianchi, Colleen M., 115 W. Alexander St., $146,500.

Borner, Brady and Carrie to Getsfred, Christopher C. and Colleen M., 26910 Ruggles St., $400,000.


Williams, Dana R. and Tasha to Ashimwe, Jean Claude, 1409 N. 21st St., $140,000.

Smith, Nathan R. and Amanda to Dillingham, Bryan, 1024 Dodge St., $244,000.

Rygh, Tom Vidar and Arnhild F. to King, Jeffrey K. and Jennifer L., 1403 Farnam St., $343,800.


Mescher, Ashley R. and David to Espinoza, Christopher R. and Debra K., 3710 N. 70th Ave., $140,000.

VanStralen, Steven D. and Samani, Julie A. to Ober, Alisha Ann, 2535 N. 48th Ave., $113,000.

Ladd, Linda and Robert to Leaden, Joseph W., 2321 N. 67th Ave., $56,000.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust and Molnar, Steve, trustee, to Toro, Jennifer Ortiz, 3933 N. 66th St., $140,000.

Boffa, Dolores E. to High, Sean Andre, 5131 Pratt St., $166,000.

Groszkrueger, Amber and Cole to Chereck, Ryan Raymond, 6010 Spaulding St., $123,000.

Daquila, Cynthia L., conservator of the estate of Daquila, Robert, to Stonecipher, Colleen, 2202 N. 48th St., $110,500.

Syndicate Properties LLC to Winchester, Raegan Leigh, 6411 N. 49th St., $174,900.

Hornbaker, Ernest to Thrive Partners LLC, 6620 Pratt St., $260,000.

Dennis, Matthew C. to Siebler, Hollie, 2312 N. 63rd St., $145,000.

Peterson, Dennis E. and Susan to Peterson, Leon Bernard, 3105 N. 47th Ave., $29,700.

Kraft, Jack H. to Leffler, Rhonda A., 4904 Manderson St., $70,000.

Elite Properties LLC to Nelson, Cory A. and Bogart, Danielle, 3345 N. 53rd St., $105,000.

Tri LLC to S&T Rentals LLC, 6318 Spaulding St., $95,000.

Sikorski, Jonathon and Meredith to Coccia, Peter F. and Warkentin, Phyllis I., 1908 N. 58th St., $236,000.

Bader Construction LLC to Nguyen, Jonathan, 2030 N. 53rd St., $340,000.

Edward J. Davis Living Trust to 1815 N. 53rd LLC, 1815 N. 53rd St., $310,000.

Seu, Jung S. and Chun R. to Fischer, Gary L., 6022 Maple St., $399,000.

Hahn, Victor J. to Shonnard, Michael Joseph and Muscari, Caroline Tracy, 5322 Corby St., $82,500.

Kingston, Michael K. and Cavagnaro, Lucas to Grogan, Julene K. and Jared, 2028 N. 55th St., $348,000.

Tekrony, Sean and Stewart, Sharissa to Korensky, Taylor A. and Toby A., 6765 Bedford Ave., $164,000.

Yost, Keaya to Hinrichs, Matthew L. and Christina R., 3509 N. 54th St., $120,000.

Brown, Dwayne R. and Amy S. to Henze, Timothy D. and Kimberly N., 2722 N. 65th Ave., $135,000.

George, Janice K., personal representative of George, Richard I. estate, to Murphy, Amber and Richard, 6118 Park Lane Drive, $128,000.

Brodersen, Randy and Tara to Satorie, Spencer and Shaun, 3507 N. 54th St., $45,500.

Morgan, Macey to J.J. Smith Trust and Smith, Jason W., trustee, 2316 N. 63rd St., $173,000.


Siebrandt Investments LLC to Allwyn Homes LLC, 1916 S. 35th Ave., $122,000.

Charles E. Cobb Living Trust to Halpin, David J., 1311 Turner Blvd., $303,000.

Miller, Michelle to 1531 Charlotte LLC, 2509 Leavenworth St., $345,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Givens-Amien, Laura, 1526 S. 26th St., $137,900.

Napier, Adam M. and Damaria to Liberty, Ryan, 2134 S. 35th St., $132,000.

Dahir, Jenifer L. to Betts, Kelly L., 2138 S. 38th Ave., $146,950.

Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A. to Ahntholz, Lars and Lawson, Briana, 4215 Hickory St., $279,900.


Nelson, Jennifer R. to Thompson, Maranda K., 6019 Pine St., $130,000.

Loschen, Avery L. and Perkins, William C. to Cruz, Juan Carlos, 2721 S. 49th St., $155,000.

Bartels, Brett K. and Molani, Mariam to Palu, Kevin J., 920 S. 58th St., $214,000.

Jacobsen, Alexander John and Lindsey Ann to Chung, Philip and Thompson, David M., 5631 William St., $245,000.

Perrigan, Richard and Oatman, Virgie to Heafey, Thomas and Perrigan, Jessica, 6040 Walnut St., $146,000.

Mackin, Jill to McMahon, Kay, 650 S. 69th St., $158,000.

Weigel, Stephanie Jean to Elliott, Chad J., 5523 Mason St., $180,000.

Peterson, Russell V. Jr. to Schwab, Michael and Kim, 1401 S. 64th Ave., $199,000.

Brandle, Tyler J. to Kraft, Landon and Hopkins, Leah, 1940 S. 47th St., $126,500.

Grace, Jon E. and Maureen S. to Rivera, Lorenzo Antonio and Magdaleno, 2105 S. 46th St., $170,000.


Smejkal, Robert R. Jr., personal representative of Smejkal, Robert R. Sr. estate, to Hernandez, Primitivo Valdez, 1337 Polk St., $130,000.

Crowner, Chad C. and Shannon to Plash, Robert B. and Church, Lisa Lynn, 4497 H St., $130,000.

Miller Way 2 LLC to Guevera, Felix and Ana Virginia, 5714 S. 33rd Ave., $44,000.

Hooper, Tyler D. to Smith, Chad R., 4382 Patterson St., $123,500.

Stillmock, Mark and Teresa M. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 6311 S. 18th St., $51,000.

Lopez Nuno, Jose A. and Lopez, Maria A. to Avila, Maricela Benitez, 4102 Drexel St., $130,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly to Bernal, Aurora Mejia, 6202 S. 32nd St., $110,000.

Raven, Joseph F. and Lillian M. to Hamre, Thomas G. and Brenda K., 3630 Polk St., $55,000.

Wrobleski, John J. III and Joan to Wulfekuhl, Kayla R., 4383 S. 42nd St., $70,000.

Hernandez, Armando to Hernandez, Armando and Aviles, Maria V., 4106 Polk St., $50,000.


Pazout, Jaroslav and Radek to Pazout, David, 2530 S. 9th St., $73,100.

Perez, Uriel and Corinna to Jacinto, Maria Lopez, 2310 S. 23rd St., $155,000.

Hawkins, Dale L. and Jerrian to Williams, Trenton, 2018 Castelar St., $37,000.

First National Bank of Omaha, trustee, to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 1412 Dorcas St., $43,067.

Hawkins, Dale L. and Jerrian to Williams, Trenton, 2020 Castelar St., $57,000.

Peters, Reid T. and Shelly D. to Dominguez, Diego A. Galvan, 1517 Olin Ave., $119,900.

Hawkins, Dale L. and Jerrian to Williams, Trenton, 2022 Castelar St., $92,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Po, Tar Bleh and Wah, Christmer, 1624 Corby St., $125,000.

McEwin, Janet Kae to Lincoln, Mark A., 5114 N. 15th St., $17,000.

Martinez, Mariana and Magallanes, Juan Carlos Martinez to Hernandez, Jose Luis Jaimes, 2414 N. 18th St., $18,300.


Valadez, Ezequiel and Mariaelena to Caballero, Rolando Rodriguez, 4346 Grand Ave., $22,900.

Luth, Jerry L. to Armstrong, Taylor C., 3324 Camden Ave., $67,000.

Nolan Holdings LLC to Decker, Michael, 3106 Seward St., $87,500.

Minor, Huey L. to Huey L. and Richart, Mary R., 5218 N. 33rd St., $20,400.

Omaha Dreamvesting LLC to Broick, Richard D. Jr. and Dorinda M., 3213 N. 24th Avenue Circle, $94,500.


Sinnett, John and Laura to Lee, Alan R., 7704 N. 28th St., $110,000.

James T. Smith Sr. Trust to Wells, Gary, 8822 N. 30th St., $108,000.

Stafford, Rebecca to Atol LLC, 2522 Iowa St., $52,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Herndon, Natasha, 2718 Mary St., $119,900.


Freyer, Lloyd C. to RKCK LLC, 9215 Meadow Drive, $90,000.

Favor, James D. and Karen M. to Haggar Family Trust and Haggar, Susan R., trustee, 1038 N. 75th St., $146,000.

Doray, Mohamed and Speece, Lyndsay D. to Hall, Kelly, 1626 N. 102nd Ave., $325,000.

Orr, Linda S., personal representative of Watson, Barbara L. estate, to Svagera, Jared L. and Michaela A., 8306 Nicholas St., $220,000.

Pang, Chiang and Norman to Donelan, Patrick J., 9427 Meadow Drive, $168,000.

Bartling, Patrick J. to Bachle, Randal, 7625 Charles St., $165,000.


Ray, Richard E. and Nickeson-Ray, Diane K. to Buckingham, Michael A. and Jennifer S., 5702 N. 158th St., $265,000.

Foltz, David P. and Rauser-Foltz, Kristina K. to Gunturu, Datta Rajesh and Chitti, Bala Yamini, 16529 Fowler Ave., $236,000.

Uphoff, Chad E. and Tamee M. to Harris, Charles M. and Lisa J., 2712 N. 175th Ave., $490,000.

Kelly K. Nystrom Living Trust to Dowden, Darrell and Linda, 15110 Emmet St., $240,000.

Rozgay, Jennifer and Joseph to Lucas, Mark C. and Lauren A., 14916 Ogden St., $295,000.

Sharpe, Jeffrey A. to Touray, Kemo, 14715 Stone Ave., $299,900.

Hirz, Sirren and Matthew to Johnson, Harriet Bianca, 16508 Yates St., $185,115.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Gronenthal, Brian J. and Inness Gronenthal, Shelli, 3207 N. 179th St., $530,000.

Thomsen, Marc S. and Neely Kay to Nemecek, Jeffrey and Christensen, Christina, 17329 Redman Circle, $395,000.

Langdon, Thomas K. and Suzanne J. to Wang, Young and He, Simei, 3106 N. 169th St., $343,000.

Munoz, Donna and Angel to Sheikh, Mohd Atik and Shameemullah, Ambreen, 4702 N. 167th Ave., $283,500.

Mourgis, June M. to Kaufman, Jasper and Rozier-Epting, Andrea, 4420 N. 156th Avenue Circle, $287,000.

Briggs, Clydene E. to Renner, Glen A. and Melinda S., 14819 Spaulding St., $215,000.

Gregerson, Keith E. and Kristin A. to Jensen, Kenneth P. and Erin R., 14805 Erskine St., $350,000.

Overbaugh, Rhonda R. to Bitter, Lindsey B. and Tompkins, Eric L., 6119 N. 147th Ave., $200,000.

Tatreau, Michael Shane and Meyer, Tiffany Leigh to Nguyen, Nhat and Dang, Nhi Thi Phuong, 4626 N. 155th Ave., $230,000.

Huang, Chun-Kai and Lee, Szu-Chieh to Thornton, Michael C. and Jewelean, 17505 Tibbles St., $310,000.

Hruska, Robert T. and Illa to Staehr, Gail, 4268 N. 176th Ave., $290,000.

Davis, Jeffrey S. to Schnaible, Cameron, 5156 N. 155th Ave., $173,500.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Parsons, Randall D. and Julie M., 5610 N. 152nd St., $380,000.

Stanley, Samuel J. and Stephanie A. to Keith, Ricky D. and Susan K., 17619 Sahler St., $220,500.

KLM Enterprises PC to Zehnacker, Ryan A. and Paige A., 3003 N. 179th St., $74,000.

Andersen, Nicholas J. and Kimber Nicole to Shramek, Madison Ashley and Bruck, Jack Lloyd, 15085 Meredith Ave., $235,000.

Are, Chandrakanth and Madhuri to Karas, Dustin R. and Jessica A., 15742 Grant Circle, $400,000.


Valadez, Rodrigo R. Jr. to Gashi, Albert, 5014 S. 48th St., $130,000.

Steffensmeier, Duane C. and Gloria J. to Crowner, Chad and Shannon, 5023 S. 60th St., $165,000.

Lupercio-Davalos, Maria and Lozano-Ordonez, Jorge Gonzalo to Santiago, Gil Ortiz and Rangel, Brenda, 4456 S. 62nd St., $110,700.

Duhacek, Daniel G. to Guzman, Maria, 4872 S. 51st St., $145,500.

Schlotfeld, Joshua G. to Sanchez, Leonides, 4713 S. 51st St., $154,000.

Proksel, Shane and Bethany to Rangel, Miguel A. Vazquez, 4203 S. 61st Ave., $155,000.

Yost, William J. Jr. and Ann M. to Lassek, Richelle, 5118 Jefferson Circle, $155,000.

Diggins, Francis James and Amy to Flores, Andres Flores and Reina Ontiveros, 5220 S. 50th Ave., $180,000.


Weinzapfel, Matthew T. and Kristi to Koch, Justin L. and Kinsey L., 530 S. 160th St., $289,900.

Miller, Christopher J. and Elizabeth M. to Shuck, Ryan and Justice, Melanie, 15822 Decatur St., $225,000.

Connolly, Terence J. and Maria A. to Miller, Elizabeth M. and Christopher J., 16165 Wakeley St., $305,000.

Richard & Jayme Anderson Living Trust to Hudson, Maha Amoura, 15706 Franklin St., $218,000.

Argotsinger, Betty A. to Schaffer, Geraldine J., 1827 N. 175th Court, $157,500.

Epic Construction LLC to Davis, Shawn and Jennifer, 17703 Leavenworth St., $565,000.

David & Carol Alloy Trust to Werner, Matthew and Leora, 16172 Douglas St., $359,900.


Patten, Alfred S. III and Holly M. to Hagan, Josh and Sarah, 7708 N. 107th St., $220,000.

Shultz, Jeffrey D. and Andrea N. to August, David A. and Rebecca A., 10658 Potter St., $220,000.

Sankaraneni, Rammohan R. and Pinninti, Mamatha to Pham, Thuan Q., 7318 N. 76th St., $170,000.

Pletan, Warren R. and Jacqueline to Lenoir, Freddie James and Denise Rene, 8909 N. 82nd St., $152,500.

Stewart, James C. and Konishi, Mari to Mohamed, Abdullahi and Wood-Abdullahi, Charise, 7006 N. 90th St., $187,000.

Wilt, Scott D. and Janet K. to Buser, James D. and Patricia S., 13240 N. 74th St., $572,500.

Schaffer, Geraldine J. to Van Winkle, Cole S., 7824 Bondesson St., $179,000.

Gilfillan, Dameon L. to Bernal, Monique and Jimenez, Omar Jr., 7312 N. 90th St., $192,500.

Baltz, Darren C. and Erica P. to Wortmann, Wesdon, 9143 Hanover St., $189,000.

Curtis, William S. III and Brianna M. to Garcia, David S. and Raina, 7368 N. 76th St., $175,000.

Watson, Paul D. to Jacobsma, Paul, 8117 Girard Place, $175,000.

Hambrick, Kelly Marie to Petty, Travis, 7529 Wyoming St., $170,000.

Schroeder, Jacqueline to Pedersen, Brandon and Cesia, 8550 King St., $183,000.

Shobanjo, Bolaji and Nicole to Soraya, Azita and Martin, Tim, 7162 N. 80th St., $160,000.

Michel, Joni J. to Tanner, Caitlyn and Givens, Tal, 8924 Quest St., $191,500.


Custom Projects LLC to Jasa, Nicholas and Caryn, 8009 Hascall St., $170,000.

Blaney, Kyle P. to Red Ladder LLC, 3337 S. 82nd St., $155,000.

Hughes, Craig Gordon and Bethany Joy to Clow, Chris and Kahm, Emily, 3067 S. 73rd St., $185,000.

Ferrer, Fernando and Selina to Deren, Nichole J. and James B., 9615 Oak Circle, $799,000.

Hansen, Daniel P. and Janet A. to Buckman, Terry, 2032 S. 87th Ave., $535,000.


Pearce, William C. to Ellison, Ryan and Lindsey, 4741 S. 81st St., $165,000.

Ray, Anthony R. to Wheeler, Alec, 4711 S. 92nd Ave., $159,000.

Lewis, Nathan to Doerr, Connor, 4966 S. 87th St., $165,000.

Terzic, Selim and Jasminka to North, Jerry A. and Janelle Katherine, 9405 N St., $182,000.

Germain, Jake B. and Raechel to Chandler, Kimberly L., 4732 S. 80th St., $145,000.

Lambrecht, Andrew G. and Tera to Finley, Jeffrey, 10522 R St., $151,200.

Pemble, Steven and Lorrie to Brown, Barbara K., 6756 S. 87th St., $200,000.

Weatherly, Judith B. to KR Properties LLC, 4966 S. 90th St., $87,500.

Freyre, Martin T. to DKDunne Properties LLC, 7926 Oakwood St., $162,000.


Lambertus, Joshua and Linda to Connors, Kelly R., 20175 B St., $365,000.

McGrain, Casey R. and Jenna to Cox, Ryan D. and Amber N., 15904 Arbor Circle, $185,000.

Elkhorn Investments LLC to Debord, Cameron and Audrey, 1910 S. 198th St., $295,000.

Freeman, Ronald R. to Corbett, Timothy and Barbara, 2309 S. 179th St., $270,000.

Hoeft, Ann Marie and Don to Kasem, Burhan and Habash, Martha, 15939 Spring St., $174,000.

Costanzo, Brian J. and Carie M. to Dunagan, Erin E. and Grosselfinger, Laurie, 18923 B St., $228,000.

Edwards, Mark and Jacqueline S. to Swanson, Seth and Sara, 1514 S. 192nd Avenue Circle, $457,000.

LeBlanc, David M. and Maria G. to Kontor, Ernest J. and Colleen M., 3115 S. 173rd St., $800,000.

Mantz, Mary Janelle and Donald to Hale, James M. and Ruthann, 2108 S. 194th St., $425,000.

Fischer, Gary L. to Mulick, Laci K., 1230 S. 164th Ave., $133,000.

Hogan, Liesel and Barrett to Peck, Matthew and Sheehan, Meghan, 1117 S. 185th Circle, $675,000.

Timothy & Constance Willits Revocable Trust to Bell, Shane and Jessica, 1311 S. 166th St., $230,000.

Sharon B. Holyoke Trust to Thomas & Joyce Ruffino Revocable Trust, 18902 Pierce Place, $365,000.


McCormack, Colleen to Suncone Holdings LLC, 114 N. 38th St., $80,000.

Johnson, Andrew J. to Mounce, Cassandra, 4128 Izard St., $129,475.

Abraham, James M. and Barbara J. to Wilkie, Dennis I. and Kari A., 3606 Lincoln Blvd., $220,000.

Zenon, Terry Winthrop II and Smith, Simone Raquel to Kim, Solomon E. and Reisinger, Jaclyn R., 609 N. 41st St., $178,000.

Larson, Luther and Debra K. to McClure, Jeffrey Blake and Esgar-McClure, Janet, 424 N. 41st St., $298,500.


Annarino, Sarah E. to Annarino, Sarah E. and Taylor, Bryan S., 5017 Burt St., $109,650.

Eastman, Scott B. and Kara H. to Brady, Megan A., 4808 Davenport St., $372,000.

Heiser, Nicholas and Rachel to Perry, James T. and Tana F., 5107 Cuming St., $375,000.

Bueling, Amy R. and John J. to Ding, Hongfen, 809 N. 47th St., $105,000.

Gutierrez, Jessica N. Jimenez and Martinez, Ivan to Morton, Jeremy K. and Sidney L., 7037 Hamilton St., $155,000.

Linda F. Lammers Revocable Trust to Baker, Kali Lynn, 844 Parkwood Lane, $325,000.

Pedersen, Grant to Gander Co. Design & Build LLC, 5120 Cuming St., $150,000.

Petersen, Mark D. and Kathleen M. to Brownrigg, John C. and Rosemary F., 815 Parkwood Lane, $295,000.


Hill, Michael J., personal representative of Hill, Maxine F. estate, to Grey, Nathan C. and Hill, Lea C., 4625 N. 80th St., $165,000.

Gilliam, Jeffrey A., personal representative of Gilliam, Hazel I. estate, to Van Deest, William and Wisner, Carol, 4240 Aurora Drive, $132,500.

Slechta, Robert B., personal representative of Ray, Todd R. estate, to Osborne, Robert and Kathleen, 8941 Miami St., $76,000.

David R. and Sue E. Barnes Revocable Trust to Hong, Rundi and Zhao, Weiping, 9808 Saratoga St., $207,500.

Lafarr, Jason Remington and Stephanie to Wacker, Kyle A. and Sheenna L., 9928 Bedford Ave., $161,000.

O’Connor, Maureen, personal representative of Murray, Marianne R. estate, to Henin, Eliya and Asaad, Micheal A., 9524 Emmet St., $131,000.

Williams, Chadd S. to Williams, Steven L., 10708 Hilltop Road, $146,000.

Ziesemer, Allan and Karla J. to Long, Robert Shane and Linda Marie, 9368 Ohio St., $159,500.

Williams, Kenneth Marshall and Courtney Madelaine to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 4002 N. 78th St., $138,000.

Rhodes, William J. to Violett, Karn M., 2322 Benson Gardens Blvd., $130,000.

AR Homes LLC to Cordon, Edgar Garcia, 9722 Grand Ave., $141,000.

Carpenter, Noah W. and Payton to Meyer, Garett and Amanda, 8217 Meredith Ave., $170,000.

Baumgart, Christopher and Melissa Jane to Morine, Joseph F. and Becky L., 8403 Pinkney St., $290,000.



Fischer, Gregory C. and Michelle M. to Pogranicy, Jonathan P. and Katy J., 5060 S. 176th Circle, $430,000.

Smith, Hurchel C. and Kristen M. to Henne, Jake G., 4726 S. 194th Ave., $238,500.

Stone, Jacqueline Marie and Hilt, Kevin Sr. to Hunsaker, Von and Dana, 17609 O St., $445,000.

Price, George C. and Rosemarie to Cartus Financial Corporation, 6109 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $368,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Shinwari, Yarmohammad, 6109 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $368,000.

FRPO Investments LLC to Grover, Piyush, 4970 S. 177th Circle, $435,000.

Anderson, Christopher W. and Mandy M. to Cole, Neville, 6118 S. 191st Terrace, $200,000.

O’Shea, Daniel J. and Tara L. to Kounkel, Johnathan Michael and Miranda Jo, 18803 N St., $229,000.

Grothe, Joseph M. and Amanda H. to Gardner, Jessica M., 19612 X St., $190,000.

Basler, Rodney S.W. and Deborah to Berdi, Sharif, 18181 Hayes Court, $128,000.

Sparks, James and Eugenia to Van Dyke, Jacob and Jennifer, 4506 S. 193rd St., $302,500.

Shin, Keith Young to Boffa, Dolores E., 18174 Polk Place, $132,000.

Pfannenstiel, Carol A. and Ernest M. to Pfannenstiel, Terrance M., 4607 S. 167th Ave., $303,000.

Buchholz, Nancy M. and Robert E. to Anderson, Christopher W. and Mandy M., 17005 K St., $270,000.

Shipman, Jamie L. and James L. to Weatherly, Matt and Cara, 16417 W St., $325,000.

Koch, Kinsey L. and Justin to Knutson, Andrew and Angela, 4338 S. 179th St., $182,000.

Hunsaker, Dana and Von Lee to Buurman, Christopher J., 15921 T St., $265,000.

Henry, Thomas D. and Sharayah to Kelale LLC, 19517 W St., $187,000.

Lamb, Matthew S. and Jamie L. to Mahajan, Sajan and Tina Dewan, 4617 S. 176th Ave., $250,000.


Nelson, Eric and Angela to Cook, Dianne K. and Corey M., 6724 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $158,000.

Kahlandt, Charles H. and Ashley to Bogenreif, Stephanie and Daniel, 13935 Monroe St., $185,000.

Jourdan, Anthony M. and Paige A. to Brandle, Tyler and Steele, Tara Blount, 6109 S. 151st Ave., $178,000.


Schimming, Becci to Becker, Andrea B., 7925 N. 116th St., $285,000.


Jensen, Lisa M. to Greening, Wade and Kelley, 15226 Brookside Circle, $234,000.

Burns, Ryan T., personal representative of Gellatly, Ann estate, to McCall, Megan and Eric, 2907 S. 112th St., $175,000.

Seaman, Daniel L. and Mary Montgomery to Glaze, Jed E., 14921 Cedar Circle, $240,000.

Qualters, Daniel Scott to Kent, Charles L. and Cindy L., 1624 Mayfair Drive, $219,000.

Kathol, Kenton D. and Megan to Johnson, Joanne Louise and Gross, Joseph, 3335 S. 126th Ave., $198,000.

Duey, Sarah D. to Roth, Carla M., 2931 S. 114th St., $200,000.

Craig, David W. and Barbara G. to Yost, William J. and Ann M., 11317 Gold St., $230,000.

Rose, James G. and Jana L. to Engen, Jordan S., 3038 S. 109th St., $165,000.

Gardener, Diana M. to Mueller, Mark, 11402 Hickory Road, $236,000.

McNeill, Michael L. and Kathy to Luke, Dillon James, 3115 S. 134th St., $171,000.

Matsumura, Kathie F. and David to Johnson, James R. and Mary Beth B., 2329 S. 154th Circle, $254,000.


Jones, Richard D. to Crosby, Zachary C., 4849 Lockwood Circle, $260,000.


Ridel LLC to Morgan, Tony, 15367 Mason Place, $157,000.

Daly, Joseph B. and Maria to Kretzschmar, John and McColley, Deborah, 952 Fawn Parkway, $227,000.

Deanice F. Beck Revocable Trust and Marcia K. Beck Revocable Trust to Leonard, Nate and Madison, 13805 Hamilton St., $1,150,000.

Kempkes, John and Jodi to Dalton, Bryan, 1305 N. 148th Place, $215,000.

Debord, Cameron and Audrey to Paley, Cynthia, 14543 Franklin St., $221,000.

Jensen, Kenneth P. and Erin to Anderson, Noel W. and Tina E., 14817 Paul Place, $200,000.

Laferla, Daniel J. and Holly A. to Forker, Michael W. and Amanda M., 1701 N. 140th St., $375,000.

Abubakar, Habiru and Nicolle to Kohout, Cole, 1824 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Carol Northcutt Lecrone Trust to Hazelwood, Cheri and Gary, 11327 Harney Plaza Circle, $245,000.

Halverson, Jacob Michael and Amanda Michelle to Hegge, Tyler P. and Elizabeth A., 12249 Izard St., $320,000.


Weber, Hugh to Maxfield, Debra K., 2119 N. 120th Ave., $142,500.

Sotolongo, Jorge F. and Lindsey to Agarwal, Vijay Kumar and Anubba, 13404 Bedford Ave., $1,150,000.

Kretchmer, Ronald G. and Connie K. to Soraya, Azita and Martin, Timothy A., 2606 N. 143rd Ave., $170,000.

Johnson, Tyler and Ciara to Koch, Kelsey and Gatewood, Ryan, 4630 N. 126th St., $188,000.

Douglas S. Oldaker Revocable Trust to Miles, Kyle R. and Oldaker, Emily J., 14212 Huntington Ave., $143,000.

Patino, Jose J. to Hummel, Jakob V., 11423 Kansas Circle, $160,000.

Wellner, Gary R. and Myra M. to Tedford, Debra L., 14201 Huntington Ave., $220,000.

Raiti, Salvatore G. and Danielle C. to Anson, Patricia M., 13020 Curtis Ave., $175,000.

Anthony J. Schrager Trust to Souchek, Jesse and Kelsey, 12815 Binney St., $473,000.

Sarpy County


Dawson, Jamie and Douglas to Bytyci, Naser, 803 Terrace Ave., $140,000.

Melendez, Maycol and Sydnie to Johnson, Christopher S. and Steven A., 905 Hopkins Drive, $130,000.

Nich, Frances to Nowack, Colleen, 1312 Freeman Drive, $159,000.

Greer, James and Carolanne to Quam, Christa, 1806 Avery Road, $180,000.

Hiltbrunner, Gregory and Melissa to Gies, Anthony Thomas, 103 Gregg Place, $225,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Martin, Lisa R. and Clerc, Sean R., 10569 S. 110th Ave., $336,000.

Farrell, Donald J. to Kerns, Jeffrey S. and Rochelle, 16806 Middle Lane, $365,000.

Christofferson, Seth and Ellen to Nordmeyer, Eric and Tiffany, 11849 S. 217th St., $250,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Randall, Braden J. and Casey M., 17118 Samantha Road, $318,000.

Behounek, Wesley M. and Kristin to Fichter, Austin and Jourdan, 21810 Westridge Drive, $226,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Reinert, Brady and Amanda, 8006 S. 196th St., $363,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Needham, Joseph C. and Brienna J., 17186 Jackson Ave., $315,000.

Castle, Patrick R. and Cheryle S. to Maguire, Marcus and Deborah, 12729 S. 82nd St., $390,000.


Neiffer, John P. and Diaz, Angie to Maloy, Shawn and Stacey, 817 Clearwater Drive, $165,000.

Hennings Living Trust to Chavez, Nathan N. and Bonny K., 16104 Schmid Drive, $235,000.

Lipovsky, Brent L. and Angela to Muller, Nathan and Spohr, Lindsey, 908 Mineral Drive, $235,000.

Berg, Thomas L. and Deborah L. to Masek, Ryan L. and Woods, Robyn A., 2260 Placid Lake Drive, $343,000.

Hughes, Eric J. and Nicole M. to Hicks, Jason S. and Cassandra L., 2008 Lakewood Drive, $255,000.

Hicks, Jason S. and Cassandra L. to Roll, Emily and Schmit, Brandon, 312 Frontier Drive, $199,000.

Palmer, Kyle P. and Kristyn M. to Carpenter, Noah and Payton, 2110 S. River Rock Drive, $270,000.

Khare, Vivek and Poonam to Lerma, Juan M. and Maria C., 12348 S. 79th Circle, $360,000.

Kenney, Peter T. and Michelle E. to Hill, Kevin D., 901 Elm Hurst Drive, $283,000.

Phipps, Jason A. and Candice M. to Mitchem, Alana D., 2107 S. Mineral Drive, $279,000.

Antonucci, Glenn to Cole, Scott and Andrea, 2001 S. River Rock Drive, $280,000.

Jones, Shannon L. and Nickolas C. to Keep, Patrick T. and Madison B., 2311 Lakewood Drive, $242,000.

Dye, Stephanie Leigh and Williams, Brendan Robert to Cumming, Cody M., 2310 King Drive, $195,000.


Wedge, Joseph R. and Sheila A. to Bishop, Matthew F. IV and Emily R., 3207 Joann Ave., $185,000.

King, Michael L. to Westcoast Properties LLC, 3019 Crystal Drive, $209,000.

Sauser, Heather J. to Benson, Jennifer Lynn, 3416 Comstock Ave., $157,000.

Monnin, Jamie L. and Kirby L. to Guevara, Jose Fernando Venegas and Barrantes, Lucia T., 14709 S. 23rd St., $299,000.

Kittelson, Korhan T. to Buus, Collin J., 10605 S. 27th St., $200,000.

Smook, Jason D. and Kristi A. to Rossi, Jason F. and Angelina F., 13703 S. 18th St., $325,000.

Pheasant Ridge Partners LP to Pheasant Ridge Owner LLC, 11829 Amerado Blvd., $14,359,000.

Rumple, Andrea D. and Brian A. to Lambrecht, Shawn R. and Kimberly, 15112 S. 17th St., $305,000.

Swistak, Jeremy J. and Tiffani R. to Whalen, Tyler and Amber, 14415 S. 24th St., $295,000.

Rodriguez, Roberto and Carmen Maria to Flakus, Michael L. and Jacqueline R., 3525 Comstock Ave., $166,000.

Weber, Cynthia A. to Carranza, Cara A., 9707 S. 24th St., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jura, Frankie D. and Margaret J., 1812 Mesa St., $293,000.

Ponce, Juan and Monica to Ulfers, Richard D. and Cheryl Ann, 2405 Hogantown Drive, $183,000.

Kozar, Thomas J. and Irina to Palone, Norman Heath, 13703 S. 14th St., $228,000.


Swenson, Steven R. and Denise C. to Swenson, Rebecca, 7705 Lillian Ave., $125,000.

Stuart, Bryan P. and Lina to Diaz Zuniga, Carlos A., 7518 Susan Ave., $170,000.

Harris, Brad Gerome and Jennifer Diane to Prentice, Erik and Krisha, 7433 S. 102nd St., $378,000.

Nelsen, Christina B. and Brian to Henry, Patricia S., 7513 Terry Drive, $135,000.

Thompson, James W. and Nancy P. to Martinson, Sabrena, 9406 Bayberry Court, $332,000.

Ivener, Bradley J. and Lindsay A. to Williams, Brendan and Dye, Stephanie, 10031 Brentwood Drive, $297,000.

Arena, Linda R. to Rodriguez, Roberto and Carmen, 10057 Quail Ridge Drive, $268,000.

Czaplewski, Bradley J. and Susan to Kniech, Christopher, 7323 Frederick Ave., $158,000.

Schroer, Jessica R. to Walsh, Christopher James and Audrey A., 7711 Greenleaf Drive, $195,000.

Peters, Monika to Mangold, Jason James Jr., 7429 Joseph Ave., $148,000.

Dziurawiec, Daniel and Keri R. and Kurtzuba, Johnny Jr. and Lindsay M. to Strunc Properties LLC, 9017 Parkview Blvd., $179,000.


Williams, Ryan D. and Lacey to Schwartz, Daniel S. and Tolentino, Maricel M., 203 Sea Pines Drive, $195,000.

Wood, Wendall Eric and Audrey A. to Gass, John F. and Sally A., 2004 Aberdeen Drive, $333,000.

Hoshor, Patrick to Balm, Taylor Jordan, 2206 Alexandra Road, $277,000.

Kim, Sung Pal and Mi Jung to Bryant, Matthew W. and Sienna B., 11923 S. 52nd St., $328,000.

Smith, Robert R. III and Theresa R. to Cox, Christopher R. and Melissa, 12106 S. 48th St., $320,000.

Nelson, Kelli J. and Jeffrey A. to Kelly, Spencer Laine and Stegall, Sjohn-Curtis DeAndre, 5106 Timberridge Drive, $256,000.

Bravo, Kurtis A. and Rebecca C. to O’Neill, Mark Russell, 217 Allison Ave., $349,000.

Stover, James W. and Kathleen A., trustees of the Kathleen A. Stover Trust, to Dvorak, Brian and Albright, Megan, 1910 Longview St., $345,000.

Goss, John B. II and Susan M. to McCarthy, Michael K. and Carillo McCarthy, Griselda S., 11909 S. 47th St., $415,000.

Turok, Jordan and Whitney to Moore, Jacob A., 4502 Waterford Ave., $220,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Alexander, Tyler M. and Russ, Stacy D., 8360 S. 169th St., $320,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jensen, Steven C. and Jennifer A., 7170 N. 164th St., $330,000.

Kerns, Jeffrey and Rochelle to Daganaar, Travis Cole and Megan K., 18812 Rosewood St., $280,000.

Nelson, Kenneth C. and Jacquiline M. to Kinsella, James, 18310 Hampton Drive, $355,000.

Brian D. and Billie K. Haynes Living Trust to Bishop, Lauren and Christie, Josh, 16611 Loop St., $242,000.

Kontor, Ernest J. and Colleen M. to Glenn, Ryan Jeffrey, 17611 Ventana Circle, $405,000.

Berdi, Sharif and Rahima to Prebble, Roy C. and Krista, 9508 S. 172nd St., $360,000.

Powell, Michael J. and Denise to Arneson, Kyle and Krystal, 17013 Centennial Road, $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Monjarez, Karen and Steven, 7905 S. 184th St., $273,000.

Varadarajan, Vasanth Kumar and Vasanthkumar, Divya to Goossen, Daniel M. and Melinda M., 7310 S. 184th St., $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nieman, Kelly L., 7806 S. 184th Terrace, $340,000.

Bogatz, Frank Adam and Kimberly Ann to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 16707 Longbow Loop, $113,000.

Bien, Jason J. and Emily J. to Noonan, Daniel P. and Amanda, 17022 Willow St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Milnes, Aaron S. and Sara J., 9404 S. 176th St., $345,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Grothe, Joseph and Amanda, 7710 S. 187th St., $289,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gould, Matthew W. and Lindsay D., 18806 Greenleaf St., $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hennings, Joel II and Erin L., 8157 S. 188th St., $257,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thompson, Cody J. and Kelsey M., 7916 S. 187th St., $286,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Huddle, Jarad, 9412 S. 179th St., $300,000.

Gamerl, Jeremy and Kim to Molnar, Steven, trustee of Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 12911 Lillian St., $101,000.

Buesing, Susan to Wiese, Brent and Stacie, 18631 Josephine St., $330,000.


Messick, Dan and Kerri to Molck, Paul A. and Barbara A., 13565 Chandler St., $202,000.

Pequinnock Properties LLC to Adjei, Prince O., 13219 Glenn St., $125,000.

Wilke, Steven E. and Jeanne S. to Custard, Kyle and Michaela, 13005 Chandler St., $210,000.

Hannan, Marilyn J. to Haschenburger, Robert G. and Papastavros, Efthimia, 9037 Gary Circle, $145,000.

Zimmerman, Patricia M. to Sorensen, John and Teresa, 14122 Olive Circle, $151,000.

Borchert, Timothy M. and Mary R. to Chalupa, Andrew P., 15311 Rock Circle Drive, $174,000.

Kelly, Melissa J. to Red Ladder LLC, 13438 Edna St., $104,000.

Michel, Jessica L. and Jeffrey to Gliwa, Thomas L., 7509 S. 135th St., $175,000.

Gray, Lloyd W. and Barbara E. to Schlotfeld, Joshua G., 13403 Grissom St., $207,000.

Greening, Wade A. and Kelley J. to Edwards, Michael S. and Heather L., 7604 S. 150th St., $180,000.

Biggs, Lauren and Mathiesen, Vagas to Djraka, Kuma and Afandite, Ablavi D., 13520 Redwood St., $167,000.

Cicha, Christopher A. and Kristin R. to Zourdos, Carolos, 14507 Borman St., $175,000.

Wyatt Simon Investments LLC to Lynn, Nathan and Amanda, 13420 Emiline St., $175,000.


Swanson, Gordon Lee and Tina M. to Swanson, Nicholas G., 7224 Blue Ridge Drive, $180,000.

Husak, Jason and Jennifer to Lomeli, Osvaldo Leonel and Quezada, Anahi, 2312 Josephine St., $143,000.

Reding Homes Inc. to Schweiss, Shad and Wendy, 1606 Georgia Ave., $300,000.

Picchietti, Stephano C. and Melissa M. to Shoning, Kenneth B. and Stephanie A., 2209 Barbara Ave., $325,000.

Hubbert, Carl and Pamela to Petrihos, Vasilios, 9511 S. 27th St., $265,000.

Thiemann, Jesse L. and Jennifer M. to Plisek, Melanie R., 9608 S. 10th St., $150,000.

McIntosh, Darlene to McIntosh, Darlene and Benjamin, Mary and Knott, Kenneth Jr., 7672 S. 39th Ave., $38,000.

Paniagua-Villa, Cruz Ivan and Heredia-Mata, Cristina Adelaide to Becerra, Bernardo, 7226 S. 41st St., $150,000.

McClain, Ethan J. and Mariah to Donahue, Brittni K., 2517 Olive St., $118,000.


McCormick, Netta E. to Spratlen, James and Susan, 4934 Greene Ave., $160,000.

Fort, Jordan and Maci to Guy, Justin and Sarah, 4902 Glasgow Ave., $194,000.

Davidson, Matthew L. and Laura Beth to McDowell, Zachary and Lyndsay, 8122 S. 50th Ave., $180,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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