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Residential real estate transfers, Feb. 17

Residential real estate transfers, Feb. 17

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Douglas County


Strohman, Derek M. and Jessica N. to Johnson, Christopher M. and Amber L., 7707 N. 158th St., $337,500.

Reinoehl, Jared and Sara to Steffen, David C. and Tara A., 16218 Young St., $356,500.

Stratford Park Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 17115 Bondesson St., $156,300.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Yaksich, Daniel S. and Maribeth D., 7504 N. 161st St., $364,985.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dingledine, Hillary, 15105 Elmwood Drive, $264,561.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mitchell, Robert K. Jr. and Michelle L., 16309 Weber St., $322,018.


Charleston Homes LLC to Speicher, Kris M., 4919 N. 205th St., $303,065.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Grant, Andrew R. and Molly J., 18971 Spaulding Circle, $350,194.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Lancaster, Reid and Emily, 4211 N. 187th St., $400,000.

Myers, Shane D. and Heather J. to Roberts, David Jay, 20831 Charles St., $275,000.

Oelco LLC to Hoefker, Douglas W. and Katherine L., 2638 N. 202nd Ave., $258,800.

Gibson, Erica to Waybright, Anthony and Margaret, 19502 Cleveland St., $280,000.

Martin, Joseph M. and Tanya D. to Ingram, John and Margaret, 20757 Shirley St., $471,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Peyton, Keith J. and Gina R., 4334 N. 191st St., $406,950.


Leporis Equities to Labar, Russell W. and Tami L., 23710 Oak St., $95,000.

Edwards, Linda L. to Horn, Jerry D. and Patricia J., 621 Riverside Drive, $325,000.


BS Partnership to Mott Properties LLC, 3710 N. 63rd St., $69,000.

Weinland, Katherine Stephanie and Christopher JS to Batley Properties LLC, 2944 N. 55th St., $93,000.

Howell, Joshua D. and Madeline P. to Sackett, Spencer C., 6615 Evans St., $133,500.

Kendall, Andrew James and Kala D. to Hammer, Rebekka and Kucera, Zach, 6529 Bedford Ave., $135,000.

Jain, Sumeet and Haubert, Beth to Abler, Laurie and Rousseau, Malena, 5132 Franklin St., $257,500.

Orr, Ian William to Oo, Zaw Naing and Be, Ishar, 4944 Pinkney St., $130,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Kimball, Colten E., 2314 N. 49th St., $119,500.

Hallberg, Donald E. and Rachwalik, Kathleen A. to Hallberg, Gabrielle and Rachwalik, Krista, 6433 Franklin St., $125,000.

Jackman, Paige E., personal representative of Jackman, Clifford E. estate, to Stoneco Real Estate LLC, 3123 Fontenelle Blvd., $55,000.

Garcia, Cesar A. and Jeanie to Jones, Corey and Randy L., 6032 Spaulding St., $141,500.


Vision Properties LLC to Barrera, David, 3115 S. 38th Ave., $80,600.

SRC Realty Investors LLC to Nistad, Eric, 3006 Mason St., $330,000.

Ady, William A. and Ady, Deborah A. to Stoeger, Aaron, 1117 S. 30th Ave., $86,000.

Severa, James D., personal representative of Severa, Mamie Emma estate, to Trapp, Matthew J. and Thomas J., 2129 S. 43rd St., $102,500.

Manhart Anthony J., personal representative of Manhart, Mary estate, to Manhart Eichler, Jane and Eichler, Paul E., 3723 Castelar St., $108,000.


Phillips, Lane A. and Amanda to Gerber, Daniel and Katherine, 3002 S. 45th St., $185,000.

Sutton, Jason H. to Berardi, Jonathan P. and Sherri L., 4908 Valley St., $24,000.

Jean M. Ford Living Trust to Fiore, Joann M., 5568 Shirley St., $165,000.

Jurgens, Jeremy Jay and Hughes, Katherine to Kopsa, James D., 5805 Pine St., $90,000.

Hines, Arthur L. and Catherine to Petro, Charles W. and Guadalupe, 6023 Walnut St., $250,000.

Fibich, Deborah R. to Berg, Paul and Maureen, 916 S. 51st Ave., $168,000.

Heineman, Sue E. to Otte, Timothy, 4610 Hascall St., $116,500.

Soby, Paul E. to Kwiatkowski, Sarah and Andrea, 825 S. 50th Ave., $158,000.


Resendiz, Arturo to Blanco, Elizabeth, 2114 J St., $90,000.

Brietzke, Sheryl M. to Hultman, Madison, 4159 I St., $115,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Segura, Maria, 6101 S. 33rd St., $100,000.

Spencer, Christopher M. and Tiffany S. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3715 U St., $75,000.

Rodriguez, Mary J. to Carrera, Esmeralda and Moctezuma, Jorge Arturo, 4314 S. 20th St., $52,000.

Labenz-Hiatt, Donna J. to Becklun, Zachary R., 4111 S. 39th St., $102,000.


Schurman Corporation to Hultquist, Heather Ann, 3335 S. 17th St., $118,000.


Taddy, Bablue and Lily to Win, Thin and Paw, Hser Boe, 5302 N. 39th Circle, $80,000.

Ngo, Dai Alexander to Ngo, Dai Alexander and Truong, Huong Lan, 3481 Pratt St., $11,100.

Sandra McFadden IRA and Equity Trust Company, custodian, to Brown, Cortney L., 1605 N. 40th St., $107,000.

Birch Grove Investments Inc. to Flemming, Andwele, 2410 Crown Point Ave., $65,000.

Lopez, Adriana Hernandez to Garcia, Griselda Mujica and Rodriguez, Felix, 5012 N. 27th St., $118,000.

Timberlake, Murray Sr. to Preparation Properties LLC, 2574 Pratt St., $12,600.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Kon, Chol D., 3220 Pinkney St., $135,000.

Latimer, Louise M. II, guardian of Latimer, Louise M. Sr. estate, to Lira-Ortiz, Eusebio, 3822 N. 40th Ave., $38,000.

Konz Investments LLC to Gillway, Sean Everett and Mackenzie Ann, 4224 Patrick Ave., $105,000.


Huber, Rebecca to Nolan Holdings LLC, 8603 N. 30th St., $104,500.

Slawson, Mary to Loften, Mark, 7310 N. 39th Terrace, $176,000.

Ramirez, Carlos E. and Evelyn X. to Silvan-Ovando, Lynda, 3023 Craig Ave., $119,900.


Rosalie G. Greenspan Living Trust to Willms, Jeffery W., 8108 Howard St., $259,000.

Greene, Kevin and Jessica L. to Peringer, Patrick and Nichole, 1129 N. 88th St., $142,000.

Albers, Ryan to Hardy, Michelle, 1926 N. 93rd St., $147,000.

Robert L. Baker Revocable Trust and Baker, Scott, trustee, to Karnish, John R., 741 N. 89th Place, $163,200.


Fools Inc. to Holmes, Mary Beth, 5510 N. 152nd St., $295,016.

Jefferson, Allan D. and Marti A. to Jefferson, Kelly and Minty, Joshua, 4308 N. 147th Place, $102,000.

Kelly, Gregory J. and Deanna L. to Kendall, Andrew James and Kala D., 15265 Wirt St., $180,000.

Hayes, David M. and Diane to Smith, Scott C. and Lisa C., 3104 N. 161st Ave., $488,000.

Lang, James E. to Hough, Latisha R., 15214 Evans St., $98,494.

Clark, Thomas P. and Alicia to Retzlaff, Dillon and Brittany, 2414 N. 175th St., $480,000.

Chong, Richard R. and Ashley Y. to Burmester, Elizabeth, 14672 Ames Court, $130,000.

JHBF LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 17803 Binney St., $95,000.

Jorgensen, Lori J. to Buesing, Lorraine, 5122 N. 176th St., $174,000.


Ziepke, Brian C. and Robin A. to Hakola, Marvin E. and FAEC Holdings 499330 LLC, 15727 Shamrock Circle, $299,000.

Larry & Janice Hausman Trust to Hempel, Michael and Connie, 15682 Leavenworth St., $245,000.

Bentley Family Trust to Carter, Douglas and Kimberly, 15674 Jackson Drive, $250,000.


Perkins, Shawn J. and Skomal, Niccole S. to Anderson Charles C., 6955 N. 88th Ave., $170,000.

Reed, Andrew and Andres Avina to Gela, Gutu G., 7009 N. 89th St., $165,000.


Inglis, Katherine and Schildt, Mike to Zeleny, Paige A., 9107 Arbor St., $86,083.

Evelyn M. Schmidt Irrevocable Trust and Cloutier, Laura L., trustee, to Novak, Karen M. and Mark T., 7264 Frederick St., $163,000.

Davis, Janelle M. to Swanda, Robert G. Jr. and Kathleen A., 2909 Westgate Road, $94,000.

Alwine, Brittany M. to Giri, Subhash and Purigiri, Sheela, 3611 Cornhusker Drive, $155,000.


Speicher, Kris M. to Emmerich, Steven and Melissa, 16223 Wood Drive, $206,500.

Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust Series 2007-HEI Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates and HSBC Bank USA, trustee, to Odell Enterprises Inc., 2230 S. 164th Ave., $155,700.

Bryson, Cheryl and Doug to Grimmond, Christopher and Shumaker, Beverlijane, 19909 Logan Circle, $570,000.

Patton Family Revocable Trust to Vanderlinden, Kirk and Joanna, 2112 S. 178th St., $332,000.


Yoder, Michelle and Calvin to Madimba, Abukar, 1424 N. 41st Ave., $84,000.

BPJ Real Estate LLC to Scheppers, Joseph and Leah, 914 N. 40th St., $165,000.

Black, Lynette and Kelley, Curtisa J. to Chardian Enterprises LLC, 3418 Hamilton St., $67,000.

Fink, Todd and Baechle, Todd E. to 500 Block LLC, 3306 Cass St., $135,000.


Bolden, Joyce J. and Robert to Smith, William Scott and Marcia L., 107 S. 68th Ave., $225,000.

Richard & Vicki Ducharme Trust to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5120 Capitol Ave., $225,000.


Ronald E. & Geralda A. Gartner Revocable Trust to Howell, Joshua D. and Madeline P., 10257 Corby St., $233,000.

Kelley, David to Mo, Ree and Bu, Den, 6225 N. 76th St., $140,000.

Special T Masonry Inc. to Stevens, Jordan and Abigail, 5041 Terrace Drive, $139,900.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Myers, Renee, 9528 Sprague St., $147,500.

Syx, Susan M. to Lamoureux, Ann, 10476 Ruggles Place, $131,000.


Donald L. Weber Revocable Trust to Vemula, Ramesh and Dharani, 17533 Adams St., $355,000.

Millett, Gary M. and Elizabeth A. to Franke, Zachary R. and Alyssa J., 18737 Allan St., $187,000.

Sakalosky, Matthew J. and M. Theresa to Slaughter, Eric Lee and Jamie Lynn, 6152 S. 177th St., $354,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 4218 S. 202nd St., $237,000.

Mor, Roni P. and Hovav, Sarit to Gullapalli, Krishna M. and Gavini, Fanitha, 6210 S. 191st St., $184,000.

McKenny, Matthew John and Kassie Rae to Hafer, Amber, 16535 Ehlers St., $195,500.


Sharma, Parveen and Singhmar, Parveen Tarseem to Smart, Jay A., 4842 S. 122nd Court, $135,000.

Buthorne, Paula M. to Iltzsch, Joshua R. and Buthorne, Paula M., 14921 Dayton St., $94,550.


Thornton, Laura and Walsky, Eric to Ward, Caleb L. and Marley E., 11163 Girard St., $165,000.

Edward Bedel Construction Inc. to Sherer, Leonard and Jennifer, 12449 Read St., $552,500.


Strudl, Nancy A. and Charles to Brungardt, Mark, 12503 Westwood Lane, $85,000.

Strunc Properties to Kicic, Jasmin and Seada, 1220 S. 120th Place, $69,000.

Magnuson, Thomas A. and Amy L. to Davis, Christopher C. and Christian H., 3417 S. 136th St., $172,000.

Cvitak, Amanda F. to Brown, Justin J. and Bailey M., 13904 Shirley St., $220,000.

Cohen, Gilbert P. to Gillum, Carol L., 12318 Crawford Road, $176,000.

Smith, Nicholas and Raissa to Hald, Stefan R. and Emma K., 2218 S. 116th St., $250,000.

Eisenhauer, Steven R. and Kellie to Red Ladder LLC, 12330 Pinewood Drive, $200,000.


Patton, Justin N. to Williams, Dana Ray Sr. and Tasha Y., 6321 Girard St., $320,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Bales, Patricia S., 4839 Lockwood Circle, $255,000.


Bogatz, Gerald P. and Kifny to Warrior, Samuel A., 11729 Mayberry St., $305,000.

Ramos, Megan E. to McConnaughhay, Thomas and Morgan, 15230 Lincoln Circle, $189,000.

SAS Properties LLC to Spain, Mary Ann O’Brien, 210 S. 117th Ave., $260,000.


Anderson, Darren James and Courtney to Hagedorn, Andrew John, 5617 N. 126th Ave., $170,000.

Smith, Monica J. to Bolte, Caitlin Le and Kaleb Custer, 11312 Spaulding St., $249,950.

Tidwell, Rachelle L. and Jon M. to Mahaffey, Stephen B. and Teresa A., 11712 Raleigh Drive, $172,500.

Red Ladder LLC to Gleason, Eric D. and Michelle L., 14004 Taylor Circle, $298,000.

Dye, Andrew D. and Beth A. to Sigillito, Megan and Philip, 12917 Jaynes Circle, $190,000.

Pham, Alexandria P. and Viet H. to Deremer, Kevin L. and Roberta E., 11605 Spaulding St., $175,000.

Preble, Jason R. and Dana D. to Farstad, Levi J. and Alicia N., 6010 N. 116th Circle, $177,000.

Pauly, Todd and Kaitlyn to NEI Global Relocation Company, 5730 N. 127th St., $170,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Drickey, Diana S. and James, 5730 N. 127th St., $170,000.

Cappellano, John and Chelsea to Wang, Wei, 6105 N. 109th St., $143,000.

Sarpy County


Chunka, Duane C. and Mary Jo to Richard L. & Brenda J. Living Trust, 514 Kayleen Drive, $133,000.

Stafford, Daniel J. and Lois G. to Stafford, Michael A., 1702 Terry Ave., $165,000.

Buell, Ray F. to Warman, Rachel and Winston, 1408 Grove Road, $440,000.

Hubbell, James M. and Dorothy V. to Wagner, Robert C. and Redding Wagner Christine M., 1008 Bellevue Blvd S., $258,000.


Home Company LLC to Miller, Jon P. and Traci M., 19508 Rosewood St., $400,000.

Wrick, Mark A. and Jera L. to Ohlin, Dale II and Eileen, 21334 Cobblestone Circle, $325,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Leach, Bill G. and Lindley M., 16902 Jackson Ave., $330,000.

Lowe, David L. to Breci, Trent and Andrea, 20910 McClellan Circle, $279,000.

Anderson, Thomas R. and Molly M. to Church, Todd and Stacie, 11706 S. 201st St., $370,000.

Dunwoody, Mark J. and Constance M. to Moats, George T. and Leena, 11830 S. 219th Ave., $210,000.

Church, Todd M. and Stacie M. to Matuszeski, Nathan J., 20935 Birch St., $193,000.

CHF Exchange LLC to Brown, Troy L. and Julie M., 210 Sycamore Circle, $125,000.

Barden, Sheila Sue and Jacob Robert to Kunz, Brett and Shelby, 21912 Bobwhite Ave., $285,000.


Home Company LLC to Christensen, Cary Glenn and Robyn Lynn, 11620 S. 109th St., $355,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Centeno, Alejandro II and Mora, Maribel, 608 E. 2nd St., $156,000.

Greco, Michael M. and Lydia B. to Pocivasek, John and Caitlin, 1234 Limerick Road, $235,000.

Hand, Kristin M. to Carroll, Heather E., 907 W. Perry St., $195,000.

Ronald M. & Mary E. Sporcic Trust to Cantril, Richard J., 1108 Magnolia Circle, $280,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Padilla, Angel and Karen, 12109 Pintail Drive, $401,000.

Reznicek, Richard Joseph and Glatter Reznicek, Victoria Joann to Alexander, Donald R. and Kathy A., 906 Gayle St., $235,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Lusero, Shea and Kamrie J., 11513 S. 109th St., $331,000.

Thomas, Tyson and Kimberly to Laney, Nicholas and Erica, 713 N. Beadle St., $145,000.

Anderson, James E, and , Susan L., co-conservators of Daugherty, Berta Louise estate, to Thon, Scott Ray and Ann Thiesse, 1007 Hickory Hill Road, $234,000.

Warman, Winston M. and Rachel C. to Snyder, Scott W. and Penny Marie, 2008 Walnut Circle Drive, $253,000.

Moses, Crystal L. and James R. to Dye, Andrew D. and Beth A., 1810 Ranch Drive, $300,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Sklenar-Smith, Joanna, 10560 S. 111th St., $303,000.


118 McKenna LLC to Meyer, Hayden G. and Scholting, Abbie L., 165 Elm St., $108,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Godwin, Christopher L. and Suzanne M., 14307 S. 17th St., $239,000.

Thai, Hung T. and Lindy Ann A. to Thompson, John M. and Stephanie F., 13707 S. 42nd Ave., $280,000.

Strong, Michelle and Jacob to Watts, Brian and Jade, 4405 Edgerton Drive, $225,000.

Devereaux, Skyler L. and Chadisty M. to Gerber, James M. and Holly J., 2906 Halifax Drive, $219,000.

Kobza, Ryan M. and Stacy E. to Aguirre, Paula H., 13319 Courtney Drive, $175,000.

Mitchell, Frank E. Jr. and Penny S. and Mitchell, Gerry W. to Compton, Robert F. and Mindy S., 209 Westridge Ave., $126,000.

Kaup, Andrew J. and Michelle to Arellano, Octavio German, 2111 Brighton Drive, $167,000.

Lee, Yen-Sheng and Liao, Shu-Ling to Pelton, Andrew and Lisa, 3716 Helwig Ave., $243,000.

Morgan, Cameron A. and Soby, Bridget to Dynamic Properties LLC, 13526 S. 31st St., $125,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Culley, Matthew R. and Audrey Lea, 14339 S. 17th St., $290,000.

Martin, Blake E. and Jamie L. to Johnson, Alana Rae, 13904 S. 42nd Ave., $207,000.


JAH LLC to Fischer, Lindsey and Scholting, Matthew, 1809 Savannah Drive, $213,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dritt, Richard D. and Tacy D., 801 Fall Creek Road, $318,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Skey, Stephen T. and Kelsey E., 18915 Birch Ave., $294,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Britten, Brady V. and Lindsey R., 8205 S. 188th St., $224,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thompson, Peter H. and Nadine J., 18604 Redwood St., $340,000.

Stoner, Robert J., personal representative of Stoner, Jill M. estate, to Brezinski, Michelle, 7115 S. 177th Avenue Circle, $161,000.

Heldt, Gregory Thomas and Jennifer to Boko, Komlavi A., 15834 Willow St., $181,000.

Lilley, Randall W. and Ashlee to Gibbs, Steven A., 7116 S. 160th St., $255,000.

Hyres, Jo A. and Theodore R. to Arlauskas, Cynthia, 17232 S. Creek Circle, $283,000.

Jones, Jarrett S. and Kayla J. to Evers, Dominique M. and Erik M., 7908 S. 157th St., $175,000.

MWSD LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 18308 Blackwalnut St., $189,000.

Vanderwall, Chris and Kim to Keller, Jacob Lee, 17227 S. Creek Circle, $332,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Votek, Michael J. and Lisa K., 8203 S. 186th St., $265,000.


Wiese, Michael J. and Michelle L. to Paden, Roy LJ, 12830 Chandler St., $223,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Kosola, Edward W. and Helen A., 10714 S. 127th Plaza, $412,000.

Delaware, James D. and Patricia A. to Lovell, Nicholas W. and Caitlin R., 7202 Audrey St., $184,000.

Scannell, Byron Christopher to Murphy, Kerri Lynn, 13516 Edna St., $149,000.


Michael D. & Julie A. Shadley Trust 2006 to Shepard, Daniel and Erin, 8117 S. 49th Ave., $181,000.

TB Morse LLC to Schaefer, David L. and Christiane E., 4702 Bernadette Ave., $170,000.

TB Morse LLC to Schaefer, David L. and Christiane E., 4704 Bernadette Ave., $150,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Xia, Lihua, 4918 Aspen Drive, $169,000.

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