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Residential real estate transfers, July 28

Residential real estate transfers, July 28

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Douglas County


Charleston Homes LLC to Chapman, Jared and Niroomand-Rad, Christyn, 17017 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $424,842.

Gibson, Joshua L. and Lacy M. to Thompson, Caroline, 7104 N. 153rd Circle, $380,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Timeless Homes LLC, 11784 N. 175th Circle, $96,000.

Logue, Brittney and Joseph to Buller, Cynthia L., 15254 Bondesson St., $195,000.

Salmon, Dwayne D. Jr. and Karen S. to Hill, Nick A., 15416 Tucker St., $170,050.

Hoellen, Jason R. and Jill M. to Nguyen, Thang and Tran, Nam Phuong, 16020 Reynolds St., $361,000.

McGill, Richard and Kelly to Mann, Donald R. and Amber, 8928 N. 172nd St., $515,000.

Anderson, Todd and Cher to Jones, Gregory B. and Kary B., 11914 Ashwood Drive, $305,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Daubs, Charles D. and Tammy C., 7106 N. 163rd St., $324,529.

Meador, Amie S. to Peery, Jason P. and Elyssa B., 8219 N. 153rd Terrace, $177,000.

MJ Design/Build Inc. to Krings, Troy D. and Pamela K., 16025 Whitmore St., $330,695.


Seachord, Nicholas L. to Songster, Roger and Hope, 219 W. Whittingham St., $125,000.

Rogers, Michael G. and Thomsen, Jill E. to Johnson, Emily M., 13 Ginger Cove Road, $539,000.

Fieldstone Mortgage Investment Trust Series 2006-1 and HSBC Bank USA, trustee, to Tradewinds Development Group LLC, 5902 N. 246th St., $25,693.

Third Day LLC to John & Libby LLC, 106 W. Vass St., $89,000.

Johnson, Max L. to Morrison, Joshua D., 108 E. Whittingham St., $45,000.

Petersen, Gary Joe and Dolores Idell to Bodnar, James John, 24525 Vernon Ave., $75,000.

Harold & Jolene Pace Joint Living Trust to Packett, John D. and Susan L., 90 Ginger Cove Road, $444,000.


Lello, Raymond W. III and Sarah to Stone Financing LLC, 1403 Farnam St., $406,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Khan, Ali Shan, 1403 Farnam St., $406,000.

Schumacher, Frank and Mary to Gobel, Patricia A., 300 S. 16th St., $159,000.


Mayo, Joy Marcell to Koubek, Morgan, 6333 N. 66th St., $130,000.

Keller, Ronald F. to Houlton Investments LLC, 6776 Franklin St., $59,536.

Evaristo, Carmelo and Dae Mejia to Reh, Mi and Meh, Nae, 5618 N. 60th Ave., $155,000.

Stark, Thomas D. and Evelyn J. to Say, Plae Der and Paw, Paw, 6702 Parkview Lane, $160,000.

Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K. to Malm, Ryan B. and Ball-Malm, Cassie K., 2725 N. 65th Ave., $133,000.

Nazaraghaie, Ahmad and Foxhoven, Paloma to Mittleider, Richard J. and Kathleen C., 2034 N. 49th St., $118,500.

Carrig, James G. to Smith Management Group LLC, 2544 N. 48th Ave., $85,000.

Duran, Paul Levi to Berns Shew, Helen Jane, 2343 N. 50th Ave., $169,950.

Baumeister, Kevin D. and Rebecca A. to Gonzalez, Ivan F. and Imelda L., 4405 N. 53rd St., $118,000.

Birt, Glenna M. to Pugh, Letha and Wendy, 4826 Sprague St., $50,000.

Radcliff Properties LLC to O’Donnell Properties LLC, 4505 Fort St., $60,000.

Macs Trust Revocable Living Trust and McCormich, Paul A., trustee, to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5132 Grant St., $82,500.

Ennis, Phyllis D. to Po, Tar and Soe, Rebecca, 6333 N. 51st Ave., $175,500.

White, Ryan and Paula to Schissel, Andrew and Nemecek, Makayla, 2023 N. 70th Ave., $162,000.


Mader, Kerri J. to Olivo, Jason and Genovesi-Olivo, Mary, 4409 Spring St., $173,000.

Kwasniewski, Beverly J. to Kwasniewski, Barbara A., 3641 S. 44th Ave., $72,950.

Stults, Clifford C. III to CST Investments LLC, 1028 S. 27th St., $32,667.

Robert & Lavonne Moss Joint Revocable Trust to Smith, Holden Colby and Jennifer, 3632 Oak St., $125,000.

Villal, Jose Jovani Genchi to Villal, Eusevio Genchi and Marin, Karin Pacheco, 2609 Poppleton Ave., $65,700.

Belluomini, Christopher Gerald to Harrison, Caitlin and Matteson, Jill, 4324 Shirley St., $250,000.

Worley, James G. Jr. and Annette M. to Rosso, John and Gail, 4402 Vinton St., $110,000.

Tarasenko, Nina and Owens, John to Klesitz Realty LLC, 2614 S. 34th St., $85,220.


Talcott, Sean Michael to Knutson, Derek Duren, 5119 Mayberry St., $160,000.

Hoffman, Nicholas E. and Elizabeth A. to Hoffman, Dennis E., 830 S. 49th St., $105,000.

Revive Properties LLC to 5404 Poppleton LLC, 5404 Poppleton Ave., $160,000.

Gobel, Patricia A. to Visenio, Michael and Eliazer L., 5515 Emile St., $270,000.

Cahill, M. Margaret, personal representative of Cahill, Kevin R. estate, to Richard, Casandra Michele, 510 S. 69th St., $122,000.

Blake, Christy to O’Donnell Properties LLC, 3201 S. 59th St., $100,000.

Morehead, Eryka L. and Justin R. to Kelleher, Edward G. and Swirczek, Lisa, 4532 Vinton St., $145,000.

Farkas, Peter and Kamilla to Craig, Brian David, 3519 S. 50th St., $179,400.

Riza, Althea to Martin, Sean, 3513 S. 56 Place, $148,000.

Baker, Rachael R. to Zawaideh, Ziad Louis and Fida Twal, 3602 S. 66th St., $138,500.

Harrison, William O. and Lillie Miranda to Watson Rei LLC, 4902 Poppleton Ave., $115,000.

Bradford McGill & Rebecca Gaw Trust to Klesitz Realty LLC, 5519 Hickory St., $60,000.

Abourezk, Richard D. and Tasha M. to Peters, Christopher D. and Margaret A., 514 S. 52nd St., $640,000.

Gander Co. Design Build LLC to Jaksich, Samuel M., 1502 S. 55th St., $241,000.


Borchers, Shirly T. and Darwin W. to Hutchens, Hanna, 3622 Monroe St., $110,500.

Bukowski, Donald J., personal representative of Bukowski, Frances M. estate, to Bukowski, Jerome L., 4109 S. 39th Ave., $120,000.

Loretta A. Wees Revocable Trust and Wees, Mary K., trustee, to Bonnett-Murphy, Nicholas D. and Laura M., 4223 S. 39th St., $175,000.

LEV Investments LLC to Modern Investments LLC, 4939 S. 24th St., $475,000.

Luna, Rosalinda, personal representative of Ayala, Leona M. estate, to Acosta, Joel C., 1415 Missouri Ave., $58,500.

Franklin, Craig and Raylene to Martinez, Alejandra and Rosas, Gilberto, 2424 I St., $75,000.

Sanchez, Sarah and Sanchez, Jose M. to Adara Holdings LLC, 3620 V St., $110,000.


Riha, John E. and Eloyce Joan to Calinger, Nancy L., 1465 S. 14th St., $150,000.

Kruse, John Gregory to Raymond Evans Real Estate PC, 2015 S. 2nd St., $120,000.

Stigge, Amanda J. to Dennis, Nathaniel and Erin, 909 S. 10th Court, $243,000.


Casiano, David Chavez to Juarez, Zeferino, 2114 Lothrop St., $125,000.

Bryant, Glen and Lisa to Ruiz, Alejandro Carapia, 4130 N. 17th St., $24,000.

Gilbert, Kirk A. and McKee, Sulema A. to MCHomeSolutions LLC, 3315 N. 14th Ave., $25,000.

MCHomeSolutions LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 3315 N. 14th Ave., $30,000.


Deanery Partners LLC to Vaccaro, Anthony, 2575 Laurel Ave., $75,000.

Dailey, Thomas E. to Dailey, Brian K. Sr., 2014 John A. Creighton Blvd., $12,000.

Deanery Partners LLC to Vaccaro, Anthony, 2422 Himebaugh Ave., $75,000.

Stier, Phillip M. and Pamela R. to Sanchez De Mazariegos, Nancy E., 3190 Meredith Ave., $17,500.

Covarrubias Investments LLC to Suarez Construction LLC, 3477 Grand Ave., $35,000.

Stier, Phillip Michael and Pamela Roye to Flores, Hugo and Flores, Dalia, 5923 N. 35th St., $27,000.

McCreary, Timothy J. and Sheila to Borromeo, Vergel and Blesilda Gonzales, 4311 Saratoga St., $87,000.

Sayles, Isaiah Patrick to Ray, Dylan, 5114 N. 38th St., $110,000.

Minturn, Joshua J. and Jocelyn L. to Lux Mundi LLC, 3931 N. 40th Ave., $35,000.

KREG PM LLC to Rissler, Philip Good II, 4225 Emmet St., $69,000.


Young, Dashawna to Anderson, Karen Elizabeth, 6726 N. 35th St., $133,500.

Endurable Investments LLC to Cuellar, Jose Carlos, 2868 Newport Ave., $69,900.

Wilson, Wanda L. to DG Homes LLC, 6713 N. 35th St., $72,500.

Faulkner, Daniel J. to Hayden, Marty and Angela, 2578 Ida St., $42,153.

Pugh, James W. to Wallace, Sharon, 7318 N. 39th Ave., $101,000.

Weiand, Mickey V. to Bowen, Gary and Kelli, 12209 N. 40th St., $195,000.

Larose, Kenneth and Miller, Daniel L. to Finke, David and Debra, 13809 White Deer Lane, $580,000.


Donald J. Wilkie Revocable Trust to RKCK LLC, 8923 Franklin St., $56,000.

Donald J. Wilkie Revocable Trust to RKCK LLC, 8925 Franklin St., $68,000.

Herink, Richard L. and Lanelle E. to Clark Richard L. and Wolf, Thomas J., 8301 Underwood Ave., $381,000.

Kent, Joseph E. and Kristin to Prouty, Jerrad, 7402 Decatur St., $195,000.

Simunaci, Jeffrey C. to Laudin, Jeffrey S. and Beauchaine, Kathryn L., 8710 Burt St., $329,000.

Lathrop, David Scott and Jessica to Rowley, Jordan, 926 N. 74th St., $177,000.

Jordi, Tracy A. and John to Chonis, Nathaniel and Jacquelyn, 9153 Meadow Drive, $200,000.

Ambrose, Renee R. to 3732 Holdings II LLC, 8905 Seward St., $169,800.


Snyder, John D. and Amanda to Hernandez, Erika Lina Lopera, 14713 Boyd St., $220,000.

Muller, Jay and Janice to Sibbald, Tom and Markham, Erin, 6078 N. 146th St., $191,000.

Debauche, Stephen E. and Shockley-Debauche, Scarlett K. to Montague, Nicholas J. and Malorie M., 15121 Newport Ave., $285,000.

Pegg, Aaron and Christen to Schmucker, Caleb H. and Rebecca L., 15127 Fowler Ave., $200,000.

Parker, Donna J. to Moon, Adam and Angie, 15909 Manderson St., $275,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Graham, Marcus K. and Jennifer J., 3016 N. 179th St., $759,828.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3313 N. 177th St., $80,000.

Ward, Barbara A. to Vanpelt, Becki L., 3325 N. 148th Court, $150,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Weber, Eric S. and Katie O., 3107 N. 179th St., $545,500.

Aherns, Shane to Lozier, Jason M., 3219 N. 168th Ave., $298,000.

Kluck, Marian J. to Yanike, Marie, 5709 N. 167th Avenue Circle, $220,000.

Carol A. Jensen Revocable Trust to Williams, April L. and Brandon W., 3220 N. 176th St., $312,000.

Rule, Gail and John Mark to French, Michelle R., 4213 N. 172nd St., $195,000.

Wanek, Ryan A. to Guydon, Lavonne, 14479 Browne St., $163,500.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Edward Custom Homes LLC, 17757 Spencer St., $85,000.

Schluchter, John and Misty to Cubro, Kenan and Jennifer R., 4238 N. 165th St., $302,000.

Newburn, Lyle E. and Lori L. to White, Paula and Ryan, 5643 N. 160th Ave., $315,000.


Kastl, Robert M. and Stephanie to White, Patty and William, 5416 S. 56th St., $57,000.

Edine Limpach Revocable Living Trust and Limpach, Donald N. Jr., trustee, to Locati, Scott Michael, 5911 M St., $139,900.

O’Brien, Benjamin W. and Bonny to Gjoka, Besim, 5620 S. 50th Ave., $97,500.


Buell, David J. and Jacqueline R. to Lally, Elizabeth M., 1124 N. 156th Ave., $207,000.

Wincek, Michael J. and M. Rebecca to Molai, Nabil and Linberg, Andrea, 16545 Douglas Circle, $625,000.

Harris, Waldine to Neppel, Scott M. and Catherine A., 16172 Lamp St., $315,000.

Atchley, Tisha S. to Atchley, Patricia Sue, 17007 Harney St., $460,000.

Gillespie, Shirley L. to Doner, Christopher R. and Melanie D., 16205 Chicago St., $275,000.

Reynolds, Michael W. and Brooke T. to Snyder, Amanda and John, 16646 Jackson St., $450,000.

McGill, Robert R. and Diane D. to Del Santo, Carl R. and Millea, Erin E., 17054 Harney St., $86,000.


Schmucker, Caleb and Rebecca to Gude, Delana L., 7610 Bauman Ave., $152,500.

Verbeck, Justin Thomas and Escobar, Angelina Sarah to Montgomery, Kilee M. and Reese W., 7024 N. 88th St., $181,900.

Umoren, Eme to Lewis, Merle A., 10353 Redick Ave., $240,000.

Micheels, Patrick D. and Jessica N. to Griffin, Kayleigh, 9103 Hanover St., $190,000.

McCarthy, Anne L. and Rhonda S. to Hutchinson, Kristen and Pedrick, Keri, 9130 Weber St., $186,000.

Womas, Kokou and Love, Felicia to Strayer, Christopher A., 7155 N. 82nd Ave., $176,500.


Ludwid, Linda Jane, personal representative of Moore, Cleo D. estate, to Shea, Laria K., 1125 S. 98th St., $220,000.

Taylor, Steven A. and Ashley M. to Jones, Ryan, 7431 Spring St., $160,000.

Devries, Walter and Kerrie S. to Duey, David, 1514 S. 95th St., $407,500.

Janette L. Kyriss Revocable Trust to Hunziker168 Properties LLC, 3402 S. 88th St., $119,000.

Rygg Revocable Family Trust and Rygg, Lester S., trustee, to Mattea, Corey S. and Trout, Juliana, 2828 Bridgeford Road, $260,000.

Michael & Marianne Fenwick Trust to Stratman, Kevin and Rachel, 8731 William St., $389,000.

Leganza, Deborah, personal representative of Barta, Jane L. estate, to Campbell, Aaron, 8927 Laurie Circle, $155,000.

Rector, Amanda to Comstock, Thomas and Nicole, 8005 Valley St., $140,000.

Guaranty Solutions LLC to Gloria A. Murante Revocable Trust, 7324 Ontario St., $153,400.

Tonniges, Emily to LK Holdings LLC, 2805 S. 102nd St., $285,000.


Hassenstab, Rose M. and James to Nissen, Sean and Runyan, Jessica, 8611 Orchard Ave., $147,500.

Beverly A. Couture Irrevocable Trust and Buechler, Patricia A., trustee, to Walker, Thomas J., 7705 Sunset Drive, $160,000.

Andrew & Jodi Ervin Living Trust to Jacobsen, Judy A., 8734 Lakeview Drive, $160,000.


King, Stephen T. and Tina M. to Luthra, Sunil and Lala, 17315 William Circle, $207,500.

Decamp, Stephen M. and Suzan J. to Bogers, Michael and Rachel, 17008 Poppleton Ave., $277,000.

Mell, Anthony W. and Debra L. to Jim and Annette Shreck Trust, 3685 S. 188th St., $420,000.

Krings, Troy D. and Pamela K. to Andrews, Eric and Chelsey, 18614 Gold Circle, $427,000.

Youngblood, Frederick C. and Melissa R. to Logue, Joseph D. and Brittney A., 19715 Frances St., $275,000.

Demerath, Timothy L. and Jennifer K. to Sharma, Smriti and Payne, Jason Joseph, 20056 Pierce St., $590,000.

Allison, Dan and Allison to Panneton, Mark J. and Nicole L., 3330 S. 185th St., $759,000.


Houlihan, Arlene to Jat Ventures LLC, 3922 Harney St., $177,500.

Orange Investments LLC to Louis, Joseph and Alexis, 1112 N. 40th St., $175,000.

Banister, Sam and Cathy D. to Rafiki Realty LLC, 1015 N. 32nd St., $22,500.

Bixenmann, Jeffrey A. and Angela M. to Wicks, Jesse and Justine, 3000 Farnam St., $80,000.


Lawlor, Patrick M. to Lorenz, Kimberly A., 671 J.E. George Blvd., $390,000.

Sutton, Stephanie and Brush, Thomas P. to Sturm, Emily B. and Joseph R., 6459 Cuming St., $585,000.

Patel, Anery A. and Asish to Hayes, Leverne J. and Jill M., 1317 N. 53rd St., $228,000.

Gleason, Eric D. and Michelle L. to Vankat, Chris Jordan and Natalie Jean, 5819 Nicholas St., $300,000.

Robb, Nicholas M. and Robins, Kelsey E. to Sindelar, Ron and Esther, 6943 Lafayette Ave., $45,000.

Earleywine, Michael L. and Deborah L. to Abasolo, Peter, 6017 Lafayette Court, $390,000.

O’Reilly, Kyle and Amy to Foley, Erin Louise, 4808 Harney St., $171,000.

Proskovec, Amy L. and Amanda M. to Paczkowski, Jason M. and John, Vanessa J., 124 S. 69th St., $265,000.

Maloley, Pierre to Pape, Jerry and Anne, 224 N. 49th St., $220,000.


Salvador Gonzalez Revocable Trust and Great Western Bank, trustee, to Hadley, Christina N., 5623 N. 78th Ave., $175,000.

Wilson, Fernando A. and Calderon, Lourdes A. to Riedl, Tom and Donna, 7723 Vernon Ave., $140,000.

Bell, Dedrick and Carritt, Valerie to Claxton, Erica R. and George R. III, 10519 Nebraska Ave., $242,000.

Rose, Laurieann Louise to Torres Cruz, Reinaldo and Torres, Graciela D., 2714 N. 81st St., $180,900.

Barth, Ruth Ann to Renter, Brady A. and Clara J., 4315 Crestline Drive, $148,000.

9819 Emmet St Intervivos Revocable Trust and Ekici, Ubeyed and Natascha, trustees, to Berlin, Cassidy Marie, 9819 Emmet St., $190,000.

White, Douglas G. and Connie S. to McCormick, Barbara, 10416 Browne St., $229,000.

Emelyn Marian Horton Trust and Horton, Robert B., trustee, to Lack, Jennifer N., 9240 Spaulding St., $150,000.

Dunning, Kevin Carl and Angelica M. to Retzlaff, Nathan, 4830 Parkview Drive, $172,000.


Ritz, Jeffrey E. to Home for Now LLC, 4234 S. 178th St., $155,000.

Miller, Chase Dominic and Amanda Ann to Conkling, Beth and Mickel, Linda, 16110 W St., $298,000.

Nguyen, Loc and Tran, Chau to Romero, Fabio Guiovanni Villa and Londono, Paola Andrea Castiblanco, 16266 Riggs St., $199,000.

Mize, David L. and Sharon R. to Wick, Adam and Casey, 4221 S. 175th St., $335,000.

Fogarty, Melissa to Schnitker, Mark and Jennifer, 5035 S. 164th St., $210,000.

Hoskins, Adam S. and Vera E. to Plambeck, Rob and Amanda, 4134 S. 174th St., $365,000.

Novotny, Stefanie E. to Ace Properties LLC, 18808 U St., $175,000.

Clark, Jason to Sieler, Alexander and Ashley, 4943 S. 190th St., $232,500.

Vanderveen, Chris and Dawn to Pal, Sandip and Paul, Payel, 18957 Y St., $200,000.

Kluthe, Lance M. and Danette L. to Koller, Robert P. and Conrad, Sarah A., 16523 Drexel St., $275,000.


Kroupa, Joshua E. and Jennifer L. to Tromler, Scott and Kayanna, 12135 W St., $170,000.

Magnuson, William A. Jr. to Tweed, Arlen Jr. and Debra, 5606 Borman Ave., $165,000.

Charles R. Heaton Living Trust to Tekrony, Sean and Stewart, Sharissa, 13814 Polk Circle, $198,000.

Mendick, Megan and Scott to Quintanilla Grangeno, Jose G., 14953 Holmes St., $186,000.

Stoll, Bradley and Katie to Dunham, Nathan Russel and Tallman, Kendra Lynn, 5026 Marshall Drive, $163,000.

Mason, Eve to Swanson, Anthony J. and Shannon E., 4912 S. 128th St., $200,000.

Frampton, Matthew M. and Starr K. to Jacobs, Heather L. and Jordan A., 4350 S. 154th St., $259,000.

11T NE LLC to Yang, Tao, 13815 W Circle, $120,000.


Steiner, Joseph W. to Dawson, Brandon J. and Ross, Amanda J., 12822 Deer Creek Drive, $467,500.

Williams, Andrew C. to Kolbrek, Derrick S., 7509 N. 111th Ave., $170,000.


Mark, David Todd, personal representative of Mark, Nicholas estate, to Negrete, Joanne, 12025 Pierce Place, $115,000.

Ball, Ethan and Sarah to Shedd, Kelsey M., 13508 Spring St., $165,000.

Siedlik, Cheryl A., personal representative of Rishel, Darrel D. estate, to Candor Properties IV LLC, 1504 S. 141st Avenue Circle, $208,000.

Jones, Jason and Kristy S. to Candor Properties IV LLC, 13606 Shirley St., $180,000.

Golwitzer, Paul and Kate to Gorringe, Kathleen Laughlin and Luke, 2121 S. 130th St., $272,500.

Smith, Sharon K. and Mark C. to Gremm, Curtis C. and Carissa Y., 1246 S. 138th St., $278,000.

Daniell, Anthony Richard and Kiley to Rome Properties LLC, 2723 S. 116th Avenue Circle, $145,000.

Benda, Margaret A. and John H. to Hayden, Marty G. and Angela K., 2324 S. 138th St., $190,000.

Hindu Temple Ltd. to Karmegam, Chandrasekaran and Chandrasekaran, Vimala, 13523 Grover St., $145,000.

Mackenzie, John J. and Ann D. to Al-Dosary, Khaery and Aljaber, Jinan Mohammed Yaseen, 3441 S. 127th St., $137,000.

Muldoon, Katie Kristine to Deleon, Ventura and Sarah, 11624 Westwood Lane, $156,000.

Linda E. Coffman Family Trust to Sindt, Roger and Jeannine, 11329 Bel Air Drive, $275,000.


Buelan, Antonio Mendez and Stephaine A. to Peter, Richard and Amy, 4821 Lockwood Lane, $350,000.

NSCM 2018-4 LLC to Bell, Dedrick, 6311 Read St., $135,000.


Master Commissioner to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 12117 Parker Circle, $149,141.

Jacqueline McLellan Revocable Trust to Berberich, Mary E. and Yearling, Mary L., 13030 Irving Place, $325,000.

Nielsen, Thomas R. and Rose, Kevin G. to Kestel, Jill M., 11659 Douglas St., $275,000.

Montague, Nicholas J. and Malorie M. to Aulner, Joseph and Colleen, 1508 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $235,000.


Brutto, Joseph P. and Mary Jo L. to Brown, Nathanael B. and Amanda R., 5116 N. 138th St., $325,000.

Wilts, Bruce E. and Nancy J. to Corriveau, Sean B. and Lindsay J., 2529 N. 141st Ave., $185,000.

Thompson, Caroline M. and Vernon, Joseph Wesley to Griffith, Greg S. and Laurie, 13427 Taylor St., $289,900.

Hansen, Jill A. to Knight, Joseph O. and Janet M., 10806 Larimore Ave., $50,000.

Rita Ann Potter Revocable Trust to Jank, Roland A. Jr. and Suzan, 3319 N. 130th Circle, $410,000.

McCormick, Milton R. and Barbara G. to Denny, Patrick R. and Bettie, 11692 Roanoke Blvd., $161,000.

Sladek, Alan D. and Bernadette T. to Gorden, Corey M. and Emily M., 14106 Sahler St., $316,250.

Larson, Ryan to Haynes, Austan and Haynes, Rebecca, 11260 Martin Ave., $175,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Special T Masonry Inc. to Wallace, Kyle L. and Tiffany L., 705 Pluma Drive, $173,000.

Martin, Charles D. and Pamela M. to Butler, William S. and Karen E., 1805 Madison St., $160,000.

Lydiatt, William M. and Kathryn M. to Pecha, Donald and Denise, 207 Martin Drive, $353,000.

Wellentin, Michael and Megan to Orr, Ralph S. Jr., 607 Garden Ave., $98,000.

Ramos, Carlos Daniel and Epiphany Ann to Chavez, David, 1007 Grandview Ave., $140,000.

Bengtson, Jeremiah S. and Traci L. to Cossel, Trey C., 1811 Main St., $163,000.

Didamo, David M. and Jody A. to Didamo Sronce, Christine M. and Sronce, Jon Christopher, 1502 Cascio Drive, $162,000.

Kruse, Cody J. to Baeza, Ana B. Ochoa, 202 Lois Lane, $124,000.

Schuster, Kimberly S. and Grae L. II to Mitchell, Patricia L., 1708 Franklin St., $147,000.

Oraivej, Cherie N. and Vivirito, Timothy G. to Hill, Nicolaus J., 2504 Wayne St., $101,000.


Hellbusch, Jennifer K. and Matthew to Luellman, Kevin M. and Dana M., 19735 Bellbrook Blvd., $339,000.

Engles, Jennifer C. personal representative of Baldwin Sharon M. estate, to Rangel, Joy, 11428 S. 199th, $242,000.

Passauer, Paul G. and Amy to Lorimer, Justin K. and Amanda L., 11621 S. 206th St., $170,000.

Goldsberry, Alan L. and Gwen R. to Gude, Jeffrey G. and Audra M., 9403 S. 204th St., $320,000.


Ryerson, William R. and Teresa P. to Yeatts, Jason D. and Michelle L., 7510 Leawood St., $378,000.

Whaley, Bryan P. and Sadie B. to Martinez, Genero G. Jimenez and Barragan, Martha M. Barragan, 2107 Marilyn Drive, $200,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Eastman, Seth W. and Sarah, 11012 Superior Drive, $324,000.

Dewilde, Benjamin Bryan and Raegan to Andrea M. Peterson Trust, 712 Leprechaun Lane, $183,000.

Baranko Inc. to Powers, William E. and Andrea M., 12619 S. 76th Ave., $428,000.

O & O Investments LLC to Bland, Travis Christopher, 1205 Devon Drive, $185,000.

Perkins, John B. and Miriam H. to Fowler, Ben and Julie, 907 Wicklow Road, $332,000.

William C. and Carol L. Warnes Trust to Strigenz, Thomas P. and Mandy L., 1203 S. Washington St., $420,000.

Ehlers, James and Melinda to Beams, Corey and C. Dallas, 1140 Overland Trail, $206,000.

Steven D. and Shirley A. Bruckner Trust to Clark, Terry S. and Virginia L., 8319 Molokai Drive, $265,000.

Aldrich, Gladys D. to Loguda, James and Pugh, Jessica Newton, 304 E. 7th St., $170,000.

Bell, Adrian and Suzanne E. to Kielion, April, 7648 Castle St., $374,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Boyd, Patrick T. and Jessica N., 11010 Cove Hollow Drive, $320,000.


McCaul Contracting LLC to Miller, Kenneth J., 635 N. 10th Ave., $300,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Mann, Adam M. and Jeneee M., 330 N. 10th Ave., $345,000.


Bruce, Kevin S. and Christina M. to Olmedo, Juan Jose and Angelica, 13711 S. 17th St., $265,000.

Aschenbrenner, Jason R. and Sarah A. to Dempsey, Darrel and Danielle, 11675 Quail Drive, $200,000.

Fetzer, Christy M. to Welte, Rosie and Christopher, 10709 S. 29th St., $235,000.

Amaral, Adam J. to Soucy, Sean D. and Theresa A., 13405 S. 20th St., $310,000.

Bowser, James and Mace, Laura to Nicola, Justin and Katie, 4412 Victoria Ave., $350,000.

Gibson, Toby R. and Amanda M. to Mathias, Zachary Brent, 13504 S. 33rd St., $175,000.

Lucas, Matthew P. and Karen J. to Radil, Kody and Stephanie, 10712 S. 17th St., $196,000.

JNR Management Inc. to Thomas, Julian, 14206 S. 18th St., $245,000.

Sprague, Raymond H. III and Ronda L. to Groff, Leslie M.R. and Steven Phillip, 10112 S. 11th St., $195,000.

Groves, Courtney Louis and Crystal to Mahl, Nirmaljeet and Gill, Ravneet, 14417 S. 27th St., $185,000.

Crawford, Richard A. and Satira L. to Garcia, Adriana M. and Lauren E., 2607 Yorktown St., $196,000.

Banks, Ira Jr. and Shirline to Nieto, Kevin L. Jr. and Jessica D., 4301 Edgerton Drive, $292,000.

Zulkoski, Ryan A. and Misty R. to Arnold, Christopher and Renee, 4312 Edgerton Drive, $330,000.

Lovejoy, Michael G. and Joanne to Lovejoy, Todd M., 3308 Lynnwood Drive, $160,000.

Frazier, Edwin B. Jr. and Susan T. to Lauer, Nicholas R. and Olsen, Alexandria C., 2514 Annabelle Drive, $360,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McNally, Patrick T. and Rachel A., 1921 Plymouth Rock Road, $258,000.


Fenske, Steven A. and June J. to Cruzan, Benjamin and Jenna, 9806 Val Verde Drive, $350,000.

Donaldson, Kristen to Peterson, Elizabeth and Mortensen, Raymond, 7413 S. 69th St., $135,000.

Mahmood, Qasim and Qasim, Sadia to Eyster, Kimberly D. and Gary D., 8515 S. 101st St., $302,000.

Gilbert, Todd and Kayli to Andersen, Jared and Johnson, Erin E., 7331 S. 103rd Ave., $356,000.

Newton Pugh, Jessica L. and Loguda, James P. to Schindel, Nicholas R., 7342 S. 70th St., $119,000.

McCartney, Lou Ann and James W. to Donahue, Laurence F. and Mary Ann, 9220 Hillcrest Drive, $210,000.

Griffin, Raymond and Doris to Coleman, Robert L. and Jeanette M., 7010 Hillcrest Lane, $237,000.


Strasser, Cynthia E. to Banks, Ira Jr. and Shirline, 2113 Crest Ridge Drive, $310,000.

Raughton, Jonathan B. and Leanne M. to Jefferies, Sheila, 2116 Christine St., $245,000.

Carter, Leslie S. to TFI LLC, 2005 Windcrest Ave., $188,000.

Scholting, Thomas F. Jr. and Heather C. to Brockshus, Adam and Kristin, 11804 S. 53rd St., $349,000.

Anglin, Robert Thomas and Courtney Deann to Medakovich, Ann and Klauer, Ashley, 1814 Ashwood Ave., $220,000.

Kielion, April M. and Walker, Jesse L. to Jones, Keelan and Haynie Jones, Jennifer, 8811 S. 66th Ave., $270,000.

Zegers, Craig W. and Carli A. to Butler, Mark and Bateman, Karen, 106 S. Fall Creek Road, $285,000.


Espinoza, Alejandro and Rosas, Sandra to Dunning, Kevin Carl and Angelica M., 16517 Loop St., $234,000.

Smedlund, Andrew J. and Ladeana S. to Medina, Julio and Hernandez, Limayra, 8603 S. 165th St., $290,000.

Berens, Linda J. to Morris, Scott M. and Kathryn E., 17716 Josephine St., $200,000.

Ault, Richard A. and Kristy A. to Williams, Michelle Christine and Demetrius Eugene, 8626 S. 164th St., $258,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vick, Todd R. and Joan L., 18912 Greenleaf St., $290,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Comstock, Timothy A. and Braun, Sharon L., 18614 Willow St., $288,000.

Harter, James K. and Ralinda C. to Frampton, Matthew M. and Starr K., 7603 S. 186th St., $370,000.

Wehling, James and Carol to Freese, Scott Eugene, 7322 S. 174th St., $179,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Camacho, Kevin, 8161 S. 188th St., $259,000.

Muthukrishnan, Santhoshkumar and Venkatesan, Sri Vidya to Yandel, Robert M. and Maureen P., 7926 S. 162nd St., $258,000.

Cubro, Kenan and Jennifer R. to White, Benjamin M. and Alyssa R., 16138 Blackwalnut St., $192,000.

Conrad, Sarah A. to Salimi, Mohammad Shafi and Jamila, 7928 S. 161st Terrace, $180,000.

Joanne A. Wilson Living Trust and Wilson, Craig Bryan, trustee, to Schmidt, Pamela J., 7206 S. 157th St., $228,000.

Brison, Jacob J. and Brittany N. to Finneran, Sean and Sarah, 18804 Rosewood St., $278,000.

Maeser, Kelly A. and Anthony L. to Ekker, Kelly, 8831 S. 163rd Ave., $260,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cleveland, Jason T., 18811 Greenleaf St., $274,000.


Fugger, Thomas Scott and Brandee Danielle to Shirk, Chad and Coon, Catherine, 13817 Edna St., $189,000.

Getzschman, David and Barbara J. to Evans, Nathan J. and Tristen, 13219 Cooper St., $200,000.

Connelly, Lindsey L. and Bayless, Spencer to Rivas, Gabriel and Sandy, 15102 Edna St., $245,000.

Kloxin, Nathan R. and Ashley E. to Kersten, William G. and Bethannie L., 7404 S. 155th Ave., $194,000.

Adelson, Craig A. and Wendy to Canterbury, Christopher L., 13802 Meadow Ridge Road, $168,000.


Welte, Christopher P. and Rosaleigh B. to Torres, Arturo W., 2712 Lillian St., $123,000.

Black, David Richard to Myers, Jared and Pojar, Ashley, 2609 Virginia St., $145,000.

Dixon Joseph C. III and Pontillo Dixon, Kacy to Canup, Tim and Hannah, 2606 Georgia Ave., $249,000.

Dick, Derrick D. and Haley M. to Schumacher, Robert P. and Sheryl A., 8508 S. 11th, $147,000.

Monge, Angelina Melgar to Torres Gonzalez, Mauro A., 4303 Harrison St., $110,000.

Crismon, Benjamin J. to Ward, Richard and Julie, 7623 S. 41st Ave., $140,000.

Arnold, Christopher and Renee to Carbajal, Solis Ranferi, 2707 Georgia Ave., $218,000.


Jenkins, Cody A. and Lexie J. to Durst, Dustin and Veronica, 6460 Elm Hurst Drive, $263,000.

Wright, Michael J. and Jennifer S. to Nachtigall, Caleb D. and Dallas D., 6456 Elm Hurst Drive, $266,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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