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Residential real estate transfers, June 16

Residential real estate transfers, June 16

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Douglas County


Eggers, Randal C. to R5 Real Estate LLC, 18606 Northern Hills Drive, $815,000.

Quackenbush, Robert W. Jr. and Genie to Reyes, Kara, 8808 N. 158th St., $229,900.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Aucar, John A. and Julie A., 7414 N. 168th Ave., $377,500.

D & E Custom Building and Design Inc. to Mann, Evelyn and Jerry, 10307 N. 152nd Ave., $304,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wells, Jeremy R. and Hall, Brittney N., 8131 N. 173rd St., $332,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Brothers, Todd Robert and Jenni Leah, 7817 N. 156th Ave., $327,726.

Watson, Ronald Sr. to Swaminathan, Arun and Muralidharan, Abenaya, 16008 Weber St., $270,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Debauche, Stephen E. and Scarlett Shockley, 14917 Hanover St., $420,660.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dawo, Gerald and Catherine, 8027 N. 173rd St., $348,580.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tamalampudi, Venkata R. and Arukala, Yamini, 8008 N. 172nd St., $247,345.

Warrior Home Solutions LLC to Trifecta Properties LLC, 8820 N. 169th St., $232,100.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Minarik, Adam L., 9720 N. 151st St., $345,000.

Huntington Homes LLC to Selk, Brett R. and Melissa E., 16207 Grebe St., $375,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Foltz, Chris F. and Jennifer L., 16319 Girard St., $300,916.


Ramm Construction Inc. to Rhodig, Lori L. and Brian S., 1719 Blue Sage Parkway, $530,880.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Kasba, Jayasurya and Bekkeri, Swapna, 18404 Patrick Ave., $497,447.

H3 Custom Homes LLC to Motl, Ryan and Trisha, 22114 Cedar Circle, $582,500.

Krejci, Ryan and Melissa to Hanson, Cory J. and Kristen M., 18213 Lafayette Ave., $355,000.

Paradis, Cory J. and Lisa M. to Monaghan, Danny P. Jr. and Carlson, Jessica M., 3905 Ramblewood Drive, $165,000.

Hanson, Kristen M. and Cory J. to Anthony and Cheryl Gerace Trust, 1319 N. 183rd St., $310,000.

Burkhard, Kellie S. and Waldecker, Bradley to Burkhard, Christopher, 20404 Wolfs St., $163,000.

Dodd, Travis C. and Melodye Ginger Bisagno to Wm. Huang Holdings LLC, 21201 Greenbrier Drive, $170,000.

Muzic, Joseph S. and Lisa E. to Antony, Jose B. and Olive, 1410 N. 182nd St., $367,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Meisinger, Joseph Max and Breann Marie, 3809 N. 191st Circle, $419,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Ball, Bradley J., 3620 S. 205th St., $649,900.

Bahle, Tracy Mark and Theresa Marie to McGrath, Kevin D. and Mary R., 19639 Mayberry St., $415,000.

Loontjer, Travis S. and Mandy M. to Cline, Vincent E. and Cassandra M., 19519 Harney St., $385,000.

Linberg, Andrea M. and Molai, Nabil to Kruse, Chad L. and Maria L., 510 S. 198th St., $410,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Oney, Jamie A. and Martin, Jason P., 2540 N. 187th Circle, $518,000.

Moulton, Jeffrey K. and Marla K. to Christenson, Robyn B., 1406 N. 209th Ave., $240,000.

Seeger, Gary E. to Seeger, Gary E. and Paradis, Mia Y., 701 S. 201st Ave., $159,000.

Zinger, Gregory J. and Vicky to Reeson, Chad and Ryleigh, 3026 Trailridge Blvd., $440,000.

Schiley, Patrick J. and Rachel R. to Johnson, Dustan and Dawn, 2717 N. 189th St., $295,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Benjamin, Mark B. and Bernadette O., 1933 S. 220th St., $540,000.


Graham, Gary and Denise M. to Biggs, Victor, 24506 Redick Ave., $36,300.

Hull, Harvey and Judy to Grimm, Thomas E. and Elizabeth A., 3826 N. 269th Ave., $345,000.

RML Investments Inc. to Scott, William and Sarah, 6550 Ginger Woods Road, $40,000.


Osborn, Shane J. and Stacie to Legband, Timothy C. and Jessica L., 24317 Howard Circle, $980,000.


Wais, Daniel A. and Mary Ann to Wais, Benjamin Daniel, 6326 Decatur St., $85,000.

Bailey, Cody and Melissa to Lokey, Jesse and Corliss, 2802 N. 60th St., $184,000.

Conde-Milward Investments LLC to Fund 2005 Associates LLC, 4106 N. 60th St., $85,000.

Metcalf, Meredith to Moulton, Scott, 4827 Franklin St., $150,000.

Robert C. & Bernice T. Brown Irrevocable Trust and Pakiz, James M., trustee, to Hill, Jason Thomas and Wendy, 2344 N. 69th St., $175,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Bruning, Carissa and Rudebush, Jason, 3315 N. 58th St., $173,200.

Dunston, Randall Scott and Allie to Rickley, Laura M. and Mark L., 1915 N. 50th St., $301,000.

Wester, Rebecca M. to Flaherty, Timothy T., 1820 N. 54th St., $310,000.

Ostby, Laurence S. and Weifang X. to Dolezal, Daniel J., 6514 Spencer St., $110,000.

Schlickbernd, Paul J. and Debra M. to Pearls Enterprise LLC, 3527 N. 55th St., $77,670.

Dwight A. & Juliann Livingston Living Trust to Wee, Ah and Htoo, Wah E., 6416 Ogden St., $150,000.

Ansell, Michael J. to Ansell, Chris C., 4525 Seward St., $71,916.

Ansell, Chris to Transporation Management Group LLC, 4525 Seward St., $91,000.


Lapointe, Julie to Grieves, Donald P. and Rohlfs, Janet M., 3928 Arbor St., $131,000.

Shaw, Joshua and Elisabeth to Howe, Jeremy and Kimberly, 3935 Arbor St., $192,500.

Daniels, Stacy to Christensen, Lauren M. and Labure, Joshua A., 3071 S. 33rd St., $155,000.

Pearcey, Jordan Michael and Carmen to Kassal, Jeffrey B. and Boe, Kristin A., 1017 S. 35th St., $185,000.

Juarez-Ventura, Guadalupe Victoria and Pinto, Manuel Gonzalez to Juarez-Ventura, Hermila, 3860 Vinton St., $82,800.

Huss, Ronald and Shirley D. to Guthrie, Seth and Jennifer, 3264 Hascall St., $150,000.

Ann R. Long Trust to Eichhorn, Sarah and Bradley, 3815 Marcy St., $187,000.

Simone, Christine Elizabeth to Booton, Susan, 3023 Vinton St., $150,000.

Schreiner, Sarah J. to Witti Investments LLC, 1002 Turner Blvd., $150,000.

Luna Enterprises LLC to Prystai, Andrew D. and Hawthorne, Danielle E., 3013 Dewey Ave., $131,000.

Murphy, Debra A., personal representative of Goodell, Marilyn J. estate, to Suncone Holdings LLC, 924 S. 25th Ave., $64,000.

Post and Lintel Construction Inc. to Cohano Investments LLC, 3011 S. 39th St., $84,000.


Leigh A. Neary Revocable Trust to Bruce, Rachel, 613 S. 51st Ave., $245,500.

Wieczorek, Michael L. Jr. and Teresa M. to Wieczorek, Michael L. III, 6305 Pacific St., $130,000.

Kassal, Jeffrey to South Dundee Properties LLC, 1348 S. 51st Ave., $129,235.

Finley, Christopher D. and Smith, Daron L. to Larson, Craig Allen and Karen Marie, 6207 Dorcas Place, $160,000.

Martin, Alan J. and Alannah to Shreve Enterprises, 5074 Frances St., $179,500.

Agosta, Brad and Goodrich, Cynthia K. to Goodrich, Cynthia K., 2410 S. 48th Ave., $88,000.

Leslie C. McKim Revocable Trust to Kempf, Nicholas J., 863 S. 50th Ave., $160,000.

Barber, John C. to Rogers, Wayne and Zdan, Adell, 1306 S. 52nd Ave., $164,000.

Vanderwerf, Guy P. and Leslie to Robertson, Alice B. and Toebben, Mark D., 2223 S. 51st St., $156,800.

Koepke, Sandy to Extrand, Jody M. and Bart P., 802 S. 68th St., $352,000.


Pasley, Dennis J. and Stone-Pasley, Cathy L. to Sales, Dwight S., 1542 Y St., $45,000.

Bergman, Gerald E. to Massengale, Thomas L., 1503 Pasadena Ave., $123,700.

Eleanor A. Drzaic Asset Trust and Drzaic, Stephen A. Jr., trustee, to Walton, Jessica, 6208 S. 36th St., $129,000.

EKW Properties Inc. to Gilbert, Shawn K. Sr. and Jonna J., 4377 J St., $165,000.

Martinez, Juan Carlos and Reyes, Dora Alicia to Torres, Francisca G. and Aldai, Estanislao Torres, 3723 W St., $140,000.


Henderson, Scott T. and Monica M. to Brasch Properties LLC, 2221 S. 17th St., $72,000.

Cheloha, Josephine A. to Zuniga, Noe A. and Maria D., 1449 S. 16th St., $50,000.

Henderson, Scott T. and Monica to Hernandez, Fatima Garcia, 3109 S. 18th St., $79,000.


Stevens, Donna to Mott Properties LLC, 3255 N. 20th Court, $72,000.

Miller Way LLC to Ahmed, Tonwir, 2514 N. 18th St., $29,000.

Cuellar, Jose Carlos to Sein, Pan, 2222 Fowler Ave., $120,000.

BS Homes Omaha LLC to Curry, Amber J., 2118 Evans St., $122,000.

Omaha 100 Incorporated to Hadley, Bridget A., 2030 N. 24th St., $125,500.


Bana Investments LLC to McCright, Tom, 3811 Franklin St., $202,500.

Podan, Francis to Poh, Poh and Moo, Naw, 4032 Vernon Ave., $80,000.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Wah, Eh Bul, 4124 N. 33rd St., $90,000.

Omaha Dreamvesting LLC to Mendoza, Israel, 3945 Blondo St., $120,000.


LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank, trustee, to Pit, Kyaw, 6517 N. 40th St., $104,900.

Real Growth LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 7151 N. 25th St., $65,900.

Kurtz, William H. and Gail J. to Lave, Anthony W. and Brandy N., 8210 N. 29th St., $95,000.

Pittman, Tanya to Htoo, Bla, 3975 Iowa St., $145,000.


Eymann, Tara B. to Johnsen, Pamela, 1718 N. 92nd St., $273,810.

Redpath, William Brian and Debra Sue to Dowd, Joseph and Abosch, Aviva, 716 S. 96th St., $899,000.

Kastrup, Jeremiah D. and Diggins, Heather M. to Wickwire, Angela C., 1117 N. 107th Ave., $164,000.

Rasmussen, Kay M. to Kanne, Elliot J. and Kalina, Kalee D., 8321 Parker Court, $160,000.


Reedy, Rebecca S. and Anthony M. to Jensen, Kevin and Dimmock, Wendy, 14931 Bauman Ave., $229,950.

Lindner, Ansel Josef and Leigh to Blycker, Bryce C. and Warneke, Katherine A., 2538 N. 167th St., $275,000.

Holt, Tyler and Cortnie to Dubeck, Sean M. and Rogan, Samantha N., 16875 Fowler Ave., $190,500.

Nelson, Danny J. and Courtney to Stranberg, Scott, 16868 Camden Ave., $200,000.

Ryan, Stacey and James B. to Barton, Andrea, 14717 Meredith Ave., $191,950.

Yarlagadda, Meghna to Mackey, Jordan, 14983 Laurel Ave., $279,500.

Pamdal Family Limited Partnership to BRT Capital LLC, 14513 Wirt St., $167,500.

Crumbley, Wayne A. and Ariane to Junkins, Shawn and Grabowski, Noreen L., 4608 N. 166th St., $272,500.

Klein, Marguerite D. to Williamsen, Zach S. and Peterson, Tonya L., 4214 N. 164th St., $253,000.

Buchanan, Michael D. and Maryanne to Jones, Quincy and Haroldlyn, 16501 Grand Ave., $225,000.

Rd Blair LLC to 165 Fort LLC, 16505 Fort St., $1,200,000.

Serio, Stephen John and Haeley Ann to Gregory, Steven M., 2622 N. 166th St., $299,562.

Temczuk, Craig A. and Eva D. to Bussey, Thomas J. and Ruth Ann, 16415 Patrick Ave., $203,000.

Popken, Kevin A. and Jeanette to Heng, Nathan K. and Cynthia N., 14650 Hartman Ave., $320,000.

Workman, Heeran and Nathan to Glover, Ryan E. and Sarah, 3123 N. 168th Ave., $286,000.

Allely, Kara J. to Nightengale, Donald and Sylvia, 3320 N. 152nd Ave., $200,000.

Johnson, Dustan J. and Dawn M. to Fabry, Grant M. and Colleen A., 4720 N. 168th Ave., $215,000.

Mecham Family Revocable Trust to Rood, James H. and Suzanne D., 14622 Saratoga St., $252,500.

Huber, Bret M. and Nicole A. to Ghiselli, Carl and Rebecca, 2676 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $449,500.

Robeson, Eric A. and Tara L. to McMahon, Michael S. and Michelle L., 2508 N. 165th Ave., $285,000.

Lutz, Elliott M. and Katie E. to Sayed, Mustafa F. and Shabnam, 15116 Butler Ave., $210,000.

Estes, Ronald J. and Sheila M. to Thomas & Mary Lynch Revocable Trust, 2520 N. 169th St., $399,000.


Martinez, Jennifer L. and Mario to Berryman, Erin K. and Antholz, Martin D., 4407 S. 62nd Ave., $103,000.

Mamuda, Sadiya and Mohammed, Woliyou to Parkhurst, Allison, 5303 Weir St., $123,000.

Flores, Rosa Vallesillo and Reyes, Antonio Flores to Juan, Lucio D. Juan, 5837 S. 50th Ave., $142,500.

Larson, Robert L. and Diane M. to Cerveny, Charles J., 4922 Q St., $225,000.


Seymour, David J. and Sally J. to Trott, Gibeon and Ravichandar, Rachel, 1725 N. 170th St., $295,000.

Liffring, Boris J. and Lori L. to Weyhrich, Branden T. and Amber A., 16166 Lamp St., $300,000.


Huston, Sherry Lynn to Hibler, Alexander and Alison, 8821 N. 83rd St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Placzek, John R., 8335 Sheffield St., $217,306.


Wells, Bruce A. and Drews, Karen Marie to Goldsberry, Matthew and Emily, 2426 S. 97th Ave., $395,000.

Lutmer, Richard C. and Linda L. to Orr, Matthew, 3321 S. 89th St., $280,000.

Sedlacek, Dorothy M. to Kroeger, Todd and Juliet, 3414 S. 78th St., $165,000.

Barr, William G. and Elise V. to Castro, Gonzalo D. and Linehan, Kelsey A., 1120 S. 80th St., $550,000.

Sarah F. and William F. Ginn Revocable Trusts to Porter, Katherine Henkin and Noah, 8459 Woolworth Ave., $770,000.


Kueny, Martin J. and Crystal to Dunbar, Kyle, 8811 Ohern St., $160,000.

Kirschman, Kortney and Pamela Jo to Murphy, Simone R. and Grady E., 10422 Monroe St., $293,500.

Secord, Audre R. to Lincoln, Mark R., 8737 Orchard Ave., $45,000.

Liekhus, Bryan D. and Laura L. to Harris, Scott A. Sr., 6211 S. 74th St., $225,000.

Miltenberger, Lauren, personal representative of Steier, M. David estate, to Steier, Joseph E., 5205 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $160,000.

Lyne, Crystal S. and Coppock, Crystal S. to Anzalone, Antonio, 5222 S. 80th St., $120,000.


Sandler, Tal Eli and Shir Sara to Heggen, James A. and Marcy J., 19521 Shadow Ridge Drive, $338,000.

Caldwell, Jane Mary and Hubert, Paul Demming II to Hasenjager, Lindsey and Paul, 16324 C St., $329,000.

Hart, Clinton M. to Kreikemeier, Lisa A., 16711 Hickory St., $136,100.

Diane P. Andrew Revocable Trust and Monie, Julie D., trustee, to Barta, Rebecca, 3911 S. 202nd Ave., $320,000.

Booton, Susan G. to Yang, Xiaoming, 17229 William Circle, $225,000.

Legband, Timothy C. and Jessica L. to Sears, Todd and Brenna, 3315 S. 185th Ave., $550,000.

Christenson, Robyn B. to Cisar, Daniel F., 1715 S. 173rd Court, $244,900.

Martin, Oran Heath and Popp, Alice Leigh to Lafave, David E. Jr., 16568 Elm St., $341,000.

Folkers, Carrie and Jacey to Schneider, Alexis C. and Jason, 3330 S. 157th St., $198,500.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Ozmun, Katie and Brandon, 3707 S. 201st Ave., $332,500.


Patterson, Eric B. and Flavia Costa Lopes to Rivera, Amber and Ortega, Rody Esgardo Rivera, 3312 Lincoln Blvd., $149,700.

Alvarado, Marco to Patterson, Eric and Flavia Costa Lopes, 1208 N. 29th St., $75,000.

Maples, Kris Dann to Johnson, Eric L., 3000 Farnam St., $193,000.

Houghton, Dewey E. Jr. and Cheryl L. to New Key LLC, 138 N. 38th Ave., $350,000.

Rutford, Robert and Kersenbrock, Mary to Cheriyan, Angela T., 220 S. 31st Ave., $187,500.

Tirado, Toribio Vega to Moreno, Gerardino, 128 N. 31st St., $12,000.

Moreno, Gerardino and Vasquez, Luci to Your Nest Asset Solutions LLC, 128 N. 31st St., $38,000.


Vibe Inc. to Bizhan Enterprises LLC, 6310 Charles St., $60,000.

Belik, Richard L. and Krista C. to Laughlin, James B. and Julie, 5109 Davenport St., $190,000.

Parolek, Robert G. to Pfau, Steven J., 4912 Cuming St., $132,500.

Johnson, Joel M. and Victoria J. to Madison River Investments LLC, 1025 N. 50th Ave., $87,100.

Morrison, Avi and Spanglermorrison, Wendy J. to Sweetbriar II LLC, 525 Fairacres Road, $1,200,000.

Odell, Jennifer M. and Egermayer, Daniel J. to NEI Global Relocation Company, 5017 Underwood Ave., $185,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Schropp, Andrew, 5017 Underwood Ave., $185,000.

Ward, Noreen S. to Beadle, Samuel and Ji, Yue, 749 N. 58th St., $420,000.

Ehlebracht, Peggy A. to Donahue, Ellen C. and Mueller, Benjamin J., 5629 Western Ave., $250,000.

Adapt LLC to Shank, Jacob E. and Jessica, 105 S. 55th St., $580,000.


Kula, Lorraine J. to Brown, Robert L. and Samala K., 5910 N. 92nd Ave., $195,000.

Carrier, James P. and Christy A. to Keim, Lauren Marissa, 6205 N. 77th St., $152,500.

Inich, Mark P. to Riewer, Marc L., 9157 Taylor St., $118,000.

Bellamy, Charles C. to Johnston, Debra L., 8405 Grand Ave., $185,500.

Rogers, Shari A. to Castleman, Scott and Vicki, 9133 Boyd St., $139,000.

McNew, Kevin B. and Judy D. to Hopkins, Kari and Hoogner, Greg, 9243 Meredith Ave., $145,000.

Htoo, Kwe Tha to Htoo, Paw Htoo, 9219 Spaulding St., $95,000.

Wilkinson, Ruth E., personal representative of Flogstad, Marilyn K. estate, to Htoo, Peh and Ka Na, 3848 Parkview Drive, $155,000.


Gabriela Maria Wulff Living Trust to Thelen, Kelly L., 5802 S. 159th St., $235,000.

Wetgen, Kyle James and Beth Marie to Hoarty, Sean and Meyer, Bethany, 18630 Holmes Circle, $264,000.

McQuillan, Ryan D. and Cara A. to Orozco, Christian Castro and Lyon, Cara, 6129 S. 189th St., $215,000.

McClane, James R. and Lisa to Schacherer, Selena Jean and Jeremy Lynn, 17461 O St., $459,000.

Kratz, Kristopher Craig and Bridget Leigh to Bremmer, Martin and Patricia, 5722 S. 185th St., $311,750.

Malesa, Tracie L. to Malesa, Joshua E. R. and Carlie, 6613 S. 185th Ave., $335,000.

Jens, Mystic to Long, Nathanael D. and Katelyn S., 5105 S. 194th St., $250,000.

Burleigh-Fritz, Angela Ranea to Alisherzoda, Aziz, 5814 S. 157th St., $269,500.

Samuelson, Robert J. and Rebecca S. to Merklen Properties LLC, 17668 H St., $196,000.

Price, Dennis R. and Bonita M. to Merklen Properties LLC, 19367 X St., $190,000.

Wojtowicz, Kathryn and Zachary T. to Brennan, Tara, 19512 Gail Ave., $195,000.

Castonguay, Jeffrey A. and Kimberly M. to Chapin, Patrick S. and Sara L., 5327 S. 162nd Ave., $318,000.

Wehner, Mark T. II and Heather to Hast, Calvin J. and Jenna L., 19622 U St., $187,180.

Reed, Corinne and Thomas L. to Hicks, Joshua L. and Kara E., 16003 Adams St., $294,000.

Berry, Michael R. and Poepping-Faulkner, Michele A. to Empfield, Rona J., 19609 Weir St., $162,225.

Schaffenacker, Christopher R. and Melissa A. to Bayless, Spencer E. and Connelly, Lindsey L., 5712 S. 173rd Ave., $340,000.

Carlson, Matthew D. and Tricia M. to Roberts, Cody and Kory, 6602 S. 161st Ave., $315,000.

Wilson, Joshua and Amanda to McNeal, Jeremy and Heather, 18638 Holmes Circle, $235,000.

Pierce, Robert M. and Marshal L. to Voelker, James L. and Kendra H., 18704 W St., $188,000.

Herrig, Ryan and Hilary to Petersen, Cole T. and Hannah M., 19453 Gail Ave., $198,000.


Lira, Eusebio and Karri to Zelensky, Jonathan D., 5018 S. 128th St., $230,500.

Lortz, Nadine Y. to Teut, Ashley C., 4610 S. 150th St., $317,000.

Thomsen, Kurt and Lindsay M. to Schroeder, Jerrod and Samyra, 4505 S. 146th St., $225,000.

Malin, Donald C. and Sandra L. to K & M Homes LLC, 14515 Karen St., $118,900.

Slothower, Robert E. and Linda M. to McShannon, Nathan, 12167 Sandra Lane, $175,000.

Wilwerding, Sharon E. and Larry D. to Arellano, Tanya M. and Adema-Schulte, Kohlman B., 5012 S. 149th St., $190,000.

Tangdall, Betty A. to Monette, Douglas R. and Cheryl A., 6223 S. 116th St., $195,000.

Galvan, Luis Michel to JLD Laird LLC, 12210 Gail Ave., $164,500.

DKM Investment Properties LLC to Walnut Grove Properties LLC, 5005 S. 153rd St., $787,500.


Pfeifer, Brian J. and Sarah to Hanson, Alexis, 7478 N. 139th St., $224,000.

Arabzai, Ahmad Zahir and Balooch, Shahla to Edou, Gerard, 10857 Hanover St., $174,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Guthrie, Allan D. and Angela S., 12767 Mormon St., $77,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Peal, Timothy A. and Catherine A., 12914 Reynolds St., $418,548.

Rasmussen, Matthew K. to Schwenke, Craig, 7323 N. 108th St., $196,000.


Lynda K. Dick Living Trust to Sitter, Travis and Bangba, 1720 S. 155th Circle, $279,000.

Rine, Christina Ann and Kyle, Keiser to Swanson, Nolan and Terri, 11311 Arbor St., $202,500.

Shull, Anita K. to Hiatt, Lauren Nicole, 2317 S. 123rd St., $164,500.

Haeffner, Connie K. to Hurd, Dan and Georgia, 2711 S. 116th Avenue Circle, $155,000.

Simmons, Marlene G. and Chaka, Gary to Fitzgerald, Kevin M. and Sarah M., 3130 S. 116th Ave., $240,000.

Turner, Levi and Abigail M. to Sara A. Klein Living Trust, 13322 Trendwood Drive, $190,000.

Scott J. and Stacy L. Lickteig Trust to Mayle, Briana Harris, 12238 Woolworth Ave., $236,000.

Kicic, Jasmin and Seada to Latoza, Carol, 2117 S. 120th St., $254,900.

Zaporowski, Richard Jr. and Tiffany to Pfeifer, Brian and Sarah, 1529 Pinewood Circle, $155,000.


Tubre, Teddi to Wilcoxon, Michael R. and Gillard, Patricia, 5296 Clay St., $275,000.

Cleveland, David F. and Katherine A. to Rice, Steven H. and Rutledge, Kristi A., 6925 Starlite Drive, $315,000.


Re Czerwinski Construction Inc. to Quest Construction Co., 13662 Cuming St., $267,500.

Beatus, Brian J. and Carrie to Wiemers, Morgan and Crawford, Harrison, 15462 Harney St., $225,000.

Challman, Deborah P. to Roethemeyer, David, 1205 N. 153rd St., $237,000.

Ray D. Barr Trust and Barr, Laura Beth, trustee, to Zoucha, Kenneth and Julie, 924 S. 117th Court, $365,000.

Sanders, Allan and Lori to Mainelli, Peter and Grace, 711 N. 155th Ave., $222,500.

Clyde, Richard G. and Carmen D. to Hollowell, Jennifer and Masters, Jeffrey, 15479 Harney St., $238,000.

Greer, Beverly S. and Randall D. to Bruning, Philip D. and Mary V., 1808 N. 132nd Avenue Circle, $385,000.

Nelson, Nicole N. to Sheperd, Thomas and Michaella, 15018 Charles St., $219,500.

Kavanaugh, Scott J. and Kimberly A. to Mahrt, Jackson and Tana, 1421 N. 155th Ave., $235,000.


Brown, Robert L. and Samala K. to Blakely, Mary E. and Christopher M., 11410 Kansas Circle, $188,000.

Smith, Rodney D. and Tammy D. to Cortez, Marcos and Jamie, 3917 N. 113th Circle, $240,000.

Adams, Schyler E. and Tevis R. to Toliver, Paul, 11728 Grand Ave., $218,000.

Mumphrey, Adam and Jennifer to Roderick, Michelle L., 5618 N. 116th Circle, $195,000.

Bourn, Donley to Aschenbrenner, Lauren Ranae and Ethan Mark, 2210 N. 120th Ave., $206,000.

Kastrup, Patricia L. to Jeremiah and Diggins, Heather, 11512 Meredith Circle, $170,000.

Koehler, Jessica L. and Jeremy A. to Siwirski, Ronald R. III and Danielle R., 13017 Ellison Ave., $195,000.

Derr, Patrick W. and Patricia A. to Wilson, Cheyenne, 4611 N. 130th Avenue Circle, $161,000.

Adair, Marjorie Ann to Rone, Melinda Sheridan, 2223 N. 129th St., $186,250.

Paul, Prestyn K. and Alexus to Ramos, Gabriel and Rivera, Marielis E. Ortiz, 11105 Crown Point Ave., $172,000.

Carpenter, Tyler A. and Sarah L. to NEI Global Relocation Company, 10923 Taylor St., $223,000.

Henrich, Mark J. to Heyden, Christian, 2318 N. 143rd St., $180,500.

Haremza, Boe James to Wieseler, Michael J., 2111 N. 141st Ave., $176,500.

Cook, Kathleen A. to Carden, Damon B. and Mariana, 2517 N. 121st St., $196,500.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Diallo, Aboubakary O. and Kabore, Wendpouire M., 10923 Taylor St., $223,000.

* * * 

Sarpy County


Red Ladder LLC to Peitz, Karl and Megan R., 2903 Nebraska Circle, $183,000.

Shonka, Zachary A. and Dessel, Brianna to Doyen, Joseph W., 407 W. 22nd Ave., $145,000.

Whitworth, Richard W., personal representative of Gearing Kathleen M. estate, to Miller, Christopher and Anne, 1011 Kingston Ave., $160,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Simpson, Gerald and Debbie, 2506 Hancock St., $138,000.

Wilkes, Aaron K. and Megan to Sheridan, William and Erin, 2809 Angie Drive, $149,000.

Allwyn Homes LLC to Mitchell, Thomas J. and Steffanie M., 2203 Twin Ridge Drive, $175,000.

Ellis, Zachary and Destiny to Fletcher, Jackie, 408 W. 31st Ave., $181,000.

Allen, John W. and Lois I. to Kaiser, Neil A. and Lorelei A., 204 Kings Drive, $185,000.

Ruff, Joseph M. and Martha C. to Lewis, Jerome A. and Annika C., 808 Bluff St., $178,000.

Wischmann, Rebecca R. and Dannie D. to Rice, Anthony and Ashley, 101 Bellevue Blvd. N., $215,000.

Steere, Brittany Nichole to Urban, Taylor and Melissa, 3102 Wallace Ave., $148,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Czapenski, John Paul III and Katherine Mary, 19309 Greenleaf St., $313,000.

Wever, Derek and Erin to Curry, Bobbi and Robert, 19503 Josephine St., $384,000.

Maven Avenue LLC to Griffin, Nathan and Hilary, 254 McKenna Ave., $200,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Carlson, Matthew D. and Tricia, 8005 S. 195th St., $358,000.

Pratt, Carter R. and Emilee V. to Kmiecik, Emily A. and Romans, Brian E., 11726 S. 210th St., $230,000.

Macziewski, Glen and Kimberly to Steichen, Andrew and Sonnemann, Chelsie, 20214 Glendale Avenue Circle, $295,000.

Weddle, Christopher J. and Lindsay R. to Sullivan, Michael C. and Heather, 20005 Oak St., $330,000.

Herrick, Terence S. and Katie J. to Weber, Travis and Kristine, 21410 Lincoln Blvd., $291,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dempsey, Michael P. and Kimberly R., 16957 Jessica Lane, $368,000.

Gray, Caron J. to Renn, Richard Martin and Jean Ann, 11504 S. 182nd Circle, $375,000.


Brasse, Geoffrey R. and Clare E. to Brittain, Aaron J. and Kelsey J., 12450 Osprey Lane, $400,000.

Myers, Delton M. and Christine L. to Rucker, Jacob N., 603 Windsor Drive, $330,000.

Rush, Colleen and Terry to Trout, Nicole E., 703 Gold Coast Drive, $185,000.

Pedersen, Lance P. and Jenna R. to Schmidtke, Jeffery and Dawn, 10623 S. 110th Ave., $278,000.

Watson-Pavel, Callie and Pavel, Brady E. to Busselman, Jeremy Duane, 2309 Marilyn Drive, $215,000.

Seelye, Jordan S. and Cortney Ann to Kimbler, William and Christine, 2209 Corn Drive, $195,000.

Fluckey, Troy A. to Mellott, Christopher K. and Jill M., co-trustees of the CMJM Revocable Trust, 8001 Molokai Drive, $400,000.

Petty, Robert Emmett V. and Jennifer Schuyler to Geyer, Jason M. and Chelsie, 12440 S. 82nd St., $385,000.

Williams, Jacob Dalton and Amy Melissa to Uhl, Kody and Amanda, 708 Michael Drive, $245,000.

Ponce, Jaime N. and Julia A. to Lusson, Jacob R. and Martha M., 7709 Legacy St., $318,000.

Daniel, Robert T. and Michelle A. to Dutton, Daniel and Jami Jo, 2341 Broadwater Drive, $350,000.

Campos, Debra L. and Jerry R. to Johnston, Ryan and Deborah, 1117 Creighton Road, $269,000.

Culler, Christopher W. and Danette M. to Trent, Packard and Barbara Jo, 2360 Broadwater Drive, $300,000.

Powers, William E. and Andrea M. to Chambers, Jennifer, 12416 S. 82nd St., $375,000.

Schreffler, Lauren E. and Alexander E. to Atrash, Dmitri A. and Kate T., 2090 Creek Side Drive, $300,000.

Gunnarson, Rebecca L. and Joel M. to Chatters, Emanuel M. and Tiffany L., 2204 Diane St., $248,000.

Leonard, Patrick M. and Kelly M. to Schmitz, Scott M. and Linda, 2208 Walnut Circle Drive, $231,000.

Nelson, Ronald G. and Bonnie A. to Shorb, Alexis Elaine, 812 Arlene Ave., $218,000.

Schendt, John M. and Karin L. to Bianchi, Joseph M. and Amy S., 528 S. 5th St., $140,000.

Stevens, Cheryl J. to Gloria, Nathan A. and Dewitt, Ellen K., 805 Crest Drive, $187,000.

Vail, Bryan and Diaz, Michelle to Tinch, Bret, 909 Overland Trail, $207,000.

Yorgesen, Eric S. and Amy to Doyle, Jared and Bethany, 10611 S. 111th Ave., $295,000.

Lynch, Audrey K. and Francis L. to Sill, John and Amanda, 7723 Reed St., $395,000.

Durham, Angela C. and Christian A. to Balentine, Kevin S. and Lisa M., 7627 Crawford St., $373,000.

Thompson, Sarah Ann to Christensen, Hedelisa G., 2302 S. River Rock Drive, $201,000.

Tyner, Mary Katherine to Pieper, Andrew John and Micah Elisa, 1906 Ridgeview Drive, $235,000.

Eggleston, Kirk and Jordan E. to Dahlman, Kathie, 530 E. 5th St., $165,000.

Waldrip, Danny L. to Little Venez LLC, 305 S. Harrison St., $10,000.

Caniglia, Michael A. to Balkus, Donna L. and John M., 716 Leprechaun Lane, $180,000.


Kimball, Laura to Papstein Snyder, Natalie L. and Snyder, Richard, 150 N. 7th St., $185,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Knott, Richard P. and Susan M., 730 N. 11th Circle, $374,000.


Fraze, Asa A. and Jennifer E. to Luster, Andrew S., 3124 Sheridan Road, $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Papalia, Joseph J. and Ashley J., 1813 Mesa St., $261,000.

Wells, Christopher and Aimee to Stearns, Mackenzie and Michelle, 13213 Brookside Drive, $225,000.

Brown, Stephanie M. to McCraney, Kevin J. and Erin F., 14506 S. 21st St., $235,000.

Bures, Beverly A. to Wessling, Michael S. and Stephens, Jaycee M., 3716 Lawnwood Drive, $205,000.

Hart, Dennis D. and Patricia A. to Patterson, William P. and Suzanne M., 2906 Leawood Drive, $203,000.

Christensen, Chris N. and Gayle W. to Hoffart, Andrew and Krista, 3214 Chad St., $227,000.

Redding, Samuel L. and Dana C. to Fincher, Blake and Johanna, 14414 S. 24th St., $262,000.

Dziadosz, William Z. to Rothamel, Rachel B., 13611 S. 40th Circle, $278,000.

Summers, Tell Weston and Cassie to Parsons, Sam and Peyton, 13411 S. 32nd Court, $187,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Holm, Michael J. and Schroder, Michelle R., 14803 S. 24th St., $324,000.

Pantfoeder, Dean Paul and Brittney Maria to Fecke, James Alan and Makoto Kamino, 3106 Lone Tree Road, $205,000.

Reed, David E. and Joycelen R. to Akers, Adam and Nicole, 1607 Leona Circle, $265,000.

Steinke, Tamara M. and Hans to Kazakevicius, Jerome and Deanna, 727 Cedar View Lane, $265,000.


Walter, Kurtis and Ashley Elizabeth to Borden, Michael C., 9026 Granville Parkway, $315,000.

Reinhard, Heather C. to Markus, Heather, 7401 Peters St., $225,000.

Newlund, Kathleen Ellen and Stephen Lee to Wollberg, Aaron and Sandra, 7428 S. 102nd St., $330,000.

Spitznagel, Susan and Steven to Maschman, Curtis L. and Anne L., co-trustees of the CurtAnne Revocable Trust, 10009 Olive St., $373,000.

Caldarelli, Jeanine E. to Lippoldt, Amy and Sandbulte, Matthew R., 8129 S. 69th St., $263,000.

Burmeister, Mary M. and Shires, Rose L. to Bickham, Jason I. and Megan N., 8103 S. 105th St., $340,000.

Miller, Thomas E. and Barbara J. to Emken, Steven L., 7419 S. 94 St., $410,000.

Johnson, Jonathan and Crystal to Hansen, Joseph and Kelsey, 10409 Cary St., $291,000.


Wojtyna, Edward and Carol to Tiberi, Lucas and Lindsay, 1602 Le Baron Drive, $233,000.

Siefers, Robert K. and Jennifer L. to Wiek, Dan, 308 Carolina Drive, $190,000.

Logan, James R. and U. Bol to Dodds, Kristi M., 1910 Blue Sage Drive, $228,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Shrestha, Nilu and Satyal, Ujjwol, 7163 Harvest Drive, $313,000.

Edwards, Patricia D. to King, Matthew and Kayli, 2002 Windcrest Ave., $240,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Morris, Perry E. and Kari R., 10702 S. 184th Circle, $340,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Isham, Richard P. and Julie A., 10903 S. 186th Ave., $328,000.

Ibsen, Jerald D. and Patricia L. to Kopetzky, Kyle and Nicole, 16902 Rampart St., $267,000.

Sakalosky, Joy L. to Newman, Scott and Tina, 17425 Edna Circle, $190,000.

Fields, Kenneth and Harms, Chandra to Cole, Jason C., 17230 Rampart St., $300,000.

Andersen, Todd W. and Cynthia L. to Cortes Penfield, Nicolas W. and Zumack, Lydia A., 18608 Chandler St., $269,000.

Saunders, Kevin and Santana to Frampton, Kenneth P. and Louanne, 7025 S. 184th St., $318,000.

Adams, Robert S. and Brenda to Magee, John, 16114 Birch Ave., $191,000.

Warner, Christopher D. and Amanda L. to Tordoff, Michelle L., 8606 S. 164th St., $255,000.

Trout, Thomas J. and Kathleen A. to Delashmutt, Nathan Allen and Emily Jo, 16121 Sage St., $435,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lange, Michael J. and Still, Chelsea M., 18603 Redwood St., $319,000.

Downing, Patricia A. to Ghaznawi, Fahim Ahmad and Azeeta, 17228 Chutney Drive, $351,000.

Hamilton Properties LLC to Htoo Investments LLC, 15606 Briar St., $164,000.

Reinke, Andrew Scott and Teresa Lynn to Ramig, Jeffrey D. and Michelle R., 17113 Oakmont Drive, $363,000.

Davis, Michael E. to Bruce, Fred A., 7009 S. 183rd Terrace, $192,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dasovic, Joel D. and Amanda D., 7211 S. 184th St., $300,000.

Young, Robert A. and Yauheniya to Kaus, Reed and Courtney, 19007 Lillian St., $243,000.

Lilly, Tyler Max and Felicia Nicole to Daniels, Jacob and Laux Daniels, Shannon Renee, 17711 Greenleaf Ave., $315,000.

McLaughlin, Michael T. and Jenni to Londhe, Omkar and Palkar, Mugdha, 16255 Loop St., $318,000.

Hartman, Theresa M. to Rettenmaier, Mark P., 16405 Willow St., $113,000.

Peers, Daniel J. and Nicole to Pelley, Kade and Katelyn, 18035 Josephine St., $198,000.

Davids, Jason M. and Brenda M. to Brummet, Judith and Cody, 16440 Cottonwood St., $284,000.

Banghart, Justin and Katie to Barnhardt, Beth Knudson, 15844 Redwood St., $195,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Carrell, Jeremy W. and Nye, McKenzie Lynn, 7024 S. 184th Terrance, $359,000.

Gowan, Brooke J. and Jarryd to Barnhardt, Gregory, 15828 Cottonwood Ave., $185,000.

Smith, William and Amy to Loomis, Michael and Diane, 16109 Timberlane Drive, $230,000.


Wendt, Michael R. and Kathleen I. to Brodersen, Lisa D., 15522 Newell St., $188,000.

Paulson, Angela to Padilla, Jose O. and Villa, Rosa Sanchez, 14505 Willow Circle Drive, $172,000.

Farley, Donald W. and Audrey A. to Terwilleger, Noah and Candice, 14805 Borman St., $185,000.

Molnar Steve Trust and Molnar Investments 401K to Clutter, Jeremy A. and Theresa J., 13112 Lillian St., $195,000.


Pickeral, Robert F. and Patricia N. to Alberts, David R. and Kiley R., 8315 S. 39th St., $285,000.

Jacobs, Kevin C. and Bethany J. to Munoz, Raul A. Vargas, 3314 Cherry Lane, $156,000.

Guydon, Lavonne to Brooks, Casanova and Rosso, Larry, 9010 Florence Drive, $105,000.

Mary Michalak Irrevocable Trust and Tompsett, Jean, trustee, to Diaz, Carlos Armando Torres, 18th and Sidney St., $16,000.

Lemaster, Jeff S. and Chantel A. to Walker, Erika and Schulz, John, 9405 Spring Circle Drive, $325,000.

Egan, James W. and Shurila, Rebecca S. to Reineke, Travis and Angela, 2603 Rose Lane Road, $145,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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