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Residential real estate transfers, Sept. 9

Residential real estate transfers, Sept. 9

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Proline Custom Homes Inc. to McMahon, Kevin and Lukas, Sarah, 7418 N. 170th St., $334,807.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sullivan, Lucas M. and Jessica D., 14626 Mormon St., $194,950.

Smith, Lonnie E. and Paula L. to Rasmussen, Mark D. and Elizabeth R., 11769 N. 175th Circle, $535,000.

Peterson, Gregory R. and Andrea A. to Atkinson, David Sr., 14616 Sunrise St., $183,000.

Gary D. and Linda M. Redel Living Trust to RKD Properties LLC, 11415 N. 157th St., $161,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Perrin, Nathan and Jaime, 7607 N. 156th Ave., $342,947.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 17005 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Horne, Joshua L., 17006 Potter St., $369,118.

Tradesmen Homes Inc. to Maximo, Dauria Regina Cipriano, 9007 N. 169th St., $400,000.

Grassau, Robert and Eva to Denman, Weston M., 14456 Reynolds St., $179,900.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Beldin, David J. and Silvia P., 7285 N. 155th St., $385,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Barrientos, Brandi and Philip, 17322 Mormon St., $285,607.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Apala, Ganesh Reddy and Soumya, 20807 Camden Ave., $314,775.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schnoes, Douglas and Pamela, 20516 D St., $377,061.

Evans, Nelson Randall and Erica Lynn to Anvari, Atta and Kathryn Marie, 19230 Spaulding Circle, $410,000.

Bartosh, Mary T. to Jeffery, William E. III and Hottle-Jeffery, Heidi Anne, 518 S. 197th St., $310,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Burke, Thomas M. and Wendy M., 2615 N. 184th St., $416,850.

Charleston Homes LLC to Chavez, Humberto and Lesley, 20432 Saratoga Circle, $338,093.

Yosten, Daniel A. and Kerri to Siemer, Joshua P. and Jena, 21102 Old Coach Road, $189,900.

Tran, Dung and Yen to Flott, Andy J., 2729 N. 191st Ave., $270,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Wade, Amber, 18918 Corby St., $307,860.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Ziegenbein, Tammy J., 1324 S. 210th St., $476,312.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to McIlhon, Bria and Joseph, 5813 S. 239th St., $593,925.

Barksdale, Aaron and Jill A. to Malloy, Michael J. and Sharon W., 945 S. 198th St., $409,000.

Ziegenbein, Tammy J. to Nowka, Anson and Amy, 1516 S. 219th Ave., $668,000.

Moes, Galen and Lisa to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 1403 N. 196th St., $79,000.

Romero, Jake A. to Manceaux, David, 2618 N. 191st Ave., $305,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Sun, Haiping and Wang, Hongkuan, 2119 Cedar St., $522,500.

Walsh, Michael P. to Copeland, Byron E. and Kimberlee J., 3108 N. 193rd Ave., $399,900.

Horst, Ryan Douglas and Robinson, Michelle Jeanette to Westphal, Scott G. and Whitney, 3016 Trailridge Blvd., $675,000.

Oatman, Russell K. and Patricia A. to Sturdy, Bart Michael and Rachel A., 1416 S. 218th St., $316,000.

Vondollen, Robert Lee Jr. and Jennifer M. to Surles, Chad, 820 S. 201st St., $322,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moan, Ramesh Kumar Thiruvengadaraju and Suresh, Indhu, 5009 N. 208th Ave., $310,124.

Boeker, Michael A. and Malinda C. to Hyres, Theodore R. and Jo Ann, 20564 Glenn St., $180,000.

FRK Development LLC to Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc., 18718 Boyd St., $67,500.

FRK Development LLC to Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc., 18706 Boyd St., $67,500.

Fairfield, Bryan L. and Kelly A. to Stratton, Patricia D. and James G., 3920 S. 225th Circle, $385,000.

Boltinghouse Homes LLC to Hensley, Jessica and Havranek, Brett, 725 N. 189th St., $100,000.


Rolando Armas Revocable Trust to Johnson, Craig M., 66 Shaker Place, $525,000.


Johnson, Jason R. to O’Neill-Dee, Connor, 312 S. 16th St., $89,500.

Wilson, Tony W. and Hill, Krista to Uhing, Richard and Mary Kay, 105 S. 9th St., $765,000.


Pritchett, Jody and Renee to Thompson, Jordan, 6631 Franklin St., $118,000.

Huyck, Emily and Buehler, Katherine J. to McCall, Bethany, 2522 N. 49th St., $110,000.

Logsdon, Stephen M. and Heather R. to Revive Properties LLC, 6811 Maple St., $132,000.

Willits, Chad J. and Amy J. to Porter, Nolan and Ellis, Jordan, 7076 Spencer St., $124,000.

Orange Investments LLC to Dion, Meagan, 6715 Ogden St., $149,500.

James Michael & Joyce R. Vanhorn Trust to Potts, Shane N., 5139 Erskine St., $255,000.

Filips, David M. to Vandeest, Traci Lynn and Weil, Sarah Rebecca, 1811 N. 53rd St., $235,500.

Porter, Evan T. and Freeman, Meghan to Hanson, Glen Steven and Forseth, Bethany Mary Alice, 2335 N. 67th Ave., $155,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Hernandez, Angelica Perez and Emilio, 4652 Grand Ave., $28,000.

Pearson, Glenn A. and Esther R. to Ayers, Brian M. and Schmidt, Jennie A., 2057 N. 60th Ave., $193,000.

Gilroy, Shannon to Sefczek, Timothy M. and Blankenship-Sefczek, Erin C., 2302 N. 51st St., $280,000.

Miller, Charles M. and Maria K. to Daley, Megan, 3024 N. 69th St., $163,000.

Kountze, Anthony to TaaDaa Enterprises LLC, 6021 Parker St., $102,076.

Wilkins, Craig S. to Reh, Pray and Meh, Oo, 6006 N. 69th St., $136,000.

FNT Investments LLC to Quandahl, Scott, 3511 N. 55th St., $53,000.

New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2005-2 to Jones, Lori, 5324 N. 52nd St., $113,000.

James H. & Joan B. Howard Revocable Trust to Howard, Sarah, 5133 Franklin St., $285,000.

BMO Harris Bank to Adair 0432, 2406 N. 48th St., $149,200.

Campbell, David J. and Saini, Sonia K. to Alexander, Cory M., 5127 Blondo St., $282,000.

Robert L. & Ruth E. Dolan Living Trust to Henco LLC, 1723 N. 61st St., $60,000.

Young, Corey to Dalton, Deborah and Justin G., 5139 Blondo St., $230,000.


Ciaccio, Julie A. to Rock, Angela M. and Michael S., 1325 S. 35th St., $215,000.

Grassau, Daniel and Courtney to Hess, Laura and Polacek, Joel, 2405 Hanscom Blvd., $205,000.

Tawzer, James W., personal representative of Tawzer, Rodney J. estate, to Denton, Justin R., 4324 Poppleton Ave., $114,000.

Brezacek, Dorothy J. to Kellogg, Jason and Monica, 3330 S. 36th St., $72,000.

Paladino, James F. Jr. and Sharon R. to Grandview Properties LLC, 3062 S. 44th St., $68,000.

Thoendel, Kevin G. to Lautrup, Alan M. and Torres, Eva, 2330 S. 34th St., $148,000.

Gutierrez, Luis Angel to Marquez, Miguel and Loza-Ramirez, Maria Guadalupe, 3833 Grover St., $69,100.


Hodges, Andrea L. to Randolph, Sally Jo, 6327 Pierce St., $154,100.

Egan, Joyce K. Trust to Kozeny, Jonathan and Jessica, 5508 Howard St., $255,000.

Zimmerman, Sarah and Andrew to Swenson, Jerry C. Jr. and Amy, 5106 A St., $180,500.

Tristar Management LLC to Anderson, Colt K. and Valentin, Natalia C., 507 S. 68th St., $160,000.

Vincent, Wilma to Vega, Gabriel, 2505 S. 50th St., $90,000.

Rudy & Gloria Garcia Revocable Trust to Twocan LLC, 1921 S. 49th Ave., $100,000.

Yuan, Wei and Fung, Chern Voon to Hajj, Kathryn M., 6025 Pacific St., $228,500.

Brennan, Linda K. to Om 1119 S. 56 Trust, 1119 S. 56th St., $81,300.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 5555 Mayberry St., $175,100.

Wicks, Andrew J. to Mundell, Melody E. and Johnson, Daniel P., 4928 Walnut St., $125,000.


Blue Line Management LLC to Cambray, Mayra, 3516 V St., $70,000.

HBI LLC to Reed Niche Properties LLC, 4316 S. 38th St., $124,000.

Varvaro, Daniel to Martinez De Vazquez, Josefina, 4226 S. 22nd St., $107,499.

River City Renovators LLC to Bustamante, Olga Reyna, 5814 S. 15th St., $45,000.

Soto, Miguel and Jimenez, Guadalupe to Lopez, Humberto, 6222 S. 38th St., $51,272.

Ceballos, Jose R. and Lozano, Francisca Oliver to Batten, Jesse Kent, 4124 S. 20th St., $100,000.

Hoeft, Nicholle to Salazar, Sirena and Paige, 3645 Polk St., $117,000.

BMO Harris Bank to Adair 0391, 4839 S. 36th St., $105,600.

Sevela, James W., personal representative of Bolen, Bryce J. estate, to Silva, Ramon S., 2616 Drexel St., $31,000.

Childers, Shane to Conner, William Raymond, 4125 S St., $32,500.

De Leon, Jose and Elida to Gonzalez, Amparo Ayala, 4607 S. 32nd St., $68,000.

Marquez, Luis D. Valdivia to Goolsby, Frances and Aaron, 3803 Polk St., $107,000.

Mayra Property Management LLC to Ciprian, Juan Solis and Barrera, Francisca Chicaj, 4607 S. 23rd St., $60,000.

Guardado, Nicolas and Marin, Marina to Lorenzo, Dulce Olivia, 3364 Washington St., $140,000.

Hale, James Olen and Douglas Eugene to Miller Way LLC, 6038 S. 41st Ave., $43,250.


Jarquin, Pablo and Amalia to Arguijo, Guillermina, 1324 Martha St., $62,000.

Speck, Michael and Bonofede, Carmela to Rogers, Robert W., 1414 Martha St., $102,500.

Avalos, Michael to Avalos Huerta, Jorge Alberto, 1778 S. 9th St., $44,000.


Gomez, Nancy A. to Sandoval, Miguel Angel Esquivel, 2019 Maple St., $17,800.

Schill, Randy to Bivens, Kimberly, 4944 N. 17th St., $15,800.


Gsamp 2002-He2 Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2002-He2 to Homeward Rentals LLC, 3715 N. 36th Ave., $27,500.

Krajicek, John and Jill to Arc Property Resource LLC, 1802 N. 28th St., $30,000.

Thomas Properties I LLC to Langford, Gabriel J.A., 2591 Crown Point Ave., $71,000.

Lopez, Elizabeth to Mm Homebuyers LLC, 3725 Erskine St., $235,000.

Zas Corp LLC to Sinclair Group LLC, 4320 N. 31st Ave., $12,000.

Kennedy, Evelyn F., personal representative of Kennedy, Marcus W. estate, to Kemmish, Jadara Angelica and Spencer D., 3823 Corby St., $45,000.

Deepe, Betty to McNeil, William S., 4019 Fort St., $65,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2568 Pratt St., $37,000.

Dudley, Margery to Sinclair Group LLC, 3701 Franklin St., $50,000.

Woodward & Sons Investments LLC to NNJJ Investments LLC, 3428 Decatur St., $27,500.


Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to Poster, John C. and Joanna L., 2577 Vane St., $14,867.

Rhodes, Terry V. to Fuertes Cruz, Sergio and Fuertes, Erica, 6719 N. 32nd St., $97,000.

Minturn, Gerard J. and Laurel K. to Minturn, Rebecca Sue, 6524 N. 24th St., $76,300.


Zimmer, Mark J. and Flearl, Mary Lou to Porter, Evan and Freeman, Meghan, 9103 Pacific St., $344,000.

Taylor, Wayne H. to JKP Properties LLC, 1015 N. 77th Ave., $63,000.

Jordan, Ben B. and Nicole to Jensen, Joel C., 9118 Meadow Drive, $165,000.

McConnell, Jennifer to McNeill, William S., 817 N. 78th St., $131,000.

Brady Irrevocable Trust and Mowery, Shannon Tr to Dennhardt, Troy B., 610 N. 85th St., $118,500.

Mannion, Jessica to GA Management Properties LLC, 510 N. 74th Ave., $150,000.

Jorgensen, Shilo L. to Pinela, Juan, 7723 Burt St., $124,000.

Grigsby, Wesley and Terri to Friedlander, James L. and Ambrose, Sophie, 506 S. 93rd St., $1,250,000.


First National Bank of Omaha Trust to McCright Properties LLC, 4708 N. 175th St., $230,101.

Callaway, Jordyn to Breault, David Gerald, 17105 Barnett St., $178,000.

Crynes, Daniel P. and Connie J. to Taplett, Michael F. and Susan L., 4306 N. 174th Ave., $262,500.

Rowley, Robert Martin and Linda Lee to Phillips, Brian and Kathleen, 17275 Sprague St., $185,000.

Shupe, Jami L. to Vondollen, Robert L. Jr. and Jennifer M., 16151 Pinkney St., $395,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Pieper, Emily A., 5112 N. 155th St., $167,000.

Noel, Robert B. to Bowman, Orlando S. and Stacy A., 5737 N. 166th St., $492,000.

Williams, Kaylynne M. and Evan M. to McClain, Timothy Andrew and Grace H., 16431 Fowler Ave., $192,500.

Delia, Joseph A. and Benedetta to Ailslieger, Paul E. and Dwyer, Suzanne R., 15916 Newport Ave., $398,000.

Howard, Sharlene to Sawyer, Michael J. and Sheila M., 4960 N. 165th St., $232,000.

Kozeny, Jonathan and Jessica to Hamm, Christopher A. and Jenna M., 2717 N. 179th St., $319,000.

Sikorski, Edward C. Trust to Steponik, Tabitha and Tom, 3207 N. 170th St., $247,000.

Safe Harbor Homes LLC to Dill, Kenneth Roger, 4621 N. 170th St., $179,500.

Perry, Joel W. and Wendy A. to Julianelle, Ronald and Linda, 2411 N. 154th Ave., $239,900.

Timmerman, Justin and Butts, Renae K. to Laubenstein, Donald E., 16403 Browne St., $175,000.

Harper, Lynn to Harper, Shawn, 4528 N. 175th Ave., $264,900.

Chudy, John to Rd Blair LLC, 16505 Fort St., $1,200,000.

Wheeler, Connie to Raghavendra, Sameer M. and Sameer, Sreevidya, 17615 Sahler St., $257,000.

Kim, Van T. to Nguyen, Tuan Anh and Tran, Lanh Thi, 3006 N. 169th Ave., $310,000.

Gavaa, Enkhmaa and Amy to Liu, Xiaohan and Huang, Jonathan Y., 16914 Browne St., $195,000.

Trummer, Brandy N. and Jason J. to Zoll, Mark and Dana, 4527 N. 165th St., $206,900.

Rudolfi, Rommy F. and Stacey M. to Handley, Nicholas A. and Jennifer, 15213 Butler Ave., $222,000.

Chandler, Chaley P. and Eric R. to Plato, Shelby S. and Kathi J., 14973 Fowler Ave., $199,500.

Baczwaski, Carey Ann to Rittenbach, Perry D. and Laurie L., 16756 Crown Point Place, $138,000.


Hayes, Brad to Landaverde, Benson and Luna, M. Guadalupe, 4422 S. 47th St., $163,000.

Mahoney, Michael J. and Alexa Rae to American Heavenly Homes LLC, 4531 Weir St., $41,000.

Taylor, Mitzi L. and Danell A. to Medina, Damariz K., 5603 S. 48th Ave., $119,000.


Vandertuin, Wayne J. Trust to Meekma, Lisa M. and Wayne A., 15711 Jackson Drive, $275,000.

Alfrey, Henry to Huck, Vernon H. and Sharon K., 17602 Parker Place, $152,500.

Karstetter, Joan M. to Thompson, Veronica Ann and Benjamin Michael, 17514 Seward Place, $170,000.

Hou, Shichao and Nguyen, Giang to Hwang, Benjamin E. and Kyle L., 552 S. 175th St., $461,500.

Black, Charles J. and Petersen, Mary Jane to Holscher, Gerald John and Sandra Lee, 16198 Wakeley St., $245,000.


Eckert, Marlene Mary to Hubbell, Robert D., 6711 N. 78th St., $147,500.

McMahon, Kevin C. to Maran, La Nu and Lahpai, Seng Ja, 8810 Read St., $159,900.

Jolovich, Christopher M. and Taci L. to Morrissey, Adam J. and Wajda, Rachel L., 6735 N. 106th St., $233,000.

Long, Anthony and Lee, Angie to DJMM Construction LLC, 7184 N. 78th Court, $57,000.

Pfaffle, John C. to Streck, Susan M., 3918 S. 226th St., $178,000.

Delta Capital Inc. to Yan, Bohua, 19025 Morrissey Circle, $165,000.

Cavanaugh, Pat and Rachael to Hildy Construction Inc., 20702 Ames Ave., $55,000.


Pinkerton, Joan P. to Higgins, Collin J. and Mettenbrink, Corrie A., 10416 Grover St., $189,000.

McCormick, Kyle C. and Sara to Town & Country Realty Of Kearney Inc., 7329 Grover St., $145,000.

Roger Neely Revocable Trust to Mcfarlin, Peggy, 3413 S. 77th St., $163,000.

Roger Neely Revocable Trust to Bader Construction LLC, 1114 S. 96th St., $240,000.

White, John F. and Jessica M. to Guevara, Jovany, 3210 S. 90th St., $140,000.


Lsf9 Master Participation Trust to Buenrostro, Pedro, 4741 S. 78th Ave., $96,900.

Mosser, Jerry C. and Gloria J. to Medina, Miguel and Aurora, 7612 Serum Ave., $152,000.


Abbott, David C. and Teri L. to Lehman, Colten, 2006 S. 164th Ave., $176,500.

Springer, Harvey Christian and Deann Elaine to Davis, Clinton and Heather, 3922 S. 184th Ave., $423,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Wesener, Michael R. and Renee M., 3811 S. 192nd Ave., $338,954.

Ramold, Mike L. and Concey S. to Skaggs, Matthew and Kallie, 3823 S. 192nd Ave., $350,000.

Forster, Patrick Jr. and Stephanie to Walker, Nathaniel S. and Lindsay N., 17411 Hickory Circle, $380,000.

R & C Living Trust to Waterbury, Clifton and Kari, 3715 S. 170th Court, $865,000.

Rubek, Ryan and Juliana to Sweeden, James C. and Elizabeth A., 19701 Poppleton Ave., $260,000.

Meyers, Paul E. and Laurie B. to Kankousky, Christopher and Michelle, 2615 S. 191st Circle, $980,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co, 1426 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.

Martinez, Abel L. and Susan M. to Conley, Adam M. and Vicki Marie, 18705 Nina St., $319,000.

Bossert, Craig and Ashley Dawn to Pearson, Benjamin J. and Michaela A., 18775 Atlas St., $308,000.


Welie, Tristan A. to Gooder, Andrea and Yesel, Mathew, 3017 Charles St., $130,000.

Herndon, Bret William and Anne to Trowbridge, Taylor John, 3566 Cass St., $179,950.

Bean, Alison R. and to Haynes, Corey, 3209 Myrtle Ave., $128,500.

Six Minutes Holding Co. LLC to Nolan Holdings LLC, 118 N. 30th St., $175,000.

Fleetwood Investments LLC to Passer, Mark and Franklin, Jason, 624 N. 33rd St., $174,000.

Sullivan, Maria, personal representative of Vaughn, Mary F. estate, to Schiltz Properties LLC, 810 N. 41st Ave., $85,000.

Derby, Robert to Zastrow, Brenda, 4328 Chicago St., $135,000.

Witti Investments LLC to Rolls Properties LLC, 366 N. 40th St., $107,500.


Sturdy, Bart and Rachel to Tan, Rosemarie C. and Gilliland, Mark Burton, 312 S. 50th Ave., $260,000.

Fisher, Will G. and Susan N. to Olsen, Thomas J., 5327 Izard St., $645,000.

Balak, Carol J., personal representative of Phillip E. Parker Revocable Trust, to Eckery Properties LLC, 4912 Webster St., $370,000.

Love, Jason J. and Terri L. to Lewis, Michelle L. and Joe E., 6204 Underwood Ave., $515,000.


Charron, Sondra L. and Luke to 2Twenty2 LLC, 7648 Davis Circle, $156,175.

Gary L. Hansen Living Trust to Rogers, Thaddeus C., 9417 Fowler Ave., $135,000.

Advance Design & Construction Inc. to Swift, Sheryl A., 9233 Arcadia Ave., $217,500.

Ratliff, Timothy A. and Ellen M. to Vaverek, Kayce L., 10629 Himebaugh Ave., $152,000.

Hetrick, Tyler and Savannah to Johnston, Duane and Nerissa, 8817 Sprague Circle, $139,500.

Rohlfs, Russell S. and Maureen M. to NCM Home Improvement Inc., 8941 Miami St., $70,500.

Epting, Justin C. and Carolyn A. to Bley, Debbie M. and Coffey, Renee, 10724 Old Maple Road, $175,000.

Rustamov, Komrondzhon M. and Studnicka, Lacey to Htaw, Mu Say and Shu, Paw Ta, 6223 N. 79th Ave., $139,900.

10Gen LLC to Optimal Holdings LLC, 10476 Spaulding St., $75,000.

Gibilisco, Bette B. to Deberry, Patty, 9805 Meredith Ave., $149,000.

L&V Property Management LLC to 93rd Street Properties LLC, 9039 Ohio St., $175,000.

Atkins, Jason and Kathleen to Vazquez, Fernando and Ella M., 3525 Old Maple Road, $205,000.


Hy-Port Development LLC and Davidson, Stanton to Specialty Auto Sales Inc., 5040 S. 163rd Ave., $452,000.

Bellenbaum, Amy E. and Nicolas P. to Shwiner, Jill, 4826 S. 166th St., $300,000.

Hurtt, Kevin and Andrea to Goolsby, Leonard B. and Stephanie, 16111 Woodcrest Circle, $297,500.

Barcel, Nicolas J. and Lisa M. to Vandeun, Bryan J. II and Jona M., 19611 Andresen St., $369,000.

Johnston, David John Sr. and Joann to Chmelka, Gary J. and Gloria J., 17116 Drexel St., $240,000.

Masten, Kevin L. and Debra K. to Villalobos, Daniel B. and Mae J., 17607 R St., $315,000.

Newman, Thomas L. to Kabre, Faycal and Dandjinou, Rassidatou H., 18682 W St., $185,000.

Pearson, Benjamin J. and Michaela A. to Smotherman, Anthony, 17658 Karen St., $210,000.

Bernal, Yadira and Pacheco, Leobardo to Lukken, Derek T. and Megan M., 5804 S. 169th St., $300,000.

Sallach, Andrew J. to Kisielewski, Michael and Molly, 17623 J St., $235,000.

Belfiore, Sebastian J. and Mary B. to Herstein, Russell A. and Kelli R., 6216 S. 172nd Ave., $329,500.

Marousek, Tia M. to Douglas Street Properties LLC, 4563 S. 176th Ave., $136,351.

Colony, Kyle to Zdan, Justin, 16255 Weir St., $205,000.

Padin, Joel and Margary, Alexa S. to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 5608 S. 176th St., $385,000.

Hawley, Leslie R. and Coutts, Michael J. to Parolek, Zach, 18650 U St., $190,000.

Helton, Douglas G. and Blanchard-Helton, Gail M. to Anderson, Ambrose D., 5005 S. 172nd St., $285,000.

Marental LLC to Larson, Michael Dean and Jeanette Denise, 17519 Jefferson St., $320,000.

Mannino, Peter and Alyta to Becker, Aaron and Daphne, 4614 S. 198th St., $365,000.

Murray, Michael J. and Kasey M. to Eads, Daniel J. and Sarah Elizabeth, 18764 Drexel St., $236,500.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Reeves, Sarah Anne and Kyle Daniel, 5608 S. 176th St., $385,000.


Poteat, Cody and Michalek, Madeline to Petska, Sara E. and Connor, Christopher M., 14911 Jefferson Circle, $230,000.

Gorz, Robert J. Jr. and Anaka M. to Owens, Tommy Gene and Alyssa Marie, 14817 Drexel St., $216,500.

Peterson, Gerald L. and Carol L. to McAlpin, Nancy K., 12741 Woodcrest Place, $85,000.

Pajazetovic, Enes to Lafollette, Melissa A., 15429 Allan Drive, $200,000.

Randone, Jeannette E. to Schroeder, Richard L. and Arlene L., 6019 S. 146th St., $250,000.

Spiegal, Andrew N. and Mechaelle M. to Stohlman, Benjamin, 6612 S. 136th St., $175,000.

Boyd, Matthew B. and Sara A. to Push, Brian E. and Brianna C., 4368 S. 153rd Circle, $235,000.

Meisinger, Devin E. and Kimberly J. to Fate Investments LLC, 15310 Amy Place, $175,000.

Neely, Roger to McFarlin, Peggy, 5138 S. 121st St., $165,000.

Janecek, Jacob R. and Amanda T. to Stark, Destiny Susan, 11412 T Circle, $159,000.

Weil, Elizabeth A. to Colony, Kyle, 14436 Weir Circle, $135,000.

Sabbag, Edward, personal representative of Sabbag, Richard J. estate, to Roff, Jacob D., 14730 Monroe St., $215,000.

Pedersen, Chris Y. and Kay E. to Peachy, Joseph F., 12456 Woodcrest Drive, $232,000.

Ryan, James L. to Sargert, Barry Allen and Sheets, Lisa C., 5131 S. 126th Place, $133,000.


Kennedy, Mary K. to Yandel, Robert M. and Maureen P., 13806 Wood Valley Drive, $235,000.

Muilenburg, Vicki L. and Mark I. to Henn, Carol J., 12006 Vane Circle, $390,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 8010 N. 129th St., $130,000.


Blanchette, Shawn, personal representative of Sampson, Marilyn J. estate, to Samuelson, Kathleen, 14625 Hascall St., $175,000.

Friemel, Andy Paul and Kennan, Debra to Anderson, Lindsey, 12116 Lamont St., $138,000.

Lambeth, Roger D. and Susan E. to Witt, Richard Allen Trust, 11307 Pierce Place, $710,000.

Poloncic, Josephine and Newell, Josephine I. to Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A., 2223 S. 117th Circle, $226,000.

Chennam, Krishna and Bisabatini, Ishwari to Chandler, Patrick and Rebecca, 2512 S. 138th St., $221,000.


Edquist, Keith B. and Husker-Hawkeye Distributing Inc. to Tomasek, John C. and Amber C., 6635 Plum St., $75,000.

Storm, W. Roger and Carol S. to Starling, Randy W. and Cristi L., 6535 N. 49th St., $180,000.

Maran, La Nu and Lahpai, Seng Ja to Chay, Lah and Meh, Bae, 6842 N. 64th St., $145,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to Ritter, Margaret, 7066 Starlite Drive, $212,000.


Moore Survivors Trust to Sporcic, Ronald M. and Mary E., 736 N. 148th Ave., $269,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Stewart, Kurtis and Sarah, 15123 Bemis St., $167,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 12141 Parker Circle, $145,100.

Jean Creighton Bell Revocable Trust to Sharp, Kirk and Debra, 14141 Hamilton St., $946,700.

Molly T. Brennan Trust to Dean, David L. and Emmy Lou, 14510 Parker St., $155,000.


Wheatley, Richard T. and Linda J. to Doh, Hgee Lar, 5717 N. 117th Circle, $172,000.

Manceaux, David R. to Koesters, Kyle D. and Rachel L., 12411 Wirt St., $225,000.

Blandford, Murray G. and Margaret M. to Silva, Diego M. and Hannah L., 5733 N. 115th Circle, $170,500.

Mortensen, David A. to Sommer, Megan, 5404 N. 129th St., $179,000.

Wallace, Meagan N. to Baum, Nathaniel R., 2705 N. 124th Circle, $209,000.

Grimm, Michael M. and Collette to Mallard, Matthew S. and Halle J., 11346 Jaynes St., $168,000.



Bader Construction LLC to Hall, Corey, 2204 Twinridge Drive, $165,000.

Kumor, Joseph F. and Vanessa R. to Teko, Folly A. and Fuehring, Jennifer A., 1401 Kay Lynn Drive, $130,000.

Finley, Richard A. to Wilkinson, Leslie L., 1609 Elm St., $168,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Gralewski, Stephen E., 3206 Calhoun St., $115,000.

Laufer, Garrett and Tiffani to Red Ladder LLC, 1709 Chaput Drive, $117,000.

Berney Patrick E. and Berney Shari to Czepa Douglas and Czepa Juleen, 109 Hillside Drive, $115,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Gregory, Kyle and Ricki, 21125 Castlerock Lane, $293,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Odhiambo, Wycliffe and Winnie, 508 Sherwood Drive, $370,000.

Horner, Gregory J. and Brenda to Sykes, James, 11210 S. 213th Circle, $239,000.

Labenz, Kurt J. and Sharon to Kehoe, Michael J. and Brenda S., 21104 Schofield Drive, $265,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Henning, Lee and Samantha, 16953 Jackson Ave., $284,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Dickinson, Robert B. and Kristin A., 7855 S. 195th St., $352,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Larson, Tammy and John, 10595 S. 112th St., $278,000.

Berve, Thomas D. and Cynthia L. to McGowan Jason and Hoeft, Nicholle, 914 Michael Drive, $240,000.

Marshall, Benjamin and Autumn to Sprague, Dustin R. and Daisy Jane, 800 Cody Circle, $170,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Munoz, Thor A. and Erin E., 11715 S. 110th Ave., $347,000.

Davis, Jeffrey L. and Mary Beth to Erickson, Evan Robert and Rebecca May, 1104 Crest Road, $235,000.

Ortiz, Emanuel to Kennedy, John C., 1107 Shawnee Road, $188,000.


Loncke, Brittany N. and Jacob R. to Crouse, Victoria L., 485 Valley Drive, $159,000.

Brandon, Steven J. and Kimberly J. to Hoskins, Jacob A. and Shelby L., 517 S. 7th Ave., $278,000.


Walker Paul M. Sr. to Smith, Russell P., 13804 S. 42nd Ave., $204,000.

Kellner, Jeremy L. and Laura M. to Hanson, David and Darci, 2616 Blackhawk Drive, $203,000.

Perry, David L. and Mary E. to Lopez, Joanna E., 9902 S. 9th Circle, $163,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dunn, Steven L. and Mary L., 4409 Brook Drive, $290,000.

Loveland, Sean Thomas and Leah Diane to Flores, Jameson G. and Lalaine Sharon V., 13806 S. 43rd St., $225,000.

Raab, Joe E. and Courtney to Oakley, Vicky L., 13208 S. 35th Ave., $235,000.

Inks, Earl C. and Janet E. to Fernandez, Keilys Armando Martinez and Torres, Yanet Perez, 3401 Castile Drive, $153,000.

Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T. to Rosenbaum, Alan D. and Mickela D., 11667 Quail Drive, $253,000.

Dickerson, William B. and Kadie C. to Malin, Cole and Fast, Maggie, 2920 Leawood Drive, $185,000.

McKinney, Kyle E. and Kassandra R. to Leon, Alexander and Emily Nicole, 12714 Ridgeview Circle, $215,000.

Peters, Kevin D. and Cheryl to Winters, Nicholas Anthony and Whitney Ann, 3106 Lynnwood Drive, $200,000.

Plowman, Larry and Carrie to Wise, Timothy Scott and Vanessa A., 2903 Birchwood Drive, $250,000.

Szymanski, James R. and Eva J. to Doughty, Kain J.E. and Morgan A., 14316 S. 27th St., $176,000.

Henri, Steven Grant and Baili Jo to Points, Jordan and Arielle, 3208 Henery Circle, $173,000.


Martin, Isiah and Kellie to Erwin, Thomas W., 7726 Willow St., $164,000.

Oaks, William A. and Ronda G. to Moyers, Larry A.M. and Kathryn M., 8225 S. 106th St., $318,000.

Keyser, Becky M. and Maurice to Feng, Xia, 7105 S. 80th St., $140,000.

Leeder, Brandon P. and Alanna N. to Mattheis, Jeffrey M. and Tiffany H., 9825 Idora St., $240,000.

K&B Associates to Loss, Justin T. and Leehy, Dana, 7718 Braun Ave., $164,000.

Allpress, Douglas R. Jr. and Lauren E. to Rath, William and Jaime Lyn, 7708 Briar Court, $143,000.


Kilgarin, Bradford M. and Terri L. to Gilliland, Aaron and Heidi, 2006 Liberty Lane, $268,000.

Fitzgerald, Ryan A. and Leigh Anne to Martin, Isiah Keith and Kellie, 4505 Clearwater Drive, $250,000.

Don Evans Construction Inc. to Anderson, Mark and Eileen, 2151 Skyhawk Ave., $322,000.

Pleasants, Michele E. and William C. to Hazel, Charles D. Jr. and Jennifer S., 11817 S. 53rd St., $315,000.

Park, Jonathan D. and Jennifer L. to Taylor, Danell and Mitzi, 305 Summerset Drive, $246,000.

Kuhlman, Douglas L. Trust to Roll Investments LLC, 5502 Capehart Road, $369,000.

Hoskins, Jacob A. and Shelby L. to Gerren, Tiffany, 8629 S. 69th St., $225,000.

Gagliano, Frank James Jr. and Kathryn to Stark, Marilyn and Lori, 2121 Dana Lane, $205,000.

Burianek, Arlene P. Trust to Platte River Hrbek Family Resort & Rec LLC, 17415 S. 63 St., $300,000.

Roche, Anthony and Raylane to Jacobo, Martha, 12015 S. 49th St., $335,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hall, Jacqueline G., 8150 S. 190th St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pruitt, Kirsten K. and Mollak, Blake W., 18803 Rosewood St., $263,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jorgensen, Colin and Cherney, Katrina, 8255 S. 190th Ave., $303,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Spence, Mardyth A., 8210 S. 186th St., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoult, Robert L., 18909 Blackwalnut St., $313,000.

Rinker, Donna P. to Hjelm, Simon J. and Kelli A., 10027 S. 171st St., $225,000.

Bergsten, Ryan A. and Kari E. to Nuttelmann, Grant and Adams, Jamie, 7518 S. 178th Circle, $175,000.

Kisielewski, Michael and Molly to McClintock, Dennis and Kimberly, 18907 Josephine St., $300,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Nelson, Kenneth C. and Jacquiline M., 18310 Hampton Drive, $334,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to South, Kahli and Ryan, 18650 Schofield Drive, $357,000.

Palensky, Jerad Michael to Berg, Christine L. and David C., 16440 Rosewood St., $310,000.

Siefkes, Karin K. to Homan, David Jr. and Nichole, 7017 S. 176th Ave., $185,000.

U S. Bank National Assn. Trust to Practical Properties LLC, 16409 Crestfield Drive, $359,000.

Moody, Anthony E. and Kantor, Nancy J. to Sheppard, Steven T., 7956 S. 171st St., $307,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wong, Jessica and Eric, 11605 Glenn St., $278,000.

Skow, Jacob R. and Katherine M. to Lennemann, Eric C. and Elizabeth, 8121 S. 154th Ave., $302,000.

Head, David L. and Allison Rose to Birge, Gregory C., 13922 Greenfield Road, $152,000.

McCasland, Scott C. and Lydia A. to Red Ladder LLC, 14615 Willow Creek Drive, $89,000.

Smith, Jesse J. and Krista L. to Collison, Joshua and Fetters, Cierra R., 13301 Frederick Circle, $169,000.

Jill of all Trades LLC to Flynn, Jennifer, 14708 Olive St., $193,000.


Orellana, Maria R. and Diaz, Lino A. to Orellana, Maria R., 2917 Bonnie St., $119,000.

Lobo, Lucas and Tabatha to Champion, Michael and Farrah, 1402 Georgia Ave., $270,000.

Metzger, Christopher L. and Sarah M. to Schenck, Nathan and Gillespie, Lea, 9603 S. 24th St., $192,000.

Gilfillan, Shaun to Gilfillan, Shaun and Sams, Charles Richard, 2521 Mose Ave., $42,000.

Gilfillan, Shaun to Gilfillan, Shaun and Sams, Charles Richard, 2537 Mose Ave., $43,000.


Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 4918 Aspen Drive, $121,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 4918 Aspen Drive, $121,000.

Abourezk, Richard and Tasha to Molina, Diego and Valadez, Jackelina, 7209 S. 49th Ave., $185,000.

Love, Scott M. and Debra J. to Sarver, Susan Lynn, 4851 Giles Road, $202,000.

Omaha World-Herald: Afternoon Update

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