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The Record: Marriages, divorces

The Record: Marriages, divorces

The Record

Marriage Licenses


George S. Ivancovich, 31, and Kimberly M. Blackburn, 30

Richard L. Ziegler, 54, and Rhonda M. Hacker, 49

Andrew K. Olson, 30, and Audrey M. Rose, 30

Lawrence R. Flemons, 23, and Zonetta M. Amerson, 26

Samyr H. El-Refaie, 23, and Danielle M. Colling, 21

Harold A. Drake, 83, and Lillie G. Knudsen, 82

Bryan C. North, 31, and Jean A. M. Holmes, 30

Austin B. Rupp, 25, and Kirsten L. Foster, 25

Albert A. A. Peak, 32, and Keisha L. Dawkins, 27

Juan C. Ayon, 19, and Rosa I. Salazar-Reyna, 19

Willie J. Miller, 35, and Amy J. Griffith, 37

Raymond R. Penney, 27, and Leah M. Rivera, 34

Matthew K. Gillespie, 23, and Kelsea J. Worcester, 22

Angelo T. Delle, 31, and Eulalia Rivera, 54

Nicholas D. Bettcher, 28, and Kathleen M. O’Connell, 24

James H. Pitre, 28, and Jennifer L. Tecson, 29

Keith E. Price, 61, and Karen G. Huebner, 47

Christopher A. Hollis, 29, and Fawn A. Van Pelt, 23

Travis M. Lehr, 26, and Kimberly D. Coleman, 25

Daniel R. Shepherd, 32, and Megan M. Borer, 30

John H. Whitmyre, 31, and Kayla N. Jones, 25

Marquez D. Bowden, 22, and Keilandra J. Greer, 22

Aaron W. Bloom, 39, and Casey F. Jackson, 32

Phuong The Le, 44, and Man Thi Huynh, 56

Scott T. Hotchkiss, 33, and Christina L. Hill, 35

Peter A. Scott, 32, and Megan M. Bernhardt, 31

Quirino Delgadillo, 57, and Donna R. Divis, 43

Tah Naw Hsit, 24, and Wah Ku Paw, 19

Timothy S. Kellogg, 25, and Abigail M. Lopez, 21

Rodney S. Williams, 50, and Sarah E. Nelson, 40

Simon V. Garduño, 26, and Jarhim N. Martinez Hernandez, 25

Essonani Tchakpalla, 30, and Sheraya R. Harris, 23

Jose F. Gallego Rojas, 23, and Karla P. Delgado, 18

Nathaniel D. Thies, 25, and Diedra A. Artz, 25Dustin J. Champlin, 36, and Carrie M. Hansen, 33

Ronald M. Gregor, 56, and Stephanie E. Smith, 57

Evan L. Rasmussen, 25, and Araceli V. Estrada, 27


Daniel J. Zegers, 24, and Megan K. Bombeck, 24

David G. Vaughan, 21, and Natalie A. Boltz, 20

Kevin A. Lesac, 26, and Ashley L. Copeland, 23

Charles B. Britt Jr., 41, and Tracy L. Stromquist, 50

Joseph H. Osovski, 28, and Bethany M. Zerbe, 22

Christopher A. Addleman, 22, and Aurora A. De La Cruz Moreno, 23

Kenneth R. Paulson, 41, and Kelly M. Beebee, 41

Terrell L. Walker, 28, and Hayley E. Wilkinson, 22

Orrin A. Badger, 25, and Diana M. Torres, 24

William P. Wiese, 26, and Shawna M. Heimann, 25

Brandon S. Jordan, 35, and Amber C. Magee, 29

Matthew K. Sebron, 26, and Kailyn R. Graeff, 27

Mark F. Kankovsky, 43, and Cindy L. Swoboda, 47

Luke T. Larson, 25, and Raeleigh M. Withey, 23

David A. Bidrowsky II, legal age, and Michaela L. Fornoff, legal age

Blaine M. Ross, 41, and Jenifer L. O’Connor, 44

Mark J. Rosburg, 32, and Sara J. Booker, 32

Shawn D. Jones, 28, and Jamie M. Leinart, 28

Aaron M. Steube, 28, and Elizabeth A. Vogel, 28


Nicholas R. Olivotto, 22, and Steven D. Head, 30

Vincent J. Carbaugh Jr., 24, and Candice M. Shaffer, 25

Richard W. Hazelton, 55, and Melisa D. Weigle, 51

Jordan M. Wineland, 23, Brianna S. Mozer, 23

Rodney L. Coleman, 55, and Joan M. Hansen, 51

Randy G. McGlothlin, 59, and Kevin D. Ruden, 39

Brady A. Petersen, 33, and Stacia L. Smith, 28

Eric E. Myers, 41, and Pamela J. Hannum, 52

Donald A. Woods, 30, and Libby A. Petersen, 26

Justin D. Swanson, 24, and Michaels B. Sherrill, 23

Eric M. Suntken, 32, and Melony D. Kurtzuba, 22

Robert D. Roth, 25, and Briana R. Opdyke, 21

John P. Eledge, 46, and Maritta L. Newgren, 40

Luke A. Johnson, 26, and Lindsi L. Foote, 22

Jake R. Bruggeman, 23, and Rebecca R. Smart, 22

Daniel C. Wilson, 22, and Chelsea M. Wilson, 22

Shaun M. Kunze, 35, and Holli R. Kunze, 25

Jonathan F. Vacha, 30, and Bridget N. Kaspar, 29

Divorces Granted


Martin Cisneros-Lorenzo and Celina Navidad-Ramirez

Jasmine S. Rosier and James M.

Tessandra Bascom-Nielsen and John Nielsen

Rina M. Schartz and Timothy R.

Todd J. Lavigne and Sara Dingman-Lavigne

Dawn M. Nelson and Douglas E.

Dewayne Myers and Tamunique Myers-Jones

Raymond J. Bennett and Susan M.

Maureen A. Stednitz and Andrew J.

Michelle R. Mackins and Harold L. Minton

Jayde A. Burt and Jordan M.

Tassi D. Walker and John P.

Shelia K. Trekal and Sidney

Richard P. Montalbo and Wanda Sperry

Jamie N. Ladehoff and Colby J.

Nashonda L. Stewart-Mctizic and Thomas R. Mctizic

Heather Worner and Garrett

Dawn M. Windorski and Ross A.


Sarah A. Garletts and Robert V. II

Erika D. Huey and Johnathan D.

Kimberly K. Certa and Matthew J.

George Nelson and Lynn R.

Paul A. Plowcha and Jennifer M.

Debra J. Casteel and Lawrence L.

Tiffany L. Schultz and Mark W.

Anna C. Sheppick Hall and Roger W. Hall

Sarah P. Bejarano and Edwin A.

Carol A. Powell and Scott A.

Roger A. Norton and Toni R. Young

Kelli A. Jordan and Alan L. Jr.

Nicole D. Powell and Scott M.

Jessica McClusky and Joshua A.

Kourtni L. Starkey and Philip W.

Susan M. Dos Santos and Josiel M.

Rachelle K. Lauritsen and Brad A.


Rita C. Harper and Rickey L.

Arthur C. Hill and Diana L.

Nikole E. Cook and Brett F.

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