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The Record: Marriages, divorces

The Record: Marriages, divorces

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Arnulfo Quiroz, 39, and Anna J. Wemhoff, 28

Shawn L. Halverson, 26, and Jennifer C. Karre, 24

Jesus A. Gaytan, 43, and Nancy Y. Guzman, 31

Carl D. Arnold, 38, and Charlene D. Wesley, 36

Joel C. Morales, 43, and Diana Gonzales, 45

John V. Gamm, 29, and Kathryn E. Crumb, 27

Richard F. Ortman, 72, and Mary C. Clausen, 61

Carlos E. Dominguez, 38, and Alba R. Gonzalez Espinoza, 34

Trevor L. Tibke, 23, and Kari S. Peterson, 23

Thomas J. Simodynes, 39, and Jennifer N. Go, 30

Ryan G. Does, 24, and Kimberlee J. McNamara, 20

Zachary T. Briceno, 20, and Emily C. Brown, 20

Larry A. Strange, 32, and Shelby D. Boucher, 24

Greg R. Dittmer, 46, and Tracy L. Walter, 40

Damien A. LeRette, 26, and Katrina M. Ybay, 26

Stephen L. Crosby, 50, and Antoinette M. Beckwith, 46

Jose A. Estrada, 23, and Caybe Jacobo, 23

Loyal E. Beecher, 30, and Ashley E. Peterson, 22

Abel M. Ramos, 23, and Jasmin S. Valdez, 24

Wesley D. Vaughn, 39, and Christina N. Benton, 31

Adam D. Rutledge, 25, and Laura R. Simons, 25

Ethan A. Smith, 24, and Kaylee M. Fly, 24

Anthony V. Edwards, 30, and Rachelle L. Serlet, 28

Nathaniel E. McGhee, 25, and Delicia C. Kelly, 24

Chad Z. Sideris, 25, and Nicole L. Trauger, 25

Aron S. Groene, 30, and Stephanie J. Fitch, 31

Austin K. Richardson, 30, and Ashley R. Thompson, 29

Jessica L. Banjamin, 36, and Amy E. Wendling, 39

Christopher W. Rolloff, 33, and Eva K. Staton, 23

Islands S. Lindsey, 23, and Cherelle R. Quarles, 22

Chad E. Nelson, 29, and Elizabeth A. Hamilton, 29

Mitchell G. Fisher, 28, and Stephanie R. Russell, 32

Michael A. Norwood, 30, and Kendra L. Nachtigall, 25

Grant D. Gilliam, 28, and Trang T. Thuy Busch, 26

Adam J. Owens, 31, and Kelly J. Womochil, 27

Michael J. Farris, 32, and Nina A. Rapps, 29

Christopher A. Dailey, 30, and Kimberly A. Miller, 27

Joshua T. Solomon, 23, and Olivia N. Engen, 23

Jose J. Guevara Verdin, 27, and Lilia A. Galan, 23

Clark D. Young, 29, and Samantha J. Kline, 28

Sergio I. Bailon Uranga, 24, and Karla P. Chaparro De La O, 23

Andrew J. Watke, 28, and Denise R. Holling, 27

Reginald B. Briggs, 31, and Raynette L. Heidt, 31

Steven M. Harley, 29, and Bianca N. Harley, 28

Alex J. Knobbe, 26, and Theresa E. Macdissi, 27

Kyle W. Kloewer, 29, and Kelsey M. Kirst, 29

Brian G. West, 50, and Lori L. Jenkins, 49

Christopher R. Culver, 31, and Akiko Nagao, 28

Paul J. Garth, 30, and Heather A. Knudson, 29

Brett S. Walker, 38, and Melissa S. Hansen, 33

Michael A. Pivonka, 57, and Jeffrey L. Jorgensen, 66

Benjamin J. Smith, 36, and Karley A. Culwell, 34

Rachelle M. Miller, 23, and Joy T. Hadley, 27

Mark D. Stockamp, 29, and Alison M. Pickle, 29

Brian B. Lindaas, 33, and Lyda J. Blackburn, 28

Luis C. Ocadiz, 33, and Fatima R. Ochoa, 31

Nolan R. Koehn, 27, and Jessica M. Bernth, 31

Gregory L. Bowles, 22, and Melanie A. Erickson, 22

Robert B. Hankin, 48, and Sarah B. Pangle, 43

Fola L. Lawson, 32, and Sarah F. Smith, 39

Robert M. Heather, 43, and Brandi J. Wieland, 22

Hannibal R. Holley, 35, and Rhonita J. Andrews, 44

Kent J. Crouch, 40, and Danelle J. Zavala, 34

Matthew W. Kanne, 37, and Erin M. Silver, 35

Douglas R. Smith, 31, and Renee L. Rudd, 31

Jesse A. Popejoy, 24, and Jean M. Custer, 51

Frank J. Troia, 32, and Nicole M. Schermerhorn, 28

Adan G. Cruz, 31, and Rosaura L. Fuentes, 47

Wills B. Louis, 31, and Ali E. Bohlke, 25

Brian N. Skourup, 39, and Ece Erdogmus, 38

Keith M. Buzzard, 32, and Kelly J. McCann, 26


Nicholas R. Barrett, 18, and Heather M. Williamson, 19

Cameron A. Jackowiak, 25, and Brittany R. Bloemendaal, 25

Storm E. Kerwin, 43, and Patricia A. Collins, 38

Clayton A. Salberg, 32, and Regina A. Stauffer, 27

Dario Dulovic, 40, and Mirela Kovacevic, 28

Louis V. Phillips, 38, and Amber A. Callahan, 28

Buddy S. Whited, 29, and Kassandra J. Coover, 27

Ramon J. Ramirez II, 37, and Julie A. Morgan, 32

Brian J. Fletcher, 26, and Azaleeya K. Marble, 21

Adam L. Giddings, 38, and Stacey A. Gill, 47

Austin K. Klinkel, 28, and Jessica M. Lusch, 26

Nkem O. Emesih, 33, and Virginia E. Rogers, 30

Amevi S. Klohoun, 34, and Natasha R. Dewey, 25

Robert D. Hanna, 22, and Alycia K. Clifford, 22

Guy K. Southwick, 54, and Vickee R. Tomes, 52


Desiree G. Devorss, 28, and Alyssa N. Snell, 28

Jared L. Rohrer, 28, and Taylor J. Scott, 27

David D. Killin, 39, and Amanda S. Chin, 32



Patricia A. Freshman and James R. Roane

Cheryl D. Grell and Robert G. Jr.

Martha Valtierra and Feliberto Sotelo

Megan M. Clark and Richard D.

Elmer R. Hernandez and Bianca J. Gonzalez de Hernandez

Julian A. Rosen and Monica L.

Erin K. Reitz and Joshua L.

Terri L. Mayfield and Willie L.

Sandra Herrera and Javier Camacho

Praveen Kumar and Swati Suman

Phillip A. Pier and Gabrielle L.

Jill Leibert and Kent Redding

Byron A. Palma Contreras and Alma P. Rodriguez Quinteros

Jose F. Garcia-Olmedo and Dennia W. Rowe

Ricardo Samaniego Cruz and Eunice Medina Horta

Kimberly McConachie and Brian

Sarah Lyon and Mitch

Jose J. Urbina and Jordan N.

Stefanie Sainato and John

Jennifer Anderson and Richard

Alan P. Ratcliffe and Donna J.

Michelle L. Gilbert and Thomas E.

Dawn S. Staszko and Edward R.

Peter Saccoman and Annamarie

Eric Magendantz and Sheila

Kimberly D. McGraw and Doreal

Jonathan Mendoza and Katya Cruz-Hernandez (legal separation)

Emily A. Kelly and Troy A. (legal separation)


Gary S. Crain and Marybeth

Brittany J. Poole and Erick R.

Cheri A. Jastram and Martin D.

Warren J. Radtke and Kelly J.

Alyssa R. Breeding and Daniel S.

Kyle Halvorson and Marla

Tina E. Acosta and Carlos R.

Debra L. Osmera and Scott A.

Vanita J. Morosin and Micheal L.

Judith R. Brehmer and Duane B.

Heather M. Markus and Sean E.

Rosalita Parent and Christopher

Nelson Pineda-Pacheco and Brenda Berrera

Bryan D. Stickney and Sue L.

Jayme Harrin and Joseph K.

Rebecca L. Hollman and Thomas R.

Shayne K. Miller and Jacqueline E.

Laura M. Webb and Rodney A.

Jennifer A. Bueoy and Jason A.

Melissa K. Reasland and Donald L.


Dawn M. Phillips and Roy O.

Craig A. Leighton and Christina L.

Jacob M. Deitchler and Brandi L. Huddle

Heidi J. Petro and Todd L. Trunnell

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