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Residential real estate transfers, April 10

Residential real estate transfers, April 10

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Shively, Brett E. and Peitzmeier, Christine M. to Catron, Robert A. and Karls-Catron, Pamela K., 16023 N. Second St., $261,000.

Charleston Homes to Epstein, James R. and Laura A., 12119 Elmwood Drive, $243,743.

Waddell, Harold E. and Ashley L. to Schmidt, Jason E. and Heidi R., 11923 N. 160th St., $191,000.

Atamov, Parviz and Usmanova, Nazirakhon to Makinde, Monica L., 8216 N. 154th Circle, $164,000.

Vesta Properties to Hester, Meredith R., 14501 Leeman St., $150,000.

Waterford Development to Home Co., 7664 N. 154th St., $41,150.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Judkins, Jeffrey M. and Dawn M., 1617 S. 219th Ave., $684,092.

Showcase Homes to Vetock, Andrew and Bobbie, 19603 Parker St., $415,000.

Belt Construction to Angell, Conrad W. and Erika J., 18937 Ruggles St., $410,338.

Woodland Homes to Kodali, Soma S. and Jyothsna, 934 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $404,396.

Silverthorn Custom Homes to Intravartolo, Russell, 18929 Sahler St., $399,900.

Hildy Construction to Lee, Roger G. III and Lisa A., 3114 N. 192nd Ave., $388,000.

Trademark Homes to Bockelman, Grant and Megan, 1611 S. 211th St., $359,602.

Bakhit, George A. and Krista M. to Jackson, Brad A. and Jessica, 18823 Sahler St., $345,000.

Vencil Construction to Sharar, Troy R. and Jennifer M., 18944 Sahler St., $312,000.

Layman, Deborah M. to Matthes, Tracy and Christine, 20911 Buckskin Trail, $305,000.

Blaskovich, Steven P. and Jennifer L. to Bartosh, Mary T., 518 S. 197th St., $285,000.

Charleston Homes to Phelps, Mark D. and Jennifer H., 20705 Larimore Ave., $232,070.

Gardner, Melvin J. II and Calida L. to Durant, Mark T. and Alejandra, 20805 Veterans Drive, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Shinn, Emily, 20806 Clark St., $214,250.

Buckley, Thomas W. and Carol E. to Buckley, Michael P. and Jessica, 1007 S. 218th St., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes to Lazatin, Sharon F., 20821 Parker St., $193,700.

Rivera, Rick and Laurent, Dustin to Stone, Mike P. and Kousgaard, Julie, 2823 N. 205th St., $150,000.

Braden, Patty J. to KBL Investments, 922 S. 216th St., $148,000.

Teplitsky, Carl and Margaret M. to Kohlbek, Mark and Kathy, 2806 S. 217th Circle, $131,000.

Bank of New York to Piper, J. Dennis and Pamela L., 3318 N. 207th Terrace, $118,100.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Belt Construction Co., 2387 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Montgomery, Gene C. and Janice L. to Banyay, Christopher J. and Melissa M., 5802 S. 239th St., $85,000.

SNGF Development to Edwards, Alexander L. and Emily A., 19158 Honeysuckle Drive, $78,000.

EVE LLC to Dave Paik Builders, 19357 Wirt St., $55,000.

EVE LLC to Dave Paik Builders, 19353 Wirt St., $51,000.

FRK Development to Belt Construction Co., 4107 N. 191st St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Pine Crest Homes, 3818 N. 189th St., $49,900.

Gottsch Land Co. to Castlebridge Homes, 20614 Boyd St., $49,900.

FRK Development to Fireside Construction Co., 18971 Spaulding Circle, $44,900.

FRK Development to Vencil Construction, 4214 N. 191st St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Vencil Construction, 3902 N. 190th St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Pine Crest Homes, 18903 Ruggles St., $39,900.

FRK Development to Fireside Construction Co., 18811 Sahler St., $39,900.


Bluewater Development Corp. to CMTT LLC, 6225 N. 295th St., $230,000.

DKL Properties to Weberg, Earl E. and Sandra K., 315 W. Whittingham St., $85,000.


Fallon, Larry R., trustee for Fallon Family Trust to Stene, Nathanial S., 806 S. 262nd St., $182,000.


Matthews, Judah P. and Morgan to M Butte LTD, 300 S. 16th St., $120,000.


Armstrong, Anthony D. and Baye, Robert to Tye, Gregory A., 4536 Franklin St., $85,000.

Zuhlke, Todd A. and Bertelson, Noelle L. to Case, Adam and Yentes, Jennifer, 2515 N. 55th St., $330,000.

Martin, Patrick R. and Suzanne H. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 5128 Erskine St., $207,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to George, Meredith and Langel, Joshua J., 5128 Erskine St., $207,000.

Field, Matthew and Elizabeth to Poulin, Christine, 4944 Emmet St., $129,000.

Meier, John P. and Amy to Reed, David B. and Cynthia, 6107 Franklin St., $114,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Pay, Pa and Nay, Mu, 5065 Arcadia Ave., $91,400.

Watson, Suzanne and Brazeal, Sara M. and James to Nelson, William J. and Tabatha J., 2206 N. 60th St., $91,000.

Kerary Investments to Moo, Htee and Say, Lah G., 2510 N. 49th St., $84,000.

Buck, Tanya D. to Krit, Eh and Paw, Ni H., 4822 Grand Ave., $83,000.

Travis, Larry L. and Kathleen to FW Real Estate Investments, 6513 Boyd St., $71,000.

Novotny, Evelyn A. to Kadrow Investments, 7082 Franklin St., $42,000.


Reeder, Timothy L. and Gill, John W. to Johnson, Zachary R. and Nicole M., 1113 S. 33rd St., $330,000.

Carlin, Brian and Lauren to Winter, Milana L., 1934 S. 34th St., $145,000.

Cutaia, James, personal representative, to Trecek, Gary, 3612 Spring St., $85,000.

Bates Inc. to Philippides, Philip and Stovall, Linda, 4034 Vinton St., $45,000.


Illian, Casey L. and Kathryn E. to Maliszewski, Katherine L. and James L., 5901 Mason St., $230,000.

Trilogy Investments to Deck, Michael H. and Laura J., 4519 Shirley St., $176,000.

Porter, Barbara J., trustee for Schmidt, Kenneth A. Trust to Bockert, Brent L. and Baker, Nicole L., 5817 Oak St., $115,000.

Terhune, Mark A. to Precision Properties Group, 5611 Jackson St., $100,000.

Sharpe, Alan V. and Nancy C. Trust to JH Properties, 5133 Woolworth Ave., $40,000.


Felthauser, Robert W. Sr. to Radcliff, Sharin, 3259 Drexel St., $92,000.

Faiman, Stella H. to Peroutka, Michael J. and Francisco, Marilena B., 6256 S. 40th St., $84,000.

Dvorak, Barbara and Crosley, Charlene to Yelinko, Christopher J. and Cassandra R., 6518 S. 36th St., $75,000.

Eaton, Joan E., personal representative, to BPJ Real Estate LLC, 6247 S. 41st Ave., $62,500.

Hernandez, Rosa to Chaidez, Jubentino and Delfina, 5814 S. 21st St., $50,000.

DLJ Mortgage Capital to Vargas, Emigdio C. and Apodaca, Maria T., 4956 S. 41st Ave., $47,000.

Zamarripa, Jose to Moreno, Jose G. and Reyna, 2502 H St., $29,500.


Perez, Elvia A. to Cruz, Enrique A., 1515 Olin Ave., $66,000.

Rutherford, Russell C. Jr. to Gee, Edward G. and Joann S. Trust, 834 S. 24th St., $56,000.


Abarca, Sonia E. to Padilla, Sandro E., 3705 Bedford Ave., $28,000.

Bel Fury Investment Group to LIT Real Estate Investments, 3488 Ruggles St., $20,000.


Anderson, Ivan L. II to Bessey, Brad and Rachel, 9966 Florence Heights Blvd., $167,000.

Intercessors of the Lamb Inc. to Lytle, Donald, 12436 N. 40th St., $133,400.

TPC Corp. to Jessop, Brandon and Erika, 3311 Reynolds St., $97,000.

Mitchell, Tammy L. to Menzel, Faye A., 7015 Minne Lusa Blvd., $90,000.


Armstrong, Darin J. and Lori L. to Gill, John W. and Reeder, Timothy L., 8801 Capitol Ave., $450,000.

Shearon, Dolores M. and Horstmeier, Gregory D. to Illian, Kathryn E. and Casey L., 7915 Harney St., $279,000.

Brakenhoff Enterprises to Hopson, Tyler L., 1517 N. 107th St., $146,000.

Piller, Joshua I. and Amber to Pistone, Tyler and Jessica, 1510 Maenner Drive, $135,000.

Kural, Evrim to Strasser, Kendra E., 830 N. 107th Ave., $74,000.


O’Connell, James M. and Mary to Chapman, Joy and Justin, 2701 N. 173rd Avenue Circle, $450,000.

Weis, Jamie S. and Tracy to Tedla, Jayaprakash and Nalam, Sridevi, 2424 N. 175th St., $298,500.

Siedelmann, Gregory L. and Jolene K. to Mitchell, Dean and Purdy-Mitchell, Carol, 2516 N. 170th Ave., $290,000.

Wegley, Curtis J. and Lisa to Voegele, Heather S., 17208 Fowler Circle, $289,900.

Behr, Jacqueline L. and Russell to Freymann, Jaye P. and Jennifer L., 17062 Spencer St., $282,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Warren, Lindsay, 17623 Sahler St., $244,900.

Scott, Clifford M. and Donna H. to Munoz, Donna and Angel, 4702 N. 167th Ave., $235,000.

McClintock, David C. to Tapp, Brooks J. and Tara L., 2711 N. 153rd Ave., $229,000.

Golden, Lawrence J. II to Siedelmann, Gregory L. and Jolene K., 15074 Redman Ave., $205,000.

Schmalz, Brook M. to Layman, Deborah M., 4901 N. 160th St., $195,500.

Porzelt, Joseph K. and Liana M. to Terry, Meghan E., 15057 Birch St., $187,000.

Yang, Zheng X. and Sirinya to Peters, Kyle and Faaborg, Kayla, 16620 Grand Ave., $185,000.

Alexander, Ludie D. and Loretta to Malone, Chelsea and Drakeford, Lewis, 14806 Redman Ave., $178,000.

McDermott, Rosemary and Mitch to Kwiatkoski, Neil and Brianne, 14605 Fowler Ave., $169,900.

Legacy Ventures I to Kelly, Joshua and Angel, 4709 N. 168th Ave., $158,000.

Sturgeon, Rosemary A. to Flynn, Alan, 4214 N. 172nd St., $154,000.

Markham, Shelly L. and Rick J. to Zaroban, Steven J., 17105 Sahler St., $151,000.

Kramolisch, Lee A. and Sarah to Wiseman, Jordan P. and Piccolo, Rebecca J., 5913 N. 166th Court, $128,000.


HBI LLC to Toli, Suzette A. and Sosaia L., 5511 O St., $131,500.

Molina, Dario Sr. and Kristi to Parrott, Victoria A., 6006 Hillsdale Ave., $105,000.


Devos, Luke and Laura to Kuhl, Jon D., 8109 Weber Plaza, $156,000.

Murphy, John L. III and Felisha C. to Schmitt, John M., 10716 Potter St., $154,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Gould, Calvin II and Katherine, 7616 Redick Ave., $134,000.


Dennis, Nicole M. and Kyle R. to Duffy, Matthew E. and Wrieth, Mary E., 2821 Bridgeford Road, $185,000.

Voorhees, Donald and Barbara Trust to CKS Real Estate Management, 7523 Ontario St., $90,000.

Carlson, Janice B. Trust to Woods, John, 3314 S. 88th St., $50,000.


Rech, Larry D. and Theresa A. to Bundy, Ryan, 5724 S. 107th St., $179,900.

Bartels, Steven R. and Sonia B. to Kill, Robert A. and Kayla, 6836 S. 73rd Ave., $170,000.

Rentmeester, Christy A. and Raamot, Andrew to Janousek, David B. and Jody K., 8716 Drexel Circle, $160,000.

Walters, Donald E. and Cynthia L. to Demont, Brandon, 7760 Park Drive, $144,000.

Sneed, Robert L. Jr. and Young-Sneed, Paige to Carver, Victor R. and Sheibal-Carver, Rhonda M., 7785 State St., $140,000.

Kerr, Barbara L. to Minardi, Rhonda, 5222 S. 83rd St., $76,500.


Andersen, Debra L. Trust to Shoemaker, Scott M. and Andrea M., 18354 D St., $420,000.

Wager, David J. and Lisa R. to Momerack, William and Alesa, 16129 Barbara Circle, $314,900.

Henning, Timothy and Mariana to Stara, Scott and Wilkinson, Erica, 3026 S. 165th Ave., $305,000.

Rubin, Michael I. and Saraka-Rubin, Debra M. to Herr, Colin W. and Williams, Stephanie M., 3512 S. 163rd St., $304,500.

Christian, Jack and Kaylene to Farmer, Brian and Jennifer, 18919 Grover St., $199,000.

Janda, Thomas and Weaver, Robert to Dufek, Deric D. and Alexis A., 16368 Pine St., $171,500.

Stiles, Sheila J. to C Street LLC, 1420 S. 173rd St., $160,000.


Lane, Mark R. and Buescher, Jennifer J. to Ludwick, Jason D. and Kathleen A., 102 N. 54th St., $372,500.

Maginn, Paul D. and Ruth H. to Seaglass Investments, 5114 Izard St., $298,400.

Anderson, Virgil D. and Virginia M. to Von Sternberg, Debra J. and Kurt T., 4917 California St., $275,000.

Deseck, James J., trustee for Deseck, Irene M. Trust to Serbian, Joshua, 1035 Hillcrest Drive, $248,000.

Chen, Dora W. to McLeay, Megan, 661 J.E. George Blvd., $190,000.

Thomas, Dennis K. and Colleen J. to Thomas, Shari A., 4620 Davenport St., $110,000.


Waggoner, Jason M. and Roby, Stephanie L. to Roshone, John and Kathryn W., 8011 Manderson St., $175,000.

Bartlett, Richard A. to Hofsheier, Kristi and Todd, 3616 N. 92nd Circle, $155,000.

Young, Cynthia L. and Elies Jr. to Maldonado, Jose F. and Garcia-Villegas, Diana L., 3911 N. 94th St., $140,000.

Steinacher, David C., trustee for Steinacher, Donald D. Trust to Connolly, Donald, 4328 N. 81st St., $135,000.

Freymann, Jaye P. and Jennifer L. to Blair, Maria- Teresa and Melissa, 9816 Camden Ave., $133,000.

Rice, Donald R. and Eleanor M. to Krof, Marlene A. and Brown, Jeanine R., 9174 Himebaugh Ave., $125,000.

Deutsche Bank to Punch It Out Inc., 4012 N. 101st St., $85,500.

Davis, Tony E. to DB & K Real Estate Corp., 9921 Pinkney St., $85,000.


Barr Homes to McGhay, Jason E., 18306 Drexel St., $334,521.

Oberdorfer, Lynette S. and Andrew M. to Fischer, Eric and Marcy J., 5931 S. 175th Avenue Circle, $278,000.

Celebrity Homes to Kerkman, Nathan J. and Melissa A., 19859 L St., $263,800.

Peterson, John R. and Katharine C. to Kobza, Aaron and Danielle, 17522 J St., $262,500.

Limpach, Kevin to Samuelson, Sean D. and Mary C., 6632 S. 163rd Ave., $222,500.

Vlach, Timothy W. and Shillito, Ryan A. to Boham, Kimberly C., 6103 S. 193rd St., $184,000.

Byrd Properties to Miller, Daniel R., 19479 T St., $159,900.

Cadwallader, Julie E. to Bonifas, Michelle K., 18686 T St., $150,000.

Stratton, Tyler J. and Jessica to Holman, Christopher J., 5704 S. 193rd St., $130,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes, 6558 S. 199th St., $100,000.

Gilliam, Jimmie L. and Marcia E. to Wind Investments LLC, 5023 S. 165th St., $94,000.


Gredys, Patrick D. and Ann M. Trust to Gottsch, Matthew J. and Amelia J., 12612 Schroeder Circle, $220,000.

Mears, Floretta M. and John D. to Amini, Abdullah and Nafisa, 5005 S. 147th St., $165,000.

Nagasawa, Michael S. and Tammy D. to Ellis, Alan D. and Shannon K., 14115 Washington Circle, $149,000.

Colgan, Thomas C. and Esther C. to Roots, Logan, 15343 Drexel Circle, $143,000.

Anthony, Fred G., personal representative, to McCall, Ben, 6129 S. 140th Ave., $140,000.

Preuss, Richard and Vicki L. to Sharif-Kashani, Mateen A., 12623 Ohern St., $137,000.

Mueller, David M. and Alyssa A. to Hoffpauir, Evan B. and Madison E., 14212 Birchwood Circle, $134,500.

Kirsch, Karla K., trustee for Foley, June N. Trust to Sowah, Nathaniel, 11423 S Circle, $128,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Applegarth, Joshua R. and Hermanson, Jamie, 11413 Reynolds St., $243,244.

Celebrity Homes to Nepal, Tika P. and Dahal, Bhima D., 7205 N. 142nd St., $200,200.

Celebrity Homes to Waller, Mark C. and Barna, Barbara J., 14221 Vane St., $165,400.

Rigel, Michele L. to Pospisil, Troy and Marcia, 14245 Wood Valley Drive, $154,000.

Celebrity Homes to Benak, Robert J. and Wiser, Devon M., 14313 Wood Valley Drive, $149,900.


Pearson, Leo E. and Margaret to Laflin, Lewis T. and Melissa J., 15511 Poppleton Circle, $350,000.

Bosetti, Thomas L. and Jill M. to Ang, Isaiah and Janna, 15510 Arbor St., $224,000.

Haberman, Joshua J. and Kasi M. to McKitterick, Kathryn and Cameli, Anthony R., 2005 S. 141st Circle, $200,000.

Baker, Matthew and Denise to Greco, Kaitlin K., 13447 Cedar St., $175,000.

Janecek, Virgil D. and Elizabeth A. to Pesek, Dorothy M., 13221 Martha Circle, $173,000.

Niles, Thomas G. and Megan F. to Griess, Brandon and Stolarz, Charlene, 3212 S. 144th Ave., $165,000.

Flood, Robert A. III to Nelsen, Hannah L. and Owen, Matthew P., 3972 S. 153rd Circle, $160,000.

Holt, Hubert S. and Virginia to Kois, Joel A. and McNew, Katelin A., 3617 S. 108th St., $124,900.


Arnold, Brent L. to Fish, Cassandra, 8928 N. 56th Avenue Circle, $280,000.


Roa, Claudia and Sanchez, Jorge to Collier, Trenton E., 15224 Parker Plaza, $155,000.

Edleman, Ann C. and Myron L. to Hollenveck, Jeffrey and DeNourie, Deborah S., 821 S. 124th St., $115,389.

Tosyali, Marylynne and Akin U. to Kinder, Zachary, 12318 Decatur St., $167,000.


VIP Homes to Pekarksky, Sean J. and Amber N., 2542 N. 137th St., $232,500.

Pulley, Trevor J. and Jennifer A. to McGovern, Marshal L. and Corey, Amy L., 4935 N. 114th St., $163,000.

Marshall, Thomas M. to Yeung, Jeff and Christina, 2208 N. 127th Circle, $162,000.

Moore, Daniel J. and Lindsey A. to Buurman, Christopher, 2513 N. 112th St., $148,000.

Bertsch, Tyler and Jennifer G. to Gove, Travis C., 11053 Martin Ave., $145,000.

Highman, Natalie B. to Bower, Lindsey M., 12917 Nebraska Ave., $137,000.

Reyes, Ruben M. to Titus, Samuel J., 11756 Hartman Ave., $135,000.

Phelps, Jennifer H. and Mark D. to Palmquist, Joel and Mara, 11804 Newport Ave., $131,000.

Cobaugh, Tony L. to Klaczunsky, Christopher D. and Valerey A., 5917 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $123,900.

BENAE LLC to Brannan, Cambria and Evans, Darius, 12506 Yates St., $65,000.

Moehn, Kelly A. to Brannan, Cambria and Evans, Darius, 12506 Yates St., $32,500.

3103 LLC to Brannan, Cambria and Evans, Darius, 12506 Yates St., $32,500.



U.S. Bank to Seay, Hunter, 1409 Thomas Drive, $80,000.

Martin, Hollis A. and Heather M. to Sheridan, Patricia S., 1509 N. 10th St., $136,000.

Tripp, Leslie D. and Diana M. to Albers, Brent M. and Judd R. and Margaret A., 2101 Pleasant Lane, $130,000.

West, Jeffrey P. and Bethanie J. to Jones, Erika M., 309 W. 28th Ave., $91,000.

Langabee, Vincent T. to Schoeder, Flame C., 502 Bellevue Blvd. North, $179,000.

Knipp, Thomas L. and Linda M. to Hegie, Joshua and Christine, 604 N. Third St., $147,000.

14C LLC to Nekuda, Sheila A., 7807 S. 22nd Ave., $165,000.


Stevens, Max A. and Christine R. to Bell, James A. and Kristi Trust, 10768 S. 231st St., $130,000.

Charleston Homes to Kunz, Jon and Gwenn, 11424 S. 173rd Ave., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes to Hinderks, Jerome J. and Kathryn M., 18924 Redwood St., $237,000.

Proline Custom Homes to Hilderbrand, Matthew J. and Allison N., 19329 Bellbrook Road, $327,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design to Sicheneder, Isaiah and Kenealy, Katherine, 19813 Oak St., $316,000.

Bonner, Brendan L. and Joanne to Thiessen, Adam and Alyson R., 221 Hackberry Drive, $133,000.


Advantage Development to Ryder, Benjamin J. and Kimberly S., 10506 S. 125th Ave., $419,000.

Hanson, Sandra J. and John M. to Perry, Adam J. and Heather N., 1840 Victoria Circle, $175,000.

Peterson, Kimberly S., trustee for Loveland Family Trust to Steckler, Tad J. and Loveland, Robyn R., 8014 Molokai Drive, $289,000.

Mohr, Kate M. and Darren to Dunning, Zachary C. and Jessica L., 909 Crest Road, $185,000.


Vulgamott, Ryan D. and Michelle R. to Oas, Betty, 10707 Winding River Drive, $184,000.

McDonald, Mary A. to Messina, Joseph A. and Hildegard, 13052 S. 38th St., $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Herrings, Steven L. and Gloria J., 13910 S. 42nd Ave., $177,000.

Bose, Aaron J. to Bresley, Robert A. and Lisa A. and Vose, Aaron J., 14208 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $130,000.

Pritchett, Mary and William to Gamble, Scott A. and Theresa, 14704 Hummingbird Circle, $180,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Wright, John P. and Steiner, Mikayla, 15002 S. 23rd St., $285,000.

VanAllen, Steven L. and Nikole S. to Schoening, Todd R. and Jessica S., 3314 Jessie Marie Drive, $165,000.

Charleston Homes to Driggs, Terry S. and Mandy M., 4402 Brook Drive, $289,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Johnson, Crystal and Jonathan, 10409 Cary St., $275,000.

Medlin, Timothy C. to Bianski, Christine R., 7002 Josephine St., $107,000.

Kirkpatrick, Scott D. and Cynthia A. to Thomas, Tyson and Kimberly 7138 Harvest Hills Drive, $165,000.

Vail, Adam J. and Jenna B. to Maher, Shawn and Ellen, 7327 James Ave., $110,000.

Sorensen, John and Teresa to Chesnut, Timothy R. and Ashley R., 7328 La Vista Drive, $115,000.

Marco, Charles T. II and Tara to Maresh, Sarah K. and Taylor, Adam K., 7819 S. 93rd St., $265,000.

Mendez, Tad and Tasha to Larimore, Jacob and Rochelle, 8128 Valley Road, $129,000.

Burns, Lynn E. and Gwen A. to McAleer, William J., 8523 S. 99th Circle, $286,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Foster, Cory and Katelyn, 8531 S. 105th St., $316,000.

Home Co. to Sojka, Bradley J. and Jessica C., 8533 S. 101st St., $299,000.

Uhing, Ronald H. to Harral, John L. and Phyllis A., 9213 Hillcrest Drive, $185,000.


Rogers Development to Legacy Homes Omaha, 2211 Park Crest Drive, $46,000.

Mackenzie, Douglas G. and Jennifer A. to Smith, Daniel L. and Resi A., 6479 Elmhurst Drive, $213,000.


Spry, Jayme to Aguilar Salazar, Angel, 13401 Olive St., $58,000.

Osborn, Daniel L. and Megan T. to Wicklander, John R. and Angie, 16107 Cherrywood St., $165,000.

Kenealy, Katie to Devereaux, Steven, 16127 Briar St., $159,000.

Moss, Todd and Tasha to Cover, Lacey M., 17238 Banner St., $265,000.

Comte, DeAnn to Kirby, Louora, 17348 Edna St., $256,000.

Celebrity Homes to Alberts, Van, 19084 Robin Drive, $192,000.

Gracie Properties to Lilley, Randall W. and Ashlee, 7116 S. 160th St., $250,000.

Petersson, Johan I. and Andrea L. to Thomsen, Gary and Martha, 7407 S. 173rd St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes to Osborne, Andrew C. and Slavik, Jeanette M., 8115 S. 190th Ave., $224,000.

Wicklander, John and Angie to Osborn, Megan and Daniel, 8542 S. 160th Ave., $240,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 8717 Edna St., $219,000.

Richland Homes to Aten, Chad and Erin R., 8915 S. 169th St., $225,000.

Luna, Jeffrey and Kori L. to Corrigan, Patrick J. Jr. and Kaitlin J., 9902 S. 176th St., $345,000.


Christiana Trust to Schwab, Michael and Nichole, 15420 Cottonwood St., $225,000.

Gianficaro, Richard L. to Weerakoon, Aruna I. and Rathnayake, Nirosha P., 7408 S. 155th Ave., $180,000.

Anderson, Robert and Mary M. to Hunt, Larry D., 8711 S. 138th Ave., $138,000.


Whitesides, Fred D. and Mary Trust to Anderson, Dayna, 7205 S. 40th St., $95,000.


Duncan, Sammi to Rolland, Christian W. and Andrea N., 5009 Glasgow Ave., $163,000.

R & B Properties to Frankenfield, Stephen T. and Debra, 7708 S. 45th Ave., $264,000.



Kovacs, Carol E. and Keith E. to Morrison, Katrina M., 1701 Second Ave., $77,000.

Mowery, Doreen D. and Gregory R. to Konfrst, Wayne, 1501 Ave. P, $62,000.

U.S. Bank to Liberty Investment Properties, 823 N. 25th St., $64,000.

Sanford, Julia A. and Richard S. to Amburn, Roger and Ellison-Amburn, Deborah, 4025 Ramelle Drive, $103,000.

Price, Linda L. to Harris, Brian R., 619 S. 21st St., $86,000.


Fellahuer, Dennis O. to Circo, Brian N. and Sharon R., 415 Houston Ave., $114,000.

Burns, Abby L. and Justin D. to Infanger, Adrienne A., 1398 Callahan Drive, $278,000.

Wege, William R. to Staiert, Kristen M., 102 Locust Lodge Ave., $140,000.

Mavis, Janelle M. to Martin, Gary M. II and Heather A., 33 Euclid Ave., $125,500.

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Carberry, Stephanie and Dew, Jacob R., 1038 Simms Ave., $170,000.

Kannedy, Arthur and Jennie M. to Arrick, Clyde and June, 756 Mill St., $40,000.

Wheeler, Troyce A. to Hiatt, Diane and Jerry M., 31 Ridge Drive, $107,500.

Sander, Benjamin A. and Kelli N. to Stater, Shayla D., 383 Harrison St., $91,000.

Smith, Raisha T. to Fisher, Rhonda and Molacek, Larry, 750 Parkwild Drive, $175,000.

Storey, Daniel G. to Idlewood Construction, 400 Franklin Ave., $136,000.

Eicher, Douglas A. and Sena to Lightner, Justin A., 227 Fairview Ave., $85,000.


Tri State Ventures to Odd Properties, 1313 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $19,000.


Cohano Investments to Poor, Gregory S., 526 Crescent Drive, Crescent, $210,000.


Vixen Construction to Brummer, Weston K., 30233 175th St., Honey Creek, $195,000.


Mathews, Robert M. and Sara M. to Brummett, Marcus and Wolfe, Torie, 10 Heesch Ave., Treynor, $139,000.


Kingery, Kari D. and Ryan D. to Rose, Alexys, 504 Highway Ave., Underwood, $127,500.

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