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Residential real estate transfers, May 12

Residential real estate transfers, May 12

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Douglas County


Harrill, Jessica R. and Mitchell J. to King, Gwendalyn, 14554 Mormon St., $182,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Smith, William R. and Jodi L., 16309 Potter St., $335,607.

Seymour, Jessica J. and Scott S. to Padgett, David and Sandee, 14611 Sunrise St., $193,000.

Kudirka, James M. and Renee M. to Meurrens, Jeffrey and Marnie, 10309 N. 183rd St., $695,000.

Smith, Jodi Lynn and William R. to Madden, Marty Lee, 7820 N. 154th Ave., $239,900.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moran, Beth M., 11917 Ashwood Drive, $300,000.

Toussaint, Gerald E. and Delores D. to Fishbaugh, Jeffrey E. and Kerry L., 7103 N. 162nd St., $378,000.

Schultz, Marcus and Aimee to Weisbrodt, James and Ashlie, 8452 N. 155th St., $215,000.


Living the Dream LLC to Johnson, Robert S., 20202 Gateway Road, $197,000.

GMA Enterprises LLC to Gustafson, James R. and Pietig, Brenda, 21816 Dorcas St., $1,600,000.

Jensen, Scott L. and Kristine M. to Hill, Nathan Lee and Nozomi Inata, 1565 N. 208th St., $249,500.

Marasco PC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 19019 Boyd St., $65,000.

Jon P. Sundstrom Revocable Trust to Kratky, John R. and Sophia L., 18077 Jones St., $325,000.

Sides, James W. and Beverly M. to Strasil Larson, Erin B. and Larson, John D., 20239 Pinkney St., $225,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Huhmann, Tyler C. and Bean, Kathryn R., 19604 Parker St., $410,123.

Koley, Catherine Ellizabeth to Vosik, William M. Jr. and Denise M., 18905 Lafayette Ave., $715,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Heckman, Clarence M. and Rosalind L., 19410 Hamilton Circle, $670,803.


Songster, Roger W. and Hope D. to Teneyck, Stephen L. and Sarah E., 222 W. Gardiner St., $120,000.


Ryan Alexander Jackson Trust and Rickards, Paul Jeffrey, trustee, to Burn Family Trust and Burn, Charlotte M., trustee, 312 S. 16th St., $165,500.


Curtis, Raymond J. II and Mindee to Maynard, Ashlynn, 5624 Miami St., $190,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Conway, Carol Scattergood, 5355 N. 47th Ave., $88,000.

Omaha Opportunity Fund LLC to Samson Holdings LLC, 2503 N. 52nd St., $515,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Quandahl, Scott, 6307 Wirt St., $70,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Quandahl, Scott, 4715 Grant St., $52,500.


37 Street Rental LLC to Kavan, Kathleen Mae, 916 S. 37th St., $135,000.

Krebs, Gregory S. to Pogge, Edward, 3223 S. 40th St., $86,500.

Hodges, Gerry to Jensen, Kenneth Paul and Boston, Kellie L., 3025 S. 36th St., $140,000.

Saltzman, Scott and Hobscheidt, Debra J. to Janovich, James R., 3816 Valley St., $16,000.

Youngblood, Frederick C. and Melissa R. to Kehrberg, Debra and Rachel Meister, 4420 Pierce St., $135,000.

Peters, Vicki L., personal representative of Voycheske, Lois E. estate, to Cherkasskiy, Lillia and Schultz, John, 2210 S. 43rd St., $143,000.


Rhedin, Eric and Frieden, Erika Suzanne to Hogan, Maren, 972 S. 45th St., $180,000.

Madison Street LLC to Cole, Kevin R. and Theresa A., 3516 S. 49th Ave., $100,000.

Allen, Kyle C. and Kendall J. to Hassett, John D. Jr., 3111 S. 57th Circle, $205,000.

Ciciulla, Colleen M. to Gander Co Design + Build LLC, 1502 S. 55th St., $142,500.

Heaberlin, Paul E. and Rebecka to Rohloff, Anne and Dolan, Nick, 6019 Hickory St., $233,000.

Malone, Michaela J., personal representative of Swartzell, Rosemary E. estate, to Schilling, Matthew and Eric, 4809 Krug Ave., $150,000.

Grennan, Dennis E. and Connie J. to Sandnes, Espen A., 6818 Marcy St., $151,100.


Brown, Victor and Jeffrica to Perez, Roxana, 4213 S. 37th St., $170,000.

Mallory, Potenciana G. and Baker, Ivory to Trifecta Properties LLC, 3325 Jefferson St., $105,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 4107 S. 36th Ave., $40,601.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Jah LLC, 4334 S. 27th St., $105,200.

McCright Properties LLC to Montgomery, Joy and Cindy A., 3916 J St., $112,000.

Sidzyik, Daniel Lee to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K., 4373 J St., $19,500.


Jensen, Dave and Jensen, Maria G. to Pacheco, Agripina Ozuna, 2767 S. 12th St., $93,750.

Sierra Fox LLC to J&S 4716 LLC, 1302 S. 6th St., $265,000.

EVH LLC to Escobar-Cortez, Josue I., 1957 S. 13th St., $300,000.


11T NE LLC to Rodriguez, Raquel Vega, 1922 Binney St., $55,000.

McCowin, Robert Sr. and Nadine to McCowin, Robert Jr., 4118 N. 17th St., $18,000.

Robinson, Tyrone Sr. and Michelle to McGraw, Angela D., 1707 N. 21st St., $150,000.

Win, Thin and Aye, Ma to Neos Property Management LLC and O & V Properties LLC, 2118 Browne St., $21,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Beecham, Robert M. and Martin J., 1404 Ogden St., $35,160.


Davis, Bobbie A. to Weiner, Thomas J., 3952 N. 36th Ave., $38,000.

Murray, Shanita to 402 Contracts LLC, 4539 N. 40th Ave., $36,000.

Geoffrey & Zulma Stroh Family Trust to Marisett, Fredrick and Vanessa, 3117 Corby St., $24,250.

Geoffrey & Zulma Stroh Family Trust to Martin, Joseph and Martin, Angela, 3117 Corby St., $24,250.

Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K. to Gomez, Mynor and Acosta, Rosa, 4959 N. 35th St., $42,000.

Bana Investments LLC to Jhat Enterprises LLC, 3717 N. 42nd St., $31,000.

Winsley, Rosa to Webster, Shandirhia, 2417 Hartman Ave., $48,000.

Bartee, Melissa L. to Ramadan, Mohamad H. Al, 2502 Ames Ave., $25,000.

Dyson, Daniel Troy to Men of Honor LLC, 3716 N. 37th St., $34,700.


Rafiki Realty LLC to Santos, Shiara, 2885 Mary St., $125,000.

Faurot, Andrew J. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2887 Iowa St., $125,500.

Hakola, Kimberly to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2897 Iowa St., $120,000.

Glass, Cherry L. to Real Growth LLC, 7151 N. 25th St., $40,000.

Midwest Geriatrics Inc. to Ramsey, April, 7716 N. 29th St., $81,500.

OR LLC to Stewart, Ainsley B. and Mielke, Brandon J., 6812 Minne Lusa Blvd., $175,000.

Keller, Patrick L. and Jacqueline M. to Mott Properties LLC, 2606 Weber St., $70,000.


Sweley, Joshua J. to FRPO Investments LLC, 327 N. 92nd St., $245,000.

Judith J. Lynch Revocable Trust and Lynch, Jay, trustee, to Owen, Kathleen F., 10130 Fieldcrest Drive, $428,000.

Schulz, Zachary J. and Emily M. to Ieong, Bieu and Christine, 8305 Webster St., $140,000.

Sluiter, Eric E. and Clark, Nanci L. to Carlson, William and Tia, 245 S. 88th St., $605,000.

Feyerherm, Zachary T. and Laura R. to Erlbacher, Daniel and Denise, 1622 Hillside Drive, $205,000.

Buonafede LLC to Wells, Bruce A., 307 N. 91st St., $621,000.


Cuenca, John H. and Emily to Pearson, Thomas, 14704 Spaulding St., $192,000.

Kuehl, Tobin L. and Cheryl S. to Larson, Curt L. and Kathie N., 6405 N. 153rd St., $279,900.

Matz, Stacie M. to Castelaz, Michael and Rachael, 2811 N. 161st St., $450,000.

Wescott, Tiffany C. to Lark, Tania and Shaun, 4816 N. 161st St., $233,000.

Patterson, Margaret M. to Falk, Brian, 14652 Taylor Place, $132,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 5501 N. 152nd St., $44,950.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Anderson, Nathan and Chelsea Bloom, 3305 N. 161st Terrace, $415,000.

Strasil Larson, Erin Brooke and Larson, John Dillon to Hoover, Amanda, 17227 Manderson St., $168,000.


Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 5249 S. 52nd St., $37,441.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 5249 S. 52nd St., $51,000.


Bucknell, Nancy C. and Joiner, Mike to Barrow, Marnie and William, 124 N. 157th St., $260,000.


Midstates Holdings LLC to Barbe, Alexander G., 8261 Girard St., $150,000.

Boltin, John T. and Tiffany to Reh, Hsor, 9002 Quest St., $181,000.

Kahlandt, Lori and Matt to Lian, Si and Sung, Lang, 8001 Bauman Ave., $161,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Delotte, Andrew W. III and Ashley M., 8541 King St., $258,748.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Noland, Andrew S. and Henry S., 8533 King St., $232,353.

Weinfurtner, Paul M. and Rose M. to Hare, Patrick B. Jr. and Molly E., 7832 Bondesson St., $177,000.

Knisley, Matthew E. and Victoria J. to Lo, Say L. and Meh, Neh, 8405 Iowa St., $175,000.

Hasanbegovic, Mirza and Jessica M. to Escher, Jason and Caitlan, 9162 Black St., $183,000.

Schmidt, Bruce Ayton to Kotliar, Chizu, 8742 Quest St., $165,000.

Casper, Lyle and Carolyn to Barrett, Sydney, 9008 Quest St., $160,000.

Gilreath, Kevin J. and Jean M. to Carter, Margaret A. and Kevin J., 6718 N. 105th Ave., $249,900.


Kenneth Kim M. Hawkins Jr. Irrevocable Trust and Hawkins, Karen, trustee, to Kavan Homes Incorporated, 1156 S. 93rd Ave., $245,000.

Bredthauer, Jacob T. and Cassandra to Chadwell, Russell M. and Delores J., 9101 Arbor St., $95,000.

Linden, Bret J. and Jessica to Westman, Eric D. and Trina, 1641 S. 97th St., $335,000.

Marine, Paul W. and Anne M. to Vesta Properties LLC, 2515 Ridgewood Ave., $172,500.


First Financial LLC to First Financial Resources Inc., 4852 S. 93rd Ave., $160,000.

McKenzie, Christine, personal representative of Bronk, Dolores R. estate, to Davis, Nathaniel P. and Nieland, Kalene R., 6319 S. 74th St., $186,000.

Gordon, Rachel and Stephen to Berkebile, Brett and Sarah P., 7236 Washington St., $165,000.

Matson, Russell and Amanda to Zomermaand, Grant M. and Kymberly J., 5040 S. 81st St., $242,500.

Jordan, Breeamber N. to Nightser, Amber and Ryan, 8122 Walnut Lane, $156,000.

Jones, Joan M. and David A. to Jones, Benjamin and Jessica, 10247 Polk St., $204,000.

Hartman, Douglas S. and Laura to Culler, Blayne A. and Carroll, Maycee, 7618 Belmont Drive, $170,000.

Nothhorn, Sheila Ann to Duff, Mitchell Lee, 8711 Monroe St., $188,000.

Ju Young Moon Trust to Naida Rasmussen Revocable Trust and Rasmussen, James D., trustee, 6105 S. 102nd Terrace, $310,000.

Gary & Pamela Davis Revocable Trust to Tiemeyer, Kendra J., 6714 S. 82nd St., $141,500.


Willms, Richard L. to Amato, Scott J., 1327 S. 165th St., $232,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Yokel, John and Joan, 17522 Frances St., $375,000.

Michaels, Geoffrey and Lora to Joyful Restorations LLC, 17891 Hickory Circle, $250,000.

Scoville Hofts Investments LLC to Jackson, Meribeth, 1337 S. 162nd Ave., $246,000.

Reddy, Rajanikar Reddy Donti and Pola, Sandhya to Patil, Balwant Kumar and Biradar, Smita Prabhu, 19031 Grover St., $242,000.

Ray and Gayle Preston Trust of 2007 to Schiffbauer, Pamela, 2832 S. 162nd Place, $170,000.


East Campus Realty LLC to Monnier, Ryan W. and Jessica M., 120 S. 31st Ave., $213,900.

Nowel, Gregory W. to CT & Son LLC, 1205 N. 34th St., $65,000.

Lee, Sarah S. and Yoonae to McLean, Angela, 200 S. 31st Ave., $165,000.

Peters, Ryan and Kristina to Dodge Holdings LLC, 403 N. 38th St., $60,000.

CT & Son LLC to Zarabenny Holdings LLC, 1205 N. 34th St., $75,000.


Smith, James F. Jr. and Melanie M. to Pattermann, Laura L. and Thomp J., 525 Fairacres Road, $1,525,000.

Cole, Austin J. and Kevin R. to Paulson, Alexandar and Nicole, 1101 N. 50th Ave., $177,500.

Samuelson, Greg and Carolyn to Ralph E. Ross Revocable Trust, 224 N. 49th St., $239,000.

Irish Husker Dundee LLC to Jenkins, William O., 637 N. 48th St., $135,000.

Michael J. Schneider Revocable Trust to Erkes, Corey J. and Peet-Erkes, Laura K., 5102 Webster St., $589,000.

Mason, John C. and Mary A. to Monteon, Maria, 6523 Hamilton St., $154,000.

Cryer, Delmar Dean and Christina A. to Baylor, Bruce, 1314 N. 70th Ave., $117,500.

Vasko, Joseph C. and Jennifer to Muelleman, Daniel J. and Cherney, Nicole L., 320 S. 71st St., $295,000.

Cook, Elizabeth Ruch and Calhoun, Jason to Maxwell, Daniel and Messina, 6788 Hamilton St., $107,500.

Faulkner, Devin J. and Teri to Houlton Investments LLC, 6931 Lafayette Ave., $95,723.

Schwabe, Daniel J. and Jane L. to Harte-Maxwell, Victoria, 101 N. 69th St., $90,500.


Duncan, Travis D. to Buchanan, Kelly, 9764 Cady Ave., $200,000.

McGlade, Sherry L. and Austin A. to Grossoehme, Cheri L. and Larison, LaReta K., 4630 N. 83rd St., $165,000.

McLennan, Michael J., personal representative of McLennan, James D. estate, to Leaders, Quintin R., 4114 N. 92nd Ave., $135,000.

Blair, Kay and Hernandez, Amy Lee to Jban Investments LLC, 5126 N. 105th St., $100,000.

McClain, John L. to THD Investments LLC, 8616 Templeton Drive, $98,000.

Putnam, Anne E. and Jamber, Troy A. to Crawford, Kayla and Jared, 4615 Crestline Drive, $179,000.

HBI LLC to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 9823 Ames Ave., $110,000.

Spielmlan, Matthew J. and Shelby to Homan, Scott E., 9429 Tomahawk Blvd., $147,000.

Stubbs, Kevin and Kayla to Andres, Eric and Fritz, Sarah, 5139 N. 93rd Ave., $153,000.


Wilmert, Kyle D. and Ellen S. to Leif, Todd R. and Diane, 6505 S. 170th St., $345,000.

Demarco, Kevin and Jessica to Pulley, Rocky and Melinda, 5408 S. 160th St., $330,000.

JK Ventures LLC to Wilkie, Roberta L. and Blacketer, Ronald D., 6755 S. 191st Ave., $183,500.

Hopkins, Christopher L. and Jennifer L. to Crider, Jason P. and Terra L., 5104 S. 187th Avenue Circle, $256,000.

Boyes, Anthony to Schultz, Marcus and Aimee, 4502 S. 199th Ave., $349,000.

Nigrelli, Craig M. and Carol C. to Schmidt, Bruce and Main, Trisha, 6319 S. 191st St., $230,000.

Gerald R. Weires Trust and Karen L. Weires Trust to Michael L. & Marsha L. Ingram Revocable Trust, 15706 Drexel Circle, $265,000.

Legrow, Christopher and Kara to Voss, Doris, 19638 W St., $187,500.

Wensing, Jordan M. and Kiley M. to Lawrence, Joshua D. and Amity R., 6603 S. 163rd St., $277,500.


Stolarskyj, Michael U. and Lynch, Kristin to Kyra LLC, 12734 Deauville Drive, $66,000.

Selberg, Maxine J. to Gray, Lucy and Fidler, Jamie, 12242 Orchard Ave., $155,000.

Anderson, David Neil and Remedios to Boltin, John and Tiffany, 15116 Summerwood Drive, $221,500.

Irish, Sheila and Kevin to Lawver, Brandon, 12764 Deauville Drive, $87,000.

Patrick, Jeanne E. to Weires, Gerald R. and Karen, 6112 S. 146th St., $260,000.

Villotta, John P. and Chelsea A. to Tabbert, Keaton and Shelby, 12578 O St., $176,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 13004 Reynolds St., $52,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Prairie Homes Inc., 11936 Whitmore St., $50,900.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Boner, Robert J. and Diane M., 12915 Reynolds St., $568,772.


Mahrt-Broekemeier, Nancy L. and Broekemeier, Brian to Hansen, John P., 1722 S. 126th St., $185,000.

Wood, Robert W. and Emily J. to Malcolm, Jacob and Catherine, 13436 Cedar St., $210,000.

Busboom, Norma G. to Hepler, Drew A. and Olivia N., 11324 Castelar Circle, $180,250.

CMS Mowing Service Inc. to Link, Michael and Martin, Jessica, 3304 Augusta Ave., $172,750.

Heartland Financial Estates LLC to Jelinek, Jered and Christina, 12357 Gold St., $165,000.

Venn, Lawrence J. and Ronna A. to Svoboda, Michael J. and Karlyn M., 12791 Grover St., $180,000.


Murray, Robert D. and Lateresa to Riewe, Jerry and Stephanie, 8507 N. 46th Ave., $204,900.

Jensen, Annette M. to Burns, George E. and Adrienne R., 5322 Mary St., $175,000.

Ellison, Heidi J. to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey A., 6916 N. 56th St., $38,000.


Petersen, Carlee to PLT LLC, 11057 Oakbrook Drive, $155,500.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 12727 West Dodge Road, $97,750.

Pace, Eddie R. Jr. and Tiffany P. to Falke, David R. and Jennifer L., 612 N. 147th Ave., $283,500.

Hagen, Daniel A. and Katherine F. to Mahogany Custom Homes LLC, 15224 Charles St., $208,500.

Miller, Linda M. to Henderson, Benjamin A. and Brooke R., 15327 Parker Circle, $251,611.


Lundgren, Jennifer R. and Brent E. to Roy, Nicholas K. and Cynthia V., 13431 Lake St., $308,000.

Okeefe, Lori L. to Lian, Kulh and Cin, Tin, 11422 Nebraska Circle, $185,500.

Moran, Beth M. and Moran Sanchez, Gumesindo to Barmettler, Michele E., 11304 Martin Ave., $174,950.

Goddard, Timothy E. and Mary Elizabeth to Tvrdy, Alan S. and Francine M., 13448 Erskine St., $280,000.

Gates, Casey R., personal representative of Gates, Robert R. estate, to Gloden, Jeremy and Nourse-Golden, Tracy, 11411 Queens Drive, $145,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to 11T NE LLC, 11765 Fowler Ave., $25,500.

Ramos, Larissa and Ramos-Palma, Felix D. to Hutson, Douglas B. and Brook E., 2523 N. 131st Circle, $196,000.

Frost, James J. and Michele M. to Oldenkamp, Kevin Andrew and Jennifer Louise, 12851 Eagle Run Drive, $400,000.

Teo, Alan and Engtong to Spies, Sherry and Blaine, 4652 N. 127th St., $118,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Blaha, Dewayne O. to Bendorf, Daniel J. and Petro, Klaudia, 1036 Parkway Drive, $142,000.

Suter, Scott E. and Joan M. to Arroyo, Antonio, 2404 Sidney St., $175,000.

Neal, Keith E. to Vega, Yasmin, 2904 Columbus Ave., $150,000.

Yost, Melissa J. to Conway, Zachary F. and Jamie L., 3520 Hancock St., $13,000.

Chrostek, Steven to Chrostek Richard and Steven, 3510 Hancock, $16,000.

Oxner Charles Edward Jr. to Bartlett Scott and Teal David, 605 Garden Ave., $154,000.


Heavican, Edward P. Jr. and Kristina to Judith A. & Gerald L. Lachner Revocable Living Trust, 12345 S. 230th Circle, $901,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Howard, Andrew J. and Krista N., 21134 Castlerock Lane, $316,000.

Hinchcliff, Jeffrey W. and Julie L. to Flatland Machinery LLC, 23151 Shiloh Drive, $110,000.

Lee, Janet F. to Habron, Aaron Lee, 230 Michael Drive, $121,000.

Ostdiek, Michael M. and Julie K. to Zharov, Roman and Petrova, Alexandra, 21123 Schofield Drive, $265,000.

Monestero, Christine R. to Welsh, Abigail R., 13504 S. 226th Ave., $435,000.

Skog, Delores M. to O’Brien, William and Sydney, 11323 S. 210th Ave., $205,000.

Bush, Aaron L. and Jennifer L. to Bowen, Stephen and Rebecca, 12518 S. 217th St., $195,000.

Davis, Kyle D. and Karen M. to Johansen, Jacob and Zumwalt, Jennifer, 17221 Christensen Road, $280,000.

Brown, Joanne M. to Wisinski, James G., 22030 Giles Road, $147,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Workman, Chelsea R. and Daniel S., 17010 Samantha Road, $310,000.

Cox, Andrew D. and Laura R. to Lachendro, Michael F. and Lisa M., 10005 S. 202nd Circle, $292,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Dowler, Sean and Andrea, 21318 Castlerock Lane, $358,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Larandeau, Robyn K. and John D., 11013 Cove Hollow Drive, $282,000.

Graveline, Sean P. and Heather E. to Budd, Jamie and Luisana, 902 W. Centennial Road, $385,000.

Gartner, Jeffrey L. and Monica M. to Schrack, Kimberly Jean, 10358 S. 124th St., $325,000.

Patterson, Brandon L. and Michela to Stanton, Robert L. and Whitney E., 10609 S. 112th St., $300,000.

Foley, David J. and Kristine M. to McQueary, Kevin Anthony, 10113 S. 124th Ave., $350,000.

Curry, Christopher Alan and Kimberly Marie to Jackson, Steve and Ceasor, Sharika, 1253 Limerick Road, $295,000.

Home Company LLC to Curry, Christopher and Kimberly, 11503 S. 110th St., $379,000.

Deseck, Danielle and Matthew J. to Sapp, Michael T., 1120 Sheriff Circle, $190,000.

Heitz, James and Callie to Gerlach, Douglas R. and Marsha L., 1108 Woodview Drive, $200,000.

Mayeaux, Susan D. and Glenn and Carsten, Carole E. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 703 E. Patton St., $130,000.


Snyder, Richard and Papstein Snyder, Natalie to Jipsen, Amy, 440 N. 2nd St., $279,000.

Urban Spark Construction LLC to Dewitt & Co. LLC, 720 N. 10th Ave., $25,000.


Wattier, Neil P. and Amy A. to Timmermeyer, Richard A. and Bezold Timmermeyer, Adrian N., 13406 S. 35th St., $221,000.

Taylor, Zachary N. and Kristie L. to Kemp, Carter Calvin, 9703 S. 20th St., $190,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Oxner, Charles Edward Jr., 3301 E. Dutchman Circle, $178,000.

Moore, Matthew and Briann A. to Bauer, Alison Kay, 14416 S. 29th St., $172,000.

Ahrens, Walter A. to Norton, Dale E. and Kathy A., 14215 S. 34th St., $230,000.

Krueger, Kay E. to Cole, Gerald and Kelli, 13402 S. 35th Ave., $210,000.

Mellars, Derek S. and Sara J. to Driscoll, Joshua J., 13906 Kelly Drive, $260,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bake, Ryan A., 14458 S. 20th St., $231,000.

Koenigsman, Michael J. and Michelle K. to Warman, Zachariah S. and Yungbluth, Kati L., 3402 Lynnwood Drive, $230,000.

Christensen, Jason P. and Eva M. to Church, Matthew and Jennifer, 14011 S. 34th St., $225,000.

Gaines, Keith L. and Schernol A. to Stanek, Mitchel Ryan and Megan Marie, 11710 S. 28th St., $250,000.

Rodriguez, Fernando A. and Jessica M. to Morris, Glenn and Maria, 2812 Michaela St., $194,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoffman, Nathan and Urbanec, Alysha, 14802 S. 23rd St., $273,000.

Mitchell, Harriet to Sturgeon, Julie Marie, 14222 S. 22nd St., $166,000.

Collins, Crystal A. and Choate, Christopher to Powell, Benjamin and Nicole, 11764 McCarty Loup, $168,000.

McQuatters, Theodore to Sorman, Jerrid Michael and Hummel, Ashley Lynne, 13502 S. 14th Circle, $230,000.


Karstens, Le Rone N. and Mary Anne to Zuroski, Marvin J. and Carol A., 7005 S. 74th St., $172,000.

Horgan, Michael J. and Susan A. to Saltzman, Steven R. and Catherine A., 7030 Valley Road, $210,000.

Bruner, Todd A. and Kathryn D. to Castillo, Ernesto Castillo and Rangel, Yuliana, 7733 Willow St., $200,000.

Muzika, Lukas and Helen to Mickey, Jay C. and Sandra K., 9114 Granville Parkway, $282,000.

Powers, Stephan B. and Celia D. to Kentch, Edward F. and Mary Lynn, 8805 S. 99th St., $218,000.


Marc David Custom Built Homes to Oas, Gabe and Hannah L., 5008 Birchwood Drive, $346,000.

Smith, Thomas W. and Laura A. to Borchers, Brent and Vrosh, Aly, 11914 S. 53rd St., $395,000.

Becker, Jacob and Barbara to Laws, Michael J., 4618 Brook St., $239,000.

Larson, Kenneth D. and Stacey to Erdmann, Dustin S. and Caroline M., 11831 S. 52nd St., $340,000.

Groves, Kathleen and Patrick to Spaustat, Matthew and Ashley, 8608 S. 66th Ave., $260,000.

Fullmer, Ryoko Kelly and John C. to Reichert, Kyle J. and Andrea L., 2709 Northwood Circle, $385,000.

Butler, Mark A. and Michele A. to Butler, Erik A. and Alayna A., 1410 Beechwood Ave., $185,000.


Kirby, David Christopher to Sklenar, Kristen M. and Brandon B., 16102 Birch Ave., $208,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mohatt, Michael C. and Connie L., 18805 Robin Drive, $227,000.

Talamante, Kelly L. to Snowhawk, Larnora Nyooka, 7121 S. 183rd Ave., $192,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Ford, Lynn Jeanette, 8424 S. 169th St., $284,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Grabenschroer, Brian and Danielle, 7824 S. 184th St., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lembke, Robert D., 18807 Greenleaf St., $268,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Thompson, Kyle J. and Kelsey R., 16864 Portal St., $263,000.

Huscroft, Laura and Justin to Yoshino, Reiko Rene, 17109 Colony Drive, $229,000.

Paradis, Mia Y. to Grundman, Katie C., 16111 Cottonwood Ave., $188,000.

McManus, Ryan J. and Kelsie L. to Thompson, Michael J. and Mikayla D., 8007 S. 188th St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morgan, Ryan M. and Kimberly D., 7914 S. 190th St., $344,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Bush, Aaron L. and Jennifer L., 10711 S. 184th Circle, $407,000.

Ferrell, Derek and Lori to Olafson, James E. and Michelle, 9748 S. 175th Circle, $310,000.

Rumfield, Jon and Gayla to Marcia J. Shirk Living Trust, 10813 S. 172nd St., $332,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sing, Angela M. and Kusleika, Cory A., 11463 Glenn St., $368,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jones, Yano and Nissa, 11623 Grissom St., $329,000.

Endo, Tsutomu and Geraldine R. to Puff, Aaron, 13151 Gertrude St., $156,000.

Peterson, Dane and Elvira to Belmudez, Alex J. and Brannan, Cassandra L., 8901 S. 143rd Circle, $179,000.

Walrath, Kevin and Monica to Carroll, Todd R., 7105 Joyce St., $176,000.

Lurry, Sandra B. to Lurry, Colin David, 13414 Edna St., $145,000.

Berry, Bradley D. and Cynthia S. to Schutz, Daniel James and Richards, Jillian Marie, 15305 Redwood St., $228,000.

Butler, Mark and Bateman, Karen L. to Fritch, Amy S., 13903 Meadow Ridge Road, $105,000.

Ferro, David and Amber to Thomas, Cindy and Monty, 11653 Westmont Drive, $190,000.

Ziemba, Zachary M. and Rebecca E. to Cather, Andrew and Emily, 15202 Chalco Pointe Drive, $200,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Talamante, Kelly L. and Katis, Nicholas D., 18903 Rosewood St., $285,000.

Plaza Real Estate Solutions LLC to Sportsman, Lynette, 12942 Lillian, $149,000.

Hawthorne, Matthew R. and Amber R. to Van Roy, Ryan James, 13508 Edna St., $150,000.


Scott, Diane K. to Magnuson, Maynard and Donna, 7004 S. 41st Ave., $154,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Tow, Gary and Jeannie Sue, 2018 Geri Circle, $283,000.

Cooper, Gary L. and Jerry L. to Mangus, Cody and Carissa, 9308 S. 28th St., $249,000.

Cutchall, Cory C. and Kimberly A. to Puentes, Jose E. Herrera, 7230 S. 24th Ave., $180,000.

Bulduc, Paul M. Jr. and Sandra K. to Jeffries, Juliana and Christopher, 8103 Sarpy Ave., $140,000.

Gomez, Pedro Ivan Franco and Castro, Rosas Veronica to Banderas, Sabino Manuel Avalos, 3322 Cherry Lane, $136,000.


Pfeifer, Justin T. and Stephanie A. to Orellana, Ramon and Alma, 8385 S. 64th St., $240,000.

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