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The Record: Douglas County divorces granted

The Record: Douglas County divorces granted

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The Record



Kaela N. Stewart and Paul W.

Watie J. White and Kathryn A. Weitz White

Monica L. Bockbrader and Luke R.

James C. Crawford and Kimberly J.

William J. Sones and Terri L.

Virginia Hernandez-Palos and Jesus E. Gonzalez-Perez

Marticia A. Green and William H.

Marsha B. Iiams and Larry E.

Nafissatou Dieuguene and Lamont Richmond

Megan Mainelli and Matthew

Amanda M. Kaufmann and Cody W. Seals

Debbie B. Pauli and Patrick K.

Jennifer A. Besch and Jeffrey G. Ayres

Ana Maria Rodriguez and Kyle Maupin

Jesus E. Vetencourt and Julia L. Hawks

Jialin Cai and Brenda L. Kou

Demetrius Williams and Yolanda Brown-Williams

Anthony J. Pagnano and Teresa J.

Timothy R. Mitchell and Kristy L.

Scott D. Allison and Liza L.

Adan A. Abdinasir and Fatuma A. Gabane

Feteya A. Nuri and Mohammed A. Nasser

Linda D. Spencer and Edward E.

Jennifer A. Wik and Michael T. Rupp

Tyson A. Novotny and Amanda M.

Akoele Akpabli and Amah Ayiteh

Tisha Katzenstein and Frank

Florence Jorgensen and James

Mary J. Parker and Avery A.

Sheila M. DeVega and Erik A. Vega Rivera

Nichol M. Kuck and William D.

Robert S. Gallagher and Nichole I. Jackson

Adrienne E Farnsworth and William G.

Edna M. Hughes and Donald W.

Keith L. Oates Sr. and Tamara T.

Cassandra M. Walker and Ebenezer Arhinful

Steven G. Lamont and Miriam E. Baard

Annabel D. Rodriguez and Omar Rodriguez-Mejia

Chandra D. Marks and Timothy A.

Stephanie L. Hand and Gregory G.

Stephanie M. Conn and Ryan

Xuyen Ly and Dung C. Trinh

Diane M. Decker and Douglas C.

Angelia M. Parker and Robert M. Keeley

Anthony D. Carter and Stephanie E.

Bertha J. Guzman and Mauricio Alvarez

David A. Breci and Lori J.

Lisa A. Prucka and Steven W.

Carrie A. Jardee and Adam S. Chvatal

Sarah L. Lee and Jacob C.

Leanne Nussrallah and James

Chandra E. Johnson and Jeffery C.

Grayce McLaughlin and Michael

Terza Andrews-Trammel and Ronald Trammel

Stephanie L. Dudley-Luce and John J. Luce

Jennifer Callahan and Matthew

Beverly S. King and Thomas D. Graser

Michelle M. Long and Darnell

Mahmoud Halhouli and Chandra

Alicia M. Cole and Gerald R.

Linda F. Dubose Haynes and Edward L. Haynes

Heather M. Hersom and James B.

Michala Cherek-Rameriz and Jorge G. Rameriz Marin

Heather Busselman and Jeremy

Joslynne Petersen and Nicholas

Russell D. Dunn and Christina A.

Jamie Steemken and Christian

Jeffrey T. Nechkash and Deborah L.

Angela D. Carter and Rickey

Kyle J. Linden and Brooke A.

Stephanie A. Biltoft and Jesse R.

Rachelle O. Edou and Courtney D. Holloway

Lori A. Stovall and John H. Jr.

Aminata B. Barry and Jason L. Cribbs

Geri L. Hayes and Roger S.

Jeffrey E. Starmer and Heather D.

Simon P. Garza and Maria Hernandez-Olvera

Hector M. Moreno and Margarita Ramirez Castillo

Dorothy J. Hampton and Conway A.

Kylee M. Pohl and Jeffrey A.

Melissa A. Matthes and Brent E.

Louanne Thomsen and Scott B.

Kenyonne C. Wright and Eugene L.

Lorraine S. Gordon and John W. Morris

Andrew D. Thompson and Aydet

Tammy Ndong Djhok and Herve Ndong Djhon

Loris D. Adams and Rodney L.

Jason S. McCoy and April D.

Terry D. Pony and Julyed S. Charley

Willy Antsiene and Reshar Britt

Robert L. Coombes Jr. and Sheri L.

Adote Akue and Bobbi J. Harders

Freddie L. Johnson and Doris R.

Patricia A. Winstone and Jerold A.

Sylvia D. Miller and Roger W.

Mary A. Cousin and Elston G. McCarthur

Carmen J. Tims and Anthony T.

Delmar H. Long Sr. and Glennetta A. Lue

Saikou Camara and Aerial C. Weaver

Kimberly K. Evans and Curtis J.

Jamie L. Hickman and Marvin C. Stewart Jr.

Warren J. Hastings and Sharon K. Velez

Christopher Trotter and Keiara

Silvia Lucero and Jose M. Corral

Britnee Richardson and Ryan

Wendy S. Lewis-White and David V. White

Charles Laux and Deanna Laux

Donald L. Meyer Jr. and Teresa K.

Whitney M. Shanker and Mark A.

Jodi L. Garrett and Thomas L. Kaczmarek

Jesse L. Arparo and Heather M.

Elvira Neal and Russell J. Sr.

Mariano Santos-Romero and Maribel Santos

Mary Rathbun and Robert C. Dube

Kenneth Phillips and Priscilla

Paulette J. Theisen and Brian S.

Thomas Meyers and Kimberly Klein

Cara C. Lustgarten and Thomas J. Duggin II

Patricia A. Sieler and Donavon J.

Aimee E. Fletcher and Joshua U.

Katrina L. Jacobberger-West and Marc A. West

Debbie L. Ostrand and Jeffrey L.

Alethia T. Diaz and Jonathon A.

Maria Puyo-Kenney and Paul C. Kenney

Annette W. Haner and Rory G.

Renita Snoddy and Walter G.

Thomas J. Sorensen and Gretchen L.

Terri L. Gilliam and Theodore D.

Kelly J. Gubbels and Paul M.

Diane E. Taylor and Kelly G. Brooks

Mrylian G. Johnson and Derrick

Robert L. Godfrey Jr. and Sherri R.

Maribel Garcia De Vega and Gabriel Vega

Nina Mangwa and Andrew M. Younkam

Jewelyn B. Miller and Mark W.

Annie R. Goodell and Joshua L.

Whitney N. Hauger and Jeramy L.

Dora Y. Morales-Monrreal and Hilario Monrreal

Elvia J. Martinez and Rafael V.

Austin J. Williams and Bridget N.

Vivki L. Ramos-Ibarra and Efrain Ramos-Ibarra

Terry A. Barfield and Eugenia M.

John L. Benak and Jillian E.

Cosmos Awortwi and Ramona Kellogg

Beatrice L. Popp and Derek R.

Tonya M. McDonald and Mark A. Vanderpool

Garry J. Oddo and Tracey L.

Courtney Pinard and Jon

Joseph H. Moglia and Amy H.

Nicole D. Poisel and Richard

R. S. Allacher and Thomas M. Bond

Sarah A. Conrad and David S.

Ronald Winfrey III and Adrienne Holmes-Winfrey

Racine T. Mills and Lateeno L.

Allyson E. Irwin and Scott M.

Mori A. Elisapa and Asunta E. Peter

Sandra Hillriegel and James

Nichole C. Benissan and Date G. Ahodikpe Benissan

Susan Steinauer and Christopher

Bryan A. Dunn and Donna J.

Yaya I. Todego Paraiso and Abdel K. Paraiso

Kimberly A. Baker and Delano II

Carey L. Guidry and Brian M.

Christopher J. Gorham and Janet M.

Lisa M. Kerwin and Nicholas G.

Vianey C. Madrid and Jesus M.

Denishia N. Oglesby and Tyrone L.

Richard A. Nordman and Jennifer L.

Ida M. Seals and Jeffrey E.

Travis Wachal and Sara

Elizabeth L. Moran and Jack J.

Maria C. Tworek and Kevin K.

Heather L. Johnson and Brent A.

Mindy J. Buxter and Anthony D.

Yien G. Muat and Marina G. Yoa

Freddie L. Hoof and Yossef Hoviva

Jennyann Noack and Eric Crenshaw

Cynthia R. Prince and Eric

Lori A. Dawson and Frank A.

Eric R. Schnieber and Jamie M.

Alice Gomez and Jesus

Joan L. Thiessen and Chad A.

Heidi R. Lippold and Scott D.

Karla Farris and Scott

Melinda E. Carlile and Chris K.

Rachael C. Greene and Shaun A.

Keith M. Kollasch and Lisa K.

Mayra Garrido and Eriberto Vargas

Mark A. Stanley and Anna Wheeler

Luis Robles-Mendez and Angela M.

Salvatore E. Cecala and Kathy L.

Felicia R. Jenkins and Tyrrell A.

James R. Bukowski and Mary A.

Travis W. Fuller and Lisa R.

Morales Rodriguez and Palma Solano

Jessica Bruckner and Christopher

Rhonda J. Pofahl and Todd L.

Jessica F. Prokupek and Scott W.

William A. Steburg and Jennifer N. Ryan

Larissa Ballinger and Ross

Joseph R. Baker and Amanda L. Hlavac

Jason C. Downs and Dana R. Downs

Nicole Bravo and Adam

Tammie J. Rines and Timothy J.

Ralph Beberniss and Gulmira Mamarasulavo

Kokoevi Milagnanwoe and Jerry B. Carmony

Natalie R. Samson and Brett D.

Diana L. Clark and David J.

Christie L. Swoboda and Ryan J.

Mary A. Witcher and James E.

Felix J. Escobar-Molina and Mayra N. Rodriguez

Edward L. Seals and Cheryl L. Gregory

Jessica L. Janssen and Nathan J. Greteman

Edward G. Huerta and Tracey C.

David L. Smith and Kara L.

Mabel A. Sanchez and Carlos J.Martinez

Jeanette Two Bulls and Joshua Two Bulls

Agripino Mejia-Arcos and Anayeli Manzanarez-Cuevas

Tyshawn L. Summage and Calvin

Shani L. Bryant and Terence L.

Shannen M. Summers and Jake A.

Laura K. Woods and Rashid A.

DeLeon Guerra and Fuentes Urbina

Matthew J. Bearden and Erica L.

Caitlin N. Spangler and James A.

Vanessa Scott and Snake Turner

Regina R. Moore and Rondell J.

Zajarah Santos-Krebs and Gregory S. Krebs

Mark G. Keffeler and Sheri L.

Celmira Klahr and Terry L.

Shawn M. Woodman and Elizabeth A. Uraga

Dennis Kastens and Catherine A.

Annette P. Garza and Marco A.

Samuel M. Taylor and Linda M.

Stephanie N. Groves and Tahj R. Jones

Mary L. Fullerton and Joseph L.

Richard A. Shaffer and Carrie A.Diamond-Shaffer

Michael Pierce and Marla Wynn

Melissa H. Hansen and Casey T.

Kellie M. Flores and Luis A.

Leah M. Pitt and Jason E. Williams

Najah Boughida and Kelly Johnson

Chelsey Ferguson and Luke

Megan D. Jaspers and Brian W.

Maya Venugopal and Purathatil Krishnan

Georgina Hardy-Williams and Troy Williams

Laura A. Aka and Egue G.

Ann Frohner and Ronald L.

Tamara L. Clemons and Robert J.

Jennifer A. Boonrod and Duane B.

Christine K. Lorsch and David A.

Josie E. Davidson and Brian D. Walters

Johnetta Shelton and Kenneth

Lorina A. Heesch and Arthur E.

Tarrence D. Barlow and Tynessia M.

Judy B. Gabriel and Daniel E.

April D. Wilson and Liam G.

Ashley Douglas and Loren

Kaity A. Sewell Marie and Brandon M.

Saba T. Lemlemu and Biniam A. Abera

Ifeoma Obi and Marcus Perry

Patrick M. Gobel and Lori A.

Lisa E. Brattain and Michael G.

Sheryl A. Mitchell and Forrest J.

Curt T. Brannon and Patricia O.

Brenda M. Coppard and Steven L.

Jennifer L. Kaluza and John J. IV

Britiany L. Daugherty and Suhrob S. Ashurov

Tsungai Njiva-Makavi and Alvin A. Makavi

Debra K. Cowan and Thomas A. Jr.

Sara A. Klein and Douglas J.

Megs D. Reagan and Christopher J.

Ricardo Jauregui and Marissa L.

Augustine N. Ofafa and Krista L. Suhr

Tomeker M. Bonds and Jason M. Calvert

Rhonda S. Seffron and William R. Jr.

Timothy S. O’Brien and Lisa L.

Aimee M. Chorba and Christopher R.

David A. Bell and Cynthia A.

Megan N. McKown Walsh and Michael J.

Amber M. Jones and Jamison A.

Memoire J. Flowers and Shane M.

Miles B. Waggener and Megan M. Gannon

Tamara E. Long and Roy L.

Melissa A. Quello and Troy S.

Sylvia B. Parsons and Harry J. IV

Jacobo Ballinas-Sanchez and Lorena M. Sigueza

Jamie Brunzo and James Jr.

Laxman Dahal and Tika M.

Debra K. Steenson and William A.

Jennifer L. Phillips and Christopher L.

William Holdcroft and Jeanie

Timothy A. Wildes and Stephanie A.

Katrine L. Jones and Brock D.

Ann M. Weinacht and Nicholas H.

Barbara A. Gates and Calvin L. Sr.

Elizabeth A. Ferrin and Gregory

Daniel J. Burke and Jane A.

Melissa M. Patzke and Jerrimy A.

Lucia D. Juarez and Gabriel A. Rodriguez

Robert R. Mestl and Tracey A.

Crystal A. Leonard and Micca B. Thompson

Dinah K. Hill and Lawrence

Gina N. Tobaben and Matthew D.

Melissa M. Betts and Jose L. Menjivar

Melody A. Barnett and Sylvester Arthur

Debra Bernal-Sabino and German

Ronald L. Harris and Tracy M.

Sally L. Huffmann and Jerome S.

Connie M. Parks and Bruce A. Stark

Kekeli Oklouvi and Mariano S. Zatta

Djibril Bah-Traore and Courtney Whitehead

Cynthia L. Valenti and James D.

Courtney Stegmaier and Michael

Tracie S. Gonzalez and Manuel III

Tara L. Hinson and Haime D. Dias

Jill S. Sturgeon and Jeffrey D.

Erin B. Weirman and Jonathan M.

Amy L. Gillespie and Brooks C.

Cheick S. Sacko and LeAnne C.

Jill R. Sweeney and Ryan M.

Natasha M. Manley and Benjamin M.

Kevin Sundberg and Kerri

Alan D. Jensen and Yadira

Jeanne L. Berry and Michael R.

Bennie J. Neal and Anita L. Kincaid Neal

Romero Miranda and Maria Renteria Diaz

Stephanie Pinkerton and Matthew

Kenisha G. Harding and Patrick J.

David D. Phelps and Kelli L.

Aura N. Gaitan and Nery F. Vasquez

Cheryl D. Frazier and Donald R.

Candace Askren and Dennis

Lucretia V. DeBerry and George L. Fulton

Paula L. Poppino and Harold H.

Andrew A. Mason and Noelle R.

Maria Galindo and Pedro Galindo-Ponce

Rhonda O’Donnell and James

Sharon Palmer-Johanns and Donald Johanns

Aletha M. Agnew and Timothy F.

Karen K. Willett and Dondi

Chad M. Gracey and Kimiberly S.

Lizeth Garcia-Diaz and Martin Morin

Milton Moskovitz and Ilene

Donna A. Okendo and Cecil W. Devers

Lori N. Ruzicka and Jeremy W.

Krista L. Roberts and Clyde J.

Keith E. Bacon and Austire L.

Salema S. Walker and Joseph P.

Ashley M. Inman and Anthony M. Granay

Monica J. Benigno and Daniel D.

Lisa M. Marshall and Jeffrey D.

Lisa Kuhl and Alex

Scott H. Dang and Marlene B.

Trudy R. Prather and Ricky L.

Gustavo Diaz and Toni M.

Ann M. Erks and Terry A.

Antonio Vazquez and Maribel A. Rodriguez

Molly A. McCarthy and Patrick J.

James V. Hawkins and Ebony N.

Wilson Martinez-Martinez and Milagro G. Bethencourt

Jose Torres Munoz and Maria Rosas Perez

Stephanie A. Roth and Eugene R.

Thao N. Nguyen and Kevin Nguyen

Francisco J. Gutierrez-Ramirez and JoAna P. Rosales-Cuevas

Maria Espinoza and Sergio Gonzalez-Duenas

Rebeca F. Trujillo and Mario C. Gonzales

Rachel Clayton and Travis

Stacey C. Minthorn and Reuben F.

Guillermo Gadea Lopez and Deborah Gadea

Marey McArdle and James R.

Dillon J. Jessen and Juanita D.

Kacee M. Collins and Thomas M. Vangi Jr.

David S. Hardy Sr. and Elaine J.

Alanda J. Morris and Theodore R. Buford Jr.

Jasmine S. Bell and Marcus A. Williams

Patrick O’Donnell and Maureen

Shane J. Benscoter and Shelly L.

Crystle A. Newland and Anthony J.

Itsuko M. Lantz and Christopher A.

Jayme L. Prisbell and Marshall

David J. Holling and Tracy L.

Cecil L. Foster IV and Kristi L.

Rosa M. Ortiz and Felix Villa-Quinones

Stephanie G. Herrera and Arturo Chavez Jr.

Joyce L. Frank and James W.

Diana Duran-Munoz and Kenneth D. Plaehn

Avril L. Carter and Robert G.

Charissa Robinson and Charles

Marvin H. Dickerson and Ching-Ching

Yoselink Pena and Melvin A. Ramirez

Heather A. Wells and Cameron A.

Lourdes Romo and Ricardo Vazquez

Kimberly D. Watts and George A. Jr.

Htoo May and Ca Leb

Manuel J. Orellana and Diana A.

Adjoua K. Aclinou and Aliou M. Aguiah

Nancy Messerole and Brandon A.

Victoria Murdock and Richard

Jacquelyn K. Currin and Jason A.

Cristina Valencia and Julio Ornelas

Djengla Bagnanga and Sarah R. Lewis

George C. Armstrong and Susan L.

Jessica E. Riddle and Wesley K.

Yevette Henderson and Ronald

Gustavo Ornelas and Silvia Olvera

Angela L. Muggeo and Tanu F.

Adriana Fegenbush and Matthew

Julia A. Fink and Steven W.

David J. Wonder and Robyn G.

Marlon D. Wofford and Saville D.

Kristin Latham and Aaron

Deborah A. Sanwick and Harley E.

Nyajok N. Mawien and Joseph T. Dau

April Anderson-Bell and Dedrick T. Bell

Rebecca E. Brown and Kyle S.

Holli A. Bloomer and Scott W.

Donald A. Justice and Raeleen C.

Christopher Zech and Courtney

Angela M. Moore and Robert M.

Selena M. Wetzel and Lance A.

Dilcia Miranda and Samuel S. Ramirez

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