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The Record: Marriage, divorces

The Record: Marriage, divorces

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Marriage Licenses


Larry Price, 27, and Tammy M. Hussey, 33

Kyle V. South, 30, and Jill N. McFee, 33

Jason L. Butts, 32, and Kristie L. Sexton, 34

Jeremy M. Klein, 25, and Jacqueline M. Warnock, 24

Matthew D. Wagner, 34, and Jordan L. Anderson, 23

Jose S. Urbina Morales, 35, and Yoselin Del Carmen Pineda Orellana, 21

Luis Fernando Cortes, 21, and Diana Aracely Lopez, 21

Paul M. Gedbaw, 31, and Karri N. Martin, 31

William R. Creech, 37, and Julia A. Herbert, 33

Bijay Kumar Tamang, 22, and Dhan Maya Tamang, 22

Abel Martinez Luis, 53, and Norma J. Sis Geronimo, 48

Helmut E. Ziclich, 50, and Debra K. Legband, 53

Tommie L. Parker, 61, and Alma J. Craig, 70

Steven R. Everett, 36, and Jennifer E. Healion, 30

Alonzo D. Dillard, 21, and Jasmine T. Westbrook, 22

Eduardo Gonzalez, 18, and Beatriz Del Carmen Gonzalez-Velazquez, 19

Eric A. Carpenter, 32, and Terry A. Ebers, 30

Noah D. Sauer, 23, and Alannah Watson, 22

Derreck R. Donovan, 25, and Michaela J. McHugh, 25

Christopher C. Kaufman, 33, and Beth V. Kirton, 35

Sean A. Cash, 34, and Almira Koentjoro, 35

Aaron W. Zimmer, 28, and Amber J. Schueth, 25

Benjamin T. Shoemaker, 27, and Alicia A. Dallman, 27

James W. Johnson, 49, and Carol E. Dobson, 46

Robert J. Connors, 63, and Elizabeth A. Springer, 42

Matthew F. Poast, 29, and Kristan D. Barleen, 28

John C. Tomasek, 29, and Amber C. LaBudda, 2.

Jeremy D. Altmaier, 39, and Alyssa M. Towey, 29

Gumercindo Maldonado-Calderon, 42, and Maria E. Alvarez- Rodriguez, 43

Troy K. Novinger, 32, and Marlene B. Dang, 34

Sergio CamachoTrejo, 31, and Olga M. Mendez Carmona, 27

William L. Hackenberg, 33, and Amanda M. Riggs, 34

Ryan R. Chandler, 28, and Lacey J. Erb, 27

Ryan T. Mettler, 24, and Jennifer R. Ball, 23

Dwayne G. Meyer, 50, and Amy C. Carter, 47

Christopher A. Bauer, 30, and Steffi M. Raad, 25

Bhan Pouk Riek, 29, and Nyakume Guk Riek, 23

Steven J. McKeag, 38, and Yu Jiang, 32

Michael B. Williams, 54, and Lea J. Stubblefield, 36

Dustin J. Mertz, 27, and Molly R. Mroczek, 26

Bryan M. Bortol, 23, and Emily C. Lawler, 23

Benjamin J. Kammerer, 21, and Chelsea L. Melia, 23

Randall D. Van Beek, 58, and Amy L. Sohm, 53

Matthew G. Hahn, 31, and Sarah J. Ruffcorn, 27

Bryce C. Walker, 24, and Madeline K. Chester, 23

Neil J. Walter, 31, and Carrie K. Pinkelman, 30

Noah A. Wiedel, 31, and Kelsey J. Rabidou, 29

Cody L. Greeb, 28, and Kaylee H. Greenwood, 28

Julio C. Gomez, 26, and Ivon Rodriguez-Salvador, 23

Clifford E. Anderson, 55, and Michelle A. Bennett, 50

Anthony S. Roza, 32, and Michelle J. Elson, 32

Demeetron S. Burrell, 31, and Nicole M. Junker, 34

Dylan J. Ramos, 20, and Ana G. Zavala, 19

Daniel R. Smuck, 35, and Rian M. Stites, 34

Evan K. Lamprecht, 25, and Meganne E. Tedman, 24

Justin A. Quinn, 32, and Kristin L. Wiese, 28

Yangsheng Yu, 33, and Yinshi Yue, 29

James E. Talmadge, 26, and LeAnn M. Tiede, 35

Jedediah J. Kritenbrink, 35, and Jennifer M. Schaben, 38

Daniel A. Nusser, 54, and Martha E. Barnett, 61

Cole A. Wycoff, 30, and Bailey E. Barnard, 28

Andrew J. Kathol, 37, and Jennifer N. Weller, 33

David L. Ewer, 22, and Amber M. Smith, 20

Ronald E. Hunt, 42, and Janelle A. Hunt, 42

Jeffrey C. Fauble, 33, and Kelly Collins Glynn, 29

Jesus R. Baca, 20, and Yesenia Lagunas, 19

Patrick T. Camp, 26, and Kathleen C. Goodroad, 23

Patrick L. Haney, 43, and Stacey D. Webb, 32

Tanner M. Finkhouse, 26, and Sarah D. Pankow, 24

John C. Oerter, 22, and Jessica G. Lindblad, 21

Andrew J. Zitka, 28, and Bronwyn S. Mitchell, 23

Aaron E. Adams, 29, and Tracy N. Gilman, 28

Patrick M. Jackson, 43, and Tahariah L. Ross, 39

Connor M. McIntosh, 19, and Emerald E. Stuttle, 19

Orlando G. Sampayo, 26, and Nickie J. Estrada, 32


Steven C. Massey, 29, and Jade D. Truett, 22

Jason C. Bloom, 41, and Jennifer L. Bloom, 44

Patrick M. Schmidt, 28, and Holly L. Vermule, 35

Kyler D. Hendrickson, 27, and Amy J. Vonderharr, 24

Alexander J. Dostal, 24, and Lauren E. Woodworth, 23

Peter C. Dos Santos, 26, and Alanna A. Miller-Powell, 21

Thomas D. Cook, 37, and Janet L. Larson, 32

Nicholas A. Newell, 26, and Shayla N. Case, 26

Craig R. Pauly, 30, and Molly A. McGuire, 29

Stephen M. Gentry, 25, and Leah B. Yanuaria, 22

Jacob M. Halverson, 28, and Amanda M. Schueth, 25

Abram J. Patterson, 23, and Mariah L. Stackhouse, 23

Jonathan P. Palmer, 56, and Joni G. Castle, 56

Dalton D. Keeler, 23, and Jacqueline R. Catalano, 24

Kyle W. Kerkman, 24, and Taylor L. Rossi, 23

Antonio Campos Basurto, 28, and Deuz Guzman, 27

David L. Skrivanek II, 33, and Rhonda K. Stoppleworth, 37

Matthew T. Griffie, 29, and Morgan R. Terry, 26

Bryan K. Shirley, 53, and Cathleen F. Diaz, 55

Steven B. Moore, 28, and Trisha L. Kramer, 28

Anibal A. Madrid, 21, and Ana C. Munoz Macias, 23

David A. Anderson, 52, and Lesley A. Lattier, 40

John T. Stucky, 21, and Michaela M. Synowiecki, 21

Nicholas S. Bender, 25, and Sarah M. Rybar, 24

Robert A. Jensen Jr., 47, and Angie A. Latstetter, 52


Micah C. Busse, 22, and Alyssa C. Hughes, 20

Matthew R. Humpal, 31, and Sarah M. Prokupek, 31

Travis J. Harrison, 32, and Lynne D. Nelson, 27

Austin M. Smith, 19, and Serene K. Lee, 18

Jana S. Smith, 45, and Sherri M. Svoboda, 48.

Matthew E. Mazurek, 28, and Youpine Sayasone, 27

Brian P. Schmitt, 29, and Jordan M. Dzingle, 30

Louise C. Berthiaume, 44, and Aimee R. Mackrill, 37

Austin P. Pursell, 20, and Kristina J. Cole, 20

David A. Peterson, 42, and Sarah E. Hulett, 36

Clark D. Cull, 47, and Tamara K. Shellberg, 49

Nicole C. White, 23, and Cherilyn K. Lund, 24

Joshua L. Gibson, 28, and Lacy M. Goff, 25

* * * * *

Divorces Granted


Dannie E. Rydberg and Judy D.

Janell L. Aurora and Patrick T.

Steven D. Hendrix and Lacy M.

Jose T. Perlera and Maria Y.

Thomas Walsh IV and Connie

Angela R. Peterson and Matthew K.

Jennifer Troutman and Steven

Timothy C. Snyder and Katrina A.

Demetrya Cooper and Shandale

Wakea D. Midodji and Mary A.

Makayla Renner and Santiago Hernandez Arista

Micheline Bolarywa and Edward W. Powers-Smith

Chukwuemeka Ifekandu and Somtochukwu Azike

Christine Mercado and Juan Mercado-Perez

Froilan Cuevas and Jessica B. Castrejon-Fernandez

Elva R. Aispuro-Cardenas and Cuahutemoc Gaxiola-Castro

Ryan Diamond and Elyse

Robert K. Waldo and Marcia K.

Marlon Morales and Amber N. VanKirk

Joseph P. Maginn and Lacy A.

Wylene R. Woodard and Shawn M.


Georgia M. Perez-Morales and Jose L.

Susan A. Bohanon and Michael A. McKire

Krystal D. Bowne and Kyle R.

Thomas P. Young and Margaret R.

George B. Brush and Amber E.

Sandra S. Kopecky and James J.

Kara E. Grau and Matthew C.

Diane L. Turner and David L. Jr.

Heather L. Stigge and Brian A.

Vanessa M. Cook and Gene A.

Jose Arevalo and Luciana

Pamela D. Wardlow and William H.

Ann M. Robino and Stephen S.

Amanda M. Bernth and Christian A.

Sean Nohrenberg and Tereza

Jamie S. Brown and Brett J.

Teri J. Roehl and David J.


Jennifer S. Shanno and Earlin E.

Donda G. Wake and Daniel E. Hankins

Cindy K. Madison and Richard J. Smith Jr.

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