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The Record: Marriages, divorces

The Record: Marriages, divorces

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Steven W. Radcliff, 28, and Brittany A. Hull, 26

Brian C. Huggins, 27, and Glory J. Jackson, 34

Thomas S. Fillaus, 24, and Angela B. Voeltz, 24

Colby M. Einarsson, 22, and Kourtney E. Braun, 19

Paul L. Corbin, 50, and Trinette D. Smith, 45

Samuel J. Cooper, 29, and Kathryn M. Dempsey, 28

Gerald V. Lofton, 48, and Fatema L. Graves, 38

Luis A. Rodriguez, 20, and Maria E. Miranda, 17

Logan R. Kuhl, 27, and Erin N. Kreifels, 27

Brandon M. Molitor, 29, and Meghan L. Brue, 28

Logan B. Matteo, 20, and Shelby L. Petersen, 20

Jonathan E. Tigani, 28, and Kaley D. Eledge, 28

Benjiman E. Pettiford, 27, and Kaitlan E. Scates, 24

William M. Rauth, 52, and Cheryl L. Keitges, 57

David A. Blakeslee, 60, and Ann E. Giles, 60

Aaron M. Rindone, 30, and Sasha M. Doss, 31

Dean C. Lodge, 47, and Catherine L. High, 42

Patrick A. Wilwerding, 49, and Jodi L. Leitner, 42

Greg W. Stoddart, 36, and Jennifer E. Booth, 36

Ryan L. Keebler, 23, and Michelle N. Blanker, 22

Paul M. Downey, 41, and Corinne E. Franzen, 35

Walter E. Schneider, 62, and Jacquelyn L. Becker, 55

Philip J. Kosloske, 35, and Rhonda K. Siefken, 39

Brandon C. Jerrett, 22, and Bianca L. M. Nelson, 23

Henry A. Larsen, 33, and Amber D. Haack, 35

Ryan C. Amdor, 31, and Alishia C. Haase, 34

Brett A. Swanson, 29, and Audra L. Bockelman, 28

Anthony M. Bonardi, 26, and Kristeena K. Scarpino, 22

Richard E. Sladky, 72, and Sandra J. Kasun, 71

Tyepha A. Moten, 38, and Michele J. Ness, 46

Clyde W. Bronson, 21, and Cina F. Dischner, 21

Rodra B. Williams, 37, and Lakeasha M. Hampton, 33.

Connor L. Stichler, 25, and Rebecca M. Suiter, 25

Peter S. Samir, 24, and Marina M. Lotfy, 24

Kyle D. Janda, 23, and Emily M. Kirkland, 24

Nathan D. Schnieders, 37, and Cathy J. Bremer, 39

Andrew J. Morris, 24, and Kelsey R. Bryant, 25

Otha R. Moore, 56, and Trudy M. Blake-Hampton, 52

Eric J. Rainey, 20, and Brittny L. Kennedy, 19

Joseph L. Raper, 32, and Elizabeth A. Groh, 30

Jose C. Aguilar, 37, and Maria G. Figueroa Ramirez, 28

Angel Rodriguez, 31, and Elizabeth Blanco, 28

Donal W. Russell, 51, and Anita L. Mills, 53

Roy M. Owens, 67, and Mary P. Dostal, 61

Robert B. Fulton, 32, and Jane M. Rittenbach, 33

David J. Gildea, 65, and Karen E. Rech, 57

Gary L. Gunia, 64, and Jacklyn M. Riley, 57

Matthew T. Stogdill, 23, and Kelly R. Wieczorek, 25

Nathan A. Cain, 32, and Megan L. Hedberg, 27

Joseph W. Hurd, 27, and Kristen K. Kersch, 28

Gavin G. Petersen, 26, and Ashley L. Ramharter, 22

Gunnar D. Christensen, 42, and Amy B. Adkins, 42

Gregory S. Lunn, 50, and Danyiell J. Brown, 39

Brian J. Michaelis, 33, and Donna C. Jensen, 37

Richard K. Haase, 56, and Victoria L. Murdock, 55

Ryan D. Kerns, 27, and Monica R. M. Silke, 28

Kodjo M. Locoh, 25, and Akossiwa L. Hoenou, 26

Ryan P. Hesse, 25, and Kelli J. Kirkendall, 24

Brian M. Sorenson, 25, and Melinda G. Matthies, 24

Ryan M. Fogarty, 26, and Jena L. Kment, 24

Thomas G. Fredrickson, 51, and Jennifer J. Eusterbrock, 46

Patrick N. Hayes, 35, and Ashley L. Combs, 27

Edmundo E. Buenrostro, 21, and Cecilia Muñoz, 17

Steve E. Sledge, 42, and Pamela E. Ford, 49

Clay A. Ray, 51, and Sally A. Hammer, 63

Austin J. Baker, 31, and Amanda M. Brison, 25

Matthew C. Zipperlen, 25, and Brittany M. Daily, 23

Michael T. Santley, 50, and Stacey A. Skidmore von Backstrom, 33

Justin L. Snodgrass, 32, and Rachel L. Rose, 27

Patrick M. Patino, 27, and Amy B. Duncan, 28

Fredrick D. Starks, 32, and Rebecca R. Warnock, 29

Andrew J. Poast, 24, and Rachel A. Sternberger, 24

Ryan M. Jambor, 29, and Lauren E. Tietgen, 29

Charl M. Botha, 29, and Staci L. Kramer, 25

Derek P. Hutchins, 26, and Elizabeth A. Weiner, 25

Jose G. Gonzalez-Martinez, 36, and Ana A. Hernandez-Rodriguez, 39

Eric S. TeKrony, 36, and Brooke M. Krakow, 37

Craig D. Stork, 29, and Tifany A. Steffensmeier, 24

Joshua L. Marron, 29, and Erika L. Meyers, 24

Scott T. Quandahl, 23, and Rachel A. Bailey, 22

Gumercindo Guzman-Huey, 31, and Guadalupe C. Perez, 35

Trevor E. Stewart, 25, and Elizabeth A. Nelson, 25

Mathue M. Baker, 36, and Colleen D. Christensen, 32

James R. Holman, 74, and Annamarie Anderson, 64

Samuel E. Dickson, 52, and Tamara J. Westbrook, 44

Lujie Shi, 23, and Wanqing Hong, 24

Robert L. Trant, 55, and Paula P. Wiemer, 46

Edgar Ramirez-Castillo, 36, and Margarita Rodriguez, 30

Kevin W. Zarp, 52, and Diane E. Taylor, 49

Steven L. Torres, 42, and Julie K. Tork, 33

Blaken K. Zamudio, 23, and Kali L. Schnacker, 23

Robert E. Houston, 50, and Anna N. Phothisen, 40

Marc W. Allen, 24, and Tiffany M. Alberi, 24

Gary D. Brown, 33, and Da Shanee R. Lynch, 24

Armando R. Jackson, 33, and Chelsea S. Guptill, 20

Elias O. Jaimes-Casillas, 28, and Yessica A. M. Zacarias, 25

Jeremy P. Cisco, 39, and Lindsay A. Foltz, 34

Joshua R. Glenney, 30, and Kristin M. Smith, 34

Rafiou A. Oyeossi, 35, and Beatriz M. Bravo, 32

Jose R. Cazares Tapia, 38, and Aracely M. Velazquez, 35

Russell G. Nieland, 28, and Kellyn E. Kramolisch, 29

Michael P. Taylor, 37, and Jill N. Kresl, 34

Neal A. Jochim, 35, and Emilee A. Scheffler, 29

Anthony J. Hains, 19, and Nayely Arroyo, 19

Gary D. Foster, 56, and Pamela A. Garrett, 49

Tun Lwin, 25, and Mu N. Paw, 22

Jaxon B. Bartek, 19, and Adréana S. West, 19

Joshua Ojomo, 24, and Margaret T. Voigtlander, 29

John G. Hargis, 33, and Melea J. Reifenrath, 32

Juan G. Delgado, 34, and Angela G. Poston, 31

Joaquin G. Cigarroa, 27, and Katie C. Connolly, 26

Andrew C. Schroeder, 26, and Margaret G. Schropp, 26


Todd E. Mach, 37, and Amy M. Fox, 36

Jeffrey D. Endrise, 24, and Brittany R. Gamble, 23

Scott M. Krebs, 22, and Melanie A. Pierce, 21

Jonathan M. Johnson, 30, and Nicole M. McKernan, 27

Timothy B. Howerton, 34, and Anita M. Phetteplace, 34

Gregory L. Middleton, 56, and Mary L. Mulder, 45

Eric F. Grelson, 48, and Kendra A. Pecha, 42

David D. Miller, 24, and Emily C. McMann, 23

Willie R. Austin, 52, and Michelle Q. Wright, 44

Matthew M. Geschke, 35, and Courtney M. Lewis, 26

Christopher M. Ward, 35, and Alyssa J. Wood, 31

Jonathan P. Robertson, 29, and Brittani A. Totilas, 24

Ryan A. McManus, 31, and Lanette M. Barry, 26

Michael J. Donahue, 51, and Rachel A. Aliaga, 36

Heath A. Aufenkamp, 33, and Amanda L. Maguire, 27

Bryan A. Whisler, 29, and Tawni L. Bies, 27

Michael E. Jones, 48, and Donna M. Bilek, 47

Ryan C. Duffy, 26, and Mika R. Yonamine, 24

Sean P. Lynch, 25, and Emily J. O’Connor, 24

William Hamernik Jr., 53, and Theresa A. Moats, 56

Mathew A. Polsley, 22, and Amanda J. Spracklin, 22

Bradey M. Malloy, 32, and Jana L. Wilson, 29


Kamala S. Anderson, 46, and Wendy R. Perry, 48

Mason C. Lien, 25, and Courtney R. Sanderfer, 23

Kathryn A. Smith, 45, and Susanna M. Voorhies, 40

Cory J. Jennings, 27, and Karissa K. Booker, 22

Russell W. McDaniel, 35, and Jessica R. Saunders, 33

Nathan R. Leonard, 27, and Madison T. Pfeil, 25

Mallory L. Lowe, 24, and Bob A. Seger, 28

Dicky L. Williams, 59, and Tonia R. Stone, 42

Jason A. Rice, 24, and Kellie M. Bates, 20

Brent G. Clark, 29, and Jessica L. Neighbors, 27

Keegan J. Wilkening, 22, and Haylee M. Taylor, 22

Philip J. Gordon Jr., 22, and Margaret M. Miller, 21

Ricky L. Hogan, 38, and Karla J. Boner, 35

Shawn M. Milligan, 51, and Linus J. Behne, 56

Brooke N. Wagner, 27, and Nicole J. Gruntorad, 30

Christopher D. Cotignola, 24, and Paige M. Garcia-Vogel, 24



Julie K. Foit and Jonathan D.

McKenzie Kiichler and Prestan

James A. Manoussos and Mary M. Dever

Catalino Ramos-Hernandez and Maria Sanchez-Salgado

David R. Manceaux and Nichole R.

Judith A. White and Claude D.

Christy L. Montoya and Richard R.

Juan Rosales-Vazquez and Blanca J. Quiroz-Hernandez

Patricia B. Dos-Santos-Oliveira and Jose C. Oliveira-Coutinho

Maria De Soccorro Salas-Olea and Tomas S. Ascencio-Flores

Janet Avalos-Chacon and Jorge L. Avalos-Rodriguez

Ruth Ontiveros and Ruben

Horphe O. Ovono and Janice McCary

Margaret A. Marsh and Michael P.

Ramon Zamora and Senda Zazueta De Zamora

Shiho Koyama and James F. Moore

Carol Martis and Charles F. III

Terri A. Kiger and Robb A.

Roger A. Wulff and Judith M.

Melissa Y. Brinkman and Lloyd C.

Jeremiah S. Gudding and Sherry R.

Raymond F. Peterson and Beth A.

Patrice Fourtina and Patricia A.

Jason W. Lausterer and Sharefa


Thanh M. Ho and Nguyen T.

Jay J. Samudio Jr. and Jessica S. Smith

Janine Palma and Barney

Kristy N. Bradford and Kyone L. Dates

Tamie K. Butler and Dale W.

Traci Stephens and Juan Izep-Hernandez

Mary J. Navarra and Gerald V. Jr.

Sean D. Fuller and Amy L.

Trevor J. Price and Corrine R.

Laurie L. Kudirka and John M.

Patricia J. O’Connor and Todd V.

Kaitlyn G. Grant and Joshua C. Lee

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