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The Record: Real estate transfers, Oct. 11

The Record: Real estate transfers, Oct. 11

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Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Cullinane, Mark E. Jr. and Jamie L., 7309 Kilpatrick Parkway, $60,000.

Ossenkop, Jason and Brooke to Galuski, Patrick and Christine, 8214 N. 164th St., $393,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Lynch, Shaun, 16380 Mormon St., $286,900.

Kesting, Bonita C. to Giorgakopoulos, Basile and Kara, 10530 N. 188th Ave., $360,000.

Hersom, James B. and Christina A. to Rogers, Jack and Yanai, 14859 Young St., $265,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 6961 N. 172nd St., $65,850.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burditt, Dillon W. and Terra C., 16428 Weber St., $256,475.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Sherwood Properties LLC, 16368 Mormon St., $36,600.

Vesta Properties LLC to Flott, Austin, 11808 N. 157th Ave., $238,000.

Sherwood Properties LLC to Lane Building Corp, 16376 Mormon St., $36,600.

Ronald E. and Diane M. Eggeling Trust and Eggeling, Diane M., trustee, to Bates, Jeffrey and Susan, 8015 N. 172nd St., $275,000.

Wiese, William T. and Sara to Maes, Charles and Struble, Lauren, 14522 Sunrise St., $229,000.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Ossenkop, Jason and Brooke, 6998 N. 172nd St., $540,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Robert & Rita Simmer Living Trust and Simmer, Robert F., trustee, 7502 N. 171st St., $395,140.

Kms-168 LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 8201 N. 167th St., $69,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vrtiska, Kristi L., 16514 Weber St., $240,800.

NP Dodge Real Estate Sales Inc. to Huntington Homes LLC, 8107 N. 167th St., $71,950.

Poisel, Stephanie A. to Compton, Matthew Phillip and Jessica Silva, 12117 N. 179th Circle, $665,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Du, Xinmiao and Li, Mengying, 8028 N. 159th Ave., $334,716.

Kc Custom Homes LLC to Striffler, Matthew D. and Kristin J., 12709 N. 179th St., $959,684.

Lane Building Corp. to Krumland, Michael and Maggie, 9010 N. 171st St., $329,410.

Mary J. Boelman Revocable Trust and Spillman, Mary J. Boelman, trustee, to Williams, Taylor James and Sarah Nicole, 15817 Rosewater Parkway, $290,000.

Gary & Irene Brosch Living Trust and Brosch, Gary D., trustee, to Seitz, Gary J. and Turner, Sandra L., 7126 N. 151st Ave., $345,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kitchell, Mark A. and Sharon Jo, 16610 Weber St., $297,059.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Magar, Bhim B. and Moti Maya, 7154 N. 165th St., $354,475.

Aldrich, Christopher L. and Misti L. to Bruner, Nicholas J. and Sarah I., 7203 N. 153rd Circle, $390,000.

Frison, Angie Lee and Langston S. to Burger, Travis and Courtney, 8630 N. 169th St., $405,750.

NP Dodge Real Estate Sales Inc. to Bender, Kristin N., 8216 N. 166th St., $71,950.


Richland Homes LLC to Herron, Amanda, 21396 Blaine St., $325,572.

Ekdahl, David R. and Lisa M. to Ireland, Dustin, 21871 Marinda St., $1,200,000.

Spruce 180 LLC to Kelly Construction Inc., 2908 N. 182nd St., $214,000.

Wish In One Hand Enterprises LLC to R & A Builders Inc., 3326 S. 208th St., $451,600.

Morais, Deepak J. and Anna M. to Kerns, Ryan and Monica, 1508 S. 210th St., $459,900.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18408 Corby St., $75,000.

Westbury Farm LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 21745 G St., $69,650.

Westbury Farm LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 21809 Blaine St., $66,650.

FRK Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18828 Grand Ave., $65,000.

Bouc, Avory D. and Clifford L. to Malibu Holdings LLC, 4304 S. 234th Place, $270,000.

Smith, Scott A. and Jayne H. to Eberle, Todd C. and Kirsten C., 1303 N. 188th St., $765,000.

Strong, Kevin D. and Irene M. to Smith, Ronald and Smith, Ronald II, 551 S. 180th Ave., $387,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. and Lanoha Development Company Inc. to Gadiraju, Ramesh, 22820 Hascall St., $275,000.

Gillespie, Jay C. and Laura M. to Allen, Brian and Nicole, 1336 S. 210th St., $620,000.

Uphoff, Jay V. and Jamie J. to Hukill, Joseph and Lisa L., 626 S. 196th Ave., $405,000.

Callahan, Steven B. and Mallory A. to Wapelhorst, Sarah and James, 22026 Chancellor Circle, $650,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Tige Development & Design Inc., 1727 Blue Sage Parkway, $70,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Marking, Katie Marie and Curtis Richard, 2702 N. 185th St., $388,409.

Lanoha Pacific Inc. to Tirendi, Anthony G. and Erica E., 3518 S. 211st St., $110,000.

Joy L. Witecy Living Trust and Witecy, Joy L., trustee, to Thrasher, David and Tabitha, 5109 N. 196th St., $1,100,000.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Bluewater Builders LLC, 5611 N. 292nd Circle, $235,000.

Bluewater Development Corporation to Bluewater Builders LLC, 6626 N. 289th St., $185,000.

King, Robert and Karen to Stiefel, Robert and Patricia, 109 W. Charles St., $120,000.

Bluewater Development Corporation to Teitler, Hugh D., 5603 N. 292nd Circle, $235,000.

Bluewater Development Corporation to Gillespie, Jay and Laura, 5812 N. 292nd Circle, $240,000.


Harvest Heights LLC to Tdh Home Building Inc., 405 Madison St., $37,500.

First State Bank to Jes Capital Management LLC, 23283 Agee Lane, $35,840.


Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Shawhan, Timothy M. and Caitlyn N., 3312 N. 61st St., $157,000.

Shen, Jiangang and Zhang, Pei to Darisco Properties LLC, 1820 Mayfield Ave., $125,000.

Project Houseworks to Carter, Louis C. Jr. and Paulette M., 5420 N. 49th Ave., $140,000.

Ingraham, John and Nellie T. to KR Properties LLC, 3332 N. 54th St., $71,500.

Simon Operations I. LLC to Danner, Amanda Rae, 4711 Grand Ave., $145,000.

Naing, Than Tun and Hsi, Eh to Djg Properties LLC, 3138 N. 54th St., $175,000.

Saunders, Steven C. to Dineen, Timothy J. and Iseminger, Sydney A., 2528 N. 62nd St., $193,000.

Chen, Melinda E. to Cencic, Lauren, 2018 Country Club Ave., $340,000.

Raumaker, Paul E. and Linda C. to Vlach, Jonathan T., 3324 N. 53rd St., $132,000.

Tun, Kyaw Win and Thwe, Ning Ning to Troester, Alyssa, 1902 N. 60th St., $136,000.

Fisher, Judy R. to Brown, Jacob S. and Amanda L., 6016 Ruggles St., $105,000.

Lindsay, Susan M. to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 2723 N. 50th St., $85,000.

Nelson, Joan and Nincehelser, Joan L. to CLRE LLC, 3929 N. 66th St., $121,000.


Gordan, Wenda L. and Jeffrey A. to Newhouse, Nathan, 500 S. 37th St 408, $112,000.

Allgood, Dayna T. and Miyashiro, Dayna T. to Berry, Thomas P. and Ann Anderson, 4307 Marcy St., $190,000.

Poast, Matthew and Kristan to Meyers, Elizabeth M., 2137 S. 35th Ave., $177,199.

Monico, Herman L. and Foglia, Jo Ann T., personal representative, to Lester, Bradley R. and Andrea M., 4407 Pacific St., $157,000.

Loneman, John E. and Loneman, Zachary A., personal representative, to Waite, Robert and Bradley A., 4318 Frederick St., $125,000.

Esquivel, Antonio C. III and Meador, Avery to Suurvarik, Michelle A., 2611 S. 38th St., $170,000.

US Bank to Next Level Properties LLC, 2701 S. 30th St., $110,750.

Lessman, Katherine Lorene and Matthew to Walker, Thomas Casey and Conway, Anna Elizabeth, 4432 Pine St., $249,900.

Sieverstsen, Georgine M. and Lavelle, Rebecca, personal representative, to Grad & Grace LLC, 3612 Frances St., $117,000.

Cambrooks Properties LLC to 3827 Investments LLC, 3210 S. 44th St., $315,000.


Sparano, James H. to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 2608 S. 48th Ave., $110,250.

Sak, Brandon C. and Holly C. to Tingelhoff, Jason and Bolte, Jamie, 1302 S. 62nd St., $300,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Murguia, Mayracecilia, 2608 S. 48th Ave., $130,000.

Ramaekers, Thomas E. and Kimberly H. to Cooper, Christopher Mario Garth and Morrison, Jacquelyn Renee, 5839 Woolworth Ave., $280,000.

Thi Properties LLC to Pitsch, Nicholas Ryan and Naomi Suzanne, 519 S. 51st Ave., $278,800.

Peters, Ashley Nicole and Harris, Ashley Nicole to NEI Global Relocation Company, 6467 William St., $200,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Hamilton, Brian and Caren, 6467 William St., $200,000.

Rock, Dorothy Patrica to Drefs, Jobi Renee, 5632 Leavenworth St., $222,000.

Ryckman, Jeffrey M. and Jenna Lv to Kaupa, Jack Ambrose, 5633 Pierce St., $291,000.

Johnson, Craig S. and Judy L. to Seifert, Jana Kay and Johnson, Jason Keith, 3226 S. 50th St., $155,000.


South O. Joe LLC to Garcia, Edgar and Jesus, 6622 S. 28th St., $140,000.

RMAC Trust Series 2016-Ctt and US Bank Trustee to Cortes, Antonio, 3644 S St., $80,000.

Cabral, Joseph L. and Mary C. to Sandoval, Jesus, 3630 Drexel St., $70,000.

Florido, Gabriel and Mary Pat to Salazar, Antonio G. and Roxanne M., 2614 Y St., $129,000.


McClay, Patricia Ellene and Kevin to Skelton, Lorita A., 2329 S. 11st St., $115,000.


Chalifoux, Joseph R. and Sherri to Zoe Properties LLC, 1614 Lothrop St., $56,000.

Shull, Damien to Miller, David M., 5326 N. 8th St., $15,000.

Leggett, Relonda R. to Shannon, Bennetta, 2024 Miami St., $120,000.

Min, Hsa Gaw and Nguyen, Jonathon to Min, Te Soe, 503 Fort St., $33,950.

Lorenzo, Trinidad Marcial and Solis, Noris Jacinto to Lorenzo, Luz America Marcial, 4947 N. 19th St., $40,000.


Bennett, Isiah and Cheryl A. to Lions Stone Investments LLC, 4340 Binney St., $71,500.

Hernandez, Dolores to Mora, Julia and Saturnino, 3339 Ames Ave., $50,000.

Bear Homes PC to Tellez, Brianne M. and Pedro J., 5337 N. 33rd Ave., $97,000.

Hansen Investments LLC to Maly Investments LLC, 4215 Patrick Ave., $220,000.

Henderson, Walter L. and Gale to Lewis, Dwight B., 4070 Spencer St., $45,300.

Lain-Strom Properties LLC to Perez, Meylin Rosmeli Ramirez and Ramirez, Alex Eduardo, 5924 N. 42nd St., $75,000.

Lain-Strom Properties LLC to Ramirez, Alex Eduardo and Cruz, Gloria Pena, 4388 Laurel Ave., $60,000.

William, Lafayette to Gumise, George, 4531 N. 40th St., $35,000.


Star Property Investments LLC to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 7515 N. 34th St., $60,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Bader Construction LLC, 7515 N. 34th St., $75,000.

Blue Group LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 2450 Newport Ave., $77,500.

Ross, Jay P. to Scuderia Von Rueschenberg LLC, 3801 Hawk Woods Circle, $215,000.


Mumford, Tracy L. and Teresa L. to Kathleen M. Bonebrake Revocable Trust and Bonebrake, Kathleen M., trustee, 9453 Dewey Circle, $580,000.

Ljd Investments LLC to Moravek, Kristen L., 8523 Webster St., $155,000.

Garrett, Morgan and Grubbe, Morgan to Schmitz, Casey M., 8515 Burt St., $220,000.


Hoppes, Shawn J. and Mary-Helen M. to Bell, Melissa R., 4820 N. 177th St., $207,000.

Fago, Charles J. Jr. and Dianne L. to Pollock, Matthew and Brandy C., 16503 Ames Ave., $259,000.

Coughlin, James E. and Nina L. to Dohmen, Heather M., 15225 Butler Ave., $255,000.

Julianelle, Ronald and Linda to Smith, Colin C. and Linda M., 2411 N. 154th Ave., $273,100.

Advantage Development Inc. to Vunnam, Srinivas R. and Polavarapu, Preethi, 3208 N. 177th Ave., $629,923.

Christopher G. Wolfe and Cindy Wolfe Trust and Wolfe, Christopher G., trustee, to Wilson, David M. and Mardell A., 2613 N. 160th Ave., $530,000.

Smith, Scott C. and Lisa C. to Wampler, Craig Alan and Kirsten Marie, 3104 N. 161st Ave., $496,000.

Vanwyngarden, Derek S. and Lisa K. to North, Elton J. and Jennifer, 17324 Spencer St., $349,900.

Kohles, Jayne V. and Hall, Jayne V. to Nyberg, Colton and Harley, 2521 N. 154th Ave., $280,000.

Guyle, Tiffany L. to Dworak, Andrew and Otte, Hannah Elizabeth, 14616 Fowler Ave., $200,000.

Taylor, Jacob C. and Rebecca to Kabore, Simon P. and Haoua Meliane Ouedraogo, 2633 N. 165th St., $250,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Guyle, Tiffany L., 5905 N. 154th St., $356,408.

Anderson, Lee Parker and Kaitlin Sierra Long to Long, Kirbi Jo and Rathonyi, Laszlo Robert, 4126 N. 169th St., $190,000.

Gresham, Jim and Tracy to Collins, Anthony M. and Norman-Collins, Kimberly A., 2310 N. 150th Ave., $285,500.

Koperski, Robert M. and Jacqueline A. to Jordan, Kent A. and Karen K., 15468 Jaynes Circle, $327,000.

Holthaus, Ross R. and Briana S. to Malik, James and Jerrilyne, 17101 Camden Circle, $225,000.

Bonnie May Bess Revocable Trust and Lyndell L. Bess Revocable Trust to Jewett, Judith R. and Fanders, Francis L., 5717 N. 158th St., $285,000.

Allen, Brian W. and Nicole L. to Beyah-Taylor, Clarissa, 3226 N. 161st Terrace, $680,000.

Getsfred, Christopher to Neff, Kelly, 16504 Grant St., $207,000.

King, Karen S. to Axmann, Laura Beth, 16538 Burdette St., $190,000.

Mlynarczyk, Matthew C. and Romero, Lena R. to Johnson, Brice and Theresa, 15308 Ohio Circle, $257,000.

Burger, Travis and Courtney to Argo, Kim and Eric, 15110 Spencer St., $206,000.

Schmad, Andrew and Lynsey to Ramirez, Santiago and Morales, Jose Junior Ramirez, 6710 N. 148th St., $206,000.


Sindelar, Ron and Esther to Scaletta, Carl, 4814 S. 46th St., $80,000.


Stika, Frank J. and Beach, Carrie N. to Agrawal, Arvind and Sushma, 15621 Westchester Circle, $281,000.

Gates, Harry J. and Linda D. to Gates, Jonathan and Kalli, 15936 Cuming St., $240,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Collins, Patique N., 7807 N. 82nd Ave., $221,400.

10670 Potter St Intervivos Revocable Trust and Nazmul Mohammed Trustee to Riera, Valmore Hernandez, 10670 Potter St., $274,950.

Joyce G. Squires Revocable Trust and Colgrove, Jennifer, trustee, to Araujo, Adrianna, 8833 N. 82nd St., $180,000.

Anthony, Andrew and Amanda to Weber, Nancy L. and Barbara Briskey, 8205 Howell St., $193,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Johnson, Aaron J. and Allison A., 7802 N. 82nd St., $266,075.


Richard & Candace Gorton Trust and Gorton, Richard D., trustee, to Giner, Eduardo Ramirez and Ramirez, Crystal M., 3324 S. 107th Ave., $260,000.

McGrew, Debra L. and Moss, Debra L. to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 9731 Nina St., $130,000.

Nathan P. Dodge III Revocable Trust and Margaret Lauritzen Dodge Revocable Trust to Chacon, Carlo E. and Chanda C., 2005 S. 85th Ave., $905,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Saj Properties LLC, 9731 Nina St., $145,000.

Uleman, Josh and Rachel to Kellner, Miranda M., 3210 S. 91st St., $185,000.


Boynton, Heath D. and Jamie R. to Islas, Luis E. and Lopez, Maria A., 6606 S. 76th Circle, $211,000.

Fader, Justin D. and Kelly to Grabenschroer, Christopher, 6605 S. 75th Circle, $209,500.

Wilcoxen, Roger E. and Zerlaine M. to Warner, Catherine, 7529 Highland St., $150,000.

Fliam, Douglas R. to Burns, Jason E. and Grauerholz, Tracie A., 5315 S. 80th St., $175,000.

Li-Wu Chen & Katherine Wong Living Trust and Wong, Li-Wu Chen Trust to Wise, Jake and Laura, 10266 Z St., $307,500.

Fratelli, Penelope to Hecht, Makayla and Depuy, Ryan, 7744 Maywood St., $169,000.

Strand, Lori L. to Jeanette, Nicholas Jr., 8004 State St., $155,000.

Esquivel, Antonio Clay and Meador, Avery G. to Ruiz, Gerardo Sanchez, 9467 Weir St., $172,500.

Durham, Terrance E. and Cynthia J. to Ponticello, Jarod A. and Maria E., 10412 Adams Drive, $347,500.

Bruner, Nicholas Sr. and Sarah to Valle, Noe A., 8222 Walnut Lane, $200,000.

Buchholz, Pamela F. to Vale, Matthew and Mikayla, 10705 Borman Circle, $258,000.


Zielich, Helmut E. Jr. and Debbie to Watson, Derek K. and Daigle, Rachelle D., 1326 S. 166th St., $230,000.

Clements, Billy D. and Sydney Jo to Li, Zengdong, 17106 Shirley St., $282,000.

Reece, William B. and Marilyn A. to Schwanke, Adam M. and Guyle, Jessica L., 16604 Cedar Circle, $290,000.

Erdine F. Moeller Living Trust and Moeller, Erdine F., trustee, to Glassman, Sean, 1319 S. 163rd St., $145,000.

Darcy J. Beck Trust and Beck, Darcy J., trustee, to Anderson, Miles and Carroll, Kristin, 1230 S. 166th St., $245,000.

H&P Real Estate Inc. to Miller, James W. and Sue E., 3530 S. 169th Circle, $135,000.

Pi Realestate LLC to Roam On Oak LLC, 18035 Oak St A., $420,000.

Boer, Brian and Meghan to Larkin, Thomas J. and Diane M., 19911 Hansen Ave., $484,500.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Hunt, Jamie and Tasha, 18601 Barbara St., $500,169.

Baack, Dudley R. and Patricia J. to Whiteing, Holly and Incontro, Joseph, 19005 Ontario St., $275,000.

Borrell, Raymond E. to Thompson, Trevor, 15924 Martha Circle, $197,900.

Sharp, Stephanie M. to Miller, Jason J., 2323 S. 182nd Circle, $301,100.

Narducci, Robert A. and Tammy J. to Ottemann, Corbin and Adrienne, 3417 S. 163rd St., $350,000.

Provident Trust Group LLC and Mary Elizabeth Vivera Abad Traditional Ira to Kasem, Burhan and Habash, Martha, 2517 S. 161st Circle, $195,000.

Storm, Peter J. and Kimberly M. to Bruggeman, Jeremy L. and Kayla A., 19661 William St., $330,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co, 1410 S. 200th Avenue Circle, $72,500.

Nelson, Charles E. and Singleton-Nelson, Pamela J. to Zahm, Brian and Leahy, Elizabeth, 19257 Pierce St., $495,000.

Donnelly, Robert and Amber D. to Smotherman, Anthony and Jessica, 17331 Pine Circle, $295,000.

White, Gerard and Susan Anne to Vetter, Kirk C. and Angela, 1916 S. 183rd Circle, $435,000.

Erbert, Douglas A. to Oleson, Martin H. and Judy M., 18102 Nina St., $368,500.

Friesen, Patrick A. and Diana J. to Sharp, Stephanie M., 19711 Briggs St., $335,000.

Kroenke, Sean B. and Lindsy L. to Cruise, Chad and Samantha, 2451 S. 182nd Circle, $900,000.


Stewart, Zay to Crawford, Leo R. Jr., 3000 Farnam St. S7H, $80,836.

Charles G. Sladovnik Revocable Trust and Sladovnik, Charles G., trustee, to Cadiente, Keane, 123 N. 31st Ave., $217,500.

Farrand, Paul G. and Kalkowski, Julie C. to Poindexter, Zedeka Namow and Hammock, Hervey Jr., 3511 Webster St., $150,000.

Haug, David L. and Karen M. to Johnson, Eric, 3000 Farnam St S5H, $135,000.

Everhart, Shannon M. and Dudley, Shannon M. to Mark, Amanda J., 3211 Myrtle Ave., $159,000.

Owens, Scott A. and Tammi M. to Mohler, John and Brenda, 105 N. 31st Ave., 801, $120,000.


Gold, Cynthia Mae to Harris, Holly Ann, 328 S. 69th St., $275,000.

Eisenman, Joel M. and Paige E. to Harmon, Elizabeth Hammond, 5020 Webster St., $225,000.

Maralee A. Jensen Trust and Jensen, Stanley Lawrence, trustee, to Fruvellhoff, Russell John and Megan, 4802 Underwood Ave., $600,000.

Freemyer, Lane C. and Emily S. to Schneckloth, Katie Marie, 6160 Lafayette Ave., $200,000.

Stickman, Kristen L. and Andrew J. to Altman, William J. and Danielle, 4544 Charles St., $160,500.

Blue Jay Properties LLC to Booth, Jillian and Micah, 4562 Charles St., $87,950.

HBI LLC to Macias, Andrea, 6958 Cuming St., $195,000.


Johnson, Matthew R. and Mandi M. to Guido, Yadira, 4721 Parkview Drive, $175,000.

W-D Newcomb Co Lllp to Phm Iv LLC, 3333 N. 90th St., $745,000.

Bryant, Michael M. Sr. and Patti Ann to Hall, Austin and Kali, 7608 Bedford Ave., $185,000.

Jorgensen, Jodi L. to Red Angell Enterprise LLC, 8941 Miami St 29, $87,500.

Johnson, Barry S. and Jody R. to Saj Properties LLC, 6223 N. 78th Ave., $42,500.

Hausman, Mark D. and Hrupek, Traci A., personal representative, to Petzel, Anne D. and Frank, Abby L., 7913 Meredith Ave., $234,000.

Collins, Joseph M. and Ayala-Collins, Jackie to McKew, John M. and Baumert, Maggie, 8037 Manderson Circle, $245,000.


Majid, Hadi and Momina to Bihani, Anup Suresh and Deepali Anup, 6032 S. 193rd St., $307,000.

Rubert M. Cone & Lorna M. Cone Trust and Cone, Lorna M., trustee, to Corry, Jack A. Jr. and Jennifer N., 6118 S. 159th St., $300,000.

Jenkins, Adam B. and Jennifer C. to Sheridan, Timothy S. and Jacqueline M., 19309 I St., $365,000.

Wilson, Jeffrey A. and Nicole C. to Kristl, James M. and Shannon M., 18324 Adams Circle, $430,000.

O’Doherty, William P. and Lacy to Koeller, James M. II, 19512 T St., $192,250.

Steven P. and Elizabeth P. Bakunas Trust and Bakunas, Steven P., trustee, to Asplin, Gerald and Linda, 4810 S. 190th St., $256,000.

Christensen, Clinton J. and Colleen R. to Thomas, Whitaker H. and Michelle A., 6118 S. 196th St., $329,000.

Athy, Brandon E. and Tara J. to Tintera, George W. and Mikaela M., 6302 S. 191st Terrace, $216,000.

Uglow, Stephanie L. to Nagm, Hussam and Abuaisha, Suhaila, 18166 Southdale Place, $136,000.

Vandekamp, Mack and Schneider, Karly to Bianco, Piero R. and Xiao, Shuang, 17057 Orchard Ave., $310,000.

Fellman, Cynthia Ann and Ryan Andrew to Pfeiffer, Zachary J., 6223 S. 191st St., $238,750.

Smotherman, Anthony and Jessica to Rozeboom, Tim and Charbonneau, Stuart, 17658 Karen St., $227,000.


Wasson, Donald D. and Christine D. to Tritz, Richard and Jennifer, 4611 S. 149th St., $265,000.

Flex Enterprises LLC to Milestone II LLC, 6304 S. 118th St., $1,681,500.

Fleming, Craig T. and Jane M. to Shipers, Cassie Lynn, 14805 L St., $182,500.

Schnakenberg, Eric to Alston, Denecia, 4906 S. 130th St., $230,000.

Sampson, Daniel and Jennifer to Good, Daniel, 14542 N St., $189,500.

Daniel & Gloria Ward Living Trust and Ward, Daniel M., trust, to Alberts, Steven and Jacqueline, 5006 Magnolia St., $179,000.


Becker, Thaddeus to Rivera, Jason, 7310 N. 108th St., $190,500.

Blackstock, John W. and Henderson, Ruth E. to Belcher, Vicky L., 14066 Whitmore Circle, $216,000.

Menicucci, Ryan and Erika to Petersen, Thomas, 7514 N. 108th St., $200,000.

Scheef, Blaise Jw to Wilcoxen, Jacob and Kayla, 7519 N. 143rd St., $225,000.

Sanley, Michael to Finkle, Terry B. and Barbara S., 12668 Read St., $472,500.

Collins, Anothony M. and Norman-Collins, Kimberly A. to Aikman, Steven W. and Lori E., 8106 N. 127th Ave., $600,000.


Quinlan, Margaret J. and Kochanowicz, Mary B., personal representative, to Kochanowicz, Frank R. and Mary Beth, 3224 S. 120th St., $80,000.

Corbin, Shawn to Ellis, Scott and Deb, 15241 Garfield St., $190,000.

Mohlman, Justin R. and Deann S. to Campbell, Catherine Melissa, 1417 S. 139th St., $240,000.

Lunt, Yolada and Montero, Juan to Bergman, Gerald, 1221 S. 121 Pa 116, $90,000.

Shuman, Mona D. to Duin, Ethan and Aye, Khin Moe Moe, 13011 Westwood Lane, $196,500.

O’Connor, John and Linse, Amanda L. to Linse, Amanda L., 13732 Wright St., $64,450.

Edwards, Jerry L. and Beverly J. to Red Ladder LLC, 11321 Gold St., $143,500.

Faye A. Eichler Trust and Eichler, Richard J., trustee, to Eichler, Richard J. Jr., 3023 S. 122nd St., $119,500.

Carol A. Brownless Trust and McBride, Jeanne M., trustee, to Red Ladder LLC, 1335 S. 133rd St., $222,500.


Poulicek, Daniel and Kyleen to Ayala, Raul and Courtney, 15411 Cuming Circle, $260,000.

Mildred G. Feidman Trust Agmt and Feidman, Sally Ann, trustee, to Empire Estates LLC, 14511 Webster Circle, $220,000.

Kurzak, James W. and Virginia A. to Schaben, Jessica, 716 S. 130th St., $250,000.

Eugene F. and Dorothy L. O’Donnell Revocable Trust and O’Donnell, John P., trustee, to Flairty, Lisa M. and Michael D., 12364 Rose Lane, $365,000.

Frederick J. & Ruth Ann Renier Trust and Renier, Frederick J., trustee, to Shen, Chen and Deemer, Rylan Frederik Arnold, 13304 Seward St., $450,000.

Friedman, Brian G. and Williams, Christine L. to Reiche, William and Elizabeth, 736 Leawood Drive, $291,500.

Drefs, Jobi R. to Higginbotham, Thomas Wesley Jr., 924 S. 153rd St., $260,000.

Roberts, Alex D. and Jessica D. to Thiele Joint Revocable Trust and Thiele, Richard C., trustee, 916 S. 153rd St., $275,000.

Yates, Grant E. to Matejka Stevens LLC, 12353 Franklin St., $190,000.

Gumm, Stacie T. and Bryan L. to Leake, David and Maria, 266 N. 117th Ave., $320,000.

Baumhover, Craig A. and Natalie R. to Mueri, Christine A. and Hunt, Leviticus A., 1523 N. 145th St., $270,000.

Staton, Patrick M. and Carol J. to Bruggeman, Melissa, 15314 California St., $265,000.


Ulmer, Jesse Caleb and Jennifer Munhall to Bereded, Ketaw and Bereded, Ketaw L., 14006 Browne Circle, $350,000.

Syas Real Estate LLC to Revers Homes Inc., 2715 N. 141st Ave., $145,000.

Stillmock, Mary F. and Pijewski, Millicent Y., personal representative, to Harter, Steven P. and Amy J., 11418 Spaulding St., $140,000.

Pick, Loree C. Runyan and Jon to Coughlin, James and Nina L., 4817 N. 142nd St., $370,000.

Schrack, Amie L. and Morford, Amie L. to Morford, Jordan Lynn, 5912 N. 110th Circle, $150,000.

Simmer, Amanda to Casey, Keith Richard and Sarah Grace Elyse, 13814 Camden Ave., $329,900.

Malik, James J. III and Jerrilyne K. to Schneider, Caleb and Gomez, Yoselin, 12901 Curtis Ave., $182,500.



Moore, Edgar to Bennett, David James and Jennifer Jill, 411 Martin Drive, $260,000.

Zaliauskas, Sharon A., personal representative, and Kuckta, Stephen D. to Rodriguez, Noe A. and Marggie J., 7629 S. 40th St., $154,000.

Jacobson, Kathie M. to Woodman, Christopher and Jannifer Lynn, 904 Harrington Ave., $118,000.

Wucy LLC to Castro, Ruth M. and Bautista, Jose, 311 E. 24th Ave., $155,000.

Mickells, Brandon R. and Kimberly N. to Anderson, Evan Lund and Gabriella Cruz, 2810 Mars Circle, $188,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Decent, Steven R. and Edwards, Sarah C., 16910 Jackson Ave., $295,000.

Lynch Storage LLC to American Land Title Exchange Co and 0832LLC Eat for Tribedo LLC, 15122 S. 231st St., $4,375,000.

Sander, Brett Owen and Angela R. to Allen, John Duggan and Amanda, 19309 Bellbrook Blvd., $381,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Antonio, Andrew M. and Kristyn, 19756 Greenleaf Circle, $418,000.

Fools Inc. to Harvey, Todd L. and Jennifer M., 7908 S. 193rd Ave., $430,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Jacobson, Nicole M., 8123 S. 196th St., $388,000.


Trademark Homes Inc. to Wang, Xuefeng and Jiang, Hong, 11463 Schirra St., $430,000.

Wingert, Brandon and Cynthia to Wildman, Chris and Casey, 1021 Hickory Hill Road, $270,000.

Grube, Valerie Kay to Oltman, Thomas D. and Mary K., 202 Crest Road, $120,000.

Bousquet, Steven G. and Jody K. to Mailhot, Richard and Tina Marie, 824 Gayle St., $255,000.

Vickery, James A. and Stacy K. to Arbuckle, Vicki Lenora and Callow, Kristine L., 7521 Reed St., $425,000.

Rosburg, Mark J. and Sara J. to Schroeder, Sarah and Daniel, 11009 Cove Hollow Drive, $341,000.

Gable, Craig and Taylor to Hilderbrand, Patrick and Cesiah, 830 Redwood Lane, $238,000.

Polski, Cheryl Denise and Scott Irvin to Long, Joel and Richelle, 10817 S. 111th St., $314,000.

Stegmaier, Philip G. and Eileen to Dmi Holdings LLC, 312 Prospect Drive, $227,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ruiz, Richard H. and Durham Ruiz, Elizabeth M. and Durham, Gaylen R., trustee, and Durham, Barbara J., trustee, Durham Family Trust, 11204 Slayton St., $272,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Poast, Matthew F. and Kristan D., 12409 Pheasant Run Lane, $424,000.


Jackson, Brent S., trustee, and Jackson, Jeanene M., trustee, Jackson Living Trust to Rood, Marc A. and Alexis L., 13003 Jennifer St., $367,000.


Hiatt, Patricia A. to Williamson, Amy L., 11610 S. 31st St., $210,000.

Andersen, John William and Kathleen Elizabeth to Strand, Lori L., 1911 Mesa St., $235,000.

Johnson, Dana L. and Robin S. to Wingate, Micheal A. and Lisa R., 3508 Danielle Circle, $243,000.

Boettger, Greg to Boettger, Greg and Grout, Sherry, 17319 Paradise Road, $122,000.

Hagan, Jeffrey A. and Lynda to Wischmann, Rebecca R. and Dannie D., 13706 S. 22nd Circle, $393,000.

Stearns, MacKenzie and Michelle to Urzendowski, Brandon John and Skyler Pike, 13213 Brookside Drive, $264,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dadswell, Kyle J., 14806 S. 19th St., $265,000.

McLachian, Kristopher R. to Griffin, William, 10906 S. 17th St., $195,000.

Sedlacek, Andy Jack and Jennifer Ann to Artz, Katherynn Sylvia and Eric Jay, 2706 Joann Ave., $270,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mercado, Vincent A. and Lindsey M., 2025 Raven Ridge Drive, $353,000.

Montgomery, Jeremy W. and Tiffany N. to McKee, Bobbiesue, 12709 Forestdale Drive, $232,000.

Jones, Stephanie April to Cato, Venessa and Robert, 3106 Sheridan Road, $210,000.


Esters, Joel K. and Kellie A. to Morrison, Patrick and Bethany Frances, 9214 Brentwood Drive, $362,000.

French, Torrey L. and Christine M. to Marquez & Martinez Real Estate LLC, 7220 Park View Blvd., $125,000.

Stafford, Jerri L. and Larry Ray to Waldron, John Joseph and Elizabeth Ann, 9005 Honey Locust Drive, $178,000.

Hedell, Lynn G. and Royann J. to Slimp, Nicholas and Gielle, Kimberly, 8627 S. 97th Ave., $315,000.

Kelly, Charles and Diane to Palafox, Erik Rojas and Lopez, Melissa Banderas, 7109 S. 74th Ave., $190,000.

Renner, Waylon R. and Dominique to Hollenbeck, Alan Jr., 6905 Emiline St., $110,000.


Humphreys, Chelsea Morgan and David to Delehant, Kristin R. and Brian P., 6720 Greyson Drive, $415,000.

Schriever, Daniel and April to Livermore, Erin and Justin, 117 Fall Circle Road, $302,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Bennett, Steven R. and Anna K., 4920 Waterford Ave., $381,000.

Krieser, Philip E. and Cheryl A. to Bellino, Mary Kay, trustee, and Mary Kay Bellino Revocable Trust, 11706 Bayview Drive, $235,000.

Freese, Nadine B. and Jones, Richard Wray to Bruss, Nathan and Tina, 2301 Aberdeen Drive, $235,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Flint, James D. Jr. and Carolyn J., 17811 Rampart St., $282,000.

Powell, Matthew S. and Nicole L. to Ismoilov, Hakim and Makhmudova, Diyora, 16913 Emiline St., $346,000.

Campbell, Janelle K. and William J. to Howell, Zachary, 16021 Robin Drive, $206,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kerkman, John and Belling, Molly, 16912 Virginia St., $291,000.

Schifferns, Jesse L. and Jewel L. to Storm, Christopher James and Monica Rose, 18911 Willow St., $365,000.

Neville, Frank W. and Amanda R. to Surber, Travis Lee and Robota, Emily Lauren, 8111 S. 190th Ave., $285,000.

Ruby, Clark S. and Elizabeth Y. to Lechtenberger, Jamie and Daniel Merle, 18007 Josephine St., $216,000.

Niederhaus, Ronald H., trustee, and Ronald H. Niederhaus Marital Trust and Ronald & Jean Niederhaus Living Trust to Johnson, John and Patricia A., 11024 S. 175th Ave., $430,000.

McDonald, Bradley L. to Johnson, Kelly Ann, 18928 Olive St., $305,000.

Biggs, Stephen G. and Charlene S. to Wagoner, Howard R. and Stacy A., 16419 Josephine St., $343,000.

Miller, James J. and Sandra R. to Urbanec, Ryan and Ann, 7117 S. 162nd Ave., $315,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Van Ackeren, Jason and Amy, 18311 Merion, $380,000.

Raven, Jasper A. and Angela L. to Raburn, Mason, 16139 Redwood St., $215,000.

Pooley, Michael S. and Riha, Candace G. to Todo, Yao Fabrice and Piper, Brianna Renae, 16804 Colony Circle, $269,000.


Gullyes, James J. to Pugh, Jake and Nelson, McKenzie, 14618 Margo St., $188,000.

Rood, Marc A. and Alexis L. to Malkey, Katherine, 14006 Virginia St., $205,000.

Novak Properties LLC to Mountain Summit Properties LLC and Eagle Properties LLC Investcre LLC, 11321 S. 147th St., $1,165,000.

Witulski, David W. and Julie A. to Kumetat, Erin S. and Holm, Michelle L., 15136 Greene Ave., $207,000.

Juno, John M. and Ericka L. to Evans, Spencer J. and Hannah L., 14006 Lillian Circle, $261,000.

Feltman, Robert C. and Sasha N.L. to Carstens, Trevor, 14908 Echo Hills Drive, $177,000.

Smidt, Michael and Crystal to Raterman, Nathan and Kaleigh, 6914 S. 153rd Circle, $283,000.


Sampson, Matthew and Morgan to Lopez, Rafael Carreno, 9514 Linden Av, $192,000.

Bachenberg, Pete to 4 Star Properties LLC, 7713 S. 39th Ave., $40,000.

Marlow, David W. and Desiree A. to Keefer, Katelyn J., 2706 Fairview St., $255,000.

Hunt, Nathan to Garcia, Noe and Salinas, Gloria De La Cruz, 8002 S. 37th St., $180,000.


Fuertes, Jose Luis Ruiz and Ruiz, Maria M. to Alvarez, Rigoberto Tenorio and Bersane, Blanca A., 7812 Arrowrock Drive, $224,000.

Swaney, Michelle K. and Shawn W. to Pecoraro, Timothy D. and Amanda L., 4958 Copper Hill Drive, $250,000.

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