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These nuns are saving souls and kittens, too

Sister Mary Lucy used to be a dog person. Cats just weren’t her thing. But then a stray cat the nuns had befriended had six babies on the front porch. Read more

The great ceiling fan debate

Life spins fast, which means you want to avoid making a bad design decision that can be a regrettable detriment to your home’s interior. When it comes to fixtures in particular, few can be as forgettable or fantastic as the ceiling fan, which can make or break a room, say the experts. Read more

A decorating trend for a peaceful life: Wabi-Sabi

Have you heard of wabi-sabi? No, not wasabi, the Japanese condiment that turns your mouth on fire: Wabi-sabi is the exact opposite of wasabi. Instead of fiery and hot, it’s all about being tranquil and serene. The ancient philosophy promotes living life in moderation for a person’s betterment, accepting imperfections, and being true to you. Its tenets can be applied to many areas of life, including home decorating. Take a deep, calming breath and learn how to incorporate wabi-sabi in your décor. Read more

Teach an old faucet new tricks

Trends don’t just happen in fashion — they pertain to faucets, too. Technological innovations, different types of finishes and styles that define simplicity are some of the trends you’ll encounter if you buy a new kitchen faucet this year. Read more

Omaha among the best cities for affordable housing

A lot of factors affect your homebuying decision. Determining an area’s housing affordability is important information to arm yourself with during the beginning stages of your home buying search. Read more

Answers these questions before buying that playground set

Summer is here and your kids want to get outside and play. Purchasing your own playground set may seem like a good idea, but do a little research first. Read more

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