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The Public Pulse, Nov. 16

The Public Pulse, Nov. 16

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Let’s build society up, not tear it down

As a progressive liberal, I see some of my friends are having a good time pointing out the implementation difficulties with the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, it has been problem-filled.

Does this make President Obama a failure? Many conservatives believe that he is.

Should the website have had more testing? Indeed it should have.

Was the promise of being able to retain current coverage a lie? It might appear as such, except that this is going to be corrected.

Obama acknowledged his responsibility. He offered an apology for the frustrating confusion and stated his intent to resolve it.

Did the ACA’s problems result in the deaths of thousands of American troops? Did the ACA cost the billions of dollars that military actions of the past 12 years have? And what plan have conservatives offered to improve health care? (Perpetuating the status quo is not a plan.)

So until conservative leaders acknowledge and apologize for those issues, I’m going to continue to support our president. It’s time conservatives try to build us up as a society rather than tearing down the leader they resent.

Dean Pierce, Omaha

Time to remove Obama from office

If President Obama knew the truth about the Affordable Care Act’s effects and the website’s poor condition (especially after spending all those millions of dollars) and told us otherwise, he lied and should be removed from office.

If he didn’t know and thought he was telling us the truth, he should be removed from office for being incompetent. Which is it?

Donald R. Ferree Sr., Bellevue

Immigration ‘rules’ of yesteryear easier

A recent Pulse letter, typical of many I’ve seen, states opposition to immigration reform in terms of “coddling criminal illegal immigrants” who, unlike earlier immigrants, didn’t follow “the rules.”

Well, the rules are much different now than they used to be. My Scots-Irish ancestors and my Irish ancestors simply got off the boat, in Philadelphia and New York. There was no Ellis Island in their day, let alone the lengthy visa application process we have today, which can take years. It was much easier for my ancestors to “follow the rules.”

Why not create a simpler, faster process today through immigration reform and find a way to regularize the status of those already here, who might have been happy to follow a more reasonable set of rules?

Mary Ann Lamanna, Omaha

Branstad misses boat on development

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s economic development strategy seems focused on one type of project: very expensive ones that would provide few jobs with very particular skill sets.

We also need to attract jobs that require a creative skill set and offer opportunities for a work/life balance.

I have heard Tyler Olson speak about how our people are our most valuable resource. It seems that unlike Branstad, Olson knows what it takes to build a 21st-century Iowa economy.

Dianne McTeer, Smithland, Iowa

Some Iowa numbers are bewildering

I read in the Nov. 2 World-Herald:

>> University of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz took home roughly $3.8 million during the 2012-13 season. Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads received about $2 million.

>> The average salary for Iowa’s state workers in that time was $51,707.

>> Adjusted for inflation, the median U.S. household income last year was 8.3 percent lower than in 2007.

It’s bizarro world in Iowa.

Billie Strom, Glenwood, Iowa

Civilian pensions also need reform

The City of Omaha, in addition to addressing minimum retirement ages, should reform civilian pension spiking.

Salary spikes drain pension funds and seem fundamentally wrong. Some type of cap should be placed on pension payouts for all unions so that a pension cannot spike as a result of promotions in the last five years of employment or because of the big salaries resulting from cabinet appointments.

Justin Ryan, Omaha

City workers angry about pensions

I applaud The World-Herald, Debi Herman and Sonny Boffa (Nov. 10 Pulse) for keeping Omaha’s double-dipping and pension issues at the forefront of public concern. Current city workers, especially civilian employees, are indeed furious over pension concerns and double-dipping, which have proliferated over the past three administrations.

City Council members seem lackadaisical about the issue.

Jim Bell, Omaha

Malala triumphs over Taliban’s hate

I am very glad Malala Yousafzai is still with us. I send a truckload of thanks to the British doctors who were able to fix her up.

The ignorant Taliban who tried to end her life had not read the famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad about education: “My people, seek knowledge from the day you are born to the day you die.” His saying was addressed to Muslim men and women. Yes, to Muslim women, too.

The Taliban and the Saudi kings who paid to teach them hate in the religious schools of Pakistan are fossilized guys with brains the size of a nut. Their knowledge of Islam is primitive.

In my mind, the poorly educated Saudi kings have burned down the reputation of Islam.

Mohammed H. Siddiq, Lincoln

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