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Public Pulse: Wrong direction; Thank you, Huskers

Public Pulse: Wrong direction; Thank you, Huskers

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Wrong direction

I have been reading about socialism and Marxism for the past several weeks. It seems to me that the Democrats in Congress are willing to embrace these ideologies as a collective group with little to no regard for the consequences. Do any of them have the backbone to buck their leadership and think independently? Are any of them capable of seeing that the emperor has no clothes? Joe Biden offers no solutions for the challenges facing America, many of which he has caused. The emperor appears to be cognitively compromised while problems swirl around his administration with not much hope for resolution. America needs to have some of the Democrats in Congress stand up and acknowledge that there are many citizens of all political persuasion not happy with the direction that our country is headed and then act accordingly.

Scott Long, Omaha

Thank you, Huskers

Thank you, Coach Frost, Adrian Martinez and all the Husker football players for a most entertaining season. Especially the defense for being on the ready for every 3rd and short distance and having to stay on the field much longer than any defense should. You black shirts give me pride with fewer penalties, broken pass plays and standup no-cheating play. I’m not the guy with the flags dragging out the car window or cursing poor execution. I’m the guy sitting in my friend’s garage enjoying an honest battle with some mighty foes. I have enjoyed every battle and want to thank my Huskers for never quitting or becoming bitter over awful pressure from my fellow citizens over some very close losses. I appreciate the game play, fair play and enormous effort I see improving every game. Let the team know you have their back. Thank you, boys; I have enjoyed this season more than I can express.

Reg Schroeder, Omaha

Critical thinker?

Dear Aaron Rodgers:

First, let me say I am not trying to cancel you. I firmly believe you have the right to choose what is best for you and your personal health. Although I do not share your perspective, you are certainly entitled to it. The purpose of my letter is to challenge your self-description, namely, that you are a critical thinker combating injustice.

I think you sincerely believe you are fighting unjust rules, but even a cursory review of Martin Luther King’s actions would show that you came nowhere close to meeting the meaning of his words. When acting on a moral obligation you must be willing to accept the consequences that go with your actions. You don’t hide behind words with double meaning like immunized.

Mr. Rodgers, you are correct when you say you didn’t lie. However, you neglect to say you intentionally misled people about your vaccination status. When fighting injustice, one speaks and behaves with transparency. You had honorable options for exercising your personal choices. You chose the path of the entitled.

To the notion of critical thinking, I suggest you do a bit more research. I further suggest you explore the concept of “greater good.” True courage requires thinking of others, not just oneself. Life, like football, is a team sport.

Kathy Arens, Ewing, Neb.

Fasting priests

Wow. After Nebraska’s attorney general reported that there were over 250 sexual abuse victims caused by 57 Catholic church officials including priests, deacons and Catholic school officials, the Catholic Diocese in Lincoln declared a day of fasting for its priests — which meant one meal, two smaller snacks and no meat. The fasting was in “reparation for offenses.” Really? That would be laughable except for the real tragedy that occurs in the lives of victims, most of whom were assaulted when they were 11 to 14 years of age. True reparations for the victims would be that the Catholic Church at least pay for lifelong counseling because of the trauma caused by the physical and psychological harm. Also reparations should include a hefty cash payment to each person who has been harmed.

Tom Miller, Omaha

Political courage

It’s tough being a conservative in Nebraska these days. A few months ago, Sen. Deb Fischer and Congressman Don Bacon would have been True Trump Republicans if they had supported his June 2020 campaign promise to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. The problem is that there was never a bill introduced or voted on in Congress. So now, these two longtime conservative Republicans and consistent infrastructure supporters are being thrown under the bus for being in the responsible center of bipartisan politics and supporting a national infrastructure bill.

For these politicians who have been pushing for infrastructure investment for many years, the real chance to make a difference and vote on a package to benefit our country, state and local governments was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step up and accomplish something significant. Fischer and Bacon didn’t vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill to support Joe Biden. Instead, they cast that vote for the constituents who elected them to make the difficult decisions and have the political courage to take a stand and cast a vote they knew would be criticized by members of their own party.

It is refreshing to see political courage displayed by both during this time of hyper-partisanship. Finally, a few of our political leaders are willing to vote for what is a win for our country and state, not just for or against whatever the day’s flavor is for a political party.

Tim Gay, Papillion

Former District 14 state senator

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