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The Public Pulse: A family for life; Words matter; Yes to voter ID; Football wisdom

The Public Pulse: A family for life; Words matter; Yes to voter ID; Football wisdom

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An honor guard gives a flag to Regina Costello at Nick Baker’s funeral. “I’m glad we got to know him and to provide some family and stability for him” at Boys Town, she said.

A family for life

One benefit many don’t realize when they enter the military is that they have a “family” for life. That even extends to death.

This was modeled in the story about former U.S. Air Force Veteran Nick Baker, whose story was in the Aug. 22 Omaha World-Herald.

Although he didn’t have blood family at his committal service at VA’s Omaha National Cemetery, “he is home now, with his brothers and sisters here to look after him,” said cemetery director Greta Hamilton.

He also had the visible commitment honoring his service and life with the Omaha Patriot Guard and American Legion Riders standing proud.

Although Baker may have died alone, he came home to rest in eternity with his brothers and sisters in arms at VA’s cemetery, a “perpetual shrine” to those who served.

Thank you, Nick Baker, for your faithful service.

Will Ackerman, Bellevue

Retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant

A leader’s words matter greatly

In an Aug. 22 Pulse letter, Bill Tate defends President Trump’s record in 3.5 years, but goes on to suggest, “he could have used a better choice of words, but what does that have to do with running a country?” Well, Mr. Tate, it has everything to do with running a country.

Words matter, facts matter. Everybody is angry today. Do you think that is not influenced by Trump’s choice of words? We should be inspired by our leader’s words; presidents should lead by example and uplift the country, not continually tear us down as Trump’s words and actions do.

What comes out of one’s mouth, or thumbs, reflects much of what is in their heart. Unfortunately, Trump’s words are conveying too much anger, bitterness, falsehoods, conspiracy theories, childishness and narcissism. For me, we don’t need this type of a leader.

America yearns for a president who can heal, who has compassion and empathy for one another. This is so true now with the coronavirus and depressed economy. Yes, words do matter!

Michael Leonard, Omaha

We need voter ID

Extremists in Congress want to make a mass mailing of election ballots. Such an absurd idea can never result in an honest election. It shows the necessity of voter ID. Let’s hope the good members of Congress stop this mass mailing of ballots and pass legislation requiring voter ID before this November election.

Ed Johnson, Bellevue

It’s best to move on

Mayor Jean Stothert is the finest mayor of Omaha in my memory!

I state that in spite of her administration spending over $250,000, and still spending, on a losing objection to the reinstatement of firefighter Steve LeClair.

Mayor: Let’s close out and move on. Omaha needs our world-class mayor working on the future.

James E. Burns, Omaha

Not surprised by yard sign trashing

I wasn’t surprised to realize my Biden-Harris yard sign disappeared, along with all the other similar signs in my neighborhood (Memorial Park). It was just another example, though small, of the lack of respect for others that Trump has fomented in this country.

Jannette J. Davis, Omaha

Try this football option

Re: “Husker parents threaten legal action if Big Ten doesn’t clarify decision to postpone football” — here is a solution.

All those wanting to participate in and proceed with the conference fall football season must procure insurance and sign a waiver to remove any and all liability from the schools and the conference for death or permanent injury occurring from COVID-19. If it is not obvious, the cost of the insurance will be borne by the parents of the individuals participating in the school football program, in whatever capacity. Those employed by the university as coaches and staff would also sign a waiver removing liability and secure applicable insurance coverage.

There might be other minor legalities to iron out; however, if liability is removed from the universities and the conference, there should be no problem having a fall football season. Whatever moral and ethical quandaries exist in doing so will be borne by those who insisted upon playing football this fall.

Ken Pullen, Omaha

Football wisdom

I think it’s great that the high schools, as opposed to the colleges, have found a way to protect their students, players and fans from the COVID-19 virus. And apparently they have, since they are going ahead with their football season. Perhaps they would be so kind as to pass on their wisdom to the colleges.

Thomas O’Hanlon, Omaha

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