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The Public Pulse: An Omaha welcome; Trump's accomplishments; False voter fraud claims

The Public Pulse: An Omaha welcome; Trump's accomplishments; False voter fraud claims

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Mr. President, welcome to Omaha

District 2 helped put President-elect Biden in office. How about we invite him to Omaha to announce his new cabinet and to review his goals for our country? There’s no better place than Omaha to launch a spirit of patriotism and to reunite all Americans. Come on, Mayor Jean, get the invitation out.

Carol Gottsch, Omaha

Trump’s many accomplishments

The “basket of deplorables” have cast at least 78 million votes to return President Trump to the White House. They chose performance over personality as they watched Trump slog through four years of an uphill march against despicable members of Congress, a corrupt media and leftists who think that free speech should be free only if a deplorable has the right things to say.

Obama and Biden started steamrolling Trump before they left the White House. Ken Starr is probably available to investigate Hunter Biden’s business deals that were probably facilitated through influence peddling using his connection to Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe and Hunter can wrap their smelly fish of nepotism and business dealings in as many New York Times newspapers as possible, but the fish smell will still seep out.

Trump accomplished more in his four years than Obama did in eight. Obama won a bogus Nobel Peace prize early in his first term and then proceeded to draw multiple lines in the Syrian sand. President Trump and Mike Pompeo have convinced some countries in the Middle East to sign agreements with Israel. That is real diplomacy in action!

Black, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans voted for Trump in big numbers in 2020 because he managed to stimulate the economy to employ more minorities. He pushed forward a huge tax cut that put more money in the pockets of working Americans. The flood of illegals entering the U.S. dropped significantly. The U.S. economy experienced robust growth after a sluggish eight years of Obama and Biden stewardship.

When President Trump leaves office, I will not miss his tweeting or the drama, but it has certainly been quite a show, much of which was created by opposing forces.

Scott Long, Omaha

False claims of voter fraud

Mr. Purdy, I am curious about the “Vote Fraud Danger” letter in the Friday, Nov. 6 Pulse. As you know, the president held a press conference which has been roundly criticized about the “fraudulent” vote (no evidence of fraud). Some news organizations cut away from the president’s live broadcast because of the inaccuracies. The secretaries of state in several of the states that are still counting ballots have explained and defended their processes of ensuring a valid and accurate vote.

Did you know that representatives of several parties participate in processing ballots? Have you researched the process, even Nebraska’s? Our secretary of state, Bob Evnen, a Republican, came out early and strong to let us know Nebraska’s process was safe and accurate. Several judges have found against the president’s lawsuits claiming voter fraud because there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Even in the past, President Trump’s “commission” on voting fraud, headed up by Chris Kobach, was disbanded in 2018 because there was not a lot of evidence of voting fraud. However, a lot of evidence (after extensive investigations even by the Republican-controlled Senate) of campaign interference by foreign countries, which the current administration did not focus or really address. Both Facebook and Twitter are not allowing unfounded stories/claims of voter fraud on their platforms. So, is it your position that President Trump was elected by fraudulent practices in 2016, or just for this election?

Marcia Anderson, Omaha

No mandate for either party

No matter how it all turns out, one thing is very clear to me about this election. Neither party has received a clear mandate from the American people. America has pretty much tried to tell our representatives that we are not happy with the way they are doing their job. America has told both parties that neither has the endorsement of the American people for their programs.

I think its time our government started acting like Americans and not Republicans and Democrats. To start listening to their constituency and start cooperating with each other and get on with the business of America.

John Wright, Omaha

No need to be this divided

As I witness friends and family clamoring about the election, I wonder how who sits in the Oval Office became so important. Have folks forgotten what’s really important and now rely on social media media to form their values? How is it we can enjoy playing sports together, support our kids activities, break bread, dance and pray together, then say such nasty things about someone who belongs to another political party?

If we considered what we said as if we were talking to our neighbor across the fence, would we be so mean?

Ric Jensen, Omaha

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