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The Public Pulse: Better way to debate; St. Francis fiasco; Biden's mistakes

The Public Pulse: Better way to debate; St. Francis fiasco; Biden's mistakes

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There’s a better way

The troubles we face today seem to have a common theme: us versus them. Republicans vs. Democrats, racists vs. minorities, liberals vs. conservatives, men vs. women and so on. The other component within all these cases is people who want to hurt others vs. those who don’t. Why do so many people think that the only way to make their case is to hurt their opponent mentally or physically?

Lately, almost every letter in the Public Pulse is an attempt by the author to hurt the sensibilities of others. Where does the desire to hurt others come from? Is it the frustration of not being heard by those who influence our lives? Is it the result of a person being hurt so much that they can handle it only by passing the pain onto others? Is it a miswired brain that drives someone to hurt others for enjoyment or even for no reason at all?

Hurting others can certainly give someone a feeling of power, but I think real power is finding a solution through respect for the truth, respect for your opponent and resisting the thuggish tactic of inflicting pain on others. When you’re tempted to hurt someone, hold your mouth or your pen or your fist and realize that there’s already enough pain in the world.

Don Wells Jr., Omaha

St. Francis fiasco

Gov. Ricketts, HHS and Nebraska taxpayers have been scammed — by St. Francis, the agency that is supposedly taking caring of our most-vulnerable children in the Omaha area. I have personally seen, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer, the devastation to families when babies and children are neglected, abused and abandoned. What has taken the governor and head of HHS so long to realize that St. Francis’s bid was totally inadequate? It is incomprehensible that, when there were obviously many people who knew that St. Francis’s bid was totally inadequate, the governor and others chose to ignore the red flags.

How does spending another $25 million to fund the St. Francis operations fit into the governor’s “Grow Nebraska” scheme? Sounds like a “bait and switch” scheme on both St. Francis’s and the governor’s parts.

Many Nebraskans are also wondering if the former St. Francis executives are being investigated by our attorney general, Doug Peterson. The lavish spending of Nebraskans’ tax dollars by these executives was certainly not a part of St. Francis’s contract. They should be prosecuted and compelled to reimburse Nebraska for their extravagant spending. The attorney general has an obligation to Nebraska taxpayers to pursue these former St. Francis executives and not waste any more tax dollars like he did when joining with Texas in the preposterous lawsuit to overturn the election results. Are Nebraskans also being scammed by paying his salary?

Robert D. Zuehlsdorf, Kearney, Neb.

Biden’s wrong moves

Most politicians, when delivering a speech, will close their oratory with the words, “and may God bless America.” But what is the invocation asking Him to touch? As a practicing Catholic, I would be both amazed and discouraged by the percentage of the Catholic vote who supported Joe Biden, his extreme radical left agenda that borders on socialism, and applauded a rigged election.

His actions include: Executive orders in motion to further cripple an already fragile economy. A re-entry into the Paris climate accord that is an unfair burden imposed on American workers, businesses and taxpayers. An end to the Keystone XL pipeline and thousands of good-paying jobs, paychecks and benefits including health care for families. Open borders that will put American lives at risks. Have we forgotten Sarah Root and Mollie Tibbetts? Raise the minimum wage, increase taxes, lose jobs and force companies to cut hours of operation or move to neighboring countries.

“And may God bless America”: For those who believe in God, an explanation isn’t necessary. For those who don’t, an explanation wouldn’t do any good.

Charlie Aliano, Omaha

Role of Congress

We will never escape the seesaw of presidents counteracting each other until the House and Senate reclaim their authority by enacting effective legislation. It is the job of Congress to set policy and lead the country. It is the job of the executive to carry out their direction.

Until our legislators resume their responsibility to legislate in the national interest rather than their personal or parochial wishes, the country will not reunite. For example, immigration has been a national canker for 20 years. Congress must come together to pass a fair, workable reform. Please, write you representatives to encourage them to heal this division!

George Douglas, Omaha

Sasse is right

I applaud the vote by Sen. Sasse not to dismiss Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. At the same time, I am greatly disturbed by the vote of Sen. Fisher to dismiss. There are members of Congress who hold that it is unconstitutional to impeach a former president. This positions serves to remove the ability for Congress to exercise a check and balance over the executive branch. Having been impeached by the House, each senator has a sworn duty to vote for or against impeachment on the basis of evidence.

I find it unconscionable that Sen. Fisher and some other senators are dismissing impeachment prior to trial. It is not for an individual or any group of senators to judge the constitutionality of the impeachment of a former president. The determination of constitutionality is the mandate of to the judicial branch. I oppose this effort to subvert the impeachment process, and I will remember. However, I would support an impartial hearing of the evidence to judge the former president’s actions.

Moreover, and independent from impeachment, I would support efforts by Sen. Sasse to reclaim the Republican Party. As shaped by the former president, the Republican Party is not a party I can ever vote for.

James Anderson, Omaha

Sasse is wrong

I see our great Sen. Ben Sasse crossed party lines and voted with five other Republicans to impeach Donald Trump. This man is disgusting.

Teryl Martin, Omaha

Faulty GOP logic

I see the Republicans are already lining up to acquit Trump, as he is no longer in office. Would they be saying this if he was a Democrat?

Let’s suppose I work for a company and I get charged with embezzlement and a week later I am no longer employed there. So, using the Republican logic, I should be found not guilty, as I am no longer employed there and therefore should not be held accountable.

Think about this: If he is not held accountable for his actions, the next president who tries to overthrow our democracy may be smarter than Trump and probably will succeed, and we will have a dictatorship.

Hopefully God will bestow some wisdom on the Republicans and the rest of our society.

Rick Fetter, Council Bluffs

Seek best candidate

Maris Bentley’s call for “open ballots” for committee chairmen (Jan. 27 Pulse) goes against the primary principle of the Unicameral — nonpartisanship. What’s wrong in voting for the best candidate without fear of reprisal by your own party or governor? No person or party has all the answers to guide the state for the benefit of its citizens. The concern of “backroom deals” is ludicrous in a majority-Republican Legislature.

Jeff Johnston, Elmwood

Different kind of MAGA

Joe Biden has a MAGA agenda of his own. Making America Grovel Again.

Mike Sawicki, Omaha

Equal opportunities

In the past 48 hours I have seen an excellent piece on Restorative Justice, Medicare for All and President Biden pushing his equity agenda.

These are all noble causes, but my uneasiness stems from my feeling that we are succumbing to reacting to “victimhood.” Some are victims because they have been arrested for a crime, some are victims because are lacking in medical access and others regarding housing or income, as President Biden alleges.

My warning is, be careful; adjusting the rules because of outcomes is a very slippery slope. Our legislative priorities should not be directed to outcomes; they should be directed to opportunities.

We must be a country of equality of opportunities, not an equality of outcomes. There is a very subtle difference.

Tony Staup, Waterloo, Neb.

Farming, carbon

Henry Cordes did a great job laying out the impact of the Biden agenda on Nebraska. I especially appreciated his analysis of Biden’s climate policies as they affect farmers. It’s great to know that Biden knows what cover crops are!

Many of our congressional delegation also understand how farmers can benefit themselves while returning carbon to the soil, which is what the Growing Climate Solutions Act is about. Thanks to those in Congress who have supported this bill.

Chris Lantz, Omaha

The Good Book

Maybe if politicians spent more time reading the Bible instead of just taking an oath of service with their hand on it, better decisions would be made.

Dale McClure, Omaha

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