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The Public Pulse: Censuring Sasse; Creighton excellence; Energy facts

The Public Pulse: Censuring Sasse; Creighton excellence; Energy facts

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Censure not needed

As a former leader of the Nebraska Republican Party, serving as chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, member of the executive committee of the state Republican Party, and Republican national committeeman, I am puzzled by the move to censure Sen. Ben Sasse.

When I was involved in the party, our primary mission was to recruit and elect Republicans to office. We sought candidates who were conservative, intelligent, electable and had the integrity of his/her convictions. Sen. Sasse has demonstrated he has all these characteristics.

Disagreement between party members and an elected Republican party official is not unusual, but that disagreement is ordinarily communicated directly with the elected official, discussed and hopefully resolved.

But censure in this case does nothing to contribute to teamwork and the service of the party’s basic goal, that is, promoting Republican values through election of officials that can serve those values.

Sen. Sasse, like him or not, is one of the most conservative members of the Senate (and votes that way) and has the potential to provide leadership for a long time to come.

The only reason he faces censure is his vote on impeachment, and I understand why many disagree strongly with that vote. But even if you disagree with that vote, isn’t there some room to recognize when an individual acts based on his/her integrity and has the character to do what is believed to be right? Especially when that vote is against an elected official whose behavior, certainly since the election, has been widely excoriated by others in the party.

Kerry T. Winterer, Omaha

A senator’s duty

The censure of Ben Sasse is a welcomed event. The public is tired of electing and re-electing these politicians to office to represent them, just to have them vote their conscience once they have that six-year deal. We need to set term limits for these politicians with lower terms until politicians can be trusted — if that’s a possibility.

Ben, you are elected to represent the people’s views, not yours. If you cannot do this, resign.

Henry Gerhardt, Council Bluffs

Be responsible

Voting one’s conscience means to vote to be true to self. It means to vote based on knowledge heard, and lived, and learned. Voting one’s conscience does not mean allegiance to a particular philosophy or political party. Thank you, Sen. Sasse, for voting your conscience.

I have always been registered nonpartisan. I grew up in Chicago in a split household. My father was Republican and my mother was Democrat. I have no memory of animosity or polemics between them. This set for me a foundational understanding that one needs to listen, reflect, read and learn before deciding on a vote. Voting does not depend on “herd” allegiance (to use a pandemic term). The Douglas County GOP voting on whether or not to censure Senator Sasse is, at best, shameful. It is at worst a denial to be self-reliant, thoughtful, reflective and intellectually knowledgeable.

Let us encourage one another to be more and more responsible in thought and deed and stop slapping each other on the wrist. Again, thank you, Sen. Sasse, for being a responsible public servant.

Len Sagenbrecht, Omaha

Sasse should go

Anyone who thinks President Trump, the guy who outsmarted liberals and was well on the road to cleaning out the swamp, would be stupid enough to encourage an overthrow of our government has to be delusional.

Apparently Sasse is one who thinks he would. Sasse needs to be sent packing. He badmouthed President Trump for the president’s entire term. It’s time to recall Sasse and let him know we want someone who will vote our majority’s wishes and not what he has in his feeble mind.

He seems to think he’s smarter than anyone else, but I beg to differ with his arrogant attitude. We need him out in order to get headed down the road to salvage this country before it’s too late.

Gary Ralston, Creighton, Neb.


The Douglas County GOP places itself firmly on the side of sedition and insurrection against America, the Constitution and the institutions that represent both, with its draft resolution to censure Sasse for upholding his oath of office and voting to convict Trump on an article of impeachment for Trump’s role in inciting the Jan. 6 mob. That mob, in an act of domestic terrorism, ransacked the Capitol, resulting in the death of Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick.

Considering Trump was still the sitting “POTUS” on that day, his impeachment was within the bounds of both Houses of Congress’ constitutional discretion to impeach.

Additionally, in a sign of mirroring Trump’s juvenile nature, Republicans in the state Legislature want to alter the system in which Nebraska’s electoral votes are distributed, to a system where whoever wins the overall state vote receives all electoral votes, rather than the current per-district system that allowed President Biden to receive one vote for having won District 2. Thus it appears the state GOP is in the throes of a tantrum because its treasonous, traitorous standard-bearer was unable to overturn the results of a legally held election, and was impeached for inciting a riot to halt Congress’ counting of the electoral votes.

One would say the state GOP should be greatly shamed by its actions; however, it has become increasingly clear that its membership is utterly shameless.

Kenneth Pullen, Omaha

Creighton excellence

My wife and I had our first vaccination Feb.20 at Creighton. We easily found parking in a lot one block from Rasmussen Center, site of the shots.

We arrived at 10:50 for our 11:15 appointment; we were in our car process completed by 11:25.

The process highlight, other than the vaccine ,was the student volunteers. We were pleasantly greeted by each as we passed through the line, and were frequently asked if we had questions.

Their pleasant exchanges and confidence made this much anticipated process calming and efficient.

We are proud of Creighton University, truly an integral member of the Omaha community.

Bill and Mary Moeschler, Omaha Creighton alumi, ‘70 ‘71

Energy facts

Wind power and alternative energy are getting a bad rap from some, with the power outages recently experienced. But the few rolling blackouts that Nebraska faced recently were relatively short, with most lasting an hour. As part of the Southwest Power Pool, Nebraska was ordered to implement short rolling blackouts along with our southern partners who were not prepared for the extreme cold of this unprecedented event. We were able to prevent Nebraska and other states in the Power Pool from complete and catastrophic failure of the shared power grid, unlike Texas, which had to go it alone, with frozen natural gas pipes, frozen coal piles and iced up wind turbines (since they are not winterized like our turbines in Nebraska).

Alternative sources of energy such as wind turbines should not be used as scapegoats for power blackouts. The wind turbines worked as expected in Nebraska because they are designed to work in cold weather, and had nothing to do with the blackouts. We don’t need to be finger pointing at “radical environmentalists” who advocate for alternative energy sources. As we experience climate change and experience more extreme weather events, all of the states need to plan for emergencies like we just faced.

Sharon and Bruce Clawson, Omaha

We’re in it together

Like many others in Omaha, we were part of the rolling blackout last week. The temperature in our house lowered during that hour, we couldn’t use any of the electrical gadgets that make our world run, and we couldn’t get the car out of the garage. But, we would do it all over again if it would help the people in another part of the grid who were experiencing so much worse.

How could we possibly complain about resetting our clocks, a delayed donut delivery run to the nursing home, or an extra hour designated for “talking to others” when there are people who have gone days with no heat, food or water? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Ed and Peg Pease, Omaha

Let’s pull together

Let’s see: When Omaha got hit with super frigid weather, OPPD put out an appeal for customers to help out. It was easy: I set the thermostat down three degrees, turned on only the lights I needed, shut down my computer, wore warmer clothes. My daughter in Benson did the same. We hope it helped. It’s amazing what a few small changes can do ... especially if everybody helps.

Carol Sanderhoff, Omaha

Dangerous driver

This is to the individual that nearly caused my grandchildren an accident on Harrison Street last week. The temperature being below zero, the cup of coffee you threw at them instantly froze to the windows. My grandson only has a few months of driving experience, and for you to threaten them like you did indicates you have no business driving yourself. If they wouldn’t have been so shocked by what you did, we would have gotten your license number and I would press charges against you.

People like you have no business behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Ron Keyes, La Vista

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